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    FAQ by UnknownMercenary

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ASCII: http://ascgen.jmsoftware.co.uk/
    Author: UnknownMercenary
    Platform: PC
    Update: 9/28/05
    Version: 1.3
    1 - FAQ History
    2 - Introduction
    3 - Setting Up
    4 - Playing Rules
    	4.1 - Basic Rules
    	4.2 - Game Types
    	4.3 - CS Player's Guide
    5 - Weapons Guide
    	5.1 - Pistols
    	5.2 - Sub Machineguns
    	5.3 - Shotguns
    	5.4 - Rifles
    6 - Inventory Items
    7 - Tips and Strategies
    	7.1 - Playing Strategies
    	7.2 - Key bindings
    8 - Resources
    9 - Legal & Thanks
    1 - FAQ History
    - Version 1.3 -- 9/28/05 -
    Minor tweaks and changes to formatting. Updated some entries. Moved
    this section to the top.
    - Version 1.2 -- 6/19/05 -
    Formatting changes, redid lots of weapon descriptions and added ASCII 
    art at the beginning.
    - Version 1.1 -- 6/06/05 -
    Added a few small changes, and did a bit of reformatting. May add 
    some map strategies in the future.
    - Version 1.0 -- 4/30/05 to 5/07/05 -
    First published copy of the FAQ. Featured 99.9% of the material seen 
    currently in the FAQ.
    2 - Introduction
    Tactical Ops is quite an old mod for the hit 1999 game Unreal 
    Tournament. There are various websites devoted to Tactical Ops 
    itself, but few related to version 2.2 of Tactical Ops. This version 
    is, in my opinion, the best version of the game. Although TO 2.2 has 
    died off in favor of the new retail versions, it still has quite a 
    following. This FAQ is written in order to provide a comprehensive 
    guide to anyone looking to join the community and play one of the 
    greatest user-made multiplayer mods ever created.
    3 - Setting Up
    The install programs are quite difficult to find on the Internet 
    these days, but if you'll check the resources section you will find 
    some very useful URLs.
    There are 4 install versions: the Mac executable, the UMOD install, 
    the Windows executable, and the zipped archive. I recommend either 
    the UMOD installation or using the zipped archive. To install the 
    zipped archive, just point it to your Unreal Tournament directory and 
    the appropriate file structures will automatically be created for 
    To run Tactical Ops 2.2, you should use the appropriate launcher 
    programs that have been provided. These usually have names such as 
    "TacticalOpsWinLauncher" or "TacticalOpsLinuxLauncher".
    Now that you've got the game running, you'll have to configure your 
    preferences in the options menu. The most important things to 
    configure are your new controls and the new Tactical Ops settings. 
    The optional settings are the ones for converting Unreal Tournament 
    weapons to Tactical Ops ones. This is only for playing UT game modes 
    and maps with TO weapons.
    A short controls guide:
    * - Reload: This key is self-explanatory if you've played any shooter 
    in the past 5 years. You will discard your current weapon's magazine 
    and a new one will be inserted into your gun.
    * - Use Key: The use key will be very important in the game. In many 
    of the maps, you will not be able to open doors with standing in 
    front of them and pressing the use key. To order a hostage around, 
    you will have to stand in front of them and press the use key. To 
    defuse the bomb, you'll have to utilize the use key.
    * - Flashlight: Self-explanatory. You have one always.
    * - Nightvision: Amplifies all the light in the area and makes dark 
    areas brighter. The downside is that it begins to make your eyes sore 
    after a while. You have to buy Nightvision first.
    * - Buy Primary Ammo: Pressing this key will automatically purchase 
    ammunition for the weapon currently in your hands.
    * - Switch Fire Mode: Some weapons--especially the automatic ones-- 
    have alternate fire modes. These modes are usually Semi-Automatic or 
    Single Shot, Burst Fire and Automatic.
    4 - Playing Rules
    The rules of Tactical Ops aren't very complex, and anyone who has 
    played any kind of "realistic" first person shooter--especially 
    Counter-Strike--will be familiar with the way the Tactical Ops 
    gameplay is structured.
    4.1 - Basic Rules
    - TEAM BASED -
    Tactical Ops is a team-oriented game. There are 2 teams in Tactical 
    Ops: the Terrorists and the Special Forces. Both teams have their own 
    objectives and their own weapons, along with their own skins, player 
    models, and radio voices.
    The most noticeable change from Tactical Ops to Unreal Tournament is 
    that there are no weapons lying around on the maps. Instead, weapons 
    must be purchased.
    At the beginning of a round, everyone will start off at his or her 
    team's spawn point. At the beginning of the match, you will also 
    spawn with a free starting pistol and $1000 in your pocket. For a 
    short a period of time (This time varies. It will depend on server 
    settings) you will be allowed to purchase weapons free of danger.
    To purchase a weapon, you must press the action button to view the 
    buy menu (The "V" button by default). You can come back at any time 
    during the round and purchase more weapons and ammunition if you wish 
    to do so.
    The following is a short chart detailing how the TO economy runs.
