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    Item Code Guide by Atreides

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 11/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Icewind Dale 2 Item Code Quick Reference Guide
    Version 2.2
    Written and Compiled By:
    Atreides (J. J. Jones)
    [0] Pre-Guide Materials
        [0.1] Legal Information
    This quick reference guide is protected under international copyrite law.  Any
    unauthorized distribution or reproduction will be dealt with harshly as
    prescribed in afore mentioned laws.
    I, Atreides (J. J. Jones) do aknowledge all trademark rites of Black Isle and
    Interplay that are made reference to in this guide.
    This guide may only be posted on the following web sites:
    Do not ask to post this guide on any other site, I will say no out right.  I
    don't want to keep track of each site that contains my guide.  If you wish to
    use this guide in one of your own guides please contact me
    <sarevok30@hotmail.com> and explain your reasoning and I will decide on a
    case-by-case basis.
        [0.4] Revision History
          V0.1 (10-01-2002)
            - Began conceptualizing the quick reference guide
            - Began to create the items and their propper codes
            - Completed up to Blunt Weapons
          V0.2 (10-02-2002)
            - Began work on the actual introductery material of this guide
            - More items and their codes have been copied
            - Completed up to Bows
          V0.3 (10-03-2002)
            -This version history started
            - More work on the items and their codes
            - Completed up to Cloaks
          V0.4 - (10-04-2002)
            - More items and their codes added
            -Completed up to Halberds
          V0.5 (10-05-2002)
            - More Items and their respective codes were added
            -Completed up to Plot and Misc. Items
          V0.6 (10-06-2002)
            - Huge update today
            - Finished filling the items up to Plate Armor
          V0.7 (10-07-2002(
            - More items and their codes added
            - Completed up to Quarterstaves
          V0.8 (10-08-2002)
            - More items and their codes added
            - Completed up to Shields
          V0.9 (10-09-2002)
            - More items and their codes added
            - Completed up to swords
          V1.0 (10-11-2002)
            - Major Update
            - Completed the very large sword section and wands as well
          V 1.1 (10-14-2002)
            - More items and their codes added
            - Completed up to Wizard Spell Scrolls
          V1.2 (10-15-2002)
            - Items and their codes were added
            - Completed the copying of items and their codes
          V1.3 (10-16-2002 to 06-19-2002)
            - Major update begun
            - Split the Guide in to 3 files for easier management
            - Began reorganizing the items in to smaller groups
            - The items will appear alphabetically by category
          V1.4 (10-20-2002)
            - More formating was completed
            - Merged smaller sections in to larger sections
            - Updated already complete sections with items I missed
          V1.5 (10-21-2002)
            - More formating to the guide has been completed
            - Added more forgotten items to various sections
          V1.6 (10-22-2002)
            - Items and their codes formating has been completed
            - Also made some minor additions to various sections 	
          V1.7 (10-23-2002)
            - Created the table of contents for the guide
          V1.8 (10-24-2002)
            -Completed some introductory materials for the guide
          V1.9 (10-24-2002)
            - Completed the Introductory sections of this guide
          V2.0 (10-25-2002)
            -Merged all separate files in to one master file
            - Made some minor formating changes
          V2.1 (10-29-2002)
            - Beta release of this guide to sorcerers.net
          V2.2 (11-01-2002)
            - Had to reformat the entire guide!!
            - Added a name to the Special Thanks section
    Note:  If you wish to skip to a section quickly, use the find command in the
    Edit Menu and enter in one of the numbers in brackets.  For example, entering
    "2.2" (without the quotes of course) would take you to the section where Arrows
    and their item codes can be found.
          [0] Pre-Guide Materials
            [0.1] Legal Information
            [0.2] Revision History
            [0.3] Table of Contents
          [1] Introductory Materials
            [1.1] Some Words From the Author
            [1.2] Item Creation in IWD2
          [2] The Items
            [2.1] Amulets
            [2.2] Arrows
            [2.3] Bags
            [2.4] Bastard Swords
            [2.5] Battle Axes
            [2.6] Belts
            [2.7] Bolts
            [2.8] Books
            [2.9] Boots
            [2.10] Bracers
            [2.11] Bullets
            [2.12] Chain Mail
            [2.13] Cloaks
            [2.14] Clubs
            [2.15] Composite Long Bows
            [2.16] Composite Short Bows
            [2.17] Daggers
            [2.18] Darts
            [2.19] Flails
            [2.20] Gems
            [2.21] Great Axes
            [2.22] Great Swords
            [2.23] Halberds
            [2.24] Heavy Crossbows
            [2.25] Helmets
            [2.26] Instruments
            [2.27]Leather Armor
            [2.28] Light Crossbows
            [2.29] Long Bows
            [2.30] Long Swords
            [2.31] Maces
            [2.32] Misc. and Plot Items
            [2.33] Morning Stars
            2.34]Plate Armor
            [2.35] Potions
            [2.36] Quarterstaves
            [2.37] Rings
            [2.38] Robes
            [2.39] Scimitars
            [2.40] Scrolls (Cleric)
              [2.40.1] Level 1 Spells
              [2.40.2] Level 2 Spells
              [2.40.3] Level 3 Spells
              [2.40.4] Level 4 Spells
              [2.40.5] Level 5 Spells
              [2.40.6] Level 6 Spells
              [2.40.7] Level 7 Spells
            [2.41] Scrolls (non-spell varieties]
            [2.42] Scrolls (Sorcerer/Wizard)
              [2.41.1] Level 1 Spells
              [2.42.2] Level 2 Spells
              [2.42.3] Level 3 Spells
              [2.42.4] Level 4 Spells
              [2.42.5] Level 5 Spells
              [2.42.6] Level 6 Spells
              [2.42.7] Level 7 Spells
              [2.42.8] Level 8 Spells
              [2.42.9] Level 9 Spells
            [2.43] Shields
            2.44] Short Bows
            [2.45] Short Swords
            [2.46] Slings
            2.47] Spears
            [2.48] Throwing and Hand Axes
            [2.49] Throwing and War Hammers
            [2.50] Wands
          [3] Final words
            [3.1] Credits
            [3.2] Special Thanks
    [1] Introductory Materials
        [1.1] Some Words From the Author
    When I first decided to create this guide I thought "well, this should be easy,
    all I have to do is copy some codes and item names."  Wow! I was wrong! this
    wasn't easy!  I at first created the guide as my own personal reference list
    and then I saw a post on the sorcerers.net forums requesting a list of items
    and their codes.  I decided then that at that moment I would convert my list in
    to something everyone else could use as well.  So, after a longer time than I
    had anticipated I proudly present my quick item reference list...
    If you have any questions or mistakes you have found in the guide or an item
    and its code to contribute (that is a part of the official game and not mod
    related) let me know (sarevok30@hotmail.com>.  Pleas do not ask me to include
    descriptions of the items.  That would be ripping off a guide already created
    by Dan Simpson, and I respect him and his works too much to even think of doing
    that.  Oh, and speaking of e-mailing me, if you wish to do this (and provided
    it's guide related) you must have "Icewind Dale 2" as the subject (or something
    close to it) or I will delete it without even looking at it.  I get enough
    unknown junk in my in box and would hate to mistake something sent to me as
    spam mail or something.
    I have organized the items by sections: amulets, arrows, bags, bastard swords,
    etc.  Some sections I did not organize any further because it would have been
    rather pointless to do so (for example, leather armor and hide armor are in the
    same section.)  Also, I have organized the spell scrolls by type of magic
    (divine or arcane) and further by level.  If this works as anticipated this
    should make locating items and their codes easier.
        [1.2] Item Creation in IWD2
    To create an item in IWD2:
    1.  In the configuration utility make sure that cheats are enabled.
    2.  While in game hold down control and press the tab key to open the console
    and enter in the following:
    You enter in the propper item code in place of what's in the quotes and the
    number of items you want after the quotes.  Note that not entering any number
    will produce one item by defalt.  An example of an item creation:
    This would create the sword called Cleaver.  To create multiple items you would
    enter something like this:
    This would create 200 Masterwork Arrows.  Finally, note that whenever you
    create an item the game will place the newly created item in the first
    character's inventory.  If that character's inventory is full the game places
    the item in the next character's inventory.
    Now, on to the guide!!
    [2] The Items
    Note:  The lists are organized with the item code in the left column and the
    item's name in the right column.  In some parts of the list (the section
    containing amulets is a good example) there are several item codes with no
    item.  This reflects that each code will result in the same item.  When the
    item names begin again the first item name will refer to what the codes above
    it will create.  Again, a good example is the section containing codes for
    amulets, or codes for various bags.  Some item's names appear twice but they
    have different properties.  This is due to the item having an equivalent in
    Heart of Fury mode, and these items usually are better in some way then their
    normal counterpart.
