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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DChan

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         Icewind Dale II (Windows)
         FAQ/Walkthrough (Version 1.0 - Incomplete Struggle)
         Current Update: Wednesday, 12 March 2003
         Previous Update: Monday, 3 March 2003
         Created: Tuesday, 25 February 2003
         By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@hotmail.com)
    1.   Acknowledgements
    2.   Nutrition Information
    2.1    1st Impression
    2.2    2nd Impression
    3.   Links
    4.   The Anarchist's Guide to Icewind Dale II
    4.1    Orders of Battle
    5.   Solution
    5.1    A New Hope
    5.2    Prologue: Targos Docks
    5.3    Targos
    5.4    Targos Palisade
    5.5    Chapter One: Shaengarne Ford, Level 1
    5.6    Shaengarne Ford, Level 2
    5.7    Vrek's Cave
    5.8    Highland Pass
    5.9    Shaengarne Dam
    "Setsunasa!" (*1)
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    and French are the two official languages up here in
    Canada, the True North Strong and Free.)
         - Ken J Egervari, for the Icewind Dale 2: Ultimate
    Powergaming Party FAQ. (Munchkins R Us, IMO.)
         (Social democracy in action.)
         In memory of:
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         - Jean Chretien, Canadian Prime Minister, 1 February
         "The Columbia is lost. There are no survivors."
         - George W Bush, US President, 1 February 2003
    2.   NUTRITION INFORMATION (Introduction)
         Title:    Icewind Dale II
         Genre:    Role-playing game, fantasy
         Rating:   Teen (Blood, mild language, use of alcohol)
         Players:  1 (off-line) or 1-6 (on-line)
         OS:       Windows 95/98
         Maker:    Black Isle/Interplay
         On Sale:  Tuesday, 27 August 2002
    2.1  1ST IMPRESSION (Preview)
         [Ramble ON]
         The game is on two CDs.
         The game can install as 700 MB, 1.05 GB, or 1.5 GB. I installed it as 
    700 MB.
         The game has five pre-created parties for players who desire instant 
    action. Instead of beginning the game with one of these parties, I created a 
    new party of six chara.
    2.2  2ND IMPRESSION (Review)
         When the party find and get an unidentified magic item, give it to the 
    chara with the highest Knowledge (Arcana) skill, go to her inventory screen, 
    and right-click the magic item.
         When a chara equips an unidentified magic item, she gets the bonus of 
    the magic item. For example, when a chara equips an unidentifed magic 
    armour, she gets an AC bonus.
         Quick save or save game before a chara attempts to equip an 
    unidentified magic item. Some magic items, even when they have advantageous 
    effects, are Cursed and can't be unequipped.
         OTOH, a chara can't use the spell-like ability of an unidentified magic 
    item. For example, a chara can't cast a spell from an unidentified magic 
         When the party find and get magic weapons, regardless of the weapon 
    types, allocate the magic weapons amongst the chara and equip the magic 
    weapons as secondary weapons.
         IWD2 has monsters that are effectively immune to non-magic weapons. For 
    example, the Wererats in Chapter One. Against such monsters, a chara's 
    non-magic katana that normally does 1D10 damage will simply do 0 damage, 
    while a puny Dagger +1 will do 1D4+1 damage.
         The party will easily get arrows, but not bows, from the Goblin Archers 
    in Prologue, and the Orc Archers and Orc Firestarters in Chapter One.
         A Studded Leather Armour of Fortitude increases its wearer's maximum HP 
    by 10. But in Targos Palisade, when Nolan heals the entire party, he doesn't 
    heal these extra 10 HP. To elucidate, after he consecutively healed the 
    entire party twice, one of my chara's HP was still 16/26.
         IIRC, in IWD1, after the party spoke with a NPC about a quest, accepted 
    the quest, and completed the quest, the player could press Options and 
    increase difficulty to Very Hard. Then, when the party spoke with the NPC 
    about the completed quest, the XP award would be increased. Then, the player 
    could reduce difficulty and resume the game.
         In IWD2, this feature DOES NOT work. (T_T)
         In IWD1 and IWD1:HOW, enemy archers sometimes did fire damage. When the 
    party KO the archers, the archers sometimes drop Fire Arrows, which were 
    deadly to Ice Trolls and Trolls. The party sometimes summoned some 
    Skeletons, hoped the Skeletons included some Skeleton Archers, get the 
    Skeleton Archers destroyed during normal combat with monsters, and hoped the 
    Skeleton Archers dropped Fire Arrows.
         In IWD2, in Shaengarne Ford, the Orc Firestarters drop normal arrows, 
    not Fire Arrows.
         As in IWD1 and IWD2:HOW, the IWD2 children are apparently immortal. If 
    the party attempt to murder Swift Thomas, they can't hit or damage him.
         When a chara has enough XP to Level Up, but is dead, the player can 
    access her Record screens, but the Level Up button is disabled.
         A list of which named monster or NPC was cleared by which chara in my 
    party, as of 2003.03.09.
         Male, Dwarf (Shield Dwarf), Fighter/Barbarian:
         - Ghotrag, probably Targos Palisade.
         Male, Dwarf (Shield Dwarf), Cleric (Battleguard of Tempus):
         - Torak, Shaengarne Ford, Level 2.
         Female, Human, Cleric (Morninglord of Lathander):
         - None.
         Female, Human, Sorcerer:
         - Vrek Vileclaw, Vrek's Cave.
         Female, Human (Aasimar):
         - Phaen of the Rags, Targos.
         Male, Elf (Drow), Rogue/Wizard (Conjurer):
         - None.
         Revision history of this file:
         Version 0.5 (Limited Edition) [23 KB]: Saturday, 1 March 2003
         Version 0.6 (Limited Edition) [35 KB, +53%]: Monday, 3 March 2003
         [Ramble OFF]
    3.   LINKS
       - http://icewind2.blackisle.com/
         The official IWD2 section in the Black Isle HP.
