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    Deathmatch FAQ by ZaleIsBackAgain

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                        Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns
                                     ~~~~ Death Match FAQS ~~~~
    Created by: ZaleIsntBackAgain/l2aGeFul2i0uS
    E-Mail: zale_t@hotmail.com
    Date Started: 9/04/03
    Latest Update: 13/04/03
    Original System: PC
    Date Submitted: 12/04/03
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    Copyright: 2003 ZaleIsntBackAgain
    Version History:
    Version History: Fixed a couple spelling errors.  Fixed an error in the Table of
    Legal Rights:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
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    Table of Contents:
    1) Introduction
    2) Getting started
        -Galactic Empire
        -Trade Federation
        -Rebel Alliance
        -Galactic Republic
        -Confederacy of Indenpendent systems
        -Royal Naboo
    3)Resource Gathering
    4)Rushing Information and strageties
        -Air rushing
        -Strike Mech rushing
        -Trooper Rush
    5)Tips on playing better
    1) Introduction:
    Hello, and welcome to my guide.  I am very pleased for you having to read this. This
    is my first guide, so it will not be as good as some other previous guides you have
    read.  My sole purpose of creating this guide is to make Death Match more popular. 
    Everything that you will further read will be Death Match related, or FAQS about
    certain units.
    I hope you enjoy my guide.
    2) Getting Started:
    This is a guide on how to start off a Death Match game.  This is how I start off
    with all the civilizations, so if you find a flaw to my starters then it's your
    choice of changing the idea.
    My starting posistions only work on these settings:
    Post Tech Level 4
    Death Match
    250 Population Limit
    Getting started with Galactic Empire:
    The almighty Imperial army.  Que up 15 workers in your main command center.  Now,
    with your original three workers, send one of the three to construct several prefab
    shelters.  Send another to construct a power core and the last to create several
    mech factories.  Make sure that the mech factories are in range of the power core.
    When your second worker is done building the power core, send him to make another
    power core farther from the original.  By this time, atleast three workers are
    created from your command center.  Send them to construct more mech factories around
    your second power core.  If any of your workers are completed in your command
    center, send them to help construct.  Send the scout somewhere near between your
    opponents base and your base.  If atleast one of your mech factories is completed,
    send the gather point at where your scout is.  And in the mech factory, build 10
    Assault Mechs in atleast four four mech factories.  You may wish to construct more
    if you feel like your army is to weak.  With the rest of the slots, create Strike
    Mechs and Mech Destroyers.
    Now if all your workers are completed constructing, send all your workers to the
    forward base (Where you put your gather point) and send to build a minimum of two
    shield generators, a fortress, two anti air turrets and two turrets.  Make sure
    they're evenly spread out.  When your fortress is completed and you have enough
    resources to create atleast three air cruisers, then do so.  And when your at it,
    train a bunch of Dark Troopers Phase 2.
    Oh yeah, if you hit pop limit then you'll have to fight with your army or sacrifice
    some workers.
    Getting started with the Trade Federation:
    Since the Trade Federation has no need of houses, getting started with this civ will
    be easy.  Start off by queing 15 workers in your command center.  Then send one of
    the three to make a power core.  Send another two create an air base and the last, a
    mech factory.  If any workers are created, then send them to help construct.  If all
    your buildings are completed, make another power core out of range from the first
    one and create evan more mech factories here.  Two air bases should be enough.  I
    never mentioned this to the Galactic Empire because their AT-AT's can shoot air
    Now, send your scout somewhere not to far and not to close to your base.  Now when
    your buildings are constructed, create Strike Mechs, Mech Destroyers, Assault Mechs
    and Fighter planes.  I mean alot of them.  Not like wimpy two strikes, two
    destroyers and two one assault in each building.  Ten assaults in atleast four
    buildings is good for me.  Now with all of your workers that are not doing anything,
    send them to were your forward base is and construct shield generators, two
    fortresses in the back of your base and a couple of turrets.
    When your fortress is completed, and your nova is still pretty good, create
    Destroyer Droids or Air Cruisers.  Both of these units eat up a pretty good amount
    of nova so its your choice of not using them, or one of them or both of them.
    Getting started with the Wookiees:
    This civilization is alot different from the Galactic Empire and Trade Federation. 
    Start by making 15 workers in the main command center.  With one of the workers,
    send him to create alot of prefab shelter.  Send one of the other two to make a
    power core and the last one for an air base. Once again if your workers are created,
    send them to help.  After the buildings are fully constructed, send all your
    avaliable workers to create three heavy weapons, one more air base and four troop
    centers.  While their in the process, nows the time to send the scout not to far
    away and not to close to your base.