        [2.1] Amulets
          00AMUL11    Various Necklaces
          00AMUL12    Necklace of Missiles
          00AMUL13    Amulet of Protection +1
          00AMUL14    Shield Amulet
          00AMUL15    Amulet of Intellect
          00AMUL30    Lucky Knucky
          00AMUL31    Yeti Skin Scarf
          00AMUL32    Winter Wolf Scarf
          00AMULBT    Belib's Multiple Tool
          00HFAMBT    Belib's Multiple Tool of Fortune
          00AMULDS    Druid's Stone
          00HFAMDS    Druid's Stone of Thorns
          00AMULES    Eye of the Storm
          00HFAMES    Calm Before the Storm
          00AMULFD    Flame Dance Talisman
          00HFAMFD    Sunfire Talisman
          00AMULGC    Gohoin's Charm
          00AMULMP    Mirabel's Pendant
          00HFAMMP    Mirabel's Maleficent Pendant
          00AMULSL    Snow Leopard Charm
          00HFAMSL    Heart of the Snow Leopard Charm
          00HFAMGC    Gohoin's Secret Charm
          00HFPNBI    Bile of the Damned
          00POTNBI    Blood of the Innocent
          11AMULCM    Cleansing Medallion
          11HFAMCM    Medallion of Dawn
          11BARDWD    Pipes of the Wheezing Dragon
          11HFBDWD    Craum Straug's Pipes
          11HFAMLK    Young Ned's Knucky
          12AMULHC    Houndstooth Collar
          12HFAMHC    Vghotan's Band
          53AMULHD    House of Despana Insignia
          53AMULBS    Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone
        [2.2] Arrows
          00AROW01    Arrows
          00AROW02    Masterwork Arrows
          00AROW03    Arrows +1
          00AROW04    Arrow +2
          00AROW05    Corrosive Arrows +1
          00AROW06    Arrow of Biting
          00AROW07    Arrows of Dispelling
          00AROW08    Arrow of Flame +1
          00AROW09    Frost Arrows +1
          00AROW10    Arrows of Piercing
          00AROW14    Holdfast Arrows
          00AROW85    Arrows of Disruption +2
          00AROW86    Returning Poison Tipped Arrow
          00AROW87    Keen Arrows
          00AROW88    Stunning Arrows +1
          00AROW89    Sure Strike Arrows
          00AROW90    Arrows of Lesser Dispelling
          00AROW91    Everlast Arrow
          00AROW92    Arrows +5
          00AROW93    Arrows +4
          00AROW94    Arrows +3
          00AROW95    Impact Arrows +1
          00AROW96    Hunting Arrows
          00AROW97    Target Arrows
          00AROW98    Stunning Arrows +1
          00AROW99    Sparking Arrows +1
          00CWARWB    Arrow of Flame +1
          00CWARWE    Arrows +1
          00CWARWF    Arrow +2
          00CWARWG    Arrows +4
        [2.3] Bags
          00HBGB01    Bag of Holding
          00GBGB10    Gem Bag
          00HBGB02    Mercenary's Sack
          00PBGB10    Potion Bag
        [2.4] Bastard Swords
          00CWSWDE    Masterwork Bastard Sword
          00CWSWDF    Bastard Sword +1
          00HFSBBS    Know Thy Family
          00SWDBRC    Rage of Chaos
          00HFSBRC    Order's Nemesis
          00SWDBWR    Wroth
          00HFSBWR    Bloody Wroth
          00SWDB01    Bastard Sword
          00SWDB02    Masterwork Bastard Sword
          00SWDB03    Bastard Sword +1
          00SWDB86    Bastard Sword +5
          00SWDB87    Bastard Sword +4
          00SWDB88    Bastard Sword +3
          00SWDB89    Bastard Sword +2
          00SWDB91    Icy Bastard Sword +1
          00SWDB92    Static Bastard Sword
          00SWDB93    Bastard Sword of Heroism
          00SWDB94    Miasmic Bastard Sword
          00SWDB95    Bastard Sword of Wrath
          00SWDB96    Bastard Sword +3: Cold Fire
          00SWDB97    Bastard Sword +2: Black Adder
          00SWDB98    Bastard Sword of Frost +1
          00SWDB99    Fang
          00SWDBBS    Bastard's Son
          ZZJ6BS      Bastard Sword of the Undead Slayer +1
        [2.5] Battle Axes
          00AX1H01    Battleaxe
          00AX1H02    Masterwork Battleaxe
          00AX1H03    Battleaxe +1
          00AX1H04    Battleaxe +2
          00AX1H78    Keen Axe +1
          00AX1H79    Ice Axe +1
          00AX1H80    Corrosive Axe +1
          00AX1H81    Axe of Displacement
          00AX1H82    Axe of Wounding
          00AX1H83    Battleaxe of Decay +5
          00AX1H84    Battleaxe of Celerity
          00AX1H85    Winter Axe +5
          00AX1H86    Battleaxe of Disruption +5
          00AX1H87    Battleaxe of Fiery Defense +5
          00AX1H88    Battleaxe of Precision +5
          00AX1H91    Battleaxe +5
          00AX1H92    Battleaxe +4
          00AX1H93    Battleaxe +3
          00AX1H94    Battleaxe of Focus
          00AX1H95    Battleaxe of Burning
          00AX1H97    Battleaxe of the Defender +5
          00AX1H99    Battleaxe of Speed
          00AX1HAS    Axe of the Souls
         00AX1HBA    Balance
          00HFAXSP    Spiritcaller
          00AX1HTA    Training Axe
          00CWAXEB    Masterwork Battleaxe
          00CWAXEC    Battleaxe +1
          00HFAXAS    Soul Stealer (Cursed)
          00HFAXBA    Scales of Balance
          11AX1HKS    Kegsplitter
          11HFAXKS    Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford
          51AX1HDF    Duergar-Forged Axe
          51HFAXDF    Duergar-Forged Doom Axe
          ZZH6AX      The Giant Cleaver
          ZZI6HFSC    Mighty Scalecleaver
          ZZI6SC      Scalecleaver
        [2.6] Belts
          00BELT01    Girdle
          00BELT02    Golden Girdle
          00BELT03    Girdle of Bluntness
          00BELT04    Girdle of Piercing
          00BELT05    Girdle of Beatification
          00BELTAD    Arcs of Disredain
          00HFBTAD    Insulated Arcs of Disredain
          00BELTBG    Black Goat Girdle
          00HFBTBG    Blessed Black Goat Girdle
          00BELTDB    Dragon's Belt
          00HFBTDB    Warded Dragon's Belt
          00BELTLG    Little Giant
          00BELTSS    Sash of Shadows
          00HFBTSS    Sash of Hidden Shadows
          00HFBTLG    Dwarven Ogre
          11BELTMK    Mercykiller's Belt
          11BELTSB    Sash of the Black Raven
          11HFBTSB    Binding Sash of the Black Raven
        [2.7] Bolts
          00BOLT01    Bolt
          00BOLT02    Masterwork Bolt
          00BOLT03    Bolt +1
          00BOLT04    Bolt +2
          00BOLT05    Sparking Bolts +1
          00BOLT08    Tranquil Bolt
          00BOLT93    Stunning Bolts +1
          00BOLT94    Frost Bolts +1
          00BOLT95    Flaming Bolts +1
          00BOLT96    Corrosive Bolts +1
          00BOLT97    Bolt +5
          00BOLT98    Bolt +4
          00BOLT99    Bolt +3
          00CWBLTA    Bolt +2
        [2.8] Books
          00BOOK07    History of Calimshan
          00BOOK08    History of Cormyr
          00BOOK09    History of Dambrath
          00BOOK10    History of Durpar and Var the Golden
          00BOOK11    History of Estagund
          00BOOK12    History of Gondegal the Lost King
          00BOOK13    History of Halruaa
          00BOOK14    History of Luiren
          00BOOK15    History of Sembia
          00BOOK16    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK17    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK18    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK19    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK20    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK21    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK22    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK23    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK24    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK25    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK26    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK27    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK28    History of Shadowdale
          00BOOK29    History of Tethyr
          00BOOK30    History of the Bell in the Depths
          00BOOK31    History of the Chosen of Mystra
          00BOOK32    History of the Dales and the Elven Court
          00BOOK33    History of the Dead Three
          00BOOK34    History of the Dragon Coast
          00BOOK35    History of the Drow
          00BOOK36    History of the Drow II
          00BOOK37    History of the Fateful Coin
          00BOOK38    History of the Last March of the Giants
          00BOOK39    History of the Moonsea
          00BOOK40    History of the North I
          00BOOK41    History of the North II
          00BOOK43    History of the North
          00BOOK44    History of the North
          00BOOK45    History of the North
          00BOOK46    History of the North
          00BOOK47    History of the North
          00BOOK48    History of the North
          00BOOK49    History of the North
          00BOOK50    History of the Red Ravens
          00BOOK51    History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness
          00BOOK52    History of the Unicorn Run
          00BOOK53    History of the Valley of the Gods
          00BOOK54    History of the Vast
          00BOOK55    History of the Western Heartlands
          00BOOK56    History of the Zhentarim
          00BOOK57    History of the Ulgarth
          00BOOK58    History of Amn
          00BOOK59    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK60    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK61    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK62    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK63    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK64    History of Waterdeep
          00BOOK65    History of the Nether Scrolls
          00BOOK66    Yago's Book of Curses
          00BOOK67    Animals Are Your Friend
          00BOOK68    Lore of the Bladesingers
          00BOOK69    Code of Training in the
          00BOOK70    Elameth's Compendium
          00BOOK71    Ancient Lore on Corellon Larethian
          00BOOK72    Engineering Manual
          00BOOK73    Fish on the Sea of Fallen Stars
          00BOOK74    The Folly of Fury
          00BOOK75    Hippogriff Riders of the Hand
          00BOOK76    Tending Ivy
          00BOOK77    Ancient Lore on Labelas Enoreth
          00BOOK78    Ancient Lore on Sehanine Moonbow
          00BOOK79    Philosophy of Kara-Tur
          00BOOK80    Great Pottery of Lurien
          00BOOK81    "Rock Eaters", They are Not!
          00BOOK82    Ancient Lore on Shevarash
          00BOOK83    Ancient Lore on Solonor Thelandira
          00BOOK84    Secret Societies
          00BOOK85    Ecology of the Unicorn
          00BOOK86    On Non-Violence
          00BOOK87    Worship in the Hand of the Seldarine
          11BOOKDE    Book of the Deserving
          11BOOKEA    The Ten-Towns:  Easthaven
          11BOOKHK    History of Kuldahar
          11BOOKHW    Heart of Winter
          11BOOKLD    Legends of Icewind Dale
          11BOOKLE    Book of Leaves
          11BOOKLO    The Ten-Towns:  Lonelywood
          11BOOKST    Severed Ties, Severed Hand
          11BOOKTG    Traveler's Guide to Icewind Dale
          11HFBKDE    Tome of the Lord of Battles
          11HFBKHW    Heart of Winter
          11HFBKLD    Legends of Icewind Dale
          11HFBKLE    Book of Leaves
          52BOOK89    Valas - The Black Raven
          52BOOKAD    How To Be An Adventurer
          52HFBKAD    How To Be An Adventurer (2nd Ed.)
