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    FAQ/Walkthrough by teekc

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                                 ICEWIND DALE II
                                    faq  and
                                 by kaichern tee
                                starts Oct 7  2002
                              finished Oct 19 2002
                           last update Nov 24 2002
                                  version 1.4
                           actual version*25
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                                Table of Contents                    
    I    Introduction   ----------------------   ppgint              
            **Please, read this first, it wouldn't be long**
    II   Character Creation   ----------------   ppgcre
              II.1 Race                          ppgcr1
              II.2 Class                         ppgcr2
                 II.2.1 Front-line Tanker        ppgcr3
                 II.2.2 Back-row Caster          ppgcr4
              II.3 Alignment                     ppgcr5
              II.4 Constructing a Band           ppgcr6
    III  Skills   ---------------------------   ppgskl
    IV   Feats   ----------------------------   ppgfet    
                 III.1 Weapon and Armor Feats   ppgfe1
                 III.2 Self-improving Feats     ppgfe2
                 III.3 Weapon Fighting Feats    ppgfe3
                 III.4 Spell casting Feats      ppgfe4
                 III.5 Class Feats              ppgfe4
    V    Useful Spells   --------------------   ppgspe
                 IV.1 Arcane Spells             ppgsp1
                 IV.2 Cleric Spells             ppgsp2
                 IV.3 Druid spells              ppgsp3
                 IV.4 Spells that Overlap       ppgsp4
    VI   General Strategies   --------------   ppgstg
    VII  Known Bugs That Will Hurt You -----   ppgbug
    VIII Walkthrough   ---------------------   ppgwlk
           Prologue   ----------------------   ppg01
              1.1  Targos Dock                 ppg02
              1.2  Targos Town                 ppg03
              1.3  Targos Palisade             ppg04
           Chapter 1   -----------------------------   ppg05
              2.1  Shaegarne Fort   ----------------   ppg06
                 2.1.1  Somewhere Before Village       ppg07
                 2.1.2  Torak Base                     ppg08
                 2.1.3  Somewhere Before Dam           ppg09
                 2.1.4  Dam                            ppg10
                 2.1.5  Shaegarne Bridge               ppg11
              2.2  Horde Fortress-------------------   ppg12
                 2.2.1  Outside Fortress               ppg13
                 2.2.2  Cave to Fortress 1             ppg14
                 2.2.3  Cave to Fortress 2             ppg15
                 2.2.4  Fortress                       ppg16
                 2.2.5  Inside Fortress                ppg17
           Chapter 2   --------------------   ppg18
              3.1  Foothills                  ppg19
              3.2  Glacier Crevice            ppg20
              3.3  Ice Temple Upper Level     ppg21
              3.4  Ice Temple Lower Level     ppg22
                 3.4.1 Battle Square          ppg23
              3.5 Chapter Ends                ppg24
           Chapter 3   --------------------------------   ppg25
              4.1  Wandering Village   ----------------   ppg26
                 4.1.1  The Missing Children              ppg27
                 4.1.2  The Returning Dead, or Undead     ppg28
                 4.1.3  The Silent Ghost                  ppg29
              4.2 Cold Marshes                            ppg30
              4.3 River Caves   -----------------------   ppg31
                 4.3.1 River Caves Entrance               ppg32
                 4.3.2 River Caves                        ppg33
                 4.3.3 River Caves Exit                   ppg34
           Chapter 4   --------------------------   ppg35
              5.1 Black Raven Monastery   -------   ppg36
                 5.1.1 Monastery Entrance           ppg37
                 5.1.2 Monastery                    ppg38
                 5.1.3 Eight Chambers               ppg39
                 5.1.4 Black Raven's Tomb           ppg40
              5.2 The Underdark   ---------------   ppg41
                 5.2.1 Driders Cave                 ppg42
                 5.2.2 Leaving the Underdark        ppg43
                 5.2.3 Z'hinda Citadel              ppg44
           Chapter 5   -------------------------------   ppg45
              6.1 Kuldahar   -------------------------   ppg46
                 6.1.1 Kuldahar Pass                     ppg47
                 6.1.2 Kuldahar                          ppg48
                 6.1.3 Chult and Yuan-Ti Temple          ppg49
                 6.1.4 Slaying the Guardian 
                       and Protecting Kuldahar           ppg50
              6.2 Dragon's Eye   ---------------------   ppg51
                 6.2.1 Dragon's Eye Entrance 
                       and Level 1                       ppg52
                 6.2.2 Dragon's Eye Level 2              ppg53
                 6.2.3 Dragon's Eye Level 3              ppg54
                 6.2.4 Finishing Dragon's Eye            ppg55
              6.3 Holy Avenger   ---------------------   ppg56
              6.4 Dragon's Eye Exit                      ppg57
              6.5 Ice temple Revist                      ppg58
              6.6 Fields of Slaughter                    ppg59
              6.7 Saablic Tan   ----------------------   ppg60
           chapter 6   --------------------   ppg61
              7.1 The Plam                    ppg62
              7.2 The Fingers                 ppg63
              7.3 Finishing the Game   ----   ppg64
    IX   Frequently Asked Questions   -----------   ppgque
    X    Version History   ----------------------   ppgver
    XI   Credits and Acknowlegment   ------------   ppgthk
    I introduction                                                    ppgint
    Well, This is the first faq i write. i am a bit old now, and most of the
    time, i'll wait for an faq to release to buy the game and play according
    to the faq. However this time, i amazingly played iwd2 without any faq.
    Sure, i do stuck in somewhere along the course, but i have help from the
    good and friendly people who visited www.gamefaqs.com IWD2 forum. As time
    went on, the itch of writting this faq enlarged and i cannot resist it.
    so there you have it.
    For your information, i am more a pc gamer then a pnp-er (pen and paper).
    So,  my knowledge about 3ed is very limited. Basic stuff only i know,
    technical knowledge limited i am. 
    You will notice that for important title in the table of contents, it will
    be follow by ppgXXX. i did this for the purpose of simple navigation. You
    can now just look at the table, using "find" function in your wordpad 
    to find ppgXXX and jump to the correspond content. For example, search for
    "ppgthk' will bring you to the <Credits and Acknowlegment> section. In 
    case, ppg means 'Powerpuff Girls'. Don't you just adore them?
    As you go through the walkthrough, you'll notice that my style and basis
    of writting change. There are two main reasons behind this. 1st, the game
    has developed into such a state that i cannot continue with my previous
    style. 2nd, my mood changed. 
    Since you can use 'alt' key to highlight interact-able containers, i guess
    there is no need for me to indicate each containers in the game. Just press
    the key often to highlight containers and on ground items so you wouldn't
    miss a thing. Also, traps are expected everywhere. De-trap wouldn't yield
    xp like in BG. Plus, i haven't enounter a deadly trap that cost my life, 
    so i wouldn't mention every trap in the game.
    As the faq goes, i'll use more and more short form. I suppose it would be
    easy to understand but just in case,
         STR = strength                DEX = dexterity
         CON = constitution            INT = intelligence
         WIS = wisdom                  CHA = charisma
         BGx = Baldur's Gate 1 or 2    IWDX = icewind dale 1 or 2
         3ed = 3rd edition rules       pnp = pen and paper
         BIS = Black Isle Studios      hp = hit points
    Enjoy the game, enjoy the faq.
    II. character creation                                            ppgcre
    There are a lot of discussion going on in several iwd2 related forums, so i
    would not and could not cover them all. You can always pay a visit to these 
    forums and post your suggestion there for analysis and criticism. What i 
    will cover is very general. 
          II.1 race                                                   ppgcr1
    Race gives you an advantage at start and influence you far into the game.
    The more important aspect the a race would influence is the quests 
    available in the game. Some quests will result in better rewards if you 
    have a specific race to do the job. There will this never ending discussion 
    about which race is best for which class going in every IWD2 forums. 
    Don't be discourage by the level adjusment, it will not limit your level 
    cap, which is 30. Level adjusment simply means that a character needs more 
    experience to level into next. If a character has level adjusment of +x, 
    that means at level 1, that character needs xp needed for level 1+x to 
    level into level 2. As for the 'favored class', it doesn't nessasary means 
    that the race excel in that class. It means that the culture of that race 
    has influenced its people in such way that they will not receive an xp 
    penalty while multiclass into the class. 
    Before i go into it, one thing you have to remember, 
         It is role-playing that counts.
    1 >>> Human
          Humans are all around people. They don't have heredity 
          bonuses but they have the finnest educational system to make
          them as competitive as other races. So they might not have 
          + on any abilities, but they can be train into any class and
          do a good job on it.
       a. Human
          human is very flexable and general. You get an extra feat at start
          and extra skill points per level. The best part of a human is the
          'favored class: any' bonus that it offers. Thus, the higest class
          in multiclasses will the the favored class. 
          If you have no idea which race you want to choose, human can't be
       b. Aasimar
          Aasimar has a +2 on WIS and CHA. cleric, paladin and druid will 
          benefit from this stats.
       c. Tiefling
          Tiefling has +2 on INT and DEX. Rogue, wizard or even fighter+
          wizard combination will benefit from the class bonus.
    2 >>> Dwarf
          Dwarves are very hardcore people. They will slash rather then
          talk and think. Dwarves give an impression of very hard to 
          damage and kill
          Generally dwarf makes good fighter for the +2 CON bonus. +2 
          saving throw against poison is not that crucial. However, +2 
          against spells is is a big plus. In addition, +2 search will 
          also makes them a good rogue. 
       a. Shield Dwarf
          Just like human (subrace) to human (race), shield dwarf is the 
          general version of dwarf. The advantages are not to heavy and so
          is the disadvantage.
       b. Gold Dwarf
          It wouldn't be a good idea to make a rogue out of gold dwarf because
          of the -2 dex disadvantage. gold dwarf is more fighter then other
          dwarves. They have an +1 attack roll againist underdark creatures.
          But then, the underdark is just a part of the whole story.
       c. Gray Dwarf
          Gray dwarf is more rogue then other dwarves. They have +4 bonus on
          move silent to go with the default +2 search. So gray dwarf would
          serve best for a figher+rogue dwarf.
    3 >>> Elf
          Elves are very magical and agile. They are easy to kill, 
          physically, but they are hard to hit. Elves can be great 
          spellcasters, especially using arcane magic (they are very 
          arcane anyway). Elves can be excellent archers as well. you 
          only heard the term 'elven archer' right? have you ever heard 
          of 'orcish archer' or 'dwarven archer'? But, the game does not 
          really promote you to be an archer. so, elves can only show 
          their magical side but not the agile side.
          All elves will have a +2 DEX bonus. All elves are immune to 
          sleep. All elves have +2 saving throw against enchantment 
          magic (spells that screw up your mind like charm, confusion,
          hold person, etc). All elves have +2 search check. In 
          addition, elves are proficient with large swords and bows 
          (crossbows are not bows, they are simple missile weapons). 
          Since elves are magical, their favored class will be towards
       a. Moon Elf 
          general version of elves. receives -2 CON.
       b. Drow
          +2 DEX, +2 INT and +2 CHA, you want more? how about 11+lvl spell
          resistance? Drow does a great job in a lot of classes and 
          multiclasses. To make the game interesting, mixing a rogue and wizard 
          would certainly be fun. the downside is -2 CON so they can't be 
          fighters that take a lot of damage. Also, whenever under bright light, 
          a drow receives -1 on everything. 
       c. Wild Elf
          just like moon elf, but the penalty is -2 int. 
    4 >>> Gnome
          Gnomes are suppose to be very scientific and rational people
          (rational doesn't mean serious). Ironically, their favored 
          class is illusionist. Generally gnomes are weak at physical 
       a. Rock Gnome
          Seriously, i don't know what to do with rock gnome. Because their
          bonus +2 CON conflicted with their penalty -2 STR. if -2 STR makes 
          you no good at melee, then what's the +2 CON for?
       b. Deep Gnome
          +2 DEX and WIS with 11+lvl spell resistance. It doesn't not end here.
          +2 to all saving throw, +2 to search and hide. Now this is much 
          better then the rock gnome. Combination of fighter+illusionist or
          rogue+illusionist will work fine. Don't worry about the -2 str 
          penalty. Or if you want, For the fun of it, deep gnome can be good
          druid and cleric. Not many race has +2 WIS.
    5 >>> Half-elf
          i wish i have better things to say about half-elf but there 
          isn't much. Personally, i like half-elf for the sake of role
          playing. In 2e rules, half-elf offers the widest range of
          multiclassing. Now in 3e rules, since everyone can multiclass,
          half-elf loses its most important advantage. Furthermore, 
          'favored class: any' might seem useful, but human also offer 
          this with 1 bonus feats and more bonus skill points. so which 
          would you rather choose?
          Ok, the limited advantages of a half-elf. Half-elves are
          immune to sleep and have a +2 save aganist enchantment magic.
          This bonus is best apply to a fighter since saving throw
          against enchantment magic is a fighter weakness. So, to some
          extend, half-elf fighter is better than a human fighter.
    6 >>> Half-orc
          Most people don't accept half-orc and treat them as babaric
          half-breed. Most half-orc are either abandoned children or
          raise by their human single mother without acceptance of
          the society. (Come to think of it, have you ever come across
          a half-orc of orcish mother and human father?)
          Half-orc makes the best hardcore fighter with their +2 STR,
          the only race with + STR. Who cares about int and cha when
          being a fighter?
    7 >>> Halfling
          Halfling are, in simple term, sneaky. They just like to play
          around. The thought of heroic deeds will never come across
          their minds. Generally, halfling people are almost equal
          to rogues. 
          Because of their sneakiness nature, they have +2 DEX, +2
          move silently and +1 to hit with thrown weapon. Because
          they are all small, they receive -2 str penalty. One special
          note is that these people are fearless, +2 morale saving
          throw against fear. They are not that easy to suffer a 
          morale failure to fear.
        a. Lightfoot Halfling
           The key of lightfoot halfling is the +1 to all saving throws.
        b. Strongheart Halfling
           The key of strongheart halfling is the extra feat available at 
     *p.s. So it's really up to you for choosing between a lightfoot or 
           strongheart. You want +1 saving throws or +1 feat? Personally,
           i prefer +1 saving throws because its benefit is more long
        c. Ghostwise Halfling
           Favored class is barbarian. Gains extra ability of setting natural
           snares. Natural snares work just like entangle, nothing fancy.
    Remember what i mention earlier? It is role-playing that counts. Of course,
    half-orc makes the best fighter. But for the sake of role-playing, pure fun 
    and not following prototypes, why not try half-orc paladin, halfling druid,
    dwarf cleric? If you have a band of six, the 'not so wise choice' of race
    and class would not give you much trouble. In fact you can later tell 
    everyone that you finished the game with some most freakish combination.
          II.2 class                                                  ppgcr2
    Because of the freedom that 3rd edition rule gives, most of the time, 
    people would not stay in one class and become a fulltimer. So, as i discuss
    about each class, i will include a little conclusion at the end of each 
    type of class.
          II.2.1 front-line tanker                                    ppgcr3
       As the name suggest, these people are there to take damage and 
       protect your spellcaster. 
    1  >>>  Fighter
       Fighter is all about feats. 
       You'll get a lot of extra feats so you can pretty much learn every 
       skill that is available to you. The crucial thing is in the early 
       of the game. You only have a few feats, so you'll need to plan well 
       on what to learn first, and what's next. While deciding what should 
       a fighter's abilities be, generally speaking, minimize charisma, and 
       wisdom. STR and CON are equally important. Of course, if you want 
       to pull down DEX to push INT, you are welcome. Because most likely 
       a fighter will wear the heaviest armor in the game which might 
       negates the benefits of having a high DEX. But beware, some feats 
       require high dex, like 'Dirty Fighting', so don't let your DEX drop 
       below 13. 
       You have feats, so use them well. At early of the game, you might 
       want to choose 'Snakeblood' if you have a choice, Since this only 
       available in first level. 'Dirty Fighting'is a must have feat later 
       on. Distribute your weapon feats so that you can attack effectively 
       with slashing damage as well as bludgeoning damage. Some monsters 
       have high resistance to a damage type. However, those are open to 
       piercing damage usually cannot resist slashing as well. 
       p.s. Holy Avenger is a long sword. There is an axe that slay 
            construct in HoF mode. 'Club of Disruption' is a club 
            that destroy undead. 
    2  >>>  Paladin
       In the name of law, you smite evil. 
       First, paladin will have divine spellcasting ability starting from 
       4th lvl, which are based on wisdom. so if you want to cast a x level 
       spell, you'll need 10+x wisdom. 
       Second, paladin has 'lay on hand' in 1st lvl. it's a healing spell 
       which determine by charisma. Also, by default, you are immune to 
       disease. At 2nd lvl, you gain 'smite evil' which is also charisma 
       based. It gives you extra damage to evil foes. Also in 2nd lvl, 
       you gain 'aura of courage'. It makes you immune to fear and gives 
       allies +4 saving throws aganist fear. In 3rd lvl, you'll get 'turn 
       undead' which is charisma and lvl based. Also in 3rd lvl is 'remove 
       disease' which can be useful. So basically, you are immune to disease 
       and fear at lvl 3.
       Third, you have restriction on multiclassing. if you don't 
       multiclass to your order's favored class, you cannot lvl up in 
       your paladin class ever. 
       So, if you want to play a full time paladin, you'll need to 
       distribute your abilities wisely. Well, since i never play a full 
       time paladin before, so i wouldn't give me unwise suggestion here. 
    3   >>>   Barbarian
       Barbarian is strong but unpolished fighter. 
       By default, a barbarian walks faster then others. Barbarian gains 
       most hit points per level. 
       A barbarian has 'Rage' ability at start. Once cast, it grants you 
       some useful bonuses for fighting. As it wears off, it makes you 
       fatigue and lower your abilities. As you lvl up, your 'Rage' 
       becomes better and at lvl 20, it will become 'Tireless Rage'.
       At 2nd and 5th lvl, you'll gain 'uncanny dodge'. Respectively, 
       while attacked by invisible foe you apply your dex bonous to 
       armor class, you cannot be sneak attack by rogues unless the 
       rouges is 4 lvl highier than you.
       At 11th lvl, you'll gain damage reduction and resistance to all 
       sorts physical damage. 
       STR, DEX, CON max them out. WIS, CHA minimize, whatever left is 
       in INT.
    4   >>>   Rogue
       Rogue is about sneak attack. 
       A rogue damage may not be as high as others, but as soon as they 
       are sneak attacking, They deal out extra damage according to 1d6 
       per 2 lvl. 
       Rogue gains 'uncanny dodge' just like barbarian but in lvl 3, 6. 
       in lvl 2, rogue has 'Evasion' to evade area effetive spells. 
       sucessful reflex save to evade all damage and uncessful reflex 
       save to take half damage. 
       The show starts at 10th lvl. Now the rogue will have access to 
       some rogue-only skills. Since these are strictly availavle to 
       rouge, you might want to pick them as soon as possible, because 
       these skills are very useful, like 'Crippling Strike', 
       'Improved Evasion', 'Slippery Mind'.
       Simply put, DEX max. CON, STR, INT are up to you. WIS and CHA, 
       min. Your DEX is going to be highier than you STR, so it would 
       be useful if you pick up 'Weapon Finesse'. Most people will dual 
       wield a rogue so you might want to pick up 'Two-weapon Fighting' 
       and 'Ambidexerity' as well. but there is a better solution to 
       this. please see the conslusion of this part. 
       p.s. 'Hamstring' is also a must pick feat.
    5   >>>   Ranger
       Ranger sucks.
       i know i'll get flamed about this comment. But sadly, it's true. 
       i like ranger also, i started my D&D adventure as an half-elf 
       ranger. and now it turned out that half-elf is the most useless 
       race and ranger is the most useless class. Note that 'most useless' 
       doesn't not mean 'absolutely useless', just 'relatively useless',
       in this game. Bottom line is, rangers just cannot show their 
       usefulness in the game people called Icewind Dale 2. 
       Though it sucks, ranger has one minor advantage, automatically 
       gain 'two-weapon fighting' and 'ambidexerity' while wearing light 
       or no armor. Now keep this in mind.
       One important note is while choosing 'favored enemies' and 'weapon
       focus'. Both are deeply related. Don't do stupid thing like Valygar
       did in BG2, racial enemy: golem, weapons: katana and spear, like
       that is going to help?
         >>according to [Adam Frederick] who built a solo ranger.
                 STR- 16     DEX- 18
                 CON- 16     INT- 8
                 WIS- 10     CHA- 8
         Every level I put my point into either hide or move silently and 
         because of that I can scout out most maps without getting in a 
         single fight. As for proficient points. I put 2 into martial 
         weapon bow and if you want to get 4 lvls of fighter put 3 in 
         (I did this it helps). After that I just put in Improved critical 
         and improved initiative and after that I just put it into whatever 
         is appealing. And once you get to around lvl 8 I find I can fell 
         most opponents in 2-3 hits and I lure them to my tank so that by 
         the time they get to him 3-4 of the enemies are dead. And this is 
         the build I use for party and solo games.
    6   >>>   Monk
       They might be useful
       If you want to be a monk, be a full time monk. Multiclass a monk 
       will utterly spoil their unarmed damage ability. In simple words, 
       a 20lvl monks will have much much higher base attack then a 
       20monk/2fighter.Monk has a long list of bonuses while leveling, 
       so i wouldn't list them here. 
       The reason that they 'might be useful' is that, IWD2 don't count 
       unarmed attack as a weapon which they should. Furthermore, in IWD2 
       unarmed attack will evoke 'Attack of Opportunity' which further 
       de-grade the real power of a monk. 
       Conservatively building is to max out WIS because this is what gives
       a naked monk Armor Class. CON should be maxed also for high hp. STR 
       and DEX are equally important. INT and CHA can be neglected even if
       the modifiers go to negative. There is no use of CHA for a monk. INT
       for a monk will only affect the skill points. Monk don't have any 
       much needed skill to invest so INT can be minimized. 
         >>[Domen Gostincar] defending the usefulness of monks (and nuns).
           I have made a human monk, with the following starting stats:
                 STR- 16     DEX- 18
                 CON- 18     INT- 3
                 WIS- 18     CHA- 3
           She gets 2 skill points per level, which I put into hide and move
           silently, making her an excellent scout. Also good for saving money, 
           as she doesn't need any armor or weapon. For feats, I choose dirty 
           fighting, dodge, great fortitude, iron will and lightning reflex 
           (the last three because I ran out of other sensible feats, and the 
           better ones were still beyond my reach, and because having high 
           saves can't hurt.
           In the Clack Raven monastery, my monk was level 11, and I had no 
           problem defeating the 8 rooms with her. The only damage she received
           was via lightning bolt, the spinning blades and the flame strikes - 
           those that were not avoided (high accuracy means a high reflex save).
       Except for monk, you might want to multiclass your tanker into at 
       least one other class, simply because you don't really need a 
       fulltimer in any of the above classes. By multiclassing, you'll 
       have bonuses that other class provide which would be really useful. 
       for example,
       A rogue are bounded to wear light armor. in addition, they are not 
       proficient in shield. So what the hack, multiclass to a lvl 1 ranger 
       to gain 'Two-weapon Fighting' and 'Ambidexerity' by default. In 
       addition, you can further multiclass rogue into fighter for some 
       extra feats.
       A fulltime paladin would not bring you far also. wWat people 
       usually do is set a low WIS and CHA paladin and stop leveling 
       up after 3rd level, after gaining all the bonuses. Continue to 
       level up in fighter, rogue or barbarian. Doing so, the character 
       not only has some nice bonuses but also the luxury to use 
       'Holy Avenger' one of the best weapon in the game, well almost 
       every other game. Or you can go the other way around, by building 
       a 4 lvl fighter and every lvl to paladin. Doing so, you'll get 
       the much needed 'weapon specialization' and not letting go the
       spell casting ability of a paladin. Either way, it works. 
       Further multiclassing rogue into fighter would benefit much also. 
       A lvl 20rogue/10fighter is just slightly worse than a lvl 30 fighter 
       in face-to-face fighting. By multiclassing into fighter, a rogue 
       gain more feats to fully acquire all the needed abilities. 
       Another popular multiclassing pattern is go into 4lvl fighter with
       any other tanker class. By do so, the character will have access 
       to the ever useful 'weapon specialization'.
       All these are just multiclassing a tanker class to another tanker 
       class. Because i see that unless you are not playing a band of 6, 
       there is not need to multiclass a tanker into a spellcaster simply 
       because their abilities don't overlaps. If however, you are doing 
       trio, duet or solo, you might need to do so and this would be above 
       my limited knowledge. 
          II.2.2 back-row caster                                      ppgcr4
       They provide support to frontline as well as main fire power to 
       damage monsters. In general, you would want to pick up 'Combat 
       Casting', 'Sbuvocal casting, and max 'Spell Penetration' as soon 
       as possible. Although i would not mention, but 'Dispel' is equally 
       useful and important for all spellcaster and should pick up as 
       soon as possible. Throughout the discussion, arcane refers to 
       wizard, sorcerer, bard and it's spells; divine refers to druid, 
       cleric and it's spells.
    1   >>>   Bard
       Jack of all, master of none.
       Bards do have something they are specialize in. A bard provides 
       bard song that will boost everyone's ability, as they gain level, 
       they gain new songs which have different uses according to different 
       occassions. Note that a bard casting ability is based on CHA, 
       so to cast lvl x arcane spell, you need 10+x CHA. 
       The significant level for bard is lvl 11 as this level gives 
       you the final song to sing. You can continue after to level up 
       after this or choose to concentrate in other multiclass. If you 
       are not planning to have highier bard level and cast highier 
       level spells, don't invest too much in CHA then. The major 
       selling point of a bard is bard only items you found along the
       way. You can get a horn in early Chapter 2 from an evil merchant.
       This horn will instantly summon some barbarian to fight for you.
       Handy meat shields instantly. 
    2   >>>   Cleric
       Yes heal. Of all the spells that a cleric has, heal is the single 
       most important spell you have. It provides instant and full hit 
       point to any character and its casting duration is very short.
       Other seriously important cleric spell are 'Animated Undead' and 
       'Tremor'. 'Animated Undead' is the best and the only useful 
       summoning spell. It upgrades as you lvl up. 'Tremor' will 
       instantly damage all enemies and might knock them unconscious. 
       Different domain affects cleric's domain spell. each lvl of domain 
       spell has 1 additional spell over a choice of two. What god you 
       want to worship is totally up to you. I like Demarch of Mask just 
       because of its invisibility spells and 'Executioner's Eyes'.
       Max WIS for cleric. Max CHA if you want but it is not that crucial. 
       CHA controls your undead turning ability. Have some points in INT
       and that's it. One important note, you can take 1~2 points intended
       for WIS and put them to DEX, later into the game, you will encounter
       a potion that exchange 1 DEX for 2 WIS in Battle Square, not a bad deal. 
       Simply put, cleric strength allies, weaken enemies.
    3   >>>   Druid
       Nature's servant awaits - Jaheira from Baldur's Gate
       A druid do not support that much as cleric, but heal is still 
       available to druid at a highier level. Generally speaking, druid 
       has druid spells which deals some amount of damage and cannot be 
       learn by cleric nor arcane spellcasters. 
       Some might use druid as a support to main tanker(s) but i just 
       use druid as pure spellcaster. Shapeshifting might work but sadly, 
       it looses its usefulness because enemies get stronger faster. 
         >>[Jae Shin] wants to denfend for shapeshifters
           "It basically allows your druid to become a tank (which is why I 
            use my druid for the Battle Square). The bear you get at 12th level 
            combined with a 'champion's strength' spell is vicious and can 
            easily do over 20 damage per attack. The only problem is that the 
            game seems to have a minor bug in it which causes attack damages 
            and bonuses to get a bit confused whenever you switch between 
            forms. It's easily overcome by unequipping and reequipping weapons, 
            but it can be a bit of a hassle. Then again, having a tank with 
            healing spells is really, really useful. What's even better is that 
            it changes your characters' stats.  Bears have no problems with 
            forcing locks open."
    4   >>>   Sorcerer
       Keep'em coming
       The thing about socerer is that they have more ammo to dispose 
       for a particular spell. Therefore, a sorcerer can cast a chain 
       lightning, another chain lightning, another chain lightning and 
       again and again. The hard part is, what spell should they learn, 
       in what order? Different with Neverwinter Nights version, you 
       cannot unlearn learnt spells. so you really need to consider 
       which spells will benefit in a long run and which cannot. 
       Beside casting spells, sorcerer can play an important part as
       diplomat/speaker of the party. You could give a sorcerer extra
       INT to gain extra skill points in order to learn all the needed
       'talking skills'. Together with their high CHA and the fact that
       they don't refuse reward like paladins, they are a good choice
       for speakers. 
       As you adventuring under HoF mode, you'll notice that it is your
       sorcerer and wizard who do the most damage. Your tankers will be
       shouting for medic every few hits by enemies. But sorcerer and 
       wizard, they never need to heal. If they die, you can bring them
       back to life and they can jump into fight without pick back their
       Considering a sorcerer abilities is an easy task. First of all, 
       max CHA. then, max INT. adjust other abilities as you like, it
       is not that crucial. The reason you want a high INT is that it 
       gives you extra skill points to upgrade your skills. 
    5   >>>   Wizard
       Level 1 summon? Yes i can do that.
       Different to sorcerer, a wizard offers you versatility and 
       flexibility. You can almost learn any spell under the sun 
       (specialized wizard has restrictions), and you are not afraid of 
       doing so. You wouldn't give a sorcerer to learn 'Summon Creature 
       lvl 1', but you can do that for a wizard. Summon Creature lvl x 
       is always useful until you have animate undead. 
       Furthermore, there are these i called 'one time spell', like 'Mass 
       Haste'. You only need it once (twice at most), before or during a 
       fight. there is no need for you to keep casting mass haste right? 
       so why let a sorcerer to learn 'Mass Haste' which she/he will only 
       use it once before the next rest. 
       For me there is no need to take specialization because my sorcerer
       is already specialized enough. i'll need a person who can cast
       every spells rather a person who can cast a kind of spell more 
       Distributing a wizard abilities is even simpler. max INT, which 
       is the prime abilities and gives you tons of extra skill points. 
       Then you can distribute other abilities points to anywhere you want. 
       Generally, high CON and DEX.
         >>[Yorien Dragonard] has another view on sorcerer and wizard. 
           "I usually play with rather specialised casters. Have a main 
            wizard (pure), a main healer (usually pure) and then some 
            support casters (for example a male Drow rogue-wiz with a 
            lot of protection and enhancers learnt) and commonly some 
            other chara with support spells . That's why I use more 
            disablers than direct damage."    
           "Well, the main idea here is to have a rather specialised 
            spellcaster, whose main role is to cast some party enhacers 
            pre-combat and make a quick first move just before combat by 
            casting one or two area disables before party rushes. As 
            caster is specialised, he'd have skills/feats conveniently 
            arranged so his spell's DC is sufficiently high to connect 
            on many creatures. So, caster's job is to disable lower 
            menaces while party can focus in the big foes (and commonly, 
            you'll find that some big foes also fall to the disabler). 
            Since it uses only a little variety of spells, sorcerers are 
            pretty capable of being disablers."
       Keeping a fulltime spellcaster might just be a good idea simply 
       because the highier the level, the more spell slots available. 
       But remember, the game sets the level cap at 30 (which is a lot). 
       By the time a spellcaster reaches level 20 ~ 25, there will be 
       enough spell ammo for any fight. So, starting from level 20 ~ 25, 
       a spellcaster can multiclass to another class for example fighter 
       (for feats), barbarian (for hp), rogue (for evasion). 
       a special case is, monk benefits their armor class from their WIS. 