    Action:				Amount ($)
    Kill an enemy			$300
    Kill a teammate			-$1200
    Kill a hostage			-$2000
    Win the round			$1500
    Lose the round*			$1000
    Rescue a Hostage			$1000
    Keeping Evidence			$300
    * If your team continues to lose the round, this amount increases to 
    a maximum of $2000.
    The weapons system is quite different to the one that you find in 
    standard UT. All of the weapons found in Tactical Ops can be found in 
    real life. Just as in real life, your weapons will need to be 
    reloaded, and (almost) no one weapon will have 100% accuracy or do 
    500% damage.
    Another feature taken from real life is the ability to hurt your 
    teammates and hostages. Friendly fire settings will depend on the 
    There are 2 FF settings: regular friendly fire and explosive friendly 
    fire. Regular friendly fire only controls friendly fire from bullets 
    and the like. Explosive friendly fire controls whether or not you can 
    kill or injure your teammates with deadly grenades. Therefore, it is 
    still possible to kill your teammates even when regular FF is on.
    With hostages, you can harm or kill them no matter what. They tend to 
    be particularly susceptible because they aren't wearing body armor. 
    Usually, 2 or 3 shots will be enough to kill one, and a glancing shot 
    from a shotgun will do them in.
    4.2 - Game Types
    There are 5 game modes in Tactical Ops. Probably the most fascinating 
    feature is that no map is restricted only a single game mode. A 
    mapper can combine a few game types into one map. Each game mode has 
    its own victory conditions, but you can also win by totally 
    annihilating the opposing team. Some map can contain no objectives, 
    and focus entirely on killing.
    This typically involves the Terrorist team trying to plant the bomb 
    at a designated bombsite. One terrorist will be chosen at random and 
    will have the bomb placed in his inventory. A small bomb icon is 
    located on the HUD to indicate that you have the bomb. If you do not 
    wish to carry the bomb, you can drop it for another teammate to pick 
    To plant a bomb, simply select the bomb in your inventory (Press the 
    "9" key by default) while standing on a bombsite. Hold down the fire 
    key until you get a confirmation message that the bomb has been 
    Even if the bomb has been planted, the Terrorist's job still isn't 
    complete. The bomb has a 55-second timer before it explodes. You'll 
    have to defend the bombsite until the bomb goes off. It's usually a 
    good idea to wait until there is 10 to 15 seconds left.
    As a Special Forces member, it is your duty to protect the bombsites 
    from the Terrorist team. If they manage to make it to a bombsite and 
    plant the bomb, you'll have to defuse it. To defuse the bomb, stand 
    on top of it and hold the use key until the progress bar reaches 
    100%. Defusing the bomb usually requires 8 to 9 seconds, and will not 
    be able to move or fire your weapons during that time.
    Terrorists will have to protect the hostages and keep them from being 
    rescued by the Special Forces team. As a terrorist, you can get them 
    to follow you and lead them away or hide them somewhere so it's not 
    so easy for the Special Forces to find them. Be careful, if you lead 
    a hostage to a rescue point it will count it as a hostage rescue for 
    the SF team. An alternative to camping the hostages is to wait around 
    the rescue points and ambushing the Special Forces there.
    As a Special Forces member, you must rescue the hostages. The number 
    of hostages that must be rescued can vary depending on the map. 
    Sometimes you only have to rescue the majority, but usually you must 
    rescue all of them for it to be considered a victory. To rescue a 
    hostage, you will have to lead them to the hostage rescue point. 
    Usually, a rescue point is located close to the SF spawn point. Be 
    careful, as there may be terrorists waiting there to gun you down.
    - ESCAPE -
    This is one of the less common game types of Tactical Ops. It usually 
    entails the Terrorist team fleeing for their lives while the Special 
    Forces get to hunt them down. To escape, you'll have to make it to 
    the escape point alive. Once you reach the escape point, you'll go 
    into spectator mode and you'll respawn in the next round will all the 
    weapons and money you had before.
    - CAPTURE THE O.I.C.W. -
    The O.I.C.W. (Or the Objective Individual Combat Weapon. See Weapons 
    Guide for more information) is a top-secret prototype weapon. On most 
    O.I.C.W. maps, it's the Terrorist's objective to steal the O.I.C.W. 
    and slaughter the entire SF team with it. As a Special Forces member, 
    you must protect it from theft. Usually, the OICW may only be picked 
    up by a Terrorist unless specified otherwise on a map. After it has 
    been dropped by a Terrorist player, anyone can pick it up, and it 
    will fill your normal rifle slot ("4" key by default).
    - ASSAULT -
    Assault is the game type with the most variety. It will usually 
    involve console timers that either (or both) teams must complete in 
    to ensure victory. Sometimes there can be multiple console timers to 
    complete. Obviously, the first one who completes them wins.
    4.3 - CS Player's Guide
    There are many similarities between Counter Strike and Tactical Ops. 
