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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Asdfga3

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                      Hegemonia: Legions of Iron FAQ by Asdfga3
                                   \He*gem`o*ny\ n.
                                A predominant influence,
                             of a region, state, or group, 
                                     over others.
    This is a FAQ and walkthrough for Hegemonia, Digital Reality's Space-based 3D 
    RTS. If you wish to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or 
    errors in the FAQ, please feel free to e-mail me.
    Platform: PC (Windows)
    My e-mail: @@ron DOT skr AT gmail DOT com (Replace with symbols, @ = a)
    My site: http://freewebs.com/asdfga3/faqs.html
    Current version: 1.23
    Created: 01-15-03
    Last updated: 03-07-04
    Well there was no FAQ for Hegemonia, and it didn't seem that anyone was going 
    to write one, yet there where plenty of questions from people trying to beat 
    the game. So I decided to write a FAQ myself. 
    This is my first posted FAQ, but I've done some other stuff that wasn't ever 
    hosted anywhere.
    NOTE: Hegemonia is also sold as Haegemonia in some countries. It's the same
    game. (aside from patches)
    1: Contents:
    1. Contents
    2. Version
         2.1: v0.50
         2.2: v0.60
         2.3: v0.85
         2.4: v1.00
         2.5: v1.01
         2.6: v1.12
         2.7: v1.20
         2.8: v1.21
         2.9: v1.22
    3. Legal Info
    4. Cheat Codes
    5. FAQ
         5.1: Ep1 - M1 (Mars)
         5.2: Ep1 - M2 (Earth)
         5.3: Ep1 - M3 (Earth)
         5.4: Ep2 - M2
         5.5: Ep2 - M2
         5.6: Ep2 - M2
         5.7: Ep2 - M3
         5.8: Ep3 - M4
         5.9: Ep5 - M1
         5.10: Ep5 - M1
         5.11: Ep5 - M4
    6. Ships
    7. Strategies
         7.1: Battles & Military
         7.2: Planets
         7.3: Research
         7.4: Spies & Spying
         7.5: Money
         7.6: Weapons
    8. Earth Walkthrough
         8.1: Episode 1 - Mission 1
         8.2: Episode 1 - Mission 2
         8.3: Episode 1 - Mission 3
         8.4: Episode 1 - Mission 4
         8.5: Episode 1 - Mission 5
    9. Mars Walkthrough
         9.1: Episode 1 - Mission 1
         9.2: Episode 1 - Mission 2
         9.3: Episode 1 - Mission 3
         9.4: Episode 1 - Mission 4
         9.5: Episode 1 - Mission 5
    10. General Walkthrough
         10.1: Episode 2 - Mission 1
         10.2: Episode 2 - Mission 2
         10.3: Episode 2 - Mission 3
         10.4: Episode 2 - Mission 4
         10.5: Episode 3 - Mission 1
         10.6: Episode 3 - Mission 2
         10.7: Episode 3 - Mission 3
         10.8: Episode 3 - Mission 4
         10.9: Episode 3 - Mission 5
         10.10: Episode 4 - Mission 1
         10.11: Episode 4 - Mission 2
         10.12: Episode 4 - Mission 3
         10.13: Episode 4 - Mission 4
         10.14: Episode 5 - Mission 1
         10.15: Episode 5 - Mission 2
         10.16: Episode 5 - Mission 3
         10.17: Episode 5 - Mission 4
         10.18: Episode 5 - Mission 5
    11. Bugs & other problems*
    12. Fansites, mods & other stuff*
    13. Credits
    (* = incomplete)
    2: Versions:
    -Version 0.50 (01-15-03) - I'm not done yet, but I'm posting what I've got 
    so far. Expect quite a few updates in the very near future. :)
    -Version 0.60 (01-19-03) - Walkthrough is now complete up to Ep4 M2! Added 
    Ep3 M5 tips from euclid, added Fansites & Mods section, added contribution list
    to credits, distribution is now GameFAQ's only, added or edited some other 
    small stuff. 
    -Version 0.85 (02-01-03) I bought Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast last week, so I 
    haven't been getting as much work done on the FAQ. Despite that the walkthrough
    is now to Ep5 - M2, I completed the ships section, and I also got started on 
    the strategies section. Also switched around the missions in the FAQ so they're
    in the proper order. Added a fighter tip from Kyran, and also added a bit 
    about Central Financing in Ep4 M1. 
    I'm hoping to get the walkthrough completed by the next update. :)
    -Version 1.00 (02-05-03) - Whoo! Finally! Alright, the walkthrough is done, and 
    I've filled in quite a few strategies. Now I just sit back and wait for the 
    e-mails. :D
    I've also edited the distribution notice and fixed a few other small things if 
    anyone cares. I will almost certainly update soon because people e-mail me, and
    I am also working on some more ship and weapon info.
    -Version 1.01 (02-11-03) - Meh, I knew I wasn't done. :P
    Added lots of strategies from people, a whole lot of them from SwordBlade. :)
    Also fixed some grammar and made a few other small changes.
    I was going to add more, but it was nowhere near done, and I wanted to update 
    with this good stuff. I'm still working on some ship weapon type info.
    -Version 1.12 (02-14-03) - Added bugs section, but it's still not complete. 
    Added a listing of each weapon on every race's ships to the ship info section.
    Also added a lot of strategies from the Hegemonia forums.
    -Version 1.20 (02-23-03) - Added spy mission info. Added some other minor 
    stuff. Also added a bug fix or two. Added a link to Challengers mod.
    -Version 1.21 (05-02-03) - I've decided to read through the _entire_ FAQ,
    top to bottom (something I've never done). So I've changed/added/edited _tons_ 
    of stuff all throughout the FAQ. ;)
    -Version 1.21 (03-07-04) - See? I told you I might update again. :P 
    Added various stratagies that people have sent me, and updated my e-mail
    address. If you send any mail to the old "@lycos.com" address you will NOT 
    recieve a response!
    For all intents and purposes this guide is done. I have nothing more planned as
    far as updates, and the flow of e-mails relating to it has almost stopped. 
    However I have no plans of making it a "final" version because something will 
    doubtlessly come up that will warrant an update. So basically if you have 
    something, e-mail it to me and I'll update with it, but for now don't expect 
    any new sections or anything. :P
    BTW, this FAQ is now officially over 100k's! :D
    3: Legal Info:
    This FAQ is Copyrighted (c) 2002-2006, by Aaron Skwirut, all rights reserved. 
    All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 
    It is 100% my own work (unless otherwise noted). 
    -Distribution: As of right now, this FAQ is only available from these sites:
    http://www.haeggalaxy.de.vu (link only, not a host)
    http://www33.brinkster.com/estratego (also a link only)
    If you're reading this FAQ and you didn't download it from one of the above 
    URL's it is almost certainly NOT the final version.
    If you wish to host this FAQ on your site, I would appreciate an e-mail with 
    the URL of your site. Use a title like: "Request to use your Hegemonia FAQ 
    on my site" or something similar. I will *not* let your modify this FAQ in any 
    way, change it out of it's .txt form, or let you charge *any* amount of money 
    for it. Aside from that, feel free to host the most recent version.
    -Spoiler warning: This FAQ contains spoilers to just about everything in the 
    game including some of the story. If you don't want to know, then don't read 
    -Disclaimer: I'm writing this FAQ simply to help people out with this game. 
    You are using any info/strategies in this guide at your own risk. 
    This FAQ is not endorsed or authorized by Dreamcatcher, Digital Reality, or 
    Wanadoo, it is my own work.
    -Note: I don't mean you to use this FAQ all the way through the game. You're 
    certainly free to do that if you wish, but I wrote it mainly to help you if 
    you're stuck at a certain point.
    4: Cheat Codes:
    To the best of my knowledge, there are no in-game cheat codes for Hegemonia.
    There is a trainer out there, but I have no info on it, or even any idea if it 
    5: FAQ
    After spending a lot of time on the Hegemonia forums, I noticed that people 
    seem to get hung up the in the same missions, so I decided to add this.
    5.1: Ep1 - M1 (Mars) 
    How do I stop the supply transports?
    There are five, and they have blinking red around them. You have to select your 
    squad, right-click on them, and select "Engines" as the target. Then force-fire
    on the ships (Ctrl + Right-click) and they should surrender after they get 
    below about 50% hull integrity.
    <Thanks to Askis for pointing this out>
    5.2: Ep1 - M2 (Earth)
    How do I stop the traders?
    There are two, and they have blinking red around them. You have to select your 
    ships, right-click on them, and select "Engines" as the target. Then force-fire
    on the ships (Ctrl + Right-click) and they should surrender after they get 
    below about 40% - 50% hull integrity.
    5.3: Ep1 - M3 (Earth)
    Where are these mines I have to destroy?
    There are two in the asteroid field, on the "left" one towards the 
    "center/right". They are pretty heavily guarded, so take some big guns. It goes
    without saying that you should stay away from the crippled space station. Some 
    people have beaten it, but after getting killed three times straight, I gave 
    up. :P
    5.4: Ep2 - M2
    How do I rescue Nilea or Jack? (Depending on which side you play)
    It depends on which of the three systems you choose at the start of Ep2 M1:
    Alpha System: Just to the left and below of AT II.
    Beta System: Near the center in the asteroid field.
    Gamma System: Just above the planet Gamma I
    She/he only appears on the map for a few seconds after the SOS, so pay 
    attention! After you spot the ship, send any of your squads out to get it.
    (NOTE: The ship you send to rescue them must NOT have a hero already in it!)
    <Thanks to SwordBlade for that last part>
    5.5: Ep2 - M2
    Where's the pirate's base?
    It depends on which of the three systems you choose at the start of Ep2 M1:
    Alpha System: Upper left just above the blue nebula
    Beta System: Lower right just below the moon BT I
    Gamma System: Upper left directly above the asteroid field
    NOTE: Some people have found it in other locations, but I have always found it 
    here after playing through each map at least twice. If you don't find it in the
    place I said, then don't e-mail me because I already know. :P
    5.6: Ep2 - M2
    I've completed all the objectives, but the mission doesn't end!
    Did you deploy the Military Base? (By right-clicking on it and selecting 
    'Deploy'?) Chances are about 90% of you are going to yell "D'oh!" right about 
    now! :P
    5.7: Ep2 - M3
    How do I save the people on the Southern Cross?
    Research a Colonization Ship, and then a Population Transport ship, then build
    a Population Transport and force-move (Alt + Right-click) it near the station. 
    You should get a message that the population has been transferred. Once they're
    on the ship, you can drop them on any planet you choose.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Some difficulty levels and/or economy settings will not let you research, 
    build AND jump to another system on time AFTER receiving the message. Two 
    things to try:
    a) A race against time to research and build the Pop. Transport and send, right 
    from the start of the mission. If this isn't enough to pull it through...
    b) You could try restarting the mission until the Southern Cross is revealed to
    be in YOUR system (which doesn't take long to happen after the mission starts.)
    To give credit where credit is due, Lancer was the one to first suggest this in
    the forums (although he hasn't posted much ever since.)"
    5.8: Ep3 - M4
    Where's the Kariak home planet?
    In the Raki system. Raki II to be exact. Send a spy ship (with Kuchera in it) 
    through the lower wormhole (after researching Energy Absorb Plating). Don't 
    send any ships the Kariak can detect, or you'll have a major problem on your 
    Jump from that system to the next one, and make your way around the 
    black hole to the next wormhole, through the next system, and on to Raki. Once 
    you get there, you'll get a message from Stome. Have the spy go to Raki II and 
    Kuchera will automatically run the scans.
    5.9: Ep5 - M1
    Who should I help?