       - http://www.interplay.com/games/product.asp?GameID=372
         The official IWD2 section in the Interplay HP.
       - http://www.planetbaldursgate.com/iwd2/
         The IWD2 section in the Planet Baldur's Gate HP.
       - http://cheatseeker.com.ne.kr/index_i.htm
         The "I" section of the Cheat Seeker HP. Korean.
    Includes some IWD1 and IWD2 trainers.
         (BTW, I'm a Chinese, not a ROK.)
         [Ramble ON]
       - http://selios.free.fr/
         Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France. English.
         "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
    things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
    outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
         "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
    sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
    certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
    de rares fans de part le monde."
       - http://home.attbi.com/~kagamix2/xp-compatible/
         The Japanese Gaming Guide to Windows XP, by Kagami of
    USA. English.
         "Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Japanese PC Games on Windows
       - http://www1.cts.ne.jp/~buton/
         Miyabi Koubou, by Tounnkai of Japan.
       - http://www.geocities.com/wavehawk.geo/
         The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine, by Wavehawk. English. A
    Tokimemo (Tokimeki Memorial) fan page.
       - http://zanyvg.overclocked.org/
         Zany Video Game Quotes. English. Has very funny quotes
    and screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of
    Segata Sanshirou TV CMs.
         "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine
    le nom du destin.
         "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
         "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
         - NOIR (TV: 2001)
         [Ramble OFF]
         "Our character is what we do when we think no one is
         - H Jackson Brown
         *SPOILER ALERT*
         A list of which NPC is in which area map. Includes how much XP and any 
    magic item the party can get from them if the party murder or PP (Pick 
    Pocket) them.
         (My party don't have a Paladin to check who amongst them are Evil.) 
         Black Geoffrey. 150 XP. Nothing.
         Blanchard Pike. 150 XP. Nothing.
         Firtha Kerdos. Nothing.
         Hedron Kerdos, Captain of The Wicked Wench.
         Honest Jon.
         Jorun Tamewater. Dwarf. 75 XP. No magic item.
         Kickshaw. 150 XP.
         Magdar Shenlen, the Harbour Meister.
         Reig Redwaters.
         Cahl-Hyred. 75 XP.
         Deagle Elmwood.
         Deirdre Gallaway.
         Denham Fisher.
         Elytharra, Lady. Elf.
         Garradun Tanner. Doppleganger. 300 XP. Probably Evil.
         Koluhm Bonecutter. 300 XP.
         Lumbar Grundwall.
         Maxiel of Silverymoon. Elf.
         Oswald Fiddlebender. Gnome.
         Phaen of the Rags.
         Ragni Bellows, the Swordmeister.
         Ulbrec Dinnsmore, Lord.
         Urbek Stonefoe. Dwarf.
         Valin Geldencross.
         Veira, the Weeping Widow. Undead.
         Niles. 37 XP. Nothing.
         Nolan the Healer.
         Olap Tamewater. Dwarf.
         Shawford Crale, Commander of Targos Guard.
         Swift Thomas.
         Tabard Mooncalf.
         Dereth Springsong. Nothing.
         Sabrina Fairwynd. Nothing.
         Torak Skullsplitter, Chieftain of Broken Tusk Clan.
         If the party fail to PP Dereth, Emma, or Sabrina, they don't become 
         Arte (Artemus). Nothing.
         Emma Moonblade, Cleric (Silverstar of Selune). Andar gem.
         Kaitlin Silvertongue. Nothing.
         Torak Skullsplitter, Chieftain of Broken Tusk Clan. Orc. 450 XP. Battle 
    Axe +1, Highland Gate Key, Leather Armour +1.
         Vrek Vileclaw. Troll.
         VREK'S CAVE
         Vrek Vileclaw. Troll. 900 XP. Nothing.
         [TO BE CONTINUED]
         "The measure of a man's real character is what he
    would do if he knew he would never be found out."
         - Thomas B Macaulay
    5.   SOLUTION
         Note: The solution below is based on Normal
         *SPOILER ALERT*
         First, some useful hints and tips:
         Assign one chara who can Stealth, probably an Elf Ranger or Rogue, as 
    the scout. Stealth her and move her all over a new area map to clear the fog 
    of war, and to look for buildings, containers, doors, DPRK or Iraqi WMDs, 
    items, kitchen sinks, monsters, NPCs, traps, &c.
         When the scout spots a monster, move the scout slowly forwards to check 
    if the monster's alone, then decide whether the party will avoid or engage 
    the monster(s).
         "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a
    piece of the continent."
         - John Donne
         As the party move in a new area map, frequently press the Alt key to 
    highlight doors and items.
         The party sometimes can attack some kegs and get the items in the kegs, 
    but the Alt key doesn't highlight these kegs. Instead, pause the game and 
    look for the yellow cursors below the kegs.
         To move the party faster in a known and safe area map, such as Targos 
    Docks after the party cleared all outdoor containers, Goblins, and items, 
    press M for the mini-map. Double click the location to which you want the 
    party to move, to zoom in and exit the area map. Click the ground to begin 
    the party's movement, then press M for the mini-map again, then wait until 
    the party reach the destination, then  double click the destination again to 
    exit the mini-map.
         Use containers (mostly barrels and chests) in or near a shop to store 
    items, magic and non-magic, that the party don't want to carry or sell.
         Some weapons, such as some one-handed axes, can be used for ranged or 
    melee attacks. To define the attack type, in the chara's inventory screen, 
    right-click the weapon, then left-click the Abilities button, then choose 
    the Thrown or Melee icon.
         In IWD1 and IWD1:HOW, my party always had a Paladin, who scanned every 
    NPC with her Detect Evil. In IWD2, my party don't have a Paladin. (T_T)
    5.1  A NEW HOPE
         For wealth and women, I created a new party of six chara, according to 
    the Icewind Dale 2: Ultimate Powergaming Party FAQ Version 1.20, by Ken J 
       - David M Brown
         Male, Dwarf (Shield Dwarf), Fighter, Chaotic Evil.
