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"ROTK story in RTS"

All right. So I went down to my nearby game store and saw this game. Looked at the back of the box and it talks about Cao Cao, Liu bei and Sun Quan. At the sight of these names, I knew right away that its my favourite Chinese history, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.

Gameplay: 7/10

This game have objectives for you to complete. The objectives also make the game challenging. For example in a certain campaign, your objective is to conquer a heavily defended city while you only have a certain amount of soldiers. If you have play Age Of Empires 2, then you will surely know how to play this game. Basically you build up your city and then train labourers to become soldiers and fight. You can also build some machines such as the stone-throwing machine to invade cities easily. You can also purchase scaling ladders so that you can climb up the wall and go into their city without having to destroying the city gate.

Story: 8/10

If you know the story of Romance Of Three Kingdoms, then you will notice that the campaign really follows the story very closely. The campaign starts in the center of the story when Cao Cao suffered a bitter defeat at the Battle Of Red Wall. Liu Bei and Sun Quan used boats and set them on fire and ram them into Cao Cao's ships. So if you are a hardcore fan of Romance Of Three Kingdoms like me, then you will surely like this game.

Graphics/Sound: 5/10

This game has simple graphics and sound, making it compatible with computers that are not quite good. Simple it may be, it really does not seems too bad. If this game requires high specs, then hardcore fans of ROTK that does not have good computer will not be able to enjoy this game.

Play Time/Replayability: 8/10

As I said just now, the objectives are quite difficult. I spend 3 days playing the first mission of Shu. So this game really takes quite long to complete. You have to know how to build up your army and defence while building up your city. If you have finally completed all the 3 campaigns, then you can play the skirmish. There is also the multiplayer mode.

Overall: 8/10

So after all the talk, the question is 'should I get this game?' I will definitely say yes. This game is based on the true history of China. The campaigns are also challenging. Playing this game also allows you to exercise your brain power to think of strategies. So If you are a real hardcore fan of ROTK, then you will surely like this game. If you're not, you should also get this game and who knows you may also be interested in the history of China during the Han dynasty.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/15/05

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