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"An immersive game that pulls you into the fascinating world of Eastern Europe"

Syberia follows the adventure of a New York lawyer named Kate Walker who travels to Validilene, a small village in Eastern Europe, to close a business deal with a toy company owner whose company specializes in creating automatons, or life-like robots that are almost exactly like humans. When Kate arrives, she finds that Anna Voralberg, the owner of the company, has died. After learning that Anna had a brother named Hans who ran away from home in search of mammoths, you follow Kate on an epic adventure across Europe from East to West in a desperate search for the long lost brother who holds the key to Kate's life and her future.

Story-- 10/10
The story in this game was absolutely incredible, filled with emotion and love. Throughout your quest, Kate's life develops both in Europe and back home. She meets eccentric life-like automatons who help her throughout her journey. She also develops many friendships while some fall apart. The story moves along so smoothly and Kate develops so much throughout the game. Many people Kate meets in the story, you will feel like you have met them too and that you are involved with Kate's life and her journey.

Graphics-- 9/10
The graphics in this game are also stunning. Many buildings, landscapes, and even benches and lampposts are done down to the finest detail. Add these beautiful graphics with the moving water and circling birds and you will feel like you yourself have traveled to Europe. The only reason that this category did not receive a perfect score was because for some reason I could not put my finger on, the pre-rendered backgrounds(which by the way still looked gorgeous)did not quite mix as well with the moving animations such as the water and birds as one would hope. Although this helps the score and the game much more than it hinders it.

Sound-- 7/10
The sound and music in this game was very catchy and always seemed to set the mood for the emotion or situation going on at the time. It was not the best sound in a computer game that I have played before, but it definitely did the job.

Syberia definitely hit the spot on originality, I mean there was practically nothing that it could have copied off of. The story was completely original and immersing and extremely well written. The only reason this category received a 9 was because there was one particular scene that was obviously a classic. You'll know what I mean when you reach the end of Komkolzgrad at the second visit. That is if you by the game which I highly recommend. But don't be fooled by my explanation. I mean it was a classic scene but the moment definitely called for it and it was probably in my opinion,the best scene in the game ( except for the end maybe! ).

The puzzles could have been a bit more challenging, but overall, when you put it all in perspective with the story and plotline, it probably did not need extremely difficult puzzles to pass as an excellent adventure game. Most of the puzzles in the game were the typical [pick something up, put in inventory, use when needed] type of puzzles which was perfectly fine with me.

Syberia is definitely an immersing, well written and thought out game with a story line that could put you to tears and pull you out of the normal world and into the world of Kate Walker and the fascinating landscape of Europe. Syberia is definitely a must-buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/06/03

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