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    Translation Menus Guide by Nalyr

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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           An FAQ about FFXI's translation features        |___/    VER. 1.2
    Written by: Nalyr
    FAQ Copyright 2003 Amanda Dean
    __Version History______________________________________________________________
    01/08/04   - Added Text Commands, Place Names, Spells, General Terms,
                      Weapon Skills, Ninjutsu, Avatars, and Pet Commands.
                 Updated existing sections to reflect 12/15/03 Patch.
    02/27/04   - Updated existing sections to reflect 02/25/03 Patch.
                   New phrases in Place Names, Languages, Spells,
                   and Songs.
    __Table of Contents____________________________________________________________
    1]  Introduction                  21] Organize
    2]  General Information           22] Place Names
    3]  Greetings                     23] Reasons
    4]  Questions                     24] Languages
    5]  Answer                        25] Online Status
    6]  Check                         26] Skills
    7]  Tactics                       27] Shops
    8]  Controller                    28] Fiends
    9]  Keyboard                      29] Spells
    10] Game Terms                    30] Songs
    11] Modes of Transport            31] Equipment
    12] Races                         32] General Terms
    13] Settings & Setup              33] Job Abilities
    14] Titles                        34] Job Traits
    15] Text Commands                 35] Weapon Skills
    16] Location                      36] Ninjutsu
    17] Groups                        37] Avatars
    18] Jobs                          38] Pet Command
    19] Time                          39] Item
    20] Trade                         40] Legal Information
      1]  Introduction ____________________________________________________________
    With the most recent updates (October 2003) in Final Fantasy XI came a new
    feature to help welcome the North American players...a translation feature. The
    idea behind this is to help bridge the communication gaps between the Japanese
    and American players by offering pre-set commonly used phrases and words that
    would automatically be translated in either language when used. A great idea,
    but when you look at how expanse the world of Final Fantasy XI is, it quickly
    becomes apparent that there are a lot of terms to deal with.
    This FAQ is here to help you wade through it all to find those specific phrases
    and words that you'll be wanting when you join a party with Japanese members or
    try to set up bi-lingual macros.
      2]  General Information _____________________________________________________
    To bring up the translation menu, press the Tab key when you have the chat
    input box up. This will bring up a small menu on the left side of the chat
    window with a listing of categories to choose from. From these categories you
    can then scroll through and select the term you'd like translated and have it
    placed in the chat input box.
    Another way of searching the translated phrases is to partially type what you'd
    like translated and then hit the Tab key. A menu will appear on the left
    offering the closest phrases available based on what you have input so far.
    Once you have selected a phrase, it will replace what you have partially typed
    for that word with the translated version of it.
    Translated phrases are indicated as such in a light blue hue. Editing a
    translated phrase will remove the blue coloring and it will not be translated
    when it is entered. After entering a translated phrase or word, it will be
    marked to yourself and others who see it with a green marker at the phrase's
    start and a red marker at the phrase's end.
    Besides just using the translation menu for general conversation in or out of
    parties, translated phrases can also be added to bazaar and search comments as
    well as macros.
      3]  Greetings ___________________________________________(17 Phrases)________
    All right!                        I'm back!
    Congratulations!                  I'm sorry.
    Excuse me...                      Nice to meet you.
    Good bye.                         Please forgive me.
    Good Evening!                     See you again!
    Good Job!                         Take care.
    Good Morning!                     Thank you.
    Good Night!                       That's too bad.
      4]  Questions ___________________________________________(12 Phrases)________
    Can I add you to my friend list?                  What's the battle plan?
    Do you have it?                                   What?
    Do you need any help?                             When?
    How?                                              Where?
    In what order shall we do our weapon skills?      Which?
    What weapons can you use?                         Who?
      5]  Answers _____________________________________________(14 Phrases)________
    Hmmm.                                             No thanks.
    Huh!?                                             Really?
    I don't know how to answer that question.         Thanks for the offer, but
                                                        I'll have to pass.
    I don't understand.                               That's interesting.
    I see.                                            Um...
    I'm playing solo right now.                       Understood.
    I'm sorry. I'm busy now.                          Yes, please.
      6]  Check _______________________________________________(7 Phrases)_________
    Decent challenge                   Too weak
    Easy prey                          Tough
    Even match                         Very Tough
    Incredibly tough
      7]  Tactics _____________________________________________(18 Phrases)________
    Defeat this one first!             No more MP!
