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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RyuReign

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                              FAQ/WALKTHROUGH BY Ryan
                           email: ryubond007@hotmail.com 
     First release , no updates!
    2)The Basics:
     b)Setup & Run
     c)Creating A Pilot
     e)Training Mission
     f)GB Bot
      a)PTMC Data Retention Center
      b)Novak Corporate Prison
      c)Piccu Station & SRAD Research
      d)PTMC Corporate Headquarters
      e)Red Acropolis Research Station
      f)Martian Nomad Caverns
      g)PTMC Research Bunker
      h)PTMC Dol Ammad Fuel Refinery
      >>SECRET LEVEL - Orizon Zero
      i)PTMC Spacecraft Factory
      j)CED Lunar Command Base
      k)PTMC Storage Facility
      l)PTMC Proving Grounds 
      >>SECRET LEVEL - H.V.W.R.
      m)CED Expediator Dreadnaught
      n)CED Orbital Network Transmitter
      o)Dravis' Stronghold
    4)Credits & Copyright
     I was playing Descent 3 , long after its release and found that it 
    was'nt such a really bad game.I went to gamefaqs.com to look for some
    Faqs but could'nt find one.Finally i decided to write one myself & this
    is the first one i'am writing so lets Go For It!..
    2)The Basics:
    A) Storyline:
     From Descent I and II. You are a PTMC mines defenders but an executive
    of PTMC (S. Dravis) has asked you to destroy them,in a hope to get rid
    of the virus infected robots in there. With that,you need to rescue the
    hostages trapped inside. 
     After you were done with your mission & got rid of those mines ......
    S. Dravis contacts you and forces you to work more for him as it was
    there in the Contract. A prototype warp core is installed in your ship
    and you are sent to destroy more PTMC mines in the deep space ,the last
    of which was some kind of alien spaceship or an artificial planet.
     After completing your mission , you are ready to go home but instead
    the warp core malfunctions , sending you to an unknown location. 
     .. This story now continues in Descent 3
    B) Setup & Run:
     When you are done with the installation , try running the game. You'll
    be prompted to check out each section of the Setup i.e. Audio / Video
    e.t.c. If there are no drivers available for a particular section then
    press 'Detect Available _____ Drives' in that section to detect those.
    Configure the rest of the sections and press Ok & then Play to launch
    the game. Next time when you execute the Game Launcher , directly hit
    the play key to start the game.
    C) Creating A Pilot:
     Hit the ADD button in the menu, you'll be prompted to enter a name for
    pilot , do so and press OK. A list of available controllers will popup,
    just select the one you are most comfortable with and continue.I always
    recommend to go with Mouse Controls in such games. You'll be using
    your keyboard keys too for doing other stuff like accelerating your
    ship forward and reverse and such stuff , mouse won't be the only thing
    you'll get so you should go for that.
    D) Configure:
     Nothing special , if you think you need to mess with yur controls now 
    or later then just the hit the configure button to do so , like you did
    with any game you previously played. 
    E) Training Mission: 
     This mission popups after the Intro cutscene and you'll be given 
    complete instructions during the training so you don't need to 
    worry about that. The most important thing of all is the GB Bot , 
    you'll be using it at most of the places for the rest of the game and 
    even during this training mission so identify yourself with the GB Bot
    workings real good during the mission. 
    F) GB Bot:
     As mentioned above , this is the most exciting of all the stupid stuff
    you get during the game. Hit the F4 key , this will popup the GB Bot 
    menu. Press Enter to exit GB Bot from your ship ( as the 1st option is
    already highlighted ). After that you you throw instructions to it to
    be followed. Like you can ask it to take you to your next objective & 
    other stuff like extingushing fire or finding power ups e.t.c but the
    most important of all is the path finding thing i.e. taking you to your
    current objective. Hit the F4 Key again and use your Up/Down arrow keys
    to highlight different menu options , instead of directly hitting the 
    no. for that option. Make sure that your mouse pointer is always on the
    menu while doing anything with it because if its not, then nothing will
    work for you. If you'll loose it while following it , then it'll come 
    back for you and all that.Check out all the GB Bot messages popping up.
