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    Commands FAQ by Nalyr

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    An FAQ to everything you wanted to know about commands |___/    VER. 2.0
    Written by: Nalyr
    FAQ Copyright 2003 Amanda Dean
    __Version History______________________________________________________________
    11/9/03   - Added /localsettings and /volunteer.
                Added additional information to /equip and /wait.
                Included information about /[Emote Name] text.
    11/23/03  - Added more to the Targetting Tags section.
                Added additional information to /search.
                Added additional information to /nominate.
                Clarified issues with /item and /assist.
                Thanks to those who pointed out format errors.
    01/08/04  - Added /storage.
                Added additional information to /search.
                Added <call> tone descriptions.
    02/25/04  - Added <r> to the Targetting Tags section.
                Updated /localsettings
                Currently reflects 2/25/04 update.
    __Table of Contents____________________________________________________________
    1]  Main Menu Commands
    2]  Attacks
    3]  Parties, Alliances, and Linkshells
           -Parties & Alliances
    4]  Mog House
    5]  Chatting
    6]  Actions and Emotions
           -Sit Command
    7]  Friend Lists and Blacklists
           -Friend Lists
    8]  Searches
           -Search Terms
           -Search Examples
    9]  Miscellaneous Commands
    10] Targeting Tags and More
    11] Legal Information
      1]  Main Menu Commands ______________________________________________________
    Anything in the main menus can be accessed through typed commands. Not sure of 
    where to find that one menu? Just type in its command instead!
    /mission                  Brings up your mission menus.
    /quest                    Brings up your quest menus.
    /keyitem                  Brings up your key items menu.
    /map                      Brings up the map for your current area (if you have
                              a map for the current area).
    /regionmap (/rmap)        Brings up the regional map which displays conquest
                              points and territorial information.
    /playtime (/playlog)      Shows your total playtime in Final Fantasy XI for 
                              your current character. This is displayed in your
                              chat log window.
    /clock                    Toggles the Vana'diel clock in the lower left corner 
                              of the screen as well as displays the current date,
                              time, and moon phase for Vana'diel in your chat log.
                              Also displays the current day and time for Earth.
    /pol                      Temporarily logs you out to Playonline. Your
                              character stays in FFXI, though, so you can still be
                              attacked, etc. if you do not choose a safe area to
                              temporarily log. Anyone searching for you through the
                              search feature will see a blue icon by your name.
                              Anyone who sees your character will notice a circular
                              icon by your name with three blue dots. These icons
                              will disappear once you log back into the game.
    /supportdesk (/sd)        Brings up the Help Desk menu.
    /helpdesk                 Brings up the Help Desk menu.
    /localsettings [Command]  This command is only available for PC users. It deals
                              with various game settings.
         shadows high/normal/off     Turns character shadows off or sets their
                                       detail to normal or high.
         charnum [Number]            Number of characters displayed at one time.
                                       Must be between 25-50.
         distance [Number]           Sets the draw distance. Must be between 1-10.
         footeffect on/off           Turns footstep sound effects on or off.
    /logout                   Logs you out of Final Fantasy XI.
      2]  Attacks  ________________________________________________________________
    The following commands can be very helpful for macros or just when you are not 
    in the mood to get into the various menus and submenus that can sometimes pop 
    up in the fray of things.
    /attack (/a) [Target]     You will begin to Auto-attack whatever you are
                              currently targeting. If you are targeting an
                              invalid target or no target at all, you will
                              receive an error message. On/Off can also be added
                              before specifying a target to start or end fighting,
                              but it is not necessary.
    /attackoff                If you are Auto-attacking something, you will
                              disengage from fighting it.
    /autotarget on/off        Toggles auto-targeting for battles. Auto-target
                              will automatically shift your battle target to the
                              next attacking enemy if you are fighting many enemies
                              at once and your current enemy dies.
    /lockon [Target]          You will 'Lock On' to the specified target. Your
                              character will follow this target if you have
                              /automove engaged at the time. Typing the command
                              again will take you out of 'Lock On' mode.
    /target (/ta)             Targets the closest item, person, enemy, etc. to you.
    /targetpc                 Targets the closest player character to you.
    /targetnpc                Targets the closest non-player character to you.
    /help (/h)                If your enemy turns out to be too much for you to 
                              handle on your own, use this command to call for help
                              from people in the area. You will continue to fight
                              the enemy, but others can join in to help you. No
                              experience can be gained if you call for help.
