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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KChang

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                       "Shadow Force: Razor Unit"
                 a.k.a. "Delta Ops: Army Special Forces"
                    Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                             by Kasey Chang
                       released December 27, 2004
    0    Introduction
    This section is for "what the FAQ is about" and things like that.
    Feel free to skip this section.
    If you like the FAQ, please send me a dollar. :-)  See [0.3]
    This FAQ is about Shadow Force: Razor Unit, the budget shooter
    from Activision Value, created by Fun Labs (of Romania). It was
    also republished as "Delta Ops: Army Special Forces" as the other
    title was not... military enough. It may also be known as
    "Operation: Shadow Force".
    There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this budget game, so here it
    This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to
    play this budget shooter.
    This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that
    Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
    XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.
    This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2004,
    all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the disclaimer
    This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
    following conditions:
    1)This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
      this document: "Shadow Force Razor Unit Unofficial Strategy
      Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2004 by Kasey K.S. Chang,
      all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer."
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    making any money off these guides, folks.
    PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark,
    mistakes, and thereof... If you find a question about this game
    that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at the address
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    next update.
    Please do NOT write me for technical support. That is
    Activision's job.
    Please do NOT ask me to answer questions that have already
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    I will NOT answer stupid questions like the ones above unless I'm
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    The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers can't
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    Kilo-Sierra-Charlie-Hotel-Alpha-November-Golf-Seven-Seven AT
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    To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
    except for the numbers and the punctuation. This is "military
    phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case you're wondering.
    This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. Some editing was
    done with Editpad (editpadclassic.com).
    0.5    THE AUTHOR
    I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
    ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
    what I did, so I kept doing it.
    Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
    XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
    Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
    Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4,
    Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed,
    The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics, Starfleet Command Volume
    II, DS9: The Fallen, DS9: Dominion War, Driver, Warlords:
    Battlecry, Monopoly Tycoon, Dungeon Siege, and a few others. At
    least count, that's 58 FAQs (this makes it 59).
    To contact me, see 0.4 above.
    Fun Labs is the creator of Shadow Force: Razor Unit. While the
    game may be known under other titles, I'll refer to it by its
    original name.
    Activision Value is the publisher of Shadow Force: Razor Unit
    This USG is not endorsed or authorized by either company.
    The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
    independently through the author's efforts except where noted
    This document is based on the latest patch (V1.2), available on
    Fun Lab's website.
    0.7  HISTORY
    27-DEC-2004         Initial release
    1    RU General Info
    Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
    A: No. It's like $10 or less in local stores.
    Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
    A: No. You don't need it. The controls are all listed in the game
    and configurable.
    Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
    A: Read the manual please.
    Q: How big is the install?
    A: About 484 MB.
    Q: Is there a patch?
    A: V1.2 patch is available at Fun Lab's website
    Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
    A: How easy you die, mainly, and how accurate the enemy is.
    Q: Where is the pause button?
    A: P, or hit ESC to pop up the in-game menu.
    Q: How do I save while inside a mission?
    A: You can't. Finish the mission by fulfilling all objectives.
    Q: How do I heal myself?
    A: You can't. There are no medpacks in the game. Finish the
    mission and you'll be fully healed for the next mission.
    1.2   RU HISTORY
    Fun Labs is a relatively young software company from Romania.
    Their only previous credit was developing "Secret Service" for
    Activision Value.
    RU enjoyed three separate releases under three separate names.
    The original release was "Shadow Force Razor Unit".
    It was bundled with other games and retitled "Operation: Shadow
    Later it was reissued as "Delta Ops: Army Special Forces".
    Please read the web pages that come with the game. It explains a
    bit about the guns and other weapons in the game.
    Straight from the README file
    64 MB RAM ON WINDOWS 95/98; 128 MB RAM ON WINDOWS ME/2000/XP
    4X CD-ROM
    450MB FREE HARD DRIVE SPACE (not including swap file)
    128 MB RAM ON WINDOWS 95/98; 256 MB RAM ON WINDOWS ME/2000/XP
    450MB FREE HARD DRIVE SPACE (not including swap file)
    1.4   HOW DOES RU PLAY?
    RU is basically a military-themed shooter.
    You are one of the combat air controllers embedded with US
    Special Operations forces. You are basically an Air Force
    commando. You are dropped with special operations forces to help
    them fulfill their objectives by calling in air support. You are
    fully commando-trained, and you have your gun(s) to protect
    yourself, of course.