    And theres an option to bring it back to the ship in the menu , so note
    that too.
    A) MISSION 1: PTMC Data Retention Center
    >You need to get details about Dr. Swietzer whereabouts through a 
    computer at the lower level of the facility.
     As soon as you start shoot up the containers in front of you and
    sctrech your ship against the floor to open up the secret area , thou
    finding secret areas are'nt one of your objectives so you can just 
    skip it if you want and get on with your mission. 
     You'll be using your GB Bot right from the start , so hit the F4 key
    and exit the GB Bot from your ship and then order it to take you to 
    your objective ( see the GB Bot section above for more reference ). 
    Your GB Bot will take you to a Combustion Chamber door. Hit the grey
    button on the door , this will open it up. Enter the door and a fire
    will start up but if you'll go down to a bit then you'll see two 
    buttons with red lights on it. Just shoot at those to make them work.
    This will turn off the fire and open up the door again. Pick up the
    thing in the middle of the room ( from where the fire was blowing up ).
    This item is an afterburner cooler and you'll be needing it later in
    the mission. Now order your GB Bot to take you to your next objective.
    When you are near a forcefield then hit the button nearby to deactivate
    it ( if you already hav'nt done that ). 
     Fly out and use your GB Bot to reach to your next objective. Snatch
    up the pass key and then again move to your next objective. While 
    doing that if you stuck in a situation that your GB Bot passed through
    somewhere and you could'nt then notice that 'yellow' thing is an
    explosive so shoot at it .. that'll blow it up but a fire will start 
    off in your path. Now here you can order your GB Bot to use the fire
    extinguisher and extinguish the fire or you can try being a hero and 
    cross through it. Thus keep on using your GB Bot to reach your 
    objectives till you got the infomation from the computer about Dr.
    Swietzer and then use & follow your GB Bot to a steel gate. Blast 
    through it and end the level. Once again , GB Bot won't keep on taking 
    you to your objectives unless you order it to do so.
    B) MISSION 2: Novak Corporate Prison 
     At the end of Mission 1 , you found out that Dr. Swietzer is being 
    held at Novak Corporate Prison. You need to get him out of there , and
    a shuttle is ready to escort him but you need to destroy the Turrents
    securing the area to ensure safety of the shuttle. ( Note that theres
    also another objective of destroying the prison records but that won't
    be necessary to accomplish this mission. Still you can complete that
    with your GB Bot ... check the second option of the GB Bot menu for
    that if you wish to complete it ).
     Use your GB Bot to locate and destroy all the Turrents. As soon as you 
    are done , forcefields blocking the path to your next objective will
    get deactivated. Go inside. Now this facility have minimum , medium &
    maximum security sections and forcefields blocking them. You need to
    find the corresponding keys and use them to unblock them. Use your
    GB Bot to get the job done. Make sure you familarize yourself on
    using your inventory & always use your keys at the right place the 
    right way or you'll be fighting off few of those 'evil robots'. Keep
    on doing this untill you come to the position where your next objective
    is the Maintenance Area ( you'll know this while peaking inside the GB 
    Bot menu ). 
     Reach the maintenance area and here you're gonna do something other 
    than finding keys and deactivating forcefields. You'll see that this
    room contains an impenetrable glass with a vat of some green liquid.
    What you need to do right now , is to do something because of which
    the guards take the doc. to the minium security level. So what you'll
    do is to hit the left lever ( there are two levers in this room with
    red lights ). A drone will come in , crosses over the vat of green
    liquid, don't do anything yet till it picks up the spherical item &
    tends to cross over the liquid again. When its over the liquid with
    that spherical items just hit the right lever and you're done. The 
    toxic will fill up and the doc. will be taken to the minimum security
     Use your GB Bot again to reach to Dr. Swietzer and hit the button
    to open up his cell and the transport will grab him away to the end
    of the mission. Congratulations! You just completed the most irritating
    mission of the game.