    Here are some things to remember, because there are many gameplay 
    mechanics that are fundamentally different from those of Counter 
    Strike. Moving from Tactical Ops from Counter-Strike is easy to pull
    off, but moving from Counter-Strike to Tactical Ops is a more
    difficult task. Counter-Strike has many features available to make
    the game more newbie-friendly, features that Tactical Ops does not
    - WEAPONS -
    Not all weapons are capable of an instant-kill headshot, and they 
    don't have any of the weight penalties that Counter Strike weapons 
    have. Unlike in CS, you are not given a count of the total amount of 
    ammunition you have. Instead, it shows the amount of ammo magazines 
    that you are carrying. Each magazine carries the same amount of 
    ammunition. If you reload, your current magazine and all ammunition 
    in it are dumped. You also cannot pull off the drop-switch trick to
    get more ammo for a gun. However, you can pick up another of the same
    gun to add ammo to your current count.
    Instant-kill headshots are almost non-existent, with a few 
    exceptions. There is still an advantage at aiming for the head. 
    Getting headshots in will do significantly more damage than chest
    shots. Also, Kevlar is a lot more useful. Without Kevlar, a player 
    can take significantly more damage. A few pistol or SMG rounds or
    getting grazed from a rifle round kills. Grenades also do a lot more
    damage as well, and are more effective at flushing out entrenched
    - GENERAL -
    Talking to hostages does not grant you money and money awards do not 
    change, no matter what gametype. If you are a Terrorist, a hostage 
    can pick up a gun and kill you. If you are on either team and you 
    attack a hostage, they will attack and kill you if they have a 
    weapon. Defusing bombs also requires no Defuse kit. Lastly, the 
    flashlight's power is unlimited.
    5 - Weapons Guide
    There is a wide selection of weapons available in Tactical Ops, and 
    many of them are team specific. That means that only one team can 
    purchase them. However, you can pick up and keep a weapon from the 
    opposing team.
    5.1 - Pistols
    - GLOCK 21 -
    Weapon Price: $400
    Magazine Price: $15
    Magazine Capacity: 13
    Total Magazines: 5
    Rate of Fire: As fast as you can click your mouse
    Damage: Low
    Accuracy: Very Low
    Firing Modes: Single/Burst
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The Glock serves as a mediocre sidearm and a bad starting pistol. It 
    doesn't particularly excel in any category. The Glock is the most
    inexpensive pistol. It is not as accurate as the Beretta but has a
    greater range. The Glock also comes with a 3 round burst option, but
    this isn't really effective unless your opponent is in your face and
    there is no possibility for the 3 shots to miss. A missed 3 round
    burst can mean death -- your enemy will be alerted your presence and
    you'll have to fire another burst. Keeping your distance is a good
    way to counter the Glock.
    - BERETTA 92F -
    Weapon Price: $500
    Magazine Price: $15
    Magazine Capacity: 15
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: As fast as you can click your mouse
    Damage: Low
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Special Forces
    - Description -
    The Beretta is quite a step up from the Glock. It has better 
    accuracy, it deals out slightly more damage and it has the largest 
    magazine out of all the pistols. However, it lacks the range and
    options of the Glock. I would still take the Beretta over the Glock any
    day. While it may not be able to compete with the Glock's burst 
    functionality in close quarters, and Beretta user can usually pick 
    off a Glock wielder at a distance.
    Weapon Price: $700
    Magazine Price: $25
    Magazine Capacity: 7
    Total Magazines: 7
    Rate of Fire: As fast as you can click your mouse
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Mediocre to High
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: Laser Aiming
    Team: Both
    - Description -
    The Desert Eagle is the monster pistol of Tactical Ops. The Deagle 
    dishes out loads of damage with each shot, and it comes equipped with 
    a laser sight function that will increase accuracy up to 166%. With a 
    steady hand, a player can snipe with the Deagle. However, the laser 
    is easily noticeable and the Deagle only has 7 rounds, as opposed to 
    the 13 of the Glock and 15 of the Beretta.
    5.2 - Sub Machineguns
    - INGRAM MAC 10 -
    Weapon Price: $1000
    Magazine Price: $30
    Magazine Capacity: 32
    Total Magazines: 6
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: Low to Mediocre
    Accuracy: Very Low
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The Ingram is a rapid-fire handheld sub-machine gun. The lack of a 
    stock makes the Ingram woefully inaccurate. To make up for it's bad 
    points, the Ingram sports one of the fastest firing rates of any 
    Tactical Ops weapon. The Ingram, much like the Glock, is an "In-your-
    face" weapon to be used for ambushes or in cramped maps. There's 
    nothing more fun than catching someone by surprise and emptying an 
    Ingram into them.
    - H&K MP5 NAVY -
    Weapon Price: $1500
    Magazine Price: $50
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 5
    Rate of Fire: High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Mediocre
    Firing Modes: Single/Burst/Auto
    2nd Function: Attach Silencer
    Team: Special Forces
    - Description -
    The MP5 Navy is a reliable sub-machine gun with few flaws. It is the 
    most accurate sub-machine gun; it comes with a detachable silencer; 
    and it comes with a trigger group of burst, semi, and automatic 
    modes. However, the MP5 also has a retractable stock that must be 
    extended with each use of the weapon, making the action of selecting 
    the MP5 slow and time consuming. The MP5 has a loud and distinct 
    noise when fired, and its damage is also weakened if the silencer is 
    attached when firing.