    1.5   BUGS AND FIXES
    From the README of Patch V1.2
    * included sound update which enhances EAX3 presets
    * fixed some very rare memory leaks
    * fixed the game crash when playing with 'Character Damage' set
    to animation
    No expansion packs or sequels. This is, after all, a budget game.
    2    Your weapons and equipment
    You are pretty fully equipped for the job you need to do. You
    usually have one long gun, one short gun, your knife, and two
    special equipment slots, usually one is grenade and the last one
    is anything else you may need, like laser designator.
    Each mission may start you with a different gun. This cannot be
    From time to time, Wolfman, your "advisor", will jump in with a
    few comments of his own, like this:
    Wolfman says: Pay attention, soldier! Stay with burst (3-round
    bursts) and you should have plenty of ammo for all the targets,
    though scavenging enemy weapons is quite possible and may be
    needed later.
    2.1   LONG GUN (1)
    You can only be equipped with one long gun at a time, which could
    be shotgun, assault rifle (M-4, AK-47, or XM36), or
    submachineguns (Uzi, MP5, etc.). Usually you get this preset and
    cannot be changed.
    Most guns have two modes: pointed, vs. aimed.
    Pointed just means the gun is in patrol position, aimed forward,
    but not at your shoulder. Accuracy is somewhat lower in that
    Aimed means the weapon is at your shoulder and you are looking
    through the sights now. If the weapon has zoom scopes, this will
    engage it as well.
    Most guns can also change firing modes. Depending on the gun, you
    may have choice among single shot, 3-round burst, or full auto.
    Wolfman says: you want the gun that offers burst mode unless you
    KNOW you can find plenty of ammo for it! Full auto "rock-and-
    roll" may be fun, but it's a waste of ammo.
    2.1.1     M-4
    Your normal assault rifle, this one is the shorter "carbine"
    version. Nothing too special about it, decent accuracy even at
    long ranges. Has burst mode.
    2.1.2     AK-47 (M1947)
    The AK has the nasty habit of "muzzle climb" if you shoot
    multiple shots. So aim low and let the muzzle climb bring the
    bullets up into the target.
    2.1.3     XM36 UDR
    Has a nice scope, otherwise not too special. Has burst mode.
    2.1.4     MP5-SD
    It has an integral silencer, otherwise not too special. Has burst
    2.1.5     Uzi
    Nothing too special, as it's basically a very short single-handed
    2.1.6     M5 sniper rifle
    Hold down the secondary (aim mode) button to zoom in. A quick tap
    means no zoom, while a long click means maximum zoom.
    No auto fire, single shot only.
    2.2   PISTOL (2)
    Your personal defense weapon is your final line of defense...
    except your Gerber combat knife. You don't have that many rounds
    for it, so it is strictly for "last resort".
    Wolfman says: it's also useful for times when you need to shoot
    something, but don't want to use your main gun's ammo. Close-
    quarters combat is best done with pistol unless you have an
    assault rifle.
    2.3   KNIFE (3)
    Your Gerber combat knife is your last line of defense. Best used
    VERY quietly... Then SLASH!
    Wolfman: combine with crouch so you can sneak up on somebody.
    Just turn it on and turn night into... not-quite-day. Fortunately
    the batteries never run out during the game. And it even works
    when wet! Absolutely needed in caves, and at night.
    Wolfman says: a flashlight aimed at you will blind you
    temporarily. Spray bullets in the direction of the light and
    start dodging and hope for lucky hit!
    2.5   BINOCULARS
    You have a 10X binoc compatible with your night-vis equipment.
    Wolfman says: use binocs before approaching the area. Its 10X
    zoom is more powerful than any zoom you got on your gun sight.
    2.6   GRENADES
    Your frag grenades have two triggers... One starts the fuse (i.e.
    pulls the pin), and the other one throws (and starts the fuse if
    you haven't done that already).
    You may want to cook the grenade, which means pull the pin, hold
    it for a few seconds, before throwing it.  This way it explodes
    almost immediately dropping without giving the enemy a chance to
    dodge or even throw it back.
    Laser designator has limited number of uses. Make sure you have
    the target correctly sighted, and use the aimed view so you get a
    clear view. Then bracket the target in the diamond reticule, and
    click "fire" to designate.