       You can start your cleric/druid as a monk, then multiclass to 
       cleric/druid after level 1 monk. Take note on the alignment 
       restriction, if you want to do so. Also, similar to this is to 
       start a sorcerer as paladin. Paladin uses CHA modifier in saving 
       throw, so your sorcerer who are weak at saving throws (due to low 
       CON, DEX, WILL) can benefits from this. 
       A druid and a cleric will have similiar ablilities. As i played the
       game, i found out that during many fights, my cleric was just 
       standing and waiting for anyone who call for medic. By multiclassing
       and druid to a cleric or vice versa according to 20major/10minor,
       you'll have a druid that can bring back your fallen members
       into life and a cleric that can call down lightning to strike 
       Another lame way to exploit the game mistake would be taking a 
       specialist wizard and take a level in sorcerer. That way, the wizard
       will have access to all schools of spell.    
       Of course there is this ever popular fighter and wizard 
       combination. Fighter+wizard don't have to worry about armor
       since a lot of spell will balance off the disadvantage.
       Useful spells for a fighter+wizard would be 'Mirror Image', 
       'Blink', 'Fire Shield', 'Tenser's Transformation', 'Antimagic 
       Field', 'Trollish Fortitude', 'Seven Eyes', 'Aegis' and 'Black 
       Blade of Disaster'. Abilities for this multiclass would be max 
       STR or DEx and INT, min WIS and CHA, what is left distribute to 
       CON and DEX or STR. 
          II.3 alignment                                              ppgcr5
    Surprise to see alignment in here? Usually alignment isn't that important 
    because ultimately, alignment is a role-playing thing. But alignment in
    this game has a very significant effect in a matter of life and death.
       At the end of the game when you finally meet the bosses, one of them
       is able to cast 'Blasphemy', this area effective spell will instantly
       stuns anyone that is non-evil alignment for 1 turn, which is very 
    So, you must have some members as evil alignment, if not all. i would 
    suggest that at least your spellcasters be evil alignment. 
          II.4 constructing a band                                   ppgcr6
    Solo would be challenging but i think IWD2 was initially designed as an
    adventure for a band. You can have maximum six people in a team, so you
    can really specialize them. Ultimately, it all falls down to 2 things, 
    a) Playing style
       Some would find that a certain combination is very strong and they can 
       just 'walk' through the game. But when that combination falls into 
       others hand, it will not work at all. That is why whenever my friends 
       ask me about what is the best character in Diablo, what is the best 
       combination in Final Fantasy N, i would always give them the same answer
       'there is no best sword in the world, only best swordman'. Any 
       combination would work. How would the combination works is totally 
       dependent on how you control its members.
    b) Role playing
       Some classes are not that usefull in the game. It does not really matter
       if you have them in your band or not, like bard, druid and ranger. 
       However, there are people out there, insist certain class be included in 
       the band. For me, it is druid. Partly because i am an environmentalist 
       and partly i just don't know how a band without a druid can adventure
       into the wild. Yes, sure, a durid isn't that useful. There wasn't a time
       that i am thankful for having to bring a druid along, but there was time
       when i curse myself for not bringing an extra cleric. But then, i still
       like druid. 
    If you are not a newbie in the game, you don't have the need to look at the
    uninspire team suggestion below. 
    A simple combination for newbie,
       1 - fighter with paladin    2 - rogue with fighter  
       3 - wizard                  4 - sorcerer                 
       5 - cleric                  6 - cleric               
    With a combination like this, you'll have two person for each category of 
       Fighter/paladin will be the main tanker and rogue/fighter will be 
       the support tanker. It seems that 2 tankers is rather weak but 
       don't forget that you have 4 summoners which means 4 summons in a 
       time. So most of the time the two tankers would carry the task of 
       protecting the spellcasters rather then dealing damage and take 
       the pain. Rogue is a must because you need someone to detrap, and 
       only rogue can do that. There are traps in the game that will not
       go away even you triggered it. Paladin is an 'almost must' because 
       the Holy Avenger you get under HoF mode offers +10 enchantment, you 
       don't want to miss that, do you? On top of that, how about the idea
       of dual-wielding Holy Avengers? A +5 and +10.
       Sorcerer is the main arcane spellcaster. Sorcerer learns all the 
       main damage spells, all spells that is going to be used again and 
       again. Wizard on the other hand provides the 'clean out' job. 
       Whatever usefull spells that the sorcerer don't or haven't learn, 
       the wizard can help out. 
       Two cleric can carry out two different kinds of job, to make the 
       band looks pretty and to make the enemies look ugly. Above all, you 
       have two people that cast provide quick 'Heal' and crucial 
       'Resurrection'. Accident happens, if one cleric dies, another can 
       bring her/him back. 
    [Arachree Mae] has a suggestion of a band consisting of all classes,
    Paladin(mystra)/wizard (8/22) aasimar 
    8 lvl paladin to get their cavalier (i forget their name) feat (author: 
    the feat is called 'Fiendslayer'), 22 lvl wizard didn't hurt their spell 
    to level 9.
    Ranger/rogue/fighter (5/21/4) tiefling  
    5 lvl ranger to get 2 racial enemy, 4 lvl fighter to get weapon 
    specialization, 21 lvl rogue to detrap of course.
    Barbarian/fighter (20/10) dwarf  
    20 lvl barbarian to get tireless rage.
    Monk (30) human 
    They just rock with high wisdom (you could stun 30 wizard a day if you 
    could find that many) just hide them and sneak attack the wizard (throw 
    in some rogue would help (to sneak attack). (author: not too much rogue
    as it will destroy the basic attack bonus of armed attack, 3 lvl is enough)
    Bard/sorcerer (11/19) wood elf  
    On my exp with IWD 1 you just need bard that's why i'm putting in a bard, 
    11 lvl to get their best song. If you think the song didn't that great (on 
    IWD 1 that song could regenerate hp all the time i hardly need a cleric to 
    heal, but IWD 2 ruin it by only activate this regeneration in combat), 
    still you get 2nd healer (from bardic spell).
    Druid/cleric ((?/?) depends on defensive or offensive playing) female drow
    this one like i said depends on playing style. i really wish i could split 
    the cleric in to some one else (like monk) but i really like high level 
    monk. and that ruins clerics ability.
    III skills                                                       ppgskl
    This section is about skills. If feats give you the extra edge fighting
    enemies, then skills give you an upper hand interact with the NPCs and 
    surrounding. As you level up, you'll gain skill points, how many skill 
    points you gain is dependent on your class and INT. Class provides you the
    basic skill points each level, INT modifier gives you the bonus skill 
    points. That's why in 3ed rules, INT is generally important. If you really
    don't want to invest heavily on INT, at least don't let your INT modifier
    becomes negative value. It will hurts. Beside class and INT, human also 
    gains extra skill point per level. 
    Rule number one in distributing skill points, give them to class skills 
    first. When you distributing your skill points you will notice that some
    skills require 2 points to move up a level but some only need 1 point. 
    Those that need 1 point would be the class skill for the class that you 
    level up now. 
    Rule number two, give some points to talking skills (bluff, diplomacy and
    intiminate). You cannot always select who to initiate a conversation. So,
    you would want all of your members to have some points in major talking 
    skills just in case. 
    And lastly, every skill has association with your abilities. The Ability
    modifier will affect if you make a successful skill check aganist a 
    situation. The ability followed every skill title incidates that the 
    ability modifier will be applied while throwing a check. Related ability
    will be indicated after each skill title. 
    1 >>> Alchemy (INT)
    You'll encounter a lot of unidentified potions in the game. Alchemy is the
    skill used to identify these potions. Beside that, Alchemy has a very 
    important role in progressing the story. Whenever the story requires you
    to perform potion mixing or creation, an alchemist will be required.
    2 >>> Animal Empathy (CHA)
    This skill has potential, but not in this game. You don't need any aid from
    animals to finish any quest. Also, there will not be a time when you curse
    yourself for not charming an enemy animal to help you. Animals fighting is
    very very rare in IWD2.
    3 >>> Bluff  (CHA) 
    One of the 3 talking skills. Bluff is the cunning way of conversation. 
    4 >>> Concentration (CON)
    This one of the best part about 3ed rules. Once upon a time, whenever a
    spellcaster (especially arcane spellcaster) is being hit, she/he will lose
    the spell currently casting. Concentration gives you a chance to continue
    with the spell casting progress when being hit.
    5 >>> Diplomacy (CHA)
    One of the 3 talking skills. Diplomacy is the polite way of conversation. 
    6 >>> Disable Device  (INT)
    This skill is used whenever a character is required to disable, mostly, 
    trap. Of course whenever you encouter any mechanical device that need to
    disable, this will be the skill applied.
    7 >>> Hide (DEX) 
    This is the skill that makes your character 'poof' into thin air. Hiding in
    day time is harder then hiding in night. Of course, wearing heavier armor
    will affect your hiding skill. 
    8 >>> Intiminate (CHA) 
    One of the 3 talking skills. Intiminate is the violence way of conversation.
    9 >>> Knowledge (Arcana) (INT) 
    This stat determines if your character can successfully identify a magical
    item or scroll. 
    10 >>> Move Silently  (DEX)  
    This skill determines if you can move while maintaining hidden. Heavier
    armors and some noisy weapons (like fails) will penalize this sill.
    11 >>> Open Lock (DEX) 
    As of the name suggest, it determines how good you are at lock picking. 
    12 >>> Pick Pocket (DEX) 
    Determines if you can steal something from an NPC. While being pick 
    pocketed, the NPC's level and INT modifier act as the saving throw against. 
    So you can see that adventuring under HoF mode, pick pocket is a totally
    useless skill. There is no way that you can beat the 'saving throw' against
    pick pocket of an NPC.
    13 >>> Search (INT)  
    Determines if your character can spot hidden traps. 
    14 >>> Spellcraft (INT)  
    When someone not from your band casts a spell, this skill kicks in to see 
    if you can identify that spell. It will show in the conversation box as
    'Someone casting -spell-'. It makes life easier if you can identify the
    spell can counter it. 
    15 >>> Use Magic Device (CHA) 
    It allows your chatacter to use wands and such that usually can only be 
    used by wizard and sorcerer. 
    16 >>> Wilderness Lore (WIS) 
    When using this skill (select under 'skills' menu), it will tell you the
    general information about an area. Information like what kind of monsters
    are likely to linger around or is there a friendly settlement nearby is 
    always useful if you are adventuring into an unfamiliar area. Ultimately,
    this skill helps you to get through the Fell Wood maze. 
    IV feats                                                         ppgfet
    Feat is what makes your character different from my character. Ultimately, 
    especially for spellcasters, feat is all about preference. Some might think
    this combination will work but some don't. This part of the faq will 
    provide with a general reference on what is good and what is not so good. 
    As you play the game, you'll discover your style, and know what feat you 
    want to choose next. 
    Note that some feats will automatically put in use once you have taken the 
    feat. However some feats don't. This kind of feats give you an extra skill 
    that you have to select it under 'Special abilities' menu to use it. An 
    'auto' or 'select' will indicates the difference.
          IV.1 Weapons and Armors Feats                              ppgfe1
    Some classes automatically gain proficiency in certain feats fall under 
    this category. Classes noted after every feats indicate that these classes
    automatically gain this feat. One exception is that elves gain longsword 
    and bow feats regardless of classes.
    1 >>> Armor Proficiency (auto)
         Depend on how many rank you choose/have, you can wear certain kind of
         armor without suffering heavy penalties. 
         Effect: When you wear a type of armor with which you are proficient at, 
                 the armor check penalty applies only to 'Hide', 'Move Silently' 
                 and Pick Pocket. 
                 If a character who is wearing armor with which she/he is not 
                 proficient at, she/he suffers its armor check penalty on 
                 attack rolls and on all skill checks that involve moving.
         Proficiency Types:
         1 rank  - Light  - leather armor, studded leather 
                            (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, paladin, 
                             ranger, rogue)
         2 ranks - Medium - chainmail, splint mail 
                            (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, paladin, 
         3 ranks - Heavy  - half-plate, full plate 
                            (cleric, fighter, paladin)
    2 >>> Shield Proficiency (auto)
         Effect: You can use a shield and suffer only the standard penalties.
                (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, paladin, ranger)
    3 >>> Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization (auto)
         You are proficient with using all the weapons from the listed 
         Effect: One ranks in this feat, you make attack rolls with the weapon
                 Two ranks in this feat is Weapon Focus, which grants +1 to 
                 Three ranks in the feat is Weapon Specialization, which grants
                 +2 to damage. Only characters with four or more levels of 
                 fighter may take Weapon Specialization.
                 A character who uses a weapon without being proficient with it
                 suffers a -4 penalty on attack rolls.
         Simple Weapons:
         Simple Weapon: Crossbow     - light crossbow, heavy crossbow 
                        (babarian, bard, cleric, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, 
                         rogue, sorcerer, wizard)
         Simple Weapon: Mace         - heavy mace, morningstar 
                        (babarian, bard, cleric, fighter, paladin, ranger, 
                         rogue, sorcerer)
         Simple Weapon: Missile      - dart, sling 
                        (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin,
                         ranger, rogue, sorcerer)
         Simple Weapon: Quarterstaff - quarterstaff
                        (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, 
                         ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard
         Simple Weapon: Small Blade  - dagger, short sword 
                        (babarian, bard, cleric, druid, figher, monk, paladin, 
                         ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard)
         Martial weapons:
         Martial Weapon: Axe         - hand axe, battleaxe, greataxe, throwing
                        (babarian, fighter, paladin, ranger)
         Martial Weapon: Bow         - shortbow, composite shortbow, longbow,
                                       composite longbow
                        (babarian, fighter, paladin, ranger, rogue, ELF)
         Martial Weapon: Flail       - flail 
                        (babarian, fighter, paladin, ranger)
         Martial Weapon: Greatsword  - greatsword 
                        (babarian, fighter, paladin, ranger
         Martial Weapon: Hammer      - warhammer, throwing hammer 
                        (babarian, figher, paladin, ranger)
         Martial Weapon: Large Sword - longsword, scimitar 
                        (babarian, figher, paladin, ranger, ELF)
         Martial Weapon: Polearm     - spear, halberd 
                        (babarian, figher, paladin, ranger)
         Exotic weapon:
         Exotic Weapon: Bastard Sword
                        (Actually, no one automatically gains this feat. Keep 
                         in mind also that, some bastard swords are two-handed 
                         and some are one-handed)
          IV.2 self-improving feats                                  ppgfe2
    Self-improving feats are mostly feats that increase your various saving 
    throws. These +bonus to saving throws are not that crucial and big deal.
    Because later into the game, you have all kinds of spells that can counter
    all the bad effects if fail a saving throw. Pick only when there is extra 
    feat and you don't know where to put it. DEX affect reflex saving, CON 
    affect fortitude saving and WIS affect affect will saving. There are also 
    feats that enchance your skill checks and overall performance. 
    1 >>> Bullheaded (auto)
          Effect: +1 bonus on Will saves and a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.
          Prerequisite: Human or dwarf
    2 >>> Courteous Magocracy (auto)
          Effect: +2 on all Diplomacy and Spellcraft checks.
    3 >>> Dash (auto)
          Effect: Character moves about 15% faster than normal.
    4 >>> Discipline (auto)
          Effect: +1 bonus on Will saves and a +2 bonus on Concentration 
    5 >>> Forester (auto)
          Effect: You receive a +2 bonus on all Wilderness Lore checks.
    6 >>> Great Fortitude (auto) 
          Effect: +2 bonus to all Fortitude saving throws.
    7 >>> Iron Will (auto)
          Effect: +2 bonus to all Will saving throws.
    8 >>> Improved Initiative (auto)
          Effect: The weapon speed and casting time for all spells is reduced 
                  by 1 to a minimum of 1.
          Note: All of the feats listed under this category, this feat is 
                equally important and useful to everyone IF BIS could fix the
                fact that this feat isn't working at all. 
    9 >>> Lightning Reflexes (auto)
          Effect: +2 bonus to all Reflex saving throws.
    10>>> Luck of Heroes (auto)
          Effect: a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws.
          Prerequisite: Human
          Note: If you cannot decide which saving throw you want to enchance,
                pick this one. Luck will provide an minor extra edge to all 
                your saving throw. 
    11>>> Mercantile Background (auto)
          Effect: 5% discount on buying items and a 5% mark up on selling 
                  items at stores.
          Prerequisite: Human, deep gnome, or gray dwarf
          Note: To maximize the benefit, give this feat to the person with
                higest CHA. But then, money isn't any real problem in the game.
    12>>> Resist Poison (auto)
          Effect: +4 bonus on Fortitude saving throws against poison.
          Prerequisite: Gray dwarf, half-orc
          Note: You may only take this feat as a 1st level character.
    13>>> Snake Blood (auto)
          Effect: +2 bonus on Fortitude saving throws against poison and a +1 
                  bonus on all Reflex saving throws.
          Prerequisite: Human
          Note: You may only take this feat as a 1st level character. 
    14>>> Strong Back (auto)
          Effect: Carry weight increased by 50%.
          Note: If your cleric has problem wearing heavy armor, you might want
                to sacrifice a feat for this. 
    15>>> Toughness (auto)
          Effect: You gain +3 hp each time you pick this feat. 
          Note: A total of +15 hp at the end isn't that big deal. 
          IV.3 weapon fighting feats                                 ppgfe3
    Do you want to fight like the people in <Crouching tiger, hidden dargon>?
    The following feats will make your at least close to them.
    1 >>> Ambidexterity (auto)
          Effect: You ignore all penalites for using an off hand. 
                  Without this feat, a character suffers a -4 penalty to 
                  her/his off hand attack while using two weapons.
          Prerequisite: Dex 15+
    2 >>> Two-Weapon Fighting (auto)
          Effect: Your penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced 
                  by 2.
          Note: The standard dual-wield penalty is -6 mainhand and -10 offhand
                without any feat. 'Ambidexterity' reduce 4 to both hands and 
                'Two Weapon Fighting' reduce 2 to both. With both feats picked,
                you get -4main/-4off at the end. In addition, if you use a 
                small blade in your offhand, the resultant would be 
    3 >>> Blind-Fight (auto)
          Effect: In laymen language, this feat protects you and helps you 
                  while melee fighting an invisible enemy or you are blined. 
    4 >>> Cleave and Great Cleave (auto)
          Effect: After you kill your target in melee, you get an addition 
                  attack next immediate round. If you do not attack or simply 
                  moved, then that extra attack expires. 'Great Cleave' gives 
                  you 2 extra attack in total. 
          Prerequisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack feat
    5 >>> Deflect Arrows (semi auto, only applies when one hand is free)
          Effect: First, you must have at least one hand free to use this feat. 
                  Once per round when you would normally be hit with a ranged 
                  weapon, you may make a Reflex saving throw against a DC of 20
                  (ranged weapon's bonus to attack increases the DC). If 
                  succeed, you deflect the weapon. Spell arrows (like 'Melf's 
                  acid arrows') cannot be deflected. 
          Prerequisite: Dex 13+
    6 >>> Dirty Fighting (auto)
          Effect: On a critical hit, the character causes Blindness 
                  (50% chance) or Slow (50% chance) for five rounds unless a 
                  Fortitude save is made. Undead, golems, and elementals are 
                  immune to these effects. 
          Prequisite: Dex 13+, base attack bonus +2 or greater
          Note: Must pick.
    7 >>> Dodge (auto)
          Effect: +1 dodge bonus to armor class against attacks from an 
          Prerequisite: Dex 13+
    8 >>> Expertise (select)
          Effect: When attack in melee, you can take a penalty of as much as -5 
                  on your attack and add the same number (up to +5) to your 
                  Armor Class. 
                  This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The 
                  changes to attack rolls and armor bonus last until your next 
                  action. The bonus to your Armor Class is a dodge bonus. 
          Prerequisite: Int 13+
    9 >>> Power Attack (select)
          Effect: Before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to 
                  subtract a number from all melee attack rolls and add the 
                  same number to all melee damage rolls. 
                  This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The 
                  penalty on attacks and bonus on damage apply until your next 
          Prerequisite: Str 13+
    10>>> Improved Critical (auto)
          Effect: The threat range of the weapon being wielded is increased 
                  by 1. 
          Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +8 or higher.
          Note: Must pick.
    11>>> Maximized Attacks (select)
          Effect: All attacks do maximum damage for 10 seconds. Usable 1/day.
          Prerequisites: 4 ranks in Concentration and Weapon Specialization 
                        in 2 weapons.
    12>>> Stunning Attack (semi auto, only applies in unarmed attack)
          Effect: When attacking with Stunning Attack, it forces a foe damaged 
                  by your unarmed attack to make a Fortitude saving throw 
                  (DC 10 + one-half your level + WIS modifier), in addition to
                  dealing damage normally. If the defender fails his saving 
                  throw, he is stunned for 1 round. 
                  A stunned character can't act and loses any Dexterity bonus 
                  to Armor Class. Attackers get a +2 bonus on attack rolls 
                  against a stunned opponent. 
                  You may attempt a stunning attack once per day for every four
                  levels you have attained. 
          Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Wis 13+, base attack bonus +8 or higher
          Note: Essentially this is a monk feat, but then it opens to everyone.
    13>>> Weapon Finesse (semi auto, only applies when using small baldes)
          Effect: You may use your DEX modifier instead of your STR modifier on
                  attack rolls while using small blades. Since you need your 
                  second hand for balance, if you carry a shield, apply the 
                  shield's armor check penalty to your attack rolls. 
          Prerequisite: Proficient with small blade, base attack bonus +1.
    14>>> Precise Shot (select)
          Effect: Reduces the to hit penalty for firing in close quarters 
                  from -8 to -4.
    15>>> Rapid Shot (select)
          Effect: You can get one extra attack per round with a ranged weapon. 
                  The attack is at your highest base attack bonus, but each 
                  attack (the extra one and the normal ones) suffers -2 
    Prerequisite: Dex 13+
          IV.4 spell casting feats                                   ppgfe4
    The following feats are what seperate a polished spellcaster from ordinary,
    untrained spellcasters. Depends on how you want your spellcaster be, you
    have a wide variety of feats to choose from. Of course there is always this
    kind "must choose" that you don't want to miss. 
    1 >>> Armored Arcana (auto)
          Effect: Taking this feat reduces the chances of casting failure by 
                   5%. This feat may be taken up to three times.
          Prerequisite: The ability to cast arcane spells.
    2 >>> Combat Casting (auto)
          Effect: You get a +4 bonus to Concentration checks made to cast a 
                   spell while being injured.
    3 >>> Spell Penetration (auto)
          Effect: You get a +2 bonus to caster level checks to beat a 
                  creature's spell resistance for each pick. 
          Note: Must pick. It makes all your spells harder to resist initially
                by enemies.
    4 >>> Subvocal Casting (auto)
          Effect: This feat conveys the ability to cast spells while silenced.
          Prerequisite: Ability to cast Arcane or Divine spells.
          Note: Although enemies rarely cast 'silence' and 'deaf' but still 
                this is a feat worth investing. 
    5 >>> Aegis of Rime   (Cold)
    6 >>> Aqua Mortis     (Acid)
    7 >>> Scion of Storms (Electical)
    8 >>> Spirit of Flame (Fire)            (all auto)
          Effect: Permanently gives 5 [elemental] resistance and a +20% to all
                  [elemental] damage
          Prerequisites: You must be able to cast 4th level spells and have a 
                         Spellcraft of 10 or higher.
          Note: It all falls down to you, what spell you want your character to
                cast? For example, my druid constantly casts 'Flame strike',
                'Sol's searing orb', 'Call lightning' and 'Static charge' so it
                would be benefitcial if she picks 'Scion of Storms' and 'Spirit
                and Flame'.
    9 >>> Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
    10>>> Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
    11>>> Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
    12>>> Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus: Transmutation    (all auto)
          Effect: +2 to the Difficulty Class (DC) for all saving throws against 
                 spells from this school of magic.
          Note: Again this is a very personal thing. My arcane spellcasters 
                max-ed 'Evocation' and 'Necromancy' because they cast these
                spells more often. My divine spellcasters max-ed transmutation
                because they use 'tremor' often. 
          IV.5 class feats                                           ppgfe5
    The following feats only open to certain class after certain level. There 
    are 'extra something' feats that give extra 'something' to use per day. 
    Frankly, this is useless because if i out of 'something' to use, i would
    rest. Take a close look at rogue feats. 'Arterial Strike', 'Hamstring' 
    and 'Crippling Strike' do not have saving throw aganist. These are the 
    reasons why rogues are deadly. 
    1 >>> Extra Rage (select)
          Effect: Allows a barbarian an extra use of their rage ability one 
                  time per day. This feat may be taken up to three times. 
    Barbarian, bard, paladin
    1 >>> Heroic Inspiration (auto)
          Effect: When the character drops below 50% hit points, he or she 
                  gains a +1 bonus to hit, damage, and saving throws.
    1 >>> Lingering Song (auto)
          Effect: When a bard stops playing, the effects of his or her song 
                  last an additional 2 rounds. 
    Cleric, paladin
    1 >>> Extra Turning (select)
          Effect: An extra 'Turn undead' per day for each pick.
          Prerequisite: 1 level of cleric or 3 levels of Paladin
    2 >>> Improved Turning (auto)
          Effect: After a successful turning, the character is able to rebuke 
                  or destroy 2 extra Hit Dice of undead. 
          Prerequisite: 1 level of cleric or 3 levels of paladin
    Cleric, druid, paladin, ranger
    1 >>> Heretic's Bane (auto)
          Effect: The character gains a +1 bonus to hit and damage against 
                  clerics and druids. 
          Prerequisite: The ability to cast divine spells, base attack bonus 
                        +4 or greater
    1 >>> Extra Wild Shape (select)
          Effect: Allows a druid with wild shape to gain an additional use per
                  day. This feat may be taken up to three times.
          Prerequisite: 3 levels of druid
    2 >>> Wild Shape: Boring Beetle   (available after 5 Levels of druid)
    3 >>> Wild Shape: Panther         (available after 5 levels of druid)
    4 >>> Wild Shape: Shambling Mound (available after 8 Levels of druid)
                                                                  (all select)
          Effect: Allows a druid to shapeshift to [animal]. 
          Note: The only time i used a druid's shapeshifting ability is in 
                BG because i need Jaheira to carry some extra things. 
                However, there are people in gamefaqs.com IWD2 forum that 
                claimed 'Shambling Mound' works.
    1 >>> Weapon Specialization (auto)
          Effect: Gives +2 damage while use selected weapon(s).
          Prerequisite: 4 levels of fighter
          Note: This feat is available under every weapon feats. Upon picking
                the third rank in a certain weapon feat, Weapon Specialization
                is granted while using that weapon. 
    1 >>> Extra Smiting (select)
          Effect: Allows a paladin to gain an additional smite evil use per 
                  day. This feat may be taken up to three times.
    2 >>> Fiendslayer (auto)
          Effect: Allows a paladin to gain a +2 bonus to hit and damage against
                  chimeras, fiends, dragons, and half-dragons. 
          Prerequisite: 8th level Paladin, Weapon Focus in Large Swords or 
          Note: Must pick.
    1 >>> Arterial Strike (select)
          Effect: Allows the rogue to sacrifice 1d6 points of sneak attack 
                  damage to inflict a bleeding wound that causes damage over 
                  many rounds. 
          Prerequisite: At least one level of rogue, base attack bonus +4 or 
          Note: Must pick.
    2 >>> Envenom Weapon (select)
          Effect: The first successful attack with the weapon forces a 
                  Fortitude save (20 DC) or the target temporarily loses 1d6 
                  points of Constitution. One round later, the target must make
                  a second Fortitude save (20 DC) or lose an additional 1d6 
                  points of Constitution. The Constitution loss lasts for 10 
                  rounds. This ability can be used once per day.
          Prerequisite: 1 level of rogue, Alchemy 8 or greater
    3 >>> Hamstring (select)
          Effect: Allows a rogue character to sacrifice 2d6 points of sneak 
                  attack damage to reduce the target's movement by 50% for ten 
          Prerequisite: At least three levels of rogue.
          Note: Must pick. 
                If your delicate spellcaster is being chased by an enemy, this 
                will definately be a life-saver. 
    4 >>> Crippling Strike (auto)
          Effect: Any time the character makes a successful sneak attack, the 
                  attack does its normal damage and also causes 1 point of 
                  temporary strength damage. Use 
          Prerequisite: 10th level rogue
          Note: Must pick.
    5 >>> Improved Evasion (auto)
          Effect: This ability works like evasion, except that while the rogue 
                  still takes no damage on a successful Reflex save and half 
                  damage on a failed save.
          Prerequisite: 10 Levels of Rogue
    6 >>> Slippery Mind (auto)
          Effect: If you are affected by either Charm or Command enchantments 
                  and fails your saving throw, 1 round later you can attempt 
                  your saving throw again. You only get this one extra chance 
                  to succeed at your saving throw.
          Prerequisite: 10 Levels of Rogue
    V useful spells                                                  ppgspe
    Some spells overlap, meaning both a wizard and cleric cast it. These spells
    will be place under <spells that overlap> section. i will not list every 
    spells since you can get this from other faq available in www.gamefaqs.com.
    Spells covered here will be the spells that i and others used frequently 
    and have success with.
          V.1 arcane spells                                          ppgsp1
    1 == Magic missile (lvl 1, evocation)
         This is a very all around spell. First of all it gets better as you 
         lvl up. Furthermore it is magic based damage. So at the end, you can
         do some damage (5 x 1d4+1) on every enemies you encounter.
    2 == Choromatic orb (lvl 1, evocation)
         It does do a some damage but this is not what it is used for. The key
         is its effect. The effect of the orb changes as you lvl up. At the
         end, this little orb can paralyzes an enemy for 13 rounds if the 
         reflex saving throw is failed.
    3 == Mage armor (lvl 1, conjuration)
         It gives +4 to your armor bonus. Might be useful in the early of the
         game. Of course there are other type of magical armor but they come
         later and the usefulness is not there since monster are getting
         stronger faster.
    4 == Charm person (lvl 1, enchantment)
         If your fighter being charmed, this will be the spell that gets 
         her/him back.
    5 == Melf's acid arrow (lvl 2, conjuration)
         If you intended to use this spell to do damage then you are wrong. 
         Although it does damage to an enemy from time to time but time is what
         you don't have. Don't you want to kill an enemy in shortest time 
         possible? So the use of this spell? To finish off trolls. 
    6 == Mirror image (lvl 2, illusion)
         It creates x (x = 2~8) mirror images. Which means, for the first
         x times you are being attacked, either physical or magical, it will
         not cause damage. Useful isn't it? One way to quickly counter this
         spell is magic missile.
    7 == See invisibility (lvl 2, divination)
         Just as its name suggest. however there are only a few invisible
         enemies in the game and they come very late.
    8 == Flame arrow (lvl 3, conjuration)
         Each arrow deals 4~24 fire damage with reflex save for half. It adds
         an arrow every 4 lvl till lvl 30. solid.
    9 == Ice lance (lvl 3, evocation)
         It deals 5~30 frost damage. If fortitude save fail, it stun the target
         for 1~4 rounds. 
      *p.s. Both flame arrow and ice lance are useful because they offer 
            different base of damage. Some might resist to fire, some might
            resist to ice, so you need both.
    10== Invisibility sphere (lvl 3, illusion)
         it invisible everyone near by, giving you time to regroup. for more
         use of invisiblity spells, please refer to <general strategies>
         section, ppgstg.
