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"I cannot find the word to say!"

This game is new yet never far from becoming a classic just like some of the Baldur's Gate series.
Pretty much like the original IWD when it comes to basic element only that this one uses the Infinity Engine under the 3rd edition rule of Dungeons and Dragons(which I'm not very familiar with but get the hang of it nonetheless).
The story is great and if you enjoy the first IWD,you will surely enjoy this one.Roleplaying has never been this complex,the addition of other races(drows,duergars,sbirfnevli,moon elves,wild elves,lightfoot halfling,strongheart halfling, et cetera) and half-breeds(tieflings and aasimars) intensifies it further! There are always something new to try. I haven't finished the game as of this writing(soon it will be)because of countless restarting due to character modifications. I wanted to try everything all at once! It was just so exciting!

The sound is amazing as always, these people who creates game music should be commended for a job well done. The only thing that gives this game some drawback is that, the game is stuck in only one point of view(not as flexible as NWN when it comes to viewing,still I would grab this game over NWN anytime for sure!).
Still, the graphics are cool,the artists never failed to give details to everything they do(from the smallest dagger to the most powerful monster!)...everything is just so beautiful!

The gameplay is pretty much the same as the other games under the trademark manufacturer. Slight changes in the Infinity Engine allows you to modify your hot keys concerning spells,item slots, ability or feat slots for a refined playing style. It's easy to learn!

Playing this game will let you experience the harsh life of the world of Icewind Dale,it will challenge you to use talents and abilities you rarely use before because the game is quite hard enough in easy mode. Immerse yourself to a fantasy world where each wrong step would mean a failed mission or worse, your own morbid death. It's not an easy life living in place such as the Spine of the World where giants,wolves,yetis,barbarians and many other polar creatures unheard of on the other part of Faerun roam the land. Go play and learn,awaken the hero that is in you! It's worth the experience! This new game will make you play over and over again...and still beg for more!

Black Isle has made yet another game worthy of praise and awards. I'm crossing my fingers and hope that this will not be the last game made in Infinity Engine!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/02, Updated 12/08/02

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