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    Beginner's Guide by Liammm

    Updated: 11/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    //         ______   _______ _________ _       _________ _        _______      //
    //        (  ___ \ (  ___  )\__   __/( \      \__   __/( (    /|(  ____ \     //
    //        | (   ) )| (   ) |   ) (   | (         ) (   |  \  ( || (    \/     //
    //        | (__/ / | |   | |   | |   | |         | |   |   \ | || |           //
    //        |  __ (  | |   | |   | |   | |         | |   | (\ \) || | ____      //
    //        | (  \ \ | |   | |   | |   | |         | |   | | \   || | \_  )     //
    //        | )___) )| (___) |___) (___| (____/\___) (___| )  \  || (___) |     //
    //        |/ \___/ (_______)\_______/(_______/\_______/|/    )_)(_______)     //
    //                                                                            //
    //                  _______  _______ _________ _       _________              //
    //                 (  ____ )(  ___  )\__   __/( (    /|\__   __/              //
    //                 | (    )|| (   ) |   ) (   |  \  ( |   ) (                 //
    //                 | (____)|| |   | |   | |   |   \ | |   | |                 //
    //                 |  _____)| |   | |   | |   | (\ \) |   | |                 //
    //                 | (      | |   | |   | |   | | \   |   | |                 //
    //                 | )      | (___) |___) (___| )  \  |   | |                 //
    //                 |/       (_______)\_______/|/    )_)   )_(                 //
    //                                                                            //
    //      *A simple guide to help new players get familiar with the game*       //
    //                        Copyright 2005 Liam Howell.                         //
    //                                                                            //
    ASCII Art courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    FAQ by: Liam Howell
    E-Mail: boilingpointfaq(at)gmail(dot)com
    Constructive Criticism, suggestions, mistakes and updates about this guide are
    This guide will cover the following areas but will not get too far into the main
    plot as this is just a beginnerís guide, NOT a full walkthrough
    +---Copy and paste the word at the end of the section you would like to see----+
    +------------------into the find box to go there (Ctrl + F)--------------------+
    +---------e.g. bpmain will bring you to the "Getting Started" Section----------+
    1. Introduction..........................................................BPINTRO
    2. Updates...............................................................BPUPDAT
    3. Controls.............................................................BPCONTRO
      A. Basic................................................................BPCONA
      B. Advanced.............................................................BPCONB
    4. Factions.............................................................BPFACTIO
      A. Officials...........................................................BPFACTA
      B. Guerrillas..........................................................BPFACTB
      C. Mafia...............................................................BPFACTC
      D. Bandits.............................................................BPFACTD
      E. Indians.............................................................BPFACTE
      F. CIA.................................................................BPFACTF
      G. Civilians...........................................................BPFACTG
    5. Weapons...............................................................BPWEAPO
    6. Making Money..........................................................BPMONEY
    7. HUD.....................................................................BPHUD
    8. Getting Started........................................................BPMAIN
    9. Hints & Tips...........................................................BPTIPS
    10. Suggestions............................................................BPSUG
      A. PK Kim................................................................BPPKK
      B. David Robertson.......................................................BPDRO
      C. Sanjay................................................................BPSAN
    11. Credits.............................................................BPCREDIT
    // 1. Introduction                                                    BPINTRO //
    Welcome to my Starters Guide to Boiling Point, I have been coming to gameFAQs
    for a while now and it has always been helpful when I needed it. When I first
    launched Boiling Point, I was like "Whoa" because I wasn't quite expecting to be
    thrown into the game like that. So I headed over to gameFAQs and to my surprise
    didn't find any FAQs for it, in fact there was nothing for it. So I just went
    back and just played around. Eventually I got it and then decided this was a 
    good chance to pay back gameFAQs for all the help they've given me. As you may 
    have guessed, this is my first guide and therefore I decided to just write this
    instead of a full guide, kinda to have a feel for FAQ writing and to at least 
    help new players from repeating my mistakes. So, enough of my rambling, here is 
    my guide:
    // 2. Updates                                                         BPUPDAT //
    I wasn't planning to add this section but something told me I should because all
    the other FAQ writers are.