    - H&K MP5K PDW -
    Weapon Price: $1600
    Magazine Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 5
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The MP5K is a shorter, more compact version of the MP5 Navy. Because 
    of its shorter barrel, it is inherently less accurate of the two MP5 
    sub-machine guns. It comes with a non-detachable silencer and no 
    trigger groups, but it doesn't require a stock to be extended with 
    usage, making weapon selection much quicker. The MP5K also comes with 
    a longer reload time.
    5.3 - Shotguns
    - Mossberg -
    Weapon Price: $1500
    Ammunition Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 8
    Total Ammunition: 48
    Rate of Fire: Very Low
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The Mossberg is the only pump-action shotgun in Tactical Ops. It's a 
    slow weapon, and not one suited for most of the combat situations you 
    may encounter during your playing time. It is easy to counter the 
    Mossberg by taking advantage of it's agonizing pump-action time--all 
    you need to do is run circles around your opponent. However, the 
    weapon will provide an instant kill in close range.
    - Benelli M3 -
    Weapon Price: $2000
    Ammunition Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 8
    Total Ammunition: 40
    Rate of Fire: High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Special Forces
    - Description -
    The Benelli M3 is an automatic combat shotgun, and works great for 
    clearing rooms. However, it's very easy to empty your shotgun's tube 
    and be forced into a horrible and long reload time. The M3 has less 
    spread than the Mossberg, which means that your shots have a greater 
    chance of hitting at medium range. It is the medium of all the 
    - Saiga -
    Weapon Price: $2800
    Magazine Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 7
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The Saiga packs 7 rounds of shotgun fury, and has the greatest range 
    out of all 3 shotguns--the range of the Saiga is insane. It works 
    wonders in enclosed areas, turning your opponents into chunky gibs. 
    The reload time is considerably longer even though this weapon uses a 
    magazine instead of having to load shells into an internal tube. All 
    I can recommend is that you have fun with this weapon.
    5.4 - Rifles
    - AK47 -
    Weapon Price: $3200
    Magazine Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: Single/Auto
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The AK47 is a well-rounded and practical rifle for the budget 
    terrorist. It packs a 7.62x39-mm punch that can kill in as little as 
    2 or 3 shots, and has decent accuracy at distances. It works wonders 
    in close range, the bullets shredding through armor and flesh at 
    alarming rates. If sniping is required shooting in short bursts or 
    switching the Single Shot mode won't hurt.
    - FAMAS -
    Weapon Price: $3500
    Magazine Price: $50
    Magazine Capacity: 25
    Total Magazines: 6
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Low to Mediocre
    Firing Modes: Single/Burst/Auto
    2nd Function: None
    Team: Special Forces
    The FAMAS doesn't have as much power as the AK47, but it makes up for 
    this with additional ammunition, a higher rate of fire, a quick 
    reload time and more firing options. The FAMAS also packs quite an 
    amount of recoil. The FAMAS works best in close quarters or medium 
    ranges. At any distance past medium range, firing in 5 or 6 round 
    bursts is recommended.
    - H&K SR9 -
    Weapon Price: $3850
    Magazine Price: $50
    Magazine Capacity: 20
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: As fast as you can click your mouse
    Damage: Mediocre to High
    Accuracy: Mediocre to High
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: Laser Aiming
    Team: Both
    - Description -
    The SR9 is the most versatile and most powerful semi-automatic rifle 
    available in Tactical Ops. It doesn't take more than 3 or 4 shots to 
    kill, and the laser sighting functions exactly the same as it does 
    for the Desert Eagle: the weapon's accuracy is increased up to 166%. 
    The SR9 is a wholly versatile weapon that can function in many 
    situations well. Newcomers may find it difficult to operate this 
    weapon at close ranges.
    - H&K PSG1 -
    Weapon Price: $4350
    Magazine Price: $15
    Magazine Capacity: 5
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    Damage: Mediocre to Very High
    Accuracy: Mediocre to High
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: 2x/4x Sniper Scope
    Team: Both
    - Description -
    The PSG1 is the most commonly used sniper rifle in Tactical Ops for 
    three reasons. It is approximately $4000 cheaper than the other 
    sniper rifle, the Parker Hale. It is also available to both teams. 
    Lastly, it will do almost everything the Parker Hale does and will 
    work well in almost any long distance situation. The PSG1 has near 
    spot-on accuracy, and also features a magnification of up to 4x. It 
    also has the ability to shoot faster than the Parker Hale does due to 
    the fact that the PSG1 is a semi-automatic rifle. However, there is a 
    great amount of recoil after each shot, and the user must readjust 
    the scope or wait for the gun to become level again.