          52BOOKDV    Tome of Deeds Valorous
          52HFBKDV    Masterwork Tome of Deeds Valorous
         52BOOKGE    Tome of Glorious Exaltation
          52HFBKGE    Masterwork Tome of Glorious Exaltation
          52BOOKOG    Mensel's Obscene Grimoire
          52HFBKOG    Mensel's Vile Grimoire Pervertere
          52BOOKSU    Tome of the Supplicant
          52HFBKSU    Masterwork Tome of the Supplicant
          52BOOKSV    Tome of Sacred Verse
          52HFBKSV    Masterwork Tome of Sacred Verse
          53BOOKIG    A Treatise upon Flesh Golems
          53BOOKIS    Imphraili's Transfusion Notes
          53BOOKIV    Progress Journal: Viciscamera
          53BOOKMJ    Malavon's Journal
          63BOOKGK    Diary of Garuk Katah
          63BOOKL1    The Last Alliance I: The Elves
          63BOOKL2    The Last Alliance II: The Dwarves
          63BOOKL3    The Last Alliance III: The Darkest Hour
          63BOOKL4    The Last Alliance IV: The Dwarf Alliance
          63BOOKL5    The Last Alliance V: Echoes of the Fall
          63BOOKL    The Last Alliance VI: The Fall
          63BOOKOG    Orrick the Grey's Spellbook
          63BOOKOM    Orrick's Book of the Mythal
          63BOOKTI    Tome of Ilmater
          63BOOKZA    Diary of Zaem Astyr
        [2.9] Boots
          00BOOT01    Boots of Speed
          00BOOT02    Boots of Stealth
          00BOOT03    Boots of the North
          00BOOT04    Boots of Avoidance
          00BOOT05    Boots of Grounding
          00BOOT09    Witherbranch Boots
          00BOOT14    Yeti Skin Boots
          00BOOT15    Winter Wolf Boots
          00BOOTCS    Chimandrae's Slippers
          00HFBTCS    Chimandrae's Warded Slippers
          00BOOTSB    Shifter's Boots
          00HFBTSB    Shifter's Nimble Boots
          10BOOTTB    Treadlightly Boots
          10HFBTTB    Boots of Hushed Whispers
          50BOOT14    Wandering Hunter's Boots
        [2.10] Bracers
          00BRAC01    Bracers
          00BRAC02    Bracers of Defense +2
          00BRAC03    Bracers of Defense +3
          00BRAC04    Bracers of Defense +4
          00BRAC05    Bracers of Archery
          00BRAC08    Gauntlets of Fumbling (cursed)
          00BRAC09    Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
          00BRAC10    Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
          00BRAC11    Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
          00BRAC12    Elven Sewn Gloves
          00BRAC17    Yeti Skin Gloves
          00BRAC18    Winter Wolf Gloves
          00BRACBB    Brazen Bands
          00BRACHF    Bands of Focus
          00HFBCHF    Bands of the Master
          00BRACLA    The Lions of Arkamadis
          00HFBCLA    Great Lions of Arkamadis
          00BRACRB    Rakavik's Bracers
          00HFBCRB    Rakavik's Imbued Bracers
          00BRACTB    Tamjan's Bracers
          00HFBCTB    Tamjan's Bolstered Bracers
          00BRACTC    Thunder Clap
          00HFBCBB    Indomitable Bands
        [2.11] Bullets
          00BULL01    Bullet
          00BULL02    Bullet +1
          00BULL03    Bullet +2
          00BULL04    Force Bullet
          00BULL86    Returning Flame Bullet +1
          00BULL87    Bullets of Disruption +1
          00BULL88    Stun Bullets +1
          00BULL89    Bullets of Corrosive Burst
          00BULL90    Bullets of Wounding
          00BULL91    Sure Strike Bullets
          00BULL92    Stunning Bullets +1
          00BULL93    Sparking Bullets +1
          00BULL94    Frost Bullets +1
          00BULL95    Flaming Bullets +1
          00BULL96    Corrosive Bullets +1
          00BULL97    Bullet +5
          00BULL98    Bullet +4
          00BULL99    Bullet +3
        [2.12] Chain Mail
          00ARMCH    Armageddon Chain Mail of theTester
          00CHAN01    Chainmail Armor
          00CHAN02    Chainmail +1
           00CHAN03    Chainmail +2
          00CHAN06    Baleful Mail
          00CHAN07    Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3
          00CHAN08    Mail of Life
          00CHANML    Mercenary's Lot
          60CHANCD    Chain of Drakkas
          60HFCNCD    Chain of Drakkas' Fury
          00CHAN04    Splint Mail
          00CHAN05    Splint Mail +1
          00CHAN09    Ogien's Scale
        [2.13] Cloaks
          00CLCKFC    Farmer's Cloak
          00HFCKFC    Blessed Farmer's Cloak
          00CLCKMB    Cloak of Mystra
          00HFCKMB    Mystra's Embrace
          00CLCKNV    Nature's Vengeance
          00HFCKNV    Nature's Fury
          00CLCKSB    The Shroud of Bankao
          00HFCKSB    Death Shroud of Bankao
          00CIROBA    Aurilite Ceremonial Robe
          00CLCK01    Cloak of Protection +1
          00CLCK02    Cloak of Protection +2
          00CLCK03    Cloak of Displacement
          00CLCK04    Cloak of Non-Detection
          00CLCK17    Yeti Skin Cloak
          00CLCK18    Winter Wolf Cloak
          00CLCKBC    Berywel's Cloak
          00HFCKBC    Berywel's Fantastic Cloak
          00CLCKWC    Woodland Cloak
          00HFCKWC    Deep Woods Cloak
          50CLCK17    Wandering Hunter's Cloak
          53CLCKHD    House of Despana Piwafwi
        [2.14] Clubs
          00CLUB01    Club
          00CLUB81    Cold Flame Club +2
          00CLUB82    Stun Club +1
          00CLUB83    Sure Strike Shock Club
          00CLUB84    Vampiric Club
          00CLUB85    Club +1
          00CLUB86    Club of Freezing Flames +5
          00CLUB87    Club of Destiny +5
          00CLUB88    Club of Enlightenment +5
          00CLUB89    Club of Punishing +5
          00CLUB90    Club of Dazing +5
          00CLUB91    Walloping Club +5
          00CLUB92    Club of Disruption
          00CLUB93    Club +2
          00CLUB94    Masterwork Club
          00CLUB95    Club of Immolation
          00CLUB96    Static Club +5
          00CLUB97    Club +5
          00CLUB98    Corrosive Club +2
          00CLUB99    Frost Club
          00CLUBHK    Headknocker
          00HFCBHK    Club of Confusion
          50CLUBBT    Belib's Everlasting Torch
          50HFCLBT    Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch
          63CLUBMP    Monkey Paw of Discipline
          63HFCBMP    Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice
          ZZG6CT     Troll Killer
          11CLUBMK    Memories of Kuldahar
          11HFCBMK    Branching Paths of Kuldahar
        [2.15] Composite Long Bows
          00BOWC01    Composite Longbow
          00BOWC02    Masterwork Composite Longbow
          00BOWC04    Composite Longbow +1
          00BOWC92    Composite Longbow of Spell Resistance
          00BOWC93    Composite Longbow of the Defender
          00BOWC94    Composite Longbow of Empowerment
          00BOWC95    Composite Longbow of Dodging
          00BOWC96    Composite Longbow +5
          00BOWC97    Composite Longbow +4
          00BOWC98    Composite Longbow +3
          00BOWC99    Composite Longbow +2
          00BOWCAG    Arc of Gold
          00CWBOWE    Masterwork Composite Longbow
          00CWBOWF    Composite Longbow of the Hand
          00CWBOWE    Masterwork Composite Longbow
        [2.16] Composite Short Bows
          00BOWP01    Composite Shortbow
          00BOWP02    Composite Shortbow +1
          00BOWP97    Composite Shortbow of Insight +5
          00BOWP98    Composite Shortbow of Resistance
          00BOWP99    Composite Shortbow of Endurance +2
        [2.17] Daggers
          00CWDAGF    Dagger +1
          00DAGG01    Dagger
          00DAGG02    Masterwork Dagger
          00DAGG03    Dagger +1
          00DAGG04    Dagger +2
          00DAGG05    Dagger +2, Longtooth
          00DAGG06    Throwing Dagger
          00DAGG81    Returning Fire Dagger +1
          00DAGG82    Stun Throwing Dagger +2
          00DAGG83    Acid Tipped Throwing Dagger
          00DAGG84    Throwing Daggers +2
          00DAGG85    Throwing Dagger +1
          00DAGG86    Sure Strike Throwing Dagger
          00DAGG87    Dagger +5
          00DAGG88    Dagger +4
          00DAGG89      Dagger +3
          00DAGG90    Viper's Fang +2
          00DAGG91    Ice Pick +1
          00DAGG92    Vampire's Fang +1
          00DAGG93    Knife of Flame
          00DAGG94    Dagger of Resistance
          00DAGG95    Dagger of Warding
          00DAGG96    Cat's Paw Dagger +3
          00DAGG97    Dagger of the Mind's Eye +1
          00DAGG98    Vampiric Dagger +1
          00DAGG99    Venomous Dagger
          00DAGGFW    Final Word
          00HFDGFW    Dagger of Closing Arguments
          00DAGGPF    Poisonfang
          00HFDGPF    Ysha's Sting
          52DAGGSH    Sulo's Hook
          52HFDGSH    "Baron" Sulo's Hook
          61DAGGWS    Wyvern Stinger
          62DAGGXF    Xvimian Fang
          62HFDGXF    Xvimian Fang of Despair
          ZZJ5GT      Grievance Tear
          ZZJ5HF      Veira's Grievance
          ZZJ5HO      Veira's Sorrow
          ZZJ5ST      Sorrow's Tear
            ZZL6GH    Goblin Hunter
          11HFDGGH    Goblin Slayer
          50DAGGLT    Lamia's Tongue
          50HFDGLT    The Black Lamia's Tongue
        [2.18] Darts
          00CWDRTA    Dart +1
          00DART01    Dart
          00DART02    Dart +1
          00DART03    Dart of Stunning
          00DART04    Dart of Wounding
          00DART05    Zilzanzer's Magnificent Dart
          00DART83    Returning Stun Dart +1
          00DART84    Returning Poison Tipped Dart
          00DART85    Flaming Dart +1
          00DART86    Returning Frost Dart
          00DART87    Shock Darts
          00DART88    Sure Strike Darts
         00DART89    Masterwork Dart
          00DART90    Dart +5
          00DART91    Dart +4
          00DART92    Dart +3
          00DART93    Dart +2
          00DART94    Glacial Darts +4
          00DART95    Glass Darts +1
          00DART96    Darts of Infatuation +1
          00DART97    Darts of Flame +5
          00DART98    Keen Flaming Burst Darts
          00DART99    Acid Tipped Darts
          00DARTAT    Adron's Theorems
          00HFDTAT    Adron's Long-Winded Theorems
          00DARTDD    Delnar's Dart of Dispelling
          00HFDTDD    Delnar's Eye Gouger
          00DARTPD    Plague Darts
          00HFDTPD    Dire Plague Darts
        [2.19] Flails
          00CWBLUC    Flail +1
          00FLAL01    Flail
          00FLAL02    Flail +1
          00FLAL03    SkullFlail
          00FLAL85    Poisoned Blood Flail +2
          00FLAL86    Flail of Shocking Cold +2
          00FLAL87    Stun Flail +1
          00FLAL88    Flail of the Defender +1
          00FLAL89    Flail of Corrosive Spikes
          00FLAL90    Vampiric Flail
          00FLAL91    Flail +5
          00FLAL92    Flail +4