    07/17/05 Submitted the original FAQ.
    07/25/05 Added 2 new sections, Suggestions and Updates as well as added the 
             first suggestion and made some minor changes throughout the FAQ.
    10/02/05 Corrected spelling mistakes and added David Robertson's suggestion.
    // 3. Controls                                                       BPCONTRO //
    I soon realized that this game has more controls than a standard fps so I 
    figured I should mention them. If you are familiar with fps controls then the
    basic ones pretty much still apply but you should still read about the extras.
    If this applies to you then just scroll down past the break to read about the 
    advanced controls. Please note that you can find these in the manual as well 
    and that you don't need to read these if you are going to read the rest of my
    guide, I will tell you when to press what and what it does. These aren't ALL the
    controls, but just the ones I felt were important.
    / Basics /
    | W,A,S,D                          | Movement keys (Forward, left, etc...)  |
    | Arrow Keys                       | Same as movement keys                  |
    | Space                            | Jump                                   |
    | C                                | Crouch                                 |
    | Left Mouse Button                | Fire/Throw                             |
    | Right Mouse Button               | Zoom/Drop/Use/Pick up                  |
    | Enter                            | Use/Open/Talk to                       |
    | R                                | Reload                                |
    | V                                | Switch Ammo                            |
    | F7                               | Quicksave (Very important key)         |
    | F8                               | Quickload (Equally important key)      |
    | Mouse wheel                      | Scroll through weapons/Zoom            | 
    That's pretty much it for the basics, now these are what make Boiling Point 
    / Advanced /
    | I                                | Inventory                              |
    | O                                | Objectives                             |
    | U                                | Upgrades                               |
    | M                                | Map                                    |
    | P                                | Character Profile                      |
    | L                                | Console log                            |
    | Tab                              | Switch map views                       |
    | H                                | Check Watch(Actually rather important) |
    | F                                | Flashlight/Car Lights                  |
    | B                                | Binoculars                             |
    | J                                | Sleep                                  |
    | K                                | Cell Phone                             | 
    // 4. Factions                                                       BPFACTIO //
    // Officials - BPFACTA //
    These guys are everywhere; they include the army, police and town administration
    the officials you find in town are weak and easy to deal with, but outside of
    town, they are well trained and brutal. These guys are in a perpetual battle 
    with the guerrillas, the Mafia and the Bandits, If you plan to make money, these
    guys are a reasonable pick but choosing them means you can really only work for
    the CIA and the Indians as well because early missions include assassinations.
    They aren't too tough, but if you get your relationship with them below 90, wow
    they get determined. Getting on they're bad side includes ambushes and random 
    helicopter attacks (God I hate those) They also control check points going into 
    and out of town and this quickly becomes a pain when they are always shooting at
    They are situated in the jungles east of town.
    I don't recommend siding with them. 
    // Guerrilla - BPFACTB //
    These guys are one of your biggest challenges if you go up against them. Working
    for them however doesn't pay as well. These guys definitely are the largest 
    faction and tend to aim all their missions for you agaisnt the Officials. They
    are fairly easy to side with and will offer strong support. Early missions 
    include raids on the Army base and assassinations. The Guerrilla know the jungle
    well and working for them means a lot of jungle work, you will get better at
    driving through jungle without hitting to many trees I can guarantee.
    They are situated in the jungles south of town.
    I don't highly recommend the Guerrilla.
    // Mafia - BPFACTC //
    These are the guys to turn to if you want to make some serious dough. be careful
    however as early missions (including the first) involve going into the Army base
    and stealing and killing. Later missions target the bandits. You will get rich 
    quick but also make enemies with the Officials immediately after your first job.
    They don't have a big force and don't offer as much support either. On thing to 
    note is that siding with the Mafia will make future "Search for Lisa" missions
    easier. You will go many places with the mafia and will fight many people.
    They are situated in the jungles, North-East of town.
    These guys are my favorite.
    // Bandits - BPFACTD //
    The Bandits are hilarious because they tend generally to target the civilians.