    C) MISSION 3: Piccu Station & SRAD Research
    >Dr. Swietzer has agreed to help us and now we need to pick up his 
    research backup data from his Lab and use it as an evidence against
    S. Dravis.
     Now as mentioned above , you need to keep on going to your objectives
    by using your GB Bot extra-ordinary path finding system till you
    reach an area with lightning towers. You need to blow them up to 
    deactivate the forcefield , blocking your path to your next objective.
    Theres a main tower , you don't need to mess with it , shoot at the
    thinnest part of the smaller towers and that'll be enough to blow them
    up. The forcefield will be deactivated and continue with your
     You'll pick up the key , head back to the surface and towards the doc
    lab. Enter it by breaking up the glasses at the top , i recommend using
    your secondary weapon to get the job done. Move in the lab and again 
    start following your GB Bot. You'll soon need to get a Data Catridge
    from a Thief bot ( the green ones ). Use your GB Bot to reach them and 
    keep on destroying them untill you get the data catridge ( the catridge
    can be in any of the thief robots moving around so use your GB Bot to
    take you to each of them ). Pick up the catridge and again use your
    GB Bot to reach to your next objective i.e. somewhere to upload the 
     When you've done that , you'll be introduced by a Super Thief ( the
    red robot which will be doing real annoying stuff ). Use your good old
    GB Bot to reach it and get rid of it. Take the catridge and head 
    towards the surface and out right through the broken glass to end the
    D) MISSION 4: PTMC Corporate Headquarters
    >You need to upload the data catrdige you took in the previous mission 
    to send the data to Suzuki.
     You start near some railway tracks and your first objective is to 
    reach the train station. You got it! , you gonna use your GB Bot again
    to go there. But be careful , there are fast moving trains on these 
    tracks which can blow you off. You can make few affords to avoid 
    getting hits by those but that won't be much useful. The best way is
    to use the intervals you get while flying over the tracks i.e. places
    where you can put your ship at some rest. Wait for the trains passby,
    because many times you'll encounter places where another train will
    appear just 2 seconds after the first one. Just keep on doing that ,
    till you somehow manage to reach the train station. That was the
    hardest part of the mission , so make sure you make a quick save after
    you're done with it, if you already were'nt making saves while resting
    at the intervals. 
     Ok then , the same thing , keep going to your objectives using the
    GB Bot till you reach the place where you need to upload the data.
    Bring your ship at the middle of the room and hit your 'Use Inventory'
    key ( \ by default ) to start the uploading process. A cutscene will
    show the data upload process ( and you'll be notified by a text too )
    and then you'll be introduced two clone ships , claimed to be PTMC
    Mercendaries ( according to a text during the cutscene and offcourse
    the Bot menu ) There are three turrents to support them but after some
    reloads i just directly found a light cover and went for one of them.
    It got destroyed and the mission ended , don't know what happend to 
    the second one. Anywayz , once you're done with them , that'll end the
    mission and you'll fly over a metal wall in the cutscene.
    E) MISSION 5: Red Acropolis Research Station
    >Suzuki received the data and agreed to help us but he was attacked & 
    dead. You are believed to be a terrorist and Red Acropolis Research
    is attacked. Now you need to save 3 out of 5 reactors for a particular
    amount of time , till they evacuate red acropolis personnels and then
    get the hell out of the facility.
     Nothing to do at all , i just renamed my GB Bot to Runner ( this is 
    where i noticed that we can actually rename it ). Use your GB 
    Bot unit ( whatever its name is ) to defend any reactor loosing 
    its health speedly ( you can check the remaining health of reactors 
    at the left ) for 12 minutes. I was able to defend all 5 of them and
    then after 12 minutes you'll be asked to get out of the facility. Just
    instruct your GB Bot to take you to the exit then follow it to the end
    of the level. 