    11== Mordenkaien's force missiles (lvl 4, evocation)
         It acts like magic missile with splash damage. And i have a feeling 
         that it is harder to resist then magic missile, because most of the 
         high lvl i encountered resist magic missile but not force missile. 
    12== Stoneskin (lvl 4, abjuration)
         It absorbes 10/+5 of melee damage until a total of 10 per caster 
         level to a maximum of 150.
    13== Malision (lvl 4, enchantment)
         -2 saving throws of all kinds to all enemies of an area. 
    14== Improved invisibility (lvl 4, illusion)
         Evil, this spell is pure evil, more evil than the evilest evil demon
         being appoint as professor of evil in oxford university.
         After patched in game version 2.01 this spell is not evil anymore. 
    15== Emotion: hope (lvl 4, enchantment)
         All living creatures gain +2 on saving throws, attack bonus and 
         damage. It effects enemies as well, so use it with care. 
    16== Lower resistance (lvl 5, transmution)
         Spell resistance of the target reduce by 1 per lvl of caster.
    17== Dominate person (lvl 5, enchantment)
         A dominated person is totally under the spellcaster's control and acts
         just like her/his minions. The receiver is allowed a will save at -2.
         i am a 'evocative' and 'necromancive' person. i rarely use any 
         enchantment spell. 
         >>However [Yorien Dragonard] has another view. 
           "A mass Dominate (or Dominate) is real useful since if you (in 
            the middle of a battle) take control of around 30% - 40% of 
            enemies then the battle suddenly turns tides"
    18== Improved haste (lvl 6, transmution)
         Area effective. Eoubles the attack and movement rate of allies. 
         Negates slow. On the other hand slow negates haste, if cast later.
    19== Chain lightning (lvl 6, evocation)
         It deals xd6 (x = caster lvl) of damage to its target and half of it
         (x/2)d6 to other enemies near by. It is the best area effective 
         damaging spell, since it will not damage friendlies and not many
         enemies are resistant to lightning damage. 
    20== Disintegrate (lvl 6, transmution)
         Target to be vanish unless sucessful fortitude saving throw and take
         5d6 damage. This spell will work on undead creatures. One side note,
         disintegrate will disintegrate items of the target, but IWD2, at this
         moment seems doesn't apply this.
    21== Mordenkainen's sword (lvl 7, evocation)
         It creates a sword that has attack bonus of caster lvl + 4 and deals
         4d6+3 slashing damage. It is considered +3 to hit. the great thing
         about this sword is that it is ranged. so your caster can step afar to
         do the damage. sure, who needs a caster to deals melee damage, but
         if you are out of spells that can do damage to your enemy, you still 
         have this. my wizard used this to kill the guardian outside yuan-ti 
         temple first time through the game. 
    22== Suffocate (lvl 7, transmution)
         Creatures that breathe take panalties of -4 armor bonus, -4 attack 
         bonus and -6 DEX, half movement rate. In addition, they take 4d8
         damage per round if they remain in the area of effect. Works best if
         combined with undead summons. 
    23== Mass invisibility (lvl 7, illusion)
         Please refer to <general strategies> section, ppgstg, for more 
    24== Horrid Wilting (lvl 8, necromancy)
         It sucks out water from creatures dealing 1d8 magic damage per level 
         caster to a total of 25d8. Fortitude save for half. Imagine this, 
         you summon undead, send them to fight, everyone steps back, keep
         throwing horrid wilting, fun? Undead, construct and any creature that
         don't have water in them are not effected. Water based creatures 
         has a -2 saving throw aganist it.
    25== Executioner's Eyes (lvl 9, divination)
         +4 attack bonus and +4 critical hits on all allies. +4 critical hits
         means that if you have critical on roll 20, now you'll have critical
         on roll 16~20.
    26== Wail of Banshee (lvl 9, necromancy)
         Centered around the caster, anyone who hears the cry will die. 
         Number of dying creatures is equal to caster lvl. Friendlies are 
         suppose to be effect by this but so far, none of my members die under
         this spell, strange. Needless to say, construct, undead and deafed
         creatures are immune to this. 
    27== Mass Dominate (lvl 9, Enchantment)
         Works just like lvl 5 dominate person except it is area effective.
         V.2 cleric spells                                           ppgsp2
    1 == Bless (lvl 1, conjuration)
         +1 attack bonus to allies, counter bane.
    2 == Bane (lvl 1, enchantment)
         -1 attack to enemies, conter bless.
      p.s. Bless and bane are very useful at the start, at least before 
           cleric learns 'prayer'.
    3 == Remove fear (lvl 1, abjuration)
         Area effective. It removes fear, panic and allies are immune to fear
         for the duration. The key of it is the casting duration is so short,
         it is almost instant. 
    4 == Invisibility purge (lvl 3, divination)
         Dispel invisibility. 
    7 == Prayer (lvl 3, conjuration)
         It has a large radius and it moves with the caster. Under the area of 
         effect, allies receive +1 to attack, damage and saving throws while
         enemies get -1. 
    8 == Recitation (lvl 4, conjuration)
         Allies gain +2 on attack and saving throws while eneimes take -2
    9 == Restoration (lvl 4, conjuration)
         The main fuction of this spell in the game is to restore energy 
         drained cause by certain undead.
    10== Chaotic commands (lvl 5, enchantment)
         The constitution of enchantment spells. Target is immune to charm,
         dominate, sleep, confusion, and symbol of anything. 
    11== Raise dead (lvl 5, necromancy)
         It raise a dead member with only 1 hp.
    12== Resurrection (lvl 7, conjuration)
         To raise a dead member. This is the ultimate reason why a team 
         should have a cleric with them. Only cleric offers resurrection. 
         Resurrection offers a second chance with full hp. The strange thing
         is, it says the raised character will lose one lvl but this never
         happens to me. Believe me, my members die on a regular basis. If this
         penalty applies, then raise dead will replace the usefulness of this
    13== Greater shield of Lathander (lvl 7, conjuration)
         It gives the receiver +40 spell resistance and 30/- damage reduction.
         The downside are, long casting duration, short lasting duration.
    14== Holy Aura (lvl 8, abjuration)
         It has 4 effect on receivers on the area
         a. Receiver gains +4 deflection bonus to armor class and +4 saving 
         b. Receiver gains +25 spell resistance
         c. Receiver immune to charm and domination
         d. Evil creatures who strike the receiver must make fortitude save
            or to be blinded for 3 rounds.
          V.3 druid spells                                           ppgsp3
    1 == Rainstorm (lvl 2, evocation)
         Can be cast only outdoor. Deals 2d3 magic damage per round in 
         addition with 50% chance per round to be struck by lightning damage of
    2 == Charm person or animal (lvl 2, enchantment)
         Its main use is to counter your charmed party members.
    3 == Call lightning (lvl 3, transmution)
         Cast only outdoor. It calls down a lightning every 10 rounds and 
         deals damage to a random enemy of 1d10 per caster lvl to a maximum
         of 10d10.
    4 == Tortoise shell (lvl 3, abjuration)
         Before you have heal, this spell grants you additional 100 hit points.
         It also makes the receiver uninteractable. 
    5 == Static charge (lvl 5, transmution)
         Cast indoor or outdoor. It deals 1d8 electrical damage per caster lvl
         (max 16d8) to a random enemies every turn for max 10 turns. 
    6 == Smashing Wave (lvl 5, evocation)
         The wave travels from caster to its destination. Any creature in the
         path takes 1d8 bludgeoning damage per caster lvl (max 15d8). In 
         addition, 25% to stun for 2 rounds and 5% chance to knock unconscious.
         Reflex save negates the side effect and halve the damage. 
    7 == Aura of vitality (lvl 7, transmution)
         Allies in the area gains +4 str, dex and con for 1 turn per caster 
    8 == Shambler (lvl 9, conjuration)
         Summons a 11 hit dice shambling mount that deals bludgeoning damage
         and might entangle enemy it is attacking.
          V.4 spells that overlap                                    ppgsp4
    >>> Spells that both clerics and druids can cast, only
    1 == Flame Strike (cleric lvl 5, druid lvl 4, evocation)
         small area effective, fire damge of 1d6 per caster lvl unless a 
         reflex saving throw for half. Cleric don't have many damaging spells,
         this is one the few, the very few. 
    2 == Heal (cleric lvl 6, druid lvl 7, conjuration)
         This spell is extremely important. It restore the receiver to max hp.
         the casting duration is instant, makes it a real life saver. 
    3 == Sol's searing orb (cleric lvl 6, druid lvl 6, evocation)
         It deals 6d12 damage and blinds the target unless a fortitute saving
         throw for half the damage and no blind. It deals double damage to 
         For a cleric, lvl 6 is dedicated to 'Heal' so a cleric might not want 
         to cast searing orb. But a druid has lvl 6 all open to this spell. 
    4 == Harm (cleric lvl 6, druid lvl 7, Necromancy)  
         It deals magic damage to the target so that target left only 1d4 hp.
         Fortitude to save totally from the spell.
         To use this spell, you have to first cast the spell. You'll notice
         that your character weapon changed to a hand, melee attack with this 
         'hand' as you would normally do to cast off the spell.
         >>Frankly, i don't use harm at all ever since Anomen made a critical
         miss with this spell back in BG2. This spell is suppose to be able to 
         hit enemy easily as it is a 'touch attack' but i just don't have the 
         luck to do so. [Yorien Dragonard], on the other hand, has better 
         luck then me and reminded me about this spell. 
    5 == Tremor (cleric lvl 8, druid lvl 9, transmution)
         Enemies within sight of caster takes 4d10+2 of buldgeoning damage and
         must make a reflex saving throw or to be knock unconscious for 3 
         rounds. Don't look down on the 3 rounds duration, It is very long.
         The casting duration is also very long. Usually, i will start casting 
         it when i see enemies rushing towards my fighters. 
    6 == Mass heal (cleric lvl 8, druid lvl 9, conjuration)
         It works just like heal but area effective to several allies. 
         Sometimes your fighter is surrounded by several enemies and cannot be
         reach, this spell can do some help.      
    >>> Spells that arcane spellcasters and divine spellcasters can cast
    1 == Bull's strength (lvl 2, transmution) =cleric lvl 2=
         Your spellcaster will have low str right? So this spell can help them
         to carry extra things and wear heavy armor.
    2 == Magic circle aganist evil (arcane lvl 3, cleric lvl 3, abjuration)
         Instantly gives everyone protection from evil. 99% enemies you 
         encountered will be evil. This spell gives immunity to all control
         based spells by evil creatures, tell me that this is not soild gold?
         On top of all, how about saving throws against attack from evil 
         The initial use of this spell is as a preparation before summoning
         demons and elementals. Without protection from evil, demons and
         elementals you summoned will attack you. However there is no need 
         for summon demons and elementals right now, because we have undead.
    3 == Dispel magic (arcane lvl 3, cleric lvl 3, druid lvl 4, abjuration)
         It removes every magical effects (good or bad) on everyone (enemy or
         ally) in an area. This spell is the counter of all spells. It is like
         the constitution of spells, every other spells that are inconsistent
         with dispel magic shall be void. It even dispel 'protection from 
         Beware however, it dispel the good magic on your allies. Generally,
         to counter spells, dispel works.My suggestion of counter spell is
         under the premise not to dispel the protective spells on allies.
    4 == Animate undead (arcane lvl 5, cleric lvl 3, necromancy)
         This spell WAS solid gold, until IWD2 version 2.01. Still it is a
         summon spell worth investing. These summons are undead, therefore 
         they are immune to several spells like enchantment spells and 'Horrid
    5 == Dismissal (arcane lvl 6, cleric lvl 4, abjuration)
         Dismiss a summoned creature. Creature hit dice adds to the saving
         throw while caster lvl minus the saving throw. Remember, it only 
         effect one summon. So it wouldn't vanish your summons in the process.
    6 == Finger of death (arcane lvl 7, druid lvl 8, necromancy)
         Fortitude save to take 3d6 + caster lvl of damage or die, die, die. 
         So you see, wizards, sorcerers, pure cleric are particularly weak 
         aganist this spell since their constitution are so low. To kill 
         izbelah in time, this is the spell. 
    7 == Banishment (arcane lvl 7, cleric lvl 6, abjuration)
         Just like dismissal it is area effective. Use this to banish a horde
         of summons including your own summons. 
    8 == Elemental Barrier (arcane lvl 7, divine lvl 7, abjuration)
         Gives the receiver a 15/- to fire, cold, acid and electrical damage 
         for as long as the spell last. 
    VI general strategies                                            ppgstg
    This section is dedicated to all battling strategies involved in the game,
    i sincerely hope that people will contribute their sucess here and help
    this part of the faq grows, especially alternatives to beat certain boss
    or scence.
         The use of invisibility
    Throughout the game, you'll find out that invisibility is ever useful. 
    Now, i wouldn't touch on improve invisibility here since it makes the game
    ridiculously unbalance. However i think that 'invisibility sphere' and
    'mass invisibility' doesn't unbalance the game but still provide some
    battle an easy way out.
    For example, you go into an area and everyone attacks you scenario.
       Have one of your caster casts area effective invisibility. Meanwhile
       have other casters cast summoning spells. As for your tankers, just
       stand still. When the invisibility kicks in, no one will sees you and
       will turn their attack onto your summons. Even if your summoning 
       spells do not finish before your invisibility kicks in, you still
       remains invisible after summon completes.
         resting strategy
    Before resting, cast animate undead or shambler. Summons of these spells
    will last long enough to protect the party while resting. Before you sleep, 
    invisivle everyone. As a plus, have druid cast 'Call lightning' or 'Static 
    charge'. When interrupted during resting, just stand still and just your 
    summons do the job.
         controlling summons
    Controlling summons plays a big part in my game since they are the ones who
    take the pain. Furthermore, under HoF mode, they are as strong as enemies
    i encoutered, so they deals a lot of damage at the same time. A nice trick
    for your summons to stay in formation, attack nearest enemy and don't go 
    wondering around chasing enemies would be select all summons and issue 
         early into the game
    At the start of the game, prologue and chapter 1 are often regarded as the
    hardest chapter because you'll encouter hordes of enemies in a single 
    battle. To worsen the situation, your levels are very low and you don't 
    have much spell variation. During this period, micro-management is very 
    important. Keeping the band in organized formation would save a lot of 
    reloads. Also, don't look don't on low level spells like 'entangle', 'web',
    and 'sleep'. 'Entangle' helps you to keep the melee enemies a far. 'Web' 
    will disrupt enemies spall casting. 'Sleep' greatly reduce the number of 
    enemies attacking you. 
    VII known bugs that will hurt you                                ppgbug
    This section is to point out some bugs that will hurt the enjoyment of this
    game and to avoid these bugs.  
    1. Improve invisivility (FIXED in version 2.01)
       The makers of the game somehow forget to do two things. 
       a. They forget to put 'True Seeing', the ultimate dis-illusion spell.
       b. They forget that 'Improve Invisiblity' doesn't give you 100% 
          invisiblity after the character do something. It gives 50% 
          concealment after action. Which means anyone can still attack an
          improved invisible but actioned unit, but cannot target the unit
          with spell until invisible dispelled. 
       Therefore, until a patch is due, improve invisibility will remain evil,
       and ridculously unbalance the game.
    2. Summons
       let's take an example. i summon 2 undead in area A. Then i leave for 
       area B and rest at there. After i wake up, i can only summon 4 creatures
       and the box will say that i have reach the summon limit when i summon
       the 5th creature. But then when i get back to area A to check out,
       my previous summons weren't there. 
       To get around this, kill all the summons before leaving an area, or, 
                           quit game, restart the game
    3. Horde Fortress
       When inside the Horde Fortress, after the conversation between Sherincal
       and Guthma, the game crashes. Well, i saw this in iwd2 forum and
       i didn't check back so i don't know the solution.
    4. River Caves  (FIXED in version 2.01)   
       Inside river caves, Barud Barzam will ask you to clear out the area from
       monsters. However, sometimes, even after you've cleared everything, 
       really everything, you still cannot finish the quest.
       To get around this, patch the game at least to verson 2.01.
    5. Yuan-Ti temple and Chult
       This only happened in the first time i played the game. 
       In Kuldahar, whenever i am in the Chult jungle and yuan-ti temple, my 
       save files in this area will be un-useable. it loads until near the end
       of the bar then jumps back to the middle and stops there.
       To get around this, save outside the temple and Chult, in another words,
                           save in Kuldahar.
    6. Dragon's Eye prisoner (FIXED in version 2.01)
       In Dragon's Eye first level, one prisoner in the prison will cast
       'Non-detection' and 'Improve invisibility' then starts hurting you. No 
       matter what counter spell i casted, 'Dispel', 'See invisibility' or 
       'Invisibility purge' i still cannot get him to visible. Even area 
       effective spells don't damage him.
       To get around this, rush into the prison, find him and kill him, on
                           the spot, right away, on the double, fast, quick.
    7. Dragon's Eye modified Mandrake root
       In dragon's eye, you are to find the modified Mandrake root. Mandal's
       spirit shows you that it is inside the ancient wyvern cave. If you 
       enter the cave before this and killed tha wyvern inisde, you will not
       get this modified Mandrake root thus, not able to finish the game. 
       To get around this, don't enter the cave in Dragon's Eye level 1 at
                           (1712, 1950) before resting Mandal's spirit. Or,
                           go to iwd2 configuration and enable cheat console
                           under game settings. Restart the game, press ctrl 
                           + tab and type in the following
                           then press enter. Modified root should be on first
    8. Black Raven Monastery (special thanks to [Howard Stump])
       Happens inside the tight monastery. Sometimes your character cannot get
       into an area even if the door is opened. The character acts if there is
       a closed door there and searching for an alternative.
       To get around this, rest. If you still have the problem after rest, try
                           resting again ousite the monastery. 
    9. Improved Initiative is not working at all (special thanks to [Earl Grey])
       Even if you have choosen the feat, it wouldn't apply at all. So you are
       actually wasting a feat choosing it. 
       To get around this, wait for a patch. 
    10.Repared Bridge in Dragon's Eye Exit
       The Bridge at south of Dragon's Eye exit is initially broken but 
       repaired when the band arrive in day 5. In day 4 when the yuan-tis 
       attacking this area, an iron golem will be destrying the bridge. The 
       bridge remain destroyed and un-cross-able later when the band travel to 
       days earlier then the event although it shows that it is completely 
       To get around this, run along in the inner rim. 
    11.Identify using Bag of Holding. (special thanks to [xenogriff])
       Right click and open the Bag of Holding. Select any unidentified items
       and move them into the bag. Once inside the bag, items will be 
       To get around this, wait for a patch. (Seriously, you want to get around
    12.Bard's Regeneration
       A 11 level bard gets a song which regenerates hp of allies. Pause the 
       game, turn on the song, turn off the song and allies get 3 hp. Repeat
       this under pause and all members can be healed. 
       To get around this, wait for a patch. 
    13.Extra Spell (special thanks to [Heidern98])
       This works for spells that can target an area or a character. When you 
       have only the very last of a particular spell, pause the game, select 
       the spell and click on the target you want. While still pausing, select 
       the spell again, and the cursor will change into 'targeting with spell 
       casting' icon, leave it that way and unpause the game. When the spell is
       casted, the cursor will still in that icon just waiting for another 
       target to cast. 
       To get around this, wait for a patch. 
    VIII walkthrough                                                 ppgwlk
    ummm....this part is the walkthrough. i think this is the main reason you
    are looking at my faq for, yes? 
    i write this druing the time i play the game under Heart of Fury mode with 
    the previous band that finished normal mode. Therefore sometime my 
    suggestion and analysis might not be accurate. Worse of all, you might find
    that i mixed up normal mode with HoF mode. The suggestions and analysis 
    made will mostly base on normal mode. So, yeah, most of them are from my 
    memeories not current experience. 
    In case you are concern, my party is
    --teekc      paladin 3 / fighter x       half-elf
    --raven      barbarian x / rogue x       ghostwise halfling
    --viconia    cleric, demarch of mask     drow
    --edwin      sorcerer                    aasimar
    --bob        wizard                      rock gnome
    --joan       druid                       half-orc
    Obviously you can see that i am not good at all in making names. teekc is
    my own name, raven is my other 'internet' name. viconia and edwin are from
    bg2. bob is just bob. joan is from Joan of Arc. 
    1. prologue                                                       ppg01
    You arrive at Targos and discovered that the city is under seige. Obviously, 
    you'll be the company that save the city.
          1.1 targos dock                                             ppg02
    This is your first location arrived. Hedron Kerdos is the skipper that 
    takes you with his ship, Wicked Wench, to here. Through conversation you 
    found our that Wicked Wench refers to his mother who still lives in Targos.
    Overall, you'll need to report to the lord of the city, Ulbrec Dinnsmore. 
    However there are much to do here in the town. Goblins will be running wild
    in the town so beware. Also, there are tons of items laying everywhere, so 
    be sure to pick them up and if you have no need of them, sell them.
    You cannot just rest on the street as goblins are attacking the city. 
    However, as long as you are inside a building, you can rest, except salty 
    dog tarven. House at (855,939) can provide you an early resting place, 
    after you dealt with 2 goblins inside. 
    At southeastern tip of the map, near the lighthouse is a small boat with 
    treasure, don't miss it. 
          quest - helping reig
    As soon as you arrive in dock, you'll meet with two soilders Reig and Jon.
    you can ask for equipment from them and their dead partner. Reig is injured, 
    you can use your healer to heal him for some xp. But this will not do, 
    you'll need to find healing potion for him from dock master Magdar who is 
    in a warehouse not far north (974,580). The door is lokced, pick it or bash 
    it as you like. To pick it, send someone with 'thieving' skill. To bash it,
    simply pick your strongest one, click on the her/his weapon, so that the 
    cursor become a sword, then apply it onto the door. 
    As soon as you are in the warehouse, you'll be approach by Magdar. After 
    conversation, the warehouse is yours. When dealing with kegs, simply attack
    them to reveal any treasure in it. To easier uncover kegs, press pause, 
    that those with yellow circle are 'killable'. Beware that goblins will rush
    in through the entrance, so be prepare and move your delicate members away 
    from it. i wouldn't go into detail as you can just use 'alt' key to uncover
    anything that are 'open-able' and 'pickup-able'. Healing potions should be 
    at (1172,460). Rest if you need, then return healing potion to Reig for xp.
          quest - looting journ's treasure
    You'll meet Jorun Tamewater at (643,1439). When asking about a place to 
    rest, he will suggest his house at (271,1732) which is a stone throw away 
    to southwest. To search for traps, use the 'search' skill to uncover any 
    traps. Any trap will be reveal in red, use 'thieving' to detrap. 
          quest - s.d.t.
    The Salty Dog Tarven is at (910,1835) with some not so friendly folks 
    Guthewulfe is a trader who you can trade with everything you picked up 
    earlier nearby. You might notice that Guthewulfe has a siver charm which 
    you can win from him after you clear all the goblins in the town. Just send
    someone with high constitution to drink with him. Do not forget also to buy
    a flask of Braehg from him as it has use later. 
    There is a band of mercenary called Iron Collar. Talk to them with any 
    possible way to uncover their origins and their previous mates, Koluhm and
          quest - wicked wench
    As soon as you learn that the dock is attacked by goblins, you can return 
    to Hedron to inform him the news. He will then ask you to check if his 
    mother is okey. You can of course skip this part and directly goto her 
    house at (793,2262), just south of Salty Dog Tarven. Just be good to her 
    altough she is not that nice to you. When you clear everything in the dock,
    you can comeback to hear and listen to her stories. Of course, report back
    to Hedron when you know that his mother is alright.
          quest - downunder
    North-east (1859,473) is Brogan who are waiting for the help of Iron Collar. 
    You can play a runner and ask the band to report to Brogan which you know 
    they wouldn't, then you take the task instead. Or you can just convince 
    Brogan that there is no time to lose and you can do the job equally good. 
    Go inside and be welcome by goblins. loot everything. Note that there is a 
    dead cat at (793,403). Keep that, because it is consider good luck to keep 
    a dead cat in the north. No, seriously, keep the cat, we have use later. 
    Proceed through the door at (611,226). Once you are down, go slowly towards
    west as you'll be greeted by more and more goblins. Just kill everything 
    you can inside. At the middle of the tunnel, you will discover a collapsed 
    tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, western tip, you will confront with more
    goblins and their head. You'll get a scroll from his dead body. Identify 
    the scroll and keep it, you'll need it later. If somehow you cannot 
    identify the scroll for free now, you can keep it until your wizard 
    (not sorcerer) learn identify. It is an 'expended teleport scroll' which 
    you can later present it to Ulbrec's wife. 
    When you get the scroll, main things here in targos dock is done. Return 
    to Salty Dog Tarven to win the silver charm from Guthewulf, with someone 
    that has high CON. Listen to and copy down Hedron's mother's story about 
    Icewind Dale, just don't mention the dead cat thing to her yet. When you 
    are done proceed to northwestern tip (186,59) to enter Targos town. 
         >>According to [Arachree Mae]
           "Siver Charm contest needs at least 16 CON (i've reform my parties 
            twice to get it don't know about 15 but just don't risk it ok?)"
           "you can't win it with a dwarf, because they're legendary high CON 
            of course."
         >>[Jae Shin] send a special one to meet Guthewulf's challenge
           "when you're challenging Guthewulf for his wolf-medallion... let 
            me just say that a boar (from a druid's shapeshifting) has no 
            problems drinking him under the table."
          1.2 targos town                                             ppg03
    The town is still safe. When you arrive, loot the whole place first. Talk 
    to anyone you can. At the north-western part, there is a torn down building
    with minor treasure in it (745,347). Use 'alt' to help you highlight. 
    At (1226,1654) is Lumbar Grundwall who seem to have problem with his crane.
    Talk to him to find out more and we can deal this later. 
    At (2046,668) is Oswald Fiddlebender (appeared in iwd1 at kuldahar) and his
    ariship. You can 'bluff' him for potions. Talk to him to know that his 
    niece is maralie, who is the person telling the story at the start of the 
    Inside house (415,931) is a freak named Koluhm. You can get the Weeping 
    Widow quest from him as well as getting some information about Phean, who 
    you'll deal later. The second time you talk to him, you can ask him about 
    the body of a townsman. He will tell you everything, and as a payment of 
    silencing your mouth, he tells you a minor treasure can be found in a 
    ruined building in targos, which, i think, is at (745,347)
    (1256,566) is the temple pavillion. You might want to take a look at what 
    the priest inside sells. 'Ring of Wise' might be useful at this point. 
    (1549,1764) is the Gallaway Trade depot. It has some nice item. One of 
    which is a long sword with your name on it. It might not be that useful 
    in normal mode, but in HoF mode, it provides some really excellent 
    properties like 'haste' once equiped. There is another axe which slays keg 
    in normal mode and slays construct in HoF mode. If your have fighter using
    great sword, the great sword here is the only magical greatsword until 
    chapter 2. (HoF mode refers to the heart of fury, insane diffuclty)
    Overall, you'll need reach Ulbrec and he will assign you to Shawford Crale 
    for further instruction. By the way, Ulbrec's wife sells a dagger that slay
    goblins. Since you will encounter a lot of goblins until the end of chapter
    one, you might want to invest on it. 
          quest - weeping widow
    You learn about this quest from Koluhm if you visit him at house (415,931).
    Or else, you can get it directly from the boss of Weeping Widow inside 
    building (819,1674), i suppose. Also, don't forget to mention about 
    Koluhm's payment made to the boss. You'll get a potion from him, identify 
    it with an 'alchemist', it has use later. You can only see the weeping 
    widow at night. 
    Veira, weeping widow, is a ghost. So you can only find her at night in 
    second floor. Learn that she is actually waiting for her husband, Donovan, 
    in the inn. The inn boss reveals that Gohar can help you with her husband.
    so off we go to Salty Dog Tarven. 
    At the mean time, you can present the identified potion, Ghost-touched 
    bottle, to Ulbrec's wife, Elytharra, to learn that this potion has 
    potential when it contains a ghost tear. Also, you can go back to koluhm 
    and 'bluff' him to reveal the potential of he potion and some xp. 
    From the boss of Salty Dog, you get a ship prow. Present it to Veira and 
    ask her to shed a tear into the ghost-touched bottle, then she rests. 
    Report back to inn boss for award. Also, you can informed him about the 
    identified ghost-touched bottle and further squeeze him for more reward. 
    With the tear contained in bottle, go back to Elytharra, she'll offer you 
    a choice between a enchanted dagger or money. You can bargain for more 
    money. The dagger isn't any good. for normal level, take the money, for 
    insane level, take to dagger instead. 
          quest - phean
    Present the 'Expended teleport scroll' to Elytharra in Ulbrec's house to 
    learn more about the scroll. The traitor is actually Phean inside building
    (2276,995). Confront him with your scroll. He will summon goblins and cast 
    sleep on you. Kill him, Loot his treasure and report back to Elytharra.
         >>According to [Arachree Mae]
           "Talk to Phaen (Targos city) using high diplomacy will easily get 
            him to say about who his higher ups is. First off talk about you 
            don't have to fight or some such thing and something like you 
            could help him doing the evil deeds (therefore don't use paladin, 
            they won't offer the helping part) he'll slip saying his boss. Of 
            course for this info you get XP."
          quest - diviner
    When ask about the troubles that Elytharra has, she'll ask you to help her 
    illed diviner Valin inside temper pavillion (1237,577). 
    Valin is the green dress guy at north. when talk to him, he will say 
    'braehg'. You can also pick pocket him to get a note he kept for 
    pick-pocketer. Don't worry about it, a failed pick pocket would not turn 
    anyone hostile, so just pick and pick until he is empty. You can buy braehg 
    from Guthewulfe in Salty Dog Tarven. When you cured him, he tells you your 
    fortune and you report back to Elytharra for real fortune. 
          quest - doppleganger
    Inside the temper pavillion, resting in south is grey dressed Garradun. 
    he will ask you to deliver a love letter to captain Mariner. Present the 
    letter to Denham inside the pavillion. Denham will tell you the secret 
    behind Garradun and replace the letter. you now can go back to Garradun to 
    expose him as well as kill him. As for the letter, you need to keep it 
    until chapter 2. 
    When everything is done, off to palisade to find your mission. Remember to 
    bring with you a warhammer, you'll need it later. Magical hammer wouldn't 
    work, you'll need an ordinary hammer.
          1.3 targos palisade                                         ppg04
    Your are to report to Shawford who is inside (2712, 2509) and to aid 
    him whatever you can. Four boring fetch quests will be given. As soon as 
    the forth one finishes the first major battle comes in, so be prepare. But 
    first we have things do to.
          quest - got hammer?
    South-weatern part of palisade, stood Caulder who has problem with his 
    catapult. Lend him a hammer to help him finish the job. 
          quest - training the troops
    You'll come across two teams of soilders headed by a sergeant. Pick either
    team and talk to the sergeant to help him train the troop. i would suggest
    you to use a cleric to do so. Different cleric of different domain will
    result in different conversation. 
    Once you entered palisade, move a bit north, you'll come across some guys 
    attacking a keg. Destroy the keg and teach those people a thing or two.
          quest - got wine?
    South-eastern part (3274, 2293) stood Niles. He needs some wine. you can of 
    course give him. However, if you clear his mind that this is a war that 
    Targos is fighting, you'll gain more xp and his valuable help later.
          quest - what are you looking at?
    Eastern part (3285, 1667) stood Tabard who blocks the path to take a useful 
    shield. 'Bluff' him that he is needed somewhere and he'll just go away. 
          quest - good luck cat
    No far north from Tabard (3213, 1337) is a band of 3, Tarran, Anson and 
    Illigmar. Talk with them to get some stories about them. Before you leave, 
    you can ask about how they clear all the rats in the warehouse in targos 
    dock. you can show the cat which you kept from targos dock to them. 
