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"Is this a game or a movie?!"

Intro: Syberia is a game that I personally did enjoy very much. Everything about Syberia drags you into the story, and you end up not wanting to leave the game. It is challenging, exciting, creative, and unique. A true work of art. There are no battles, no enemies, no "health points" in this game. Just pure real adventure.

Story: The story is that you are a lawyer from New York and you must buy an old factory in a town in France. Seems easy at first, but when you arrive, the owner is dead, and her brother is not. This leaves you in need of her brother's signature to purchase the factory. And with an annoying boss constantly on your back, it's not an easy task at all. You are led on an adventure of a lifetime.

Graphics: The graphics and visuals in Syberia are far superior to most games produced today. It would seem as if no detail has been left unseen. The visuals are so appealing; your eyes never want to leave. The cut scenes can only force you to drool and wish that the real world looked as nice. It is true masterpiece of artwork. The graphics are rich, with texture and design. I'm impressed.

Controls: This is the kind of control ease I do so love. All you need is a mouse. Yep, just an ordinary computer mouse. A right button, and a left button. So simple for a game so great. You simply click to move your character, and pick up items, and talk to people. You will learn this in about 1-2 minutes, that's how simple it is.

Sound/Music: The sound and music in Syberia are amazing. The music fits each part of the game perfectly. It seems like there is an orchestra following you on your entire adventure. Truly marvelous. The sound effects are also wonderful. The sound of birds, footsteps, water. Anything important sound wise has no been left out. The voices in Syberia are also a spectacular addition. The mouth matches up with the words, and yes, there are words, unlike most games where all you get is a few grunts. The voices have personality to them, based on the mood or feeling of that specific character, and leave a true sense of personality and unique characteristics.

Overall: Syberia is an excellent game for those who seek true adventure. The puzzles are challenging, the characters you meet are amazing, and the graphics show the true world in full force. You will not be disappointed with this game. It is hours long, and filled with excitement and suspense. This game is one that you will be sorry to have missed. I give Syberia a 9.3/10 overall.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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