    The missions are usually low risk missions that pay rather good for how easy
    they seem (won't get to rich though). Usually robberies and kidnappings, you 
    will draw some heat from the officials though. They don't directly fight other 
    factions which makes them a rather easy faction to join. Some rewards include 
    good working weapons and tricks around the city which are nice. Some missions
    are targeted at the Indians which is very funny because the Indians shoot you 
    bows and arrows! (HA!)
    They are situated across the river in town amongst some ruins.
    I generally recommend them.
    // Indians - BPFACTE //
    The Indians appear very weak and pathetic which is what makes them funny. What's
    even funnier is that they are the complete opposite! They are very good fighters
    despite only using bows and spears. They don't pay good (In fact they don't pay
    at all, they merely give you idols and jewelry which you can sell) but they are
    fairly peace-loving and do not seek contact with the other factions. They are 
    the only ones who can tell you where to find this hidden Indian treasure that 
    is still eluding me!
    Update: PK Kim(See Suggestions) says that collecting all the Xenus fragments
    will just get you "11000 or so pesos worth of necklace" I have not confirmed yet
    but it seems this is the so called "hidden treasure". 
    Their missions are easy, the first is just killing a panther, but
    later they target the Mafia.
    They are found south of town.
    I recommend taking some missions from them.
    // CIA - BPFACTF //
    The CIA are by far the most technologically advanced faction, they often provide
    you with state-of-the-art weaponry and some experimental models, they start off 
    with easy no-combat missions and quickly escalate into full scale wars with the
    Mafia and the Guerrillas. They make for good starting missions and some quick 
    cash, they are fairly mysterious and powerful, working with them doesn't really
    need friends with any other faction although being on the Officials good side 
    is recommended.
    They are situated in the orange building in town.
    I recommend them for a few initial missions but not for long term.
    // Civilians - BPFACTG //
    The Civilians don't offer any real missions but you can take small side mission 
    with some of the people (You have to know where to look) they are protected by
    the Officials but they aren't powerless. It will be ok if you somehow make it in
    to their bad books but just don't get violent with them... They fight back...
    (I had a old lady pull a hand grenade out of her purse and accidentally blow
    herself up)
    They are found in towns and along roads.
    If you find any missions, take them, they are usually fast, simple and keeps 
    you in their good books.
    // 5. Weapons                                                         BPWEAPO //
    Self explanatory, piece of metal sharpened and designed to hurt people.
    Short range, lightweight, boomsticks. The come in a couple kinds like revolvers
    and silenced pistols.
    That's it, one kind, the ever useful Uzi. You've seen it used in countless films
    and in many forms. Very very high rate of fire... Very. You finish your clip in 
    less than a second. Not to great in terms of damage or range though.
    These guns have power and range. Ak-47, Infantry Rifle (M16), Assault Rifle you
    name it. these guns may seem lacking in range, but its just that map that looks
    big. If the bad guy seems to far away to be accurate, shoot anyways, it probably
    isn't. Very upgradeable and come with different bullet types:
    -Armor Piercing Bullets
    -Dum Dum bullets (Glass tipped-bullets designed to go into a target and shatter,
    very effective against infantry... I saw it on CSI because I'm special :) )
    You know what these are if you have ever played a shooter game before.
    Big fat heavy gun with a scope, very long range and very accurate.
    These are the weapons that make you go "Wow" after you blow something up, shoot
    these at people for a good laugh or at a helicopter if its shooting at you. Lets
    people know that you mean business (well actually carrying it won't affect how
    people feel about you... but I like to think so... because I'm special :) )
    Sounds all mystical and stuff but its just a fancy way of saying "Crossbow"
    Shoots darts from a long range, very accurate and quiet. You'll have to aim 
    slightly higher for targets at a distance to compensate for gravity.
    These kinda hurt when they go off so stand a bit back. useful for bad guys in a
    room or behind cover.
    On top of he standard weapons listed above, the game also includes a variety of
    other "weapons" such as binoculars, directional microphone, bullhorn, cell phone
    jar of jam, etc... things that you can hold and use like a weapon but they don't
    really do damage per say. Still load of fun though.