    Here's a rundown of what happens:
    If you side with the Raki government (attack Panola and Yarbo):
    -This is the "correct" decision. 
    -The Darzok will be a problem. I suggest that you eliminate them before siding 
    with Raki. 
    -If you see Mohr'Tehp's corvette, kill it and you'll win the mission 
    -Even through your up against two systems, they're not very well fortified, but 
    the Darzok are a pain.
    If you side with Mohr'Tehp (attack Raki):
    -This is the "wrong" decision.
    -Once you side with Mohr'Tehp he "convinces" the Darzok to stop attacking you.
    -Because this wouldn't make a very interesting game, you'll get another mission
    where Mohr'Tehp turns on you, and you must destroy his empire.
    -This option is considerably easier, but you have to complete the extra mission
    which is _very_ hard.
    5.10: Ep5 - M1
    How do I make my choice of which empire to side with?
    Simply force-fire (Ctrl + right-click) on any unit of whichever empire you've 
    decided AGAINST. The other group will send you a message welcoming the help, 
    and the group you attacked will automatically consider you an enemy.
    5.11: Ep5 - M4
    Where's the supply ship and The Armada?
    The supply ship is in the Hortobi System, and the Armada is in the Corio 
    system. Have your spy 'Get system military info' for each of those systems to 
    complete the mission.
    NOTE: See an area that you think I should add to the FAQ? Please e-mail me. 
    I'll gladly add it if I think it's good enough. :)
    6: Ships:
    Here I'll give a rundown of the basic ship types and strategies to use with 
    them. Remember, a *lot* depends on hero's experience, research, ect.
    When I reference "RP", that means the amount of research points needed to 
    research that ship. Price is just my guess at an average cost for production.
    NOTE: The exact amount of Research Points and Credits needed is based on how 
    much, and of what type of projects you have researched. These numbers are all 
    simply averages.
    NOTE 2: Weapons info not applicable on Missile units.
    6.1: Military Ships:
    6.1.1: Fighters
    Number per squad: 7
    RP: 0
    Price: 30
    Weapons (Human): 1 Cannon
    Weapons (Kariak): 1 Cannon
    Weapons (Darzok): 1 Cannon
    Unlike other ships in the game, fighters don't bombard targets, they make 
    strafing runs at them. After about halfway through Episode Two, fighters 
    become pretty useless. Fighters cannot be mounted with Turrets or Blasters, 
    and they cannot attack planets. 
    <From Kyran>
    "On your statement that fighters are useless by halfway through 
    Episode 2, I have a strategy that later becomes effective. While 
    they're still not very useful throughout Episode 3, once you hit 
    Episode 4 it becomes quite useful to keep a squad of fighters in 
    your home system to catch any spies you manage to uncover. 
    Cruisers are rarely fast enough to do the job."
    6.1.2: Corvettes
    Number per squad: 4
    RP: 130
    Price: 150
    Weapons (Human): (B): 1 Blaster (T): 1 Turret, 1 Cannon
    Weapons (Kariak): (B): 1 Blaster (T): 2 Turret
    Weapons (Darzok): (B): 2 Blaster (T): 4 Cannon
    Quick and powerful, these ships are relatively cheap and can kill planet 
    inhabitants. They can also be equipped with either Turrets or Blasters. 
    6.1.3: Cruisers
    Number per squad: 2
    RP: 325
    Price: 1000
    Weapons (Human): (B): 1 Blaster, 2 Turret (T): 2 Turret, 2 Cannon
    Weapons (Kariak): (B): 1 Blaster, 2 Turret (T): 3 Turret
    Weapons (Darzok): (B): 2 Blaster, 2 Turret (T): 3 Turret, 2 Cannon
    Not to quick, these are best used mid-game before you get battleships. Since 
    they fly in squads of two, they're actually pretty strong. Two high-ranked 
    squads can take out a battleship. BTW, are those swing-wings cool or what? :P
    6.1.4: Battleships
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 650
    Price: 5500
    Weapons (Human): 1 Blaster, 5 Turret, 4 Cannon
    Weapons (Kariak): 1 Blaster, 4 Turret, 4 Cannon
    Weapons (Darzok): 2 Blaster, 5 Turret, 4 Cannon
    The ultimate military ship, these beasts can fire in any direction and are 
    about as strong as a MK-1 Space Station.
    6.2: Spy Ships
    6.2.1: Spy ship
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 270
    Price: 230
    Probably the sweetest ship in Hegemonia. Practically unlimited power, but 
    they'll need the experience points first. Consider investing in a Military 
    College or Academy before building spies. Also, throughout the single-player 
    game, you are given two or three high-ranked spies.
    6.3: Special Ships
    6.3.1: Military Base
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: (MK-1) 750 / (MK-2) 2250
    Price: (MK-1) 3000 / (MK-2) 5000
    MK-1 Weapons (Human): 3 Turret, 9 Cannon, 3 Gravity Rocket
    MK-1 Weapons (Kariak): 6 Turret, 4 Cannon, 3 Rocket
    MK-1 Weapons (Darzok): 4 Blaster, 2 Turret, 2 Cannon, 5 Rocket
    MK-2 Weapons (Human): 3 Blaster, 3 Turret, 6 Cannon, 3 Gravity Rocket
    MK-2 Weapons (Kariak): 5 Blaster, 2 Turret, 3 Cannon, 3 Rocket
    MK-2 Weapons (Darzok): 5 Blaster, 1 Turret, 2 Cannon, 5 Rocket
    Although classed as a military unit in the production screens, this is actually
    a special unit. It can only be deployed once, but it's a fearsome enemy. It 
    comes in two flavors: MK-1 and MK-2. Despite the total lack of visual 
    difference between the two types, the MK-2 is definitely more powerful. That 
    said, their range isn't all of that, and their radar range is roughly that of a
    fighter. They also repair any friendly units that are nearby, assuming that the
    base is at full health. If not, then it repairs itself.
    Try placing these on your end of a wormhole, or over a planet for maximum 
    6.3.2: Mining Base
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 600
    Price: 550
    Your main source of income until your planet populations get up there. Build 
    these early in the mission, and deploy them on the richest asteroid that within
    a reasonable range. They also don't cost a whole lot for what you get out of 
    them. However, once all the ore is gone, you'll have to scrap it and build 
    another one. And some systems have few or no mineable asteroids, so scout 
    around before building.
    6.3.3: Probe
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 75
    Price: 50
    Basically a joke since they take up a valuable special slot. However they do 
    have an impressive radar range, and come very cheap. Used best in an "early 
    detection" scenario if you have an open special slot.
    6.3.4: Wormhole Inhibitor Probe (Darzok Only)(Limit: 1)
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 900
    Price: 1000
    This is only available to Darzok players, and can be deployed in a wormhole 
    thus shutting it down. Since it has such a short lifespan, I rarely use it.
    If anyone has any good tips on how to use it, please e-mail me.
    6.3.5: Jump Signaler Probe (Human Only)(Limit: 1)
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 1625
    Price: 2000
    I've never used this, so I have no idea if it's useful or not. If you have a 
    strategy for using it, please send it along to me. :)
    <From SwordBlade>
    "In the SP game, you only really need it once. In more open scenarios (namely 
    MP), however, you can gain a lot from it by deploying them early BEFORE a 
    Darzok enemy blocks your access. Signalers are high in strategic potential: 
    you can stage massive surprise attacks with them. Additionally, if a planet of 
    yours in under siege and your forces are abroad, a neighboring planet can 
    produce one and call for a quick defense."
    6.3.6: Minelayer Ship
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: (MK-1) 225 / (MK-2) 450
    Price: (MK-1) 300 / (MK-2) 500
    Like the probes, I rarely use these things, so I have no real strategies for 
    them. As always, if you have something useful, please send it my way. 
    <Also from SwordBlade>
    "The ability to deploy mines through a wormhole alone justifies their 
    6.3.7: Interplanetary Merchant
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 130
    Price: 250
    These ships aren't under your command, but simply fly around trading with other
    planets in the system. Every time they stop off at one of your planets, you get 
    the credits from their dealings. You do need several of them to keep money 
    coming in quickly, and this can be a problem in maps with a low Special-unit 
    limit, however once you have two or three of them, they start raking in the 
    credits pretty fast. 
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Merchants could, alone, hold your economy together, specially if trade
    bonus-yielding sociology techs have been researched. They don't provide as 
    constant an income, but it's not uncommon to see them drop 4000 credits in 
    your lap."
    Note: These ships CANNOT use jumpnodes. (See below)
    6.3.8: Interstellar Merchant
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 195
    Price: 500
    Identical to Interplanetary Merchants except for the fact that they can use 
    Note: There are civilian Interplanetary and Interstellar merchants on some 
    6.3.9: Colonization Ship
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 150
    Price: 400
    Allows you to start a colony on any habitable planet. Once the ship lands on 
    the planet, it is recycled, and thus removed from your unit list. Although the 
    manual states that they carry 200 million colonists, they actually carry only 
    30 million.
    6.3.10: Population Transport Ship
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 112
    Price: 200
    Almost identical in design to the colonization ship, but this one can't start a
    new colony, it simply adds 30 million people to your population. 
    Note: The 30 million people on the ship are subtracted from the overall 
    population on the planet where the ship was built.
    6.3.11: Wreckage Recycler
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 450
    Price: 300
    This ship will automatically fly around collecting ore from destroyed units. 
    The speed at which the ore is collected varies _drastically_ depending on the 
    level of the unit. So consider a Military College or Academy first.
    Note: There are also civilian recyclers on many maps.
    6.3.12: Supply Ship
    Number per squad: 1
    RP: 975
    Price: 1200
    Increases HP for all ships near it, and also repairs any nearby units.
    I rarely use this, so (as always) send me any tips for it.
    7: Strategies:
    The name really says it all. This section is simply my own strategies, and 
    those that have been mailed to me, or those that have been posted on Hegemonia 
    forums. I give full credit to the people who give me stuff, if I have something
    to say about their strategy, I'll add it as an editors note. :)
    7.1: Battles & Military
    -Heroes and ship rank play a *huge* part in battles. I've seen a level 6 
    Battleship (with level 6 hero) fight off four low-ranked Darzok Battleships at 
    -Make sure you do your research. This also plays a huge part in battles.
    -Also, make sure you have plenty of money. If you can't pay your upkeep or 
    repair bills, your ships hit points will drop fast.
    -Target subsystems when appropriate. If you're fighting something like the 
    pirate base, with powerful weapons, but little armor, aim for the weapons. 
    However, normally it's best to aim for the hull.
    <From Makaze>
    "Wormhole dominance. Simple, obvious, but effective. Control the wormhole 
    exits/entrances, control the system. Don't waste bases near planets, keep them 
    at wormholes."
    Editors note: It's easy to force-move (Alt + right-click) units to wormholes. 
    Even if you click on the wormhole, they'll just move next to it, not jump 
    <Also from Makaze>
    -"The Makaze Blockade. =P I like to move my military bases in for an assaults 
    on planets. send them directly over the enemy planet, especially effective if 
    it's a large one or with many other occupied planets nearby. Command your 
    strike force to protect and follow the base on its course. It's slow, but 
    foolproof. Of course leave some units at home for defense. Get the base (or 
    bases, depending on how much cash you have and how paranoid you are) in 
    position and deploy, preferably in range of the planet's moon or another enemy 
    planet, or route of resupply, and DEFINITELY in range of ships the enemy A.I. 
    or player might try to build.
