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2D ArtistAndrew Ivanchenko
2D ArtistSpartak Sharipov
2D ArtistRoman Tsoy
3D ArtistAleksey Holopov
3D ArtistVudim Rogov
3D ArtistPavel Tsariov
3D ArtistBoris Voskov
Additional ProgrammerVladimir Korotkov
Additional ProgrammerMaxim Spirenkov
Art DirectorRoman Tsoy
DesignSergey Beliatov
DesignAndrew Belkine
DesignBoris Voskov
Lead ProgrammerSergey Alekhin
ProducerSergey Beliatov
ProgrammerDmitry Andreychuk
ProgrammerYaroslav Guriliov
ProgrammerYuri Manushkin
ProgrammerIvan Pyatishev
ProgrammerDenis Romanov
ProgrammerMark Shevchenko
ProgrammerDmitry Smirnoff
ProgrammerAlexey Vasilenko
Sound EffectsGregory Yurkov
Voice ActorJoe Covello
Voice ActorStephen Estes
Voice ActorChris Mate
Voice ActorDan Moditch
Voice ActorPeter Muench
Voice ActorMykl Ranere
Voice ActorSydney F. Saunders
Voice ActorStephen Thomas
Voice ActorMike Yeiser


Data and credits for this game contributed by lighty691.

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