    // 6. Making Money                                                    BPMONEY //
    There are countless ways of making money in the world of boiling point I will
    list as many of the obvious ones as I can but I'm sure I will miss some out of 
    the way ways.
    - Working for factions. This is by far the most interesting and effective way to
    make money as well as enemies. This involves killing, stealing, kidnapping and
    various other activities.
    - Selling stuff, this won't make you rich, it won't be fun, and its very 
    dangerous. Pretty much what it sounds like. Kill someone and take his stuff, 
    then sell it for a tiny profit. I would seriously not recommend using this as a 
    primary source of income, but when you are doing other missions, it is easy to
    take stuff off a dead guy and earn a little extra off the side.
    Update: I only recently found that if you shoot the driver of a car and can
    take the car, and sell it, break it, whatever you want. This will add a very
    slight bonus to you pesos because steeling cars usually only nets you about 200-
    400 pesos per car (For some reason they assume it was stolen... I wonder why)
    - Bus routes, yes, if you talk to the man in the booth next to the bus station,
    he will offer you some dough driving a bus. You just drive a big clunky bus
    from point A to point B. The amount earned can range from 70 Pesos to 400 Pesos
    (Not much) and if you run into trouble, it isn't easy to escape. I seriously
    don't recommend taking a bus route when you are hostile with the Officials as
    you have to, very slowly, drive through checkpoints.
    - You can also find work in transporting goods. If you have a pilots license, 
    you can transport adrenalin (Drugs) for cash, this is a fairly risk free way to
    go but working with factions is still the best.
    // 7. HUD                                                               BPHUD //
    Short for Heads Up Display (In case you were wondering) its what shows you your 
    health, ammo, weapons, and direction. 
    Top left-hand corner is your health and
    next to that is your incoming information. You will see important information 
    appear here. 
    The bottom left-hand corner is the Use Slots. This shows the status
    of you car, gun ammo, whatever. 
    The bottom right-hand corner is your inventory, it hides it self so to bring it
    press any key from 1-0
    Top right-hand corner is you compass/minimap (Press Tab to switch between)
    And finally, the center of your screen is the crosshair
    // 8. Getting Started                                                  BPMAIN //
    Ok, down to business, When you first gain control, you will be standing at a bus
    stop with a hint box open. Close the hint box or tick the "Don't show this hint
    again" and then close it, your choice. Take a moment to get familiar with the 
    controls. Your first button pushed should probably be F7 (Quicksave) as it only
    takes a nanosecond and if you end up testing your gun on someone you want to be 
    able to load. Walk around the area but stay close to the bus stop and avoid cars
    as they tend to hit you. Press H to see the time of day and press F to turn on 
    the flash light. You can get out your weapons by pressing 1 or 2 and you can 
    holster by pressing 0. (Note that people don't treat you any different if you 
    are holding a weapon and the police don't mind) If you press I (Inventory) then
    you can click the different tabs at the top of the screen, hints will pop up 
    telling what they are*  Also, rest assured that you can walk around the city 
    perfectly safe as long as you don't harm anyone. The cops, Mafia, Guerrilla,
    Civilians and even the local Indians will be happy to strike up a conversation
    and will not resort to any form of violence right off the bat. Now most likely 
    man will come up to you after a short while and greet you. He has no significant
    role at all in terms of the game so don't feel bad about skipping his 
    skipping his conversation (Esc). You can get the same talk options with just 
    about any civilian you talk to. I do advise new players to talk to him and 
    ask where to find all the places he lists. Even if you don't commit these to 
    memory, the game will commit it to your objectives list to help find them later.
    but as I stated before, you can ask any passer-by. Another thing of note is that
    you may or may not get a phone call (Press K to accept the call) Please note 
    you do not HAVE to accept the call because it will always be your ex-wife 
    complaining about something and insulting you. (Also, if you do not have any 
    patches installed then there are cases where the chat box remains after the call
    and prevents you from doing much until someone talks to you.)