    Once deployed, the base will take care of enemy ships being built, and any 
    ships the enemy might send to save the planet. You may want to assign a small 
    force to support it, leaving the bulk of your ships to attack the planet. This 
    covers your six o'clock, leaving you free to bombard the planet full-force with
    all you have, occupying it quickly. Because of this, ONLY build Blaster 
    cruisers, corvettes, and battleships. No need to waste money on Turrets or 
    fighters. Once occupied, you already have a military base in position for 
    defense of the planet. =) move on to the next, use the same tactic if you wish 
    or just attack en-masse with all of your ships against his economically 
    weakened forces (he had to build like crazy to try and defend his planets, 
    while you lost almost no ships at all). >=)"
    <From B5nutcase>
    "To defeat the wormhole blockade, us a combination of spies on sabotage, a 
    minelayer, as the Darzok use the inhibitor to delay your advance, as the humans
    use the jump signaler to jump into your virtually undefended home system and 
    pillage all your planets.
    I once had a game whereby the opponent attacked, and I counterattacked his home
    system, and in effect we swapped systems. I later won because I had managed to 
    build planetary guns to weaken his fleet while he captured my planets. He had 
    not. :D
    The straight defense against spies sabotaging my planet defenses, is 1/2 
    (rounded up) of my spy limit detecting enemy spies. You cant risk getting close
     enough to the planet, because if detected that spy is dead thanks to...
    Planetary guns. Matrix quote:
    "What do you need?"
    "Guns, lots of guns" 
    8 Mk2 guns will rip a battleship to shreds in seconds, and given that you are 
    advancing at the speed of a military base, I have plenty of time to prepare 
    <Also from B5nutcase>
    "As for ship defense, I have 2 options:
    Send a force (even one marginally smaller than yours), to engage your forces 
    outside planetary gun range. The objective of this is to force you to deploy 
    your military base(s), leaving them outside effective blockade range.
    Alternatively, I wait until you have quit happily established this blockade, 
    and send a single large battleship force to crush you.
    The reason the 'military base blockade' beats the AI, is that they send ships 
    as they are built, rather than waiting and grouping them.
    I also deploy military bases above any planet capable of producing battleships 
    quickly, to secure my construction."
    (Editors note: A good blockade will hold off even an entire fleet of 
    battleships. Especially if you use MK-2 bases.)
    <More from B5nutcase>
    "Never underestimate the damage a cruiser can deal out. by sending 2 around 
    your slow moving attack force, I can engage you from behind during a battle, 
    forcing you to:
    a) split your firepower to deal with the new threat.
    b) turn all your ships to face them.
    c) ignore them.
    In any of these cases your forces lose against an otherwise equal foe. Since 
    you expect to attack planets as well, you're so dead." :)
    <From SwordBlade>
    "The SwordBlade Choke Siege"
    It's a bit slow, but rock solid.
    When attacking a group of nearby planets, set one or two squadrons (depending 
    on the speed they're trying to build ships at) to attack each planet. One is 
    attacking the construction yards (let's call these squads "group 1") and should
    NEVER be moved unless the enemy manages to send an overwhelming strike force, 
    in which case you should retreat (or restart the mission and do that pending 
    bit of ship/weapons/equipment research); the other strikes the planet ("group 
    2"). The rest of your attack fleet ("group 3") is, in fact, mostly a defense 
    fleet: when no other enemies are on sight, they contribute to bash the planets.
    When enemy backups appear, put group 3 in intercept position and attack the 
    incoming ships using an all-against-closest-enemy tactic (the AI is not 
    particularly careful to use tight formations, which is an exploitable 
    weakness.) Group 2 can be used to repel a liberation attempt too, and then sent
    back to their genocide duties when it's over. Group 1, however, never moves: 
    it's always keeping its grasp on the attacked planets' defensive capabilities.
    The only exceptions to this rule are the T(turret) squads. I tend to keep one 
    around strike fleets, just in case. The T squad is assigned the 
    shipyard-blasting role and the B squad attacks the planet. If the incoming 
    enemy force contains important numbers of fighters, these hybrid pairs swap 
    duties: the B squad strike shipyards and the T squad acts as backup to group 3.
    Purist Research:
    The word out there is to research missiles and whatever else. I tend to stick 
    to one of the three main weapon types and ditch missiles. This gives me more 
    RP's to strengthen my offensive and defensive capabilities. While taking over 
    planets is slower, my ships defend better against retaliatory forces. Besides, 
    you can always invest a bit on organic/kill off techs.
    Moles in the backyard.
    Use your jump signalers to call back fleets when a relatively unprotected 
    system is attacked, or to sneak up on the enemy. Surprise can be a major asset.
    General rules:
    -Attack from behind, if you can
    -Keep your squadrons tight
    -Best attack tactic: all-on-one
    -Research military techs (weapon/equipment/ship/military or defense buildings) 
    first, then money, then production (morale falls within this group too.) That's
    the priority scheme--this is a war. Research one or two military techs, then 
    one of the others. No unnecessary pampering, but still prefer morale/population 
    above raw production."
    (Editors note: Actually, I prefer automated factories to improving moral--it's 
    much faster. However that's just me. :P)
    <From Slime>
    "Slime's Slimy Bate Strategy"
    (This strat presumes you are on level 5 in tech and have a big fleet.) If you 
    want to eliminate more easily a big enemy defensive fleet, build 1 battleship, 
    and send it near the victim fleet. Decide which side to attack from, and send 
    the battleship in the OPPOSITE direction of your attack. After that, move your 
    fleet in the wanted side. When that's ready, order the lonely battleship to 
    attack the enemy. Because it's a battleship, they attack it with full force.
    After 5 seconds of the first sign of weapon fire between enemy and your ship, 
    order your big juicy fleet to attack the enemies back! Even if they notice you 
    and turn around, and your battleship is still alive with weapons functioning, 
    it can do the same thing. This tactic is based on SP, but may work in MP too. 
    Helps a lot if your fleet is smaller than the enemy's."
    <From B5nutcase>
    "On max tech against a large fleet, you need to:
    Do this outside planetary scanner range - otherwise no human is fooled. Also 
    not above planets due to planetary guns.
    Use more than one battleship in the diversion (survival of 1 battleship against
    6 is measured in seconds). I would actually use a mix of 1/2 groups of 
    cruisers + 2 groups of fighters - for the greater survivability but same 
    Use one battleship as the diversion, but a jump signaler to give you immediate 
    positioning behind the enemy.
    Resort to spies for sabotage.
    Not bother engaging the fleet and strike elsewhere."
    <From Tweak>
    "Well the best way to win heg is get a set of fighters or 2 and rush the other 
    players planet the fighters will most likey kill what he is building and then 
    to build up to curiser tec and rush with curiser some times your fighters are 
    still alive as this point if so if he was able to build ships use the fighters 
    if any left to make arun form the planet his ships will most likey try to hunt 
    them down and as your curisers move in its to late his ships are still after 
    your fighters and you take the planet and then kill his ships with your 
    fighters and curisers.
    If it has to be a long fight then be ready to lose a lot to win never be scared
    to lose a lot of ships to kill the other player if you try and keep all your 
    fleet your gona lose unless you out number and out gun him all ways try and 
    Build 1 starbase MK2 if you can and the best tip of all Build a mine and place 
    it on the best roid you can find for best use once its used up all the roid 
    scrap it and build anew one and move to the next good roid."
    7.2: Planets
    7.2.1: Planets General
    -Use Politicians. They can up production, tax revenue, population growth, ect.
    -If a planet is under attack, quickly lower taxes all the way, send a governor 
    that can raise moral (if you have one), and stop ship production on the planet.
    You could try to build a moral-raising building if you want.
    There's virtually no chance of the planet itself producing ships to destroy the
    attacking units because they'll be destroyed before they're complete. So send 
    ships from elsewhere to destroy the attackers.
    -That said, if a planet is being attacked and you want to surrender it to the 
    enemy, raise taxes all the way, destroy all buildings on the planet, and 
    instate a continuous tax project. This will lower your moral fast. Don't forget
    to remove the governor if you have one there.
    -Even though buildings detract 250 million people from your population, some 
    like automated factories, and military colleges/academies are very important.
    -Try a project. You have four to choose from, housing and spare parts being the
    most useful. I'll give you a basic rundown:
    --Continuous Housing Project: Increases the speed at which your population 
    rises. Use it early in the game on planets that don't have any production, and 
    have low population.
    --Continuous Taxation Project: Gets cash, but lowers moral a lot. I don't use 
    it much except of very high-moral planets.
    --Continuous Military Training: Gives a small amount of bonus experience points 
    to every unit in the system. Previously I haven't found this to be very 
    useful, but after I tried out SwordBlade's tip below, I now use this quite 
    often. :)
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Continuous military training has its uses. Causes ships in active duty (i.e., 
    fighting, spying or collecting) to gain experience MUCH faster. And EXP is very
    valuable: combat ships move/maneuver faster and fire with more accuracy and 
    speed. And spies... well, experienced spies can do really wild things--and be 
    much harder to catch. I've seen a spy ship gain two EXP levels in a single 
    mission thanks to this project type."
    --Continuous Spare Parts Project: Increases production speed on all OTHER 
    planets in the system. Use this when you have a big project going on one 
    planet, and nothing on your other planets in that system.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Since planetary projects are costless and offer one or other
    benefit, make sure that your planets are never idle.
    Planets also get bored. Morale might start to drop on a planet that does 
    nothing for too long and provides little."
    7.2.2: Capturing Planets:
    -Use missile ships. They drop population faster than any other weapon.
    -Remember, fighters and any ship with turrets (the little (T) next to their 
    name) are useless against planets.
    -Have a ship that's just for taking out units being produced. The AI will try 
    to produce ships on a planet that's being bombarded, so have a ship that 
    simply sits above the planet and shoots them down. Killer way to get 
    experience. ;D
    This is also handy if you have some turret-equipped ships. Since they can't 
    bombard the planet, this will keep them busy. 
    -Most of the time a spy's propaganda alone will not take a planet (although it 
    does happen occasionally). But when combined with attacking ships, it speeds up 
    the process considerably. Since it doesn't have to kill off a portion of the 
    population of the planet to reduce moral, this is a preferable option to
    straight out attack alone.
    -If a planet has defensive guns, have your ships target weapons to destroy them
    first. There's no reason to sit there bombing a planet while it's orbital guns 
    shred your ships. Take out the guns first, then worry about the population.
    7.3: Research
    -Steal it! That gets about 90% of the work done for you. Also, other races have
    technologies that you can't access. See the spying section for more info.
    -Of course before you get spies you'll have to do it the old fashioned way. 
    Try to do most of your research when I have several high-population planets and 
    lots of spare cash.
    -Do NOT research more than two types of weapons systems (usually Missile and 
    one other type). Researching several weapon types pointlessly wastes
    much-needed RP's.
    -Save your research points. Don't blow then all on stupid stuff, and make sure 
    you get the most bang for your RP. :P
    -You don't have to use all your points in a given mission. Any left over will 
    be carried on to the next mission, so sometimes saving is a really good idea.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "It goes without saying that Hegemonia is mostly an arms race.
    Remember that military power (spy performance included) is the main research 
    goal; the other technologies build an economic and production base for it 
    (happy, thickly populated planets have greater tax tolerance, produce more and 
    take more time to be invaded.) Think about it this way: you need better 
    equipped, heftier ships, and these ships need a heftier platform. Now you know 
    your priorities."
    7.4: Spies & Spying
    7.4.1: Using spies:
    -Spies are doubtlessly the most powerful ship in Hegemonia. I have at least 
    two high-ranking spies that I take from mission to mission. By the end of the 
    game they should be at level 9.
    -If a spy gets caught, _immediately_ pause, press the <M> key and then hold 
    down <Shift> and have the spy dive straight down. This will get them out of 
    trouble faster than just flying off. Once the flashing red light disappears 
    from around the spy, have them go back and finish the job.