    Found it!                          Please check it.
    Full attack!                       Pull back.
    Heal!                              Ready to start Skillchain!
    Healing!                           Ready!
    Help me out!                       Run away!
    I'll follow you.                   Setting Home Point.
    Jumping to new area.               Standing by.
    Let's rest for a while.            Stop!
      8]  Controller __________________________________________(14 Phrases)________
    Analog Stick                       R3 button
    Directional button                 SELECT button
    L1 button                          START button
    L2 button                          X button
    L3 button                          O button
    R1 button                          [] button (Square shape)
    R2 button                          /\ button (Triangle shape)
      9]  Keyboard ____________________________________________(20 Phrases)________
    Alt Key                            Hankaku/Zenkaku Key
    Arrow Keys                         Home Key
    Backspace Key                      Insert Key
    Caps Lock Key                      Numeric Keypad
    Ctrl Key                           NumLock Key
    Delete Key                         Page Down Key
    End                                Page Up Key
    Enter                              Shift
    Esc                                Spacebar
    Function Keys                      Tab Key
      10] Game Terms __________________________________________(103 Phrases)_______
    Ability                            Layout
    Ammunition                         Lock On
    Area                               Log
    Asleep                             Looking for Party
    Attack                             Magic
    Auction                            Meals
    Auto-attack                        Meat Dishes
    Battle                             Miscellaneous
    Bazaar                             Mission
    Beastmen's Seal                    Mog House
    Beastmen-made                      Mog Safe
    Blinded                            Moogle
    Breads & Rice                      Ninja Tools
    Call for Help                      Outpost
    Camp                               Paralyzed
    Cards                              Pass
    Cast lots                          Pet commands
    Charmed                            Pet Items
    Chat                               Petrified
    Check                              Pirates
    Command                            Poisoned
    Conquest                           Production
    Conquest Points                    Quest
    Consulate                          Ranged attack
    Crystal                            Rare
    Cursed                             Region
    Cursed Items                       Rent-a-Room
    Delivery box                       Resist
    Dig                                Seafood
    Disband                            Seafood Dishes
    Diseased                           Signet
    Disengage                          Silenced
    Drinks                             Skill
    Dungeon                            Skillchain
    Egg Dishes                         Song
    Element                            Soup
    Equip                              Storage
    Experience points                  Sweets
    Fishing Gear                       Switch target
    Furnishings                        Synthesis
    Gardening                          Synthesis Materials
    Healing                            Target
    Help desk                          Title
    Home point                         Trade
    Icon                               Treasure
    Ingredients                        User glossary
    Invite to Join Party               Vegetable Dishes
    Item                               Weakened
    Job                                Weapon skill
    Job ability                        Weighted down
    Job change                         World
    Kindred's Seal
      11] Modes of Transport __________________________________(3 Phrases)_________
      12] Races _______________________________________________(6 Phrases)_________
    Elvaan                             Mithra
    Galka                              Tarutaru
    Hume                               Zilart
      13] Settings & Setup ____________________________________(25 Phrases)________
    Backup                             Log On
    Black List                         Macro
    Client                             Modem
    Config                             Monitor
    Connection                         Patch
    Connection Lost                    Phone Line
    Connection Speed                   Power
    Filter                             Save
    Friend List                        Screenshot
    Hard Disk                          Server
    Ignore List                        TV
    Lag                                Version
    Log Off
      14] Titles _______________________________________________(36 Phrases)_______
    Adept                              Last Boss
    Amateur                            Leader
    Apprentice                         Mega Boss
    Archduke                           Member
    Artisan                            Minister
    Boss                               Monster
    Chief                              Musketeer
    Chieftainness                      Notorious Monster
    Clerk                              Novice
    Craftsman                          Pet
    Enemy                              President
    General                            Prince
    Guildmaster                        Princess
    High Guard                         Recruit
    Initiate                           Shopkeep
    Journeyman                         Star Sybil
    King                               Sub Boss