          00FLAL93    Flail +3
          00FLAL94    Flail +2
          00FLAL95    Flail of Flame +5
          00FLAL96    Wounding Flail of the Elements +5
          00FLAL97    Flail of the Elements
          00FLAL98    Brilliant Flail of Wounding
          00FLAL99    Masterwork Flail
          00FLALFV    Flail of Veranon
          00HFFLFV    Demon's Breath Flail
          00FLALSR    The Shackles of Roa
          00HFFLSR    Chains of Righteous Strength
          00HFMRSS    Skirling Svirfneblin Skull
          00MSTRSS    The Skirling Skull
          11FLALBC    Black Chimes
          11HFFLBC    Black Chimes of the Bell Warden
          63CWPUS1    Pustule's Flail
          63CWPUS2   Pustule's Flail of Boils
        [2.20] Gems
          00GEM01    Fire Agate Gem
          00GEM02    Lynx Eye Gem
          00GEM03    Turquoise Gem
          00GEM04    Sunstone Gem
          00GEM05    Andar Gem
          00GEM06    Jasper Gem
          00GEM07    Tchazar Gem
          00GEM08    Skydrop Gem
          00GEM09    Iol Gem
          00GEM10    Zircon Gem
          00GEM11    Bloodstone Gem
          00GEM12    Moonstone Gem
          00GEM13    Ziose Gem
          00GEM14    Waterstar Gem
          00GEM15    Chrysoberyl Gem
          00GEM16    Shandon Gem
          00GEM17    Star Diopside Gem
          00GEM18    Horn Coral Gem
          00GEM19    Aquamarine Gem
          00GEM20    Garnet Gem
          00GEM21    Pearl
          00GEM22    Sphene Gem
          00GEM23    Black Opal
          00GEM24    Water Opal
          00GEM25    Moonbar Gem
          00GEM26    Diamond
          00GEM27    Emerald
          00GEM28    Star Sapphire
          00GEM29    King's Tears
          00GEM30    Rogue Stone
        [2.21] Great Axes
          00AX2H01    Greataxe
          00AX2H85    Holy Greataxe of Justice +5
          00AX2H86    Greataxe of Ice +5
          00AX2H87    Greataxe of Blurred Visions +5
          00AX2H88    Greataxe +5
          00AX2H89    Greataxe +4
          00AX2H90    Greataxe +3
          00AX2H91    Greataxe +2
          00AX2H92    Greataxe +1
          00AX2H93    Greataxe of Digestion +5
          00AX2H94    Massive Greataxe of Flame +5
         00AX2H95    Greataxe of Might +5
          00AX2H96    Greataxe of Cleaving +5
          00AX2H97    Masterwork Greataxe
          00AX2H98    Greataxe of Elemental Bursts
          00AX2H99    Greataxe of Vampiric Flame
          00AX2HBB    Backblighter
          00AX2HBD    Big Death
          00HFAXBD    Big Black Flying-Death
          00AX2HWT    Widow-Through
          00HFAXWT    Grim Widow-Through
          11AX2HEW    The Executioner's Wife
          11HFAXEW    Tale of the Executioner's Wife
          00HFAXBB    Cowards Flight
        [2.22] Great Swords
          00CWSKX1    Greatsword of the Soulless +5
          00CWSWDK    Masterwork Greatsword
          00CWSWDL    Greatsword +1
          00SWDTCL    Cleaver
          00HFSDTC    Dwelnar's Folly
          00SWDT01    Greatsword
          00SWDT02    Masterwork Greatsword
          00SWDT03    Greatsword +1
          00SWDT86    Greatsword +5
          00SWDT87    Greatsword +4
          00SWDT88    Greatsword +3
          00SWDT89    Greatsword +2
          00SWDT90    Blessed Greatsword +2
          00SWDT91    Greatsword of Flame +1
          00SWDT92    Sure Strike Greatsword
          00SWDT93    Greatsword of the Soulless +5
          00SWDT94    Greatsword of Rage +5
          00SWDT95    Greatsword of Righteousness +2
          00SWDT96    Greatsword of Virtue
          00SWDT97    Greatsword: Frost Defender
          00SWDT98    Greatsword of Flame +3
          00SWDT99    Greatsword of the Defender
          11HFSTWS    Saga of Wandering Sky
          11SWDTWS    Wandering Sky
          ZZJ6US    Greatsword: Undead Slayer +2
          ZZR6HFWB    Thunder's Shock
          ZZR6WB    Winged Blight
        [2.23] Halberds
          00CWHALB    Halberd
          00CWHALC    Halberd +1
         00CWHALD    Halberd of Corrosive Fire +1
          00HALB02    Masterwork Halberd
          00HALB03    Halberd +1
          00HALB04    Halberd +2
          00HALB89    Halberd +3
          00HALB88    Halberd +4
          00HALB87    Halberd +5
          00HALB91    Keen Halberd of Expertise
          00HALB92    Halberd of Corrosive Fire +1
          00HALB93    Halberd of Willpower
          00HALB94    Halberd of the North
          00HALB95    Infernal Halberd of the Defender
          00HALB96    Massive Halberd of Hate +4
          00HALB97    Halberd of Speed +5
          00HALB98    Halberd of Horror +4
          00HALB99    Flaming Halberd +1
          00HALBDC    Dredging Claw
          00HFHBDC    Hand of the Buccaneer
          00HALBHL    The Hammer of Lucerne
          00HFHBHL    Holy Swizarnian Hammer of Lucerne
          00HFSRIM    Life's Blood Drinker
          63HALBPB    Pudu's Blight
          63HFHBPB    Pudu's Fiery Blight
          ZZM6UC      Unholy Halberd of Chaos
        [2.24] Heavy Crossbows
          00BWHX01    Heavy Crossbow
          00BWHX02    Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
          00BWHX03    Heavy Crossbow +1
          00BWHX04    Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
          00BWHX91    Heavy Crossbow +5
          00BWHX92    Heavy Crossbow +4
          00BWHX93    Heavy Crossbow +3
          00BWHX94    Heavy Crossbow +2
          00BWHX95    Heavy Crossbow of Health +2
          00BWHX96    Heavy Crossbow of Defense +1
          00BWHX97    Spellward Heavy Crossbow
          00BWHX98    Heavy Crossbow of Speed +5
          00BWHX99    Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +4
          00BWHXGE    Geloise
          00HFHXGE    Beloved Geloise
          00BWHXHF    Hagnen's Folly
          00HFHXHF    Folly of Hagnen Odestone
          00BWHXIA    Iron Arbalest
          00HFHXIA    Mithril Arbalest
          00BWHXMR    Mailripper
          00HFHXMR    Shielded Mailripper
          51BWHXDB    Doom Bolter
          51BWHXHB    Hell Bolter
          51HFHXDB    Dragu's Doom Bolter
          51HFHXHB    Dragu's Hell Bolter
        [2.25] Helmets
          00CIHELE    Helmet
          00HELM06    Helmet
          00HELM07    Helmet of Charm Protection
          00HELM18    Yeti Skin Hat
          00HELM19    Winter Wolf Hat
          00HELMBH    The Black Hands of Shelgoth
          00HFHMBH    Horrific Black Hands of Shelgoth
          00HELMDS    Dragon Sight
          00HFHMDS    Dragon's Gaze
          00HELMSC    School Cap
          00HFHMSC    Intriguing School Cap
          00HELMSM    Swing from the Masts
          00HFHMSM    Crow's Nest
          51HELMWM    Wyrm's Maw
          51HFHMWM    Great White Wyrm's Maw
        [2.26] Instruments
          00BARD01    Bardic Horn of Valhalla
          00HFBD01    Raging Winds
          00BARD02    The Cittern of War
          00HFBD02    Masterwork Cittern of War
          00BARD03    The Unstrung Harp
          00HFBD03    Sephica's Prayer
          00BARD04    Lyre of Progression
          00HFBD04    Lyre of Inner Focus
          00BARD05    The Merry Shorthorn
          00HFBD05    Prophia's Merry Shorthorn
          00BARD06    The Dire Old Lute of Pellon Kay
          00HFBD06    Strings of Discord
          00BARD07    Owain's Lullabye
          00HFBD07    Sweet Auril's Kiss
          00BARD08    Viol of the Hollow Men
          00HFBD08    Tallow's Violin
          00BARDRS    Retching Serpent
          00HFBDRS    Serpent's Stomach
        [2.27]Leather Armor
          00HIDE01    Shark Skin Armor
          00HIDE02    Shark Skin and Coral Armor
          00HIDE05    Black Dragon Scale
          00HIDE06    Hide Armor
          00LEAT01    Leather Armor
          00LEAT02    Leather Armor +1
          00LEAT03    Leather Armor +2
          00LEAT04    Studded Leather Armor
          00LEAT05    Studded Leather Armor +1
          00LEAT06    Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor (cursed)
          00LEAT07    Studded Leather Armor +2
          00LEAT08    Mourner's Armor (Cursed)
          00LEAT86    Leather Armor of Providence
          00LEAT87    Studded Leather of Luck
          00LEAT88    Leather Armor of Fire Resistance
          00LEAT89    Shadowed Studded Leather +1
          00LEAT90    Studded Leather of the Shield
          00LEAT91    Studded Leather Armor of Fortitude
          00LEAT92    Studded Leather Armor of Horror
          00LEAT93    Leather Armor of Luck
          00LEAT94    Leather Armor of Movement
          00LEAT95    Leather Armor of Dexterity
          00LEAT96    Leather Armor of Fortitude
          00LEAT97    Leather Armor of Lesser Spell Resistance
          00LEAT98    Shadowed Leather Armor
          00LEAT99    Leather Armor
          10HFLTUB    Uthgar's Blessing
          10LEATUB    Uthgar's Blessing
          50HIDEAH    Abishai Hide Armor
          50HFHEAH    Cornugan Hide Armor
          50HFLTMS    Milton Sixtoes' Armor of Absolute Self
          50LEATMS    Milton Sixtoes' Armor of Absolute Self
          50HIDE06    Wandering Hunter's Armor
          60HFLTIN    Silent Interloper
          60LEATIN    Interloper
          60HFLTZU    Zuvembie's Impunity (cursed)
          60LEATZU    Zuvembie (cursed)
          62HFLTDB    Nasty Bits
          62LEATDB    Dirty Bits
        [2.28] Light Crossbows
          00BWLXHF    Hagnen's Foolishness
          00HFLXHF    Foolishness of Hagnen Odestone
          00BWLX01    Light Crossbow
          00BWLX02    Masterwork Light Crossbow
          00BWLX03    Light Crossbow +1
          00BWLX04    Light Crossbow of Speed +1
          00BWLX91    Light Crossbow of the Defender +1
          00BWLX92    Light Crossbow +5
          00BWLX93    Light Crossbow +4
          00BWLX94    Light Crossbow +3
          00BWLX95    Light Crossbow +2
          00BWLX96    Light Crossbow of Spell Resistance +1
          00BWLX97    Light Crossbow of Health
          00BWLX98    Eagle Eye Light Crossbow +3
          00BWLX99    Light Crossbow of Accuracy
          00BWLXIM    Iron Mary's Reply
          00HFLXIM    Iron Mary's Bold Reply
          00BWLXMB    Makavail's Bane
          00HFLXMB    Makavail's Swift Bane
        [2.29] Long Bows
          00BOWL01    Longbow
          00BOWL02    Masterwork Longbow
          00BOWL03    Longbow +1
          00BOWL88    Longbow +5
          00BOWL89    Longbow +4
          00BOWL90    Longbow +3
          00BOWL91    Longbow +2
          00BOWL95    Spellward Longbow +2
          00BOWL96    Longbow of Spell Resistance
          00BOWL97    Longbow of the Shield
          00BOWL98    Longbow of Fire Resistance +1
          00BOWL99    Longbow of Fortitude +5