    When your military buildings are completed, then in your troop centers, create five
    grenade troopers in two of the buildings, 15 repeater troopers in two buildings, and
    10 mounted troopers in the other two buildings.  For the heavy weapons, create 15
    artillery in every building.  Trust me, artillery for the Wookiees has a longer
    range than the rest of the civs artillery, it can destroy a turret without getting
    hit.  Thats how long the range is.  In your airbase, make ten fighter planes in one
    of the bases and ten bombers in the other.
    Now once again, send all available workers to your forward base.  Send them to
    construct a fortress, four anti air turrets, four turrets and atleast three shield
    generators evenly spread out.
    In your fortresses, it's your choice if you want to make a couple of air cruisers or
    Berserkers. I don't recommend training Bounty Hunters because their reload rate is
    long, they have no armour and pretty much expensive.
    Getting started with the Gungans:
    This civ gives me a bad mood.  Start off by making 15 workers in the command center
    as usual.  Send one of the three original workers to make a bunch of prefab shelter,
    one of the two for an anti air turret and the last one for a power core.  I wanted
    you to make an anti air turret because their air is one of the worst and the anti
    air mobiles are better but if your being air rushed then its better to make a
    turret.  For more info on air rushes, refer to the rushes section.
    When all your workers are done constructing, send all the available ones to make
    three mech factories, four heavy weapons building and two troop center.  In the mech
    facts, create assault mechs, ten atleast in one building, and with the rest of the
    slots, use them for strike mechs and mech destroyers.  For the troop centers, create
    15 mounted troopers in both buildings.  And for the heavy weapons building, ten
    Artillery in three buildings and 15 anti air mobiles in the last.
    Now send the scout somewhere safe for you to make a forward base.  Send the gather
    point of all your military buildings at where you scout is and send all available
    workers there.  Tell the workers to construct three fortresses.  When your
    fortresses are completed, create ten fambaa shield generators in each.  Bounty
    Hunters are optional, air cruisers I don't recommend.
    Getting started With the Rebel Alliance:
    This is the true civilization that brings the true meaning of Star Wars.  Now start
    off by making 15 workers in your main command center.  And one of the original three
    to create alot prefab shelter.  Send the other two for power cores and airbases. 
    When their completed, send all available workers now to construct a spaceport.  I
    know its weird.  Sell 5000 carbon and sell 3000 food.  Now when your done that,
    create Jedi Temples, three of them.  Four airbases, and four troop centers.
    In the troop centers, train 10 grenade troopers two buildings, 10 repeater troopers
    in two buildings, 5 mounted troopers in all buildings, and with the rest its your
    option if you want to train either grenade troopers or repeater troopers.  In the
    Jedi Temples, create 10 Jedi Knights in all buildings, five Jedi Masters in all
    buildings.  In the airbases, make five A-Wings, five, Y-Wings and five X-Wings in
    every building.
    Send the scout not to far away and not to close to your base.  And that were the
    scout is now your forward base.  Construct two fortress, shield generators and some
    turrets.  Anti air turrets to.  In the fotress, create ten airspeeders in both and
    one or two air cruisers in both.
    Getting started with the Galactic Republic:
    This civilization is kind of similiar to the Rebel Alliance.  Start by creating 15
    workers as usual.  Send one to create a bundle of prefab shelters.  For the other
    two, a power core and an airbase.  When done constructing, send all workers to make
    a spaceport.  When its completed, sell 7000 of your carbon and 2500 of your ore.
    Send your scout somewhere in the middle of your base and you opponents base.  When
    you do, send the gather point of all your military buildings their.
    Now send all your available workers to construct mech factories, two of them, three
    Jedi Temples, two troop centers and one more air base.  If you need room, then you
    could either create a Power Droid from your original or just make another core. 
    Power droids are very useful, I recommend that one.  In the mech factories, create
    ten assault mechs in one of them, and five assault mechs in the second one.  With
    the rest of the slots, mech destroyers.  For the troop centers, since troopers are
    created faster, create ten repeater troopers for both and for the last slots,
    mounted troopers.  When their quickly done, ten grenade troopers for both.  For the
    two airbases, make fighter planes and bombers.  For the Jedi Temple, seven knights
    and the rest Jedi Masters for both buildings.
    Now send all your workers to the forward base where your army is.
    Send them for fortresses, three of them.  Construct a ton of shield generators and
    alot of turrets.  In the fortresses, create Jedi Starfighters.  And if you have
    enough nova for air cruisers, make some of them.
    Getting started with The Confederacy of Indenpendent Systems:
    This is my favourite civilization to use.  Start off by queing up 15 workers in your
    command center.  With your original three, send one of them to create a heavy
    weapons factory, and the last one for a power core.  When the buildings are
    constructed, with all available workers, send one worker to create another power
    core not so far away from the original but also not to close. And with the rest of
    them, a speaceport.  When thats completed, sell 2000 carbon and food, 1000 ore.  Now
    create, six troop center, four mech factories and three heavy weapons factories. 