    Ok, so now you have a bit of a feel for the game, time to see the editor. First,
    Open up the Objectives screen (O) and click the "Search for Lisa" Tab and click 
    on the listing. Now exit this screen by pressing Esc. (Depending on what is 
    selected in the Objectives screen determines what the compass points to.)
    Now you should see a line pointing roughly North saying "0.4km" (If you stand
    where you first started) Press Tab to switch to the map as this may be easier
    to follow. Now start heading in that direction and stay off the roads unless 
    you want the thrill of being hit by an oncoming car. For exact directions: 
    Cross the road from the bus stop and then cross the road again to your right so 
    that you enter a park-like area head straight south down to the end of the park
    until you get to a motel (it should be the building to your right if you stayed
    on the park sidewalk that runs along the road) now press Tab again to see the 
    compass. Try to get the line-with-dot-at-end pointing up and you should see a 
    tan-green building with white square columns in front of you, head to that and
    make your way through to archway that leads into a small courtyard with steps 
    going up on either side. Now then if you look at your compass you'll see a 
    little red arrow next to the distance, do you see how it is pointing up? That 
    means your destination IS up :) If you stand facing the tree in the courtyard 
    with your back facing away from your starting point, head up the stairs to your
    right and you should see a door with a sign above it in Spanish and it should 
    say in bold lettering "Verdad". Go up to the door until it lights up and you
    see "Open" under your crosshair. Whenever you can talk/pick up/use/open/get in
    something, the object/person will light up and there will be the possible action
    listed under your crosshair. Go ahead and open the door by pressing Enter, head 
    on in and turn right. You'll see a man at a desk and possibly some rats. (Note
    that rats don't do much and won't/can't hurt you) go to the man at the desk
    and press F7 before talking to him. There really isn't much that can go wrong 
    with this conversation and don't worry about being rude (This game doesn't have
    the Good/Bad alignment thing a number of other rpg games tend to have) However 
    he may try to make you pay money and if this happens keep refusing/threatening
    him. If you mess up and ask where to earn money to pay him, then you can press
    F8 (Quickload) to load the point before you talked to him to try again. Once you
    find out what you need and you get the car and the goodies (Hopefully free of 
    charge) you can head back down the step to see a car (:o what a surprise!) Walk
    up to it and another hint box will pop up telling you the controls to the car.
    Before you head off, it may be wise to press F10 as this may be a more 
    comfortable view.
    Now that you have a car (YAY!) your boundaries have been extended (they were 
    restricted but i seriously don't recommend walking through the jungle...
    seriously) Press Tab to get back to your map. and you should see a bridge to 
    west crossing some water, we want to get to that. Press F7 and start off towards
    the bridge. Head through the archway you came through and turn left. I should 
    point out at this point that as much fun as it is running over the civilians,
    it will harm your relationship with them so I don't highly recommend it.
    Like I said, turn left and then right so that you are heading back towards the 
    big grey tower. when you get to the end of the road turn left and keep going 
    until you get to a small ramp up. head up it and right and then left so you 
    should be crossing the bridge, once over, keep following the paved road passed
    a second smaller bridge, shortly after the bridge, you should see a paved road 
    off to your right (its the thin brown path on you minimap). Head up that and 
    follow it as best you can as the trees really seem to hurt your dinky starter
    car. Don't make a big deal about it though if you do get a few dents in your car
    , in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if you need repairs before you need gas!
    Once again I seriously stress following the road and avoiding the water because
    the first time I played I drove it in and got eaten by piranha. Ok, so you 
    did what I said and followed the path but uh oh. the path was never finished!