          00BOWLSF    Sophias Flight
          00HFBLSF    Sophia's Arc
          00BOWLSR    Sun-Reacher
          00HFBLSR    Great Sun-Reacher
          00CWBOWH    Masterwork Longbow
          00CWBOWI    Longbow +1
          00HFBCAG    Mithril Arc
          00BOWLFK    Flamekiller
          00HFBLFK    Triumphant Flamekiller
        [2.30] Long Swords
          00ARMBL2    Armageddon Blade 2002
          00CWDRI2    Longsword +1
          00CWSWDB    Masterwork Longsword
          00CWSWDC    Longsword +1
          00CWWIT2    Wight's Blade
          00SWDLDB    Death's Bane
          00HFSLDB    Delnar's Healing Blade
          00SWDLDY    Dykhast Longsword
          00HFSLDY    Sword of Gleaming Dykhast
          00SWDL01    Longsword
          00SWDL02    Masterwork Longsword
          00SWDL03    Longsword +1
          00SWDL04    Longsword +2
          00SWDL07    The Sword of Myrloch Vale
          00SWDL09    Moonblade of Selune
          00SWDL80    Stunning Longsword +2
          00SWDL81    Corrosive Frost Longsword +2
          00SWDL82    Longsword of Wounding +1
          00SWDL83    Longsword of Electric Fire +1
          00SWDL84    Spellward Longsword
          00SWDL85    Venomous Longsword
          00SWDL86    Longsword +5
          00SWDL87    Longsword +4
          00SWDL88    Longsword +3
          00SWDL89    Bhaal's Fire
          00SWDL90    Flaming Sword of the Defender +5
          00SWDL91    Stunning Longsword of Corrosion +3
          00SWDL92    Longsword of Acidic Fury
          00SWDL93    Longsword of Frost +5
          00SWDL94    Vampiric Longsword +4
          00SWDL95    Longsword of Speed +1
          00SWDL96    Longsword +1: Bloodletting
          00SWDL97    Lightning Longsword +2
          00SWDL98    Longsword of Resistance +1
          00SWDL99    Vampiric Long Sword
          11SWDLHE    Heart of <CHARNAME>
          11HFSLHE    Golden Heart of <CHARNAME>
          50HFSLWB    Barrow Wight's Blade
          50SWDLWB    Wight's Blade
          60HFSLHA    Light of Cera Sumat
          60SWDLHA    "Cera Sumat," Holy Avenger
        [2.31] Maces
          00CWBLUE    Masterwork Mace
          00CWBLUF    Mace +1
          00CWDRI3    Mace +1
          00MACEAR    Azure Rod
          00HFMEAR    Glowing Azure Rod
          00MACECF    Clenched Fist
          00HFMECF    Iron Hand of Ohanion
          00MACE01    Mace
          00MACE02    Masterwork Mace
          00MACE03    Mace +1
          00MACE89    Mace of Bludgeoning +2
          00MACE90    Mace of Opposing Elements
          00MACE91    Sure Strike Mace
          00MACE92    Mace of Stunning Frost Burst
          00MACE93    Mace of Evil Protection
          00MACE94    Mace of Holy Smite
          00MACE95    Flaming Burst Mace of Disruption
          00MACE96    Mace +5
          00MACE97    Mace +4
          00MACE98    Mace +3
          00MACE99    Mace +2
          ZZJ6HFMM    Selune's Blessing
          ZZJ6MM      Moon Maiden's Blessing
          ZZL6MA      Mace of Goblin Slaying +1
        [2.32] Misc. and Plot Items
          00GENKS    Strange Object
          00GENMP    Mossy Poultice
          00HFGNMP    Moldy Poultice
          00GENOD    Oagla'ta's Dead Cat Snack
          00HFMC38    Circlet of the Tribe of the Wolf
          00MISC38    Howling Wolf Charm
          00MISC01    A Cage of Exotic Birds
          00MISC02    Dead Cat
          00MISC03    Knucklehead Trout
          00MISC04    Holy Symbol of Myrkul
          00MISC05    Barrel of Holy Water
          00MISC06    Rotted Honey Leather
          00MISC07    Skull
          00MISC08    Bottle of Wine
          00MISC09    Telescope
          00MISC10    The Candle
          00MISC11    Sack of Potatoes
          00MISC12    Seeds
          00MISC13    A Cage of Squirrels
          00MISC14    Holy Symbol of Helm
          00MISC15    Moth Ridden Thistledown
          00MISC16    Barrel of Pure Water
          00MISC17    Bottle of Wine
          00MISC18    Broken weapon
          00MISC19    Broken Shield
          00MISC20    Broken Armor
          00MISC21    Broken Miscellaneous
          00MISC22    Ancient Armor
          00MISC23    Rhino Beetle Shell
          00MISC24    Umber Hulk Hide
          00MISC25    Winter Wolf Pelt
          00MISC26    Yeti Pelt
          00MISC27    Child's Body
          00MISC28    Spider Body
          00MISC29    Female Body
          00MISC30    Male Body
          00MISC31    Lamp Oil
          00MISC32    Flaming Oil
          00MISC37    Xainlaphar's Flying Skull
          00MISC39    Boring Beetle Shell
          00MISC40    White Wyrm Egg
          10GENCRW    Wooden Crane Wheel
          10GENDON    Ship Prow
          10GENGBO    Ghost-Touched Bottle
          10GENVBO    Veira's Bottle
          10VELLUM    Expended Teleportation Scroll
          11GENBV    Expended Teleportation Scroll
          11GENDEN    Denham's Letters
          11GENDIH    Dreisbach's Iron Hoop
          11HFGNDH    Geithman's Iron-Ringed Wager
          11GENGLE    Garradun's Letter
          11GENGOL    Garradun's Opened Letter
          11GENVS    Valin's Scroll
          11KEYWW2    Weeping Widow Key
          11SCRLPS    Phaen's Vellum Scroll
          21GENWP    Wood Planks
          22KEYHG1    Highland Gate Key
          30BSTONE    Black Ward Stone
          30GENTB    Tamjan's Bracers Debris
          30ISTONE    Iron Ward Stone
          30KEYDGU    Door Guard's Key
          30KEYWAR    Warren Key
          30SSTONE    Silvered Ward Stone
          30WSPIDQ    Wooly Spider Queen Body
          30WSPIDR    Wooly Spider Body
          30YQMES    Message to Yquog
          31KEY01    Key
          40BOOKOS    Oswald's Spellbook
          40GENBE    Belladonna
          40GENCY    Captain Yurst's Note
          40GENON    Oswald's Goodbye Note
          40GENPWC    Periapt of Wound Closure
          40GENSS    Fresh Spider Silk
          40GENWP    Wood Pile
          41AMULHS    Aurilite Holy Symbol
          41BOOKLJ    High Priestess Lysara's Journal
          41GENIN    Note To Lord Brisbaine
          41GENML    Note From The Master Of Locks
          41GENOR    Oria's Note
          41GENRP    Rock Pile
          41GENZB    Zack BoosenBurry's Note
          41HBAGNA    Nathaniel's Bag Of Holding
          41HFRGRA    Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram
          41KEYCT    High Priestess Cathin's Temple Key
          41KEYLT    High Priestess Lysara's Temple Key
          41KEYOT    High Priestess Oria's Temple Key
          41RINGRA    Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram
          41ROBEAC    Aurilite Ceremonial Robe
          50BOOK88    Thvara's Journal
          50GENAD    Avarine Decanter
          50GENDH    Drinking Horn
          50GENFRO    Frostrose
          50GENFWR    Fell Wood Remains
          50GENID    Avarine Decanter
          50MISC38    Hemp Rope
          50POTN56    Venla's Medicine
          51KEYDU    Duergar Key
          51KEYRG    Raven Gate Key
          51MISC39    Mining Tools
          52GENDOL    Dolon's Letters
          52KEYDC    Dolon's Chamber Key
          52KEYRT    Raven Tomb Key
          52KEYST    Storeroom Key
          52RINGNO    Nonin's Ring
          53MISCIG    Sanguis Anima
          53MISCIM    Vial of Silvery Fluid
          53MISCIS    Vial of Spores
          53MISCIV    Conversion Poison
          60CLCKIR    Initiates Robe
          60GENVH    Visions of Hierpherus
          60HEART8    Desiccated Heart
          60KEY      Key
          60STELE5    Religious Stele
          61AMULLF    Medallion of the Lost Followers
          61GENDN    D'hey-jazerrion's Notes
          61GENMM    Modified Mandrake Root
          61GENMR    Mandrake Root
          61GENWP    Wyvern Poison
          61HFDGWS    Wyvern Stinger
          61HFGNMM    Modified Mandrake Root
          61HFGNMR    Mandrake Root
          62GENHW    Vial of Elven Holy Water
          62KEYBC    Orc Encampment Bone Key
          63AMULIS    Ilmater Holy Symbol
          63AMULIX    Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
          63GENAP    Altered Severed Hand Plans
          63GENBA    Bonding Agent
          63GENBF    Bonds of the Faithful
          63GENCF    Bundle of *Create Food* Scrolls
          63GENCL    Holy Water of Corellon Larethian
          63GENDB    Demon's Blood
          63GENDP    Severed Hand Delegate Pass
          63GENHP    Severed Hand Plans
          63GENLB    Larrel's Bones
          63GENLP    Lethal Virulent Poison
          63GENMA    Monk's Antidote
          63GENMC    Potion of Mental Clarity
          63GENNG    Note to Guards
          63GENSP    Virulent Sleeping Poison
          63GENTB    Tainted Demon's Blood
          63GENTS    Tears of Suffering
          63GENVA    Virulent Agent
          63KEYCP    Captain Pudu's Key
          63KEYWT    War Tower Prison Key
          63RINGRS    Ring of Nourishment
          67GENSN    Stubnok's Note
          FSEEDS     Fire Seeds
          GOODBER    Goodberry
          MISC07      Gold
          SUPASTAF    Acorns
        [2.33] Morning Stars
          00CWBLUG    Morningstar
          00CWBLUH    Masterwork Morningstar
          00CWBLUI    Morningstar +1
          00MSTRMG    Morning Glory
          00HFMRMG    Lathander's Gift
          00MSTRMS    Mountains of Selune
          00HFMRMS    Mountains of Selune
          00MSTR01    Morningstar
          00MSTR02    Masterwork Morningstar
          00MSTR03    Morningstar +1
          00MSTR84    Lightning Star +1
          00MSTR85    Morningstar of Poisoned Thorns
          00MSTR86    Morningstar of Glory
          00MSTR87    Morningstar +5
          00MSTR88    Morningstar +4
          00MSTR89    Morningstar +3
          00MSTR90    Morningstar +2
          00MSTR91    Stunning Star of Speed
          00MSTR92    Star of Quills +2
          00MSTR93    Morningstar of the Eternal +3
          00MSTR94    Corrosive Star +2
          00MSTR95    Morningstar of Thorns +1
          00MSTR96    Flaming Star +1
          00MSTR97    Morningstar of Warding +1
          00MSTR98    Static Star +1
          00MSTR99    Holy Morningstar +1
        2.34]Plate Armor
          00HFCNML    Mercenary's End
          00HIDE03    Coral Plate Armor
          00HIDE04    Umber Hulk Plate
          00PLAT01    Half-plate Armor
          00PLAT02    Plate Mail +1
          00PLAT03    Mithral Field Plate Armor +2
          00PLAT04    Full Plate Mail +1
          00PLAT10    1/4 Weight Half-plate Mail
          00PLAT11    1/4 Weight Field Plate
          00PLAT12    1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail
          51HFPT10    Duergar-Forged Armor of Warding