    F) MISSION 6: Martian Nomad Caverns
    >A CED ship is crashed in this area and we need to grab it to get some
     Make your way through the narrow canyon till you reach the place where
    you can see a platform. Hit the two black items holding the platform 
    to bring it down. Use your GB Bot to reach the collector's icon and 
    pick it. Then instruct your GB Bot to take you to the builder's icon
    and it'll take you to a place with few strange metal thing comming out
    of ground , and a small path for you to go through them. But only one
    of them is with a deactivated forcefield. So go through it , and a 60
    seconds timer will start , when you'll pass it , then the forcefield
    will be reactivated and another one will go down. Then you have to pass
    through that one to deactivate another one. Keep doing this within the
    time limit of 60 seconds. You'll automatically pick up the builder's 
    icon while passing through the last one. Now head towards the priest's
    hall(GB). Now if you'll look around , you'll find two places with pink 
    light and an icon sign at their top. Place the two icons in those two
    cubes ( make sure you enter there enough to place those , and don't
    forget to hit the use inventory item key ). When you've placed an icon
    in one of those pink space then make sure that it matches with the one
    at the top of it. If not then pick it up and enter it in the other one.
    Once you've kept the right one at the right place , you can't pick it 
    up back. When both of them are at the correct places , try to enter the
    door and make your way to the priest icon. Now here you will see
    that the preist icon is soon covered by a forcefield and your GB Bot 
    unit will throw you a hint. All you have to do is to look down , there
    you can see few blood marks. Just fly over those in a way that you 
    don't go at a place where those blood marks are'nt present and you 
    need to fly over all of them to be considered as the chosen one. Once
    done, the forcefield will be deactivated and you just pick up the preist
    icon. Now head towards the preist door using your GB Bot and look back
    to see another pink cube. Just keep your preist icon in it as you did
    with the builder's , collector's icon before this and head back towards
    the door again to open it. 
     Here you need to face with a real big enemy robot i.e. Homunculus.
    Start shooting as you normally do,make sure you to get all the pick ups
    available. Keep shooting at it ( use your Naphlam for sure ) , till its
    down. You will get a message about a transport comming to pick up the 
    downed CED ship but wait.. Homunculus will rise up again and hit it 
    again till the mission ends.
    G) MISSION 7: PTMC Research Bunker 
    >Obstain virus sample so that the friendly guys can adjust the anti-
    virus accordingly.
     Ok now , use your GB Bot unit till it takes you to a place where you 
    can see four switches ( red lights one ). You , as usual need to hit
    those till a blue generator is revealed. Keep firing at the generator
    till it gets destroyed. The undestrucable turrents which were blocking
    your way are destroyed,so is the field. Continue and enter. Again use
    your GB Bot to reach your objectives. When you reach at the door near 
    and try to enter it , you'll see that your ship is covered by fumes 
    right away. So, what i simply did was instead of trying to extinguish
    the fire. I went right away to the generator ( we can't just fire and
    destroy it , like we did before ) and smashed my ship against it.
     That'll do,now go running out of the door and keep going to your next
    objectives till you reach a place where you see two buttons. Shoot them
    and keep going on with your objectives till you instruct your GB Bot
    to take you to the virus samples. It'll take you to a place with two
    fire jets. You'll see a virus sample in front of each jet. You need to
    go in the fire to pick it up because we're not going to try to 
    extinguish it. Now if you'll look opposite to the two jets , you'll see
    one of those red lights button. Shoot it , and then look at the ceiling
    for a door towards the ascending lift, that door is probarly at the 
    center so just go through it and to the ascending life to end this
    H) MISSION 8: PTMC Dol Ammad Fuel Refinery
    >While the scientists are examining the virus you are sent to destroy 
    this facility
     Take out your GB Bot till it takes you to a complex with three stacks.
    Now choose one of them and keep trying with your afterburner till you
    reach far enough where you can see a small room to rest your ship and
    afterburner till you are ready to go through the next door ( with in
    the stack ) and then to the main complex inside.
     Now keep moving to your objectives untill you see a huge rotating 
    objects with red lights moving with it. You'll see that the object is
    blowing up some fire so you can't enter through the opening. So all you
    need to do is to shoot the red switches moving around with it. This will
    turn off the fire and you can now enter through the opening.
