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"Baseball History at your fingertips!!"

I started playing baseball sims with Baseball Mogul. But I found this game at a local shop for less than $20 and I decided to try it. This is the best simulation ever!!!

Graphics: 10/10

This games graphics are only menu screens and backgrounds since this is a text game. However, the menus are well designed and you can add player photos and backgrounds for ballparks, in addition to team logos and other things. The visual factor is as good as you make it.

Sound: N/A

No sound to speak off, but it is not needed in this type of game.

Control: 10/10

It's point and click, making it super easy. You also have plenty of shortcuts to make it easier for you to access the great number of menus.


You can do everything!!! There are two ways to play the game. As a general manager/owner or as the comissioner of the league. It all depends wether you want to control a team or just simulate seasons and mess with variable factors. You can customize the league, teams and players to your liking and then start.You have complete control of your team, from lienups and minor league prospects, to dealing with trades, trading block, free agencies, injuries, ticket prices, scheduling promotions days(like bat day, bubble head doll day among others)league statistics, who is hot and who is not and so on. Also the amazing rookie draft that has you scouting hundreds of prospects(or let the CPU handle it).You can also customze the number of rounds for the draft.You also have to hire staff members like minor league coaches, scouts, batting and pitching coaches and so on.

If you decide to coach a game:

At bat, you can issue simple orders like telling a man to steal, telling the batter to bunt or play a hit and run and so forth. Then you let the action happen. You can also substitue mid-game and play pinch hitters and runners.

In the mound you simply select whether you want an intentional walk, to pitch around the batter and so on. You can also adjust the defensive aligment, warm up pitchers in the bullpen, substitute your pitcher or defenders and so on.

I found this specially entertaining since in other sims you can only simulate without taking part of the action.Of course, you can do that here too, but at least you have the option to micromanage everything.

Editor: 10/10

You can edit everything, from the name of the batting,pitching and rookie awards, to the abilities and names of players, to the abilities and names of staff, to the stadiums themselves, from maximum capacity to how far the fences are located and even more.Everything is editable, allowing you to enjoy the game the way you want it.

Stats: 10/10

The game keeps track of everything you can think off....the game sure manages a lot of numbers.

Replay: 10/10

You can play as many seasons you want with any team from 1900 to 2001!!!!! Replaying historical leagues using the Lahman Database is easy. It only takes a couple of minutes(in my computer it only took me 10 mins the most) to import the data and you are set.Also, the game is so customizable that you can create the 2002 and 2003 rosters by yourself in a couple of hours.You can also import players individually from different seasons to make a dream league...imagine 1925 Babe Ruth vs 1998 Mark McGwire or Cy Young vs Randy Johnson in their primes!!!

Overall: 10/10

WOW!!! Their is so much to do in this game that it is impossible to cram it all in a simple review. I noticed that this games price has been lowered to $4.99 in most stores, so go get it now!!! You wont regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/26/03, Updated 04/26/03

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