    -STEAL MONEY!!! My best strategy is to start stealing money as soon as you 
    start a mission. This almost guarantees success. :)
    <From B5nutcase>
    "Never do sabotage in the enemies home system, or steal money, or detect your 
    spies - try and convince them they don't have spies in their backyard. Only 
    gather system military info. Unless you keep a spy to track me down, you'll 
    never know I'm there. In which case I sometimes get all your system data, and 
    you sometimes - uh - stop me. A small victory to be sure, but still a victory."
    (Editors note: This only is true against a good human player. The AI rarely 
    tries to detect spies.)
    <From Schnobs>
    "About Espionage, Tech Stealing:
    You can steal and use everything, even if it makes no sense (like Chitin
    Armor). However, if it is not in your tech tree, you won't get to keep
    the tech between missions even if you spent RPs on it.
    The RP discount for stolen inventions is 50%, and it's a good way to
    make a great leap ahead -- but always be careful not to waste RPs on
    inventions you won't be able to keep, like said Darzok Chitin Armour or
    Kariak Unity."
    7.4.2: Fighting spies:
    -As soon as you get a message that a spy has done something to you, get one of 
    your spies after him as soon as you can. 
    -As soon as he's detected, waste no time in dispatching him. Spy ship armor is 
    a joke, but they're fast. (See Euclid's tip below.)
    -Once a spy is detected, they dive immediately. (Where do you think I got the 
    diving strategy from?! :P)
    <From Euclid>
    "Well, it crossed my mind that also the enemy has a limited number of ships 
    (the same limitation on both sides). 
    So I tried something and it worked fine: 
    Instead of chasing them after they were detected, I simply ignored them. After 
    a while all three spies were sitting ducks far below the planet level. Of 
    course one managed to escape sometimes but not for long because I had two of my 
    spies permanently on 'detect enemy spy'. 
    The silly AI did not think about sending them out of my system ! Of course the 
    AI could not build more spies. So I had one spy left for action and could send 
    two military bases into the enemy system without the risk of sabotage. 
    Sure, this strategy will not work with human players!!!"
    <Kyran adds>
    "I have a strategy that later becomes effective. While fighters are still not 
    very useful throughout Episode 3, once you hit Episode 4 it becomes quite 
    useful to keep a squad of fighters in your home system to catch any spies you 
    manage to uncover. Cruisers are rarely fast enough to do the job."
    7.4.3: Spy missions:
    -Steal money: The most useful mission. Simply takes an amount of credits from 
    an enemy empire, and adds it to yours. The amount of money stolen depends on 
    the level of the spy and the amount of money owned by the targeted empire.
    (Level needed: 1)
    -Acquire empire information: Useless. Really. Gives you the amount of money 
    owned, the amount of heroes, amount of ships, overall population, ect.
    (Level needed: 3)
    -Acquire planet information: Gives you moral and production info for an enemy 
    planet. Not all that useful, but it can give you insight as to a bombarded 
    planet's moral... although your spy really should be doing propaganda right 
    then. :P
    (Level needed: 1)
    -Acquire tech tree: If you click on research, then the selected empire, you'll 
    get a list of all their completed research. I don't use it all that much.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "It's a good idea to steal your enemy's tech tree to see what weapons he/she is
    well defended against and which not." (See the Weapons section for more info.)
    -Get system military information: A great mission. Gives you the position of 
    _all_ ships owned by _all_ races in any given system.
    (Level needed: 3)
    -Steal invention: A great mission. Gets you a 90-95% complete prototype of 
    whatever the enemy empire is researching. Also reduces some of the RP cost. Not
    only does it save you time and RP, you also get research that you might not 
    have access to normally.
    Note: If you don't research a prototype in the mission that you stole it, you 
    lose it.
    (Level needed: 4)
    -Sabotage defenses: Destroys planetary guns on the targeted planet. Pretty self
    explanatory. Not as useful as you might think because it takes a lot of time, 
    and you can just have your ships destroy them.
    (Level needed: 4)
    -Sabotage ship: Destroys, or dramatically reduces the health of the targeted 
    unit. Useful against military bases, or other big, slow moving units. If you 
    try and use it on a fast ship, it won't work as well-- if at all.
    (Level needed: 5)
    -Assassinate: Simply kills a hero. I rarely use it, so I have no tips for 
    employing it. If you have any, please send them along. :)
    (Level needed: 7)
    -Detect enemy spy: Self-explanatory. Simply reveals an enemy spy for a few 
    minutes. (Note: Sometimes if you have the right techs, or good Counter- 
    intelligence, a spy will be revealed without using this option. However that's 
    pretty rare.)
    (Level needed: 3)
    -Counter-intelligence: Increases the chance of your spies completing their 
    missions, while decreasing the enemy spies mission chances. Also gives you a 
    small chance that an enemy spy will be revealed without you attempting to 
    detect them. (See above.)
    (Level needed: 1)
    7.5: Money
    -Steal it! (Notice a theme here? :P) Once you get spies, the best option is to 
    steal money from your enemies since it cripples their operation as well as 
    helping yours.
    -In the early game before your populations grow, build a mining base or two. 
    They collect ore pretty fast, and are relatively cheap to build.
    -While mines are the best option in SP, they're the worst in MP. When playing a
    MP game, focus mainly on merchants and taxes.
    -Merchants are good in heavily populated system(s). They tend not to 
    collect credits as fast as other sources, but they deliver a lot of credits 
    when they do.
    -Taxes at the standard rate should get you by. If you have a planet with a 
    large population and high morale, you can try raising taxes. It _is_ possible 
    to have a planet with full taxes and full morale at the same time, I've done 
    it. However they have to be totally safe, and on a planet with a shield and 
    lots of improvements. :P
    -Whatever you do, make sure you don't run out of credits in a tough battle. 
    Without repairs, your ships health will drop _drastically_.
    7.6: Weapons
    -Proton: (orange projectile) My personal fave, these are quite powerful and can
    travel through shields, although they aren't too accurate. As a bonus, if you 
    play the single-player game, some of the Proton research is already completed. 
    -Ion: (blue beam) Instant hits, and quite good accuracy, but not very strong 
    early on. However once you get to the higher tech levels, they become 
    frighteningly devastating and can even cut through shields.
    -Quantum: (purple cloud) Splash damage, but not that powerful. They are 
    relatively accurate, but slow to reach the target.
    -Missile: (rocket-like projectile) Best for planets, these are powerful but 
    very slow. They can be dealt a heavy blow by ECM systems (reducing chance of 
    hit by up to 90%) but if they hit they deal a lot of damage.
    <From Schnobs>
    "Perhaps the most powerful weapon in the game, even more SP where the AI
    seems to be underequipped in the ECM department. I don't know about how
    ECM/ECM-Resistance are calculated against each other, but get 80% or
    more hits. And they've got a mighty Ooomph.
    However, they're slow. The enemy may have fired twice until your first
    missiles hit the target.
    Also, if the target keeps moving (eg, heading for some distant
    destination) pursuing torpedoes are likely to never hit at all. Missile
    Bases are a bad choice to block a wormhole.
    So, while missiles are very powerful if the opponent has the decency to
    stand and deliver a fight, still a lot of their overwhelming firepower
    just vaporises. Comparing the number of missiles that hit until the
    enemy dies to the number that detonates in mid-flight after the target
    is gone, I'd rate the friction loss at about 50% (Cruisers) or even 70%
    -Lasers: (green projectile) Useless junk. Your first units if you have no 
    research done will have laser weapons. Very low damage, slow moving, slow rate 
    of fire, ect. As soon as you can, do some research and get rid of these.
    (NOTE: Due to a bug, Laser units will be classed as Ion or Proton, so you'll 
    have to look at what weapon they fire.)
    -Whichever one you pick, stick with it throughout. There aren't enough RP's 
    available to just change your mind mid-game.
    -In the single-player, all races will build missile units, but Humans stick to 
    Proton, Kariak have a thing for Ion, and Darzok go for Quantum.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Ion: Eventually, shield disabling techs become available to them. And their 
    accuracy is deadly.
    Quantum: Quantum weapons have first to eat through shields to get to the hull, 
    very much unlike the other two weapon types which just run past it (proton) or 
    disable it (ion.) However, quantum weapons are massively powerful: the area 
    effect causes splash damage and hurt HP and shields even if they fail (albeit 
    not as much as a direct hit), and once the shields are gone, no other weapon 
    has as much hull-ripping power... it's like tossing cotton candy into a 
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Out of a mixed fleet that attacks a planet, the AI will attack your missile 
    ships first. As a general rule, it'll concentrate on your most damage-causing 
    unit first--and it's a good idea. The all-on-one tactic causes ships to be 
    destroyed faster so it lets you gain advantage quickly--use it."
    <Also from SwordBlade>
    "It's a good idea to steal your enemy's tech tree to see what weapons he/she is
    well defended against and which not. Stay on top. Whether you'd follow a purist
    (I do in the SP campaign) or a two-tech approach, it's up to the situation. 
    This might be surprising, since it differs from the "accepted" method, but you 
    can live with just one weapons tech type. This allows to advance your chosen 
    type farther and to further advance other, much needed techs (accuracy, range, 
    armor, shields, spies, etc.)"
    8: Earth Walkthrough:
    NOTE: This only covers the first five missions. After that, the two sides are 
    identical (except for characters, heroes, ect).
    8.1: Episode 1 - Mission 1: "The Flight of the Icarus"
    Main Objectives:
     -Protect the Icarus
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy the meteor
    This one is easy enough. Grab your single squad of fighters (Faithful) and tell
    them to guard the Icarus by right-clicking on it. After a bit, a squad of two 
    Martian fighters will drop in on you. You should have no trouble dispatching 
    them. After that, you'll get a message telling you that a meteor is about to 
    hit the Icarus (how original). Have your ships attack it, and after it blows 
    (Ohh! It's just like the 4th of July! :D) the mission will end. Told you it was 
    easy. :)
    8.2: Episode 1 - Mission 2: "Mopping Up"
    Main Objectives:
     -Escort mining base, Fuji, safely to Rhea
     -Deploy the mining base near Rhea
     -Capture all suspicious Martian ships
    Other Objectives:
    This ones not all that hard. You get an extra squad of fighters in addition to 
    Faithful. Have both of them guard the mining station, and then order it to 
    deploy on the "Ore-rich Asteroid" near Saturn. After a minute, Martian fighters
    will attack, they're not full squads, so they're easy to beat. 
    As soon as you beat the fighters, you'll get a message saying that suspected 
    smugglers are trying to get to Mars. In a few seconds you'll get another 
    message notifying you of a smuggler making a run for it, he should be somewhere
    near Callisto. Select one of your squads and force-attack (Ctrl + right-click)
    the freighter. After they're hull is down to about 50% they'll surrender. Do 
    this to the other freighter near Titan, and you'll finish this assignment. 
    While your doing this, you'll get a message informing you that there's an extra
    squad of fighters near Titan. Send either of your squads to intercept them 
    (Alt + right-click) and you'll take control of them. Trust me, you'll need them
    later on. 
    After your mine has been running for a few minutes, two partial squads of 
    Martian Corvettes will attack. Despite all the cutscenes, they're not all of 
    that. Just take them one at a time. After you beat them you'll win this 
    8.3: Episode 1 - Mission 3: "Land of Charon"
    Main Objectives:
     -Defend our mining base near Pluto
     -Eliminate Martian forces near Neptune
    Other objectives:
    Hey, your first planet, and it's... Pluto?! Oh well, I guess we've all got to 
    start somewhere. :P 
    Immediately complete all your existing squads, then build the max amount of 
    Proton Fighters. Also, deploy your mine on either of the asteroids near Pluto.