       - Kalpana Chawla
         Male, Dwarf (Shield Dwarf), Cleric (Battleguard of Tempus), Chaotic 
       - Laurel Blair S Clark
         Female, Human, Cleric (Morninglord of Lathander), Lawful Good.
       - Michael P Anderson
         Male, Elf (Drow), Rogue, Lawful Evil.
       - Rick D Husband
         Female, Human, Sorcerer, Chaotic Neutral.
       - William C McCool
         Female, Human (Aasimar), Sorcerer, Lawful Neutral.
         The first Shield Dwarf, who will multi-class to Barbarian, must be 
         The Drow, who will multi-class to Wizard (Conjurer), must be male.
         (The chara are evidently named after the crew of the Columbia, 
    regardless of the chara's sexes. Before 2003.02.01, I thought of naming the 
    chara after the DOAX heroines, or the protagonists in the 2002-2003 TV anime 
    Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED (Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha, Kira Yamato, 
         "Life consists not in holding good cards, but in
    playing those you hold well."
         - Josh Billings
         The party begin the adventure on the deck of the ship The Wicked Wench.
         Before the party do anything (move or even breathe), check every 
    chara's inventory screen and configure her combat AI (press Record, 
    Customise, Script). Then, press Options, and configure Graphics, Sound, and 
    Game Play. Then, save game.
         Then, the party may speak with Captain Hedron Kerdos and his crew, 
    Eldgull and Screed.
         (My party of anarchists didn't bother to murder them. If the party 
    murder the crew of The Wicked Wench, the other NPCs in Targos Docks become 
         Move the party west and meet Reig Redwaters and his comrades, Brohn and 
    Honest Jon. Speak with them and accept Reig's Potion of Healing quest. Speak 
    with them again to get a dagger and a short sword. The party may heal (Cure 
    Light Wounds, &c) Reig for 300 XP.
         Later, after the party get a Potion of Healing, speak with Reig about 
    it for 400 XP.
         On the ground north and west of Reig are some items: leather armour, 
    short sword, small shield, &c. The party will pick up more items all over 
    Targos Docks.
         Northwest of Reig is a big house with a normal-size door. Inside are 
    Magdar Shenlen the Harbour Meister, three Goblins, and some containers and 
         After the party clear the Goblins, the party should also clear the 
    containers and attack the kegs, which contain items.
         The party can enter the second house west of Reig. Inside are two 
    Goblins and a chest. Clear the Goblins and the chest.
         Northwest of this house is probably another Goblin.
         South of the house are two kegs. West of these two kegs are three kegs.
         South of the kegs are Jorun Tamewater and two Goblins.
         Southwest of Jorun is a house with three containers. One container is 
    trapped (Stinking Cloud).
         Southeast of Jorun is The Salty Dog Tavern.
         East of the tavern is Crandall.
         In The Salty Dog Tavern are Black Geoffrey, Blanchard Pike, Gohar, 
    Guthewulfe Henghelm, and Kickshaw.
         Guthewulfe buys/sells mostly weapons and armours. Speak with him and 
    buy a flask of Braehg for 220 GP. Also, speak with him about Braehg and his 
    Wolf Charm, and accept his game.
         If a Dwarf speaks with him, he chickens out. So, my female Human Cleric 
    with CON 18 spoke with him, accepted his game, and swallowed a few rounds of 
    Braehg until she got his Wolf Charm (Howling Wolf Charm) and 300 XP.
         "Hah! Not many lasses willing to take me up on my
    game... well, then, let's get to it! Here's my wineskin -
    try not to throw it up right away..."
         - Guthewulfe Henghelm, The Salty Dog Tavern, Targos
         "'Lass,' indeed. I'll take that wolf charm now, you
         - Female party leader
         South of the tavern is a house with Firtha Kerdos, three Goblins, a 
    platoon of cats, and two containers.
         After the party clear the Goblins, speak with Captain Kerdos for 300 XP 
    and 73 GP. Then, speak with Firtha about his son and the troubles in the 
    Icewind Dale about 30 years ago, which update the party's journal.
         (BTW, if the party murder Firtha, the other NPCs in Targos Docks don't 
    become hostile.)
         East of Firtha's house are three Goblins. One Goblin is a sniper, eh, 
         Northeast of Reig are Brogan and a warehouse.
         Inside the warehouse are five Goblins, some containers, and some kegs. 
    Two Goblins are snipers.
         In the top half of the warehouse, on the floor is a door to the cellar.
         In the cellar are Goblins, Goblin Sappers, Rukwurm, and some kegs. 
    Clear the monsters for 1,350 XP. Then, speak with Brogan for 400 XP.
         After the party get the Dead Cat in the warehouse, they may speak with 
    Firtha about it for no XP.
         In the northwest corner of the Targos Docks area map is the stairs to 
    Targos, the next area map.
    5.3  TARGOS
         The party begin in the southwest corner of the area map. Near the party 
    and all over the area map are containers (barrels, kegs, &c), but mostly 
         "You can never plan the future by the past."
         - Edmund Burke
         The building just east of the party is The Weeping Widow Inn. Inside is 
    Cahl-Hyred. Speak with him about the rune on one of the doors, accept his 
    Weeping Widow quest, and get the Cahl-Hyred's Bottle and Weeping Widow Key.
         After the party identify the Cahl-Hyred's Bottle as a Ghost-Touched 
    Bottle, speak with Cahl-Hyred about it for 400 XP. (My Lawful Evil Drow 
    Rogue also convinced him to, eh, contribute 50 GP, which appeared in the 
    Rogue's inventory screen.)
         How to clear the Weeping Widow quest:
         1. See above for how to get the Cahl-Hyred's Bottle/Ghost-Touched 
    Bottle and Weeping Widow Key.