    Reminder, make sure all buildings are within the range of the power core.
    Send the scout where you feel the forward base should be in.  And send the gather
    point of all military buildings to where your scout is.
    In the troop centers, create five repeater troopers in all buildings, five mounted
    troopers in all buildings and five grenade troopers in all buildings.  For the mech
    factories, ten assault mechs in every building, with the rest of the slots, create
    mech destroyers.  I won't recommend strike mechs because you already have a suiped
    up repeater trooper.  And in the heavy weapons, 15 anti air mobiles in one of the
    buildings and ten artillery in every other building.
    Now send all available workers to the forward base, and contrsuct atleast one
    fortress.  Do Not create Geonosian warriors!  They are expensive and weak.  There
    only stregth is killing troopers, and you already have an army of repeater troopers
    to take care of other troopers and with the massive splash damage Artillery and
    Assault Mechs have, theres no point.
    Getting started with Royal Naboo:
    Yes!  The last starting civ guide!  Now, start off by queing 15 workers.  Send one,
    worker to make alot of prefab shelters as usual.  Send one worker to make an anti
    air turret, the last original worker to a spaceport.  For the spaceport, sell 5000
    carbon, 3000 food and 2000 ore.  Now when there done, send all the workers that
    aren't working to create Jedi temples, three of them.  Four mech factories and four
    Now, with the scout.  Send it not to far away from your base and not to close.  When
    its in its oposistion then send the gather point of all military buildings to where
    the scout is.
    Now in the buildings, for the mech factories, you'll notice that the mechs are
    cheaper than before.  Though the Wookiees has the cheapest mechs.  So create ten
    assault mechs in three of the factories, five mech destroyers in the buildings were
    you created the assault mechs and in the last one, half and half between strike
    mechs and mech destroyers.  In the Jedi temples, create five Jedi Masters in two of
    the buildings and ten Jedi Masters in the last temple.  For the airbases, que 15
    fighters in two of the airbases and 15 bombers in the others one.
    Now send all the workers that are available to the forward base.  Construct three
    fortresses, three shield generators, five anti air turrets and five turrets.  Spread
    evenly apart.  In the fortresses, create two air cruisers in two fortresses, a
    couple of bounty hunters since Naboo has the best bounty hunters and their cheaper,
    and some Elite Royal Crusaders.
    3) Resource Gathering:
    This is another guide into gathering resources.  You might think there is so much
    resources you don't need to gather but if you were an expert, you'd see its very
    There is alot of Nova in the map.  Well, not really alot.  But the resources packed
    in the nova is alot.  800 nova in every nova patch.  Your best way to get nova fast
    by mining it is to get alot of workers mining.  How to get alot of workers?  Send
    atleast five workers to your largest nova source, the source that is near your base
    and build a command center near it.  When its completed, you'll notice that the
    workers will be mining the nova immedialty.  If its collecting carbon then that
    means the worker was more near at a carbon source.  Just tell it to mine on nova. 
    Atleast 20 workers mining nova is a good number.  Its evan better if you have more
    workers mining in another source.  If you've depleted all the nova patches then move
    to another source.  Instead of making a command center, just make a processing
    center instead.
    If you've depleted all the nova sources in the map, then you can sell other
    resources for nova in your spaceport.  This process is one popular way of getting
    nova.  Espescailly since theres so much carbon sources.  Well it depends on the map.
    Another way is to collect holocrons.  If you can collect all five of the holocrons
    on the map then the game will be easier for you.  If your Naboo or Republic, you'll
    be regenerating nova very quickly.  Though this idea is unpopular to Death Match
    expert players.
    This is the most popular way of collecting nova after you've depleted nova.  This
    will only work if you have partneres with you.  Trading.  A good amount of trade
    carts to trade with is 50.  And make the spaceport as far as you can.  But don't
    make it where its easy for your opponent to strike.
    The most popular way of gathering food is using farms.  A good amount of farmers is
    around 30 or 40 of them.  Make them as close to your command center as possible. 
    And try not to make your farm land in your main base because it'll be in the way of
    your military when they're trying to get somewhere.  Try to create your farm land in
    an open field.  If your in a map with water, use harvesters.  If your farm is pretty
    far away from your command center, create a food processing center near your farm so
    you can gather food fast.  Oh ya!  Try queing farms, its less frustrating for you to
    constantly rebuilding farms.
    The second most popular way of gathering food is Bantha and nerf herding.  Don't
    kill the animals.  Create an animal nursery for them and gather them in there.