    Knight                             Veteran
      15] Text Commands ________________________________________(124 Phrases)______
    /?                                 /magic
    /alliancecmd                       /mailbox
    /amazed                            /makelinkshell
    /angry                             /map
    /anon                              /mission
    /assist                            /muted
    /attack                            /names
    /attackoff                         /ninjutsu
    /autogroup                         /no
    /automove                          /nod
    /autotarget                        /nominate
    /away                              /online
    /bank                              /panic
    /befriend                          /party
    /blacklist                         /partycmd
    /blush                             /pet
    /bow                               /playlog
    /breaklinkshell                    /playtime
    /busy                              /point
    /chatmode                          /poke
    /check                             /pol
    /cheer                             /praise
    /clap                              /propose
    /clock                             /psych
    /comfort                           /quest
    /cry                               /random
    /dance                             /range
    /decline                           /regionmap
    /deliverybox                       /salute
    /dig                               /say
    /disgusted                         /search
    /dismount                          /servmes
    /doubt                             /shocked
    /doze                              /shoot
    /echo                              /shout
    /emote                             /sigh
    /equip                             /sit
    /farewell                          /slap
    /fish                              /smile
    /follow                            /song
    /friendlist                        /stagger
    /fume                              /stare
    /garden                            /storage
    /goodbye                           /sulk
    /grin                              /supportdesk
    /heal                              /surprised
    /help                              /target
    /helpdesk                          /targetnpc
    /hide                              /targetpc
    /huh                               /tell
    /invite                            /think
    /item                              /throw
    /jobability                        /tribune
    /join                              /upset
    /joy                               /ver
    /keyitem                           /volunteer
    /kneel                             /vote
    /laugh                             /wait
    /layout                            /wave
    /linkshell                         /weaponskill
    /lockon                            /welcome
    /logout                            /yes
      16] Location _____________________________________________(19 Phrases)_______
    Back                               Over there
    Down                               Right
    East                               Side
    Flank                              South
    Front                              Surface
    Inside                             That way
    Left                               This way
    Middle                             Up
    North                              West
      17] Groups ________________________________________________(4 Phrases)_______
      18] Jobs __________________________________________________(15 Phrases)______
    Bard                               Ranger
    Beastmaster                        Red Mage
    Black Mage                         Samurai
    Dark Knight                        Summoner
    Dragoon                            Thief
    Monk                               Warrior
    Ninja                              White Mage
      19] Time __________________________________________________(36 Phrases)______
    A.M.                               May
    Afternoon                          Monday
    April                              Morning
    August                             Next Week
    Break                              Night
    Day after tomorrow                 November
    Day before yesterday               October
    Day of the week                    P.M.
    December                           Saturday
    February                           September
    Friday                             Short time
    Holiday                            Sunday
    January                            Thursday
    July                               Today
    June                               Tomorrow
    Last Week                          Tuesday
    Long time                          Wednesday
    March (Month)                      Yesterday
      20] Trade _________________________________________________(9 Phrases)_______
    Buy?                                    No money!
    Can I have it?                          Sell?
    Do you need it?                         Trade?
    I don't have anything to give you.      You can have this.
    Lower the price?
      21] Organize ______________________________________________(15 Phrases)______
    Any vacancies?                                       Our party's full.
    Are you alone?                                       Please invite me.
    Create an alliance?                                  Please let me join.
    Disbanding party.                                    Taking a break.
    Gather together.                                     Team up?
    Just for a short time is fine.                       Turn your party flag on.
    Let's try to keep the levels of our party members.   Who is the leader?
    Looking for members.