    - H&K 33 -
    Weapon Price: $4500
    Magazine Price: $40
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 4
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: High
    Accuracy: Mediocre to High
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: 2x Sniper Scope
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The H&K 33 is an altogether very powerful and incredibly useful 
    assault rifle. The H&K 33 is wonderful, providing a lot of death-
    dealing blows with it's armor-piercing 5.56-mm. It also features a 2x 
    Sniper Scope, but the rifle's crass and loud firing noise makes it 
    easier to pinpoint a sniper's position.
    - Steyr AUG -
    Weapon Price: $4700
    Magazine Price: $50
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 5
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Damage: High
    Accuracy: Mediocre to High
    Firing Modes: Single/Auto
    2nd Function: Laser Aiming
    Team: Special Forces
    - Description -
    The Steyr is the Special Forces equivalent of the H&K 33 with a few 
    exceptions. The Steyr does slightly more damage than the H&K 33, and 
    it also has a higher carrying capacity. The fact that it also sports 
    a Single Shot mode means that you can snipe a bit more accurately 
    with this weapon. The downsides include horrendous recoil and a 
    lengthy reload time.
    - Parker Hale 85 -
    Weapon Price: $8500
    Magazine Price: $15
    Magazine Capacity: 4
    Total Magazines: 10
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Damage: Very High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Firing Modes: None
    2nd Function: 2x/4x Sniper Scope
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The Parker Hale can be called a lamer's weapon since it does so much 
    damage: one shot will usually kill. The Hale packs an incredible 
    scope with 4x magnification and a larger viewing area, along with 
    greater range and a magazine that's twice the size of the PSG1's. But 
    the Hale is a bolt-action rifle. This requires the first shot to hit-
    -if it misses, you'll have to wait a few seconds as you zoom out to 
    operate the bolt, allowing another shot to be fired.
    - M4/M203 -
    Weapon Price: $11000
    Magazine Price: $50
    Magazine Capacity: 30
    Total Magazines: 6
    Grenade Price: $300
    Grenade Launcher Capacity: 1
    Total Grenades: 4
    Rate of Fire (Rifle): Very High
    Damage (Rifle): Mediocre to Very High
    Accuracy (Rifle): Mediocre
    Rate of Fire (Grenade Launcher): Very Low
    Damage (Grenade Launcher): Mediocre to Very High
    Accuracy (Grenade Launcher): About as low as you can get
    Firing Modes: Auto/Grenade Launcher
    2nd Function: none
    Team: Special Forces
    - Description -
    The Colt M4 is the most powerful weapon in Tactical Ops available for 
    purchase. Combining the raw power of the Steyr AUG and the 
    explosiveness of the HE grenade, the M4 is the penultimate assaulting 
    machine. It works wonders in almost any situation--you can send the 
    grenades in to shred the enemy's armor, then use the 5.56-mm to 
    finish them off. The M4 out-shoots most weapons at long ranges except 
    for the sniper and scoped rifles.
    - O.I.C.W. -
    Weapon Price: N/A
    Magazine Price: N/A
    Magazine Capacity: 25
    Total Magazines: 6
    Grenade Price: N/A
    Grenade Launcher Capacity: 5
    Total Magazines: 2
    Rate of Fire (Rifle): Very High
    Damage (Rifle): Very High
    Accuracy (Rifle): Mediocre
    Rate of Fire (Grenade Launcher): Very High
    Damage (Grenade Launcher): Very High
    Accuracy (Grenade Launcher): About as low as you can get
    Firing Modes: Auto/Grenade Launcher
    2nd Function: 2x/4x Sniper Scope
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    Imagine the capabilities of the M4 to the power of a 100, and you can 
    get an idea of what the O.I.C.W. is like. The rifle component will 
    shred any opponent apart, and the magazine-fed grenade launcher will 
    turn anything into red chunks. On most O.I.C.W. maps, the weapon can 
    only be picked up by Terrorists. But, if it has been taken from it's 
    original holding point and was then dropped, than anyone can pick it 
    up to fill his or her normal rifle slot.
    6 - Inventory Items
    A few of the items in this section will be available automatically, 
    but others must be purchased from the Buy Menu the same way that 
    firearms are.
    - KEVLAR -
    Kevlar Vest: $350
    Kevlar Helmet: $250
    Kevlar Leg Pads: $300
    - Description -
    Kevlar is what keeps you from biting the dust too quickly, and 
    purchasing Kevlar should always be your priority. Unless you're 
    *THAT* skilled in Tactical Ops, getting some Kevlar to protect 
    yourself is important.
    Kevlar comes in 3 forms: Kevlar Vest, Helmet, and Pads. The most 
    important components are the chest and head. Therefore, getting a 
    vest and/or a helmet is important. However, you should not rely on 
    the Kevlar to keep you alive for too long. It's only effective 
    against the smaller caliber rounds that pistols and sub machineguns 
    have--rifle rounds will either wear out the Kevlar severely or 
    penetrate right through it and deliver a world of hurt. The most leg 
    pads will do is provide a bit of extra protection.
    The status of Kevlar is colour coded. Any shade of green is good--the 
    armor is still effective. If the colour of the armor is yellow, it 
    means it may hold out, but you're more susceptible to small arms 
    fire. Red means that the Kevlar is now useless. It would probably be 
    ideal for you to buy some more Kevlar, or to try and avoid 
    unnecessary firefights if possible.