         Enter The Weeping Widow Inn at night. (My party went there at Hour 23.) 
    Go to the upper floor, enter the room with the broken window, and speak with 
    Veira about Donovan.
         3. Go to the lower floor and speak with Cahl-Hyred about Donovan.
         4. Go to The Salty Dog Tavern in Targos Docks and speak with Gohar 
    about Donovan to get the Ship Prow.
         5. Go to The Weeping Widow Inn and speak with Veira about the Ship Prow 
    for 400 XP, and about her tear to change the Ghost-Touched Bottle to a 
    Veira's Bottle.
         6. Speak with Cahl-Hyred about Veira for 600 XP. (My Lawful Neutral 
    Aasimar Sorcerer also convinced him to contribute two gems and 50 GP.)
         7. Go to Ulbrec's house and speak with Elytharra about the Veira's 
    Bottle. She offers 500 GP, then 700 GP, for the bottle. In the Icewind Dale, 
    GP virtually grows on trees and walks through walls, so choose the magic 
    dagger (Sorrow's Tear) instead. Besides, the dagger doesn't cost the party 
    any GP.
         BTW, before the party give the Veira's Bottle to Elytharra, if the 
    party speak with Koluhm, they don't brag about the bottle to him. (-_-#)
         "Ah, now, welcome back, love. What'll it be for yeh?"
         - Gohar, The Salty Dog Tavern, Targos Docks
         "Some respect, to start with. I'll have no more of
    this 'love' nonsense."
         - Female party leader
         (The NPCs in IWD2 are actually far more polite than the NPCs in MM9 
    (Might and Magic IX) and WIZ8 (Wizardry VIII).) (-_-;)
         Outside the inn, near the southeast corner of the inn are Lumbar 
    Grundwall and his crane. Speak with him about his labour-management problem.
         "Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if
    there is time enough."
         - George Bernard Shaw
         In the house north of the inn are Koluhm Bonecutter and somebody, eh, 
    some bodies. Speak with him about the Ghost-Touched Bottle and he quickly 
    confesses his cunning plan for 450 XP. Speak with him again about the dead 
    Human in the house.
         "If you ever come to *me* at night, you'll be joining
    Old Lord Skull sooner than you think."
         - Female party leader to Koluhm Bonecutter, house,
         East of the inn is the Gallaway Trade Depot. Inside are Deirdre 
    Gallaway, Jemeliah, and Loman.
         The party should speak with Deirdre and buy at least a gem bag.
         No container is in the depot, so my party dumped whatever item that 
    Deirdre won't buy into the nearest container, the barrel outside the front 
    door of The Weeping Widow Inn.
         "I already spoke to her. Is she [Deirdre Gallaway]
    always such a Banshee?"
         - Party leader to Jemeliah, Gallaway Trading Depot,
         In the big house northeast of the depot is Lord Ulbrec Dinnsmore. In 
    the room east of Ulbrec is Lady Elytharra.
         Speak with Ulbrec about the Palisade and joining the Targos Guard. 
    (Reminds me of the ancient USA proverb, "Join the army, go to interesting 
    places, meet interesting people, and kill them.")
         Elytharra buys/sells magic items and spells. Her spells each costs 126 
    GP per spell level, which looks reasonable. Speak with her about Valin, the 
    Goblin Sapper's Charred Vellum Scroll (Expended Teleportation Scroll), and 
    the Ghost-Touched Bottle. She offers to identify the scroll for 50 GP (no 
    way, dudette), and some information (free) about the bottle.
         If a Drow speaks with Elytharra, they have a special but brief 
         In the house north of Ulbrec's house is Phaen of the Rags. Speak with 
    him about the Goblin Sapper's scroll and he quickly confesses his cunning 
    plan for 300 XP. He summons some Goblins, Goblin Sappers, and Rhaekbogs. 
    Clear them.
         Then, if the party speak with Black Geoffrey about Koluhm and Phaen, 
    the party don't brag about Koluhm and Phaen's cunning plans. (-_-#) If the 
    party speak with Ulbrec about Phaen, they also get nothing.
         In the northeast quarter of the area map are Oswald Fiddlebender and 
    his air ship. He buys/sells gems and potions. Speak with him about the 5 GP 
    he borrowed from the party, and convince him to contribute a Potion of 
    Freedom, which is worth 50 GP if the party sell it to him.
         Northwest of Oswald are Ghille-Laider and the north gate.
         Southwest of Ghille-Laider is the Temple Pavilion. Inside are Deagle 
    Elmwood, Denham Fisher, Garradun Tanner (Wounded In Action), Maxiel of 
    Silverymoon, Ragni Bellows the Swordmeister, Urbek Stonefoe (WIA), and Valin 
    Geldencross (WIA).
         Ragni buys/sells magic items, potions, and spells.
         Speak with Garradun about Captain Mariner (no relation to Seattle) and 
         Speak with Valin about Braehg and Elytharra.
         If a Rogue speaks with Valin, the Rogue gets a choice to PP Valin. 
    Possibly because my Rogue has no skill point in the PP skill, he gets, eh, 
    liberates nothing from Valin. If the party murder Valin, they get at least a 
    Valin's Scroll (which explains his rambling about being contacted by Great 
    Cthulhu's dreams) and two gems, but the other NPCs become hostile.
         If the party don't have a flask of Braehg that they bought from 
    Guthewulfe, buy one.
         When the party have a flask of Braehg, speak with Valin and let him 
    drink it for 300 XP. Then, speak with him about his vision and an air ship.
         Then, enter Ulbrec's house and speak with Elytharra about Valin for 300 
    XP. The party can continue to speak with her about debt and payment to get 
    an iol gem and a jade ring.
         If a Drow speaks with Maxiel, they have a special but brief 
         (After my counter-revolutionary party spoke with Myrkul and Tempus's 
    priests, I think Myrkul's way is more practical than Tempus's. To quote an 
    ancient Chinese proverb, "Life is short. Pray hard.")