    After this, return to targos dock and inform Hedron's mother about her 
    missing cat.
          quest - shoot it
    Further north from Tarran band are Gable and Kadance (3126, 976) who are 
    having a competition of shooting a keg. You can bet with Gable. simply 
    kill the keg and you win it. You have a choice to ask for a normal bow, 
    50gp or nothing. You must use a character equipped with bow, crossbow or 
    sling to initiate the bet. 
          main quest - fetch
    The three assignments that Shawford gives you are boring and simple. While 
    running back and forth, you can ask the help of Swift Thomas for quick 
    First - Report to Olap at (2573, 526) to find out that the wood he demanded
            haven't arrive. Lumbar Grundwall at targos town (1226,1654) is 
            having trouble with his crane. Olap's father at targos dock can fix
            the problem. Bring the part to place in crane, report to Olap then
    Second - Isherwood (646,2093) need arrows. Go to Gallaway Trade Depot in 
             Targos town, convince that boss that if targos lost, everything is
             lost, so that she will deliver that arrows with haste. Report back
             to isherwood and shawford. 
    Third - Shawford needs information from Koluhm in targos town (421, 939). 
            Send the highest 'knowledge (arcana)' to talk with Koluhm so that 
            the goblins tongue can be translated.
         >>[Daniel Johansson] is proud with his multi-linguistic drow
           "you could aswell use a drow... My drow wizard said something like 
            "my race knows something of the goblin tounge"... So it wasnt probably 
            based on arcana in that case."
    Forth - The Iron Collar band are needed in palisade. You are to convince 
            them. Since you already found out about phean, who travelled 
            together with them to Targos, you can use this to make them report
            back to palisade.
    Note that once you report the forth fetch to shawford, you'll engage with 
    3 waves of goblins fight. So be prepare.
    	main quest - saving targos
    Once 4th fetch quest is done and reported to Shawford. Goblins will attack
    palisade in 3 waves. Anything from this point untill you finish the whole 
    thing, you cannot rest. So conserve your spells. You can heal for free 
    inside Shawford building with the help of the cleric. For first wave, you 
    can use your spellcasters wtih range attack. Second wave is harder, you 
    can choose to use 1 summon spell there. 3rd wave is the hardest. Leads by 
    Caballus, a sorcerer. Dish out everything you can, summon anything you can.
    When all these finishes, you emerged as goblins slayer and saved the town 
    from the attack. Report to Ulbrec for xp, new mission, gp. Once you exit 
    through north-western tip of palisade and enter the world map, you'll be 
    able to choose Shaengarne Ford, that starts chapter 1.
    2. chapter 1                                                      ppg05
    It's time to strike back. There are two main missions in this chapter. 
    Once complete, threat to Targos will temporaily slove. The first mission 
    is to save Shaegarne Bridge. the second one is to strike at Horde Fortress
    so that the main threat could be eliminate. 
    Enemies are everywhere and i would not mention every band, just keep your 
    sword sharp everywhere you go.
          2.1 shaegarne fort                                          ppg06
    Simply save Shaegarne Bridge. Of course, along the way, you would meet with 
    some troubles.
          2.1.1 somewhere before village                              ppg07
    As soon as you arrive at the first area, you'll be greet by Torak. Beyond 
    the kegs wall are several orcs. All the orc band will be accompanied by at 
    least one shamamn which works as a cleric but more agressive. You throw 
    some summons inside the wall and let those orcs get busy with them first. 
    Work your way till a junction where you meet Torak for the second time. To 
    north is the main path, to east is a house. Clear the orc near the house 
    first then north. Now here is a new toy called 'keg of blasting'. It will 
    brust into area effective fire whenever it is attacked by fire damage. 
    Orcs use these to piss you off, so beware and be prepare to back off when 
    you see any keg starts to count down. Usually there will be a runner who 
    place the keg where he sees fit, Then a firestarter will shoot a fire arrow
    at it. 
    Killing orcs along the way untill you reach a campside up north where you 
    meet with Dereth Springsong. He needs you to clear the orcs outside his 
    house, which you did just now. Then he wants you to save his wife. He will 
    open a blocked path to you and then teleport away. You can always goto his 
    house (2371, 1625) and ask him to let you rest there. Also near the 
    campside are woods that block your exit. You'll need to destroy both side 
    so that you can get through. The first side would be here. the second side 
    would be later. 
    Return back to where you started this area at (870, 2503). Run along the 
    forest path till an opening and a junction. To north is the main path, to 
    west which blocked by a blasting keg is Dereth's wife, Sabrina. Work your 
    way to save her. She will mention an ambush, and open another blocked path 
    for you at northeast. Be sure to propose escort which yields extra xp. Now
    that Sabrina is saved, she can offer some spell scrolls for you wizard's 
    need. Of course report back to Dereth for reward. 
    Off to the ambush we go. Keep on going till the end. Off the edge you can 
    see a line of blasting keg. Ignite one to set off a chain reaction. Take a
    long run back to the juntion where you saved Sabrina. Continue north and 
    meet Torak for the 3rd time. Destory the second side of the roadjam. Move 
    north and meet with Torak the 4th time and watch him run away. Of course 
    kill everyone and then follow his path and leave the place.
          2.1.2 torak base                                            ppg08
    As soon as you enter, you meet Torak again and a big fight also. The 
    situation is, Emma Moonblade joins in, troll steal her moonblade. She helps
    you during the big fight and ask for your help to recover the moonblade. If
    unfortunately you damaged her during the fight. she still fights with you. 
    but when the fight is over and you talk to her, she will teleport away. 
    Later in other area, she will ambush you with her gang. I would suggest not
    to damage her anyhow since this is not healthy for your xp. Plus, moonblade
    is not an excellent weapon to keep for yourself. sometimes, you damaged her 
    and she will still offer the quest but after the conversation she teleports
    away. That would not do, as long as she teleports away, you'll have to 
    reload from autosave and start from previous area. 
    Move east and Kaitlin Silvertongue will cut in to ask for help. The 
    situation is, villagers are being held as hostage inside town, door to town
    is locked, a device to open door is in Torak base, once you enter his base 
    his gang will kill all hostage far away. During the conversation, you can 
    also ask about a dam that she mentioned to gather some information.
    So you need a rogue to do the job. If your rogue is very bad at hiding, 
    wait until night to try again. If you don't have a rogue, there is an 
    invisible potion at (2196, 1414) a ruin north of where Kaitlin stands. 
    Move your invisible member along the ruins and enter the base. Turn 
    immediate west to uncover a roller (2203, 1109) which once used will open 
    the door to village. Backtrack, move into the village at (1920, 1200) and 
    save the village people. Once the villager are saved, report back to 
    Kaitlin for reward. A new guy, Arte, appeared to offer trading service. 
    He sells a 'sure striking short sword' which would be useful later on. 
    Besides, you can also buy gem bag, potion bag and scroll case which can 
    collect all your miscellaneous stuff.
    Since the village crisis is sloved, feel free to move into the base and 
    finish Torak for good. Together with torak is a key which opens the gate 
    out of the village up northwest. Moving up to the ramp inside Torak base, 
    you arrive at a cave entrance. This would be the place where you recover 
    the moonblade. 
    Inside the cave you will encounter slime and slime zombie. i believe that 
    slime is resistance to slashing damage and slime zombie is resistance to 
    bludgeoning damage. Eventually you'll run into not-hostile orcs guarding 
    sort of an entrance (3120, 1600). Vrel Vileclaw is inside at the end. it 
    would be best if you just send a tanker inside to initiate the 
    conversation. After which a fight will break out and the guards will turn 
    hostile. A troll would not die just by any type of damage. When it is 
    almost die, it will lay down, at this point it is immune to every damage. 
    You'll need to use a fire or acid damage for the finishing touch, through 
    spell, melee or range. Emma did give you a flaming oil when she offer this
    quest didn't she? Return the moonblade to Emma and you can leave this area 
    to the next area via the ramp beyond village gate up north. 
          2.1.3 somewhere before dam                                  ppg09
    Nothing here, just beat everyone and go through.
    Straight north to where you started is a house guarded by gaints, the house
    has some minor treasure.
    As you turn at the junction at (1852, 948) you'll encounter Gaernat 
    Sharptooth. He is the one who runs this pass. Just proceed where ever you 
    can and kill everyone along the way. 
    If you don't get along well with Emma in previous area and she teleports 
    away. She will be waiting you here at south-western tip with her gang.
          2.1.4 dam                                                   ppg10
    As soon as you enter the area you'll be attack by priests (they all looked
    and functioned like driuds to me). They are accompanied by their pets and 
    they cast 'entangle' to annoy you. Just at the entrance (2453, 497) is 
    first of three 'support beams'. You'll have to destroy them all in order 
    to destroy the dam. 
    Pass through the camp you'll reach a broken bridge which need repair. go 
    the other way and you'll reach a small bridge beyond it is a ramp and the 
    2nd 'support beam' at (1127, 369) which can be only reach by range attack 
    or magic attack. Pass the ramp to the west end is the 3rd 'support beam' 
    (130, 580) which you don't need to destroy but rather just 'take it' and 
    leave. You get xp for destroying the dam. take the 3rd 'support beam' and 
    place it one the broken bridge to get pass this area into your final 
    destination. Remember to cast every protective spell before you enter the 
    next area. 
          2.1.5 shaengarne bridge                                     ppg11
    This is why you are being sent for, to recover the bridge.
    The situation is, Xuki is defending the bridge along with tons of minions, 
    Two ogre are destroying the bridge at the far end, you want to save the 
    bridge. i failed once to prevent the bridge from being destroy but that 
    does not end the game. i suppose that just yields less xp. 
    Simple stuff, just join in the party and kill everyone you meet. You can 
    save and rest anytime you want, and i don't think that resting would 
    jeopardize your mission as while you rest, orge rest also. Do not work 
    towards the western part yet, you should instead move towards the bridge 
    at east. As you draws near the end of the bridge you'll meet Xuki. She'll 
    talk with you and offer you something. DO NOT bargain with her, directly 
    end the conversation and kill everyone. If you go into that conversation, 
    you are falling into Xuki's trap as she is just only trying to buy some 
    time for the orge. As soon as the conversation ends, the bridge is destroy.
    so don't ever go into that. 
         >>According to [Arachree Mae]
           "Talk to Xuki using a high wisdom (16-17 WIS) paladin or cleric 
            (or just high wisdom, haven't try that one) first consider to talk 
            peace out of it and then when she said this is a good offer, the 
            wisdom will detects that it is too good an offer. Yields better xp 
            than just talk hurriedly (1050)"
         >>Author's note
           High WIS will do, as you go further into the conversation, 'wisdom
           dictates that the offer is far too good'.
    Over Xuki's body you'll find 'bag of holding' which can carry everything. 
    i place it under my sorcerer so that everytime he identifies an item, i can
    just place it into the bag. 
          2.2 horde fortress                                          ppg12
    This time we strike at the Horde Fortress. Ulbrec has sent two scouts to 
    uncover the fortress. You'll need to meet with them and and aid them to 
    destroy the fortress or rather, destroy the fortress yourself.
          2.2.1 outside fortress                                      ppg13
    You meet Ennelia at the entrance, get every piece of information available
    from her. Remember to offer help to find her partner Braston as well. at 
    the end of conversation remember to offer her healing potion for some xp. 
    The fortress entrance is top north and it is heavily guarded. Once you 
    touch the gate, worg raiders will teleport out of nowhere beside your 
    weakest members. We don't want to risk for that. There is an alternative. 
    A cave entrance at east will lead you inside the fortress as well but 
    you'll need a key to open the gate blocking the cave entrance.
    Throughout the area are 3 major outpost with war drum. Once any of these 
    outpost discover you, someone, usually a shaman, will beat the war drum 
    and worg raiders will keep on teleporting beside you. 
    If you rest anywhere, you'll likely be interrupt by half-goblins, goblins 
    archers or ice trolls. Half-goblins and ice trolls are hard to beat but 
    yield some amount of xp. If you want to avoid the trouble, consider talking
    to Ennelia to rest there. 
    Now to deal with the 3 war drums first. First is to the west of your 
    starting position beyond a bridge. The bridge is trapped. and a shamann 
    stands at the end of the bridge. As soon as he sees you, He will move north
    to beat the drum. So you need to kill him first. What i did under normal 
    mode is just rush in with tanker infront of course, ignore the traps 
    because it wouldn't kill me. So soon as i see the shaman talking something
    about beating the drum, i send my spellcasters (sorcerer, wizard and druid)
    casting 2 magic missile and sunscroch on him. Then continue casting another 
    2 magic missile and sunscroch again. Before the shaman is out of sight, he 
    should be taken care off. If so unfortunate that he is out of your sight. 
    i suggest you reload. Second outpost is at (1173, 631). Beyond a camp 
    guarded by winter wolves and a trapped bridge. Start from the main path 
    where you started the area and follow it north till the end. 
    The third outpost is a bit tricky. There are two ways to approach it. 
    Beyond first outpost, follow the path to the north, pass the trapped bridge. 
    Alternatively, from second outpost, go east, pass the fortress front gate. 
    i think that while passing the the front gate you might trigger teleported 
    worg raiders. Furthermore, going this way you will encounter large amount 
    of worg raiders and the drum beater is way back and out of your sight. 
    Talking the bridge path, you'll have a better sight of the drum beater, 
    a witch doctor. While clearing the third outpost, careful not to go too 
    east into an encampment. If so, you'll have a difficult battle.
    The camp east to the third war drum lives Trugnuk. He is the one who is 
    holding the key to the alternative path inside fortress. He is accompanied
    by ice trolls, shaman, and orc archers. The most annoying thing about him 
    is he will cast 'entangle' and 'call lightning'. 'entangle' will limit your
    members' movement. 'call lightning' will still strike you from time to time
    even after he dies and you linger around his body. Over his dead body you 
    could find the key to the cave entrance.
    Now you get the key, follow the path beyond second outpost to south then 
    east, pass locked gate, into the cave.
          2.2.2 cave to fortress 1                                    ppg14
    Special thanks to [Aveh] and [Arachree Mae] for contributing greatly to 
    this part of walkthrough. 
    To gain extra xp in this, you'll need some stealth skill (for low level) or
    invisibility spells (for high level). If you are short in this department, 
    you'll have to take the slice and chop way. If you are hungry for some 
    extra xp, don't not alert any enemy of campA, campB and campC before you
    entered the second floor. 
    To the north is a locked door that needs password and we are going to get 
    it. Move at least two invisible members to the south and through the 
    goblins camp (campA), follow the road westward to a junction. Turn south
    will encounter a orc camp (campB), we don't want to go into that for now.
    So turn north a bit further from here into a small cave(?) where you meet
    Pondmuk. Pondmuk eats spiders and will trade the password with spiders if 
    you got any. Backtrack to the junction and move stealthly further west. At 
    the end, to south is another camp of goblins (campC), to north is a door
    which leads to a vast area with 4 spiders and 1 spider queen. Kill all the 
    spiders and move stealthly back to Pondmuk. After you gave him the spiders,
    Pondmuk will tell you the password, which is 'chimera'.
         >>According to [Arachree Mae]
           "....give him the spider in this order: 3 regular, 1 queen, 
            1 regular (you'll have to drop 1 before) yields the highest xp. 
            1050+1575+545 if i didn't wrong. "
    Now, you'll need to move your band together and go to the password door. 
    As soon as you are in, aim your attacks at the nearest blue orc as he is
    the drum beater. Move around to discover an orc chief in north, and 
    trolls in northwest, and the war drum is to the west. Of course you can
    kill them all and loot their items. 
    From war drum move south to speak with Vunarg. You can convince him to 
    bring his people back home for 700xp by selecting second conversation 
    option all the way or just kill him and his horde for more xp. i think you 
    need 'diplomacy' to convince him. 
    Further east from Vunarg you'll meet a troll called Yquog. He needs you to 
    fetch a message from Kruntur and he gives you a password 'xvim'. Now, 
    before you are totally done with this quest, you cannot kill anyone, 
    not Yquog, not his minions blocking Kruntur and not Kruntur. Any of these 
    dies, the quest cannot be complete. 
    When you are done with this level without alerting enemies in campA/B/C, 
    detrap the exit at top north wall and move to the next level. Upon arriving
    the next level, you'll be given some xp for not alerting the enemies in
    previous level. Of course, from this point onward you are welcome back to
    finish off everything in campA/B/C. Among the loots in campA, you'll find,
    one of many to come, dart that return to user. 
          2.2.3 cave to fortress 2                                    ppg15
    Deal with the welcome party. Move north is a band of sleeping orc. One of 
    them is a drumer. If your rogue uses 'hamstring' you can slow him down from 
    running to the drum at west. The drum is guarded by 2 trolls. Ignore the 
    bug prison first, go through the door, near the drum. To west is a band of 
    mixed enemies, to the east is another war drum. After taking care of the 
    enemies and war drum, you'll have plenty time to deal with the bugs inside
    From the second war drum, follow the path to a farm(?) and a band of orcs. 
    Among the their dead bodies, you'll find a 'Iron Ward Stone' keep it for 
    later use. Move futher west and you'll meet Yquog's minions asking for 
    password, 'xvim'. Move into the camp to find Kruntur (739, 1017). He will 
    ask for you to fetch for him his brother's bracer from Yquog. Move west 
    from here and take a turn south to meet Yquog's minions again. No password 
    Follow the path to find companies of orcs. Like the previous one, you'll 
    find 'Black Ward Stone' for later use. Right now you have should have taken
    a big turn back to the entrance. Now you can perform the usual fetch stuff.
    After all is done, kill everyone for extra xp and treasure. If you don't 
    kill Yquog, you'll meet him again in the last chapter. Of course this opens
    up another mini quest then. Xp-wise, killing him now is better, but the
    mini quest is a bit weird so you might enjoy that.
    Exit to this area is at the north east tip. In case you are wondering, The 
    ward stones that you kept are to enable you to exit this area here safely 
    and also the big door in the next area. If you encouter fire blast while 
    passing the stair, you don't have the two ward stones. By the way, the 
    fortress will have a lot of items to loot, so you might want to go all the 
    way back to targos empty your load at this point. 
          2.2.4 fortress                                              ppg16
    Not much story here, just hordes of orcs and goblins. Kill and loot 
    everything you can, if you need to rest, it is safer to rest inside cave. 
    Obviously, door at (825, 1071) is the one that leads into the fortress and 
    gate at (869, 1613) is that one that leads back to outside fortress. If you
    have problem opening door (825, 1071), you would want to double check if
    you have to two ward stones with you from the previous area.
          2.2.5 inside fortress                                       ppg17
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    i start to wonder why does Black Isle design so many 'as soon as you enter,
    you will be attack by xxx' scenario. 
    So, as soon as you enter, bugbears attack you. When bugbears die, the 
    entrance will pop out an old orc who holds the key to the locked door. 
    Note that you cannot rest inside fortress. open the door to find Sherincal 
    and Guthma. After the conversation, proceed to kill everything inside. 
    After a big tough fight, remember to save. 
    Guthma's position is from entrance walk straight, first junction turn right, 
    first room to the north. They have a lot of sorcerer and shaman and they 
    are not shy to use 'web' which limits your movement and disrupts your spell
    casting. Don't stick your caster too close to your tanker. 
    After all is clear, Braston is at the south-eastern tip which setting looks
    like prision or some sort. After conversation, he will follow the talker. 
    Through the entrance, through the fortress gate and bring Braston to 
    Ennelia. There was once that i lost Braston when entering the 'outside 
    fortress area'. Loading the autosave will slove the problem. 
    Simply put, you saved Targos. You have also discovered that behind the 
    goblins attack is Guthma, behind Guthma is Sherincal. The next thing you 
    need to do is to find Sherincal. Report back to Shawford and Ulbrec for 
    reward and next mission.
    Now that targos is saved, Ulbrec wants you to meet with the reinforcement 
    from Neverwinter which is long overdue. He wants to tell inform them of 
    Targos situation and aid the other ten-towns (or nine towns). To do so, 
    you'll need to travel in Oswald's airship. Shop for whatever needed as 
    you will not come back to targos anymore.
    3. chapter 2                                                      ppg18
    You travel in Oswald's airship and the ship crashed due to some unnatural 
    ice storm. In here you will discover the real boss (or bosses) behind 
    everything. But first you'll need to repair the crashed ship and 
    investigate what's going on here. 
          3.1 foothills                                               ppg19
    Everyone is unconscious and boring beetles comes to attack you. actually,
    it is not unconscious, everyone is sleeping. so if you have half-elf or elf,
    they wouldn't be sleeping and can react fast to the threat. When this taken
    care of, shout at Oswald to wake him up. Now that the airship is broken, 
    you'll need to help Oswald to repair it and find out what's behind the 
    glacier that caused the crash. Recipe for repairing airship is in the 
    table. As for the boring beetles shell, Oswald can make it into light 
    weight heavy armor. Go for the fullplate, forget the other two. This could
    prove useful for your fighter, cleric and druid. You can only make one item
    at a time, so you'll need to come back several times to get more fullplates
    . Beside that, later when you encounter yeti or winter wolf, Oswald can 
    make their pelts into several items. Go for the winter wolf item instead. 
    A winter wolf item will provide the same cold resistance as yeti item in 
    addition with +1 CHA. 
    Now back to the recipe, you'll need spider slik, Thrym extract, belladonna,
    iron, 2 diamonds and woods, all 7 items. Inside oswald ship, you should 
    able to find Thrym extract and 1 diamonds (2/7). Put them into the table 
    and go to search for more. You cannot rest in here until the elimination 
    of the boring beetles threat.
    The foothills area is heavily trapped, so plan your footsteps carefully. 
    There are woods laying in the middle of the road which are trapped. 
    These woods would be what oswald need (3/7). Sometimes, you'll see cultists 
    running around. They are actually werewolves and some might suddenly attack 
    you. The boring beetles nest is to the north (507, 1870). You'll need to 
    kill the pool like nest. After destroying it, you can loot it for tons of 
    We will follow the path north beyond the beetles nest. Keep sticking to the
    side and head north. Till you arrive at a junction where a damage wagon is 
    visible. To the east is a yeti band, to the north is werewolves base. 
    Finsih off the yeti first. The locked box at (925, 1035) among the yetis 
    has a quest item called 'Periapt of wound closure'. You can equip it if 
    you want. In fact, i used it till the very end of normal mode on my 
    Now head to the werewolves base and you'll meet Beodaewn, the werewolves 
    head. He sells stuff so you might want to look at it first before killling
    him. There are at least 2 ways to expose him. open the trapped den behind 
    him or use a paladin to sense his evilness. Beodaewn is not alone. He has 
    followers. First time through the game i saw his gang of followers with him. 
    Second time, he this alone. Third time, he is alone but after i rested 
    near by, his followers re-appeared. 
         >>[Arachree Mae] had taken further advantage on Beodaewn
           "You could get some discount from Beodaewn the werewolf (for those 
            spells in normal mode or bardic horn in HoF). first you have to 
            know about the cult from Odea (the panther) then confront Beodaewn 
            with a paladin (or cleric, i dual class it so i could't be sure but
            paladin seem right) he could then threaten to reveal him to the 
            mayor of Ten-Towns. Don't know if you need high intimidate but i 
            got better intimidate person that didn't work. Beodawn then would 
            ask your cooperation by lowering his price. There you go, buy (and 
            then kill him of course)."
    As you approach the middle of the map, you'll encounter captain Yurst 
    (1929, 1908). First you'll need to eliminate his attackers at south-eastern
    tip. Spiders should be coming out of no where while you approach the direct
    south juntion where yurst lies and is turing to east. Killing these spiders
    yields spider sliks (4/7). Move east and you'll meet gaints that throw 
    rocks(?) at you. These are the one that you need to kill. When this is 
    done, return to Yurst and provide further aid. Give him the periapt to 
    cure his wounds, then squeeze every bit of information outta him before he 
    dies. Over his dead body, you'll get back the periapt as well as some 
    broken armor which serves as iron (5/7).
    From the gaints ambush to the north is a druids village. You will not be 
    welcomed. Sent someone with high 'intimidate' over to initate the talk, 
    detrap along the way. Odea, a panther, will talk with you. Ask about her, 
    about Illium, ask her to show you to him. Then you'll be brought to meet 
    Illium Ar'ghrenoir. Ask who gives him the right to deny passage, then 
    further intimidate him and he will let you through. As a result, Sherincal
    jumps in, kills Odea and kicks you off hill. Anyway, you still granted 
    passage. Follow the village path till the end, enter the stairs at 
    (3440, 531) to go to a upper level. You don't want to miss the items that 
    the panther dropped, don't you? After you enter, to west is the loot, to 
    east is more loot. Detrap the bridge first or else the druid people will 
    attack you. Inside the house with several holes you'll find another diamond 
    (6/7). Alternatively, you can 'pickpocket' Illium for belladonna. 
    Exit to the next area through north-east.
          3.2 glacier crevice                                         ppg20
    Remember that this is still outdoor so your druid can use 'Call lightning'. 
    All the doors here are locked, you'll need to find a symbol some sort to be 
    able to open all doors. All the small pots here are actually shrine to 
    Auril. If you want to take the items inside, you'll have to suffer some 
    little damage.
    Go north, you'll see a note at the junction which left by Zack asking for 
    help. Further north will have another note, left by Oria which pointed out 
    that crystal golems are weak against bludgeoning weapons. Continue the path
    north as it leads, you'll meet the first crystal golem on the way. At the 
    end of the path as it turns south, you'll see several pristress guarding 3 
    rocks(?). Activate the rocks and it will break the opposite ice, which gives
    you a medallion that enables you to open door. Now work your way to get the
    medallion. As you take the medallion 'Aurilite Holy Symbol', constructs in 
    this area which used to be neutral will start to attack the symbol holder. 
    Every door that you open, you will be attack by unavoidable 'ice lance'. 
    The room at (563, 1268) has a spider with several deer. They are all 
    friendly so don't attack them. The spider is Zack's pet. 
    The door which Master of Locks escaped leads to a dead end, and you can 
    hear Zack shouting for help at the other side. take the door above this
    one, at the end you'll meet the Remorhaz queen with priestresses. As the 
    queen dies, the snow block behind will brust into fire and damage 
    everything in a large area so beware. Beyond the snow block is lord Rengar.
    this guy can cast 'fire ball' and 'ice storm'. 
    Beyond the snow block, to north is entrance to ice temple and a big fight. 
    To east we go first. You'll see some necromancers here. Once you talk with
    them, they will attack you, at the same time, crystal golem will run from 
    the door further east to aid them, so plan your position before engaging 
    them. The door which golem rushed in leads to a hole. You'll need a small 
    member (gnome, dwarf, halfling) to go inside and enlarge the hole for all 
    members. It doesn't really matter if you don't have small one to perform 
    the task. This hole leads inside a den in ice temple. There is a quest 
    there which i'll cover it in 'ice temple upper level' since you can enter 
    this place through ice temple. 
    To the south are trolls and at the end you'll meet Zack, inside of a 
    Remorhaz. Zack will ask for his pet spider which you already found. 
    Then he will ask for any information abou this ice palace which you'll get 
    later. While playing inside the ice temple, you'll gather some information
    from time to time but you have only one shot for sharing information with
    Zack. To play safe, return to Zack only after you found Nickademus, the 
    architect of the ice temple. Don't forget to ask for belladonna from him 
    as this will complete our ship repair recipe (7/7). In addition, Zack sell 
    stuff. Back to Oswald ship, place the last piece into table and report to 
    Oswald. As you are leaving the ship, Oswald will suggest you to investigate 
    the western pass. 
    Backtrack all the way to where met lord Rengar. Summon and prepare 
    everything. As you move to north, you will finally meet Sherincal. Keep 
    asking her questions to discover who is the boss behind her. Depends on 
    situation, Sherincal sometime retreats to the ice temple entrance. To climb
    the stairs you'll need to activate a device at the other end of the stairs. 
    The device will be highlight in yellow circle if you pause the game. Hit
    it with arrow once and the stair will open. Shoot it again and it will 
    close. Sometimes, the priestresses will counter you and close the stairs. 
    Enter the ice temple when everything is done.
          3.3 ice temple upper level                                  ppg21
    Left and right of the hallway are two rooms with treasure. The right room 
    will have a secret door that you need to uncover. We can deal with these 
    later as there are prisoners dying and you need to rescue them. Proceed 
    into next hallway, we will mark this as room A. You'll find two closed 
    doors, between them is an opened door. Go to the northwest. You will need
    to lockpick the door. If you have problem lockpicking the door, then you'll
    have to go to the opened door and kill the high priestress inside to get a 
    Now, the door leads to another door which leads to a prison. you'll meet 
    Nathaniel (i think he is the little boy who stood at the entrance of 
    Kuldahar back in IWD1). You'll need to free him first. Simply lockpick the
    prison door. Next cell will have prisoners for you to rescue for some xp 
    per prisoner (that's why i suggested to come here first) and a table with 
    an unimportant note in it. Once you freed Nathaniel, ask for more 
    information about this place and the glacier.  For now, you cannot use 
    magic in this area. Since you cannot use magic, you might want to lure 
    enemies to areas where magic is useable.
    Go north, pass the prison to another small room. Eliminate every enemy 
    nearby to have an easier fight later. The southeast wall is pass-through
    -able, roughly (1262, 1280). Killing enemies here will give you a better 
    chance against Lysara later. Go into the north door of the room and you'll 
    encounter high priestress Lysara (1/3), one the three high priestresses in 
    ice temple. Remember to squeeze every information before engage into 
    battle. She mentioned about Lysan. Lysan is the priest that was kill in 
    IWD1. There is a dais in this room which control several things. stand on 
    the left side to turn the dais rotating left, stand on right side for 
         -to disable the antimagic field, right east, left west. 
         -to open a locked study room in this level, left southwest, right 
         -to open the three locked door here, left north, right north.
    The three locked door leads you to an Abishai den. You can only enter it 
    will full health member since blood smell will trigger the Abishais inside 
    berserk. one of them, Xhaan, will approach you and offer you a quest. 
    Remember to send a high INT and ask about the voice he heard so that he 
    mention the name 'Aiej-kllenzr't'. Your high INT member will deliberate 
    'The Caged Fury', which is the real name of it, from 'Aiej-kllenzr't'. 
    Backtrack to room A, and enter the opened door in the middle. inside is a 
    church like area with high priestress Cathin (2/3). As you are fighting, 
    Reinforcement will come from behind so beware. Proceed north to a hallway 
    with three rooms. The first one will need to use the dais to unlock. The 
    thrid one will have the information about how to defeat Aiej from Ondabo, a 
    djinni or genie like npc. The room north to this hallway is the entrance 
    to lower level, guarded by a horde of trolls. 
    Backtrack again to room A. Enter the southwest door, which should be open 
    then during your fight with Cathin. Not much story here, just search and 
    kill along the way. At the north end of this area (2962, 1300) is a magic 
    staircase. There is a painting at its north wall which you can talk to, 
    with different passward it will lead you to different area. you will need 
    to use this later. 
    Lastly, there is a long secret hallway with its ends at (250, 2771) the 
    room south of prison and (2372, 2009) the hallway east of church. Nothing 
    is here, just eneimes to kill. 
    When everything is done, proceed to the lower level through the door at 
    (2618, 775) top north. At this point you have several things at hand, 
    gather temple information for Zack, find Nathaniel's equipment, free 
    Abishai and find the last high priestress. 