    Well, at this point you are thinking I know some way around this little dilemma 
    or some alternate route... well I don't. All I can say is drive slowly and avoid
    trees, also, you should see a light colored stretch of the map shooting off west
    of the red X on your minimap, that's a runway, if you can make it there your
    home free. Its not that hard really... Once you get there, make sure you press Z
    exiting you car to shut it off as it will still burn gas even if its not moving.
    talk to the man at the dock(Augusto) and pay him the 500 pesos to learn to drive
    a motorboat. Head to the end of the dock and press Enter to get in. You may as
    well press O once you are in and click the Missions tab. You will see it is one
    mission broken up into 6 parts, these are sub-missions. most missions will 
    include at least two sub-missions. Exit this screen to start boating! Basically,
    use the map or compass to help you drive around all the buoys and note your
    boat has a machine-gun (Left-Click) Not much help to this mission... but still
    cool. Once you are finished, head back and pull up ALONGSIDE the dock, the side
    facing the other building, not the side you found the boat at. (you'll know you
    are at it when you hear the clear tone) Head back ashore and talk to Augusto to
    earn your second license! (YAY!)
    Now retrace your steps and drive back into town the same way you got here. After
    you cross the bridge back into town turn left down the ramp and start heading 
    east until you get to the point where the big grey castle is directly across
    from you to your right and to your left are apartments. Pull onto the curb so 
    most of your car (80-90%) of it is on the sidewalk (This is very important as 
    other cars will just keep driving regardless of what is left in the street be it
    a person or a car) Press Z and head into the orange building across from the 
    grey tower. (Its the most orange building I've ever seen, with a telephone booth
    next to the entrance) Head on in and up two flights of stairs. There will only 
    be one door on this floor so go through it (Note: you will be denied access at
    night, if this is the case please Ctrl + F and search this document for 
    'sleep' without the quotes. Otherwise head on in to see someone who like 
    rather government-like. Talk to him to begin your first faction mission, he's 
    with the CIA but don't let this bother you if you had planned on joining another
    1. the factions aren't set in stone and you can always to work for many
    factions at once 
    2. this mission doesn't involve anything that hurts your relationship with other
    factions (thus allowing you to join whomever you please later)
    and 3. Its easy! No killing or fighting! Good for learning!
    Accept his mission and head back down to your car. Start driving East and you 
    should pass a statue of a man on a horse, just passed this is a car dealership!
    At this point I will indeed give you the choice of picking up a better car or
    to keep driving and do it later. If you want to purchase a car, read on, if not,
    skip the section that I've marked and read on after that.
    +--------------------------Buying a Car----------------------------------------+
    Pull into the lot, press Z and step out, Look around and see which car you want,
    at this point (assuming you've been following the guide) you should still have 
    around 2200+ pesos this is enough to buy you that shiny red pickup truck. (not
    the one that's falling apart) If you are sure you want to buy then talk to the 
    man and sell your old car, this will net you about 300 pesos (Ka-ching). Here is
    a list of the cars and how much they should cost (arranged in order of price):
    -Patton (Old Pickup truck) 800 Pesos
    -Frustrada (Yellow Four-door, Close to entrance) 1000 Pesos
    -Mibell (The Car you used to own, Brown, Ugly, Cheap) 1200 Pesos
    -Castell (Red Two-door, Kinda falling apart) 1500 Pesos
    -Transporter (White Van) 2000 Pesos
    -Melarud (Red Pickup Truck) 2200 Pesos
    -Heru (Brown Hummer-like Vehicle) 5000 Pesos
    -Piranhia (Green Jeep with Mounted Machine-Gun) 10,000 Pesos
    -Vintage Car (Green, Expensive-looking car) 15,000 Pesos
    Personally, I would go for the Melarud, its a lot tougher than it looks and is
    quite speedy for its price, but, your choice.
    +-------------------------Back to the Game-------------------------------------+
    Now drive east to the check point and stop, they will open the barrier for you.
    Keep driving along the paved road until you get to the gas station, you will see
    is on your minimap. Pull in, but be careful not to hit the man in yellow as he 
    is your mission! Talk to the man (Champ) and you will receive the case, while 
    you are here, walk around and talk to the gas station attendants, you will see 
    that they charge a set price depending on the car. Luckily, it won't change no 
    matter how badly damaged your car is. I recommend that unless you are being 
    hunted down, don't worry about your car until its about 20-30 points from 0.
    same with the gas in fact, its 50 pesos no matter how much you fill it (The 
    meters broken apparently). Now that you know where to service your car, you can 
    head West, back to the orange building in town. Up to the third floor and 
    through the door, once again, if its locked then search for sleep to see what
    to do. Otherwise head on in and talk to him, you'll give him the briefcase and 
    he will give you... 250 Pesos! (YAY! Your first profit!) I should explain now 
    that, as you already know, the objective of the game is to find Lisa and it is
    very possible to complete the game without having to work for factions. The 
    advantage to working for factions is, well, money! Money and fun, you get some 
    very interesting faction missions in the game.
