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"A very time consuming, somtimes frustrating RPG"

Well, I have written the walkthrough for this game so I had to get through it at any cost. This took me about three weeks and I did not do many other things in that time. So I think I can talk about this game.

Graphics (6/10)
Well - yes. When I started IWD 2 I was shocked. On the first glance I thought I was back in 1999, this game looks worse than Baldur´s Gate II! But I soon got used to the graphics, they are nicely drawn and now I like them very much. The infinity engine allows me to use high resolution with fluent gameplay on my 800 Mhz processor. This is positive.

Sound (10/10)
What should I say? There is not much music in the game but if it starts it is awsome. I sometimes stopped a while just to listen to the sound (if you enter a building it will stop), I enjoyed the samples very much.

Story (6/10)
The story is much better than in IWD 1. Of course, you still get linear missions and have to go there, then there, then there... but the story is interesting in some respects, you meet the bosses of the game several times, very nice. But, of course, it can not compete to Baldur´s Gate II and not to the atmosphere in Divine Divinity.

Gameplay (7/10)
This is very similar to IWD 1. You walk around and solve simple ''go fetch'' or ''go do'' quests. If you leave a town you must explore many big maps filled with hordes and hordes of monsters. You walk around and fight one big battle after the other. Sometimes this is a little boring and in some respects frustrating.
Another thing is that the programmers included some puzzles into the game. Some of them are a little - strange - and you have to try some things before you can solve them. Frustrating sometimes.

Difficulty (5/10)
Well, this game is hard. It is nothing for newbies. You have to accept that you will often have to reload and quicksave your game. The battles are time consuming as well, you might sit there and play a few hours in order to imagine that you have moved three screens. At some sections of the game I thought I wasted my time. If it had not been for the walkthrough I wrote I would not have gotten through it.

Rent or buy?
If you think you might like the game, buy it. I think renting is a bad idea because it is a very long game (60 hours +). If you like big, difficult battles with the Baldur´s Gate fighting system and you don´t mind hand drawn 2D graphics and some frustration in game play then go for it. If you are looking for something easier (but with a lot of depth) then go for Divine Divinity!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/11/02, Updated 10/11/02

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