    /assist (/as) [Target]    If someone has called for help in a fight, this will
                              auto-target their enemy for you to help fight it. If
                              you are not in range of the enemy, nothing will
                              happen. You can also use this to target an enemy that
                              a party member has begun to attack.
    /item ''[Item]'' [Target] Allows you to use a consumable item in your inventory
                              on yourself.
    /equip [Area] ''[Item]''  Allows you to equip an item such as weapons, armor,
                              etc. Not specifying an item unequips the current
                              weapon in that area. Area names are as follows:
                              main     sub      range     ammo
                              head     neck     L.ear     R.ear
                              body     hands    L.ring    R.ring
                              back     waist    legs      feet
    /magic (/ma) ''[Spell]'' [Target]     Allows you to cast a magic spell if you
                                          are a mage of any type. The spell name
                                          must be in double quotes and properly
                                          spelled and capitalized. This can be used
                                          for any spell type including ninjutsu and
    /weaponskill (/ws) ''[Skill]'' [Target]    Allows you to use a weapon skill
                                               provided that you have enough TP and
                                               you know the skill. The weapon skill
                                               name must be in double quotes and
                                               properly spelled and capitalized.
    /ninjutsu (/nin) ''[Spell]'' [Target] Allows you to cast a Ninjutsu spell if
                                          you are a Ninja. The spell name must be
                                          in double quotes and properly spelled and
    /song (/so) ''[Song]'' [Target]       Allows you to cast a Song spell if you
                                          are a Bard. The spell name must be in
                                          double quotes and properly spelled and
    /jobability (/ja) ''[Job Ability]'' [Target]  Allows you to use a job ability
                                                  provided that you know the
                                                  ability and that it is not in
                                                  'cool down' mode. The job ability
                                                  must be in double quotes and
                                                  properly spelled and capitalized.
    /pet ''[Pet Command]'' [Target]       Allows you to give your pet a command if
                                          you have one. The command must be in
                                          double quotes and properly spelled and
    /range (/ra) [Target]     Allows you to use a ranged attack provided
                              that you have any ranged weapon equipped.
    /shoot [Target]           Allows you to use a ranged attack provided
                              that you have a ranged weapon that can
                              shoot (Gun, Bow, Crossbow, etc. with
                              proper ammo) equipped.
    /throw [Target]           Allows you to use a ranged attack provided
                              that you have a ranged weapon that can
                              be thrown (Pebbles, Darts, Boomerang,
                              etc.) equipped.
    /check (/c) [Target]      Allows you to check a target. If you are checking an
                              enemy, you will receive a message in your chat log
                              telling you roughly how difficult the enemy would be
                              for you to fight. If you are checking another player,
                              a screen will come up showing you their equipment,
                              title, level(s) (if not anonymous), their bazaar
                              message, and if they have a bazaar of items for sale
                              or not.
    /fish                     Allows your character to go fishing if they have a
                              fishing rod equipped with bait and are near a body of
    /dig                      Allows you to command your chocobo to dig provided
                              that you are on a chocobo and you have Gyshal Greens
                              in your inventory. (One Gyshal Green per dig)
    /dismount                 Allows you to dismount from your chocobo if you are
                              riding one.
    /heal                     Your character will kneel down and go into healing
                              mode. You will regain more health and magic the
                              longer you stay down. Type the command again to stand
                              up from healing or just move your character. This
                              command also has an on/off subcommand.
      3] Parties, Alliances, and Linkshells _______________________________________
    Managing a party or linkshell can be a lot of work. These quick commands should 
    help lessen the burden.
    ---Parties & Alliances---
    /partycmd (/pcmd)               The main party command. This has a few
                                    special subcommands depending on whether
                                    or not you are a party leader:
    leave                    Leave current party. (Anyone)
    add [Player]             Invites a player to join your party. (Leader only)
    kick [Player]            Removes a member from the party. (Leader only)
    breakup                  Disbands the party and all members go to solo play.
                                      (Leader only)
    /alliancecmd (/acmd)            The main alliance command. Alliance commands
                                    can only be used by party leaders.
    leave                    Removes your party from the alliance.
    add [Party Leader]       Invites a party to join your alliance.
    kick [Party Leader]      Removes a party from the alliance.
    breakup                  Disbands the alliance and all parties go back to
                                      individual parties.
    /invite (/inv)                  Sets your character to seeking a party or
                                    playing solo. You can add 'on' or 'off'
                                    after the command, but it is not necessary.