         Note: My party accepted Garradun's quest and got the
         Garradun's Letter. Then, because I was curious about
         Raina, my party spoke with Denham and allowed Denham
         to read the Garradun's Letter for 300 XP. (^o^) This
         changes the Garradun's Letter to Denham's Letters.
         Then, if the party speak with Garradun again, they may
         taunt him and cause him to transform, for 300 XP. If
         the party don't speak with him again and engage him
         with a pre-emptive strike, he transforms anyway, for
         no XP.
         "Here you go."
         - Party leader to Denham Fisher, Temple Pavilion,
         OTOH, my party of anarchists actually didn't cause him
         to transform. As I'm a chickenhawk (but not a
         peacenik), in CRPGs, I've a hesitation to
         unnecessarily murder named NPCs, except as
         self-defence. To quote an ancient Chinese proverb,
         "Live and let live."
         Then, the party exit the Temple Pavilion and enter the north gate.
         Before the party enter the north gate, make sure they have a non-magic 
         The party begin near the middle of the bottom edge of the area map. 
    Near the party is a Targos Soldier. North of him is the boy Swift Thomas.
         Instead of immediately looking for the CO (Commanding Officer) of the 
    Targos Guard, my party yomped about the area map from the southwest corner, 
    then moved clockwise.
         West of the Targos Soldier, near the southwest corner of the area map, 
    are a catapult, Caulder, and another Targos Soldier. Speak with Caulder 
    about the catapult, hammer, and nails, until the the party convince him to 
    accept their help for 450 XP, and continue to speak with him as he frightens 
    the catapult for another 450 XP.
         - Caulder, Targos Palisade
         "By the Gods! Stop, man, stop! You're killing them!"
         "Calm down! Save it for the Goblins!"
         "Whoa. *Someone's* obviously married."
         - Party leader
         Northeast of the catapult are two containers.
         North of the container are three Archers, Isherwood, and a container.
         North of Isherwood are a second catapult and four containers.
         Northeast of the second catapult are two containers.
         East of the third catapult is Olap Tamewater.
         Southeast of Olap are Gable and Kadence. Atop the structure north of 
    Gable and Kadence is a Smug-Looking Barrel. Gable and Kadence are attempting 
    to destroy the barrel.
         If the party speak with them, play their game, destroy the barrel, and 
    speak with them again, the party can win a bottle of wine, a non-magic long 
    bow, and 4 GP.
         If the party destroy the barrel with a pre-emptive strike, before or 
    without speaking with Gable or Kadence, then speak with them, the party win 
    nothing, and Gable and Kadence claim they will replace the barrel after a 
         South of Gable and Kadence are Anson, Illigmar, and Tarran. Speak with 
    them about the Dead Cat.
         South of Anson is Tabard Mooncalf. Speak with him, convince him to get 
    lost or go north for 450 XP, and get his shield.
         West of Tabard are a Drill Sergeant and five Recruits. Speak with them 
    and inspire the Recruits with a Gihren Zabi-like speech (a la First Gundam) 
    for 450 XP.
         South of Tabard and east of Swift Thomas is Niles. Speak with him and 
    convince him to report to his post for 600 XP.
         "Piss off, then. Some sister in arms *you* are."
         - Niles to female party leader, Targos Palisade
         North of Swift Thomas are a Weapon Instructor, three Trainees, two 
    containers, and a keg.
         If the party destroy the keg and speak with the Weapon Instructor and 
    Trainees, the party get nothing. The keg is empty anyway.
         West of the keg is Harlesford. Speak with him about the building beside 
         West of Harlesford are a Drill Sergeant and five Recruits.
         In the middle of this area map is a circular structure, with an opening 
    in the northwest. At the opening is Menon.
         In the house beside Swift Thomas are Shawford Crale and Nolan the 
         Speak with Nolan and he can heal the party for free.
         Speak with Shawford Crale about the Olap Tamewater quest.
         Outside, speak with Olap about Jorun, Lumbar, and Swift Thomas.
         Swift Thomas is virtually a teleporter. He can teleport the party 
    amongst Targos Palisade, Targos, and Targos Docks. Even when not the entire 
    party are beside Swift Thomas, or when one or more chara are in a building, 
    he can teleport the entire party to the destination.
         How to clear the Olap Tamewater quest:
         1. In Targos, speak with Lumbar.
         2. In Targos Palisade, speak with Shawford.
         3. In Targos Palisade, speak with Olap.
         4. In Targos Docks, speak with Jorun and get a Wooden Crane Wheel.
         5. In Targos, speak with Lumbar.
         6. Click the crane as if it's a container and place the Wooden Crane 
    Wheel in the crane.
         7. In Targos, speak with Lumbar.
         8. In Targos Palisade, speak with Olap.
         9. In Targos Palisade, speak with Shawford for 600 XP.
         Next, Shawford gives the party the Isherwood quest.
         How to clear the Isherwood quest:
         1. In Targos Palisade, speak with Isherwood.
         2. In Targos, speak with Deirdre about arrows for 600 XP. (My party 
    felt compassionate and paid her 50 GP.)
         3. In Targos Palisade, speak with Isherwood.
         4. In Targos Palisade, speak with Shawford for 600 XP.
         "Well, look now - that ol' crow Crale can be a bit stingy when it comes 
    to dishing out the coin to us here on the wall, but I wanted to pass along 
    some thanks from me, personal-like."
         - Isherwood, Targos Palisade
         "Uh... well, Isherwood, you're a nice guy and all, but I just like you 
    as a friend, not-"
         - Female party leader
         Next, Shawford gives the party the Koluhm Bonecutter quest.
         How to clear the Koluhm Bonecutter quest:
         1. In Targos, speak with Koluhm for 450 XP.
         2. In Targos Palisade, speak with Shawford for 450 XP.
         Next, Shawford gives the party the Iron Collar Mercenary Company quest.