    Extra Knives: $100
    - Description -
    You'll always start off with at least one combat knife. While you 
    can't throw that single knife away, it can come in handy for 
    humiliating stealth kills or agreed-upon 1 versus 1 situations in a 
    From the front it will take anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 slashes to kill 
    someone. If you manage to sneak up on them from behind, a single 
    slash will bring them down. And then afterwards you can wipe your 
    blade clean of blood with the 2nd Function key (Default "Mouse 2").
    If you're willing to drop $100 for some extra knives, you can now 
    switch to throw knives with your "Fire Mode" button. The throwing 
    knives are horribly inaccurate at any range, but they do a decent 
    amount of damage and you can throw them quickly with ease. Usually 
    two or three thrown knives can take an opponent down. If they happen 
    to land on the ground or get stuck in a wall or something, you can 
    pick the knife or knives up again and throw them some more.
    Cost: $300
    - Description -
    The Concussion Grenade is the poor man's equivalent of the HE 
    grenade. While it doesn't do as much damage as the HE, it can strip 
    away most of your opponents armor in the process. The Concussion 
    Grenade will rarely injure someone badly as long as they have Kevlar 
    with them. The only time the Concussion Grenade will kill instantly 
    is if you happen to stand *right* on top of the grenade as it 
    detonates, or if you're unprotected and some flak and shrapnel get 
    caught in your eyes or upper chest area.
    Cost: $400
    - Description -
    The Flashbang will emit a large white flash and a loud bang that will 
    blind and deafen anyone in the vicinity--hence the name Flashbang. 
    Flashbangs are less-than-lethal weapons. They don't hurt too much, 
    but if you're low on health (say in the 10% range) then a direct hit 
    from a Flashbang will most certainly injure, or perhaps kill you. 
    Flashbangs can affect teammates too, so try not to throw them in the 
    same area that they are. To avoid a Flashbang, simply turn away from 
    the direction the Flashbang is going (or coming from). This will work 
    unless you're within the grenade's range. In that case, run away.
    Cost: $450
    - Description -
    A smoke grenade will release a cloud of thick white fumes. Smoke 
    grenades can usually be utilized to cover your teammates' assault or 
    to cloud an enemy sniper's vision in order to allow your teammates to 
    advance. Another function of the smoke grenade is to use it to lag an 
    opponent's (or your own) computer.
    - HE GRENADE -
    Cost: $500
    - Description -
    The HE (or High Explosive) grenade is the most powerful explosive 
    available for purchase. It has an incredible explosive radius, and it 
    will reduce most of your victims to approximately 50 HP and wear down 
    their armor severely--just enough to finish them off with most 
    weapons available. Unless you're extremely lucky, having a HE grenade 
    go off right next to you will most certainly kill you.
    Team: Terrorist
    - Description -
    The C4 explosives are available to and can only be picked up by the 
    Terrorist team, and are only available for use during Bomb & Defusal 
    maps. At the beginning of every round, a player is randomly chosen as 
    the bomb carrier. To indicate to the player that they are the bomb 
    carrier, there is a small bomb icon on the HUD. The bomb must be 
    planted at a bombsite (usually designated by a large red cross or red 
    "X"). The bomb has a detonation time of 55 seconds, and must be 
    guarded until it explodes.
    Cost: $800
    - Description -
    Nightvision goggles will take whatever light is within the area and 
    augment it, thus making darker areas slightly brighter. Nightvision 
    doesn't have much practical uses. While it does make spotting enemies 
    easier in the dark, your crosshair becomes difficult to see. In cases 
    where you might need Nightvision goggles but are too cheap or too 
    poor to buy them, turning on your flashlight is a suitable 
    7 - Tips & Strategies
    This section contains various strategies I've gathered over a year of 
    playing. By no means are they extremely effective, but they've helped 
    me get slightly better at the game. Use at your own risk.
    7.1 - Playing Strategies
    - KEVLAR -
    Kevlar is the most important item to have. It doesn't matter that you 
    won't have the money to buy a better weapon--if you're careful 
    enough, you might just be able to defend yourself with your starting 
    pistol against enemies packing sub machineguns and rifles. Without 
    Kevlar, you will become very exposed to gunfire--a grazing bullet 
    will sometimes be enough to put you in the ground. If any of your 
    Kevlar is in Yellow status, I recommended replacing it.
    At the first round, you're given $1000. You *could* do other worth
    while things with that money. However, I don't recommend it unless
    you think you're skilled enough.For one, you can equip yourself with a
    grenade and still have enough money to purchase a vest or a helmet.
    Another strategy is to purchase a Desert Eagle and to acquire a helmet
    with your remaining cash. The best (but most difficult to pull off) is
    to buy both a Desert Eagle and a Concussion Grenade. Doing this will
    give your team an advantage, but don't try it unless you can survive
    without Kevlar.