    You get one other earth squad that you cannot directly control, but it tends to 
    hang around the mining base.
    After a couple of minutes, a Martian force attacks. Some of them are Corvettes,
    but they aren't full squads. About this time your mine should run out, so scrap
    After you finish that, grab all your ships (the Martians won't attack your 
    planet) and send them to either of the asteroids near Neptune. Once they 
    arrive, you should get a cutscene and several messages telling you to attack 
    the Martian base. The base's defenses are down (thanks to the spy) and it's 
    very weak, so go for it. It'll take awhile to kill it with your fighters 
    though. Enjoy the explosion, then send your fighters after the mine. After it's
    dead, you'll finish the mission.
    8.4: Episode 1 - Mission 4: "Catchin' Up"
    Main Objectives:
     -Research corvette and ALL basic proton weapons
     -Clear space from enemy bases towards Mars (in other words, destroy all mining
    bases in the asteroid belt)
    Other objectives: 
    As Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons would say: "Worst message ever!" :P
    If you can stand that without madly clicking on it to dismiss it, then I 
    congratulate you. ;)
    Anyhoo, first click on the "Screens" menu at the bottom-right corner of the 
    screen, and select "Research". Then select Ship Tech > Corvette Hull > and 
    then click the "Start Research" button (on the upper-right of the circle near 
    the center of the screen.) Then, send your mine to the richest asteroid in 
    the field, and send two squads of fighters to guard it.
    It shouldn't take to long for the corvette research to complete, then click on
    "Proton" and research the "Proton Launcher Cannon", "Proton Launcher Turret", 
    and "Proton Launcher Blaster". These are all quite quick to research, and that
    objective is done.
    About now you should get a message about that Martian officer that defected to
    your side. Unlike your previous base experience, this one has fully functional
    weapons and is guarded by several *full* squads of corvettes, so this will have
    to be a hit-and-run mission. Send one squad towards the base, (ignore any 
    Martian interceptors, and just go for the base). Enjoy the cutscene, then get 
    your fighters the hell out of there. Some people have said that it's possible 
    to destroy the base, but I've never successfully been able do that.
    I *highly* recommend that you can replace as many of your fighter squads with 
    corvettes as you can (but make sure you don't run out of credits). You can 
    also use the rest of your research points if you want. It really doesn't 
    matter, because you'll use them eventually.
    Whenever your ready, take all your squads, and go down to the asteroid field. 
    There are two mines guarded by corvettes, destroy them both, and you'll 
    complete the mission.
    8.5: Episode 1 - Mission 5: "The Final Showdown"
    Main Objectives:
     -Defeat Mars!
    Other objectives:
     -Secure Cruiser prototype
    New Objectives:
     -Defeat the Martian main force near Mars
    No, it's not over yet. :P
    Have all your squads follow Captain McCain's ships, and then enjoy another 
    crappy cutscene. >_> Send three of your squads to destroy Nilea's ships, and 
    send the rest to intercept the towing ship. After you kill the fighters 
    guarding it, you'll find that the cruiser is booby-trapped (surprise, surprise) 
    so continue on towards Mars.
    Go for the base(s) surrounding the planet first, then the enemy squads. After 
    you destroy most of their defenses, they'll surrender.
    Now, just press Page Down a few times to skip ahead to section 10. :)
    9: Mars Walkthrough:
    NOTE: This only covers the first five missions. After that, the two sides are 
    identical (except for characters, heroes, ect).
    9.1: Episode 1 - Mission 1: "Convoy Raid"
    Main Objectives:
     -Prevent all traders from reaching the bases near Jupiter
    Other objectives:
     -Return to the vicinity of Mars quickly. Waste no time!
     -Stop the escaped prisoner
    Hit the spacebar to switch to your starmap. Notice the traders (in white) named
    Sneaker 1 thru 5. (Imaginations people, imaginations!) Select your squad 
    (Dearest), and have them attack the lead freighter by Ctrl + right-clicking on 
    them. After their hull is down to about 50% they'll surrender. Move on to each 
    ship in the convoy, and do the same thing. About now, you should see a single 
    fighter named "Escapee" headed from Mars to Earth. You can intercept him.
    After that, return to Mars, and you'll finish the mission.
    9.2: Episode 1 - Mission 2: Mine Your Own Business"
    Main Objectives:
     -Capture mining base, Valhalla, and deploy it on an appropriate asteroid and 
    mine 3000 ore
    Other objectives:
    Ugh, puns. There's only one problem with the 'Valhalla' base: it's not yours. 
    Wait till it clears Earth and heads out before attacking. Otherwise you'll have
    to mess around with Earth fighter patrols. Use your fighters, and you're new 
    squad of corvettes to dispatch the two fighters guarding the mine, Cats & Dogs. 
    (Who's coming up with this crap?! :P)
    Anyway, once the fighters see you, they run for Earth, so you can chase them, 
    or just let them go, whichever. After they're gone, the mining base is yours. 
    You can't set it up on the Ultra-rich asteroid near Rhea, but there are a few 
    other good ones out there, so look around.
    Earth will send a few fighters at you, but they shouldn't be a problem. After a
    bit, your commander will tell you that there's and extra squad near Triton. 
    Send your fighter squad to intercept them, and you'll get them. Once your 
    mining base mines 3000 ore from the asteroid, you'll complete this mission.
    9.3: Episode 1 - Mission 3: "Triton Crisis"
    Main Objectives:
     -Help Colonel Kravis defend the mining base, Big Sister, near Triton
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy the obscuring asteroid
     -Stop the spy near Uranus
    New Objectives:
     -Take the downloaded data back to Mars as quickly as you can
    Send your one of your corvette squads after the asteroid, and have the other 
    squads guard the mine. You do have a planet, but since you have no research 
    points, the most you can do is build a few extra Proton Fighters. Once you 
    destroy the asteroid, all your units get bonus points, and you get an extra 500
    credits or so. (Tip: After your corvettes destroy the asteroid, have them guard
    your planet. This will come in handy later.) It will take awhile, but 
    eventually Earth will send several fighter squads at the mine, but they're not 
    that big of a problem. 
    After awhile, you'll get a message about a spy, "Pechenga," near Uranus. Have 
    the corvettes you stationed near Titania intercept him. After you destroy the 
    fighters guarding him, sit through the messages, set your squad(s) to target 
    engines, and order them to attack. Thus starts the cutscene with the most 
    swearing in the game. :P 
    After his hull gets down to about 20%, the download starts. Earth squads will 
    attempt to stop you, but by the time they get there the download should be 
    nearing completion. 
    After you get the info, he starts threatening you again so kill him. After that 
    you get a cutscene and lose control of all your ships but a squad of two 
    corvettes. Dispatch the fighters chasing you (Ham, Eggs, & Bread. :P), and then
    make a run for Mars. (Keep out of the asteroid belt!) Once you reach Mars, the 
    mission ends.
    9.4: Episode 1 - Mission 4: "Under Pressure"
    Main Objectives:
     -Research Proton Launcher Cannon
     -Research Proton Launcher Turret
     -Spend at least 80 percent of your research points
    New Objectives:
     -Build a massive fleet and attack the defense line of Neptune
     -Hunt for the remaining patrols! Some were seen around Uranus, and one was 
    reported somewhere near Saturn...
    Other Objectives:
    You've only got one squad, so leave it at Mars and set Titania to build the max
    number of corvettes (Proton (T) is a good choice at this point.) What you 
    research is up to you, so go for it. After your done, you'll get a message that
    Earth stole the corvette designs, and then another that you have to amass a 
    fleet and attack Earth ships near Neptune. If you haven't done so already, have
    Titania build the max amount of corvette squads (4) and them send out to the 
    two asteroids to the left of Neptune.
    There are numerous squads of fighters, and two mines stationed there; dispatch 
    all of them. After that, your objectives change again, and you'll have to hunt 
    down the remaining squads. The objectives basically tell you where they are, so 
    it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once you shoot down all of them, you'll 
    finish the mission.
    9.5: Episode 1 - Mission 5: "The Final Grand Slam"
    Main Objectives:
     -Tow in broken down cruiser prototype, Precious, and defeat task force near 
    the asteroid belt.
     -After boosting your team, defeat Earth
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy Earth's fighter squads
    Get all your squads over to the stranded cruiser, and after the cutscene have 
    them destroy the towing ship as quick as you can, then take out the 
    fighters. Escort the cruiser back to Mars, once it gets there, your ships will 
    get bonus points and you'll get reinforcements.
    NOTE: For some reason [I haven't figured out why] occasionally you will gain 
    control of the Towing Ship. If you do, tell it to Force-move (Alt + 
    Right-click) next to the cruiser, and it will automatically take it back to 
    Mars. I can't find any good explanation for this, so it must just be another 
    bug. :(
    After you save Precious, you'll have to wait awhile, but eventually you'll get 
    a message about Earth's bases. Have all your squads sneak around the back of 
    Earth, and destroy the fighters stationed there. Then you'll get some messages 
    about kamikaze pilots that are going to crash into the bases. Have your ships 
    move in front of Earth (out of range of the bases!) and wait till the 
    kamikaze's get near, then have half your squads attack the one base, and send 
    half after the other. After both bases are destroyed, you'll complete this 
    mission. Now scroll down a bit to the rest of Hegemonia. :)
    10: General Walkthrough:
    NOTE: This covers the rest of Hegemonia (Episode Two through Episode Five).
    10.1: Episode 2 - Mission 1: "A New Beginning"
    Main Objectives:
     -Establish a foothold in one of the neighboring systems
     -Improve the colony up to 300 M people
     -Build 3 interstellar merchant ships
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy the incoming asteroid
    So this is what the "final frontier" is like. :P
    You have a choice of three wormholes:
    Upper Left = Alpha System
    Lower Left = Beta System
    Lower Right = Gamma System
    Alpha is by far the easiest, with Gamma being a bit harder, and Beta is the 
    No matter which one you choose, send ALL your ships through it, because the 
    wormholes close after you jump. After you've made your choice, your first order 
    of business should be to research InterSTELLAR (not Interplanetary) merchants,
    then build three of them. (Yes, they just sit there because the wormholes are 
    shot, but for some reason it's an objective, so just do it.) You should also 
    research and build a mining base.
    No matter which system you choose, an asteroid will be detected on a collision 
    course with your planet. Send two or three squads out to deal with it.
    Throughout the entire mission pirates will continuously attack your planet, so 
    be careful. Also, they seem to have a thing against mining bases, so make sure
    that they're heavily guarded.
    If you chose any system but Beta, you'll get a message about a mysterious and 
    powerful base there, if you did choose Beta, you wont get any message, but if 
    you want you can send a squad (an EXPENDABLE squad!) to investigate. If you 
    pull them back quick after the cutscene you can save them.
    The base is in the wreckage field on the lower center of the starmap.
    Getting your population up can take awhile, so set it to 4x, select "Continuous
    Housing Project" for your planet, drop taxes to 0 (if you have a mine) and let 
    your corvettes take care of the pirates. Meanwhile, feel free to use your 
    research points. What you research is up to you, but Repair Teams and Steel 
    Armor are good ones. Once your colony hits 300 Million, you finish this 
    10.2: Episode 2 - Mission 2: "The Only Good Pirate Is A Dead Pirate..."
    Main Objectives:
     -Build a military Base MK-1
     -Defeat pirates
    Other Objectives:
     -Rescue Nilea or Jack (Depending on which side you played as)
    As you can tell by the mission title, this mission's your chance to get back at
    those pesky pirates. ;)
    Your first order of business should be to build yourself a mining base (if you
    don't already have one), then research the Military Base MK-1 technology.