         How to clear the Iron Collar Mercenary Company quest:
         1. In Targos Docks, speak with Black Geoffrey about their contract or 
    Phaen for 600 XP.
         Optional: If the party taunt them and cause them to engage the party, 
    the party get 450 XP, plus 150 XP from each of the three NPCs. This is 
    potentially a bigger XP award, but their only magic item is probably a 
    Potion of Luck. Gohar and Guthewulfe remain neutral.
         2. In Targos Palisade, speak with Shawford for 900 XP.
         Immediately afterwards, the Goblins come to Targos Palisade.
         If the party remain inside Shawford's house, most of the named and 
    unnamed NPCs outside will be KIA. Dead bodies are everywhere, but almost all 
    of them have no item. Seems only the Goblins that the party engage will have 
         The infamous Caballus teleports into the palisade, Fireball the 
    northmost wall and palisade gate, and summons some Goblins twice.
         To attempt to minimise the named NPCs' deaths, move the party to the 
    north end of the palisade and clear the Goblins there. The Drill Sergeants, 
    Recruits, Trainees, and Weapon Instructors outside Shawford's house are IMO 
    as much a lost cause as the Red Shirts in ST:TOS (Star Trek: The Original 
         Then, clear the Goblins, including Caballus, at the palisade gate.
         During the battle, don't waste real time to get the Orcs' equipment. 
    After the battle, the party have enough time to patrol the area map for such 
    damage assessment.
         When necessary, or when the party are badly wounded, enter Shawford's 
    house and speak with Nolan to heal the entire party.
         At the palisade gate, against Caballus & Co, the party should 
    prioritise Caballus, so he couldn't cast more Colour Sprays, &c. The Goblin 
    Archers don't move, so the party threw some flaiming oils at them.
         After the battle, amongst Caballus's equipment are Elven Sewn Gloves, a 
    Filthy Goblin Staff (Whispering Staff, a magic quarterstaff), Potion of 
    Extra Healing, Potion of Healing, and spells (Chromatic Orb, Larloch's Minor 
         Also, a Worg Collar (Houndstooth Collar).
         In my game, after the Battle of Targos Palisade, the named NPCs who 
    survived were Black Geoffrey, Blanchard Pike, Niles, Nolan the Healer, 
    Shawford Crale, and Swift Thomas.
         If the party attempt to murder any of them, then all of them become 
         After the battle, enter Shawford's house and speak with him.
         Then, go to Targos and speak with Ulbrec for 500 XP. Ulbrec also adds 
    Shaengarne Ford to the party's world map.
         Before Ulbrec adds this spot in the world map, if the party try to exit 
    the northwest corner of the Targos Palisade area map, then the only spot in 
    the world map they can go to is Targos Palisade.
         After the battle, in Targos, when the party speak with Lumbar, Swift 
    Thomas, and the NPCs in the Gallaway Trading Depot, Temple Pavilion, and The 
    Weeping Widow Inn, the NPCs say nothing new. While the party are in the 
    depot, remember to sell the Goblins' weapons.
         The party begin near the middle of the bottom edge of the area map. 
    Torak Skullsplitter, Chieftain of the Broken Tusk Clan, immediately greet 
    the party. Between the party and the Orc are a row of kegs.
         After the boring conversation, Torak withdraws. Then, a platoon of Orcs 
    and Orc Warriors, supported by an Orc Shaman and some Orc Archers, engage 
    the party.
         I tasked one chara to destroy one keg, another chara to destroy another 
    keg, so the melee-types in the party could pass through the keg barrier and 
    engage the Orcs. The rest of the party, who were missile-types and 
    magic-users armed with flaming oils, crossbows, and bows, prioritised the 
    Orc Shaman, then the Orc Archers.
         The kegs are empty anyway.
         Later (2003.03.03): After my party cleared the first platoon of Orcs, I 
    realised that, before my party yomped to Shaengarne Ford, I forgot to spend 
    all their GP to buy flaming oils and spells. (X_X) Instead of yomping back 
    to Targos Palisade, my party decided to tough it out and see how deep into 
    Shaengarne Ford they could intrude before they really need to resupply.
         Northeast of the first platoon of Orcs, Torak greets the party again. 
    After the boring conversation, Torak withdraws. Then, a second platoon of 
    Orcs and Orc Warriors, supported by two Orc Shamans and some Orc Archers, 
    engage the party.
         One Orc Shaman comes from the north, and another Orc Shaman comes from 
    the east. Prioritise them.
         North of the Orc Archers on the left is a Keg of Blasting. Destroy it 
    with a missile weapon and it will probably badly wound the northern Orc 
         After the battle, Dereth Springsong the Druid speaks with the party for 
    750 XP. As the party also cleared the eastern Orc Shaman, Dereth continues 
    to speak about Shaengarne Ford, his house, and his wife for 500 XP.
         Dereth's house is east of the second platoon of Orcs' camp. For now, 
    the party can't enter or rest in his house. Speak with him about the logjam.
         Dereth buys/sells potions and spells.
         North of the second platoon of Orcs' camp, the party can destroy a log.
         West of the place where the party first appeared in the area map, enter 
    the opening, well, opened by Dereth. The path leads west, then north into 
    two Orcs, then east into three Orcs. Behind (north of) the first two Orcs is 
    a Keg of Blasting. To be exact, north of the two Orcs are four boulders, and 
    the keg is beside the second boulder from the right.
         When the Orcs detect the party, the Orcs immediately blow up the Keg of 
    Blasting. Retreat the party and the keg will clear some of the Orcs. (BTW, 
    the dialogue between the Orc Firestarters and Orc Runners are amusing.)
         East of these Orc suicide bombers, the path leads north. From this 
    L-intersection, move northwest, instead of north. A Keg of Blasting and some 
    Orcs, including an Orc Shaman, block the northwest-bound path. Clear the keg 
    and Orcs.