    So now what? Well, that's about i believe it or not, you have now covered pretty
    much every aspect of the game and are ready to head on out there for yourself. 
    You now know how to:
    -Use your Inventory, Mission, Profile, and Upgrade screens
    -Drive a car
    -Drive a boat
    -Use the compass/Minimap effectively
    -Complete missions
    -Make some dough
    -Buy/Sell/Handle Weapons
    -You know about factions
    -You know all the major hotspots of town (check your mission log)
    -And most importantly, you know where to start!
    // 9. Hints & Tips                                                      BPTIP //
    -S.S.T. Steal Spare Tires, this my sound silly but whenever you see a parked car
    or even a stopped car, go up to it and it F2, then drag the spare tire into your
    inventory and then drop it off in your own car. When you get further into the 
    game, you will get a lot, I mean a lot, of flat tires.
    -Buy your own guns; don't just use the ones you picked up as they tend to be 
    unkempt and will jam a lot in firefights.
    -Sleep, Press J to sleep, check your watch often (H) and make sure you don't get
    too tired (P to check). Also if you can only get to places at night or during 
    the day... sleep! You can only sleep in places that are safe such as a base or 
    camp of a friendly faction, a motel or your car.
    -Syringes are far more effective at healing than fruits or natural methods (like
    sleep) but you can quickly become addicted (P to check) and the more addicted,
    the less it works. You can cure your addictions at hospitals.
    Update: PK Kim(See Suggestions) suggests that you should buy donuts for healing.
    This is true as donuts are rather effective and pose no side effects. You can 
    buy donuts from the man who is standing around some boxes buy the motel. You may
    have to walk around the motel to find him.
    -Save often (F7) Before entering a building or before taking to someone or 
    somewhere safe during a firefight. Your game can hold up to three separate 
    quicksaves as well as regular saves so you can go retrace your steps easily.
    -Avoid the water, there are dangerous fish in the water and if you do need to 
    cross a body of water, try to do so in a boat.
    // 10. Suggestions                                                      BPSUG //
    This section was added to allow other people to make suggestions about the game.
    PK Kim Writes:
    Onto the factions... you recommended siding with the Mafia as they offer the 
    most amount of money, but I think it's as easy to make money by making them 
    enemies. One big thing about making Mafia your enemy is that killing them will 
    get you friendship with gov and guerrillas, and you can do missions for both gov
    and guerrillas (though guerrilla missions aren't really worth doing. I just try 
    to keep the relation over 40 so I get free medical treatment. I think gov Drs 
    need 80+ for free treatment. Also, there's guerrilla mission in Puerto Faro that
    will net you massive negative gov relation). Of course, being friendly with gov
    and guerrilla makes moving about the game much easier, and you also get better
    price for selling equipments at the base for most things.
    Being in good relationship with them also makes it easier to stay friendly with
    Citizens and Indians. In fact, I think it's worth it to pay money at the bank in
    Puerto Sombre to make your relation with Citizens 100 as soon as possible. Once
    you have good relation with Citizens, you get 89 pesos for medicine5 from the 
    doctor in Puerto Faro(though the fruit vendor pays better for med1 and med2, 13
    and 29, I think). Also, the roadside ammo dealers pay 30 pesos for grenades and
    good price for weapons also. Every time you wipe out mafia bases(for multiple 
    times since they re-spawn as soon as you move away a little distance), just 
    collecting the meds, ammos, and grenades can net you serious pesos.