          51PLAT10    Armor of Warding
          60CHANGR    Glacial Resilience
          60HFCNGR    Glacial Storm
          60CHANSA    Sanctity
          60HFCNSA    Sanctity of Being
          60CHANTM    Armor of Tuqak Mauler
          60HFCNTM    Armor of Tuqak Mauler the Fierce
          60PLATAA    Aasimar's Aura
          60HFPTAA    Celestial Aura
          60PLATAG    Air Genesi Armor
          60HFPTAG    Air Genesi Gail Armor
          60PLATDC    Diamond Cut
          60HFPTDC    Diamond Cutter
          60PLATKC    Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul
          60HFPTKC    Blessed Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul
          60PLATOF    Owl's Feather
          60HFPTOF    Hawk's Feather
          60PLATPF    Plate of the Pit Fiend
          60HFPTPF    Plate of the Balor
        [2.35] Potions
          00CIKEG1    Potion of Firebreath
          00CIKEG2    Flaming Oil
          00CIKEG3    Flaming Oil
          00GENIR    Iron Rations
          00HFPN55    Bottle of Braehg
          00POTN01    Mummy's Tea
          00POTN02    Philter of Purification
          00POTN03    Elixir of Health
          00POTN04    Potion of Healing
          00POTN05    Potion of Extra Healing
          00POTN06    Elven Healing Wine
          00POTN07    Spirit Essence
          00POTN10    Antidote
          00POTN11    Antidote (tainted)
          00POTN19    Potion of Freedom
          00POTN20    Potion of Strength
          00POTN21    Potion of Hill Giant Strength
          00POTN22    Potion of Stone Giant Strength
          00POTN23    Potion of Frost Giant Strength
          00POTN24    Potion of Fire Giant Strength
          00POTN25    Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
          00POTN26    Potion of Storm Giant Strength
          00POTN29    Potion of Agility
          00POTN33    Potion of Heroism
          00POTN34    Potion of Invisibility
          00POTN36    Potion of Absorption
          00POTN45    Potion of Invulnerability (tainted)
          00POTN47    Potion of Master Thievery
          00POTN50    Thrym Extract
          00POTN52    Oil of Fiery Burning
          00POTN53    Potion of Explosions
          00POTN54    Potion of Firebreath
          00POTN55    Flask of Braehg
          00POTN66    Greater Restoration Potion
          00POTN67    Lesser Restoration Potion
          00POTN68    Potion of Remove Curse
          00POTN69    Delay Poison Potion
          00POTN70    Bark Skin Potion
          00POTN71    Holy Might Potion
          00POTN72    Potion of Minor Elemental Barrier
          00POTN73    Potion of Aid
          00POTN74    Sanctuary Potion
          00POTN75    Armor of Faith Potion
          00POTN76    Potion of Magic Dispelling
          00POTN77    Potion of Ghost Armor
          00POTN78    Vampiric Touch Potion
          00POTN79    Potion of Luck
          00POTN80    Ghoul Touch Potion
          00POTN81    See Invisibility Potion
          00POTN82    Cat's Grace Potion
          00POTN83    Protection from Petrification Potion
          00POTN84    Minor Mirror Image Potion
          00POTN85    Potion of Shocking Grasp
          00POTN86    Potion of Shield
          00POTN87    Potion of Evil Protection
          00POTN88    Vocalize Potion
          00POTN89    Potion of Holy Transference
          00POTN90    Potion of Aura Enhancement
          00POTN91    Potion of Life Transference
          00POTN92    Potion of Arcane Absorption
          00POTN93    Potion of Strength Transference
          00POTN94    Potion of Constitution
          00POTN95    Potion of Magical Resistance
          00POTN96    Potion of Greater Resistance
          00POTN97    Potion of Resistance
          00POTN98    Potion of Action Transference
          00POTN99    Potion of Clear Purpose
          61POTNHB    Histachii Brew
          61POTNSB    Sabotaged Histachii Brew
          61POTNUB    Unenchanted Histachii Brew
        [2.36] Quarterstaves
          00STAF01    Quarterstaff
          00STAF02    00CWSTAB		Quarterstaff +1
          00STAFDD    Delnar's Delight
          00HFSFDD    Delnar's Lightning Stave
          00STAF03    Staff of Nature's Wrath
          00STAF05    Staff of the Hanged Men's Glee
          00STAF80    Bruiser Staff
          00STAF81    Staff of Invisibility +1
          00STAF82    Staff of the Elements +1
         00STAF83    Staff of the Defender +1
          00STAF84    Dispelling Staff
          00STAF85    Spellward Staff
          00STAF86    Phantom Staff + 5
          00STAF87    Staff of the Defender +3
          00STAF88    Incendiary Staff +2
          00STAF89    Staff of Fireballs +4
          00STAF90    Staff of Greater Spell Resistance +5
          00STAF91    Resilient Quarterstaff +3
          00STAF92    Staff of Invisibility
          00STAF93    Mage Staff +1
          00STAF94    Staff of Corrosion
          00STAF95    Masterwork Quarterstaff
          00STAF96    Quarterstaff +5
          00STAF97    Quarterstaff +4
          00STAF98    Quarterstaff +3
          00STAF99    Quarterstaff +2
          11STAFPI    Phaen's Ironshod Staff
          11HFSFPI    Iron-Banded Staff
          12STAFWS    Whispering Staff
          12HFSFWS    Caballus' Whispering Staff
          51HFSFRH    Ryomaru's Harmless Tanuki Staff
          51STAFRH    Ryomaru's Harmless Staff
        [2.37] Rings
          00RINGAR    Aramite Ring
          00HFRGAR    Aramite Cult Leader Ring
          00RINGCR    Cold Reflection
          00HFRGCR    Cold Steel Reflection
          00RINGHR    Harshom's Ring of Freedom
          00HFRGHR    Harshom's Arcane Ring
          00RINGTB    Tyrannar's Band
          00HFRGTB    High Tyrannar's Band
          00RING01    Silver Ring
          00RING02    Ring
          00RING03    Greenstone ring
          00RING04    Gold Ring
          00RING05    Onyx Ring
          00RING06    Jade Ring
          00RING07    Bloodstone Ring
          00RING08    Angel Skin Ring
          00RING09    Flamedance Ring
          00RING10    Fire Opal Ring
          00RING11    Ruby Ring
          00RING15    Ring of Fire Resistance
          00RING16    Ring of Animal Friendship
          00RING17    Ring of Clumsiness (cursed)
          00RING18    Ring of Invisibility
          00RING19    Ring of Protection +1
          00RING20    Ring of Protection +2
          00RING21    Wizards Ring
          00RING22    Ring of Freedom of Movement
          00RING23    Ring of Energy
          00RING25    Every God Ring
          00RING67    Ring of Magic Missiles
          00RING68    Bard's Ring
          00RING69    Ring of Charm
          00RING70    Petrification Protection Ring
          00RING71    Ring of Hearty Strength
          00RING72    Holy Might Ring
          00RING73    Shield Ring
          00RING74    Protection from Evil Ring
          00RING75    Chameleon Ring of Dexterity
          00RING76    Charm Immunity Ring
          00RING77    Sleep Immunity Ring
          00RING78    Ring of Mage Armor
          00RING79    Bane Immunity Ring
          00RING80    Ring of the Wise
          00RING81    Tymora's Loop
          00RING82    Ring of Spell Resistance
          00RING83    Ring of Knowledge
          00RING84    Ring of Knowing
          00RING85    Ring of Lesser Resistance
          00RING86    Ring of Beauty
          00RING87    Lesser Chameleon Ring
          00RING88    Winter Ring
          00RING89    Ring of Greater Regeneration
          00RING90    Ring of Shock Resistance
          00RING91    Ring of Protection +3
          00RING92    Ring of Information
          00RING93    Ring of Greater Spell Resistance
          00RING94    Ring of Frost Resistance
          00RING95    Ring of Acid Resistance
          00RING96    Greater Chameleon ring
          00RING97    Ring of Regeneration
          00RING98    Chameleon Ring
          00RING99    Ring of the Warrior
        [2.38] Robes
          00ROBEMR    Master's Robe
          00HFRBMR    High Master's Robe
          00ROBERA    Robe of Absorption
          00HFRBRA    Imbued Robe of Absorption
          00ROBE01    Wizard Robe of Cold Resistance
          00ROBE02    Knave's Robe
          00ROBE03    Traveler's Robe
          00ROBE04    Adventurer's Robe
          00ROBE05    Robe of the Good Archmagi
          00ROBE06    Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
          00ROBE07    Robe of the Evil Archmagi
          00ROBE15    Wizard Robe of Fire Resistance
          00ROBE16    Wizard Robe of Electrical Resistance
          00ROBE99    Robe of Enfusing
          11ROBEPR    Phaen's Robe of Rags
          11HFRBPR    Phaen's Tattered Robes
        [2.39] Scimitars
          00SWDCCS    Caernach's Sickle
          00HFSCCS    Caernach's Silver Sickle
          00SWDC01    Scimitar
          00SWDC87    Scimitar of Acid +2
          00SWDC88    Scimitar of the Defender +1
          00SWDC89    Scimitar of Entanglement
          00SWDC90    Scimitar: Blood Trails
          00SWDC91    Scimitar of Defense +5
          00SWDC92    Scimitar of Hell's Fire
          00SWDC93    Scimitar+4: Ichor
          00SWDC94    Masterwork Scimitar
          00SWDC95    Scimitar +5
          00SWDC96    Scimitar +4
          00SWDC97    Scimitar +3
          00SWDC98    Scimitar +2
          00SWDC99    Scimitar +1
          63HFSCSS    Scimitar of the Soulless +5
          63SWDCSS    Scimitar of Souls +3
          ZZZ6BS    Bane Scimitar of Flame
        [2.40] Scrolls (Cleric)
          [2.40.1] Level 1 Spells
            SPPR103Z    Cure Light Wounds
            SPPR105Z    Entangle
            SPPR108Z    Remove Fear
            SPPR112Z    Inflict Light Wounds
            SPPR113Z    Sunscorch
            SPPR114Z    Doom
            SPPR115Z    Armor of Faith
            SPPR116Z    Faerie Fire
            SPPR117Z    Frost Fingers
          [2.40.2] Level 2 Spells
            SPPR201Z    Aid
            SPPR203Z    Chant
            SPPR205Z    Find Traps
            SPPR210Z    Minor Elemental Barrier
            SPPR211Z    Silence
            SPPR212Z    Delay Poison
            SPPR214Z    Cure Moderate Wounds
            SPPR216Z    Alicorn Lance
            SPPR217Z    Beast Claw
            SPPR218Z    Inflict Moderate Wounds
            SPPR219Z    Spell Shield
            SPPR221Z    Rainstorm
            SPPR222Z    Tortoise Shell
          [2.40.3] Level 3 Spells
            SPPR304Z    Glyph of Warding
            SPPR306Z    Protection from Fire
            SPPR308Z    Remove Paralysis
            SPPR313Z    Prayer
            SPPR314Z    Remove Disease
            SPPR316Z    Exaltation
            SPPR318Z    Moonblade