      22] Place Names ___________________________________________(125 Phrases)_____
    Altar Room                               Meriphataud Mountains
    Balga's Dais                             Metalworks
    Bastok                                   Mhaura
    Bastok Markets                           Middle Delkfutt's Tower
    Bastok Mines                             Monastic Cavern
    Bastok Residential Area                  Norg
    Batallia Downs                           North Gustaberg
    Beadeaux                                 Northern San d'Oria
    Beauceddine Glacier                      Ordelle's Caves
    Behemoth's Dominion                      Outer Horutoto Ruins
    Bostaunieux Oubliette                    Palborough Mines
    Buburimu Peninsula                       Pashhow Marshlands
    Cape Teriggan                            Port Bastok
    Castle Oztroja                           Port Jeuno
    Castle Zvahl Baileys                     Port San d'Oria
    Castle Zvahl Keep                        Port Windurst
    Chamber of Oracles                       Qu'Bia Arena
    Chateau d'Oraguille                      Quifm Island
    Cloister of Flames                       Quicksand Caves
    Cloister of Frost                        Qulun Dome
    Cloister of Gales                        Rabao
    Cloister of Storms                       Ranguemont Pass
    Cloister of Tides                        Ro'Maeve
    Cloister of Tremors                      Rolanberry Fields
    Crawler's Nest                           Ru'Aun Gardens
    Dangruf Wadi                             Ru'Lude Gardens
    Davoi                                    Sacrificial Chamber
    Den of Rancor                            San d'Oria
    Dragon's Aery                            San d'Oria Residential Area
    Dynamis - Bastok                         Sauromugue Champaign
    Dynamis - Jeuno                          Sea Serpent Grotto
    Dynamis - San d'Oria                     Selbina
    Dynamis - Windurst                       South Gustaberg
    East Ronfaure                            Southern San d'Oria
    East Sarutabaruta                        Tahrongi Canyon
    Eastern Altepa Desert                    Temple of Uggalepih
    Fei'Yin                                  The Boyahda Tree
    Fort Ghelsba                             The Celestial Nexus
    Full Moon Mountain                       The Eldieme Necropolis
    Garliage Citadel                         The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
    Ghelsba Outpost                          The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
    Giddeus                                  Throne Room
    Gusgen Mines                             Toraimarai Canal
    Gustav Tunnel                            Upper Delkfutt's Tower
    Hall of the Gods                         Upper Jeuno
    Heaven's Tower                           Valkurm Dunes
    Holaris Peak                             Valley of Sorrows
    Ifirt's Cauldron                         Ve'Lugannon Palace
    Inner Horutoto Ruins                     Waughroon Shrine
    Jeuno                                    West Ronfaure
    Jeuno Residential Area                   West Sarutabaruta
    Jugner Forest                            Western Altepa Desert
    Kazham                                   Windurst
    King Ranperre's Tomb                     Windurst Residential Area
    Konschtat Highlands                      Windurst Walls
    Korroloka Tunnel                         Windurst Waters
    Kuftal Tunnel                            Windurst Woods
    La Theine Plateau                        Xarcabard
    La'Loff Ampitheater                      Yhoator Jungle
    Labyrinth of Onzozo                      Yughott Grotto
    Lower Delkfutt's Tower                   Yuhtunga Jungle
    Lower Jeuno                              Zeruhn Mines
    Maze of Shakhrami
      23] Reasons _______________________________________________(15 Phrases)______
    Casting spell.                     I want to make money.
    Fighting right now!                I'm interested.
    Have stuff to do, gotta go!        I'm not up for it.
    I don't feel well.                 I'm sleepy.
    I don't know.                      I'm tired.
    I don't remember.                  Just used it.
    I have plans.                      Time for work!
    I want experience points.
      24] Languages _____________________________________________(14 Phrases)______
    Can you hear me?                   I don't speak any Japanese.
    Can you speak English?             I need some time to put together my answer.
    Can you speak Japanese?            Japanese
    English                            Please do not abbreviate your words.
    I can speak a little.              Please listen.
    I can understand a little.         Please use simple words.
    I don't speak any English.         Please use the auto-translate function.
      25] Online Status _________________________________________(5 Phrases)_______
    Away                               Invisible (Online status)
    Away Message                       Online
      26] Skills ________________________________________________(39 Phrases)______
    Alchemy                            Hand-to-hand
    Archery                            Healing Magic
    Axe                                Katana
    Bonecraft                          Leathercraft
    Clothcraft                         Marksmanship
    Club                               Ninjutsu
    Cooking                            Parrying
    Dagger                             Polearm
    Dark Magic                         Scythe
    Divine Magic                       Shield
    Elemental Magic                    Singing
    Enfeebling Magic                   Smithing
    Enhancing Magic                    Staff
    Fisherman                          Stringed Instrument
    Fishing                            Summoning Magic
    Goldsmithing                       Sword
    Great Axe                          Throwing
    Great Katana                       Wind Instrument
    Great Sword                        Woodworking
      27] Shops ________________________________________________(20 Phrases)_______
    Air Travel Agency                  Magic Shop
    Armor Shop                         Map Vendor
    Auction House                      Music Shop
    Chocobo Stables                    Restaurant
    Delivery                           Sea Travel Agency
    Goods Store                        Specialty Vendor