    You can use these in training, but otherwise, nothing to them.
    3    Wolfman's Tactics
    You should reload your gun whenever you see a lull in fighting.
    You never know where the next enemy may be. It's BAD to run out
    of bullets when there are still enemies in front of you.
    3.3   MOVE, THEN SHOOT
    To shoot accurately, shoot a couple rounds, move aside, then
    shoot again.
    You may see the AI do this to you. Emulate them. Fire off 3-5
    rounds, strafe left or right, shoot a couple more. Better than
    holding down the trigger and waste ammo.
    You can setup ambushes in corridors, when enemies must come at
    you single-file, making the job of shooting them MUCH easier. Go
    out to offer them a peek (or shoot them!) and retreat.
    Similarly, you can setup near corners and shoot them as they
    round the corner.
    One of the best ways to surprise someone in a room is to go in
    prone and shoot up. Most of enemy shots will go over you.
    If you add movement from side to side, you can avoid even more
    Move from side to side also works for when you're crouched or
    You have a note book, so read it! It tells you what you need to
    do (mission objectives) as well as give you a rough map on where
    things are.
    To have him hold still, just "activate" him. Activate him again
    to cancel (so he'll follow).
    4     Enemies
    5    Walkthru for Single Player Campaign
    The simple player campaign is actually a series of missions
    chained together in a loose story.
    5.1   AIRSTRIP
    Background: you will designate the two AAA sites as well as the
    COMM facility for air attack. The Rangers are busy keeping the
    tangos away and you will have to deal with any in you way on your
    Mission objectives: designate both AAA sites for destruction,
    designate comm facility for destruction, reach valley to escape.
    Starting Equipment: XM36 assault rifle in (1), 3 grenades in (4),
    and laser designator in (5).
    You start in a small valley. Check your notebook now. You should
    see that the map is H-shaped. You will pass the depot as you
    approach the AAA. The 2 AAA are to the west, and the comm
    facility is to the east (but only accessible via a path from
    north). The escape path is to the north as well. This suggests
    that you should clear the depot, then go west and take out the
    AAA's, then north and around to take out the comm facility, and
    finally, escape.
    Get the binocs out and scan forward periodically. You should see
    bad guys in front. Follow the path, and you should see the tower.
    At least one guy will be on the tower scanning the surroundings,
    and other guys will be on the ground patrolling.
    For now, approach the tower, and take out the guard on top from a
    distance (use aimed shot, single shot, and zoom), then any one
    that approaches you. More guards may approach from the west. Take
    them out. Approach and clear the other tower as well. The depot
    is unmanned so don't worry about it.
    When you almost come to the first tower, it's time to turn west.
    Go past the barrels and boxes, and you're almost at the southern
    AAA. Look around carefully, make sure no one will shoot you in
    the back while you designate the target. Then use the designator
    and designate the AAA, and watch the fireworks.
    Switch back to rifle now, as you will likely see more guards.
    Head north a bit (watch for guards hiding among the oil tanks
    just to west), and repeat with the other AAA site. Your first
    primary objective is complete!
    Now it's time to approach the comm facility. It's actually on a
    hill, one path leading up. Switch to 3-round burst for medium
    range work. Take out any guards in your way, as well as those you
    can see. Any one you shoot now will not bother you later. Go
    southeast, then northeast east from the northern AAA, through the
    valley, and turn north. You should be able to spot a small bunker
    up on a hillside, with a guard. Take him out from a distance. Go
    there carefully, then turn 180, and you should see the path
    heading up.
    Go up the path carefully, take out the guards, and you should
    spot the comm facility. Designate it and watch it get hit. And
    your second primary objective is complete!
    Now come back down the hill, and approach that bunker carefully.
    It should be unmanned, but it never hurts to be sure. Then
    approach the wall in the valley to reach escape zone and finish
    the mission.
    5.2   RUINS
    Background: you were separated from the Rangers during the
    confusion and you have lost your radio. You fall back to the
    alternate rally point, hoping to contact the friendly forces.
    Mission objectives: establish contact with friendly forces,
    Starting Equipment: m4 carbine in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    You start in the ruins of an old army base. It's nighttime, and
    things are quiet... TOO quiet. You should have been challenged by
    Ranger patrols and guards upon arrival, but you've heard nothing.
    What is going on?