         3.4 ice temple lower level                                   ppg22
    Level two is beyond by descrpitive ability, so i'll draw you a map.
            |        |                |  IN  |       |          |
            |  N.T   |     N.T        |      | ORIA  |   N.T    |
            |        |                |      |       |          |
            |--M----------M--------------  ------X1-------M-----|
            |                                *                  |
            |     --------------X3-------  ------------------   |
            |     |        |        |          |            |   |
            |     |  AEIJ  |   TRE2 |          X4    N.T    |   |
            |     |        |        |          |            |   |
            |     |---X8---| --------          --------------   |
            |     |        |                         |      |   |
            |     X7  SHA  |           PRISM                |   |
            |     |        |                         |      |   |
            |     |--------|--------|          |-----       |   |
            |     |  REST  |  EGR   |          |     N.T    |   |
            |     |        |        X5         |            |   |
            |     -----------------------  ------------------   |
            |                                                   P
            |       MIR      |      |          |   |            |
            |                M      |          |   |            |
            |-------X6-------|      |   COF    |   M   B.S      |
            |      TRE1      |      |          |   |            |
            |                |      |          |   |            |
    IN is the place that you arrived in. P is the exit to upper level that will
    ends up in the talking-painting-staircase. X are doors that need to use 
    special method to open. M are just ordinary doors, either locked or not. 
    Room N.T means rooms that has no story, you can just go in and loot 
    everything. * is an adjustable mirror.
    We will play with the PRISM in the middle first. To adjust the prism, 
    pull the lower trigger (2029, 1183); to shoot the prism, pull the upper 
    trigger (2068, 1131). If you by chance broken it, you can repair it using 
    switches in room B.S.
    Adjust PRISM to face northeast to open X4. The room contains some spell 
    Adjust PRISM to southwest to open X5. you will find Nickademus sleeping. 
    Touching, and JUST touching the closet beside him will wake him up. When 
    you ask for his help, he will ask you to do a future favor for him, of 
    course you'll have to agree. Now you have a choice: 
         1-Asking help for defeating Aiej-kllenzr't, he will give you some 
           magical protections/enhancements. 
         2-Asking about sharing wisdom, he will give you xp worth of 5000+. 
         3-Asking for sharing treasure, he will give you some stuff. 
    Now, i suggest you take the xp because Aiej is simple to defeat; the stuff 
    he gives is actually stuff that are in his closet. DON'T not try to unlock
    his closet at this point. Doing so will make him hostile. If you kill him,
    the game ends. You can take the stuff when you are about the leave the 
    temple for good. Apart from this, you can squeeze a lot of information from 
    him since he is the architect of this ice temple. 
    Room COF is a room filled with coffins and shadows. One of the coffin at 
    northwest tip is open-able. You'll have to open it of course. Room MIR is 
    a room with two mirrors in northeast wall containing Talisman henchmen. 
    When you touch the other two mirrors in northwest and break them, these 
    people will be released and attack you. Now adjust the prism facing south, 
    the light will shoot to room COF, takes a few bounce, passes opened coffin,
    hit mirror in room MIR and break door X6. Room TRE1 is where you find one 
    of two nathaniel's stuff, a bag with his name. Don't return to him yet, 
    you might miss a sub-quest. 
    Now we will play with the talking-painting-staircase, access via stair P.
    Talk to the painting as talking to normal npc, you'll be given choice. 
    Different answer will change the destination the staircase leads, below
    are the choices and their respective destinations. 
         1 - Death to Kuldahar
                = exit P
         2 - Lysan
                = room SHA
         3 - Auril shower me with strength
                = room B.S
         4 - In Auril's name bla bla bla 
                = TRE2      (You can only get this after defeating Oria)
         5 - Bedroom
                = Nickademus's bedroom
         6 - From the sea of moving ice bla bla bla
                = Abishai den
         7 - Hmmmmm....interesting
                = random area
    In room SHA via the talking-painting-staircase, send someone near door X8 
    to take damage so that you can open door X7. Adjust the mirror * far away 
    near the entrance facing left. Adjust prism facing north and shoot it. The
    lightning will take a few bounces eventually ends up hitting X8 thus open 
    it. Send a high DEX to enter the room, the altar will talk to you, choose 
    the answer with the name 'The Caged Fury'. The door X8 will close and the 
    altar will attack you with 'Whirlwind' which your high DEX will have no 
    problem evading. When the door opens, enemies will come from north and 
    south of X7 to attack you. When everything is done, report back to Xhaan 
    for reward.
    Inside room B.S you will find a lot of triggers. The three at the 
    southwest are, from bottom, activator, selector 1 and selector 2. Flip it 
    stands up as on, flip it lies down as off. 
         - 1 off, 2 off for battle square
         - 1 on, 2 off for matainance, repairing prism
         - 1 on, 2 on for nothing
         - 1 off, 2 on for inner sanctum, we have use later
    Play the Battle Square and win a line of 3 squares to obtain key to Oria's 
    room which opens X1. She is accompained with tons of winter wolves. When 
    she was damaged enough, she will threaten to break her staff and disappear.
    Moments later she will come out of no where and attack you. At this point 
    you cannot hurt her whatsoever. Rush over to Nickademus and ask to him 
    advice. Now you know that you have to do, rush to room B.S and turn on the 
    inner sanctum mode. when she dies, remember to deactivate it. 
    After defeated Oria, you can now goto room TRE2 via the talking-painting-
    staircase. In room TRE2 you will find another Nathaniel's stuff, 'Ring of 
    Ram'. You have a choice of returning this ring to him or not. To me, the 
    ring isn't any wonderful so i rather take the xp. When you return both 
    items to him, he will leave. When he leaves, so is Oswald, so you'll need 
    to plan this carefully. 
          3.4.1 battle square                                         ppg23
    Special thanks to [fire mage] from gamefaqs.com IWD2 forum for contributing
    greatly in this section. Many of the ideas of defeating the battle square
    below originated from him. 
    1 off, 2 off and we can play the famous battle square. 
    The game is like this, you select a RANK via other triggers in this room. 
    The crystal golem will inform you which rank selected. After selected the 
    rank, you activate to play. Everyone but the activator will remain here. 
    others will be teleported to room REST and cannot come out. See the nine 
    squares on the floor? Click on it to call forth a monster, you defeat it 
    in 60 seconds, you take the square. Whenever you link three squares, you 
    win the LEVEL. Win LEVEL 1 to 5 in order to win the RANK totally. The 
    screen will shake when you achieve RANK mastery everytime. Below are the 
    suggested patterns of selecting square to win LEVEL 1 to 5 of any given 
                   | Level1 | Level2 | Level3 | level4 | level5 |
                   | x - -  | x - -  | x - -  | - x -  | - x x  |
                   | x - -  | x - -  | x - x  | x - x  | x o x  |
                   | o - -  | o - x  | o - x  | x o x  | x x -  |
    - are the one that you ignore, x are the one you select, o are the one you 
    select last. Anytime during the game when you feel that things are getting
    out of hand, pull the activator to deactivate the game. The reason you want 
    to play the squares is to get the key for high priestess Oria's room and to
    get some excellent stuff. 
    If this is the first time you encounter the battle square, you might not 
    have the level to play highier ranks (rank 5 and up). You can always return
    later to finish it after you gained some level. The furthest you can get
    if you still want to return to battle square is the end of chapter four
    before you take Oswald's ship. i'll place a reminder later in the 
    walkthrough. If you are impatient, you can export a current member, create
    a new one and adjust it's level. Later after you've completed the square,
    you can delete that member and import back your previous one. For more 
    information about adjusting a character's level, please refer to Dan 
    Simpson's faq at 
    Because all i know about this part is from him and i don't want to 
    plagiarize his work. If you are so desperate, two items for you to create
    '00ARMBL2' and '00ARMCH'. This two totally destroy the fun of playing the 
    game, not just battle square, use it at your own risk. (Special thanks to
    [ejsmith] from Sorcerer's Palace sharing his discovery about the two with 
    the public)
    You should have no problem finishing the first 3 ranks using normal 
    tanker character. Monk isn't really useful in battle square as monk offers 
    only one damage type, bludgeoning. If you encounter zombie lord for 
    example, your monk can do nothing but pull the trigger to end battle 
    square. Fighter type is the best because they have a wide range of damage 
    types to choose from, depending on what weapon they use. The best candidate 
    to enter the battle square in my opinion is paladin 3 or 7 / fighter x. 
    Paladin for the immue to fear at level 2, immue to disease at level 3, 
    fiendslayer feat at level 7. Fighter for the weapon sepcialization in 
    several kinds. 
    Before you start the battle square, rearrange your equipments so that your
    fighter has every of the best that the band can offer. When playing under 
    HoF mode, choose equipments that reduce damage and increase saving throws. 
    Monsters will hit you on regular basis even if you can push your Armor 
    Class to as high as 40. When choosing your weapons, make sure you can do
    slashing and bludgeoning damage, melee and range damage. Give the fighter 
    all the healing potions you have. If you have problem getting more healing 
    potions. Venla in the Wondering Village (the next area) sells extra healing 
    potions as much as you can buy. The last thing to do would be, of course, 
    polish your fighter. Cast spells like 'stones skin', 'chaotic command', 
    'remove fear', 'barskin', 'emotion: hope', 'resist elements', 'improved 
    invisible' (if not playing V2.00), 'cat's grace', 'bull's strenght', etc, 
    depends on what spells you have. 
    Of all the doors in IWD2, this one is the most famous and important. There 
    are two doors in the battle square, the one at the north wall is the 'north
    door'. This door offers you strategic advantage as huge enemis cannot pass
    through this door. That's why range damage is also important playing battle
         >>[Rob Valentine] has another idea for those who don't fancy arrows
           "... just lure them to the door and clobber them with a 2 handed 
            weapon (Ice Lance works well). None of the creatures seem to be 
            able to reach you and you can dispatch them in a couple of hits"
         >>Author's note
           Some weapons, two handed weapons like staff, spear, etc, has a 
           longer range then one handed weapons but still consider melee 
    The 'Club of Disruption', as battle square rank 6 prize, really helps a lot
    . High rank battle square will always give you demons and elementals type 
    enemies which you can destroy them by using 'Club of Disruption' if they 
    fail their fortitude saving throw. Open your 'Attack Rolls' feedback via 
    option --> game play --> feedback to see if the enemy you are currently 
    hitting is subject to disruption process. If they are, it will show their 
    fortitude saving throw aganist 'Club of Disruption'. When playing high 
    rank battle square under hof, it is just a fight to see if monsters throw
    1 in their fortitude saving. If you want to use range attack with your 
    fighter, take throwing weapons over missile weapons because throwing 
    weapons (like throwing dagger/axe/hammer) use STR modifier in attack roll 
    not DEX in missile weapons. A returning throwing hammer +2 that i've gotten 
    in Wondering village/Underdark (i forgot which) is also a helpful weapon as 
    my fighter already specialized in war hammer. Apart from bludgeoning damage, 
    it deals electrical damage as well. 'Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst', rank 
    5 prize of battle square, is also useful if you are better with axes then 
    hammers. Weapon choice for [fire mage] are Warhammer +2 with shock, Flaming 
    Star +1, Morning Star of Thorns, Greataxe +4, Club of Disruption (prize), 
    Ice Spear (prize).
    Now save every single time you completed a single square. If you are not
    satisfy with the monster that the next square gives you, you can always 
    load the game. Well, this is a computer game after all and the designers 
    don't limit our saves, so however 'cheesy' it is, it is still valid. 
    Sometime those teleport-able monster will teleport to where the rest of 
    your members are. This isn't a bad thing as now you can outnumber the 
    monster. However, take extra care to make double sure that the ice golem
    champion is somewhere near this room the moment you kill the monster. If 
    not, you kill wouldn't count. You can also choose the teleportion on 
    purpose if you feel that the monster is to hard to handle single handedly.
    Summons several minions in the battle square room before you start and 
    place them at a corner where they cannot see the coming monster. When you 
    encounter a teleportable monster, send one summon to attack it. Upon making
    a sucessful hit, the summon will be teleported to the resting room with the
    others and so as the monster who choose to chase this summon. 
    Enemies and weakness
    Elemetals:Fire/water/earth/wind elementals fall under this group. They 
              generally have high hp. Club of Disruption works on them but some
              have pretty high fortitude saving throw bonus (like +19). Some 
              even resistance to bludgeoning damage, making the attempt to 
              disrupt process harder. 
    Demons   :Gelugon, Cornugon and Glabrezu. All demons can be dispruted and
              are vulernable to bludgeoning damage, making them weak against 
              Club of Disruption. Keep in mind that all demon knows how to 
              teleport. Also, they will 'panic' those unprotected. 
    Undead   :These undead are very strange. They are subject to disruption
              under HoF mode, but not under normal mode. Boneguard type is 
              resistance to slashing damage and zombie type (including the fat 
              one) is resistance to bludgeoning damage. To me, these are the 
              hardest foes in battle square. i often reload encountering them. 
    shadow   :Those black monsters are shadows, not some bad animations or your
              graphic card's fault. Shadows come in different forms and each 
              form charateristic is just like their real bodies. So, for 
              example, if you encounter Glabrezu in shadow form, use your 
              against demons tactic on it. 
    big ones :These are the ultra big enemies that have problem passing the
              north door. When you encouter these, rush pass the north door and
              use range weapons to deal damage without taking any pain. They 
              are the easiest foes in battle square. 
    others   :These include small skeletons, small shadows, animals and any 
              other type that doesn't fall into the previous categories. They
              are not that strong and you can just melee them to death. None of
              these is subject to disruption. There is a kind of enemy called
              Fyer variations (the big floating balloon kind). They know how to
              teleport and can 'hopeless' your member. 
         >>Words of wisdom from [fire mage]
           "Because the game often uses the same monsters repeatedly, it didn't 
            take long for me to figure out which type of weapon worked best 
            with which monster"
    Below are the items for completing a rank (under HoF mode). If i am not 
    mistaken, only the prizes of first and third ranks change in HoF mode, 
    others stay the same. 
         - rank 1 = Warded Dragon's Belt 
                       - +3 reflex saves
                       - 6/- cold resistance
         - rank 2 = Potion of Holy Transference 
                       - permanantly +2 wis, -1 dex
         - rank 3 = Cornugan Hide Armor 
                       - damage reduction 10/+2
                       - regenerate 1 hp per 10 rounds
         - rank 4 = Boots of Grounding 
                       - 6/- electrical resistance
         - rank 5 = Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst
                       - return to user
                       - 1d6 electrical damage, 10% chance of extra 1d10 
                         electrical damage
                       - +5 for hitting
         - rank 6 = Club of Disuption (** MUST GET **)
                       - undead and outsiders must make fortitude save or 
                       - +5 for hitting
         - rank 7 = Ice Spear +4
                       - cast ice lance 1/day
         - rank 8 = Composite Longbow of Empowerment
                       - random +4 on str, dex, con, int, wis, cha for 5 rounds 
                         when damage by melee 
         - rank 9 = Wand of dead (** MUST GET **)
                       - cast animate undead
         - rank 10 = Brilliant short sword +5
                       - attack ignore shield or armor bonous
         - upon completion of all ranks             
                   = Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
                       - cast lesser planar binding : water element 1/day
                       - cast cone of cold 1/day
                       - cast horrid wilting 1/day
          3.5 chapter ends                                            ppg24
    When everything is taken care of, return 2 of Nathaniel's stuff back to him
    and report that you have killed the 3 priestresses. He will now leaves the
    ice temple to the glacier crevice, follow him. Once out, you'll be taken to
    middle north of the map, Nathaniel will 'melt' the glacier and the remains 
    of Neverwinter force will arrive leading by Ingrath Mariner and Rahm Dammel
    . As the conversation ends, you'll present both with letters that you kept
    so long ago from Targos by Denham. after you exposed Ingrath, he and his 
    goons will change to dopplegangers and attack you. Rahm and his men will 
    help out. Return to Oswald crash site to find that he has already left. 
    pick up his note and potion. you can wipe out the druid village if you want, 
    they have some nice stuff. When you are done, exit via the melted glacier, 
    north of glacier crevice to the next chapter. If you are that hungry, 
    remember to loot the stuff in Nickademus' closet but don't hurt him even
    if he attacked you. 
    If you don't have the letter, you would not expose Ingrath here. He will 
    ask you to meet in outside a dragon's lair entrance. When dragon attacks, 
    he and his gang will run away. When you defeated the dragon, he will come 
    back and attack you. 
    Oswald left, and you are to pass the western pass by foot. now you have 
    names, the organization is the Legion of Chimera, the leaders are Isair and
    Madae, the place is Severed Hand. As the story goes on, you'll know what 
    they want. 
    chapter 3                                                        ppg25
    Frankly, i am a bit confuse about the story and the realistic purpose of 
    chapter 3 and 4. Originally, the band was assigned to find the Neverwinter 
    reinforcement, and the band did, at the end of chapter 2. So there is no 
    purpose for the band to travel any more right? But, instead, they continue 
    to travel with a clear destination, which is the Severed Hand. So my best 
    guess would be, as the band was fighting with Sherincal in chapter 2, they 
    already made up their mind of going to Severed Hand to end the madness 
    (without letting me know). That's why they keep on travelling, through 
    western pass and eastern pass. So now you are, passed the western pass, and 
    going to pass eastern pass. But then you discovered that eastern pass is 
    blocked by Legion of Chimera. So you have to shift to the Underdark. Also, 
    in the middle of chapter 3, you will meet your final bosses, Isair and 
          4.1 wandering village                                       ppg26
    You want to get pass this area, the villagers here see this as an 
    oppoturnity to ask for your service to clear the evil in this area. Due to 
    the fact that you need to run back and forth to do all the main quests, so
    walkthrough in this part will be written as quest based instead of area 
    Note that you cannot rest in this area unless asking a priest. As you move,
    you'll meet Thvara Baelm and his babaric gang as a junction. When the 
    conversation draws to an end, you can tell the gaint that you are going 
    to kill everyone so he better run away if he wants to live. North to the 
    junction is a dire wolf den, we can take care of that later. South is a 
    grave guarded by an undead named Sordirsin, this one is quest related. 
    Don't touch his grave at the moment. East is the wandering village. Move 
    there and you'll be approach by villager who instruct you to meet their 
    elder, Souma.
    As you move into village, you'll meet the infamous Nym. back in IWD1, he 
    single handedly caused the destruction of elves and dwarves. He will ask 
    for your destination and suggest an alternative through the Underdark. If 
    you have the bonus cd installed, Nym's merchant inventory has something 
    called 'Avarine Decanter'. Use it to summon a djinni merchant. The 
    merchant don't have any woo-ahhh things to offer. Instead you free him on 
    the spot, you'll get real woo-ahhh items, including a +5 to armor bonus 
    non-magical bracers. Or you can summon him 3 times and at the end of third 
    times you'll be attacked by his band, that's gives you little amount of xp 
    and some mostly masterwork grade stuff. 
    Souma is at the northwest in the village, you get quests from her and she 
    sells magic scrolls also. Right to souma is Jari who needs a wolf pelt, if 
    you don't have it now, we can get it later. Right to jari is Tahvo who 
    sells and buys weapons and armor. South to Tahvo are Carita and Leevi.
    South to the couple Venla who is like the priest who sells and buys 
    potions. There is a blondie running around the village by the name Pairi,
    a sorcerer can give her guidance to become a sorcerer and gain some xp. 
          4.1.1 the missing children                                  ppg27
    First quest that Souma gives is to aid Venla. There has been quite an 
    amount of missing children lately and Venla wants you to investigate. Off 
    to the Fell Wood via the exit at east of village. At this point you can 
    approach Tahvo and Venla asking them to spare some weapons and potions to 
    Into the area before Fell Wood, move east and you'll encounter a horde of 
    trolls at a junction. The road to north turn west and leads to a iced dead 
    body, we have use of that later. The road to east leads to a band of 
    babarians who are searching for Thvara you previously kill. You can rest in
    this area but 80% of the time you'll be interrupted by snow trolls or dire 
    wolves. When the area is cleared, you can now go into the spooky tent in 
    (2404, 629). Inside the tent you'll meet Limha and Agog. You can buy some 
    stuff from Limha but don't buy any spell scroll from her even if you needed. 
    We can get all the scrolls she posses later. Obviously you cannot get any 
    information out of her. You can rest here if you want. So leave the tent, 
    into Fell Wood we go, via exit at east.
         >>[Alicia Shieh] put her paladin into work this time
           "you can expose Limha by having a paladin talk to her. He'll detect 
            that she's evil. You don't have to go to the Fell Wood this way."
    This Fell Wood is a maze. You take a wrong turn, you end up running circle.
    You can always back out by selecting the west exit and restart the maze. 
    If you have a druid or ranger, you can use their 'wilderness lore' to find
    you way through the maze. Sometime you might get caught by roots that damage 
    you. These are actually traps that you can detrap. The enemies in this area 
    are smart, they will go to your weaker members, so beware. Most of the 
    undead here will attack my cleric first. Attack from undead might drain 
    your energy noted by a horizontal red line in your potrait. You'll need 
    restoration spells to cure it. as you enter Fell Wood, a ghost greets you, 
    telling you some general information. 
    Take the northwest exit into a winter wolves den area. The pelts you 
    collected, you can spare one to Jari for some xp. He doesn't have anything 
    good in return so don't push him. From here go north to encounter some 
    snow trolls for xp. 
    Below is the path you take to seek out a dryad that will help you with the
    From the ghost take exit northwest (180, 292)
               --> wolf den, east (900, 433)
               --> container in middle trunk, north (489, 214)
               --> tree trunk in middle, east (836, 280)
               --> tree trunk in the middle, east (841, 264)
    You reach a small opening guarded by some undead. Kill them all to release
    Carynara the dryad. She'll point out that there is something fishy about 
    Limha. As for the question about passing the wood, you'll need a high 
    charisma person to charm her for pointing out. The route she pointed will 
    be used later. 
    Now back to Limha to expose her. She will run away and Agog will attack 
    you. Don't waste much spell on Agog. As Agog dies, you rush outside only 
    to find out that Limha had placed a small band waiting for you. Usually, 
    she will then retreats back to the north of the junction where she can 
    continuingly summon minions to deal with you. When these are taken care of, 
    loot her body to find a scroll case that holds every single spells that 
    she sells. 
    report back to Venla and Souma for reward and next quest.
          4.1.2 the returning dead, or undead                         ppg28
    Second quest is to aid Tahvo. West of the village is a grave guarded by an 
    undead called Sordirsin. Someone stole his drinking horn, and you need to 
    retrieve it. Once again to the fell wood. Alternatively, if you have a high
    level bard, you can make a song for Sordirsin and put his soul to rest. 
    routes for recovering drinking horn,
    - longer route to cover every enemy
    from the dryad area take west exit (187, 363)
                 --> spiders, southeast (866, 567)
                 --> trolls, item in middle trunk, northeast (826, 317)
                 --> zigzag area with undead, northeast (616, 231)
                 --> zigzag area, southeast (849, 910)
                 --> zigzag area, northwest (247, 310)
                 --> zigzag area, southeast (864, 881)
    - shoter route 
    from dryad area take west exit (187, 363)
                 --> spiders, northwest (208, 347) 
                 --> zigzag area with undead, northeast (616, 231)
                 --> zigzag area, southeast (849, 910)
                 --> zigzag area, northwest (247, 310)
                 --> zigzag area, southeast (864, 881)
    The undead in the 'undead area' will regenerate, giving you some xp to earn 
    if you want. Take the loop from zigzag area with undead, northeast(614, 266)
    --> zigzag area, northeast (599, 298) --> back to undead.
    Eventually you'll arrive to an area with standing stones and a dead body 
    among them. Loot that body for drinking horn. Take the west exit, return 
    the horn to Sordirsin, loot his grave for treasure, report back to Tahvo 
    and Souma. 
    As you report back to Souma, Nym will leave. Remember to shop him for items
    before this. If there is one thing you cannot miss, that is the 'Antimagic 
    scroll' that he sells, you MUST buy this. Beside that, he has a mace that
    deals fire damage, this could be useful aganist trolls later. Also, a mace
    (Everlasting torch) he sells that deals fire damage is very important 
    later with dealing with trolls and slimes. 
          4.1.3 the silent ghost                                      ppg29
    You are to aid Kurttu as the third quest. She is at south of Souma 
    (1897, 674). Kurttu has a stepdaughter named Carita (2402, 570) who is 
    married to Kyosti. Kyosti is dead and his soul can't speak. Beside that, 
    Carita seems to have something going on with Leevi (2431, 581) both 
    Kyosti's friend and enemy. Speak with Carita and Leevi to squeeze some 
    information then off the Fell Wood again. Ask the ghost in Fell Wood about
    Kyosti and he will ask you to free them by destroying the ghost lights. 
    From the standing stones where you found drinking horn take the 
          east exit (857, 578) 
          --> undead with frozen pool in the middle, southeast (705, 569)
          --> frozen pool, northeast (672, 217)
          --> frozen pool, northwest (249, 228)
          --> undead with 2 tree bridges, northwest (329, 241)
          --> 3 tree bridges, northeast (843, 264)
          --> 3 tree bridges, fully prepare before entering southeast (824, 717)
    This will lead you to one of the hardest fight in the game, especially if
    this is the first time your band into the game. These so called Will 
    O'Wisps deal electrical damage. On top of that, they teleport around, 
    making you chasing them wildly. Now, range and magic might work well. But 
    then they seem to have very high resistance to magical damage, i think they
    are immune to magic. So your casters will be busying running around to 
    avoid them and your fighters will be busying running around to damage them. 
         >>[Jae Shin] and [jerrod] used bow and arrows in this situation
           Equip everyone with ranged weapons and keep on attacking one Will 
           O'Wisp at a time. 
    When this is done, take west exit and return to the ghost. Unfortunately, 
    among the ghosts you freed, you can't find Kyosti. But the ghost points out 
    that you might find Kyosti in the area before Fell Wood. At the mean time,
    you gain 'Fell Wood remains' which you can present it to Souma for reward. 
    Kyosti's ghost is lingering around northwest (640, 563). As you approach 
    the junction, you'll be ambush by dire wolves from both sides, so be 
    prepare. Approach Kyosti to hear his story. Report back to Kurttu and 
    Souma for reward. As you are speaking with Souma, something happens. 
    Go through the story and fight whatever enemies come to you. Before you 
    leave the place, remember to present 'Fell Wood remains' to Souma and 
    make sure you buy at at least 2 ropes from Tahvo. 
    As you enter the Fell Wood, you'll see a tree pops up, kill it for xp. Exit
    through northwest then north. You'll encounter more of these tree monster 
    called Dark Treants. Finish them all and the north woods will open you an 
         >>[Koh Zi Han] found the exit with a shorter route
           "When you enter the Fell Woods to eliminate the Dark Treants, a 
            faster way would be to be West from the starting location, 
            In fact, if what you do when you meet the sole dark treant is to 
            cast summoning spell and blesses, chances are, it will flee to the 
          4.2 cold marshes                                            ppg30
    Spiders, trolls and babarians make up this area. If you rest in this area,
    chances are you'll be attack you trolls and babarians. So, if you have 
    sleeping problem, you can always go back to fell woods. Work your way 
    uneasily to the east and meet Hadbruki and his gang who are guarding the 
    from left to right is 1 to 3, from bottom to top is A to D. 
    my fastest way to open the gate would be, 
         move A2 to left, B3 right, 
              A2 right  , B2 right, 
              C1 left   , A2 left, 
              B2 left   , C2 left, D3 right.
    Depends on how well you mess up this gate, babarians will pop up from the 
    south of the gate to attack your band. 
    at the south of the gate, moving across the frozen river, you will find 
    frostrose at (3279, 2173).
         >>According to [scyther36] from gamefaqs.com IWD2 forum, 
         "The healer lady, Venla?, from the wandering village is looking 
          for one to create some potions so it's worth some EXP and a 
          couple of potions that she gives to you for finding it."
    Get a full rest before you proceed to next area.
          4.3 river caves                                             ppg31
    River caves have an outpost of a Duergar (grey dwarf) company. Duergar to 
    dwarf is like drow to elf. These dwarves are do not getting along well with
    the Black Raven monks live on top. They will see this as an opportunity
    asking you to clear out the monastery. 
          4.3.1 river caves entrance                                  ppg32
    Prepare everything as you will be facing white dragon. If you did not 
    expose Ingrath in the glacier crevice at the end of chapter 2, this is 
    where you'll meet him and end his life as he tried to end yours, after 
    you killed the dragon. 
    As you approach the east near the entrance, white dragon will come out and 
    some wyrms will pop up around you. It would be best if you just send a 
    decoy there and block the junction near where you come in with summons. 
    Get a good rest and enter the lair. 
    As soon as you enter the cave, wyrms and dragon attack you. When this is 
    done, search the area for treasure. Click on the big hole to lower down 
    ropes and exit. 
          4.3.2 river caves                                           ppg33
       *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug) (patched in v2.01)
    There is a horde of hook horros not far along the path. When they see you,
    their friends will pop up from behind. So you might want to prepare for 
    this first. At (798, 1558) is the path leads to dwarves base. If you kill 
    all the monster inside this cave before you enter the dwarves base, there 
    is a possiblity that you cannot finish a quest and skip another one. so 
    make sure you don't finish every enemy here. also, you cannot rest here, 
    so feel free to go back to the dragon lair.
    We'll first find the key that open the dwarves base gate. Turn east as the 
    path goes and arrive at a junction. Take the south path and go through the 
    hole at (1744, 1719). You'll meet ice troll and later jelly. These jellies 
    have high resistance against all types of physical and magic damage except 
    fire. Cleric, druid should have 'Flame strike' and wizard, sorcerer have 
    more fire based magic. 'Horrid Wilting' works wonder, if you have it. The 
    worst part of these jellies is they split and multiply. At the east end of
    the path is the key. 
    Backtrack to (798, 1558) and follow the west path to reach the dwarves 
    outpost front gate. The slave master will instruct you to speak with their
    leader. Just don't say any unpleasant thing about them. Their leader, Barud
    Barzam is running back and forth in the hallway beyond the door. Listen to 
    his story and ask about your quest. In exchange of providing you mining 
    tools to pass this area, they'll need you to clear out the area. 
    furthermore, you can sleep here if you ask him. 
    As you enter the door, turn northwest, first room is the store room. You 
    can take away anything expect the one that is locked. Mining tools are 
    located at (750, 401). Second room is the temple which offers you basic 
    temple service. You can send someone to 'bluff' for some healing potion 
    from Zama, the priest in the middle. Don't touch anything here. Turn 
    southeast, skip the first room, walk towards the end to meet Dragu. He is 
    working on a crossbow. Anyone with high INT could help him on that, in 
    return you'll get a copy of that crossbow. Furthermore, you can trade 
    equipment with him. Walk pass the slaves quarter till the end to reach the 
    torture chamber. A ghost will appear and attack you. When you are done here
    , go back out to clear the cave.
         >>[chalcedony] has a better idea dealing with the ghost
           "you should use your cleric to talk to the ghost, and then when he 
            attacks you, TURN him. He will cease to attack you and start 
            talking; most importantly you will gain xp (3000 if I recall 
    Pretty routine stuff, just kill anything that walks. Ambush is everywhere. 
    When you finish all the monster in this area, it will show in your journal.
    report back to Barud for reward and next mission. He wants you to clean out
    the Balck Raven Monastery. i would suggest agree. You see, when you are 
    done with Black Ravens, there is no more story there. You can just kill 
    everyone, loot their stuff and come back here to claim the reward. In
    addition, after claiming the reward, you can finish off this base and loot 
    the dwarves' treasure too. Now with Black Ravens cleared, the duergar 
    outpost finished, no one is fighting nobody no more, peace. Near the end of
    the game, you'll save some Black Raven monks and these monks will give you
    help. Clearing black raven here will not affect these monks decision, so
    don't worry.