    /autogroup (/ag)                Sets your character to seeking in auto-group
                                    mode. You will be placed in a party
                                    automatically with others in auto-group mode
                                    who are in the current area.
    /join                           Join a party or alliance that you have been
                                    invited to.
    /decline                        Turn down a party or alliance that you have
                                    been invited to.
    /nominate (/propose)            Asks a poll. Look at this example to see how
                                    it is used:
                                    /propose party ''Should we go to Davoi?'' Yes 
                                    This would show to your party as:
                                    [Should we go to Davoi?]
                                    1: Yes
                                    2: No
                                    Spaces are seen as a divider between the
                                    question and options, so the question must be 
                                    in quotes. A poll can have up to 8 options.
                                    Although polls can be said in Say, Shout,
                                    Linkshell, and Party modes, it is most often
                                    used in parties. To respond to the poll, use 
                                    the /vote command. The poll results will be
                                    updated as votes come in anonymously. Typing
                                    /propose again ends the poll.
    /vote [Option #]                Vote if a proposition or nomination has been
                                    issued. Votes are anonymous.
    /makelinkshell (/makeli)           Allows you to make a linkshell if you have
                                       bought a linkshell.
    /breaklinkshell (/breakli)         Breaks the linkshell you are using.
    /linkshellmes (/lsmes)             Displays your equipped linkshell's server
                                       message. This also has some subcommands:
    level [Level]            Sets the authority level allowed to change the
                                  message. Levels are: All (any member), LS
                                  (linksack members), and PS (perlsack members)
    set ''[Message]''        Sets a new message to display.
    clear                    Clears the linkshell message of any message.
      4] Mog House ________________________________________________________________
    Don't like being social with your Moogle? Then these commands will help you out 
    while you are in your Mog House.
    /bank                              Bring up your Mog Safe. This also works
                                       outside of the Mog House but you can not
                                       add or take out items.
    /storage                           Brings up your Storage menu.
    /mailbox (/deliverybox)            Brings up your delivery box.
    /layout                            Takes you into layout mode for your Mog
    /garden                            Takes you into gardening mode for your Mog
    /tribune                           Temporarily logs you out of Final Fantasy XI
                                       to read The Vana'diel Tribune newspaper.
                                       This is basically a part of Playonline.
      5] Chatting _________________________________________________________________
    There are a variety of ways to express yourself and communicate while in the 
    world of Final Fantasy XI. Here are the commands to help you do it:
    /say (/s) [Message]             The default talk mode when first turning on
                                    FFXI. Can be heard by any character within a
                                    short range of where your character is
                                    standing. This text is a white color by
    /shout (/sh) [Message]          A long range talk mode. Can be heard by any
                                    character in your current area. This text is a
                                    pink or reddish hue by default. 
    /tell (/t) [Player] [Message]   A one-on-one talk mode with another player who
                                    is online and currently playing Final Fantasy
                                    XI. This text is a purple color by default.
    /party (/p) [Message]           If you are in a party, you can use this chat
                                    mode to communicate with your party members
                                    anywhere in the world of Vana'diel. If you are
                                    not in a party and use this command, you will
                                    receive an error message. This text is a blue
                                    color by default.
    /linkshell (/l) [Message]       With a linkshell equipped, you can use this
                                    command to talk to anyone in your linkshell
                                    from anywhere in the world of Vana'diel. If
                                    you are not in a linkshell and use this, you
                                    will receive an error message. This text is a
                                    green color by default.
    /emote (/em) [Action]           This command allows you to express actions,
                                    similar to a /me command in an IRC environment.
                                    The emote message can be seen in the same range
                                    as a Say message and its color is purple by
                                    default. Unlike special pre-set emotes, these
                                    will not be accompanied by your character
                                    performing a special action unless you specify
                                    one in a macro. (See *Actions and Emotions* for
                                    more details)
    /chatmode (/cm) [Mode]          This works like the menus in allowing you to
                                    set a chat mode as your default to always speak
                                    in. Your default chat mode does not require
                                    that you put a command in front of every line
                                    you type. Shout can never be set as a default
                                    mode due to the obvious annoyance factors.
                                    Typing just /chatmode will show your current
                                    chat mode.
      6] Actions and Emotions _____________________________________________________
    The following is a list of the current pre-set emote messages in the game. 
    These can be seen within the Say range and many are accompanied by your 
    character performing a unique animation. 
    Depending on if you are targeting something or not affects the resulting emote 
    message. The first line of each description is what you would see if not 
    targeting anything. The second is if you are targeting an object or person.