    Turn on night-vis and arm your rifle in 3-round burst mode. Turn
    around and look for a flight of stairs going up. Continue
    forward, turn left and continue, and you should see another set
    of stairs going up. Go up, and you should come to a hole in the
    floor leading to a room downstairs.
    Drop into the room, and explore it a bit. You should locate
    another room with a big hole in the ceiling. There are some
    jagged bricks/rocks on the wall that serves as sort of a stairs
    that you can use to jump and reach the uppermost piece in the
    corner, and from there, you can jump to that larger piece. (Yes,
    it's jump-able. Practice!)
    Once you're there, you should be at a set of stairs going down to
    your right. Go down, continue forward, and you should see a set
    of stairs down, as you see a door a bit of the left at the lower
    level. As you approach the stairs, you heard yourself say:
    "Something is wrong, I know it!" And then tangos started walking
    through the door. So... blast them! Take out 3 of them, and
    perhaps more right at the door.
    Come down slowly, look in direction of the door, and you may spot
    another guy just beyond the door. Take him out too, but don't
    approach the door just yet. The door may have more enemies on the
    other side.
    Watch for guards on both lower and upper level at the door. After
    you take them out, go past the door (not through!) and enter this
    "courtyard" with the columns. Kill one guy here if you haven't
    already. You should come to this hole in the wall where you can
    shoot 3 bad guys on the other side. Do so. When you're sure it's
    clear, go back to the door.
    Now go down and turn left, then go through the tunnel, and turn
    left into empty room. You should see ladder on right wall. Climb
    and go right. You've come to where you shot the 3 guys dead. Turn
    left and eliminate one tango hiding behind the wall. He'll shoot
    you through the hole in the wall if you don't take him out now.
    Now go the opposite way, and you are on a ledge where you can see
    that door you can through (and the pile of bodies at the door).
    Look down the path instead, and get your rifle ready. There may
    be one bad guy just in front/right at lower level. You should be
    able to put a bullet in his face. Now turn right 90 degrees, and
    look for the next wall. Use lean-left to look around the
    corner... and kill 3-4 bad guys, as they walk there one at a
    Now head back to the path, and point left a bit, take out one
    tango to left, and head downstairs. You should see the door
    leading outside. However, don't go outside yet. There are lots of
    enemies outside, multiple shotguns, assault rifles, Uzi's and
    more. Shoot them from inside as much as possible, maybe even toss
    a grenade or two.
    When the outside is clear, go outside, and you'll see the stairs
    to your right leading down into the tunnel into the catacombs.
    Head down, and you end the level!
    5.3   CATACOMBS
    Background: You've made it into the catacombs. See if you can
    figure out how to get out of the tunnels.
    Mission objectives: You'll have to escape from one section of
    catacomb to exit, across the bridge, prevent pursuit (hmmm...),
    and make it to the exit in the other section
    Starting Equipment: M4 carbine in (1), 3 grenades in (4).
    You start in the torch lit tunnel same as end of previous
    mission. Check your notebook now. See the map? You have to go
    through this one section, make it out the tunnel, across the
    bridge, prevent pursuit (by blowing up the bridge, most likely),
    go into the other tunnel, kill guards there, and make it to the
    "possible exit".
    Arm rifle, 3-round burst mode again. Tunnel makes a left, and a
    door to your left just after the turn. Inside are 2 bad guys.
    Waste them.
    Continue down corridor and it turns right. Around the corner are
    3 more bad guys. Waste them. Two of the tunnels are blocked in
    the intersection, leaving you just one path. So continue. Keep
    moving and killing tangos until you come to this T intersection.
    Continue forward a bit and zoom in a bit to left. You should see
    2 tangos next to a campfire. Take them out. More may investigate,
    take them out too. Then go left and watch for guards in the
    water. Take them out. Move to the campfire, and beyond that to
    left is the exit tunnel.
    Make sure nobody will shoot you in the back, then approach the
    tunnel carefully, shoot a guard in the tunnel, and follow it, and
    you're at the bridge... But two bunkers guard the bridge, one on
    your side and one on the other side. There are two guards on the
    far bunker (elevated), and more guards will approach from the
    other tunnel. Stay in your tunnel and take care of those you can
    see. Once the cost is clear, turn right and strafe left, as
    there's likely a guard in the bunker on this side you need to
    Now you can cross the bridge, but likely there's one bad guy in
    the bunker cowering. Head up there and put him out of his misery.