     Keep moving around to your objectives which will include the same i.e.
    shooting at all those buttons. When your GB Bot finally takes you out
    of the complex and towards some small structures then all you have to
    do here is press the switch at the middle of the structures. This will
    deactivate the forcefield stopping you from blowing up the thing at the
    bottom. Then instruct your GB Bot to take you to the next structure till
    you get at the place where the door is closed. Do the same here i.e.
    destroy the thing at the bottom then look around and you will find a 
    door. Enter it and then continue with your next objective. While the 
    whole complex is melting down you'll come across a place where you'll 
    see a small forcefield and a door at its 180 degrees turn. Enter that
    door, look back then up and you'll find yourself a switch to deactivate
    the forcefield. Enter the forcefield till you reach a huge room thanks
    to a broken pipe. Look around the right side and you'll find a data
    catridge. Pick it up and you'll get a transmission about a secret 
    complex which you need to explore after you're done with the mission.
    Now instruct your GB Bot to take you to your next objective till you
    reach at the place where a fan is pulling objects towards it. Remember
    that your GB Bot will pass through it , but you don't have to do that.
    All you have to do is to fire some of your secondary weapon. The fan
    will also pull them towards it and that will reverse its direction and
    now you can use this fan to fly up at the top ( your ship really did'nt
    need it thou ). Now don't try to fly down because you won't be able to
    do that. Just fire at the thinnest place of the object you see at the
    top. Keep trying till it blow up , with the object the fan will blow up
    too and now you can pass through it.
     Nothing hard after that , simply follow your GB Bot to the end of the
    >SECRET LEVEL: Orizon Zero:
     If you picked up the data catridge during mission 8 then now you can
    explore this secret level. Keep moving to new areas using your GB Bot
    till you reach a strange green object. Just move close enough to the
    object to end the level.
    I)MISSION 9: PTMC Spacecraft Factory
    >You need to deliver some proves to CED but for that you need a new 
    ship so you gonna steal it. A cargo ship is there to get all 
    the job done. All you need to do is to assist it. 
    >You can destroy all the stabilizers, but thats not necessary to
    complete the mission.
     Just try and find some shades while following your friendly cargo
    ship inside the factory because the heat from the mercury sun is just
    enough to put your ship on fire. Keep following the cargo ship till 
    its stopped because of a forcefield with a room behind it. Fly up
    and search for a small opening to that room. Enter through that and
    deactivate the forcefield by shooting at the switches at the two sides
    of the forcefield to deactivate it. Your ship will start moving but 
    soon will be stopped by another forcefield. Do the same to deactivate
    that. Remember that you need to destroy all the enemy robots to avoid
    the cargo ship from stopping to repair itself. While doing that , when 
    you'll encounter a walker ( the huge stationary robot ) just get behind
    it and attack till its down to its knees. 
     Just keep following the cargo ship to the end of the level. And i 
    don't recommend using your GB Bot here , because this will mix up
    your actual objectives and the optional ones. Besides you have another
    thing to follow here.
    J)MISSION 10: CED Lunar Command Base
    >Upload the data to the mainframe. 
     This is one of the huge levels of the game so get ready for some long 
    lasting action. Launch your GB Bot and go to the Data Security key. It
    will take you to a tower through a lower level door and up to get the 
    key. Once you have the key come out of the tower and strike your ship
    against the huge complex door in front of you , it'll open it up. Enter
    it and instruct your GB Bot to take you to your next objective. 
     Remember that when you'll instruct your GB Bot to take you you to a 
    data uploading interface then it'll take you to a ruined ship and near
    it will be a pilot log. Read it and you'll know that you need to use
    your stealth techniques. Shoot the wreckage of the ship and you'll find
    yourself a data uploading interface , objective complete. 