    I didn't bother using meds altogether in the game since the diminishing return
    and addiction wasn't worth it to me. The donuts you can buy in the Puerto Faro
    was adequate for me, being light and cheap enough without side effects, until I
    was able to buy Indian meds from the Indians. You can buy the Indian meds once 
    you finish all the missions for Singing Boa(in the village toward SW), and those
    meds are more potent though somewhat heavy. I'm not sure about doing missions 
    for the Indians in the Cave around SE, since doing missions for them lowers
    Citizen relation quite a bit, making you spend all the money you earn from the 
    missions to re-raise the Citizen relation. Only thing is, finishing missions for
    them is the only way to get the last Xenus fragments(incidentally, Xenus mission
    is a big waste of time and money. I finished it only for the completeness' sake.
    All you get is a 11000 or so pesos worth of necklace.
    You also mentioned about a hidden Indian treasure. I don't remember any Indian
    mentioning anything like that. I always was in good relation with Indians, so
    perhaps they were trying to hoax you out of Mafia money? Only hidden treasure I
    know is the one in Puerto Faro. It's in the cave behind the old man's house
    which is down the street from CIA house and across from Camilo's. You follow a
    trail up the mountain behind the house and use a dynamite to open up the cave.
    There's a few grand's worth of artifacts, along with a Xenus fragment. I guess
    there's a bug so that as long as you don't go back to the old man to finish the
    mission, the treasures re-spawn.
    David Robertson writes:
    here's a little strategy/suggestion I'm using...
    Well there are 2 main keys for success in this game:
    1) Mafia's money
    2) Government's Support
    wouldn't it be great to have both?
    having alotta money but still in good shape with the government?
    well basiclly finish off the first series of the governments missions and
    get a 100 relation with them...
    you'ld probably be in a bad shape with Mafia, huh...no worries
    what are the Guerrillas for?
    just take on a few of them and blow out thier base a few times (you should
    have a nice weapon from the government by now) & your relation with the
    mafia should raise enough to get some missions...
    now time to turn, go for te Mafia missions, when they put you against the
    government just basicly get the objective & run out (your relationship with
    them should be enough to drive close to your objective and run out after
    doing it.
    still every now & then go & take out some Guerrillas to make up...
    now you can have both support & money
    and btw, there are 2 ways to get the search for Lisa missions done:
    1) Government & Civillians
    2) Don pedro
    the first: You'll have to be paying alotta money for almost every move but
    wont go up against anything real serious
    the second: Don ussually gives you two options:
    1) spend a massive amount of money and get your solution quick
    2) spending no money but going through alot of action...against the
    government &...
    so basicly turn against Guerrillas & if you want civillians support go
    against the bandits
    you can also make some good money off the weapons you get
    well thats it for my strategy...
    Sanjay writes:
    I happened to stumble upon the so called indiantreasure. It is worth 10,000. I 
    didnt do any missions for them. Where the volcano is near the end of the search
    for lisa missions. If you stay on the tops of the mountains youll see in once in
    a while a cavern down below which looks like a steep drop. Jump over to the side
    and go down it. There is a path that looks like a hole in the wall follow it all
    the way down to an underground pond with totem poles surrounding it. There is a
    statue submerged in the pond holding a necklace, take it. Also there is kinda a
    bug in this part of the game. I'm still trying to figure it out. If you keep
    following the path down there is a secret door that leads somewhere. I cant get
    past that door. It wont open and going back the other way, if you cross the 
    cavern to the other side, you get killed. The money is worth dying. My advice is
    leave some extra equipment in a car and head out there get the necklace, kill 
    yourself then  return to your car and get your gear. the jeweller in Puerto 
    Sombra priced the necklace at 10000. Dying in boiling point to become rich hasnt
    become such fun. lol
    // 11. Credits                                                       BPCREDIT //
    -This guide was written, corrected, edited and posted by Liam Howell.
    -Suggestions from PK Kim (Very helpful!)
    -Bug fixes from Bernd Wolffgramm
    -I used http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ to do the ascii art as my own 
    attempts are just shameful
    -The only outside sources other than the ascii art helper was the game and the 
    game manual which helped me with choosing what to put in the table of contents
    and some terminology. The descriptions of the weapons and the factions was all
    done by me.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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