    The ladder is also an excellent spot to arm your grenade and
    throw it. So toss the grenade at the bridge, and hide in the
    bunker. Boom! The bridge is down and pursuit is no more. Primary
    objective complete!
    NOTE: if you don't blow up the bridge, you cannot escape!
    Continue into the tunnel on this side, and clear out any guards
    you see. Don't bother with the storage room as there's nobody
    there. Just head into that side room like the map says and the
    mission will end.
    5.4   CITY STREETS
    Background: Make it through outskirts of city to reach local
    resistance leader
    Mission Objectives: reach the exit zone
    Starting Equipment: AK-47 in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    There are civilians, so don't shoot everybody you see. Bad guys
    hide on upper stories so any one NOT on ground floor is fair
    game. Any one with a gun is also fair game. Shoot them all.
    The map's useless, so don't bother. Explore every branch to make
    sure no one will shoot you from behind. Kill more bad guys until
    you come to the final exit. Enough said.
    5.5   BAZAAR
    Background: Contact the resistance leader who'll direct you to
    the safehouse. Make sure you are NOT followed!
    Mission objective: contact resistance leader in merchant zone,
    make it to safehouse
    Starting Equipment: AK-47 in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    You start out UNarmed, and you should stay that way as much as
    possible! However, bad guys will detect you, and if so, back up
    really fast, pull out your weapon, and engage!
    Check the notebook immediately. You can see you have a map of the
    area already. While it's not to scale, it's close enough to show
    you the rough area.
    Your objective is the merchant area, and you need to go through a
    kind of maze to get there. Locate the fruit symbols, which will
    take you to the merchant district. Remember, NO GUNS unless
    people point guns at you. Keep exploring until you locate the
    stairs up, and talk to the big bald guy. He's probably talking
    with someone else too. He'll tell you to go to the safehouse.
    Then take the opposite exit (do NOT backtrack!) and continue down
    the path, taking out guards if you must. Guards on rooftops are a
    real pain as they may engage you, so you may want to engage them
    When you're at the final set of stairs down, guards will appear
    from the left, and 2 BLUE-clad civilians holding something
    (knife? cell phone?) will follow you. Take them all down, but do
    NOT shoot any one else. Civilians (normal ones) will be in the
    area and panicking from the gun battle.
    Once that's done, follow the path to a chain-link fence door,
    which swings open. Head inside, and your mission's done!
    5.6   ARMY DEPOT
    Background: The resistance will help you... but only if you help
    them do a few things... First, steal some explosives from the
    army depot.
    Mission objective: Obtain at least 4 explosive packs, escape from
    the depot
    Starting Equipment: MP5-SD in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    You start just outside the wall. The rebel will give you a radio
    so you can listen in on the bad guy's radio traffic... Basically
    it lets you know when the alarm will be raised, but not good for
    anything else. Language sounds authentic. They'll ask for Ahmed
    on the radio. They try a couple times... No answer, then alarm is
    Arm your MP5-SD and get ready. Turn around and you'll see a hole
    in the wall next to the bush. Go through (by crouching). Turn
    right, and head to the wall. Turn left, and hold. There's one guy
    coming from the far left. If he sees you, you're toast, as you're
    standing right next to the barracks.
    Give him a few seconds to pass, lean out to make sure he's gone,
    then rush into that door you see directly in front. You're in a
    two-story building. Stay on first floor. You should come to a
    corridor, with doors on your left and right. Head for the one on
    the right, and go inside.
    Now this part is tricky. I haven't gotten past this point without
    killing someone, but if you can, it'd be better. Any way, you
    need to get into the other part of the base, and the only way I
    can see is through that window that's flapping in the sandstorm.
    To do that, you can prop a chair next to it. However, that
    exposes you to the guy on the water tower. So you will have to
    shoot him... unless you know of another way past this guy.
    Any way, once you past him run really fast between the container
    and the building in front, and follow the past right, then left,
    then left. Keep running, until you come to the truck. Turn left,
    and head into the door. Kill guards as you go, as the alarm is
    likely raised by now. Once into the door, go through next door,
    kill guards inside the warehouse (at least 3) and you can explore
    the warehouse at your leisure for explosives. You should find at
    least TEN packs, more than you need really. Grab all of them any
    Now the hard part is making your way back out. The only way I
    know of is to kill everybody in the base you have access to
    (including the guys on towers), then move a chair from the
    "dining room" to the other side of that window and climb back in
    that way. It takes a LONG time to move that chair so I doubt you
    can do it stealthily any way.
