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"Better but still weak."

Ice wind dale 2. I must admit I was not expecting much from this game since I am not a fan of the first game or its expantion, but I must say even though this game was not that good, at least I did not like it very much it was a bit better then the first game in many ways. I will go into detail on what I liked and did not like about this game later in the review. But first I must say this right away, the setting in this game is much better then the first game, there is less dungeon crawling and a bit more open world fighting, fighting in the wilderness and such, but I will get to that later.

Story: You are a ground of mercenary's from luskan I think, to be honest I do not think that the story in this game is all that good, I find it could have been better if they made it more interesting, the beginning of the game with the whole town under siege business is really fun but after that it gets a bit dull.

Graphics: Very nice, they are isometric and kind of 2d again but it still looks nice, very detailed terrain. And the character models look nice also.

Audio: The audio in this game is ok, the voice acting is better then the last game and the music is pretty good this time around, but the music in the last game was not horrible.

Game play: For one the setting was more interesting, I was still not able to finish the game, it is around a 60 hour game and I am guessing I only got maybe 20 hours through. The game starts off nice, out in the open but soon enough it gets quite dull and repetitive like the last game, and that is why I stopped playing it. Which is to bad since it is an improvement over the last game which is a good thing since the last game sucked. I wish they would let you chose your party as you go on your adventure instead of creating them all t the beginning of the game, it would of made it more interesting.

Overall I say if you liked the first game or if you like the dungeon crawl style of game you could pick this one up, however if you did not like the first game you probably wont like this one but it is a bit better then the first game, that is for sure.
Overall score: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/28/08

Game Release: Icewind Dale II (US, 09/04/02)

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