    When you are done here, exit via the northeast exit, which you need mining
    tools to clear the blocking rocks. 
          4.3.3 river caves exit                                      ppg34
    This area is both tricky and dangerous. There is a story scence here where
    your band will be brought to a place and as the conversation ends, you'll
    be attacked. You don't want to trigger this unprepared, don't you? Beside
    this, you'll meet some umber hulks here. They will confuse people that are
    close to them, making your party member running stupidly and might trigger 
    the story. 'Chaotic command' by cleric can prevent this to happen. Also,
    when you rest in this area, you'll be interrupt by yeti or umber hulk. yeti
    pelts could bring you some fortune. The dawrves wouldn't buy it, but the
    Black Raven monks will. 
    As you enter, take the east path. Umber hulks will pop up from wall to 
    attack you. Past the first junction, contiune the path, you'll be attack
    by second umber hulks from wall. Then you are done here. Return to 
    entrance, go north, you'll go into a small area will a pool. Umber hulks
    pop up from northwest wall. Return back to entrance, take the northwest
    path. As you reach the corner, umber hulks pop up. So now, you are done
    with all the umber hulks here, all 4 groups of them. 
    What i'll do at this moment is to summon 6 undead, have them wait in a 
    place. Then cast spells on my members. Invisivility of any kind will not 
    work here. Somehow, enemies we later encounter can see through invisibility.
    Send a decoy towards the northeast part of the map and the story begins.
    When the fight begins, all my members will start running back to where the
    undead was. 
    You'll meet Harshom at the exit. He was sent by the Arcane Brotherhood of
    Luskan. (If you play 'Neverwinter Nights', you'll be raiding this tower
    of Arcane Brotherhood.) Turns out that Phaen that you kill long ago in 
    targos town is one of them. Even worse, remember Carita and Leevi? As
    revenge, they told Harshom your whereabout and destination. 
    This band, they have everything. Tankers, archers, spellcasters and 
    everyone is sharp. Don't worry if your spellcasters die. Because your 
    cleric can bring them back and join the fight immediately without claiming 
    back their equipment. Also, don't over concentrate on one end, if you are 
    fighting in a tight junction. These people will travel far and reach you 
    from behind. 
    When this ends, pick up the key, open the gate, into next chapter we go. 
    i suppose you have met Isair and Madae, yes? You will be fighting them at
    the very end of the game. As for now, you continue to travel towards their
    lair, or rather, the headquarter of the Legion of Chimera, or even rather, 
    Severed Hand. You have passed the western pass from chapter 2 to chapter 3.
    Now you want to pass the eastern pass. Also, remember that you might carry
    a quest over to the next chapter, massacre the Black Raven monastery.
    chapter 4                                                         ppg35
    From Nym, you know that the estern pass was block by Legion of Chimera 
    forces. Nym also provide you an alternative by going through the underdark.
    So, your purpose is to go to and through the Underdark. 
          5.1 black raven monastery                                   ppg36
    The passage to Underdark is guarded by the Black Raven monastery and its 
    monks. Currently, the monks have some problem inside. The Legion of Chimera
    invited the monks leader to their place to discuss about alliance. But the
    leader thinks the other way. So the Legion kept the leader as hostage.
    Meanwhile, the Legion send a pretty-face-envoy to the monastery intended 
    to corrupt them from the inside. You are now here to make everything back 
    into order. 
          5.1.1 monastery entrance                                    ppg37
    Follow the path, detrap the torn bridge as you go. You'll see some neutral
    wyrms. There is a wyrm nest at (1187, 1207) which you can take its egg and 
    ruby ring, making all wyrms turn hostile. We have use of the egg later. The 
    ruby ring that comes with it, we have use later also. 
    As you cross the second bridge, you'll meet yeti and more yeti will pop up 
    from cave behind as their friends die. If you need money, you can always 
    come to rest in area. Yeti will attack you, and you can pick up their 
    Enter the cave, and you will see the entrance to monastery.
          5.1.2 monastery                                             ppg38
    (Seriously speaking, i don't know why it/he is called Black Raven. My 
    English may be not good, but at least i wouldn't say 'look it's a white 
    polar bear'.)
       *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    You'll meet Salisam. He wants you to speak with Aruma Blane who currently
    runs the monastery. Regardless of what would Aruma say, you are to speak
    with Salisam again. The monastery is very tight, running inside will give 
    you headache. You can of course raid the whole place as the duergars ask
    in earlier chapter, but let's play the story and we will do the massacre
    Before you speak with Aruma and continue the main quest, let's play the 
    sub-quests first.
          |                    |     |          |               |
          |     TRAINING       |     | LIBRARY  |  *SALISAM     |
          |       ROOM         |DOWN |          |             ENTER
          |                    |     |          |               |
          |                    |     |------  ---               |
          |                                                     |
          |     *SAVALTID                                       |
          -------------------------------------  ----------X-----
          |         |                                 |         | 
          | *NONIN  |                                 |  STORE  |
          |                     DINING ROOM           |  ROOM   |
          |         |                                 |         |
          |         |                                 |         |
          ---------------------------  --------------------------
          |            *SERSA  |                 |              |
          |                                           *ARUMA    |
          |   SLEEPING         |-----------X-----|              |
          |   ROOM             | DOLON'S         |              |
          |                    | ROOM            |              |
    * represent important NPC and X represent locked door that are related to 
    Inside library, you'll find Bered. He will tell you general things and
    stories about Black Raven (the person and the monastery). There are two 
    things that he sells would interest you. "Masterwork tome of glorious 
    exaltation", once held in hand you are under the spell of 'Exaltation'. Of 
    course, this would be excellent for monks. "How to be an advanturer", it 
    gives you a good laugh as you read through the book, more importantly, it 
    gives 20000 xp to the reader. 
    You can just lockpick the door and help yourself in the store room. Inside
    the room, you'll meet Ven. There are several ways to finish this side 
    quest. Plan A, agree to side with him and later report him to the authority
    (either Aruma or Salisam). You'll then have the Black Raven's Tomb for 
    yourself to loot. Plan B, side with him and don't mention this to the 
    authority. You'll find him later in the Black Raven's Tomb, he loots all 
    the treasure, you fight the tough iron golems. If you want the loots, you'll
    have to search big tomb for invisibled Ven and kill him. Plan C, don't side
    with him and ask for something to silence your mouth. He will give you a 
    ring with 'NN' initials. Report him to the autority any way to get rid of
    trouble later. 
    Inside the store room you will find Nonin. He offers priest service and 
    trade. For all the yeti pelts you collected, Nonin will take them. As the
    conversation ends, Nonin will ask for a ruby ring. You can give him the one
    that you found in the wyrm nest earlier. For this he gives you the key to 
    the store room. If you just enter the store room after this, Ven will just
    leave the place and you cannot get the quest. Give him the 'NN' ring you 
    found earlier, you'll get some xp and extra healing potions. 
    Sersa is the one who offers you a place to sleep here. She has a small 
    problem as Salvatid wouldn't teach her. You could slove her problem by 
    talking to Salvatid. You'll need 'bluff' skill to do so.
         >>[Alicia Shieh] found another way around using a monk
           "If a monk talks to Sersa, he can show her how to fight better. You 
            don't need bluffing skill on the monk."
    Now for the main quest. You'll notice that there is someone else inside
    Aruma's room. After Aruma rejected your request. You speak with Dolon
    to find out that this guy was sent from Severed Hand. Now, turn back and
    speak with Salisam. He will tell you the whole story behind Dolon and Aruma.
    Now you need to do is to break into Dolon's room, steal his letters and 
    present them to Aruma. Aruma and Dolan will run away, leaving Salisam
    in charge. Now you get a chance to play the 'Eight Chamgers'. 
    Exit via DOWN.
          5.1.3 eight chambers                                        ppg39
    The reason you want to play this is to win acceptance among the Black 
    Raven monks so that you can use the passage to Underdark. As the name
    suggest, you went through eight chambers and face different kinds of
    Speak with Morohem to enter the challenge. You cannot bring anything inside
    the chambers, and you'll be dispelled before entering. Of course, you don't
    need the use the same person for all eight chambers. If you die in the 
    process, well, you are dead. When you speak with Morohem about entering the
    chambers, he will put all your equipment in the table nearby. It would be
    best if you rest 16 hours after each chamber because sometime 8 hours is 
    not enough to make animate undead to disappear and that could affect your
    summon limit. There is a container inside every chamber on the wall. You
    can rush there and pick up your weapon to fight. Last thing to remember,
    save everytime you win a chamber. If you have a monk, then all these will
    be rather easy. If you don't then you'll need to went through some troubles.
    generally, i have few tricks playing this chamber. 
    plan A - Summon animate undead, all the way. Well other summon will work
             but not as effective. 
    plan B - If my member dies in the process, but the summons are still 
             inside the chamber, i will not rest but continue the game by
             sending another summoner inside. Of course, bring back the dead
             member into life so that he/she can claim the xp as we beat the
    plan C - 'Mirror image' myself as soon as i enter a chamber. So for the 
             first few attacks, those monks cannot disrupt my spell process. 
    plan D - Under HoF mode, the monks will have high resistance to various
             melee damage that the weapons in the chamber or summon minions
             can offer. The most effective magical sword that can bring into
             the chambers is Mordenkainen's sword.
    1st chamber - Chamber of Stone
    You'll need to pull the level in correct order to pass this. See the black
    and white tiles on the northwest wall in this room? It suggested the order
    of 1 -> 5 -> 3 -> 2 -> 4. As you pull the level on northeast wall, stone
    monk(s) will pop up near southwest wall. Nothing that animate undead cannot
    take care of.
    2nd chamber - Chamber of Shadows
    You just enter the doors in correct order and you are done. If you enter
    the wrong door, shadow monk will pop up and attack you. again, nothing
    that animate undead cannot take care of. the correct sequence is
                        1         x         2
                        3         x         4        x are the doors you 
                     --------------------------      ignore.
    3rd chamber - Chamber of Sorcery
    Frankly, i don't understand how this chamber works. There are panels on
    the ground and you are suppose to step on them according to some order
    or something. Melee damage might harm them, if you are sending tanker 
    inside. What i did is quickly summon animate undead and let them deal with
    anything to come. 
         >>According to [Rainox]
           In the Chamber of Sorcery, you suggested using Animate Dead to 
           beat it. The real solution is to watch the tiles as the lightning 
           bolts strike the ground, one tile will "rise". If you stand on 
           this tile, then you get immunity to lightning. Then you can 
           melee-attack the two monks without getting fried by their 
           lightning attacks... rinse and repeat.
    4th chamber - Chamber of Clockwork
    This room is small and has deadly turning baldes on the floor. There are 
    three monks here. If you damage them enough and they are going to die, 
    their clock will start ticking. At this time, there will be a device open
    on the wall where each monk stands at the start. You'll have to rush there
    and touch the device before time ends. If not, the monk will blast into
    fire and damage everyone. The annoying part is, the ticking monk will not 
    do anything but stick with you all the time while the clock is ticking, no
    matter how far away you are. The same old animate undead still works. 
    5th chamber - Chamber of Sand
    The monks here can only be damage by the fire damage activate from the 4
    device on the wall. The fire hose will last a little while, dealing 2 
    damages everytime it activated. You have to turn on the fire hose according
    to clockwise direction starting from the one in west coner. Of course, you
    have to make these two monks stand in the line of fire hose which activated
    or else they wouldn't take damage.
    6th chamber - Chamber of Silk
    Poisonous spiders are everywhere. Plus, running around will trigger 'web'
    trap which is not pretty. You just need to kill every spider inside and 
    that's it. 
    7th chamber - chamber of battle
    There are two triggers on the northeast wall and a blue platform on the 
    ground. Notice that when you stand on the platform, one of the trigger will
    shine. Now, fight the coming monk on the platform untill he becomes 
    unconscious and lies down on it. Now you can rush over and pull the 
    shinning trigger. this is just the first part.
    After the trigger is pulled, a second monk comes in and a new room is 
    available to you through the northwest wall. There are two palforms now and
    you need to make both monks lie down on each. When this is done, rush out
    to pull the shining trigger.
    8th chamber - Chamber of Immolation
    This will be the hardest room. There are two monks here who deal fire 
    damage. On top of that, you'll encounter 'flame strike' everywhere you go.
    Fortunately that there is indication where the next flame will strike, so
    you'd better watch out. i am aware that there are other ways to get over 
    this like sending a high DEX to evade 'flame strike' but while i was 
    playing this under HoF mode, these monks and earlier monks in other 
    chambers are totally immune to my physical damage of all kinds. To overcome
    this room, at least for me, send someone with summoning ability and 'mirror
    image' ability. The mirror image is to protect from flame strike. Upon 
    teleportation, cast 'mirror image' then summon. The first summon must be
    a strong one and must complete. The member will mostly die after this. 
    Bring back the dead one back to life and repeat the process. The initial 
    summon will be there to block the monks the second time. If 'mirror image'
    is expired, remember to recast. Continue to summon and throw in a 
    Mordenkainen's sword, if under HoF. 
    After you finish the Eight Chambers, report back to Salisam for key to 
    Black Raven's tomb and xp. Move to Black Raven's tomb via the stair in 
    Eight Chambers area. 
          5.1.4 black raven's tomb                                    ppg40
    You can see that Black Raven's tomb is guarded by 4 iron golems. If you 
    are still fresh and young, then you would have serious problem killing one
    of them, not to mention all 4 together. If you loot the treasure inside,
    those golems will come to life and tear you apart. We will deal with the
    treasure later.
    If you side with Ven and didn't report to the authority, you'll meet him 
    here. He will loot the tomb and alert the iron golems. When you are dealt 
    with the golems, you'll have to look for Ven. Ven is hiding, somewhere 
    here. Because he always fail to hide from time to time, you'll have an
    easier time to find him. Move your members around the whole area, when Ven
    is re-hiding you'll hear a 'hide' sound effect that you usually get hiding 
    a member if you are close to Ven. The louder the sound, the closer you are
    to him. Then use 'see invisiblity' spell to reveal his actual position and 
    kill him. 
    The exit is at (1473, 474). It is a bit hard to find. As you open the gate, 
    you'll see more duergars preparing to attack the monastery. There is no way 
    to avoid the fight, even if you have helped the other duergars to kill all 
    the monks. Fight them to clear your path. 
    At this point you can massacre the monastery. Make sure you kill everyone,
    including the one in the Eight Chamber before reporting back to duergars
    outpost for reward. You can also massacre the outpost after claiming for
    rewards and xp. 
    Now you can loot the tomb, run like hell outta this place. Into the 
    Underdark we go. 
          5.2 the underdark                                           ppg41
    When you arrive, Malavon greets you. At this point, you'll have to accept 
    his hospitality. If you refuse, he will close his gate and if you open the
    gate, every drow in this area will attack you, not to mention you'll miss
    most of the quests available here. 
    You can listen and record down Malavon's story if you want. Turns out that
    he had asked Nym to find someone to help him with his troubles here. 
    Overall, he wants you to destroy the device that transform drow into 
    driders and return his sister to him. You can do some trading with the 
    drows here, but they don't sell drow equipment here. However, you might 
    be interest in the 'Ring of Freedom of Movement' that Malavon sells. If you
    intend to sell anything, i suggest you to keep them first as you'll find a 
    better trader who offer 20% more. At this point, if you talk to Malavon 
    again and offer to report your discoveries about the driders, Malavon will 
    thank you for your information, which is nothing. The people in BIS should 
    have done a better job about this. 
    A side note, Malavon appeared in IWD1 and was killed by the previous band 
    late in the game. The story he told is about how he survived. His sister, 
    Ginafae also appeared in IWD1. Malavon blinded his sister (for whatever
    reason i forget) and the IWD1 band restored her. While playing IWD1/2, you
    must know this Malavon guy. There is this arcane spell called 'Malavon's 
    Rage', guess who invented this spell?
    As you exit through the south gate, go immediate south, at (509, 2142) 
    you'll encounter some merchants. These people have bad temper, so beware.
    Don't touch their chests unless you want to pick a fight. One of them, the
    dwarf at east, Heggr will buy your stuff with 20% highier price and sell 
    you at 20% lower price. To be specify, i used an Aamisar sorcerer with all 
    class skills at full in his current level to do the job. So, my best guess 
    would be, you'll a person with both 'knowledge (arcana)' and 'bluff' to 
    make him do so. ask him why he is making business with drow, remind him 
    his clan will not agree with his viewpoint and tell him that you will 
    report him to his superior. When you are planning to leave this area for 
    good, remember to come back here to raid their stuff. 
    North to the gate at (1893, 583) is a 'container' with very minor treasure.
    opening it does however alert the mushrooms nearby to attack you. 
         >>[fire mage] found some goons to fight
           "In the underdark in the area where Malavon's camp is, there is a 
            group of Lolthian assassins hiding right next to his camp, in the 
            corner between the mushrooms that attack you and the entrance to 
            the underdark. Of course they attack you and you have to kill them 
            all, and they have some nice things to loot."
    Roughly in the middle of the map (2449, 1702) is Oinchack'olp, a mind 
    flayer. He (or she) wants you to find a blue stone for him inside the 
    driders caves. The stone is actually a amulet type item that +2 WIS. Return
    that, you'll get a +2 STR belt. so the choice you totally yours. Of course, 
    if you refuse to give it back, the mind flayer and his mindless goons will 
    attack you. If this is the first time your band play the game, i would 
    suggest to keep the stone as there isn't many thing that +WIS in the game. 
    There will be a +5 WIS ring later through merchant but that is only for
    druid or cleric. 
    South to the mind flayer at (1817, 2422) is another minor treasure 
    container that will alert shadows drakes when you come close to it. 
    Following the narrow path to the east by the pool, you will also alert some
    sword spiders to attack you. 
    The entrance to the driders cave (east end of the map) is guarded by two
    draiders. They will ask you some question, if your 'bluff' skill is high 
    enough, you can talk your way out. if not, a fight is unavoidable. 
    North to the cave entrance is a wall with two hole-looking-doors. You'll
    exit through here when all is done.
    So now, enter the cave we will.
          5.2.1 the driders cave                                      ppg42
    If you look for it, there are three entrance to the driders cave. Each will
    takes you to a different location, but all locations are close to each 
    other. In the walkthrough, i took the top most entrance (3413, 1021). The 
    driders were once drows, so you can very expect to encounter sorcerers,
    wizards and clerics. But they are not just drow, they are drows and spiders
    hybrid, which grants them some extra hp. Things to remember, web traps are 
    everywhere, and don't expect enemies to come from one direction as you see.
    And lastly, if you rest inside, you are likely to encounter red mushroom
    called Mycoind. 
    Move towards the east, pass the cave(?) to a junction. Take the north turn,
    and eventually you'll meet Ginafae Despana in a room full of spider web. 
    She will mention Viciscamera and Impharaili. Viciscamera is the device that
    you want to destroy and Impharaili is the person who works on this device.
    Now continue you search towards to east from the web room entrance. First
    turn to the north, dead-end with nothing, backtrack, continue east. Second 
    turn to the north, dead-end with driders, backtrack, continue east. Now 
    you should be at roughly (1680, 1432). Continue to the east and you are 
    into a big room with white cocoons. These cocoons contain driders. Wait for
    a moment and driders will hatch. Each cocoon contains one drider and 
    unhatched cocoon will show blue ring while pause. At the east end of the 
    room is the Viciscamera heart which cannot be destroy by ordinary method.
    Well, of course you can if you can do strong magical range damage. But 
    let's follow the story ok? When you are done here, backtrack to the 
    previous point (1680, 1432). 
    Move your way to south. At the very south, you will encounter mushrooms and
    mushroom monsters. One of the mushrooms, (1172, 2603) will contain the blue
    stone that the mind flayer wants. Backtrack a little and move east, on the
    way, you'll encounter Impharaili in a small room, guarded by golems, caged
    driders. You can 'bluff' her that you are sent by Isair and Madae to check
    her progress to make her reveal everything. In addition, you will also come
    across the name Saablic Tan, who you'll encounter later. You can fight here
    right now, but we can wait later, there is no hurry. Saablic Tan and 
    Malavon, they have old score back in IWD1. The IWD1 band came across 
    Saablic as a umber hulk and helped to restore him.
    Continue towards east from here to uncover more driders. Be alert that 
    ambush and reinforcement comes from behind. When you have cleared the cave
    from driders. You can now go back to finish off Impharaili. There is one 
    golem there that you cannot kill. That one will be your golem later. In
    the messy study desk of her, you will find 'Transfusion note', 'Journal',
    'Treatise upon flesh golem', 3 'Vial of Spores' and 'Vial of Silvery 
    fluid'. According to the transfusion note and the treatise, you can bring
    the golem into life and at your command. According to the journal, you can
    create a potion that can destroy Viciscamera. You'll need someone with 
    'alchemy' to do so. 
    Have the alchemist to examine the table that is in between two 'container'
    tables (1640, 1738) and follow the instruction. Also, remember the wyrm
    egg we took from Black Raven monastery? we can use it here to create
    +STR potions. If you have any 'healing potions' with you, you can upgrade
    them all into 'extra healing potions' with this lab. Before you can create 
    the potion for flesh golem, you'll have to 'talk' with the golem first. 
    Then go back to use the lab. With the potion created, go back and 'talk' to
    golem and inject to potion into it. Shock the golem with a lightning spell 
    and the golem will follow the person who shocked it. If the golem require 
    maintainance after a fight, it means that you need to rest. Also, move all 
    the way back to Viciscamera heart and 'talk' to it with Viciscamera in your
         >>[Joshua Witkop] has a good news for transmuter wizards.
           "In the Drider Cave in the Underdark, there's one other thing you 
            can do with the alchemist lab. You need to have a transmuter and 
            have him/her examine the lab. It seems that as long as someone in 
            the party has a decent alchemy skill (my transmuter only had a rank 
            of 5, but another member had 16), you can use the last Vial of 
            Spores to give the transmuter a permanent +5 HP."
    Now you can leave the cave and report back to Malavon. 
          5.2.2 leaving the underdark                                 ppg43
    When you leave the cave into the Underdark, you'll find more driders at
    south, and more ambush coming from west. If you have anything to buy from
    the drows, buy it before you report back to Malavon. When your business 
    with Malavon is over, everyone teleports away, leaving you an empty camp. 
    Remember the hole-looking doors on the wall. Now it is guarded by a mind 
    flayer and some goons. You cannot open the doors unless you fight with them
    and alert their reinforment and will open the doors for you. Oh, yeah, 
    remember those mindless goons surrounding the mind flayers beside the pool?
    These mindless goons and the mind flayers guarding the doors, they
    are of the same gang. If you attack the mind flayers, mindless people 
    attack you. 
    And before you leave, if you are interested, you can raid the bad temper
    merchants base for some treasure. 
          5.2.3 z'hinda citadel                                       ppg44
    You have a choice of going in through the left or right door. Entering the
    right door will give you a more strategic position because so soon as you 
    are inside, you'll have to fight. 
    Ironically, this area is very straight foward. While exploring the area, 
    you'll encounter some lightning devices that shock you. You can destroy it
    of course by the hard way. Alternatively, you can lockpick a container 
    behind to sort of deactivate it. Furthermore, each container behind 
    lightning device will contains a diamond. There are altogether 7 diamonds 
    for you to pick. Also, you'll encounter mind golems which look like iron 
    golems you encounter earlier in Black Raven's tomb. You can kill them if 
    you have the ability. They are not hostile but whenever they pass you, They 
    will give out a blue fog called 'mind fog' which lowers down your WIS. There 
    are 4 of these golems. 
    The big boss here is a brain in a container, sitting in the middle. If you 
    go directly to him before killing much of the minions here, you might 
    convince that you are here not to seek trouble and giving you exit without
    From your starting position, we will run anti-clockwise around the place, 
    without stepping too deep into the center. First you'll find yourself in a 
    kitchen roughly at 4~5 o'clock position. Inside, you'll find with some
    unwanted stuff. At 3 o'clock as you pass through the hallway, mind
    flayers will be changing opinions about killing you. But they don't attack
    after the conversation ends. If you move further north, just about to pass
    their living quarter, they will start to attack. 1 o'clock is the exit. 
    guarded by a number of monsters. 11~12 o'clock is the slave living quarter.
    9 o'clock is the amory. You can work on the forge (623, 1635) to create a
    lousy axe. If you use a grey dwarf with high fighter level, you'll get a 
    magical axe. You'll also notice that one of the slave is blocking your way 
    to open a container. If you choose to slay him, other thralls will pop up. 
    As you have taken a circle back, you can start to confront the 'contained 
    brain'. Don't look down on the container. It is effective enough to charm 
    you, stun you and paralyse you.
    You can 'intiminate' the guards at exit 11 o'clock if you killed the 
    'container' for some extra xp. Before you leave the place, you would want 
    to take a good rest and, more importantly, take a picture with your pet 
    golem as this will be the last of it. Don't forget to make a save, cast 
    'mass haste', 'bless', 'preyer', 'recitation', etc.
    There will be a big tough fight as you exit this area. You'll meet Mirabel 
    and Majrash. i think they are from the Red Wizards and was sent to kill you 
    by Saablic Tan. If you exit through the left door, you'll be at the 
    northeast tip and surrounded by a few earth elementals. If you exit through 
    the right door, you'll be at the middle top of the map, and surrounded by 
    more earth elementals and more harpies. Well, if you choose the left door, 
    try not to run your members too far west and south, this will only open 
    yourself to more harpies to attack you. All these are just theories, when 
    the real fight begins, all hells break through. Enjoy the game. 
    When the fight ended, you'll meet Oswald again. Beside him is Maralie, the
    story teller of the game. If you want to finish the battle square back in
    ice temple is the your very last chance. Regroup yourself, take a rest and 
    you are ready to go, to Kuldahar that is. 
    Iselore, the archdruid of Kuldahar sent Oswald to fetch you. You are to
    Kuldahar first, to help them out, then to Severed Hand. Kludahar was the 
    center back in IWD1. You will come across the Heartstone gem, which was
    recover by the 'other' party back in IWD1.
    chapter 5                                                         ppg45
    This chapter is a long chapter. The main thing is, Iselore wants you to go
    to Kuldahar to save the town. Then you want to continue your journey to
    Severed Hand. To go to Severed Hand, you must pass the Dragon's Eye and
    Fields of Slaughter. In between Dragon's Eye and Fields of Slaughter,
    Nickademus (remember him?) teleports you back to his ice temple to kill
    some demons and, practically, to gain many xp. 
          6.1 kuldahar                                                ppg46
    You come to here because of Iselore's 'invitation'. Iselore is the person
    who runs this place. Ultimately, you want to go to the Dragon's Eye. In 
    here, you will find out the twin's past and why the Legion and Chimera 
    wants to attack the Ten-Town. Furthermore, it is the merchants here who 
    sell the best equipment you can but through gp.
          6.1.1 kuldahar pass                                         ppg47
    As the conversation ends, Hiepherus appears. If you are able, you can 
    'bluff' him by telling him there are armies marching here and showing him
    Oswald's ship to convince him. He will then teleports away. If not, he will
    teleports away and some undead will teleport in. Remember the 'Club of 
    Disruption' that you've got in Battle Square? This area is all undead and 
    nothing but undead. 
    At the middle of the map is a tower that you need to lockpick in order to
    get in. You'll meet Jermsy and Nathaniel. Jermsy will speak you. You can
    convince him to open the door north to the tower so that you can strike on
    Hiepherus right in the Hrothgar's Glen where he hides. In addition, he will 
    mention about a guy called Gerbash. He holds the key to his tower, and he 
    may be captured after all this long while. You'll need to retrieve
    the tower's key from him, or his body. Before conversation ends, remember 
    to mention Isair and Madae so that Jermsy will ask you to speak with 
    Nathaniel regarding this issue. Now you can talk to Nathaniel about Isair
    and Madae. He will mention the haunted house west to the tower. At night
    time you can see mother Egenia's spirit. Egenia is the one who raised
    Isair and Madae. Remember to shop Nathaniel for 'Every God Ring' (+5 wis).
    A side note, Jermsy is the boy that IWD1 band saved when orcs and goblins
    invaded Kuldahar. Hrothgar is the one brought the IWD1 band to Kuldahar and
    died during the journey by an ambush avalanche. 
    At night, when you go to the ruined house west to the tower at (1091, 592),
    you'll meet mother Egenia's spirit. She is still searching for Isair and 
    Madae. Ask her about the twin's weakness for some xp. Ask for more 
    questions and ask her to see your future for somemore xp. Eventually, she 
    wants to know what has happened to the twins after she died. For more 
    information, you'll need to ask Iselore. 
    Now, through the gate at north, you come to a graveyard. There is one 
    important tomb here that you might want to mark down. Lower group of graves,
    upper row, from right to left, second grave, the one with a standing 
    tombstone. if you click on it, it will shows 'old kholsa, traveler and 
    farmer, bla bla bla". mark this one down, we have use later. 
    Through the entrance to at the north to meet with Hiepherus again. This 
    time he is well prepared. You'll have a tough fight for sure. After this is
    done, report back to Jermsy for reward, then off to Kuldahar. 
          6.1.2 kuldahar                                              ppg48
    Kuldahar is crawling with yuan-tis. you'll encounter 4 bands of yuan-tis 
    while exploring the area. 
    Near to the entrance (1016, 1812) is a shop runs by Conlan. he is looking
    for his son who went looting Orrick the grey's tower. If you find his son,
    be sure to come back and report to him. Meanwhile, you can buy some 
    excellent equipment from him. For example a belt that + STR, a 'Mercenary's 
    Sack' that holds everything, a 'Boot of Speed' that increase movement rate 
    (not 'haste', just movement rate), short sword and dagger that +hide skill,
    and of course 'Ring of Freedom of Movement'.
    Sheemish is inside in the tower at northwest tip (342, 815). This father
    and son, was in IWD1. In fact, sheemish get caught by yuan-ti and the IWD1 
    band saved him from Dragon's Eye. Sheemish sells magic scrolls. If there is
    anything you can buy from him, 'Protection from Acid' and 'Lower 
    Resistance'. Inside northwest is a table with an open book writing 'yemnit
    progales k'apahcs'. Ask Sheemish about this and make him say this a few
    times then you would feel "whoa, that did something". A lesser wind 
    elemental appear in the tower. You can free him by mentioning 'Sheemish'.
    When this elemental is freed, items in its merchant inventory will transfer
    to Sheemish. these items include some of the most finest, most excellent, 
    most wonderful, most unbeliveable equipment you can ever buy. 
    Gerbash, who you are suppose to find to get the tower key and return it to
    Jermsy, is inside building (2935, 823). When you've got the key, return it
    to Jermsy to get reward. 
    Iselore is standing in the south of the map, among the standing stones and
    Heartstone gem. As usual, ask everything that you can, Especially about the
    stories of Isair and Madea. When this is done, report back to Egenia about
    what happend to Isair and Madea after she died. After you put Egenia into
    rest, report back to Nathaniel for reward. 
    As for the main quest, the yuan-ti are attacking Kuldahar and slicing the 
    Great Oak so that they can find the gateway (called Crossroad) within the 
    tree to this jungle called Chult. If you want to go to the Severed hand, 
    you'll have to find this jungle, kill all the yuan-ti in the outpost or 
    just kill the guardian of this Crossroad so that it will be sealed. 
    (Frankly, i don't see the connection and logic between getting to Severed
    Hand and closing the Crossroad.)