            SPPR319Z    Circle of Bones
            SPPR320Z    Spike Growth
            SPPR322Z    Mold Touch
            SPPR323Z    Storm Shell
            SPPR324Z    Holy Smite
            SPPR325Z    Unholy Blight
            SPPR326Z    Negative Energy Protection
          [2.40.4] Level 4 Spells
            SPPR401Z    Cure Serious Wounds
            SPPR403Z    Freedom of Movement
            SPPR404Z    Neutralize Poison
            SPPR407Z    Protection from Lightning
            SPPR408Z    Mage Circle Against Evil
            SPPR415Z    Blood Rage
            SPPR416Z    Inflict Serious Wounds
            SPPR417Z    Cloud of Pestilence
            SPPR418Z    Poison
            SPPR420Z    Star Metal Cudgel
            SPPR421Z    Smashing Wave
            SPPR422Z    Thorn Spray
            SPPR423Z    Wall of Moonlight
            SPPR424Z    Death Ward
            SPPR425Z    Holy Power
            SPPR426Z    Restoration (Conjuration)
            SPPR427Z    Wall of Fire
            SPPR428Z    Ice Blade
          [2.40.5] Level 5 Spells
            SPPR502Z    Cure Critical Wounds
            SPPR503Z    Flame Strike
            SPPR504Z    Raise Dead
            SPPR507Z    Champion's Strength
            SPPR510Z    Insect Plague
            SPPR512Z    Spike Stones
            SPPR513Z    Inflict Critical Wounds
            SPPR514Z    Shield of Lathander
            SPPR515Z    Slay Living
            SPPR516Z    Undead Ward
            SPPR517Z    Animal Rage
            SPPR518Z    Greater Command
            SPPR519Z    Spell Resistance
            SPPR520Z    Iron Skins
            SPPR521Z    Healing Circle
            SPPR524Z    Snakebite
          [2.40.6] Level 6 Spells
            SPPR606Z    Fire Seeds
            SPPR607Z    Heal
            SPPR608Z    Sol's Searing Orb
            SPPR610Z    Circle of Blades
            SPPR611Z    Harm
            SPPR612Z    Spiritual Wrath
            SPPR613Z    Whirlwind
            SPPR615Z    Conjure Animals
            SPPR616Z    Dolorous Decay
          [2.40.7] Level 7 Spells
            SPPR704Z    Creeping Doom
            SPPR705Z    Fire Storm
            SPPR707Z    Sunbeam
            SPPR712Z    Resurrection
            SPPR714Z    Symbol of Pain
            SPPR715Z    Symbol of Hopelessness
            SPPR717Z    Destruction
            SPPR718Z    Greater Shield of Lathander
            SPPR719Z    Tremor
            SPPR720Z    Mist of Eldath
            SPPR721Z    Holy Word
            SPPR722Z    Blasphemy
            SPPR725Z    Greater Restoration
            SPPR726Z    Symbol of Death
            SPPR727Z    Symbol of Fear
            SPPR728Z    Symbol of Stunning
            SPPR729Z    Aura of Vitality
        [2.41] Scrolls (non-spell varieties]
          00SCRL01    Protection from Acid
          00SCRL02    Protection from Cold
          00SCRL03    Protection from Electricity
          00SCRL04    Protection from Fire
          00SCRL05    Protection from Magic
          00SCRL06    Protection from Poison
          00SCRL08    Protection from Petrification
          00SCRL09    Stone to Flesh Scroll
          00SCRL10    Stone to Flesh Scroll
          00SCRL11    Cursed Scroll of Weakness
          00SCRL12    Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness
          00SCRL13    Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
          00SCRL14    Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
          00SCRL15    Cursed Scroll of Petrification
          00SCRL16    Cursed Scroll of Ailment
          00SCRL17    Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
        [2.42] Scrolls (Sorcerer/Wizard)
          [2.41.1] Level 1 Spells
            SPWI101Z    Grease
            SPWI102Z    Mage Armor
            SPWI103Z    Burning Hands
            SPWI104Z    Charm Person
            SPWI105Z    Color Spray
            SPWI107Z    Eagle's Splendor
            SPWI108Z    Protection From Petrification
            SPWI110Z    Identify
            SPWI112Z    Magic Missile
            SPWI113Z    Protection From Evil
            SPWI114Z    Shield
            SPWI115Z    Shocking Grasp
            SPWI116Z    Sleep
            SPWI117Z    Chill Touch
            SPWI118Z    Chromatic Orb
            SPWI119Z    Larloch's Minor Drain
            SPWI122Z    Ice Dagger
            SPWI124Z    Summon Monster I
          [2.42.2] Level 2 Spells
            SPWI201Z    Blur
            SPWI203Z    See Invisibility
            SPWI205Z    Horror
            SPWI206Z    Invisibility
            SPWI207Z    Knock
            SPWI209Z    Luck
            SPWI211Z    Melf's Acid Arrow
            SPWI212Z    Mirror Image
            SPWI213Z    Stinking Cloud
            SPWI214Z        Bull's Strength
            SPWI215Z    Web
            SPWI217Z    Agannazar's Scorcher
            SPWI218Z    Ghoul Touch
            SPWI219Z    Vocalize
            SPWI220Z    Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
            SPWI221Z    Decastave
            SPWI222Z    Blindness
            SPWI223Z    Cat's Grace
            SPWI224Z    Deafness
            SPWI225Z    Power Word Sleep
            SPWI226Z    Ray of Enfeeblement
            SPWI227Z    Gedlee's Electric Loop
            SPWI228Z    Death Armor
            SPWI230Z    Summon Monster II
          [2.42.3] Level 3 Spells
            SPWI302Z    Dispel Magic
            SPWI303Z    Flame Arrow
            SPWI304Z    Fireball
            SPWI305Z    Haste
            SPWI306Z    Hold Person
            SPWI308Z    Lightning Bolt
            SPWI309Z    Summon Monster III
            SPWI310Z    Non-Detection
            SPWI311Z    Protection From Arrows
            SPWI312Z    Slow
            SPWI313Z    Skull Trap
            SPWI314Z    Vampiric Touch
            SPWI316Z    Dire Charm
            SPWI317Z    Ghost Armor
            SPWI318Z    Icelance
            SPWI319Z    Lance of Disruption
            SPWI320Z    Halt Undead
            SPWI321Z    Invisibility Sphere
            SPWI322Z    Melf's Minute Meteors
            SPWI323Z    Blink
          [2.42.4] Level 4 Spells
            SPWI401Z    Confusion
            SPWI404Z    Ice Storm
            SPWI405Z    Improved Invisibility
            SPWI406Z    Minor Globe of Invulnerability
            SPWI407Z    Summon Monster IV
            SPWI408Z    Stoneskin
            SPWI410Z    Remove Curse
            SPWI411Z    Emotion: Despair
            SPWI412Z    Malison
            SPWI413Z    Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
            SPWI414Z    Spirit Armor
            SPWI417Z    Beltyn's Burning Blood
            SPWI418Z    Shadow Conjuration
            SPWI419Z    Emotion: Rage
            SPWI420Z    Emotion: Fear
            SPWI421Z    Emotion: Hope
            SPWI422Z    Mordenkainen's Force Missiles
            SPWI423Z    Shout
            SPWI424Z    Vitriolic Sphere
            SPWI425Z    Contagion
            SPWI426Z    Fire Shield
            SPWI427Z    Fire Shield
            SPWI428Z    Spider Spawn
          [2.42.5] Level 5 Spells
            SPWI501Z    Animate Dead
            SPWI503Z    Cloudkill
            SPWI504Z    Cone of Cold
            SPWI505Z    Summon Monster V
            SPWI507Z    Dominate Person
            SPWI508Z    Hold Monster
            SPWI509Z    Chaos
            SPWI510Z    Feeblemind
            SPWI511Z    Shroud of Flame
            SPWI512Z    Greater Shadow Conjuration
            SPWI513Z    Summon Shadow
            SPWI514Z    Lesser Planar Binding: Fire Elemental
            SPWI515Z    Lesser Planar Binding: Earth Elemental
            SPWI516Z    Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental
            SPWI518Z    Lower Resistance
            SPWI519Z    Sunfire
            SPWI520Z    Lesser Planar Binding: Air Elemental
            SPWI521Z    Phantom Blade
            SPWI522Z    Protection from Acid
            SPWI523Z    Protection from Electricity
            SPWI524Z    Dismissal
            SPWI525Z    Ball Lightning
            SPWI526Z    Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt
          [2.42.6] Level 6 Spells
            SPWI601Z    Antimagic Field
            SPWI603Z    Chain Lightning
            SPWI605Z    Acid Fog
            SPWI606Z    Circle of Death
            SPWI607Z    Disintegrate
            SPWI608Z    Globe of Invulnerability
            SPWI609Z    Summon Invisible Stalker
            SPWI610Z    Lich Touch
            SPWI611Z    Summon Monster VI
            SPWI612Z    Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
            SPWI613Z    Shades
            SPWI614Z    Stone to Flesh
            SPWI615Z    Flesh to Stone
            SPWI616Z    Tenser's Transformation
            SPWI617Z    Power Word: Silence
            SPWI618Z    Darts of Bone
            SPWI619Z    Soul Eater
            SPWI620Z    Trollish Fortitude
            SPWI621Z    Carrion Summons
            SPWI622Z    Planar Binding: Air Elemental
            SPWI623Z    Improved Haste
            SPWI626Z    Wyvern Call
            SPWI627Z    Planar Binding: Fire Elemental
            SPWI628Z    Planar Binding: Earth Elemental
            SPWI629Z    Planar Binding: Water Elemental
          [2.42.7] Level 7 Spells
            SPWI702Z    FFinger of Death
            SPWI703Z    Summon Monster VII
            SPWI704Z    Mordenkainen's Sword
            SPWI705Z    Power Word: Stun
            SPWI706Z    Prismatic Spray
            SPWI707Z    Malavon's Rage
            SPWI708Z    Acid Storm
            SPWI709Z    Mass Invisibility
            SPWI710Z    Seven Eyes
    SPWI711Z		Suffocate
            SPWI712Z    Elemental Barrier
            SPWI713Z    Cacofiend
            SPWI714Z    Delayed Blast Fireball
            SPWI715Z    Summon Efreeti
            SPWI716Z    Summon Djinni
            SPWI717Z    Control Undead
            SPWI718Z    Banishment
            SPWI719Z    Vipergout
          [2.42.8] Level 8 Spells
            SPWI802Z    Fiery Cloud
            SPWI803Z    Summon Monster VIII
            SPWI804Z    Mind Blank
            SPWI805Z    Horrid Wilting
            SPWI806Z    Great Shout
            SPWI807Z    Iron Body
            SPWI808Z    Power Word, Blind
            SPWI809Z    Summon Fiend
            SPWI810Z    Flaying
          [2.42.9] Level 9 Spells
            SPWI902Z    Summon Monster IX
            SPWI903Z    Power Word: Kill
            SPWI905Z    Gate
            SPWI906Z    Wail of the Banshee
            SPWI907Z    Black Blade of Disaster
            SPWI908Z    Meteor Swarm
            SPWI909Z    Aegis
            SPWI910Z    Executioner's Eyes