         West of the Orcs, at the end of the path is Sabrina Fairwynd, Dereth's 
    wife. Speak with her about gold and reward for 500 XP, about Shaengarne Ford 
    and trap for 375 XP, and about escorting her for 375 XP. She also destroys a 
    blockade in the area map.
         "I have been held by the Orcs for some time now. I
    watched them build the trap and set it."
         - Sabrina Fairwynd, Shaengarne Ford, Level 1
         (Somehow reminds me of the OVA series Words Worth,
         based on the Words Worth FRPG for Windows, by elf.)
         Then, Dereth and Sabrina are neutral, stationary NPCs stationed outside 
    their house. Sabrina buys/sells spells.
         Speak with Dereth to get a magic scimitar (Scimitar +1). Also, the 
    party can rest when they speak with him.
         Even when the party and some Orcs are near Dereth and Sabrina, the 
    (ungrateful) couple don't assist the party. OTOH, the party can speak with 
    Dereth and pay him for instant healing (as if the party are refuelling at a 
    gas station).
         North of Dereth and Sabrina's house are more Orcs.
         Return to the L-intersection, move north, and destroy a blockade. North 
    of the blockade are a row of Kegs of Blasting and Torak.
         Torak greets the party again. After the boring conversation, Torak 
    withdraws. Then, a platoon of Orcs, including an Orc Shaman, engage the 
    party from the north and east.
         North of the Orcs, the party can enter the next area map. Before the 
    party enter the next area map, rest them to restore their HP and spells, 
    because when they enter the next area map, Torak and some Orcs immediately 
    greet the party.
         The party begin near the southwest corner of the area map. Torak and 
    some Orcs immediately greet the party.
         After the boring conversation, Torak withdraws. Then, the Orcs engage 
    the party, not supported by any Orc Shaman. A Cleric (Silverstar of Selune), 
    Emma Moonblade, warps in and helps the party. A Troll, Vrek Vileclaw, 
    harasses Emma and withdraws.
         (After the battle, my party initially ignored Emma and continued to 
    explore the area map.)
         Speak with Emma about her sword. The party can agree to look for it and 
    convince her to cure/heal them for "one gold". She also gives the party 
    three flaming oils. Speak with her again, and her curing and healing 
    services each costs 1 GP. Raise Dead and Resurrection still cost 200 GP and 
    400 GP though.
         Move to the southeast corner and speak with Kaitlin Silvertongue about 
    her village (Shaengarne Woods), a fortress, and a dam. Agree  to help her 
    and her neighbours anyway.
         "I am in your debt. I will do all that I can to aid
    you. You need but ask."
         - Kaitlin Silvertongue, Shaengarne Ford, Level 2
         Just north of Kaitlin are three broken houses. One of them has a 
    container with a Potion of Invisibility.
         Just north of the houses is Torak's camp.
         When the party approach the camp, Torak greets the party. When the 
    party agree to withdraw, they return to Kaitlin.
         If the party approach the camp again, Torak and some Orcs engage the 
    party, not supported by any Orc Shaman. This time, Torak doesn't withdraw.
         Northwest of Kaitlin is a closed gate. The wheel that opens the gate is 
    northeast of the gate, inside the Orc camp. An Invisible or Stealth chara 
    can enter the camp and click the wheel, then exit the camp.
         North of the gate are some Orcs, but no Orc Shaman. Clear these Orcs 
    for 300 XP.
         West of the Orcs are some peasants, surrounded by a circle of kegs, two 
    containers, and a mill. The kegs are empty anyway.
         If the party destroy two or more kegs, the peasants begin to wander 
    beyond the kegs.
         If the party murder the peasants, each has 9 or fewer GP. Arte (see 
    below), Emma, and Kaitlin don't become hostile.
         "I owe you my life. I can never repay you for that."
         - Peasants, Shaengarne Ford, Level 2
         (They actually CAN repay the party, as each peasant
         has 9 or fewer GP, but they won't.)
         North of the peasants is a gate, the Highland Gate. Torak's Highland 
    Gate Key opens this gate.
         East of the gate is a black panther-like Highland Cat.
         North of the gate, the path ends near the northwest corner and leads to 
    the next area map, the Highland Pass.
         After the party liberate the peasants, speak with Kaitlin for 750 XP.
         Now, east of Kaitlin is another NPC, Arte (Artemus). He buys/sells 
    armours and weapons. Buy his gem bag, potion bag, and scroll case.
         Speak with Torak to taunt him and cause him to engage the party. No Orc 
    Shaman either.
         Northwest of Torak's camp are some Orcs.
         North of Torak's camp is a cave.
         After Torak is KIA, speak with Kaitlin for 750 XP. Continue to speak 
    with her about the Shaengarne Ford for 375 XP, and the dam for 375 XP.
    5.7  VREK'S CAVE
         The party begin near the southwest corner of the area map. Slimes and 
    Slime Zombies immediately greet the party.
         North of the cave entrance is a T-intersection. Corridors lead to north 
    and east.
         From the intersection, the north corridor leads to a dead end, with an 
    Ochre Jelly.
         The east corridor leads to a cave with a pool.
         South of the pool are Carrion Crawlers and Slimes.
         Northeast and southeast of the pool are two corridors.
         The northeast corridor leads to a four-way intersection. Corridors lead 
    to northwest, northeast, and southeast.
         The northwest corridor leads to a cave with a pool.
         The northeast corridor leads to a cave with a magic large shield 
    (Barbarian Shield) and a magic lopsided axe (Haft Over Head).
         The southeast corridor joins the corridor southeast of the pool north 
    of the Carrion Crawlers and Slimes. Further southeast is a cave with two 
    neutral Orcs. Speak with them about Vrek Vileclaw.
         Southwest of the two Orcs, in a big cave are Vrek and some Orcs, 
    including an Orc Shaman. Behind Vrek is a container, well, containing Emma's 
    sword (Moonblade of Selune) and a gem. Speak with Vrek about Emma's sword 
    and his plan (choose only the number one answers) for 375 XP.