    Guild Sales Room                   Tackle Shop
    Hat Shop                           Tavern
    Jewelry Store                      Vendor
    Linkshell Vendor                   Weapon Shop
      28] Fiends _______________________________________________(25 Phrases)_______
    Antica                             Malboro
    Bat                                Orc
    Beastman                           Quadav
    Bee                                Rabbit
    Bird                               Raptor
    Crab                               Sahagin
    Damselfly                          Sheep
    Dhalmel                            Skeleton
    Fish                               Tiger
    Funguar                            Tonberry
    Goblin                             Worm
    Leech                              Yagudo
      29] Spells ________________________________________________(122 Phrases)_____
    Absorb-AGI                         Enblizzard
    Absorb-CHR                         Enfire
    Absorb-DEX                         Enstone
    Absorb-INT                         Enthunder
    Absorb-MND                         Enwater
    Absorb-STR                         Erase
    Absorb-VIT                         Escape
    Aero                               Firaga
    Aeroga                             Fire
    Aquaveil                           Flare
    Aspir                              Flash
    Banish                             Flood
    Banishga                           Freeze
    Baraera                            Frost
    Baraero                            Gravity
    Barblind                           Haste
    Barblindra                         Holy
    Barblizzara                        Ice Spikes
    Barblizzard                        Invisible (Spell)
    Barfira                            Paralyna
    Barfire                            Paralyze
    Barparalyze                        Phalanx
    Barparalyzra                       Poison
    Barpetra                           Poisona
    Barpetrify                         Poisonga
    Barpoison                          Protect
    Barpoisonra                        Protectra
    Barsilence                         Quake
    Barsilencera                       Raise
    Barsleep                           Rasp
    Barsleepra                         Refresh
    Barstone                           Regen
    Barstonra                          Reraise
    Barthunder                         Shell
    Barthundra                         Shellra
    Barvira                            Shock
    Barvirus                           Shock Spikes
    Barwater                           Silena
    Barwatera                          Silence
    Bind                               Sleep
    Bio                                Slow
    Blaze Spikes                       Sneak
    Blind                              Stona
    Blindna                            Stone
    Blink                              Stonega
    Blizzaga                           Stoneskin
    Blizzard                           Stun
    Burn                               Teleport-Altep
    Burst                              Teleport-Dem
    Choke                              Teleport-Holla
    Curaga                             Teleport-Mea
    Cure                               Teleport-Vahzl
    Curse                              Teleport-Yhoat
    Cursena                            Thundaga
    Deodorize                          Thunder
    Dia                                Tornado
    Diaga                              Tractor
    Dispel                             Viruna
    Drain                              Warp
    Drown                              Water
    Enaero                             Waterga
      30] Songs _________________________________________________(26 Phrases)______
    Aubade                             Mambo
    Ballad                             March (Song)
    Capriccio                          Mazurka
    Carol                              Minne
    Elegy                              Minuet
    Etude                              Operettaa
    Fantasia                           Paeon
    Finale                             Pastoral
    Gavotte                            Prelude
    Hum                                Requiem
    Hymnus                             Round
    Lullaby                            Therenody
    Madrigal                           Virelai
      31] Equipment _____________________________________________(76 Phrases)______
    Amulet                             Jerkin
    Armor                              Kimono
    Arrow                              Knife
    Artifact                           Knuckles
    Bait                               Lance
    Baselard                           Leather
    Bastard Sword                      Ledelsen
    Belt                               Leggings
    Boots                              Longsword
    Bow                                Mail
    Buckler                            Mantle
    Bullet                             Mask
    Cape                               Mittens
    Cesti                              Obi
    Chain                              Patas
    Circlet                            Pendant
    Claymore                           Plate
    Cloak                              Racial Gear
    Clogs                              Rapier
    Collar                             Ribbon
    Crossbow                           Ring
    Cuisses                            Robe
    Doublet                            Sallet
    Earring                            Scale
    Finger Gauntlets                   Scarf
    Fishing Rod                        Scimitar
    Gaiters                            Shinobi-gatana
    Gloves                             Short Sword
    Gorget                             Sitabaki
    Greaves                            Slacks
    Gun                                Slops
    Hachimaki                          Spear
    Hairpin                            Starting Gear
    Harness                            Subligar
    Head Gear                          Tachi
    Headband                           Trousers
    Helm                               Tunic
    Instruments                        Uchigatana
      32] General Terms ________________________________________(203 Phrases)______
    accident                           letter
    adventure                          liberty
    advice                             license
    alphabet                           lie
