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Reviewed: 06/02/03 | Updated: 06/02/03

A pretty darn good adventure

In Syberia, you role as Kate Walker, a young attorney. It begins with Kate going to Valadilene to buy a toy company from its owner, Anna, but she soon finds out that the she is dead. This brings things to a huge red light for Kate Walker's case, but at the same time, brings a green light for Kate's big adventure ahead of her.

The gameplay in syberia mainly consists of running from one place to another, searching the environment for things you might've forgot to click on or new things that just appeared. If you think that’s tedious, well than, your right! The game can really drag on by this process if the environments are big and are in quantity but thankfully most of them aren't. To search your surrounding environment, you run your mouse cursor over suspicious objects, waiting for it to turn into a action icon. Whenever it does turn into an action icon you know for sure its something important because all of the environments in the game are not very interactive. You dont hear smart comments about objects you would expect to hear from an ''fancy'' lawyer, like Kate. You control Kate, by the good old fashioned point and click. One click makes her walk and double click makes her run. Most of the puzzles involve you searching for items to place in something to make it function right. 99% of the puzzles aren't that hard except one at the very end which left me dumbfounded. Overall the gameplay is pretty fun but at times it can get tedious.

Syberia has some rich, classical, music. You can tell the developers went out of their way to deliver some of this music because its fantastic. It really adds to the atmosphere of the game. The way it is synchronized with cutscenes makes the pleasure of watching them very dramatic. Every single cutscene was fun to watch and they also explain alot of major plot events. So in all, the music is great.

The sound effects are a little bit dull, but the voice-acting is great. All of the voice's in the game sound great. Kate's sounds so much like her attitude and near the end she sounds a lot more positive. It really shows how much Kate grows as a person. Some of the scripts are pretty funny too like, ''We no go on land, husband is land-sick''.

In all Syberia is a very good game. If you’re looking for a good adventure or just a game that involves no action, but has a great story and if have a lot of time on your hands(I was hooked), then go buy Syberia now!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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