    Awhile into the mission you should get an SOS from Nilea or Jack, she/he only 
    appears on the map for a few seconds, so pay attention! Here's her/his general 
    map position depending on which system you chose:
    Alpha System: Just to the left and below of AT II.
    Beta System: Near the center in the asteroid field.
    Gamma System: Just above the planet Gamma I
    (NOTE: The ship you send to rescue them must NOT have a hero already in it!)
    Anyway, once you have a nice chat, he/she joins you as a hero. After you've got
    enough cash and research done, build the base. After it's complete, DEPLOY IT! 
    (A lot of people forget to do this.) After it's deployed, you'll get some 
    messages about the stations weapon problems, so you'll be stuck defending it 
    for a while.
    After the station comes back online and you get a message about the pirates 
    main attack, follow where the ships are coming from to get to there station. 
    Here's a list of approximately where it is in each system:
    Alpha System: Upper left above the blue nebula
    Beta System: Lower right just below the moon BT I
    Gamma System: Upper left directly above the asteroid field
    NOTE: Some people have found it in other locations, but I have always found it 
    here after playing through each map at least twice. If you don't find it in the
    place I said, then don't e-mail me because I already know. :P
    Hmm... reminds me of the Scavenger Base. (Those of you who've played Star Trek 
    Voyager: Elite Force will know what I'm talking about.) It's not all that hard 
    to take out, but it has pretty powerful weapons, so have your corvettes target
    them first. After it blows, your done! :)
    10.3: Episode 2 - Mission 3: "Prescription for Prosperity"
    Main Objectives:
     -Build at least one colony in each neighboring system (there's an extra 's' 
    in the word "system" in the actual briefing)
     -Reach the total number of 1 billion colonists outside the Solar System
     -Conquer the pirate planet
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy the anomaly
     -Save the people on the Southern Cross
    Hey, the wormholes are finally fixed! :)
    Your first order of business should be to build at least one mine, and fortify 
    your troops. Also (if you haven't already done so) research Colonization and 
    Population Transport ships as well as Improved Colonization. 
    Almost immediately after you start, you get a message from Evelyn De Mille who 
    runs the Southern Cross residential station. It's located in the Gamma system.
    After that, you'll get a message about an alien life form in the Gamma System. 
    Send ALL your corvettes to destroy it (it's towards left). This thing has a lot
    of firepower, but it's not that tough to kill if you have several squads.
    Some time after that, you'll get another message from Evelyn De Mille saying 
    that someone has released a gas on the station and they need evacuation. Build 
    a population transport ship _immediately_ and force-move it near the station. 
    Once you have the people, you can drop them on any planet you wish. Also, 
    Evelyn De Mille will join you as a hero. She's an excellent governor.
    <From SwordBlade>
    "Some difficulty levels and/or economy settings will not let you research, 
    build AND jump to another system on time AFTER receiving the message. Two 
    things to try:
    a) A race against time to research and build the Pop. Transport and send, right 
    from the start of the mission. If this isn't enough to pull it through...
    b) You could try restarting the mission until the Southern Cross is revealed to
    be in YOUR system (which doesn't take long to happen after the mission starts.)
    To give credit where credit is due, Lancer was the one to first suggest this in
    the forums (although he hasn't posted much ever since.)"
    The sooner you can eliminate the pirates the better, so build some Missile (B) 
    corvettes and find the pirate planet. What system they choose is random (they 
    never choose the system you are in), so just go to each system and look through
    the planet display to see if it's there. See the section in strategies on 
    capturing planets for more info. Once you have it, that becomes your colony in 
    that system. Have the corvettes that you used to capture it, guard it.
    Send a Colonization ship to the last system and deploy it there. Then sit back 
    and wait for your colonies to hit 1 billion population. Meanwhile you should 
    use some of your research points before the next mission.
    NOTE: Some people have reported that it is possible for your Human allies to 
    colonize all the planets in a system thus keeping you from finishing the 
    mission. If that does happen, I'd suggest trying to attack and capture one of 
    the Human planets. If that doesn't work, you'll most likely have to restart or 
    reload from an old save.
    10.4: Episode 2 - Mission 4: "Into Deep Space"
    Main Objectives:
     -Improve each colony up to 1 billion colonists (Note: colony = system here)
     -Concentrate on planet technologies to achieve this
    Other Objectives:
     -Guard Clairvoyance
     -Defeat the attacking task force
    Focus on research and building up your military (having a base near each colony
    is definitely a good idea) first, and then get your colonies to 1 billion.
    After awhile Stome will radio in telling you to guard a ship heading from 
    Alpha Prime to the Solar System. Send a squad or two of corvettes to guard it. 
    Pirates will attack the ship, but your corvettes should make short work of 
    Keep researching and building up your defenses. After awhile you'll get a 
    cutscene about an alien attack, then awhile later a message from Codiaque about
    an alien task force followed by another message giving you their approximate 
    location. The task force is _real_ tough, so send ALL your corvettes after it.
    If you took my advice earlier and built a base near each of your colonies, it 
    makes it much easier to kill them. After they're destroyed, it's back to the 
    boring stuff. :P Finish your research, and then set all your planets to housing
    projects and sit back. After they all hit 1 billion (that's 1000 million for 
    those of you who flunked math) you'll finish the mission. Enjoy your movie, and
    move on to Episode 3! :)
    10.5: Episode 3 - Mission 1: "Counterstrike"
    Main Objectives:
     -Mine 2000 ore
     -Build a military base for defense (another extra 's' here)
    Other Objectives:
     -Ensure that the spy prototype gets back safely
    New Objectives:
     -Repel the Kariak attacks (OPTIONAL)(Only if you are detected.)
    There are two ways of going about this mission. You can either attack and
    capture the Kariak planet, and have a large retaliation force to contend with 
    (but skip the next mission), or you can quietly collect the ore, build a base, 
    and attack them in the next mission. It's up to you.
    Cruisers! Yay! :D
    Drop your pop. transport on your planet, Khiirzask V (say that three times 
    fast! :P), and deploy the mine on either of the two nearby asteroids.
    EP3 - M3 TO GET THEM!! So get that research done!
    After awhile, you'll get a message informing you that there will be a spy 
    testing his cloak in this system. After that you'll meet Captain Emil Kuchera, 
    probably the most "colorful" character in the game. :P He'll fly around a bit 
    and then leave. Do NOT send anyone to guard him as he comes quite close to the 
    Kariak planet.
    (OPTION #1)
    Once you've mined the 2000 ore, you can build or research whatever you want, 
    and then build a military base. Once the base is completed (and deployed)
    you'll finish the mission.
    (OPTION #2)
    If for any reason (staying to long or sending a ship to near one of their 
    ships/planet) the Kariak detect you, you'll have to stop them. I suggest that 
    if you want to attack them you have at least 4 corvette and 2 or 3 cruiser 
    They'll send a lot of ships at your planet first, then focus on your ships. 
    However since they don't send any cruisers after you, you shouldn't have that 
    much of a problem dealing with them. Once you capture their planet you'll skip 
    ahead to mission 3.
    10.6: Episode 3 - Mission 2: "Taking Khiirzask" (OPTIONAL)
    Main Objectives:
     -Take Khiirzask by force
     -Do not let any ship escape
    Other objectives:
     -Stop the attackers pursuing Capt. Kuchera
    (Note: you will only have to complete this mission if you where not detected in
    mission 1)
    Build the max amount of ships, and send them at the Kariak planet. After awhile
    Kuchera will come back and perform a mission, but he gets himself detected. 
    Destroy the ships that are chasing him. 
    After you capture the planet, the Kariak will send a retaliatory force against
    your planet. If you've built your max of corvettes it shouldn't be that big of 
    a problem. After all Kariak ships in the system have been destroyed, the 
    mission will end. (Tip: If you leave the Kariak mining base below their planet 
    alone, you can get some research done. You have a lot of points and some time 
    here, and the next mission is hell. Once you're done, blow the mine.)
    10.7: Episode 3 - Mission 3: "Kariak Assault"
    Main Objectives:
     -Take Beta and Gamma back
     -Defend our inner territories Alpha and the Solar System
    Other objectives:
     -Help Sakuzo in the Alpha System
    This is a tough one. You'll be fighting outnumbered through four different
    systems, but don't let that get you down, you've finally got spies! :P
    Quickly build the max of military squads, and work on taking back Beta. Emil 
    Kuchera will drop by after a bit. He's not under your control, but he does 
    pretty well by himself. The Kariak have very few ships here, so taking their 
    planets is relatively easy. Sakuzo will radio in telling you that Alpha is 
    under attack, so finish off the Kariak in Beta and move on to Alpha.
    Once you enter Alpha, you'll be treated to a cutscene, and then have to fend 
    off a Kariak attack force. It's bigger than what they had in Beta, but it's 
    still not that big. After it's destroyed, take back whatever planets they 
    managed to capture, and move on to Gamma.
    There's not all that much that can be said here. Simply destroy all the Kariak 
    ships, and capture all their planets. Once you come to Gamma I, the people 
    revolt and join your side immediately. For those of you who didn't research 
    cruisers in Ep3 - M1, you'll get them now... for keeps. Consider swapping out 
    most, if not all of your corvettes for them.
    Despite what the mission briefing said, you won't fail if you let the Kariak 
    take planets in Alpha or the Solar System, just as long as you take them back.
    Once you have all the planets, and all Kariak ships have been destroyed, you'll
    complete the mission.
    10.8: Episode 3 - Mission 4: "Kariak Homeworld"
    Main Objectives:
     -Find the Kariak home planet!
    Other objectives:
    This one's pretty easy. Have your colony ship land on either planet, then build
    another colony ship and populate the other planet. There are no mineable 
    asteroids here, so money is a bit tight. After a little while, Kuchera will 
    report in, and now you can control him. :)
    Send a spy ONLY. Don't send any ships the Kariak can detect or you'll have a 
    major problem on your hands. If you go through the upper wormhole, you'll get a 
    message that it is heavily populated with Kariak, so go through the lower 
    wormhole. But remember: research Energy Absorb Plating before sending your 
    ships through the lower wormhole!
    Jump from that system to the next one, and make your way around the black hole 
    to the next wormhole. The next system just has a single minor Kariak planet, so
    jump through to the next system. Once you get to Raki, you'll get a message 
    from Stome. Have the spy go to each planet in the system, once he gets near it,
    he'll automatically scan it. If you didn't use the ship that Kuchera is in 
    (Shadow), then reassign him to whatever ship you did use.
    Send him to Raki II and you'll get a cutscene of him downloading the data, and 
    then getting himself detected. After the cutscene, the mission ends.
    10.9: Episode 3 - Mission 5: "Offensive!!!"
    Main Objectives:
     -Destroy all mining bases in Yarbo
     -Capture or destroy all enemy colonies
    Other objectives:
     -Help General Ulthrok in Panola
    Soon after you start, Sakuzo will join you as a hero with his cruiser squad. 
    Send your spy(s) into Yarbo, and have them start stealing money, grabbing info 
    and sabotaging units and defenses. After your spies have softened up Yarbo, 
    send in your full allotment of cruisers to take the system. (Tip: Put a 
    military base at the Kzolan end of the wormhole for protection.) Once you take 
    two planets, you'll get a message from Ulthrok telling you to help him. As 
    soon as you get that message, a wormhole to Panola will open in Yarbo.
    Send ALL your ships through the wormhole to help him. After you get there 
    you'll find out that the message was a fake, so jump back through to Yarbo.