    /point                  [Character Name] points [cardinal direction].
                            [Character Name] points.
                            [Character Name] points at <t>.
    /bow                    [Character Name] bows.
                            [Character Name] bows courteously at <t>.
    /salute                 [Character Name] salutes.
                            [Character Name] salutes <t>.
    /kneel                  [Character Name] kneels respectfully.
                            [Character Name] kneels respectfully before <t>.
    /laugh                  [Character Name] shakes with laughter!
                            [Character Name] bursts out laughing beside <t>!
    /cry                    [Character Name]'s eyes bring over with tears.
                            [Character Name] cries with sorrow before <t>.
    /no                     [Character Name] shakes his/her head.
                            [Character Name] shakes his/her head at <t>.
    /nod (/yes)             [Character Name] nods.
                            [Character Name] nods at <t>.
    /wave                   [Character Name] waves.
                            [Character Name] waves at <t>.
    /goodbye (/farewell)    [Character Name] waves goodbye.
                            [Character Name] waves goodbye at <t>.
    /welcome                [Character Name] motions in welcome.
                            [Character Name] welcomes <t>.
    /joy                    [Character Name] motions joyfully.
                            [Character Name] motions joyfully at <t>.
    /cheer                  [Character Name] cheers!
                            [Character Name] cheers <t> on!
    /clap                   [Character Name] claps his/her hands.
                            [Character Name] claps his/her hands at <t>.
    /praise                 [Character Name] praises.
                            [Character Name] praises <t>.
    /smile                  [Character Name] smiles warmly.
                            [Character Name] smiles warmly at <t>.
    /poke                   [Character Name] pokes.
                            [Character Name] pokes <t>.
    /slap                   [Character Name] slaps his/her own face.
                            [Character Name] slaps <t>.
    /stagger                [Character Name] can't help himself/herself and
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> and staggers.
    /sigh                   [Character Name] sighs dejectedly.
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> and sighs dejectedly.
    /comfort                [Character Name] seems to want to cheer someone up,
                            [Character Name] pats <t> consolingly.
    /surprised              [Character Name] looks surprised!
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> in surprise.
    /amazed                 [Character Name] looks amazed but curious.
                            [Character Name], amazed, motions questioningly at <t>.
    /stare                  [Character Name] stares blankly.
                            [Character Name] stares at <t>...
    /blush                  [Character Name] blushes in embarrassment.
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> embarrassingly.
    /angry                  [Character Name] looks angry.
                            [Character Name] motions angrily at <t>.
    /disgusted (/upset)     [Character Name] looks disgusted.
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> disgustedly.
    /muted                  [Character Name] is quiet as if he/she had a Silence
                              spell cast on him/her.
                            [Character Name] falls silent in front of <t>.
    /doze                   [Character Name] dozes off quietly.
                            [Character Name] falls asleep in front of <t>.
    /panic                  [Character Name] freaks out in panic!
                            [Character Name] looks at <t> and panics!
    /grin                   [Character Name] is grinning at himself/herself...
                            [Character Name] grins roguishly at <t>.
    /dance                  [Character Name] dances happily.
                            [Character Name] and <t> happily dance together.
    /think                  [Character Name] seems lost in thought.
                            [Character Name] looks away from <t>, lost in thought.
    /fume                   [Character Name] fumes.
                            [Character Name] fumes in front of <t>.
    /doubt                  [Character Name] looks doubtful.
                            [Character Name] questions <t>.
    /sulk                   [Character Name] sulks.
                            [Character Name] looks away from <t>, sulking.
    /psych                  [Character Name] psychs up!
                            [Character Name] psychs up with <t>!
    /huh                    [Character Name] gives up, confused.
                            [Character Name] stares at <t>, confused.
    /shocked                [Character Name] looks shocked!
                            [Character Name] looks at <t>, shocked!
    For any special emote message with a linked animation, you can have your 
    character perform the animation without the text phrase by using this command:
    /[Emote Name] motion
    For example, if you wanted to have your Tarutaru do the "Happy Taru Dance", 
    you'd just type:
    /panic motion
    If using this command in a macro, you'd use the same command:
    /em does the Happy Taru Dance!
