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"Best... Game...... EVER!"

GTA3 is a sequel to the best line of games EVER. Ever since the original Grand Theft Auto sporting only 4 weapons, I wanted the game to be in 3D... They made my wish come true, and better than I thought!
Everything from the basic weapons like your fist and your baseball bat to molotovs and bazookas are featured in this game. Every type of vehicle is taken into account, from a station wagon, to a sports car, to a U-haul, to a plane. You can even do drive-by shootings with an Uzi! Now, let's begin;


ABSOLUTELY awesome! THE best graphics EVER on PC (until the upcoming game Doom III)! The weather is photo-realistic and includes fog, lightning, clouds, sunshine, and any other weather you can think of! The glare, the sparkle, the shadows, the squirting blood from an open wound... I'm home! Good times... Great resolution with VERY few glitches or bugs! I give the graphics a 9.8 due to 1 mildly annoying bug which will probably be fixed in a patch.


GREAT sound effects such as the explosions; I have a sub woofer on my computer, so I actually feel the explosion. And the gunshots; you can hear the shells hitting the ground! Also the tires squealing and the sirens are very lifelike. I rate this category 10 because it's absolutely PERFECT. I wouldn't change a thing.


Let's face it; this game wouldn't be half as good without the great sounding voices of both the main characters and those people who are just taking an evening stroll
down the street. Everything from an Italian mobster to a hooker to a homosexual sailor is voiced in this game. For the crystal-clear playing and recording of all these voices I give them a 9.5


GREAT music and realistic timing, too. It only plays when inside a vehicle, which can be a bad thing. I LOVE this music, and you can change the song whenever you want, but you must be in a vehicle to hear it, which is one of the only bad parts of the entire game:(. Yet the quality of the music and realistic lyrics and high selection make up for that fact. I give this a rating of 8.7


THE most important factor in any game. You'd think it wouldn't be that good with all the attention to detail in the game, but it's the funnest game I've ever played. 'Nuff said. 10


How can you ever get tired of picking up hookers, watching the car move up and down, then after 50 HP gained seeing the hooker get out of the car only for you to get out and blow her brains out and get a full refund plus a large bonus?!? I mean honestly! This game has more replayability than, umm, any given sim game! I give it a perfect 10!

Buy, or Rent?

Hello?!? Are you mental!? Buy! Just be sure your system can handle it!

Final Note

While a great game with superior graphics, sounds, and gameplay, Grand Theft Auto 3 isn't meant for the young or light-of-heart. Parents, be aware, this isn't meant for young children, no matter how much they beg and plead! I give this a final score of 9.9/10! An almost perfect game for an almost perfect series!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/04/02, Updated 08/04/02

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