    Last note, there is a house near the Heartstone gem where you can loot the
    things inside. It is suppose to be the house of archdurid in this area,
    well at least it was the house of the last archdruid. 
    Entrance to Chult is at (l411, 602) north of map, marked by a shinny blue
    whirl. Make a seperate save file before you enter. 
          6.1.3 chult and yuan-ti temple                              ppg49
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    You have a choice as the story concern. Either finish all the yuan-tis or 
    slay the guardian. This walkthrough will write in such way that you can 
    cover both options and, possibily, maximize you xp gain. 
    You enter into north-eastern tip. There are, of course, yuan-ti crawling.
    At south-east corner is Katchmat. You ask can him about some general 
    information about this area. Southwest corner is a yuan-ti priest teaching
    some initates lesson. Listen to what they are saying. 
    question: what approaches the dusk?
       answer: growing drakness
    question: -----------cloudless night?
       answer: obscuring moon of our faith
    question: -----------venom of sseth potent?
       answer: faithful followers
    question: -----------sseth embrace unbelievers?
       answer: the cradle of scales
    The priest will discover you enventually and you have to silence them. The
    initaites left some robes which can function as disguise inside the yuan-ti
    Temple. Before you go trashing the whole place, you might want to disguise
    your band so that you can uncover more stories, and extra xp of course. 
    If you have a pure class paladin with you, she/he might not willing to wear 
    the disguise. There are ways to get around this you'll have to kill the 
    paladin before entering, resurrect the paladin back when needed. 
    There are 4 pillars in this area, spread out at (636, 799), (1260, 1015), 
    (1439, 954), (1964, 958). Collect all 4 and 1/2 to release the guardian so
    that you can slay it. The 1/2 is inside yuan-ti temple. Place what you've
    got onto the pillar stands surrounding the temple entrance. There is 
    already an example there, so i guess you'd have no problem finding those
    stands. When all is done but the last 1/2 pillar, we go into the temple.
    When you are inside the temple, save often, save seperate. You would never
    know what you did that triggered nearby yuan-ti to attack you. Also, you
    are disguising a one of them is this area, so let you 'bluff' and 
    'diplomacy' member do all the talking. Also, don't ask stupid question like 
    asking Ojaiah (the yuan-ti who runs this place) 'who are you?'.
    While exploring the temple, you'll come across yuan-ti archers act as 
    temple guard asking you questions. This is sort of a challenge to the 
    yuan-tis. Of course you need to answer the correct option. Questions and 
    answers are what you have heard outside the temple just now. There is 
    another 'Black Flower of the World' ritual that you don't know. Find an
    initiate and ask about disscussing rituals. Initiates can be found in the
    lobby during recess hour. 
    question: what is the black flower of the world
       answer: night, fed by the dead of day
    You'll experience the screen fade away and return. This is to tell you that
    the yuan-tis have finished their ritual and return to their rooms or they
    have rested and continue to their ritual. Refer to the conversation box for
    more information. 
         |                        |           |   |                    |
         |                        |  Ojaiha's |   |                    |
         |  vast area with rooms  |  room     |   |      priests'      |
         |                        |   --------|   |       room         |
         |                        |               |                    |
         |                        |  -------  |   |                    |
         |                        |           |   |        ------------|
         |                        |  ritual   |   |        | TREASURE  |
         |------------------------|  chamber  |   |        | VAULT     |
         |                        |           |   |        |           |
         |   ------------------   |               |        |           |
         |   |                |   ------------    ---------------X-----|
         |   |   more rooms   | W  =ENTRANCE=                          |
         |   |                |   |               --------- -----------|
         |   ------------------   |               | PIT  |    |heartless    
         |                    |                                 dead   |
         |-------  -----------|   |               | TRAP |   #| pit    |
         |     PIT            |   |               --------- -----------|
         |         TRAP       |                                        |
         |--------------  ----------------------------   --------------|
         |      |   *Ashra            |            |   *Jeszreal       |
         |     +|                     |            |                   |
         |      |      classroom                   |   guestroom       |
         |                            |          * |                   |
         |      |                     |            |                   |
    'Vast area with rooms', 'more rooms' and 'priests' room' are serving the 
    sole purpose of looting. When the ritual ends, yuan-tis inside ritual 
    chamber will scatter among these rooms (making the massacre troublesome). 
    W is a deadly trap that slams walls at you as you walk through. Pit traps
    are traps that close you inside a pit and damage you. You'll need to 'lock
    pick' the trigger inside to de-trap it. 
    Inside classroom is Ashra, teacher of Viper's Fangs assassins. Don't talk
    to anyone in this room because Ashra is very bad temper and will ask her
    students to demonstrate what they have learnt thus making everyone in this
    area to attack you. 
    Heartless dead pit consists of 4 heartless dead (undead). Pulling the
    trigger # will release them. These heartless dead will directly go for 
    their hearts, which is in the statue in ritual chamber, thus making yuan-tis
    to attack them. If you have the hearts, they will attack you instead. 
    Taking the hearts in ritual chamber will invoke nearby yuan-ti to attack
    you. When the heartless dead have possess their hearts, they will die. 
    Inside the room you'll get the last 1/2 pillar that require to free the
    guardian for you to slay. 
    To open the treasure vault, you'll need to do some investigation about the
    plates/bricks at the vault door. Ask the yuan-ti cook in guestroom about
    the vault. He will tell you the second part of the combination. Also, he
    will tell you that Viper's Fangs assassins might know the first part. Move
    to classroom and talk to the assassin inside the room beside Ashra (marked 
    by + in the map). Flatter the assassin that Viper's Fangs seems to be a 
    honourable job and continue from that. Then you will get the first half of 
    the combination and some xp. Frankly, i have an easier way explain the 
    combination. Starts from the left end, press every stones as you work 
    towards the second last stone. The last stone at right is the 'restore' 
    stone which makes every stone to pops back. After you pressed the second 
    last stone, go back again and press any stone that is still standing. You 
    would want open the vault after you have cleared the temple, because 
    opening the vault will invoke Ojaiha to attack you. Take note that among 
    the loots of vault, there is a 'Finger of Death' scroll. 
    Also at the east side of classroom are a couple of Coiled Cabal students. 
    Ask one of them with a high INT to give you information about releasing
    the guardian. For this you get extra xp. 
    You only have one shot at this so be prepare and don't miss it. Inside 
    guestroom is Jeszreal. She is from Dragon's Eye coming here asking aid from
    Ojaiha to chase human out of Kuldahar. Speak with her about this matter. 
    then find any ordinary yuan-ti priest and ask for information about 
    Jeszreal. After that, you can go to Ojaiha's room during recess hour and
    ask him about Jerszreal and continue the topic from that. You are trying to
    convince Ojaiha not to attack Kuldahar. Of course you'll fail that and
    exposed your identity. A fight is unavoidable after that. As the fight 
    goes, it will draws reinforcement from the classroom. However, other yuan-
    ti in other places will not attack you and remain neutral even after the 
    fight. When this is done, loot the place (especially Ojaiha's room and the
    treasure vault) and finish every other unfinish yuan-ti. don't forget
    the last piece of pillar as you leave the place.
    If you leave Chult at this point to Kuldahar. The game will take that you
    have finished the quest by stopping the yuan-ti Chult and yuan-ti Dragon's
    Eye alliance and continue the story from there. The crossroad will not 
    close after that, and you can come back for the guardian after that. It 
    will only close for good after you have slayed the guardian. 
          6.1.4 slaying the guardian and protecting kuldahar          ppg50
    Before you place the last pillar, you might want to make a new seperate
    save file and rearrange your memorized spells. Of course you might want to
    try the guardian first then decide what spells you want to memorize.
    There are many ways to slay the guardian
    1 - Generally, animate undead and other summon works. 
    2 - The guardian will have high resistance to lower level magic attack like
        magic missile. 
    3 - You should have 'Mordenkainen's Sword' for your wizard. Use this as 
        your last resort when you are out of damage-able spells. 
    4 - Your sorcerer might have 'Desintegrate'. Don't be shy to use it as the 
        guardian has no item for you to loot later. At least for once, i killed
        the guardian with a 'Desintegrate'. 
    5 - Don't swarm all your tankers if you have limited 'heal' spells. Instead
        go in one by one so your cleric, druid will have time to cure wounded
        members and summoning helpers.
    6 - If there is a protective spell you must cast beforehand that would be
        'remove fear' (lvl 1 cleric spell) and make sure you have plenty of
        those because it might wear off during the fight.
    7 - Enjoy the game
         >>[ezequielf] pierced the guardian with arrows and bolts
           "Inside the temple kill a caracther named Jezabel who is in the 
            kitchen and is the leader of the yun-tai, by doing this you can 
            exit Chult and continue the game to the dragon eye the portal 
            will still be open, now go to Dragon's Eye pass all the level and 
            when you reach the Fields of Slaughter return to Kuldahar, talk to 
            Gerbash and he will give you crossbow bolts with enchantement +5. 
            Now go confront the guardian, equip all your party members except 
            the mages with bow and crossbows and arrows +4, arrows of piercing 
            and the bolts+5. Use some protective spells and call him and attack.
            All your party menbers will hit him with a 15 to 19 damage use the 
            wizard spell 'lower magic resintence' to do more damage with magic.
            You will kill him much easily the only disvantage of it is that you 
            will get minor experience points because of your higher levels."
    When you killed the guardian, the game will make you rest. You'll have
    to leave the area as soon as possible after the rest or else your members
    will be taking damage. After you leave, the Crossroad will close for 
    When you enter Kuldahar, you will have a chance to enjoy the biggest fight
    in the game. 
    Iselore will join in the battle and he will prove his usefulness. He heals 
    your members when injured seriously. Enemy reinforcement will come from all
    direction so plan well. The battle will run like this after you clear each 
      - Cedra and yuan-ti from east at start
      - harpies from south
      - neo-orog from west near the archdruid's house
      - yuan-ti from northeast near the statues
      - neo-orog from east of statues
    The conversation box will indicate that you have save Kuldahar after you
    have done with every enemies.
    Talk to Iselore so that he can mark the Dragon's Eye on your map and off 
    to the Dragon's Eye we go. 
          6.2 dragon's eye                                            ppg51
    To get to Severed Hand, you have to pass Dragon's Eye. the yuan-tis run 
    this place but you'll not be facing yuan-ti only. They have lizardman and 
    histachii. This section is very long and there are several bugs that might
    stop you from progressing the game. 
          6.2.1 dragon's eye entrance and level 1                     ppg52
    At the entrance, you'll have a conflict with frost salamanders. They have
    an aura of frost (or some sort) that will damage anyone who is close to
    them. The bridge is heavily trapped, inch by inch. at the end of the bridge
    stands Izbelah warning about your intrusion.
         >>[Joberto] has another way to detrap
           "To disarm all the traps at the entrance to the Dragon's Eye, 
            mouse over to the right side of the start of the bridge (the side
            where the sign isn't). There's some sort of skull-topped post there
            that's clickable at (980, 695) (the pointer changes to the kind 
            when you mouse over items on the ground, not the disarm traps 
            pointer). Clicking this will disarm all the traps on the bridge."
    There are a 3 things you don't want to throw away as you progress in this
    area. Rope, fire agate gems and wyvern stinger. These things will have
    important use later in the story.
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    From the entrance, you proceed south, beating lizards, thieves and wyverns
    along the way. At the end you'll come to several trapped chests. This is
    an amory. You would want to loot everything inside now because you might
    lose them later. From here proceed to the east, you'll encounter an exit 
    and a nest for you to loot. DO NOT use the exit at this point or else 
    you'll lose an important quest item. 
    Backtrack to the exit and we will go east then south. Along the way you'll
    see a bridge which you can take a rope from it. You'll reach a door with
    two blade pendulums. Yes, you'll take damage if you pass it. We will deal 
    with this later. 
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug) (patched in v2.01) 
    At the end of the path to southeast, you'll reach a torture chamber and a
    locked door. Deyond that lock door is a prison. As you try to open the 
    door, the prisoner inside will request for your help and gives you 
    information on how to open the door. If your INT is high enough, you can
    make him to mention about the alarm when the door is opened. i cannot
    find a way to disable the alarm however. To open the door, you need to 
    turn the roller on the torture bed, the one that says that 'it has been
    recent and frequent use'. The roller is small so keep your eyes open 
    at (2906, 1466). Once it is rolled, 'dispel' and 'fear' will cast on your 
    members and enemies will pop up. The door will open of course. When you go 
    inside the prison, rush, rush your way to the south room and kill the 
    prisoner wearing a robe and casting spell. If he is not in this room, then 
    search him inside the east room. The green troll here is his pet, we can 
    kill it later.
    Inside west room is Nheero Fhutma, who is a yuan-ti sage. He and Mandal 
    Graye travel to Dragon's Eye so that he can experience (or experiment) the
    living of yuan-ti. He let himself get caught and Mandal gets away for a 
    plan. The yuan-tis make histachii brew from Mandrake root. It will 
    transform human into histachii when drank. Mandal is to repalce the 
    Mandrake root with a modified one so that Nheero transformation into
    histachii will be temporaily. But then, Mandal is lost, so Nheero wants
    you to find out if Mandal is ok. Beside the main thing, you also found 
    out that first, members of Legion of Chimera are running in this area. 
    Second, you can use the wyvern stingers to create venom. Third, yuan-ti
    divide the prison into 3 sections according to intellegence so the lower
    class will be transformed into histachii, upper class will serve as 
    breeders and others for food or torture. As for other prisoners, you can 
    ask them to go to the armory to arm themselves. One prisoners who was a
    breeder would require some rest after all the 'hard work' before he can
    Now back to the blade pendulums. You can send a rogue, who as no problem
    evading the baldes, into the room to turn off the pendulums. The switch
    is on west wall of the room (2313, 620). When you are prepared, go into the
    room with meet with Grishum. There are altogether 5 braziers in this room.
    you'll need to place a fire agate gem on each so that the statue will open
    a path for you which leads to second level.
          6.2.2 dragon's eye level 2                                  ppg53
    After taking care of enemies nearby, head to the east from the entrance.
    you'll pass an area with quite an amount of spiders which leads to the 
    south but this is not what we want. Send a rogue continue east till you 
    reach the end and the path turns southward. As you move along, a boulder 
    will come rolling, take the pain and you'll find Mandal's dead body at the 
    end. You'll find a cursed light armor in the chest beside Mandal's body. 
    Though curse, it is still the best light armor for a rogue. Report back to 
    Nheero your findings and he would want you to find Mandal's blade so he can 
    rest in peace. 
    Back to level 2 and from the entrance we go west. You'll reach a trapped
    staircase and at the end of the room, west end, you'll see some egg 
    shells. Continue south, pass the trapped bridge then west and you'll meet
    Nathaniel in within an oasis sort of setting. He offers healing for free
    and trading. Beside, if you encounter any prisoners, you could tell them
    to find refuge within Nathaniel's oasis. You could return to the prisoners
    you've set freed within the amory and tell them about the news. i don't
    know why my member mentioned the glacier thing to him as if this is the 
    first we meet since seperated in glacier. After all we did meet him in 
    Kuldahar pass, shouldn't we be mentioning this there? But any way, this
    Nathaniel is a fake one. Rakshasa is disguise. 
    At this point if you go back to Kuldahar and talk with the real Nathaniel, 
    you can expose this fake one. This is a tough fight for one reason, you 
    will encouter almost endless jaguars. Because when one jaguar is killed
    another one will appear. Where the jaguar appears is always where you least
    wanted to. Often at the end, your tanker(s) will be surrounded by jaguars
    and there is no way for they come come out nor for cleric to go near them 
    to heal them. 
    Continue south from Nathaniel's oasis, you'll reach a big pyramidal altar
    and trapped a trapped snake picture on ground that is un-detrap-able. 
    Continue southeast from here and you'll find a room that looks like a 
    alchemy lab and library. This lab palys an important role in the game. 
    But right now, you can just loot everything here. You'll find a 'Mandrake 
    root' in one of the tables. Mark this table, and also keep the root. Also, 
    you'll find a lab note. Study it as is provide vital information on how 
    does the lab operates. 
    Backtrack all the way back to the enterance, head east, remember the 
    spider infested path towards south? Work your way to the south and you will
    arrive at an exit. This exit has a trap which slams you with spike and
    teleport in yuan-ti pureblood sorceresses. You'll need to detrap it or 
    else everytime you pass it, you trigger the trap. 
          6.2.3 dragon's eye level 3                                  ppg54
    Let's have a basic run through before what continue to find Mandal's blade.
    You start in the middle east side of the map. Follow the path to the north,
    You'll reach a table and a fountain. That fountain serves a purpose of
    opening door, and so as other similiar fountains found in this area. Turn
    as the path turns south and you'll reach a junction shortly. Go east a bit,
    you'll see some items on the ground in the north. If you go inside that 
    room, a rock will block the door closing you inside with some skeletons. 
    You'll have to destroy the rock in order to get out. 
    Now go back to the junction and continue south. You'll reach an opening 
    with tons of snakes and yuan-tis. There is a statue in the middle of the
    area which shows snakes eating human. The north wall of the area is a 
    series of trapped doors that you cannot open. We'll mark this as 'snake
    statue square'. There are three path at southeast, south, and southwest. 
    We'll go southwest first.
    When you reach the end of southwest path, the screen will shake, and tons 
    of slimes pop up. As of other slimes/jellies you encountered, they have
    high resistance aganist every type of damage except fire damage and they
    multiply. These slimes have to be kill by fire damage. If not, they will
    multiply upon death. After you eliminated all the troubles, check on the 
    wall/door that close off the small area. It says that it can be open by 
    a rogue or it will open later. Use your rogue to 'search' and you'll find 
    a 'trap' at roughly (725, 1514). Detrap it will open the doors. If your 
    rogue cannot perform the task, simply sleep a few times and it will open. 
    From here, if you go south, you'll reach a sleeping room (sort of) with a
    fountain at the north wall and a loot-able table at the southwest wall. 
    From this room, travel to the north, you'll reach a second library with
    another fountains on the north wall and 4 loot-able shelves. Take the 
    other path the leads to south and you'll reach another opening at the end.
    You should be able to see the other side of the un-open-able trapped doors
    that you've seen just now. If you go to northeast, your members will 
    suddenly freak out and run wildly. This is because the Sseth eye on the 
    archway stares at them. 
    Now go back to the snake statue square. The south path is currently blocked
    by a raised drawbdrige. The southeast path will lead you to room surrounded
    by 4 spkie doors. In the middle is an iron golem guarding a sword. 
    Obviously this will be Mandel's blade. You can deactivate the spkie doors,
    by seaching for traps and deactivate it. 
    Continue from the spkie doors room to the south end and you'll find a door
    that says "there is no obvious means of unlocking the door". Behind this
    door is the treasure chamber. We will be back. Move north from here toward
    the entrance, you come across a door with wyvern's poison odor. This is the
    exit, which requires some work to open.
          6.2.4 finishing the dragon's eye                            ppg55
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    Bring Mandal's balde, 'The sword of Myrloch Vale' back to Mandal's dead 
    body, in level 2 (3557, 1265). He will then show you where he threw the 
    'Modified Mandrake root'. To recover the modified root, you'll need to 
    go back to level 1, east of the armory at(1712, 1950) you'll find a exit. 
    This leads you to a small cave within level 2. It is a lair of an ancient 
    wyvern. You'll find the 'modified mandrake root' on the ground where the 
    wyvern stood. 
    Report back to Nheero when you recovered the modified root. He will then 
    tell you to brew the potion for him. So we'll go to the lab in level 2, 
    southwest now. At the entrance of the lab, you'll see D'hey-Jazerrion. You
    don't need to be nice to him. 'Intinimate' him to help you, the broken 
    shaft at (659, 2454), south of the pyramidal altar, will be repaired. If 
    you don't have an 'alchemist', you'll need to intiminate D'hey-Jazerrion 
    to do the job for you and wait and wait and wait for him to actually 
    perform the job. Don't talk to him while you are waiting/resting as this 
    will 'reset' him to restart the whole process from the begining. Let's do
    it ourselves, Shall we? Put the modified and/or original Mandrake root in 
    the middle table among the three. Put four wyvern stingers into the west 
    most table. Have an 'alchemist' pull the shaft. Shinies will spark around
    the tables and when it ends, you can pick up Histachii Brew (from Mandrake
    root), Sobataged Histachii Brew (from Modified Mandrake Brew) and 4 wyvern
    poison (from wyvern stinger). The Histachii Brew will have no actual use,
    you can sell it if you want. The brew will turn into a useless potion after
    a rest. The wyvern posion will be used to open a door in level 3. As for 
    the sabotaged histachii brew, we will give it to Nheero. Before you give
    the sabotaged brew back to Nheero, make sure you replace the original 
    mandrake root back into the table after all it is a deception we are doing. 
    After you gave the sabotaged potion to Nheero, you can find him in the egg
    shells room in north-western tip of level 2. You'll see him in histachii 
    form. He is unable to talk right now, so you'll have to rest. You'll see 
    him as himself again after the rest. Talk to him again and ask about the
    purple thing (Fyer) that attacked you. You'll suggest him to research in 
    the lab library in this level. If you have mentioned this beforehand, you 
    will find him there when you wake up. Of course, you'll have to sleep again 
    for him to gather information. Talk to him first to ask for a sabotaged 
    histachii brew, you'll need this to pass the archway that freaks you. Then 
    ask him about the purple monsters and suggest him to library in level 3. 
    You have only one shoot at this so be warned. As you reach the archway, 
    drink the sabotaged potion. It will transform you into a histachii. 
         >>[Chris Kelly] made some extra potions.
           "You can create as many Sabotaged Histachii brews as u like. You do 
            not get only one shot at it. The modified mandrake root does not 
            run out."
    Now you can walk through the archway normally. There are histachii inside 
    but they will not attack you. A secret switch is at the north wall (1917 
    134). Pull that one and the drawbridge near the snake statue square will be 
         >>[ezequielf] seems to use shapeshifting a lot
           "If you have a druid let him enter the chamber of fear as a 
            histachii to lower the bridge once done he can come back to normal 
            in no time with his will shape special ability regardless of the 
            four hours mentioned by Nheero."
    Go through the drawbridge, inside the room you'll find Efreeti, a whole 
    company of them. Inside the room is a boy named Thorasskus finding his 
    mother Izbelah. You probably rested, so you can go to Nheero go gather
    some information, especially about Thorasskus. Izbelah is the person you 
    met at the entrance of Dragon's Eye. Thorasskus is the high priest of 
    Dragon's Eye yuan-ti. Now you can go back and expose Thorasskus. 
    Alternatively, a paladin can detect Thorasskus is evil and expose him. When 
    conversation ends, the drawbridge close up, snakes will pop up and all 
    hells breaks through. Depend on situation, Thorasskus might escape through 
    exit at southeast of the room or he might just die before he can escape. 
    Either way, you will have to exit via that door which is at (1978, 2440).
    You end up in the treasure room, among the things you loot is the 
    'Medallion of the Lost Followers'. Read the interesting story that comes 
    with the medallion. We have use of this later. If you are pursuing 
    Thorasskus, he will meet you at the snake statue square. 
    You are now done with Dragon's eye. If you want to leave this place, you'll
    have to place the wyvern poison in four fountains found at the four corners
    of the map. This will open the door at (3026, 1342) which will bring you 
    to the Dragon's Eye exit. 
    If you return to Kuldahar at this point, you'll find all the NPCs line up
    near the entrance. Speak to Nathaniel to expose the fake Nathaniel back
    in dragon's eye level 2. Speak with Gerbash to gain some equipment. 
          6.3 the holy avenger                                        ppg56
    When you have the 'Medallion of the Lost Followers', you can return to
    the graveyard in Kuldahar pass to claim the Holy Avenger. Of course this
    cannot be done with some hard work. 
    Among the outter graves, upper row, count from east, the second tomb which
    is standing. You check on this one with medallion in your inventory, you
    will find yourself surrounded by 6 enemies as described in the medallion.
    Using clock direction system, 
    12 o'clock - 'Atalaclys the Lost' is a sorcerer/wizard. 
    2 o'clock  - 'Jaiger of the Fanged Seasons' is an archer who has the 
                 ability to deal hugh damage with bow and arrows. 
    4 o'clock  - 'Kaervas Death's Head'is a drawf with an axe which is equal 
                 to deadly.
    6 o'clock  - 'Inhein-Who-Was-Taken' is a cleric who is capable of casting
                 'animate undead'.
    8 o'clock  - 'Broken Khree' is a monk.
    10 o'clock - 'Veddion Kairne' is another fighter who uses warhammer. 
                 According to the medallion he is the strongest of all. 
    At this point you should have no problem defeating them, yes? The usual
    thing, mass haste and animate undead. 
    normal mode - 'Cera Sumat', Joly Avenger
                        - damage: 1d8+5
                        - attack bonus: +5 
                        - enchantment: +5
                        - +2d6 against evil creatures
                        - +15 spell resistance
                        - cast 'dispel magic' with no limit
    HoF mode    - Light of Cera Sumat
                       - damage: 1d8+10
                       - attack bonus: +10
                       - enchantment: +5
                       - +2d6 against evil creatures
                       - +30 spell resistance
                       - cast 'dispel magic' with no limit
    Final note, Holy Avenger is an one-handed long sword, not two-handed great
          6.4 dragon's eye exit                                       ppg57
    This place and its story is heavily twisted. You cannot rest here. If you 
    need to rest, exit via entrance into Dragon's Eye. 
     =day 5=
    Head east, walk around the outter rim to the south and found a broken 
    bridge. Place 3~4 rope into the brige to repair it. Proceed to the west 
    and you'll meet Venomin in inner rim saying strange things and jumps into 
    the magma. Turn around the corner, head north, go into the inner rim if you 
    have a chance, continue north and you'll meet Archon. He will ferry your 
    around with a price of 200pg each person. Of course you can choose to 
    'bluff' him for free each time you have a choice. He doesn't sell things, 
    but will buy from you. He also provides priest service. You'll be heading 
    to Lord Pyros' domain. In there you'll encounter Ambassador Jasper, a 
    salamander looking guy. Talk to him to gather information. 
    The situation is, Venomin was sent by yuan-ti to find Izbelah. But then,
    Venomin killed lord Pyros (the person who runs this place) YESTERDAY and 
    seek refuge in Jesper's embassy. As a result, king Lothar assumed control
    and sent efreets to kill Thorasskus (you have seen this earlier). Izbelah
    on the other hand was caged and killed while escaping from cage. Right now,
    some guy named Zil-T'yor runs this place. 
    Now you can first go to the embassy for a quick loot. Then proceed to exit 
    to Fields of Slaughter. You'll meet Zil-T'yor and his goons. You can choose 
    not to fight first. i regrouped my band at the outter rim for a better 
    position. When you are done, have a tour around this area to at least know
    where is called what. After that, exit through the exit below the entrance.
     =day 4=
    You'll arrive in the same place but in different time, yesterday. You seek
    lord Pyros but he is seeing Venomin right now. So go to Jesper's embassy
    instead. As for the closet in the embassy, you cannot open in ever because
    you had opened it 'tomorrow'. After the conversation, you can now go to
    Pyros' domain and follow the story. After Pyros is killed, rush your way
    to embassy to continue the story. After that, talk to one of the fire 
    people near amphitheatre to know about the trial of Izbelah. Go yo find
    Jesper in Pyros' domain and find yourself trapped among yuan-tis. Head back
    to upper levels and you'll see Venomin dumping himself into lava again. 
    Also, you'll see a hostile iron golem destroyed the bridge. 
      *please have a look at <known bugs> section (ppgbug)
    Now the situation. Venomin killed Pyros, Lothar discover it, destroyed the
    embassy, summon efreets to kill Thorasskus. All these you have known, you
    are now witnessing it. In addition, there was a trial for Izbelah, Venomin 
    jumped into the scene to defend for her. Eventually he found out that 
    Izbelah is innocent yesterday (day 3) but Izbelah still tried to escape. 
    When you are done, exit through Fields of Slaughter exit. 
         p.s. You will find that things that left on ground tomorrow 
              will 'still' on the ground today. 
     =day 3=
    Talk to Proys about everything under the sun. Move north, the path once 
    broken will join and there comes Venomin. Venomin comes to report to Pyros
    that Izbelah is innocent she was casting a spell to prevent the coming 
    eruption. After this seek Lothar for high tea. Drop by at the embassy to 
    get some more information. 
    Walk to the amiphitheatre and talk to one of the flamewalker about plays. 
    you fell asleep during the play (i though elves are immune to sleep) and 
    Lothar, jumping through several patches, killed Izbelah at the end. When 
    you are awake, you see Venomin running pass you. Don't forget to stop him 
    and give him a holler. Now, go to Lothar's citadel and you will see Lothar 
    blames the death of Izbelah on Pyros to Venomin thus making Venomin wants 
    to kill Pyros. Furthermore, Lothar said that Pyros is creating an eruption 
    just like the one happened 30 years ago when Pyros was created. After the 
    conversation, Lothar discovered you eavesdropping and he wants to silence 
    you. Don't forget to destroy Lothar throne at (1656, 1005) for some 
    precious gems. 
    Exit through Fields of Slaughter exit. 
     =day 2=
    Choose the new choice when talk to Archon, "lava mephit lair southwest to
    the amphitheatre". This will take you to the island with a chest and you 
    can enjoy the trial on a boat. Gathering information from Lothar, your
    band concluded that this 'Temporal Stasis' spell was flawed and should be 
    So now make a seperate save, take a rest and exit through Fields of 
    Slaughter exit.
     =day 1=
    Time is short so you have to act fast. Immediately send your high DEX, 
    wearing 'boot of speed' running west, taking the shortcut to Archon, the 
    boatman. You'll experience falling rocks, but that wouldn't stop your 
    speedy high DEX. If it does, you'll have to reload. At the meantime, other 
    members should be preparing, At least cast 'mass haste'. Ask Archon to send 
    the band to the embassy. As soon as you arrive, anyone with the ability 
    should be casting 'Finger of Death' immediately. Send one person near her 
    to trigger the coversation. She should die under 'Finger of Death'. If you 
    failed the first time trying, you have enough time to try for the second 
       **Originally, i was stuck in this place. So i ask for help in
         www.gamefaqs.com iwd2 forum. A lot of people contributed. But 
         just one person gave me 3 real words of wisdom, 'Finger of 
         Death'. i wanted to credit him/her for this, but the name is
         no where to be found now. 
         >>[ezequielf] found another way to play with Izebelah
           "Have a druid and shapeshift into panther and run to the east until 
            the movie of izbelah appear now take him to the ramp in the east 
            descend and go to the ferry  his velocity is superior to improved 
            haste for that reason he can take the large rout avoiding the 
            falling rocks. Now the best spell to cast in Izbelah is the 
            wizard spell "Outlikes resilient sphere". First use "lower magic 
            resistance" and then use "Outlikes resilient sphere". If it works 
            izbelah will be trapped in the sphere and she cant cast any spell 
            or be attacked giving you a lot of time to kill all the monster 
            summoned by her now take all your party and go in front of her. 
            When the sphere is gone kill her with all you've got."
    When Izbelah dies, loot her stuff and run run run. The collapsing building
    might injure your band members if not running fast enough towards the
    Fields of Slaughter exit. If you are using 3X2 formation, place the 2 
    tankers in last 2 position.