    (Note: Any ships left in Yarbo [except spies] will be decimated, so make sure 
    to send all ships in Yarbo to Panola.)
    Once you get back to Yarbo, there will be a Kariak fleet waiting for you, and 
    most (if not all) of your planets will have been captured by the Kariak. For 
    some reason, any ship you send into Yarbo soon after the cutscene will be 
    destroyed automatically, so you'll have to wait awhile. Use your spies to 
    soften up the Kariak fleet. Using your spies and your fleet, take back Yarbo. 
    Once you do, you'll complete this mission. Enjoy the Star Wars-esc movie. :P
    <Here is a strategy for this mission by euclid>
    "Oh yes, it is annoying if the AI kills almost everything you've build in 
    Yarbo after your return from Panola. Here some info (SPOILER) and a strategy 
    which saves everything (well, almost). 
    Fact: the faked distress call is triggered as soon as you've conquered all but 
    2 planets in Yarbo. So make sure you have a solid finance and fleet before you 
    do that. 
    A) After the distress call hit the 'pause' key and 
    1. send all ships back to Kzolan except one unit (I've used a spy) which you 
    place close to the jumpnode to Panola (do not jump yet!!). 
    2. Scrap all your traders and Wreckage recyclers in Yarbo (you loose them 
    3. Build military bases in Yarbo near your planets. It doesn't matter whether 
    they're deployed or still moving to position. You will keep them anyway. 
    5. Release 'pause'. You have some time (2-4 minutes) until the second distress 
    call '...What the hell are you doing...'. 
    6. After the second distress call hit 'pause' immediately (you've just 15-20 
    seconds left). 
    7. Make your remaining unit (spy, in my case) jump to Panola and deploy 
    (if already possible) you bases. 
    B) After the cut-scene hit 'pause' and 
    1. Order all your ships back to Yarbo 
    2. Finalize the positioning of your military bases to re-conquer one planet. 
    You will lose one only, which seems to be randomly chosen 
    3. Release 'pause' and watch out for Kariak's colonization ships heading to 
    C) Whenever you want you may end the mission by destroying the mining bases. 
    Cheers Euclid"
    10.10: Episode 4 - Mission 1: "The Garden of Eden"
    Main Objectives:
     -Establish at least one colony both in New World and Eden and reach minimum 3 
    billion colonists in each system
     -Don't colonize Rosca Prime or it's satellite because we are preserving them 
    for our later strategic needs
     -Don't spend your research points until instructed to do so
    Other objectives:
     -Investigate the alien ships
     -Stop the alien attack
    New Objectives:
     -Find a way to penetrate the defenses of the Unknown Base
     -Defeat Marion Kaye's empire
    Well this is great, just great. Apparently all your ships are needed elsewhere, 
    so you'll have to make do with the Kariak's old ships. :(
    Wait till all your old ships leave, then you'll gain control of the new ones.
    After awhile, Meloni will tell you that they've located the "Guardian" and it's 
    in the Eden System. You'll also get a message from Stome about more pirates. 
    The pirate will attack your colony and transport ships, so have your squads 
    take care of them. Here's a rundown of the two systems you can choose from:
    Eden: Stay away from the Unknown Base, it's bad news. Eden III is Gaian, large,
    and in the perfect position, so consider colonizing it first. 
    New World: New World III is a good choice, there are several ore-rich asteroids
    in the upper right-hand corner of the starmap, but their pretty far away so 
    you'll have to wait awhile for your mine to get there. 
    Whichever you choose, get rid of the pirates as soon as you can, they're 
    nothing but trouble. They always choose the system you are not in. Also, 
    pirates have the odd ability to detect your spies no matter where they are, and
    for no apparent reason, so spying isn't really an option against them. After 
    you defeat them, you get this message: "Central financing has been 
    <From Kyran>
    "First, you question about central financing. Basically you get extra 
    income from the human empire. Notice how you make money even before 
    you place your first colony?  That's central financing, but by the 
    time you beat up the pirates in E4M1, you won't notice the dribble of 
    cash disappear."
    Once you defeat the pirates, you should focus on building up your colonies, and
    then approach the Mysterious Base. Build a single fighter, and send it near the 
    base. It will be destroyed, but it'll move the mission along.
    As soon as you send a squad near the Unknown Base, your objectives will change,
    and you'll have to investigate it. After that, a Kariak Commander named 
    Mohr'Tehp will contact you with some information of the base. He will also give
    you a Kariak research project (it's in Ship Tech). Luckily for you, it doesn't 
    take any research points to complete. Once you complete it, you will get 
    another project: Solon System Disruptor (also free). Research it, and then 
    put your main Hero (Jack or Nilea depending on which side you played as) in 
    another single fighter, and have them approach the base. You should get a 
    message that it has ceased activity.
    Once you get close enough to it, you'll trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene,
    wait a bit and you'll get a recorded message from the base made by a guy who 
    looks suspiciously like a mummy. :P 
    This is part 1 of the setup for Hegemonia 2.
    Anyway, after that your mission objectives change again, and you have to take 
    care or the remnant pirates. You'll also get some inventions from the Solon 
    Base. You'll have to wait awhile, but eventually you'll get a message from 
    Laura Meloni, and be able to use your research points once again. She'll also 
    tell you to follow some suspicious alien ships near an inactive jumpnode in 
    Have a squad move near them, once they see you they'll run for the jumpnode. 
    After they jump through the wormhole, you'll get a message from Melloni. Do 
    some research and wait around, and eventually another ship will come through 
    the wormhole, and you'll get a message from an Ambassador Horuzzak. After he's 
    done talking, keep researching and move most of your ships near the wormhole 
    that the aliens first came through. After awhile the aliens will attack you 
    through the wormhole, but  your cruisers should make short work of them. After 
    they're destroyed, you'll finish the mission. (I wonder what happened to the 
    10.11: Episode 4 - Mission 2: "War Raises it's Ugly Head"
    Main Objectives:
     -Ensure that at least 80% of the commercial ships reach their destination 
    Other Objectives:
     -Destroy Marion Kaye's ship
    This one's actually pretty easy. Wait awhile and you'll get a message from the 
    Ambassador you met earlier telling you that there's been a revolution of sorts 
    and the new Darzok Commander is improving their fleets rapidly. After awhile 
    more, the merchant ships will start coming through the wormhole headed for 
    Rosca Prime. Have all your squads get to the wormhole with the probe 'Electric
    Eye' near it. Have them destroy the Darzok base, and stop all Darzok attacks 
    through the wormhole. Once you have your ships in place, this mission is 
    laughably easy. After awhile you'll get a message from Stome saying that one
    of the merchants has broken down. This is basically irrelevant, but whatever.
    After a bit more, you'll get your old ships back. YES!!! :D
    Also, Sakuzo and a few others will rejoin you as a heroes. After awhile, Marion
    Kaye will show up. Destroy her corvette and her support fighters. After the 
    required amount of ships make it to Rosca Prime, you'll finish the mission.
    10.12: Episode 4 - Mission 3: "Take the Colonies Back"
    Main Objectives:
     -Liberate Panola and Yarbo
    Other Objectives:
    Battleships, Yay! :D Your should build a mine, and as many Cruisers as you can.
    Stome will radio in telling you that the mission is more urgent than previously 
    thought, then a timer starts counting off 1 hour 40 minutes. 
    Send your spy(s) through the wormhole to Panola. Once you make the jump to 
    Panola, Mohr'Tehp will contact you about in-fighting in the Kariak's forces.
    Have your spies collect info, steal money, and sabotage the Darzok forces in 
    After awhile, Her'Thi'Zun will contact you saying that Mohr'Tehp has turned 
    against the Kariak government and asking you to help fight him. However Stome 
    orders you to stay out of it for the time being. At this point there's really 
    nothing you can do, so focus on stopping the Darzok. 
    Taking Panola is easy because the Darzok have hardly any forces here. Yarbo is 
    a bit tougher since the Darzok have a lot of Battleships, but still very 
    After you capture a few planets in Yarbo, you'll be contacted by an officer 
    telling you that some of your attackers where Kariak. After some rather 
    pathetic messages, finish taking Yarbo. Once you do, Stome will contact you 
    again saying that he's working on the Kariak problems, and then the mission 
    10.13: Episode 4 - Mission 4: "Race for Technology"
    Main Objectives:
     -Defend New World and Eden
    Other Objectives:
    New Objectives:
     -Steal as many inventions from the Darzok as possible
     -Get your spies back to Eden
    As soon as the mission starts you'll get a message that Capt Kuchera is "taking
    a rest", so you wont have access to him for the time being. You've only got a 
    couple of minutes before the Darzok attack, so build as many battleships as 
    you can. Money obviously isn't a problem. ;P
    Once the Darzok attack, Stome will warn you. They come through two wormholes, 
    one in New World, one in Eden. They're both named "System to ???" not "Inactive
    Jumpnode" so focus your battleships there. Once you repel the attack (it's not
    that hard) build up your squads, build bases, and do some research.
    Throughout you'll receive messages from both sides of the Kariak trying to get 
    you to join their side. Keep researching and building up until you get a 
    cutscene message from Stome telling you that the Kariak have started an open 
    civil war. He then orders you to stay out of it.
    After this, Kuchera will return and then you'll get a cutscene of some Darzok 
    systems. Your mission objectives will change to stealing techs from the Darzok.
    You should have at _least_ one level 4 spy ship, so drop Kuchera in it and send
    it through either of the two wormholes that the Darzok have attacked you 
    through (they're now open). Have your spy(s) keep stealing inventions from the 
    Darzok until Stome contacts you. He'll tell you that as soon as you have the 
    techs from the Darzok, to get out of the system(s).
    After that, your mission objectives change yet again and you have to get your 
    spy ship(s) back to Eden. This is simple enough. Once all spy ships have made 
    it to Eden (not New World, Eden) Stome will get you up to date on the Kariak's
    problems, and then the mission will end. Enjoy the movie, and remember kids: 
    buy _strong_ handcuffs and always check for explosive devices. ;P
    10.14: Episode 5 - Mission 1: "Darzok Intrigue"
    Main Objectives:
     -Conquer Raki OR Panola and Yarbo
    Other Objectives:
    Well, whom do you choose? Here's a rundown of what happens:
    If you side with the Raki government (attack Panola and Yarbo):
    -This is the "correct" decision. 
    -The Darzok will be a problem. I suggest that you eliminate them before siding 
    with Raki. 
    -If you see Mohr'Tehp's corvette, kill it and you'll win the mission 
    -Even through your up against two systems, they're not very well fortified, but 
    the Darzok are a pain.
    If you side with Mohr'Tehp (attack Raki):
    -This is the "wrong" decision.
    -Once you side with Mohr'Tehp he "convinces" the Darzok to stop attacking you.
    -Because this wouldn't make a very interesting game, you'll get another mission
    where Mohr'Tehp turns on you, and you must destroy his empire.
    -Considerably easier, but you have to complete the extra mission which is very 
    Other than that, it's up to you. I'll now split this mission into two sections 
    depending on how you play. If you want to join Mohr'Tehp, hit Page Down. 
    (NOTE: Both empires are neutral at the start of the mission!)
    (NOTE 2: You can spy on either Mohr'Tehp's empire, or the Raki empire without 
    any repercussions BEFORE you choose a side. You can use this to your advantage 
    by weakening them before you all out attack.)
    OPTION 1: Siding with the Raki government (attacking Panola and Yarbo):
    I highly suggest taking out the Darzok before doing anything else. Some people 
    suggest that you side with Raki as soon as you can so they will help you with 
    the Darzok, but I've found that this just means you'll have to fight two 
    empires (Darzok and Mohr'Tehp). 
