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"More of the same... and that's a really good thing."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege was, in my opinion, one of the most eagerly anticipated expansion packs for the newly-introduced tactical shooter genre. The original Ghost Recon, voted PC Game of the Year by PC Gamer magazine and IGN PC, delivered awesome environments, killer (no pun intended) weapons and enemy AI that was as deadly as it was impressively accurate. Desert Siege doesn't fail to live up to it's predecessor.

Set in the future, the elite ''Ghosts'' are once again sent out to rid the world of evil-doers, but not on such a grandiose superhero level. The game's premise may very well happen someday - it's planted its feet firmly into realistic ground, adding to the already heightened element of immediacy and tension. Your boys board a plane to East Africa and prepare to liberate a war-torn country in a battle that could cause global economic problems if it's not solved soon, and without major incident. Who to call? The Ghosts.

The controls are the same as the first installment: complex but easy enough to master, providing practically unlimited control over your squad and fireteams. If you've played the original you'll settle comfortably back into the driver's seat.

As far as new modes and other various knick-knacks typically expected out of an expansion pack, Desert Siege delivers. Tons of new weapons - players can now shoot enemies at lengthy distances with the new M98 sniper rifle and feel the awesome power of the M-60 ''Stoner'' machinegun. Also included in the xpac is a brand new campaign with eight missions for single player and four new multiplayer locales. All of which are presented in truly beautiful fashion. Getting shot at? You can almost taste the grit as you dive face-down behind some sandbags. For backwards-compatability's sake, the wizards at Red Storm made it possible for you to play with the new additions in your favorite missions and levels from the original Ghost Recon.

This game is definitely worth the plastic it's printed on. All the adrenaline-pumping excitement of invading an African country locked, stocked and ready to rock is here - all from the comfort of your favorite office chair. If you haven't played the original yet, I say buy it. Buy it and play it. And then buy Desert Siege. You will not be disappointed.

Lock and load, fellas - it's gonna hit the fan. Hard.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/02, Updated 07/06/02

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