    /panic motion
    The following special emote messages, however, do not have a corresponding 
    /smile             /doze
    /slap              /grin
    /stare             /dance
    To have just the text appear and not the animation, use this command:
    /[Emote Name] text
    ---Sit Command---
    /sit is a newly added command where your character will sit down in a position 
    different from that of when you are kneeling or healing. Unlike /heal, you will 
    not regain health or magic. While in the sit position, you can perform the 
    following emotes:
    /yes (/nod)        /cry
    /no                /laugh
    /clap              /huh
    /wave              /farewell
      7] Friend Lists and Blacklists ______________________________________________
    ---Friend List---
    Want to keep in touch with a party leader after the party disbands? Make a new 
    friend while buying something from the Auction House? Keep track of them with 
    your friend list!
    /friendlist (/flist)               Brings up the friend list menus.
    /befriend [Player]                 Asks a person if they would like to join
                                       your friend list.
    These commands control how you are seen to people whose friend lists you are 
    /online                            Shows you as online.
    /away                              Shows you as away.
    /busy                              Shows you as busy.
    /hide (/invisible)                 Hides your status from your friends.
    And for those who annoy you to no end, there is the blacklist. By placing 
    someone on your blacklist, you will not see anything that person says or emotes 
    in any chat form.
    /blacklist (/blist)                Brings up your blacklist.
    /blist add/delete [Player]         Add or delete a person from your blacklist.
      8] Searches _________________________________________________________________
    With over 3,000+ people per server, it quickly becomes a chore to find specific 
    people. The search command can help cut those numbers down quickly.
    /search (/sea)            The main search command. Just typing this in will
                              show you all the people in your current area.
    /sea all                  The 'all' will broaden your search to the entire
    ---Search Terms---
    These are used to help narrow down a search and are to be used after the 
    /search or /search all terms.
    friend                    Searches for people on your friend list.
    linkshell                 Searches for people in your linkshell (if equipped).
    name [Player]             Searches for a specific person.
    race [Race]               Searches for all people of a particular race. Race
                                       terms are: Hum, Elv, Tar, Mit, and Gal.
    level [# Level]           Searches for people of a particular level. You can
                                       search for a level range like this:
                                       level [# Minimum Level]<[# Maximum Level]
                                       level [# Minimum Level]-[# Maximum Level]
    rank [# Rank]             Searches for people of a specific rank. You can
                                       search for a rank range like this:
                                       rank [# Minimum Rank]<[# Maximum Rank]
                                       rank [# Minimum Rank]-[# Maximum Rank]
    home [Hometown]           Searches for people of a specific hometown. Hometown
                                       terms are: San, Bas, and Win.
    area [Area]               Searches for people in a specific area. You can only
                                       search in areas you have been to before.
    region [Region]           Searches for people in a specific region. You can
                                       only search in regions you have been to
    job [Job]                 Searches for people with a specific main job. Job
                                       terms are: WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF,
                                       DRK, PLD, BRD, BST, RNG, NIN, DRG, SAM, SMN.
    inv                       Searches for people who are looking for a party.
    away                      Searches for people who are marked as away.
    - (minus sign)            Sorts the search in descending order instead of
    ---Search Examples---
    The following are a variety of examples of how you can do searches in FFXI.
    /search all rank 6                 Searches the world for people of rank 6.
    /sea rank 6                        Searches your current area for people of
                                                rank 6.
    /sea 6                             Searches your current area for people who
                                                are level 6.
    /sea all bil                       Searches the world for people whose name
                                                begins with 'Bil'.
    /search WAR 28                     Searches your current area for people who
                                                are warriors of level 28.
    /sea all race Elv level 4<32       Searches the world for Elvaans that are
                                                levels 4-32.
    /sea rank 2 level 10 job whm       Searches your current area for people who
                                                are level 10 white mages of rank
    /search region inv                 Searches your current region for people that
                                                are looking for a party.
    /sea all -rank                     Searches the world and lists people by their
                                                rank in a descending order.
    These are only a few examples, but as you can see, the searches can be quite 
    detailed if you want them to be. Capitalization of names and terms isn't always 
    necessary and you don't always have to indicate specifically what search type 
    you want as long as you are using the proper terms and spellings. You can also 
    narrow down your initial search by chooing the top line of the search results 
    window and then choosing one of the options on the given side menu.
      9] Miscellaneous Commands ___________________________________________________
    Some commands just don't fit into any other specific category...
    /?                                 Lists all of the possible commands in FFXI.
                                       By listing a command after /? you can get a
                                       detailed description of the command.
                                       Example: /? /lsmes or /? lsmes
    /servmes (/smes)                   Displays the current server message.
    /ver                               Displays your version number for FFXI.