         My party loaded game a few times to clear Vrek & Co, without any chara 
    buying the farm, partly because my party didn't have melee and missile 
    weapons that did fire damage, and they had fire spells and flaming oils that 
    had a wide area of effect that collaterally damaged the already badly 
    wounded chara.
         My party waited beside the two neutral Orcs, while one chara spoke with 
    Vrek. After the boring conversation, while the rest of the party were 
    clearing the first two Orcs, the lone chara retreated to the party. After 
    the party cleared the first two Orcs, they prioritised the Orc Shaman.
         Other players may dedicate one or two chara with high-damage weapons to 
    decrease Vrek's HP.
         Vrek's AI prioritises the chara with the least HP, so while the rest of 
    the party are clearing the Orcs, the chara with the least HP may walk around 
    the "mesa" northwest of the first two Orcs, which distracts Vrek and causes 
    him and possibly an Orc or two to chase that chara, and to ignore the rest 
    of the party.
         For example, the rest of the party can stand still beside the "mesa" 
    and prepare to cast high-damage spells when the chara with the least HP and 
    Vrek approach the party.
         When the lone Vrek is almost dead and prone, move the party away from 
    Vrek and hit him with a fire spell or a flaming oil or two, until he buys 
    the farm.
         As a Troll, Vrek continually regenerates HP. But IWD2 Trolls seem to 
    regenerate even damage caused by acid and fire?
         (My party once hit Vrek with Aganazzar's Scorcher and Burning Hands, 
    and his health continued to improve?
         Incidentally, in IWD1 and IWD1:HOW, a priest might achieve more kills 
    than a warrior because the priest's blunt weapons were more effective 
    against Skeletons, and the priest got blunt weapons that did fire damage and 
    evidently were deadly to Trolls.)
         If the entire party are badly wounded, they may exit the cave, save 
    game outside the cave to avoid wandering monsters, rest, and re-enter the 
    cave. If the party exit the cave, the monsters probably chased the party to 
    the cave entrance and will immediately engage the party when the party 
    re-enter the cave.
         After the party get Emma's sword, they may speak with her and return it 
    to her for 750 XP and 2,000 GP. Afterwards, her Resurrection costs 800 GP, 
    Raise Dead 400 GP, and her other services still 1 GP. A Rogue chara can't PP 
    her sword from her.
         My party kept, eh, continued to borrow her sword, because 750 XP is a 
    comparatively small award, and if the party really want GP, they could've 
    sold her sword to Arte for 2,500 GP.
         The party begin near the southeast corner of the area map. A hostile, 
    large Highland Snake immediately engages the party.
         Northwest of the place where the party first appeared in the area map 
    is a T-intersection with paths that lead to the north and west.
         The north path leads to a Verbeeg (giant), a container, and a house.
         The west path leads to a four-way intersection with paths that lead to 
    the north, south, and west.
         The south path leads to an alcove.
         The west path is probably blocked.
         The north path leads to a Wererat.
         When the Wererat sees the party, it retreats. North of the Wererat are 
    two Harpies.
         Southwest of the Harpies are Gaernat Sharptooth & Co.
         Speaking with Gaernat gives no XP, so my party didn't bother.
         Optional: Stop the party at the four-way
         intersection and task one chara to follow the
         Speak with Gaernat. After the boring conversation,
         retreat the lone chara.
         Without speaking with Gaernat, engage the Harpies with a pre-emptive 
    strike. Fortunately, the Harpies are as cooperative as the monsters in IWD1, 
    but not IWD1:HOW. That is, stop the party at the four-way intersection and 
    task one chara to see one Harpy. Hit it with an arrow or bolt to attract the 
    Harpy, then retreat to the rest of the party. When the Harpy is in range, 
    clear it.
         Similarly see, attract, and clear the second Harpy.
         Similarly see and attract Gaernat, but Gaernat is supported by the 
    Wererat, a Werebadger, and some Orcs, including an Orc Shaman.
         Against Gaernat & Co, every chara's active weapon should be a magic 
         Southwest of Gaernat is a four-way intersection with paths that lead 
    toeast, south, and west.
         The east path is blocked.
         The south path leads to a T-intersection, east of which is an alcove.
         The west path leads to a camp with Wererats, a Werebadger, some Orcs, 
    including two Orc Shamans, and a container.
         Northeast of the camp is an alcover with a Spider Queen, some spiders, 
    and a container.
         The path northwest of the camp leads to the next area map.
         The party begin near a Support Beam near the northeast corner of the 
    area map. Hostile Arctic Boars and Malarites (magic-users)immediately engage 
    the party.
         My party prioritised the Arctic Boars, as the Malarites had no 
    long-range attack spells. Unfortunately, my party didn't have a Ranger to 
    Charm Animal.
         The party may click the Support Beam to destroy it. For now, my party 
    ignored it.
         Southwest of the party, across some bridges and islands, is a camp with 
    a hostile Malarite High Priest, two Malarites, and a Mad Cat. The enemy 
    magic-users will summon another animal or two.
         In my party, the two warrior-types with high-damage two-handed melee 
    weapons prioritised the animals, while the wizard-types continually softened 
    the enemy magic-users with Chromatic Orb, Magic Missile, and Sunscorch.
         In the camp are two containers.
         On the "island" north of the camp are more animals and Malarites. Stop 
    in the camp, walk one chara along the north edge of the camp, see one of the 
    monsters, hit it with an arrow, and wait for them to come on down and engage 
    the party.
         West of the camp is a broken bridge. Click it.
         On the "coast" north and northwest of the broken bridge are more 
    animals, Malarites, and Orcs, but no Orc Shaman.
         Near the northwest corner of the area map is another Beam Support. 
    Click it to get one unit (10 lb) of Wood Planks.
         Click the broken bridge to span it for 750 XP.
         West of the bridge, the party can enter the next area map.
         [TO BE CONTINUED]
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