    Once you're back through, kill guards in the building, then wait
    at the door to be ready to kill the guards in the barracks that
    you passed on the way in. Go out the door to tease them, and then
    come back in and shoot them at the door as they approach. Use
    lots of ammo as there's nothing after this. Once that's clear, go
    back through the hole and the mission's done!
    5.7   REFINERY
    Background: The rebels wish to witness your prowess... They want
    you to blow up the refinery with the explosives from the previous
    mission. See the objectives.
    Mission objective: destroy at least 4 tank control wheels/valves,
    plant explosives in the main and auxiliary consoles, plant
    explosives in the two surface control consoles, escape (be back
    at the entrance area in 2 minutes or else!)
    Starting Equipment: MP5-SD in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    This mission is not that tough, but you MAY run out of ammo and
    be forced to use one of the other guns lying around. Also,
    recognizing the objectives will not be easy.
    First, the control wheels / valves are located in groups of 3, on
    a small platform about a man's height off the ground. They are
    attached to 3 large brown tanks. To sabotage the wheel, you have
    to shoot it off. I wouldn't waste the MP5 ammo on this. Pull out
    your pistol and pump 7 shots into the wheel, which should be
    enough to remove it. Repeat for the other 2. Locate another group
    and do the same, and you're done with that objective.
    As for the consoles, you have four places you need to drop
    explosives in... The MAIN control room in the basement of the
    main building (in the "far" section"), the auxiliary control
    console is just above it (you see it as you enter the building to
    lower left).
    The two surface control stations are simpler. One is the building
    you start next to, and the other one... Looks just the same in
    the other section of the base.
    Now back to the mission... Remember the starting spot, as you
    have to be back here after you dropped off the last explosive in
    less than 2 minutes (or else!) And no, you don't get a timer.
    Any way, you start right next to a surface control room, but I
    would leave this for last. There is no alarm system in place,
    just patrols, and you can kill anyone you see. There are no
    civilians in the refinery.
    Peek around the corner, and turn right to see section one of the
    refinery. There's a guardhouse ahead, feel free to kill everybody
    inside. With surprise on your side it should be easy. However,
    watch out for patrols. Kill them from a distance, and watch for
    snipers on top of the towers. There's plenty of them around. Pick
    them off before you get close enough.
    You should see one of the triple-tanks with the platform up. Go
    up, scan around for enemies, take them out when you see them from
    a distance. When done, pull out your pistol and take off those
    control wheels. You got three, so you need one more. Switch back
    to MP5SD and approach the gate to the other section of the base.
    This base is a bit more patrolled, but you should be able to spot
    the guards long before they see you and shoot at you. Your
    objective is that big building you see right in front of you. The
    only way in is through a small guardhouse attached to it on one
    side. There are guards on the roof as well, so be careful when
    moving around.
    You MAY want to take out the other surface station (easy to
    spot), and the other control wheel(s) first. They're adjacent to
    the main building. When ready, approach the main building.
    Get into the guardhouse and kill guards. Then kill guards in the
    main room. You may need to turn on your night-vis, as it's dark-
    red inside.
    Now it gets tricky. Follow the stairs down, and you'll see you're
    on a mezzanine floor with a door, then you can reach ground
    floor, so to speak.
    Go to ground floor first and drop the explosive on the small
    control console. That's the auxiliary console finished. Now climb
    back up and go through the mezzanine door. You should see a
    window. A guard should be behind it, kill him. Follow the
    corridor turn left, and go in the first door on your left. You're
    at the main control room. Drop the explosive anywhere... (just
    USE the console), and the light goes out. However, nightvis may
    not be advisable, as the guards will be soon prowling the place
    with flashlights. Get ready by the door.
    Two to three guards should approach the door soon. Shoot them
    before they blind you with their flashlights. Go back the way you
    came (through the mezzanine door) and get out of the building.
    If you've previous finished the other surface station on this
    side of the fence as well as found one more control wheel to take
    off, then the only thing left on the list is that final surface
    station next to where we started. Else, carefully search the
    premise and finish off anything you need on this side of the
    fence. Guards will be roaming the place so take them out as you
    can. You may need to switch guns with one of the guards now as
    your MP5SD ammo should be running low unless you have much better
    fire discipline than I do.