          6.5 ice temple revisit                                      ppg58
    Nickademus is ready to collect his favor. He trapped fiends inside the 
    temple and teleported you to help him slay all of them. Plain and simple,
    just hack and slash your way to fortune. Every containers here has a 
    potion. One of which will permanantly +1/- magic resistance. All these
    demons will yield very high xp, expecially when you are in HoF mode. One
    nice trick here. Don't level up in this area, because once you level up,
    you lower down the challenge rating thus yield less xp when killing a 
    demon. When you finish all the demons, the screen will shake and you can
    exit via the staircase at east. Make sure you cast every protection and 
    enhancement before exiting.
          6.6 fields of slaughter                                     ppg59
    This qualifies as one of the hardest fight in the game. You will encounter
    Saablic Tan and his half-breed horde. After the usual chitchat, he 
    teleports away, leaving his minions to take care of you. The half-breeds 
    are not the hard, just that they have numeric advantage at start. If you 
    somehow pushed too far north, Fallen Bladesingers will join in, this will
    complicate the situation. These pinkish, blurish fighters can fight fast 
    and hard, it will only take them a 2~3 slashes to finish your wizard. This 
    is the worst part, they will directly, immediately, without consideration 
    go for the weakest member in the party. So, first of all don't summon your 
    summons to far north. If you see any of bladesingers break through the 
    fight and coming at you, you want to invisible yourself. i myself have to 
    reload several times to finish this fight.
    If you attracted none of the bladesingers during your fight with the horde,
    you can finish them relatively simple and still a hard work. Later, you 
    would want to gather all your troops, invisible everyone and send a 
    invisible 'bluff' person (it would be your sorcerer i think) with your 
    summons north to take care of every other fallen bladesingers left behind. 
    The reason for sending a 'bluff' is that you will trigger a conversation
    if you wonder too far north, and from that point onwards, you need to 
    'bluff' your way success. An orc dread warrior will ask if you are the war
    party send by Saablic Tan. the answer is obvious isn't it?
    The messenger will bring you to see Kratuuk, the leader here. Ask him about
    the lich, pretend that Saablic Tan sent you but he was vague in his 
    directions, ask for more about the lich and agree to help them. If you can
    get past this, you can ask more about the prisoned elves at the entrance.
    Furthermore, you can ask him to watch for you as you sleep. This is very 
    important and useful as there is no where to sleep at this moment. You 
    know the rules, no touching anything unless you want a fight. 
    Kratuuk will gives you a key that open the other gate of this camp. 
    Continue southeast from the gate and you will meet orc fighting elves.
    The leader is Gorg. He will offers help to kill the lich and some xp. If
    accident happens and they turn hostile, you'll have to finish them. Don't
    worry, the orc inside camp wouldn't know this.
    Move southwest and you'll be brought to the lich, M'darfein. The elf he 
    kills is Salaron, a cleric with holy water to purify this place. This is 
    another tough fight as the elven archers will aim at your weaker members. 
    M'darfein will difinitely invisible himself, but you can guess his position
    by looking at the screen for 'casting XXX spell' then move near this area 
    and cast 'see invisibility'. The worst part is, he knows 'Wail of Banshee'. 
    Your orcish reinforcement is at the back so you might want to rush back 
    when the fight starts. 
    After the fight, you might want to use the advantage of Gorg and further
    eliminate threats past the lich camp, along the path till the exit of this
    area at northeast. If you place the holy water you looted from the eleven
    cleric and put it in the pool along the path, all the creatures here will
    die, including the orc but not the elves prisoners. If you don't do so, 
    report back to Kratuuk and that ends in a fight. 
    Free the captured elves at the camp entrance, place the holy water in the
    pool east end of the map and you are done with this area. Cast protective
    spells before advance to next area. 
          6.7 saablic tan                                             ppg60
    As you enter the area, you meet Saablic Tan, for the last time. This is a
    worthy fight. Enemies that gives me most headache are the Slayer Knights of
    Xvim. i really don't know why how they can do so many damage and have so 
    much hp. These knights are those with full armor and look like human. 
    Loot the small camp at north then proceed east. At the end, you'll have 
    another will more half-breeds, among them are half-dragons, which, 
    suprisingly, not that strong.
    Before you leave for the next area and ends the chapter, you might want to
    put your two best 'bluff' members in the front. 
    You have found out the past of the twins and the reason why they want to 
    attack the Ten-Towns. At this point, you should reflect this to yourself.
    Have you ever look down on other races or ethnic background? Have you ever
    look down on the so call 'abominations' of your society? 
    chapter 6                                                         ppg61
    This is the Severed Hand. As its name suggest, it is a hand like building.
    So when you are inside and traveling up, you are in the 'palm' section.
    When you reached the top of 'palm', you'll be running around the five 
    seperate 'fingers' called towers. 
    A brief history about the severed hand. Long time ago, elves and dwarves 
    are good friends. They united together to fight orcs. The elves build the
    Severed Hand as fortress (Initially not called Severed Hand, but i forget
    the name). But then the elves and the dwarves started to fight each other
    because of some misunderstandings. Then the leader of Severed Hand casted a
    spell intended to protect them from the advancing dwarves but the spell was 
    flawed and doomed everyone there. Thus the name Severed hand. As for the 
    reason why the dwarves fighted the elves, Nym single handedly started all 
    these. Yes, the Nym who told you to go to Underdark, the Nym who told the 
    twins your whereabout. 
         >>[J A] will take over from here
           "It's real name is the Hand of the Seldarine, or the Seldarine's 
            Hand, which explains the mix-up well. The Seldarine are the Gods 
            of the Elves (maybe the most powerful elven gods?)"
    Since every floor are in circle setting so i will be using more of the 
    clock direction system instead of normal compass system.
          7.1 the palm                                                ppg62
    At the entrance, you will be asked for purpose of 'visiting'. If you can
    'bluff', you can pretend that you are delegates from the east. If not, you
    will have to fight your way in. 
    >>> first floor
    It doesn't matter which entrance you take, upon entrance you'll see Zigma
    telling her soldiers to prevent you from coming in Severed Hand. She will
    see you and a fight is ensured. Near to the entrance stands a demon, 
    Glabrezu guard. You will see more of its kind later. At this point you 
    cannot kill it. Once it is killed, it will resurrect on the spot. Its, or 
    rather, their ultimate purpose is not just serving the twins but feeding
    on panic and fear. So they wouldn't be sounding the alarm but watching
    you trashing around can causing chaos. 
    Inside 8 o'lcock room is Jerre Stoh, blue dress guy. He is the 
    representative of the slaves here. He will tell you the information about
    the Glabrezus and ask you to free them by killing the Glabrezu guard 
    outside. You can now head back to the Glabrezu guard to confirm about his
    immortality and ask the highier power that take him here. You'll come 
    across the name 'Iyachtu Xvim, Godson of Bane'. 
    9 o'clock room is Ysha who has trouble with the construction plan. Offer 
    your help of altering the construction plan. she will then give you the
    12 o'clock is the Minister of Foreign Affairs room. Talk to Xavier to learn 
    about the origins of the war and you'll get xp for that. Ask him about the 
    imprisoned envoy and you'll get xp. Ask for a delegate pass from him and 
    you'll get more xp. Lastly, ask about the demon in this floor convince him 
    that these workers are actually slaves (you'll need to talk with Jerre Stoh 
    first to be able to convince Xavier). Xavier will resign and you get xp 
    Room 2 o'clock is Vashti who has problem with disappearing food and needs
    your help. 
    With these done, go exit to 2nd floor via stairs at (1735, 1355) or the 
    staircase at 6 o'clock.
    >>> second floor
    12 o'clcok is Fynne asking for you aid to kill a demonic construct(s) 
    (number of constructs is dependent on difficulty). Turns out that Fynee is 
    the instructor and Tasha is the student. This is Tasha's exam for promotion.
    They totally ignored your presence and went on to celebrate their success.
    11 o'clock is Kav Lathram. He is able to alter content of documents. 
    Ask about his work and present the construction plan you've got from Ysha
    (9 o'clock, 1st floor). You can then return the Altered plan back to Ysha
    for reward. Container Inside this room (943, 435) will have 'Ring of 
    Nourishment' and 'Virulent Agent'. You'll need both to complete quests
    later. After you have gotten Zaem's diary and talked to the librarian 
    about it, you can come back to Kav for further investigation. 
    6 o'clock is Roga who has problem with his work. Turns out that tools are
    missing in one day and appeared in Vylu's room the next day. He wants you
    to put a stop in this. Vylu is in 10 o'clcok and she is currently out of
    her mind and unable to communicate. Report back your finding to Roga and he
    will ask you seek out a priest in 4th floor. 
    1 o'clock are some guards guarding the 'Globe of Essence'. This is what 
    makes those Glabrezu immortal. Right now you are unable to harm that globe.
    Ask the head of the guard, ruinlord Garuk for some information and he will
    eventually ask you to read his diary placed in 12 o'clock room. Killing
    these people you will find some 'Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol' amulets over 
    their dead bodies. You'll need to collect all 6 of them to enter an area 
    9 o'clock is the library and 8 o'clock is the librarian. 
         >>[bloodtitan] had done some invstigation. 
           "One of the shelves contains a diary of Zaem Asym who was a 
            scientist of the red wizards. Talk to librarian to learn about his 
            death. I used my wizard for this ... he had high INT + talking 
            abilities ~7 and of course arcana max for that time. Turns out 
            Zaem suicided but I managed to discuss with librarian in Sherlock-
            Holmes-style and he told me to talk to Kav Lathram (2nd floor, 
            11 o'clock), the scholar of Zaem, and Zaem's concubine Jaebrilla 
            (12 o'clock, 4th floor). Also, you have extra talking options after
            that when talking to blured lizardman so do this quest after 
            librarian-discussion. Seems that Lizzy (Zaem named ;-)) is the lost 
            creation of Zaem Asym. Talk to all three of them to find out 
            librarian is murderer of Zaem Asym. If you finished the tatoo quest 
            for Vese you are trusted enough to accuse librarian there. Inform 
            Kav and Jaebrilla for reward."
    2 o'clock is Vese Nejj. She will ask you to help her gain access to the 
    library in Mage tower. After you sloved the puzzle in Mage tower first
    floor and report back to her, she will further ask you to find 3 items
    within the Mage tower for her. 'Orrick the Grey's Spellbook' in 2nd floor, 
    'Orrick's Book of Mythal' in 3rd floor upper level and 'Larrel's Bones' in 
    4th floor. Returning these items to her and insist her to give you reward.
    She will give a member a tatoo which gives the ability of either 'iron will',
    'greater fortitude' or 'lightning reflex'. It is consider a feat and those 
    who already have this feat will not stack with the tatoo. Do not speak with
    Orrick before you finish this quest. 
    4 o'clock is Dracein. She/he will ask you to leave the room or else she 
    will attack you with her precious, which is a Chimera. If you use 'improved
    invisibility', you can loot her room without being notice. One of the loots
    will be a pair of shoes that +5 DEX. 
    When are is done, exit to 3rd floor via (1397, 1349)
    >>> third floor
    9 o'lcock is Yxbudur'zmutkimdu (pronounce that for me) and his minions. In
    simple words, they want to eat you. From this room, work you way towards
    10 o'clock, there is a container at (403, 757) with 'Bonding agent'. we 
    have use of this later. 
         >>[Karl Hoel] has a story to tell.
           "When you meet Yxbudur'zmutkimdu you can tell the story of the 
            Blood War instead of fight him and his friends." 
    7 o'clock room has 2 slayer knights, a trapped welcome carpet and more
    importantly Iyachtu Xvim holy symbol amulet in container (793, 1797).
    6 o'clock room has 2 slayer knights, a trapped welcome carpet and more
    importantly Ilmater holy symbol in container (1863, 1825).
    3~4 o'clock is a trapped hallway.
    2 o'clock are guards and a magical pool. This pool will play a important
    part in the main story.
    11~1 o'clock room has 2 immortal Glabrezu guarding the twin's thrones. 
    When all is done exit to 4th floor via (1454, 1638)
    >>> fourth floor
    If you don't have a delegate pass, you cannot wander around 4th floor.
    There are much to do here. Remember questes we carried from previous 
    10 o'clock is the kitchen. One of the containers (333,913) has a 'Demon
    blood'. Talk to Miram, attempting to slove the missing food problem of
    Vashti (1st floor, 2 o'clock). Turns out that Miram doesn't want to help.
    So back to Vashti we go, to find an alternative. Vashti suggest that the
    band hide in near where the food is given and find out who are steeling it.
    Follow the story and you'll see a blur lizardman stealing the food and
    runs away. You can find the lizardman in room 1st floor, 3 o'clock. Be nice
    to him and find out his problem. At the end give him the 'Ring of 
    Nourishment' (found in room 11 o'clock, 2nd floor) to fill his hunger. Find
    out also about the information of his dead master, Zaem. Report back to 
    Vashti for extra xp. 
    12 o'clock is Jaebrilla weeping for her dead husband Zaem. Talk to her to
    find out more about Zaem's death. 
    2 o'clock has two important NPCs. Hatemaster Drothan has questions about 
    his faith. You'll need the diary of Graduk first (12 o'clock, 2nd floor).
    With this you can ask him for the secret behind the Glabrezus' immortality 
    and the method to destroy the 'Globe of Essence'. Eradru, on the other 
    hand, can give you a potion to restore Vylu's sanity. Give the potion to
    Vylu (10 o'clock, 2nd floor) and report back to Roga (6 o'clock, 2nd floor).
    7~8 o'clock is a classroom. You go inside, interrupt the study and all the
    demons attack you. 
    4~5 o'clock is the sleeping quarter of guards. You have a choice of two to 
    finish them off. First choice, go in and slash. This will also invoke the 
    patrolling guards in this floor to attack you. Xp gain is not many since
    your level is very high already at this point. Second choice, speak with 
    Riki at 12 o'clock. She will give you a poison recipe which you can then
    make a poison to kill them. Go to 2nd floor, 4 o'clock, ask Dracein for
    permission to use the lab, she will give you a go if you have a delegate
    pass (12 o'clock, 1st floor, Xavier). Then place the Virulent agent (11 
    o'clock, 2nd floor), Bonding agent (10 o'clock, 3rd floor), Demon's blood 
    (10 o'clock, 4th floor) into the potion lab in the middle of the room 
    (2699, 1363) and voa-lah. Place the 'Lethal Virulent Poison' into the grain
    sacks in 4th floor kitchen, 10 o'clock and follow the story. Loot the place
    for a armor that doesn't penalize arcane spellcasting and theivering skills. 
    Report back to Riki for reward and second quest. Turns out that the twins
    have tied themselves with Iyachtu Xvim. you have to find a way to break
    the bond and weaken the twins. 
    When these are done, we are ready to explore the 'fingers' of Severed Hand. 
    Starts from 1 o'lcock go clockwise, each hallway will lead to War tower, 
    Cleric tower, Office tower, Mage tower, broken stair. 
          7.2 the fingers                                             ppg63
    >>> War tower
    1st floor is a prison. You can find the prison key on in the table. Also
    in the table is a dead cat which you can use in on Yquog (1st cleric tower)
    Cell 10 o'clock is Puddy. He is the one who carried the insulted presents 
    from Bryn Shander to the twins. Show him that you are not an illusion, hear 
    his story and attempt to free him. He doesn't want to leave unless you can 
    find a safe way to send him home. Orrick the Grey in Mage tower can slove 
    this problem for you. Cell 12 o'clock is Ormis Dohor. He is from the Black
    Raven monastery. Remember that the Severed Hand and Black Raven Monastery
    exchanged envoy back in chapter 4? You'll need to use 'monk's antidote' 
    (cleric tower, 4th floor) to return Ormis Dohor into normal. Later when 
    you fight the twins, these Black Raven monks will offer their vital help. 
    1 o'clock cell is Toral, priest of Ilmater. He will give you instructions
    on how to scantify the waters of Ilmater statue in cleric tower. To do
    so, you'll need 'Tome of Ilmater', 'Toral Bonds of Suffering', 'Madae's 
    Ilmater Medallion' and 'Tears of Suffering'. 
    2nd floor is a torture room where you can find a fight and 'Toral Bonds of
    Suffering'. Also in the same floor is female body and male body which you
    can use it on Yquog (1st cleric tower).
    3rd floor is an armory which we need to come near the end of the game, to
    use it exit to 4th floor. 
    >>> cleric tower
    1st floor is a room with statues of several gods. All are in agony 
    expression except the middle one, which is Iyachtu Xvim. Also, if you 
    didn't kill Yquog back in chapter 1, you'll meet him here. 
         >>[J A] had some fun with Yquog
           "Go into the War Tower Finger first in the Severed Hand, and 
            collect the cat in the prison area. Go into the first room of 
            the Clerics Tower and Yquog, who says he was going to get a 
            note off the PCs earlier in the game, will comment, get 
            flustered and attack you, giving you 1000xp for it."
         >>author's note
           Any of the following will do, a dead cat (1st floor war tower), a 
           female body (2nd floor war tower) or a male body (2nd floor war 
           tower), or three combined. Different body you have will generate 
           different dialogue but same amonut of xp. 
    2nd floor is a room with an exit in the middle. You'll need Xvim holy 
    symbols for every member in order to gain access through that. If you don't
    have enought Xvim holy symbols, you get strike by lightning everytime you
    go near. After you dealt with the guards here, you'll get Xvim holy symbol
    over their dead bodies.
        locations of Xvim holy symbol
            - palm 2nd floor, guards guarding the 'Globe of Essence'
            - palm 3rd floor, 7 o'clock room container (793, 1797).
            - 2nd floor Cleric tower
            - 3rd floor Cleric tower
    3rd floor is some kind of a church service area with ceremony still going
    on. As usual, interrupt them and start a fight. You will find some Xvim
    holy symbols here. 
    4th floor is blocked. You can only access via the middle exit in 2nd
    floor. When you've collected enough Iyachtu Xvim holy symbols for every 
    members, place each inside their inventory and you can enter the exit in 
    the middle of 2nd floor and be teleport into the middle of 4th floor. 
    You'll be surround by all kinds of enemies and among them are bosses that 
    you killed in the earlier chapter. It will a bit chaotic, i managed to 
    spot Guthma and Sherincal. Among the loots you find will be 'monk's antidote'. 
    >>> Office tower
    1st floor is a battle tactic room. You can just kill everyone inside and
    loot their items. 
    2nd floor is a monk training room for you to 'train' the monks and loot 
    their stuff. 
    3rd floor serves the sole purpose of looting.
    4th floor is a garden where captain Pudu will arrive later, according to
    Bisbe who is taking care of the garden there.
    >>> Mage tower
    When you enter, you'll see five blue spirals. Click on it according to the
    correct sequence and you'll be teleport to next floor. If the sequence is
    wrong, everyone takes the pain. The correct sequence, accodring to clock 
    direction, is 12, 5, 9, 3, 7, 12. After you have entered to next level
    you can go back and report to Vese Nejj (2 o'clock, 2nd floor) for further
    Attacking anyone inside the Mage tower is equal to game over. 
    2nd floor is full of Orrick's Apprentices. Inside 12 o'clock room, you'll
    find 'Orrick the Grey's Spellbook'.
    3rd floor is a library. you can find 'Tome of Ilmater' and 'Orrick's book
    of Mythal' on the upper level of this room. 
    4th floor is Orrick the Grey himself. The container at(784, 343) contains 
    'Larrel's Bones'. If you want to finish Vese Nejj's quest, do not talk to 
    Orrick first. Return 'Larrel's Bones', 'Orrick's Book of Mythal' and 
    'Orrick the Grey's Spellbook' back to Vese.
    When you talk Orrick you'll learn a lot of information about him and his 
    work. Turns out that he arrived at Severed Hand earlier then the twins. 
    For years, both sides are aware of the opposite presence but dare not to 
    take action since neither are sure to defeat each other. At this point, 
    you'll have to confess to Orrick that 'i may have tipped to scales in 
    their favor, Orrick' (if you finish vese's quest). Confession will give you
    xp. As the conversation goes, you'll find out that you'll have to taint the
    magical pool in 2 o'clock, 3rd floor to weaken the twins. Also, if you have
    met Puddy in War tower, 1st floor, you can ask Orrick to provide them 
    passage home. Go back to Puddy for reward. 
          7.3 finishing the game                                      ppg64
    First we need to gather the required items to scantify the waters of 
    Ilmater statue in Cleric tower.
         -'Tome of Ilmater' found in 3rd Mage tower floor
         -'Toral Bonds of Suffering' found in 2nd War tower floor
         -'Madae's Ilmater Medallion' found in 6 o'clock 3rd palm floor
         -'Tears of Suffering' found in 8 o'clock 1st palm floor from Jerre 
    Bring all the above and enter the Cleric tower 1st floor. Perform the
    ritual infront at Ilmater statue (talk to the statue at 11 o'clock 
    direction). Xvim will stop you and offer an alternative. By killing 10
    innocent slaves, you ally yourself with Xvim thus making him not sending 
    his minions (those Glabrezus) to help the twins. Of course, by accepting 
    his offer, you will not be able to finish the ritual, and free the slaves. 
    If you send a paladin to perform the ritual, she/he will not accept the 
    If you don't accpet the offer, Xvim will personally sees that you be 
    stopped. He will teleport in together with his demonic minions. He appears 
    in the middle and the goons appear in the south. Xvim is all about fire. 
    Among the spells that he uses are 'Meteor Swarm' and 'Fiery Cloud'. His 
    goons will be easy to deal with if you place some traps ('Skull Trap' or 
    'Delayed Fireball') beforehand. 
    Over Xvim's dead body, you will find a large sword that drains energy. 
    Continue the ritual after Xvim is dead. Upon completion, you'll get 'Holy
    Water of Corellon Larethian'. This water is to be place in the magic pool
    in 2 o'clock, 3rd floor. 
    After killing Xvim, the 'Globe of Essence' is vulnerable. Go to 1 o'clock, 
    2nd floor to destory it. After this, would be killing the Glabrezu in 1st 
    floor and report to Jerre that he and the slaves are freed. Go back to 
    Orrick to check on his study on the mythal corruption. 
    We are almost there. 
    Report back to Toral in War tower 1st floor about your scantifying the 
    water of Ilmater statue and purifying the magical pool for xp. Report to 
    Riki about your finished job. She will then tell you to disturb a Cabal 
    envoy at the top of war tower so that the Cabal and Legion of Chimera 
    alliance can be prevented. She will leave after this. There is a way to 
    prevent this. Tell her you want to shop as the conversation ends. After the 
    shopping screen, press 'esc' to go out and she will be still there. The 
    next time you talk to her, just don't mention 'farewell'.
    We'll go to the top of office tower first. To get a key from captain Pudu. 
    (Interesting enough, Pudu refers to the inter-state bas station in my 
    country's capital, Kuala Lumpur.) You can choose to fight for the key or 
    'bluff' that you are a delegate and you'll take the matter to Madea if he
    don't hand over the key. After you have the key, walk you way up to war 
    tower 3rd floor. There is no way that you can talk out of this (you'll know
    why from the letter among the loots), so you'll have to kill everyone here. 
    Before you further proceed to aerie atop the War tower. Finish any unfinish 
    business you can or wish, including killing any Legion minions you desire. 
    i would suggest you to buy those +5 arrows/blots/bullets because money 
    wouldn't be export when you finished the game. 
    When you are on top of war tower, you'll be attack from infront and behind.
    What i do is pre-cast 'mass haste' and other protective spells before 
    enter. Mages must have 'mirror image' to make sure their spell will not be
    disrupted. As soon as the fight starts, those who are able will be 
    summoning helpers, one mage will be casting 'mass invisibility', others 
    just stand still. When invisibility kicks in, the band will run to the 
    other side and leave the summons to take the pain. After regrouping, i can 
    continue from there. 
    Take a good sleep, save a seperate file, protect yourself as you did before
    coming to here and take the stair down. You'll be taken to where the twin's
    thrones is, after some talking, the fight starts and the monks you helped
    earlier teleport in. Madae will first casts 'Blasphemy' which will stun
    all your non-evil alignment members. She has at least 3 of this in her 
    spellbook. It would be crucial to invisible all members. Those who can 
    run, run to the east side of the room. You'll see a mage summoning 
    creatures there. Killing him fast is important. Then, take down all other
    goons one by one and finally turn your attack to either Isair or Madae. 
    Just concentrate on one of them and don't over spend your spells. Some of 
    the monks might be charm by the twins, be sure to slap them back to your
    side, or at least don't let your summons attack them. Mostly, charmed
    monk will stand still and do nothing. 
    When you hurt one of them enough, They will teleport to the magical pool. 
    Regroup your band and polish them up shiny. You cannot sleep here and don't
    banish your summons. As you open the door, the whole band will be brought 
    to the magical pool. This time, as the fight starts, run like hell back to
    your summons and continue to work from there. As before, take down the
    goons first then concentrate on one of them. If you are that gready, 
    the south rooms which you looted before will have new unimportant stuff for
    you to loot once again. 
    General things about the fighting the twins.
    1 - Isair might go invisible and attack you. If you have member yelling and 
        see no one beside, that might just be Isair attacking. 
    2 - Madae's attack comes with acid damage and Isair's attack comes with 
        disease, poison and stun. 
    3 - Their protections will run out after some very long time. 
    4 - If you have problem hurting them with your weapon, let me tell you this, 
        my Holy Avenger +10 also has serious problem hurting Madea. They don't 
        have total immunity to your attacks just high resistance, i suppose.
    5 - One common way of dealing with them is to use 'Antimagic scrolls' which 
        are very rare and you can only get them on few occasions over the whole
        game. Casting the scroll on one of them will disable all their
        protections/enchacements and preventing them from further casing any
        spells. As long as you don't cast 'Dispel' on them, the effect will
        no fadeaway. Of course, under 'Antimagic field', they cannot be hurt
        by magic whatsoever. 
    When all is done, exit via the exit as you exit this place all the time. 
    All your members will be exported into database with everything with them
    except quest items, bags and everything inside bags as well as the gp you
    have earned. i strongly you do a manual export before you exit. 
         >>[fire mage] reminds you (and me)
           "I think the game saves your characters as soon as the twins die, so 
            any looting would have to be done before you kill them."
    i think you don't want to listen to what i want to say anymore. 
    IX Frequently Asked Questions                                    ppgque
     Q:  To dowload the 'Collector Edition' add-on...
     A:  Please go to Sorcerers.net and look for the following article,
     Q:  To dowload the patch for Icewind Dale 2...
     A:  Start Menu -> Black Isle 
                    -> Icewind Dale 2 
                    -> Icewind Dale II Web Links
                    -> Visit Icewind Dale II Support Website
     Q:  About the fasinating 'Cheats' mode
     A:  Please refer to Dan Simpson's faq in gamefaqs.com because all i know
         about this part is from him and i don't want to plagiarize his work. 
     Q:  Why can't my [spellcaster] cast any spells?
     A:  If your [spellcaster] is a cleric, druid, paladin, ranger or wizard,
         check if you meorize any spell. In the spell list screen, you have
         to left click on the spell listed on right part to 'buy the spell 
         ammo' which will indicate on the middle part of the spell list screen.
         After you rested, your ammo is loaded and you can cast spell via spell
         casting icon. 
         If this doesn't slove your problem,
         your character needs to have 10+X in their prime spellcasting ability 
         to cast a level X spell. Prime spellcasting ability for each related
         classes are as below, 
              WIS : cleric, paladin, druid, ranger
              INT : Wizard
              CHA : sorcerer, bard
      Q:  How to defeat certain enemy?
      A:  I am a very boring person and my strategy stays almost the same ever
          since i summoned the first fire element in Warcraft 1. To fight for 
          any battle, i always have my summons do the dirty work. If one falls,
          i quickly summon another. I just keep on summoning. If thing gets 
          ugly and i am out of summoning ammo, then only my fighter will engage
          and do the clean up job. 
      Q:  What is the use of gems?
      A:  Nothing. There are quests that you need gems, but the game have made
          is so that you don't need to save your gems earlier. You'll will have
          plenty when needed. 
    X  version history                                               ppgver
    Version 1.4 
         - Changed a dreadful suggestion of multiclassing paladin to bard. 
         - Added and changed several things due to the help from those who 
           emailed in this period.
         - Added Limha and Sersa alternative.
         - Added Zaem's quest in Severed Hand.
    Version 1.3 (Nov 23 2002)
         - Changed and added many things throughout the walkthrough. Because 
           the list is very long and this happens over a long period, so i
           wouldn't list everyone here.
         - Altered the Battle Square section in walkthrough
         - Added 'improved initiative bug' and 'bag of holding' bug.
         - Took away some stupid things to do in the walkthrough. 
    Version 1.2 (Nov 2 2002)
         - Changed some Asian expressions which are very suggestive and veiled.
         - Added suggestion about ranger and arcane spells.
         - Changed a few things which are inconsistant with game version 2.01,
           especailly 'animate undead' and 'improved invisibility'.
         - Added <Constructing a Band>, <Feats>, <skill> and <Frequently Asked 
           Questions> section.
         - Patched many serious directional confussion. 
    Version 1.1 (Oct 22 2002)
         - i realized that not everyone can accept the lengthy rubbish with
           no caps. So i went through the whole thing and capped whatever
           should be capped. i left out i because i don't think that i is/am
         - Patched several broken grammers and sentences. 
    Version 1.0 (Oct 19 2002)
         - The original version, unloaded upon the completion.
    XI  credits and acknowlegment                                    ppgthk
    If you feel uncomfortable with you name appeared here or anything about
    crediting you, please inform me at teekc@mail.com
    Special thanks to 
    Alicia Shieh for Limha and Sersa alternatives. 
    Arachree Mae for various ways to get more xp and other contributions.  
    Aveh for pointing out an alternative in cave to fortress 1. 
         (You've beaten Arachree Mae to that extent)
    bloodtitan for the Zeam's death quest in Severed hand. 
    chalcedony for dealing with the ghost in river caves. 
    Chattahoochee for explaining to me about 'Spell Penetration'.
    Chris Kelly for creating extra Sabotaged Histachii brew. 
    Daniel Johansson for a drow approach in Koluhm's quest.
    Domen Gostincar for sharing his monk (errr ... nun) with us. 
    Earl Grey from Sorcerer's Palace forum informing me about the bugged
         'improved initative' feat.
    ejsmith from Sorcerer's Palace forum for sharing his discovery about 
         the '00ARMBL2' and '00ARMCH' with the public.
    ezequielf for various help.
    fire mage for many things especially battle square. 
    Folken Fanel for pointing out brad and bard.
    Heidern98 for extra spell bug. 
    Howard Stump for pointing the 'opened but closed door' bug in Black Raven
    J.A. for various help. 
    Jae Shin for various suggestions. 
    jerrod for using bolts and arrows when dealing with Will O'Wisps.
    Joberto for pointing out an alternative of disabling traps on the bridge
         at Dragon's Eye entrance. 
    Joshua Witkop for the +5 hp potions in Driders cave and other off topic
    Karl Hoel for alternative dealing with Yxbudur'zmutkimdu. 
    Koh Zi Han for exiting the Fell Wood at the end.
    Lance Coleborne for pointing out my creating modified mandrake root 
    Rainox for the Chamber of Sorcery solution.
    Rob Valentine for two handed weapons in the north door of battle square. 
    ribald for the citicism about the faq.
    scyther36 for the use of frostrose. 
    Six Armed Man for pointing out my east and west confussion.
    xenogriff for the Identify items using Bag of Holding bug. 
    Yorien Dragonard for his suggestion about arcane spells and 'disabler' type
         of spellcasters.
    All people who encourged me throughout the course, you'll be in my heart.
    Ultimately, i bow and thank all the people who visited gamefaqs.com iwd2
    forum and given me much needed help while i was stuck in the game. 
    FAYE WONG is the goddess and SHUANG is her angel. 
    i am nothing but their obedient servant. 

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