            SPWI911Z    Mass Dominate
        [2.43] Shields
          12HFSdTS    Mooncalf's Shield
          12ShldTS    Tabard's Shield
          00SHLDBU    Black Urchin
          00HFSDBU    Spiny Black Urchin
          00SHLDFF    Footman's Folly
          00HFSDFF    Footman's Incredibly Ridiculous Folly
          00SHLDFV    Flank of the Virgin
          00HFSDFV    Blessed Flank of the Virgin
          00SHLDMM    Myo-Myo's Gong
          00HFSDMM    Myo-Myo's Holy Gong
          00SHLDRF    Red Fang's Tomb
          00HFSDRF    The Death Adder's Dragon-Shield
          00SHLD03    Buckler
          00SHLD05    Small Shield
          00SHLD07    Small Shield +1
          00SHLD10    Large Shield
          00SHLD11    Large Shield +1
          00SHLD15    Tower Shield
          00SHLD16    Tower Shield +1
          00SHLD17    Tower Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles
          00SHLD85    Tower Shield of Spell Resistance +1
          00SHLD86    Tower Shield of Charm Protection +1
          00SHLD87    Tower Shield of Spell Resistance
          00SHLD88    Large Shield of Luck +1
          00SHLD89    Large Shield of Luck
          00SHLD90    Barbarian Shield
          00SHLD91    Small Shield of Invisibility +1
          00SHLD92    Small Shield of Increased Fortitude
          00SHLD93    Small Shield of Fortitude
          00SHLD94    Buckler of Denial
          00SHLD95    Sanctuary Buckler +1
          00SHLD96    Buckler of Dexterity
          00SHLD97    Tower Shield +2
          00SHLD98    Large Shield +2
          00SHLD99    Buckler +1
          12SHLDCT    Cliffs of Targos
          12HFSDCT    Cliffs over Maer Dualdon
          12SHLDKD    Knucklehead
          12HFSDKD    Apsel's Rolly-Polly Knuckledheaded Shield
          12SHLDSG    Sad Giant's Cap
          12HFSDSG    Sad Gohji's Cap
          51HFSDFO    Shield of Duergar Fortitude
          51SHLDFO    Shield of Fortitude
        2.44] Short Bows
          00BOWS01    Shortbow
          00BOWS02    Masterwork Shortbow
          00BOWS03    Shortbow +1
          00BOWS86    Shortbow of Spell Resistance +1
          00BOWS87    Shortbow of Magic Resistance
          00BOWS88    Shortbow of Displacement +1
          00BOWS89    Silenced Shortbow +1
          00BOWS90    Shortbow of Shadows
          00BOWS91    Shortbow of the Defender
          00BOWS92    Shortbow of Spell Resistance +1
          00BOWS93    Shortbow of Dodging +4
          00BOWS94    Shortbow of Life +2
          00BOWS95    Shortbow of Health +1
          00BOWS96    Shortbow +5
          00BOWS97    Shortbow +4
          00BOWS98    Shortbow +3
          00BOWS99    Shortbow +2
          00BOWSEH    Eye of the Hunter
          00HFBSEH    Swift Eye of the Hunter
          00BOWSRS    Rabbit Slayer
          00HFBSRS    Furious Rabbit Slayer
          00CWBOWB    Masterwork Shortbow
          00CWBOWC    Shortbow +1
        [2.45] Short Swords
          00CWSWDH    Masterwork Short Sword
          00CWSWDI    Short Sword +1
          00SWDSLS    Lolth's Sting
          00HFSSLS    Lolth's Cruel Sting
          00SWDSSK    Silentkiller
          00HFSSSK    Assassin's Blade
          00SWDSTD    Thy-Dunag Blade
          00HFSSTD    Shame of Thy-Dunag
          00SWDS01    Short Sword
          00SWDS02    Masterwork Short Sword
          00SWDS03    Short Sword +1
          00SWDS04    Short Sword +2
          00SWDS05    Short Sword of Backstabbing
          00SWDS85    Reflective Short Sword +1
          00SWDS86    Wounding Sword of Shadows +1
          00SWDS87    Short Sword of Sanctuary +1
          00SWDS88    Short Sword +5
          00SWDS89    Short Sword +4
          00SWDS90    Short Sword +3
          00SWDS91    Sure Striking Short Sword +1
          00SWDS92    Frostblade
          00SWDS93    Vampiric Short Sword
          00SWDS94    Charged Short Sword of Wounding +5
          00SWDS95    Brilliant Short Sword +5
          00SWDS96    Short Sword of Flurry +3
          00SWDS97    Bleeding Short Sword +4
          00SWDS98    Short Sword of Stealth +3
          00SWDS99    Short Sword of Shadows
          ZZ35LS      Letto's Scar
          ZZ36LS      Letto's End
        [2.46] Slings
          00SLNGCT    Cat-tail
          00HFSGCT    Nimble Cat-tail
          00SLNGSS    Sparrow
          00HFSGSS    Sun-kissed Sparrow
          00SLNG01    Sling
          00SLNG02    Sling +1
          00SLNG88    Sling of Greater Resistance +5
          000SLNG8    Sling of Resistance +1
          00SLNG90    Sling of Pain +5
          00SLNG91    Sling of Accuracy +5
          00SLNG92    Sling of Dexterity +3
          00SLNG93    Sling of the Defender +1
          00SLNG94    Sling of Spell Resistance
          00SLNG95    Masterwork Sling
          00SLNG96    Sling +5
          00SLNG97    Sling +4
          00SLNG98    Sling +3
          00SLNG99    Sling +2
          11HFSGLH    Rol-Sayid's Left Hand of Darkness
          11SLNGLH    The Left Hand of Darkness
        2.47] Spears
          00CWSPEB    Spear +1
          00SPER01    Spear
          00SPER02    Spear +1
          00SPER08    Spear of Sorrows
          00SPER89    Spear of Stunning +2
          00SPER90    Spear of Perpetual Bleeding +1
          00SPER91    Lightning Spear
          00SPER92    Fiery Spear +2
          00SPER93    Ice Spear +4
          00SPER94    Spear of Wounding
          00SPER95    Masterwork Spear
          00SPER96    Spear +5
          00SPER97    Spear +4
          00SPER98    Spear +3
          00SPER99    Spear +2
          00SPERIM    Impaler
          11HFSRNP    Twelve Paces
          11SPERNP    Nine Paces
          50HFSRKS    Kyosti's Hunting Spear
          50SPERKS    Kyosti's Spear
        [2.48] Throwing and Hand Axes
          00AX1H05    Throwing Axe
          00AX1H06    Returning Throwing Axe +2
          00AX1H11    Handaxe
          00AX1H12    Masterwork Handaxe
          00AX1H72    Returning Acid Axe
          00AX1H73    Throwing Axe of Disruption +1
          00AX1H74    Keen Throwing Axe
          00AX1H75    Mage Killer Throwing Axe
          00AX1H76    Returning Throwing Axe
          00AX1H77    Throwing Axe +1
          00AX1H89    Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst
          00AX1H90    Handaxe of Expertise +1
          00AX1H96    Masterwork Throwing Axe
          00AX1H98    Mystical Throwing Axe
          00AX1HCK    Cloudkiss
          00HFAXCK    Stormshifter
          00AX1HSC    Screamer
           00HFAXSC    Screaming Axe
          11AX1HHO    Haft Over Head
          11HFAXHO    Dullcobble's Axe
          41AX1HAI    Aurilian Ice Axe
        [2.49] Throwing and War Hammers
          00CWHAMB    Masterwork Warhammer
          00CWHAMC    Warhammer +1
          00CWHAME    Flaming Hammer +1
          00HAMM01    Warhammer
          00HAMM02    Masterwork Warhammer
          00HAMM03    Warhammer +1
          00HAMM04    Warhammer +2
          00HAMM05    Warhammer
          00HAMM85    Warhammer +5
          00HAMM86    Warhammer +4
          00HAMM87    Warhammer +3
          00HAMM88    Hammer of Bludgeoning +2
          00HAMM89    Stunning Frost Hammer +1
          00HAMM90    Hammer of Dispelling +1
          00HAMM91    Corrosive Hammer +1
          00HAMM92    Biting Hammer
          00HAMM93    Lawful Hammer
          00HAMM94    Holy Hammer of Corrosive Burst +5
          00HAMM95    Hammer of Dispelling +5
          00HAMM96    Warhammer of Might +2
          00HAMM97    Resistant Hammer of Liquidity
          00HAMM98    Flaming Hammer +1
          00HAMM99    Warhammer of Sparks
          00HAMMPH    Protean Hammer
          00HFHMPH    Masher
          00HAMMSC    Stormcaller
          00HFHRSC    Hammer of Lightning
          00HAMT01    Throwing Hammer
          00HAMT02    Masterwork Throwing Hammer
          00HAMT03    Throwing Hammer +1
          00HAMT04    Throwing Hammer +2
          00HAMT05    Throwing Hammer +3
          00HAMT06    Throwing Hammer +4
          00HAMT07    Throwing Hammer +5
          00HAMT08    Returning Throwing Hammer
          00HAMT09    Returning Throwing Hammer +2
          00HAMT10    Throwing Hammer of Thunder +2
          11HAMMCR    Craftsman's Hammer
          11HFHRCR    Slow and Steady
          51HAMMDA    Hammer of Darkness
          51HFHRDA    Hammer of Utter Darkness
          51HAMMVA    Valorfoe
          51HFHRVA    The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe
          63HAMMBI    Brutal Impact
          63HFHRBI    Xvim's Brutal Impact
          ZZH6DH      Dwarven Giant Slayer Hammer +5
        [2.50] Wands
          00WAND01    Wand of Fear
          00WAND02    Wand of Magic Missiles
          00WAND03    Wand of Paralyzation
          00WAND04    Wand of Fire
          00WAND05    Wand of Lightning
          00WAND06    Wand of Sleep
          00WAND07    Wand of Summon Monster
          00WAND08    Wand of the Heavens
          00WAND13    Wand of Trap Detection
          00WAND14    Wand of Grease
          00WAND15    Wand of Stinking Cloud
          00WAND16    Wand of Horror
          00WAND18    Wand of Animate Dead
          00WAND19    Spider Spawn Wand
          00WAND20    Wand of Chill Touch
          00WAND21    Wand of Burning Hands
          00WAND22    Wand of Mage Armor
          00WAND23    Chromatic Orb Wand
          00WAND24    Color Spray Wand
          00WAND25    Wand of the Spider's Web
          00WAND26    Cat's Grace Wand
          00WAND27    Wand of Blur
          00WAND28    Wand of Melf's Acid Arrow
          00WAND29    Wand of Enfeeblement
          00WAND30    Wand of Entanglement
          00WAND31    Wand of Evil Protection
          00WAND32    Sunscorch Wand
          00WAND33    Bane Wand
          00WAND34    Sanctuary Wand
          00WAND35    Wand of Holy Might
          00WAND36    Hold Person Wand
          00WAND37    Wand of Silence
          00WAND38    Wand of Aid
          00WAND39    Wand of Charm Person or Animal
          00WAND40    Wand of Dismissal
          00WAND41    Wand of Alicorn Lance
          00WAND42    Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds
          00WAND43    Wand of Spell Shield
          00WAND44    Wand of Remove Paralysis
          00WAND45    Wand of Bull's Strength
    [3] Final words
        [3.1] Credits
            Dan Simpson:  Without his item guide I couldn't have created 	  this
    reference guide.
        [3.2] Special Thanks
            gamefaqs.com for letting me post this on their site
            sorcerers.net for letting me post this guide on their site
            Zariakus for reminding me every so often to finish this guide

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