    After you've destroyed the Darzok (it's not that hard) simply have your spies 
    steal money from Mohr'Tehp and sabotage his ships and bases. Once your 
    satisfied with the destruction, attack any of his ships and then capture all 
    his planets. 
    If you see Mohr'Tehp's corvette, quickly build a corvette squad or two of your
    own and send them after him. If you kill him the mission ends then and there, 
    so this is a good option. 
    (NOTE: For some reason you have to force-fire on his ship.)
    If you can't catch him, then just capture all his planets. There's not really 
    a lot to say about this mission. Once you capture Mohr'Tehp or all his planets, 
    the Raki commander, Her'Thi'Zun, will congratulate you and the mission will 
    PART 2: Siding with Mohr'Tehp (attack Raki):
    Once you side with Mohr'Tehp, he "convinces" the Darzok to leave you alone. So 
    side with him as soon as possible. Once you do, get to Raki as soon as you can 
    and use your spies to steal the Kariak's funds. Once you've captured a few 
    planets, Stome will contact you saying that Eden is under attack and your 
    needed there. Then the mission will end. That was quick wasn't it? :P
    10.15: Episode 5 - Mission 2: "Rebirth of the Kariak Empire" (OPTIONAL)
    Main Objectives:
     -Defeat Mohr'Tehp!
    Other Objectives:
    NOTE: You'll only need to complete this mission if you side with Mohr'Tehp in 
    the preceding mission.
    This mission is a real tough one. Panola and Yarbo are very well defended, and 
    the Kariak government is in shambles. I'd suggest taking back Raki, and then 
    going for Yarbo first. Panola is very hard to take, and this time there's no 
    corvette to catch. Use your spies liberally and build Military Academies, 
    they'll give you much-needed experience.
    You'll get some messages throughout the mission about a Kariak uprising against 
    Mohr'Tehp. After awhile, the Kariak governor of Panola VII, Hut Yerokh, will 
    give you his planet. It's kind of in a bad position, but he's a good hero, and 
    the planet has high moral and population, and it has a lot of buildings.
    Just keep capturing Darzok and Mohr'Tehp planets, and destroying ships. Once 
    you get all of Mohr'Tehp's planets, Stome will contact you saying that the 
    Darzok have come to Eden through a dead wormhole. At this point you'll likely 
    have no ships in Eden, and since the jumnodes are closed you can't get anyone 
    there. But don't worry, just quickly capture the rest of the Darzok and 
    Mohr'Tehp planets. 
    Once you do, you'll get treated to a cutscene of Hut Yerokh's squads destroying
    Mohr'Tehp's escaping corvette, and the mission will end.
    10.16: Episode 5 - Mission 3: "Finding the Enemy"
    Main Objectives:
     -Find the stranded supply ship and steal it's technology
     -Locate the Armada
    Other Objectives:
     -Do NOT attack the Darzok
    Odaboona? Please. Who is coming up with this?!
    Soon after start you'll get a rank 7 spy with Kuchera aboard through a one-way 
    wormhole. You can go through either of the two wormholes, either way you'll 
    eventually end up in the Hortobi System. Have your spy 'Get system military 
    info' and a cutscene will ensue. 
    In the center of the map is the Darzok supply ship surrounded by a few 
    cruisers. Have your spy(s) jump through the wormhole to the lower left of the 
    sun, and continue through to the next system. Have them jump through the 
    wormhole to the next system, which is apparently their home. Jump from there 
    through the wormhole on the left, to the Corio System. Have your spy run a 
    scan for system info, and then enjoy the cutscene. That was quick wasn't it? :P
    10.17: Episode 5 - Mission 4: "The Armada"
    Main Objectives:
     -Weaken the Armada with your spies as much as you can in 1 hour
    Other Objectives:
     -Don't attack the Armada until ordered to do so
    New Objectives: 
     -Destroy The Armada!
    Oooh... "Supreme Commander".... :P
    You'll get a free Level 6 spy ship, but if you don't have at _least_ two or 
    three other spies your screwed. If you've been lax with the spies, you could 
    try building a Military Academy and then producing the needed spy ships (you 
    don't have time to level each one up normally).
    After awhile, a clock will start counting down from 1 hour, but you really have
    much less time, so hurry up. Have ALL your spy ships jump through the 
    "Eden to ???" wormhole. Meanwhile, on your best planet in Eden (should be 
    Eden III) build Factories and a Military Academy, and then build the max limit 
    of battleships. It also wouldn't hurt to build a base or two.
    Continue through the Shunsao System to the Corio System with your spies. As 
    soon as you get to Corio, get system military info.
    Once you get the info, start sabotaging ships like there's no tomorrow! 
    Obviously hit the battleships first, and then go for other units. Of course, 
    Kuchera takes the credit for each kill regardless of which spy got it. :P
    Just keep sabotaging ships until Lingstrom tells you to pull back and prepare 
    for the final assault. Your mission objectives will now change. Have your 
    entire fleet wait at the wormhole for the Darzok. A few Human and Kariak squads
    will join you. If you have any undeployed bases, I suggest putting them on your
    end of the wormhole. After that, there's not much to do but sit back and watch 
    the battle. :)
    10.18: Episode 5 - Mission 5: "The Apocalyptic Big Finish"
    Main Objectives:
     -Utterly destroy the Darzok main base in Odaboona
    Other Objectives:
    o_O Who was the smart-guy who came up with that mission name?
    You get another free, high-ranking spy ship (named "Haegemonia" :P). You also 
    get an interestingly named clock that counts down from 2 hours. Send one of 
    your spies through either jumpnode then on through the next jumpnode to the 
    Odaboona System. Have the rest of your spies steal money from the Darzok. Once 
    you get to Odaboona, have your spy get military info. The Darzok main HQ should
    be there right below Odaboona I. Have your spy sabotage it, and (surprise!) 
    it's a fake.
    Send your spy through the "Unknown" wormhole near where the fake HQ was to the 
    Ob System, and have the rest continue to steal money. Once you get to the Ob 
    System, get military info, and the HQ should be in the center of the system. 
    (the real one this time). It's pretty much undefended, just a few fighter and 
    corvette squads, but its one powerful base, so be careful.
    There are two ways of going at this:
    1) Take two spies, and have one sit back while the other tries to sabotage the 
    HQ. Any ship that comes close to the HQ will be damaged slowly. If the first 
    spy is destroyed, have the second one try. It's possible to fully destroy the 
    HQ with only one spy, but it's tough. If you've wasted a few spies and it 
    doesn't seem to be working, try strategy #2.
    2) Build a full fleet of battleships, and send them to Ob. Have them all target
    the HQ, (NOT the surrounding ships). It has a hell of a lot of firepower, but
    with the max amount of battleships, you should be able to beat it.
    After it's destroyed, enjoy the light show, pat yourself on the back, and watch
    the movie that should be entitled "Teaser video for Hegemonia 2" :P
              Congratulations on beating Hegemonia: Legions of Iron! :D
    11: Bugs & other problems
    Basically a list of fixes to non-mission problems in Hegemonia. If you've 
    noticed anything you think I should add to this section, please e-mail me with 
    any *FIXES*. If you have a problem, contact Digital Reality or Dreamcatcher. I 
    am NOT a tech support guy, so DO NOT SEND ME E-MAILS WITH PROBLEMS PLEASE!!! 
    I'm just providing a list of fixes.
    NOTICE: I'm just passing these fixes along, most of them where found on 
    Hegemonia forums. Any problems you have with them are NOT my responsibility. 
    Also, if you have a problem, you should first try updating your game with the 
    latest patch (v1.07). That makes several different fixes to the game.
    Q: When ever I move my cursor to the top left corner, Hegemonia minimizes.
    A: The game minimizes to desktop because Windows XP's fancy 'soft corners' 
    mess it up a bit. To correct this, right-click on HGM.exe in the Hegemonia root
    directory, you can set it for a compatibility mode called "disable visual 
    themes". This should remove the effect while the program is running.
    <Thanks to Bershe for the above fix>
    Q: With an ATI video card, units are sometimes drawn in front of planets, or 
    there are other graphical glitches.
    A: To the best of my knowledge, there is no fix for this. Some people have 
    found that installing an older version of the Radeon drivers fixed it, but some 
    people have tried this with no success.
    Here is a link to a topic on the Hegemonia forums for this:
    Q: Hegemonia crashes to desktop on startup.
    A: Try allotting more virtual memory (Start > Settings > Control Panel > System
     > Performance > Virtual Memory). Put it at 1GB or more.
    <Yes, another fix from Bershe>
    Q: When starting a multiplayer skirmish game, my system locks up.
    A: Sometimes it's not a lockup, just a hang. Try leaving your PC alone for a 
    few minutes to see if it starts.
    Q: The v1.07 patch stops the installation in the beginning, and it says that I 
    don't have a game installed.
    A: It's caused because the game wasn't entered into the registry of Windows. 
    Completely uninstall the game (make sure you back up your saved games) and 
    reinstall it fresh. Before I installed the patch I went into the game and 
    entered the CD-key then exited out. The patch installed fine after that.
    <Fix from Swordsman>
    (NOTE: To back up your saved games, copy these files:
    *drive*:\Program files\Dreamcatcher\Digital Reality\Hegemonia\Save
    *drive*:\Program files\Dreamcatcher\Digital Reality\Hegemonia\CampaignSave
    This may vary in the UK 'Haegemonia' version, I'm not sure. If someone knows 
    that for sure, please e-mail me.)
    <This fix from Karthik@KANE>
    Q: If you applied the patch (v1.07) and found out that you intro and 
    pre-rendered cinematics are jerking, you are able to fix it.
    A: I traced the problem to the bink32w.dll file. Before the patch the 
    bink32w.dll file is 255KB after the patch it's about 351KB. The only way I 
    managed to get rid of the jerkiness is to replace it with the 255KB file. The 
    bink32w.dll file is in main Haegemonia folder. The only way to see this 
    particular file is to enable "show all files" under the folder options. 
    Here's how to replace bink file: 
    1. Reinstall the game. 
    2. Before applying the patch, backup your bink32w.dll(255KB) which is under 
    Digital Reality\Haegmonia. 
    3. Apply the patch. Now you should see bink32w.dll which is 351KB. Backup this 
    file, so that if there is any upcoming patch, you need to put this back. 
    4. Replace the 351KB version with the 255KB version. 
    (NOTE: Before reinstalling, back up your saved games as is mentioned above!)
    12: Fansites, mods & other stuff:
    Bershe's Haegemonia site. Lots of mods and info. :)
    When will it be back online? This is from Webmaster Bershe:
    "Haegemonia Galaxy coming back
    online soon. Not *soon* (ahem)
    soon, but the real, actual soon that
    actually happens in something short
    of 6 years. (ahem) Righto." - Bershe
    So there you go. >_>
    Star Wars - Fleet Command. Project 90's upcoming Hegemonia Star Wars mod. 
    Forums for the Haeg Galaxy site with boards for no less than seven current and 
    upcoming Hegemonia mods.
    Official forums:
    13: Credits:
    Me (of course).
    Everyone involved in making Hegemonia.
    Bershe, Gabor, TheGuest, Karthik@KANE, Happyguy, SwordBlade, and everyone else 
    at the Hegemonia forums.
    Any webmaster who hosts this FAQ for me.
    All the people who e-mail stuff to me, or post info on the Hegemonia forums.
    Alexander Davidson at Liquid Ninja (http://liquidninja.com) for metapad, in 
    which this FAQ was written.
    Bershe, for providing a link to this FAQ on his site 
    -Contributors: This is a list of everyone who's added anything to this FAQ in 
    alphabetical order:

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