    /echo [Message]                    Displays a message only you can see.
    /random                            Displays a random number of a dice roll to
                                       anyone in the Say range.
    /automove                          Toggles auto-movement (auto-run) on and off.
    /follow [Target]                   Your character will auto-follow the
                                       specified target as long as it is in range.
                                       This can be turned off by typing /follow
                                       again or manually moving your character with
                                       the controller or keyboard.
    /names                             Toggles the names showing above the
                                       characters. You can turn them back on by
                                       typing the command again. This is helpful
                                       for taking pictures.
    /anon                              Sets your character as anonymous. Your
                                       job(s) and levels will not be visable to
                                       people who 'Check' you. Your name will show
                                       in general area searches, but your job,
                                       level, rank, hometown, etc information will
                                       not be shown. The name over your head will
                                       also change to a dark blue color.
    /wait [Delay Amount]               Mainly for use with macros, this command
                                       allows you to place a delay on performing
                                       actions. The delay can range from 1-20.
                                       Anything higher than 20 is read as zero.
    /volunteer (/vol)                  This command is not available to regular
                                       players. It is for voluneteers only.
      10] Targeting Tags and More _________________________________________________
    Whether working on an elaborate macro or just too lazy to type in a person's 
    name, target tags, also known as pronouns and these other nifty abilities can 
    help out a lot with the little things.
    <t>                 Selects whatever you are currently targeting.
    <st>                Allows you to select a target while you are locked on to
                        another target. This is helpful for healing someone while
                        you are attacking something at the same time. Also known as
                        switch target or sub target.
    <lastst>            Targets the last sub target. Useful for macros with 
                        personalized messages.
    <stpc>              Sub targets player characters only.
    <stnpc>             Sub targets non-player characters only.
    <bt>                Targets your party's current enemy that is highlighted in
                        red. If there are multiple enemies being fought, they will
                        be targeted in order.
    <ht>                Targets a monster that a person has called for help with.
    <p0>-<p5>           Selects a party member. 0 is yourself, the rest from the
                        top of your party list going downwards with <p5> being the
                        last member listed. (In a party of 6)
    <a1x>-<a2x>         This is similar to the party pronoun but this is for
                        alliances. a1 is the topmost alliance party, a2 the second
                        party. x is the player to be targeted from top to bottom, 
    <me>                Selects yourself. Just typing in your name works as well
                        for macros targeted on yourself.
    <r>                 Targets who you last sent a /tell to. Useful for replying
                        to someone if you don't like typing their name repeatedly.
    <pet>               Targets your current pet, wyvern, or avatar.
    <scan>              Targets monster tracked by ''Wide Scan''.
    <pos>               Lists your current position for your area according to the
                        map grid coordinates. It will be displayed like this: (G-9)
    <mpos>              Lists your current position while on the boat.
    <call0>-<call21>    Plays a whistle or other sound effect along with a
                        controller vibration (if applicable). Despite the
                        annoyance, these are helpful for alerting party members to
                        danger, starting skill chains, getting the attention of
                        someone who is dozing off or AFK, etc. The call tones only
                        work in party chat. The following is a guide to the call
                        tone sounds:
                        0-3      Whistle Blows
                        4-5      Trumpet Fanfares
                        6-9      Drums
                        10-11    A few bars of the Final Fantasy Prelude tune
                        12-13    Gongs
                        14       Chime
                        15       Buzz
                        16-17    Phone Rings
                        18-19    Boings
                        20-21    Soft Chimes
    <scall0>-<scall21>  Plays a whistle or other sound effect but without the
                        controller vibration. These only work in party chat.
    <ncall0>-<ncall21>  Only performs the controller vibration. These only work in
                        party chat. If you do not have a vibration enabled
                        controller or do not have vibration turned on, you will 
                        just hear the tone.
    <job>               Displays your current job/sub job combination and levels in
                        abbreviated format. Example: 10WHM/5BLM
    <mjob>              Displays your current main job and level in abbreviated
                        format. Example: 10WHM
    <sjob>              Displays your current sub job and level in abbreviated
                        format. Example: 5BLM
    <hp>                Displays your HP as a number out of your max HP.
                        Example: 256/278
    <mp>                Displays your MP as a number out of your max MP.
    <tp>                Displays your TP as a percent.
    <hpp>               Displays your HP as a percent.
    <mpp>               Displays your MP as a percent.
    <pethpp>            Displays your pet's HP as a percent. Your pet must be in
                        target range.
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