    Carbon could never be depleted off of the face of a map.  Unless a game lasts for
    like ten hours. That can be VERY rare to happen though.  Have atleast ten workers
    with you.  Send them to the closest and largest carbon source near your main base. 
    Create a command center there and add on to the workers there.  If your Trade
    Federation then make alot of workers since there slow in collecting carbon.  And if
    you have only one carbon team collecting carbon then that won't be enough.  Three
    carbon teams are good enough.
    This is the most unused resource unless you create alot of turrets.  Theres not alot
    of ore patches on the maps.  And the resources in the patches are small.  350 ore in
    each patch is not alot.  So collect as much ore as you can.  Spare atleast three
    workers and send them to an ore source.  Create a command center there and add on
    workers from there.  Until you have a good amount of ore miners there, keep on
    creating workers until your on a role.  If you run out of ore patches, move to the
    next closest ore source.  If you run out of patches then buy ore from your spaceport
    if you have any.  If you refuse to to this than you won't be gaining ore anymore
    unless your partner tributes you some.
    4) Rushing information and strageties:
    Rushing is when you attack your enemey immediatly, or you caught him off gaurd. 
    Lots of people try to do this because they want to win right a  way or have a better
    chance of winning.
    There are different types of rushes.  Like an air rush, strike mech rush and a
    trooper rush.  Or there are other type of rushes were your opponent is just slow and
    doesn't evan have an army and you invade his town with a normal army.
    Air Rushing:
    The most popular civs to air rush is the civs that has the best air like the
    Wookiees, Republic, Royal Naboo and espescially, the Rebel Alliance.
    What you do is immediatly create one power, one prefab shelter and one airbase.  And
    immediatly create a fighter.  If your the Rebel Alliance, then use an A-Wing since
    it is created faster and is very fast.
    How to counter it is in the beggining, create an airbase youself, or any other
    building that has anti air units.  Jedi Masters can convert but is the weakest way
    of countering them.  Remember how I always mention in the Getting starters guide to
    create an airbase?  If you get air rushed then just make fighters.
    Strike Mech Rushing:
    This rush will succesfully work with Galactic Empire, Trade Federation, Royal Naboo
    and Confederacy.  Only because there mechs move faster than the other strike mechs. 
    Like the rush above, with all three workers, send each to either construct a power
    core, spaceport and a mech factory.  When the mech factory is completed, send the
    gather point to your opponents base.
    How to counter it you say?  If you have a feeling like someone is gonna rush you
    with strike mechs than build a turret before you do anything else when you start.
    Trooper Rushing:
    This is an unpopular rush to do.  Make a power core, prefab shelter if you need it
    and troop centers.  Send the gather point in where your opponent is.  Train repeater
    troopers, mounted troopers and anti air troopers.  Anti air troopers only if your
    opponent makes fighter planes.
    To counter this rush, is to make repeater troopers and strike mechs.
    5) Tips on playing better:
    -If your playing a civilization that requires you to build prefab shelters, another
    way of building them faster is to hold shift when you create a prefab shelter and
    let go if you don't want to create anymore prefabs
    -Don't immediatly search for holocrons because it'll consume time and you could get
    rushed.  Get them when
    -Never send a melee army against a mass army of Assault mechs because they'll get
    eaten alive.  Evan if you are able to penetrate their defenses, they could have a
    back up army to counter you melee units.
    -Try to have a large number of economy workers.  You'll never have to worry about
    low resources
    -Make a combination of units instead of having an army of two or three units.  More
    combos is better.
    -Protect your sides.  If you get raided on the sides, it'll hurt you alot.
    -Always be in pop limit.  Theres a reason why they give you 250 population limit.
    -If you have Jedi Masters.  Try to convert as much units as possible.
    -If you think that 6000 carbon, 7000 food, 4000 nova and 2000 ore is low resources
    then your wrong.  To a Death Match expert, its alot when your in a middle of a game.
     So try to spend as much resources as much.  The lower resources you have, the
    better you are doing.  Theres a reason why theres resources.
    A stragety I used once against a Death Match expert was make two armies.  I had one
    army in the front of his forward base and I had another army on the side of his
    base.  I send my side army first and he sent his whole army against that one, thats
    when I sent my army in the front to attack and I demolished him.
    Also another stragety I used was to lure a couple of my opponents units by sending a
    scout near his base, his units followed my scout and I destroyed them.  I destroyed
    half of my opponents army with that.
    Well thats my guide.  This is my first guide i've created, keep that in mind.  It
    has been a long 2 days for me.  I really hope the Death Match community continues to
    grow.  I hope all who have read had enjoyed reading.  Special thanks to Lucasarts
    for providing the game created.

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