    Any way, go back through the double door into first section of
    the base. Follow the road back to the surface control room, and
    drop the explosive on the console, and then run out side, double
    back and stop by the side of the building. You're back where you
    started, and the mission ends!
    5.8   STRONGHOLD
    Background: Rebels have learned that tangos have captured one of
    the special forces soldiers. They will help you mount a rescue
    Mission objective: locate the special forces soldier in the
    stronghold, locate the radio, escape through main stronghold
    Starting Equipment: AK-47 in (1), 3 grenades in (4)
    This one is run and gun all the way, lots of enemies around. As
    stealth is not a concern, you have PLENTY of ammo so kill
    everybody holding a gun. There are no friendlies except for this
    one guy, and he's deep into the compound.
    I suggest you shoot a couple rounds at the corner you have turned
    as a marker on where you have been exploring. I must admit I
    almost got lost in the maze of levels until I came up with the
    marker idea.
    Basically, you will have to shoot everybody in the compound
    except this one special forces guy. Be careful as some enemies
    can be hidden behind those wooden screens. Fortunately, you can
    shoot through them as well.
    Arm your AK and look left a bit, you'll see the side entrance.
    Blast it and kill the guards behind it, then wait for the plaza
    guards to show up, kill them too.
    Now run inside and look for the first door up. Your first
    objective is the radio. It's not on your objective list yet, but
    don't worry, just remember the spot as you'll be back for it
    later. Climb the stairs and keep shooting guards. Hopefully
    you'll catch them with their backs turned. Keep going room to
    room, dodging whenever you heard shots as they have only one
    target: you! Mark area you've been, and you should find plenty of
    ammo to go around.
    Eventually you'll end up in a building with THREE floors. The
    special forces guy is in the living room, just STANDING there, no
    guards. (huh?) Don't go near him yet. Instead, run past him and
    clear out the rest of the building, including outside.
    By this time, you should have cleared the entire map of enemy
    presence, so go back up and activate him, and he'll tell you that
    the bad guys took his radio. So "use" him, and he'll follow you.
    If he doesn't, go up and give him a nudge (just physically run
    into him).
    Now you need to backtrack to the HQ, grab his radio, and make
    your way out of the stronghold main gate, and that's it!
    Background: We will eliminate the terrorist garrison in order to
    nab the terrorist leader. First we eliminate his guards stationed
    Mission objective: eliminate forward guards, eliminate ALL
    Starting Equipment: M5 sniper rifle, 3 grenades in (4), laser
    designator in (5)
    This one is fun, as you don't have enough ammo for search and
    destroy, so you have to take out as many from afar as you can. If
    you feel like doing run and gun, you could take out the enemies
    first, then take one of the gun dropped and do it that way, but
    that's not as much fun, actually. The fun is watching the bodies
    fly when you put the laser on and watch the air strike comes in!
    You only have 100 rounds of sniper rifle ammo, so make them
    Any way, pull out your pistol and slowly approach the corner to
    left. There are three guys there around the fire. Kill them all.
    Now use the sniper rifle and take out the guy in the tower, and
    designate the main tent below you for an air strike. Quickly or
    the enemies may disperse.
    Now look beyond the tent, and you should see a hillside bunker to
    left, with at least three guys in it. Kill them with sniper rifle
    quickly before they figure out where the shots are coming from.
    Else they'll come after you!
    Also kill the guard by the gate to your right.
    Now the down below is clear, so head down, and make sure you
    killed everybody. Use your pistol, save the sniper rifle ammo for
    Head toward that hillside bunker. That's the perfect place to
    watch the comm facility just beyond it. As it has only maybe 4
    guys I'd go in there and shoot them personally rather than waste
    an air strike on it, but it's up to you. You can find one of the
    rapid-grenade-throwers in there, but you'll have to lose the
    rifle, not worth it IMHO. There are one tango on top, two on main
    level, and one inside. You can take them all out from afar.
    Now turn 180 degrees and follow the path. You should see the
    jail. The door is not solid, but rather prison bars. Take out the
    guards, and DO NOT call air strike on this one, as there are two
    civilians inside. Go in personally and clear it. There's just a
    few guys in there, your pistol can handle them, or drop your
    rifle and pick an AK for this job. Get your rifle back later.