    Sticking together with your teammates is a significant rule. Staying 
    with a group of people and fighting together is better than going it 
    solo "Rambo" style and getting yourself picked off by an enemy. On 
    many objective-oriented maps, it's much safer to have a teammate 
    covering you will you plant or defuse the bomb, or make a run with 
    the hostages. Having a teammate to back you up during a fight is 
    vital insurance.
    Don't stick around for a fight if you're facing a skilled player with 
    an M4, or a large group of enemies is glaring down on you. It's 
    better to run away and face them later individually, when they've 
    already taken some hits from your other teammates. Either that, or 
    toss a grenade in their vicinity and hope on of them caught some of 
    your shrapnel. The point is that, if you know that you're in a 
    situation that you can't handle, then run away, but don't be a coward 
    and run at every opportunity. Also, do *not* attempt to defuse the 
    bomb with less than 10 seconds left. By then, it's almost a 
    guaranteed win for the Terrorist team.
    - CAMPING -
    Camping refers to the act of setting up camp somewhere and staying 
    put in a single spot. Most players will camp at important places such 
    as a bomb spot or the hostage holding area. Other players will camp 
    at strategic areas, usually with sniper rifles. While camping may be 
    frowned upon by some, it is generally accepted as a part of the game. 
    Sometimes camping can be life saving, especially if you're forced 
    into dealing with the fact your teammates are dead and you have to 
    face multiple opponents alone.
    Tactical Ops features a cone-fire system. This means that, with each 
    successive shot, the bullets will become exponentially inaccurate. 
    Your accuracy also depends on your movement. If you happen to be 
    standing still or crouching, then your accuracy will be fairly good. 
    If you're strafing and firing your automatic weapon like mad, then 
    your accuracy will drop harshly. You best bet at increasing your 
    aiming skills is to use semi-automatic weapons. Try playing a few 
    matches using only the Desert Eagle and/or the SR9.
    Sometimes, hostages can pick up weapons and defend themselves. As a 
    Special Forces member, try tossing one of your weapons to a hostage. 
    If he picks it up, he will automatically use it to defend himself 
    from attackers. By default, a hostage's enemy is a Terrorist, but if 
    you start shooting him he will shoot back and kill you.
    - I AM THE ONE AND ONLY... -
    If you're stuck all alone and you're with a few other enemies, take a 
    more cautious approach. Camp if you need to and get an HE grenade, 
    for it may become useful. Try not to rush a die. If you want, you 
    could suicide, probably much to the chagrin of your teammates.
    When the round boils down to you and one other player, it is possible 
    for one of them to suggest a 1-on-1 match. Usually, this match will 
    involve the use of knives only. Firstly, both players must agree upon 
    this condition and on an area to fight in. Once they get there, it is 
    an unspoken rule that they toss *all* their weapons on the ground. 
    This match is with knives, slashing only. Unless stated otherwise, 
    throwing knives are usually not permitted.
    Always watch where you throw your flashbangs. There's nothing more 
    annoying than getting blinded by your teammates. The best thing to do 
    is at least type a short message notifying your teammates that you've 
    got a flashbang, and to turn away when you're going to throw it. 
    Don't just apply this technique to flashbangs; don't haphazardly 
    throw HE grenades into a crowd of teammates.
    While there are only two true sniper rifles in the game, there are 
    four rifles that come with scopes and about six rifles that will work 
    as makeshift sniper rifles. These weapons would be the PSG1, the 
    Parker Hale, the H&K 33, the Steyr AUG, the AK47 and the SR9.
    The H&K 33 and Steyr AUG are more tailored as assault rifles than 
    sniper rifles, but their attached 2x scope provides some sniping 
    capabilities. For maximum effectiveness, fire these weapons in 3 to 5 
    round bursts, and switch to Single Shot for long distances with using 
    the AUG. The AK47 has decent accuracy for being the cheapest rifle 
    available in the game. For distance shooting, fire the AK47 in bursts 
    to control its recoil, or switch to Single Shot mode. The SR9 with 
    the laser sight function active has about the same accuracy as the 
    PSG1. However, the SR9's sniping capability is a bit limited due to 
    the fact that the laser sight becomes very difficult to see at long 
    ranges and it also becomes something that will give away your 
    position as a sniper.
    Location and camouflage are the most vital things that will ensure 
    your survival as a sniper. Usually a spot that's high up and has a 
    large viewing area, but which is concealed and difficult to get too, 
    is an excellent sniping post. If the area is dark, then that helps 
    too. To gauge how dark an area is, look at the colour of your arm. 
    The darker the shade, the dimmer the lighting. If you arm is 
    completely black, then congratulations--you're hidden away into 
    obscurity. To augment this camouflage, picking the right player skin 
    is an important factor. The darkest skins for the Special Forces are 
    the Black S.W.A.T. and the U.S. Army, and for the Terrorists is the 
    Yakuza skin.
    To counter snipers, the best thing to do is to throw several smoke 
    grenades to cloud his or her vision, and then find an alternate route 
    to go in and kill them. Or, just as easily, you can buy a sniper 
    rifle of your own and take him out.