    announcement                       Light
    answer                             limit
    anyone                             Liquefaction
    anything                           list
    bag                                luck
    ball                               machine
    birthday                           mail
    blood                              man
    book                               map
    box                                market
    breath                             master
    bridge                             meat
    building                           medicine
    cabin                              memory
    camera                             menu
    cap                                message
    captain                            mind
    card                               mine
    carpenter                          mistake
    cat                                money
    chance                             moon
    character                          mountain
    child                              music
    clock                              nature
    cloth                              news
    cloud                              notice
    color                              onion
    communication                      opinion
    company                            order
    Compression                        owner
    computer                           paper
    contest                            part
    country                            peace
    courage                            person
    course                             phone
    dance                              photo
    danger                             picture
    Darkness                           place
    date                               plan
    death                              play
    Detonation                         pond
    diary                              population
    dictionary                         position
    difference                         present
    direction                          price
    Distortion                         problem
    doll                               program
    dream                              promise
    each                               purpose
    earth                              quality
    earthquake                         question
    egg                                Quiver
    entrance                           rain
    event                              reason
    everyone                           report
    examination                        Reverberation
    example                            river
    excitement                         rock
    exit                               rod
    fact                               rose
    Fantasy                            sale
    fear                               schedule
    Final                              Scission
    flower                             sea
    food                               secret
    Fragmentation                      senior
    friend                             sentence
    fun                                series
    Fusion                             shoes
    gentleman                          shop
    government                         sightseeing
    Gravitation                        size
    guest                              sky
    guide                              smile
    habit                              sound
    hair                               stage
    half                               statue
    hand                               storm
    hat                                story
    hill                               success
    hobby                              symbol
    hole                               tax
    husband                            teacher
    ice                                test
    idea                               text
    Impaction                          thing
    Induration                         ticket
    interest                           tool
    island                             train
    journey                            Transfixion
    joy                                tree
    key                                voice
    kindness                           wife
    lake                               wind
    language                           woman
    last                               word
    leaf                               work
      33] Job Abilities ________________________________________(62 Phrases)_______
    Aggressor                          Hundred Fists
    Ancient Circle                     Invincible
    Arcane Circle                      Jump
    Astral Flow                        Last Resort
    Barrage                            Manafont
    Benediction                        Meditate
    Berserk                            Meikyo Shisui
    blood Weapon                       Mighty Strikes
    Boost                              Mijin Gakure
    Call Beast                         Mug
    Call Wyvern                        Perfect Dodge
    Camouflage                         Provoke
    Chainspell                         Rampart
    Chakra                             Reward
    Charm                              Scavenge
    Chi Blast                          Sentinel
    Convert                            Shadowbind
    Counterstance                      Sharpshot
    Cover                              Shield Bash
    Defender                           Sneak Attack
    Divine Seal                        Soul Voice
    Dodge                              Soul Eater
    Eagle Eye Shot                     Steal
    Elemental Seal                     Super Jump
    Familiar                           Tame
    Flee                               Third Eye
    Focus                              Trick Attack
    Gauge                              Unlimited Shot
    Hide                               Warcry
    High Jump                          Warding Circle
    Holy Circle                        Weapon Bash
      34] Job Traits ____________________________________________(49 Phrases)______
    Accuracy Bonus                     Martial Arts
    Alertness                          Max HP Boost
    Amorph Killer                      Max MP Boost
    Aquan Killer                       Plantoid Killer
    Arcana Killer                      Rapid Shot
    Attack Bonus                       Resist Bind
    Auto Refresh                       Resist Blind
    Auto Regen                         Resist Charm
    Beast Killer                       Resist Curse
    Bird Killer                        Resist Gravity