     Use your GB Bot to go to the Data Uplink room and read all the data 
    uploading instructions while doing that ( you'll identify the buttons
    somehow i guess ). Break the glasses and enter. Inside the room fire
    at everything which can work and then come out and bring your ship in 
    the middle of the two blue nodes thou you'll get an error. Now you need
    to shut down the Nano Defense System. Just instruct you GB Bot to take
    you to the switch. Make sure you don't hit any other switches because
    there are few others in the same room as the Nano Defense switches. As
    soon as you enter the room turn left and behind the column is the 
    required switch. Head back to the room with broken glasses and out 
    between the nodes again. But you'll get another error this time that 
    your ship have insufficient memory plasma. Instruct your GB Bot to
    take you to the memory plasma generator and activate the switch there.
    Once you've done that , instruct your GB Bot to take you to a memory
    plasma , keep your eye open to identify a memory plasma i.e. a hi-tech
    spherical object ( with the others here ). You only have 40 seconds
    before its totally wasted so head back between the nodes within the
    time limit and that'll end the mission. 
    K)MISSION 11: PTMC Storage Facility
    >One of our pilots have been captured. You need to fly to titan and 
    locate & rescue him.
     Follow the GB Bot through tunnels and stuff till you get near a cart.
    Look below the cart and you'll see a switch , hit it to make the cart
    work and make the blocked entrance gets unblocked. Continue following
    and you'll come across another one. Repeat! . Follow your GB Bot to
    the secondary forcefield switch , hit it and destroy the secondary
    forcefields backup generators to turn off the secondary forcefield. 
    Now do the same for the primary one , destroy the generators and you
    are done. 
     Now you need to get the HUB key , do that , reach the prison and 
    take the prisoner out. Soon you'll know it was all , just a trap.
    L)MISSION 12: PTMC Proving Grounds 
     You begin in a torture chamber , whenever a lock opens and fire starts
    comming out .. shoot it and it'll get destroyed till you have destroyed
    all of them including the big one at the middle. Now fire at the force
    fields so that your lasers or anything else hit them and then the 
    generators which are'nt visible directly. When you are done with both 
    of them just use your GB Bot to keep going to to your objectives.
     when you get to Level 4 of the map, you will fight a frag rocket boss 
    instead of proceeding downwards to fight the Spider Bot, turn around and 
    go back out to the area you came in from. then fight the second frag boss.
    this time you will see a forcefield drop on the wall and not the floor. 
    go through to reveal a hidden room with a data cartridge.  
    >SECRET LEVEL: High Velocity Weapons Research:
     Find color keys to open corresponding doors. Hopefully your GB Bot will
    take you through correct pathways and if it dose'nt then you are on your
    own to complete your objectives. For a hint , just don't use the green
    elavators , they're kinda useless , most of the times atleast. 
    M)MISSION 13: CED Expediator Dreadnaught
    >The troopers have taken over and you need to destroy them
     Not much to do here. Just a search & destroy kind of mission ..
    Activate your GB Bot and find the recon interface which tells you how
    many troopers are remaining on the level. Find Af Machen and switch it
     Your GB Bot cannot find the troopers so you need to do that yourself. 
    Nothing much to do here. 
    N)MISSION 14: CED Orbital Network Transmitter
    >Broadcasting the anti-virus program
     Keep moving to your objectives using your GB Bot untill you reach the
    Data upload room. Use your GB Bot to reach the engineering where you
    can setup the defense network output. Go back to the room after setting
    the clock to zero. Activate the switch in this order top-left, bottom-
    right, bottom-left, top-right. 
     Now you need to align the beam nodes and when done just turn on the 
    power and defend till the process is complete to end the level.
    P)MISSION 15: Dravis' Stronghold
    >Get rid of Hellion , the robot
     Find the lava by exploring all the caves. Find the pass key and then
    three locked doors. Find dials which can be activated , inside the
    room. When you get a message , fly through the opening created by 
    the lava and out the other side . Open the door by the switch above
    the entrance. Grab the key and back to the control room coz the lava
    is rising again. Find a forcefield and fly down , that'll deactivate
     You'll be introduced with your final boss. Destroy it to end the 
    4)Credits & Copyright:
     This thing is mine & mine only. It can't be reproduced in any way ,
    unless you have my permission. 
    Thanks for using! 

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