    Lastly, a sniper must learn to shoot the rifle without the scope, or 
    no-scoping. Without the scope, a sniper rifle is still accurate to a 
    certain extent. The crosshair is usually located in the center of the 
    screen, and all that you must do is visualize the crosshair's 
    location. But, too much movement will make the rifle wildly 
    7.2 - Key Bindings
    Binding keys isn't difficult. It involves the editing of your 
    TOUser.ini file that is located in UnrealTournament/System. First 
    things first, make a backup of this file as insurance. Then, open it 
    up with the basic text editor of your choice--Windows Notepad will 
    work fine. Now, you can bind keys. Select a key of your choice, then 
    next to it add the command that you want it to be binded to.
    * - Example: Leftmouse=Fire
    You can also bind 2 commands to one key if they are separated by | 
    (hold shift + backwards slash key).
    * - Example: N=s_kAmmoAuto 113|s_kAmmoAuto 102
    This list can be found here:
    ** NOTE: that some of these commands will only work on servers 
    running TOST (the Tactical Ops Server Tool), and will not work 
    s_kAmmoAuto 101 buy Glock
    s_kAmmoAuto 102 buy Desert Eagle
    s_kAmmoAuto 103 buy MAC10
    s_kAmmoAuto 104 buy MP5
    s_kAmmoAuto 105 buy Mossberg Shotgun
    s_kAmmoAuto 106 buy Benelli M3
    s_kAmmoAuto 107 buy AK47
    s_kAmmoAuto 108 buy Steyr Aug
    s_kAmmoAuto 109 buy FAMAS
    s_kAmmoAuto 110 buy HKSR9
    s_kAmmoAuto 111 buy HK33
    s_kAmmoAuto 112 buy PSG-1
    s_kAmmoAuto 113 buy HE-nade
    s_kAmmoAuto 114 buy Flashbang
    s_kAmmoAuto 115 buy Conclusion-nade
    s_kAmmoAuto 116 buy Parker Hale 85
    s_kAmmoAuto 117 buy Saiga
    s_kAmmoAuto 118 buy MP5KPDW
    s_kAmmoAuto 119 buy Beretta 92FS
    s_kAmmoAuto 120 buy Smoke-nade
    s_kAmmoAuto 121 buy M4A2m203
    s_kAmmoAuto 301 buy vest
    s_kAmmoAuto 302 buy helmet
    s_kAmmoAuto 303 buy thigh pads
    s_kAmmoAuto 304 buy full armor
    s_kAmmoAuto 333 buy only damaged armor (red)
    s_kAmmoAuto 401 buy night vision
    s_kAmmoAuto 999 buy magazin for actually weapon
    speech 4 11 0 "Area cleared"
    speech 2 2 -1 "Attack main target"
    speech 2 4 -1 "Clean this place out"
    speech 2 3 -1 "Cover me"
    speech 4 1 0 "Emergency"
    speech 4 5 0 "Emergency! Man down"
    speech 4 14 0 "Enemy incoming"
    speech 4 12 0 "Enemy spotted"
    speech 1 0 0 "Hey friendly fire"
    speech 2 1 -1 "Hold this position"
    speech 4 10 0 "Hold this position"
    speech 0 0 0 "I copy"
    speech 4 3 0 "I Got your back"
    speech 4 4 0 "I'm hit"
    speech 4 9 0 "I'm in position"
    speech 4 6 0 "I'm under heavy attack"
    speech 4 15 0 "I've got your back"
    speech 4 13 0 "I need some backup fast"
    speech 4 17 0 "I need some backup fast"
    speech 2 4 -1 "Let's clean this place out "
    speech 4 2 0 "Objective accomplished"
    speech 4 8 0 "Objective accomplished"
    speech 5 16 0 "Objective accomplished"
    speech 4 0 0 "Return to base"
    speech 0 1 0 "Roger that"
    speech 0 2 0 "You got it"
    speech 4 7 0 "You got it"
    speech 1 1 0 "Watch who you shoot"
    speech 3 0 0 "Enemy down"
    speech 3 1 0 "Enemy eliminated"
    speech 3 2 0 "Got him"
    taunt1 chickendance
    victory1 chickendance
    victory2 swing
    Taunt wave wink
    Taunt thrust bow
    TOST 1.2:
    xSay / xTeamSay in combination with:
    ## - print #
    #W - your weapon
    #T - your current target
    #N - your nick
    #L - your current location (if mapper split map in locations)
    #H - your health
    #B - all teammates at a range of 1500 units
    TOSTInfo - about TOST
    ShowTeamInfo - HUD-extension on right side - how many SF/Terrors 
    alive or dead (toggle)
    ShowWeapon - shows your weapon-inventory at the bottom (toggle - off 
    - full - small)
    8 - Resources
    9 - Legal & Thanks
    FAQ (C) 2005 UnknownMercenary
    Tactical Ops (C) 2002 Kamehan Studios
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Thanks to:
    * The guys down at http://to22.fragging.org
    * All the players who've kept Tactical Ops 2.2 alive
    * Laurent "Shag" Delayen and the rest of the original TO team

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