    Clear Mind                         Resist Paralyze
    Conserve MP                        Resist Petrify
    Counter                            Resist Poison
    Defense Bonus                      Resist Silence
    Demon Killer                       Resist Sleep
    Double Attack                      Resist Slow
    Dragon Killer                      Resist Stun
    Dual Wield                         Resist Virus
    Evasion Bonus                      Stealth
    Fast Cast                          Store TP
    Gilfinder                          Treasure Hunter
    Kick Attacks                       Triple Attack
    Lizard Killer                      Undead Killer
    Magic Atk. Bonus                   Vermin Killer
    Magic Def. Bonus
      35] Weapon Skills _________________________________________(126 Phrases)_____
    Arching Arrow                      Penta Thrust
    Armor Break                        Piercing Arrow
    Asuran Fists                       Power Slash
    Avalanche Axe                      Raging Axe
    Backhand Blow                      Raging Fists
    Black Halo                         Raging Rush
    Blade: Chi                         Raiden Thrust
    Blade: Ei                          Rampage
    Blade: Jin                         Red Lotus Blade
    Blade: Ku                          Retribution
    Blade: Retsu                       Rock Crusher
    Blade: Rin                         Savage Blade
    Blade: Teki                        Seraph Blade
    Blade: Ten                         Seraph Strike
    Blade: To                          Shadow of Death
    Blast Arrow                        Shadowstitch
    Blast Shot                         Shark Bite
    Brainshaker                        Shell Crusher
    Burning Blade                      Shield Break
    Calamity                           Shining Blade
    Circle Blade                       Shining Strike
    Combo                              Shockwave
    Crescent Moon                      Shoulder Tackle
    Cross Reaper                       Sickle Moon
    Cyclone                            Sidewinder
    Dancing Edge                       Skewer
    Dark Harvest                       Skullbreaker
    Decimation                         Slice
    Detonator                          Slug Shot
    Double Thrust                      Smash Axe
    Dragon Kick                        Sniper Shot
    Dulling Arrow                      Spinning Attack
    Earth Crusher                      Spinning Axe
    Empyrial Arrow                     Spinning Scythe
    Energy Drain                       Spinning Slash
    Energy Steal                       Spiral Hell
    Evisceration                       Spirit Taker
    Fast Blade                         Spirits Within
    Flaming Arrow                      Split Shot
    Flat Blade                         Starburst
    Freezebite                         Starlight
    Frostbite                          Steel Cyclone
    Full Break                         Sturmwind
    Full Swing                         Sunburst
    Gale Axe                           Swift Blade
    Groundstrike                       Tachi: Enpi
    Guillotine                         Tachi: Gekko
    Gust Slash                         Tachi: Goten
    Hard Slash                         Tachi: Hobaku
    Heavy Shot                         Tachi: Jinpu
    Heavy Swing                        Tachi: Kagero
    Hexa Strike                        Tachi: Kasha
    Hot Shot                           Tachi: Koki
    Howling Fist                       Tachi: Yukakze
    Impulse Drive                      Thunder Thrust
    Iron Tempest                       True Strike
    Judgement                          Viper Bite
    Keen Edge                          Vorpal Blade
    Leg Sweep                          Vorpal Scythe
    Mistral Axe                        Vorpal Thrust
    Moonlight                          Wasp Sting
    Nightmare Scythe                   Weapon Break
    One Inch Punch                     Wheeling Thrust
      36] Ninjutsu ______________________________________________(12 Phrases)______
    Dokumori                           Katon
    Doton                              Kurayami
    Hojo                               Raiton
    Huton                              Suiton
    Hyoton                             Tonko
    Jubaku                             Utsusemi
      37] Avatars _______________________________________________(7 Phrases)_______
    Carbuncle                          Ramuh
    Garuda                             Shiva
    Ifrit                              Titan
      38] Pet Command ___________________________________________(52 Phrases)______
    Aerial Armor                       Lightning Armor
    Aerial Blast                       Megalith Throw
    Assault                            Meteorite
    Axe Kick                           Mountain Buster
    Barracuda Dive                     Poison Nails
    Blood Pact                         Predator Claws
    Burning Strike                     Punch
    Chaotic Strike                     Release
    Claw                               Retreat
    Crimson Howl                       Rock Buster
    Diamond Dust                       Rock Throw
    Dismiss                            Rolling Thunder
    Double Punch                       Rush
    Double Slap                        Searing Light
    Earthen Fury                       Shining Ruby
    Earthen Ward                       Shock Strike
    Fight                              Sic
    Flaming Crush                      Sleepga
    Frost Armor                        Slowga
    Glittering Ruby                    Spinning Dive
    Hastega                            Spring Water
    Healing Ruby                       Stay
    Hell                               Tail Whip
    Inferno                            Thunderspark
    Judgement Bolt                     Tidal Wave
    Leave                              Whispering Wind
      39] Item ____________________________________________________________________
    The Item section would honestly be insanely long if Square-Enix put every
    possible item into this part of the translated phrases. Instead, the item
    section contains only items you have in your current inventory and mog house,
    items you have seen recently in your party, and things you have recently looked
    at in the auction house. Also you can choose from translated items that other
    people have recently said.
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