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"A rough diamond..."

Syberia is one of the best point-and-click adventure games to hit the shelves at 2002, period. For the uninitiated to this dying genre, point-and-click adventure games usually have you control everything by mouse and there are predetermined 'hot spots' to perform actions on, puzzles to solve, and a linear story to go with these. However, as hinted already, it's a dying genre, and the discussion goes beyond this review.

Syberia's story revolves around a lawyer, Kate Walker, as she is tasked to complete the acquisition of an Automaton Factory. In usual fashion of adventure games, things aren't what they seem.

Graphics (9.5/10)

Simply breathtaking and sweet. The prerendered 3D backgrounds are great and really get you immersed in this beautiful game. Nice touches like birds flying in the background adds to the atmosphere. The CG movies are simply haunting and great. The gothic surreal atmosphere is immediately established once you start the game. The 3D models are nicely detailed although facial acting needs some work.

Sound (9/10)

Enchanting as ever. The Syberia musical score is great and appropriate as it helps establish the atmosphere the game aims at. Sadly, though there seems to be only a number of songs in the game. The sound effects are nice and the voice acting work is superb, but can get repetitive (e.g. ''I don't need to go down there...''). These complaints drop the score by 0.5, but still, in this department, Syberia is great achievement.

Controls (7/10)

The game uses standard point-and-click controls which don't require much to adapt to. However, some interface buttons need some getting used to and aren't as intuitive. Still, passable and is sufficient to get the job done.

Game Content (8.5/10)

Gamers playing point-and-click adventure games normally shoot for the story, and by all means, Syberia isn't lacking in any. The story is great and the characters are very well developed. A commendable job in the gradual evolution of the character's personality as this adds much to the story. Also, puzzles are well integrated into the story. Most of the puzzles are pretty straight forward, logical and intuitive, hence preventing the usual case of illogical puzzle solutions. If there's any fault Syberia has is that it really starts slow and gets quicker only a little later. The game is also quite short, to much dismay for many. Over all, a pretty decent job done.

AI (N/A)

It's not applicable in this game. There isn't any action or violence here and no computer controlled characters. Hence, no AI programmed here.

Replayability (2/10)

Syberia, like most point-and-click adventure games, provide little to no replayability. Since story is the main thrust in these games, playing it once usually suffices, unless you are completely hooked and decide to play through it a 2nd or 3rd time around. The puzzles become ridiculously easy and you can probably breeze through Syberia in a couple of hours. Microids added a neat feature allowing you to go through the major CG movies in the game. This is a neat feature, but doesn't allow you to play ALL the CG movies in the game, which is kind of sad.


Syberia is a rough diamond. It has the makings of a very enchanting, gothic and superbly done adventure game. The story developments will keep you immersed as well as bring the whole enchanting tale alive. Sadly though, the slow pace may turn some people away, even some adventure fans, and the short length may even irritate some players. It's not a perfect game but it is one of the finest adventure games to come out in a long time. Syberia is part of a dying breed, but it's these kinds of titles that make the adventure genre (particularly the point-and-click genre) refuse to just die. Hopefully, the sequel can finally, improve from the flaws of this title.

If you are looking for action, look elsewhere as you will be in for a boredom-fest. This game is purely for the story-driven hearted gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/04

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