    Now go past the jail, past the camo-net'ed jeep, and up the hill
    to your right. You're at the bridge, and this is the BIG
    facility. Now you wish you had saved the air strikes, right?
    Designate the building just below the bridge, the big tents, and
    the cargo/outhouse just beyond that if you got them remaining.
    Yes, use all of them. Switch to rifle and start shooting tower
    guards, and any one else you see. Hopefully the air strike will
    catch most of them.
    Stay on the ridge and snipe below and take out as many as you
    can. Then circle the place and look in for more targets. Shoot
    any flashlights and such. You don't need NV for this mission so
    you won't be blinded at all.
    Now just head down hill and mop up, explore every building,
    including the outhouses. Once you took them all out, the mission
    5.10  CITADEL
    Background: It's time to take on the terrorist leader. The main
    Ranger force will attack the other part of town, hopefully draw
    off most of the guards. You will sneak in the backdoor, take out
    as many guards as you can and wait for the Delta Force operators
    to get in there and retrieve you.
    Mission objective: eliminate personal guards, locate terrorist
    leader, hold until Delta Force operators arrive
    Starting Equipment: M4 carbine, 3 grenades in (4)
    You start just outside the citadel. Look through that hole in
    wall to your right. You should see a tango. Shoot him. Shoot four
    more tangos in the large room.
    Go for the exit, but go backwards up the stairs, and very slowly.
    There's one guy on the other side of that window you want to kill
    ASAP. If you see top of his head, shoot it.
    Go out the door, and you come to a corridor with 2 exits to left.
    Two tangos are down on the first left exit, shoot them before
    they shoot back. If you got only one, back up and the other one
    should appear momentarily. Now go for the other exit and kill one
    guy on the far corner.
    The next parts are confusing without visual references, so I
    won't bother giving you the left and right turns. Suffice to say,
    take your time, check every corner and take out as many guards as
    you can. Climb every stairs, check every room. Mark the rooms
    you've been to. You should find plenty of tangos to kill. You
    don't know which are the personal guards, so just kill as many as
    you can, then kill some more.
    If you see a tower, try getting to it and climbing it. It gives
    you a good view of what's nearby. Take out the guard on top
    first, of course.
    Eventually you will come to a tent with some crates nearby.
    There's a few guards here, at least one in the tent. Next to that
    is a courtyard surrounded by walls, and if you go through, you'll
    find 7 to 9 guards in there, plus a sniper on the balcony, and
    the fight will be nasty. It's better if you can locate the
    "backdoor", and take them on one at a time from the backdoor
    (which is off to the side).
    Watch for the sniper on the balcony in the courtyard!
    Clear the courtyard, and locate the arch that leads to a
    backyard, and two more guards. Kill them.
    Back to the courtyard... You should have noticed the stairs going
    up. I hope you aren't too wounded, as this next part may be a bit
    tricky. You may be out of ammo for the M4 here, so you may want
    to switch to the AK now. Should be plenty left in the courtyard.
    Run up there and you should see the terrorist leader. He counts
    as a civilian, so you can't shoot him! And he wanders all over
    the place too! Now you've found him... Get your AK on auto and
    face the far wall... Which soon slides open to reveal two MORE
    tangos inside! Shoot them quickly!
    (Do NOT go onto the balcony! You'll get cut to pieces by the
    guards that suddenly appear on the roof along with RPG's!)
    Now comes the fun part... You don't really have to do this, but
    it's more realistic if you do. Push the table and the chair to
    the entrance to form a barricade, and wait for a little while as
    you point your gun at the stairs down.
    When the time is up, you then get a cutscene of the Delta boys
    arriving, and that's the end of the mission!
    6    Multiplayer
    No info at this time, as I don't play multiplayer much, if at
    7       Miscellaneous
    7.1   CHEAT CODES
    During the game press ~ (the tilde, usually below the ESC key)
    and type in the console:
    Code Effect
    aiDisableEars  Enemies cannot hear
    aiDisableEyes  Enemies cannot see
    god  God Mode
    giveall() Lets you use all of the weapons during the game and
    gives you 1000 rounds each
    noclip    Walk through walls
    7.2   TRIVIA
    This 3D engine is not based on any existing engine, but custom
    developed by FUN Labs. It supports TnL if you got it, custom
    lighting, shadows, reflections, ragdoll physics, and other
    physics. It does resemble Quake engine in certain aspects.
    -- the end --

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