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    Dragoon Guide by dragoonlance

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    = The Unofficial Dragoon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List | version .06
    = author: Lance | server: Ragnarok | email: LanceFFXI@hotmail.com
    Due to the newly implemented level cap (level 75) and introduction of new armor
    and weaponry, SOME material will be incorrect.
    Although I was initially working on fixing the necessary areas, certain "real
    life" events have forced my hand and I am now forced to abandon this work :(
    The sole purpose of this FAQ is to provide a centralized location for answers
    and insight into this popular class.
    NONE of the information contained within this FAQ should be considered "the
    gospel" but rather a point of reference.
    Some material is "borrowed". Either from official texts or other forms of
    reference, but, *ALL* are given credit at the end of this document.
    In other words, if I have used something you wrote, I *WILL* give you credit.
    I'm not here for the glory, just here to help folks ^^.
    It is also a work in progress that I will be updating from time to time so
    please bear with me as I work out its finer details and expand it.
    Creative criticisms encouraged, but, please, keep it civil. Pointless flames
    will be piped to /dev/null AS WELL AS emails with questions that I have already
    answered in the FAQ.
    Yes people do email me such things i.e. "Great FAQ! What can you tell me about
    Dragoon?", "Do you plan on revising the FAQ or making additions?"
    No, the version number is just there for show and the comments scattered
    throughout the FAQ that says I will update are just to mess with you...
    *sigh* # rm /var/mail/spool/lanceffxi
    I personally play this class and have a strong affection for it. I am not an
    importer, though I am close with a few long time importers who play the Dragoon
    class at high levels. God bless them for their patience, their vision,
    encouragement and support.
    So, without further ado, lets get down into the nitty gritty shall we?
    = F.A.Q.
    1) What is a Dragoon?
    A: Well according to the textbook definition:
    "Masters of the lance, dragoons can command creatures known as wyverns. They
    are well renowned for their ability to leap great heights. Dragoons can use
    wyverns and their own jumping abilities to turn the tide of a battle. Wyverns
    learn more abilities as their master's level increases.
    Dragoon Job Abilities
    Call Wyvern: Calls a wyvern to fight by your side. Generally, a wyvern imitates
    its master's actions in combat.
    PC initiates an auto-attack; Wyvern initiates an auto-attack against the same
    PC uses a spell or weapon skill; Wyvern uses a breath attack.
    As a dragoon's job level increases, their wyverns will gain new abilities, such
    as the ability to heal PCs and use breath attacks of the element that will most
    damage an enemy. However, PCs cannot heal wyverns.
    Additionally, the abilities of the wyvern will differ depending on your
    character's support job. For example, if you have white mage as your support
    job, the wyvern will focus on healing. If your support job is warrior, the
    wyvern will focus on attacks. Dragoons use the "Dismiss" command to send their
    wyverns away."
    2) Ok I know that's in the book but what is a Dragoon?
    A: A Dragoon is a Dragon Knight. A fierce warrior, who is a master of the
    2handed pole arm known as the lance. Capable of summoning a dragon to fight by
    his/her side. And laying waste to the evil which dares to oppose him.
    3) What do you mean we can't heal our wyvern?
    A: Well that's not entirely a correct statement within the N.A. manual for FFXI.
    A Dragoon CAN heal its wyvern. You have to go into healing mode for it to work
    though. As Soon as you start to heal, you wyvern will land and heal right
    alongside you.
    But as for casting "cure" type spells or attempting to remove status ailments
    via magic, that will fail.
    4) So, the wyvern lasts forever?
    A: No, here's the thing. You only lose your wyvern (and need to Call) when:
    a) You die.
    b) You change job or subjob.
    c) You ride a chocobo.
    d) Your pet's HP drops below 1.
    5) Why won't my wyvern sit to heal when I do?
    A: It's probably under the effect of a status ailment (i.e. poison, etc). A
    good tactic to try is to start your initial attack from the rear of the monster
    (especially if you have someone tanking). That way, your wyvern can avoide
    "breath" or direction based attacks. You can also try to start the attack and
    swivel around 180 degrees so you are facing your wyvern.
    6) Can you please describe to us how the job for Dragoon is acquired?
    A: Most certainly. But, I must warn you that this might *spoil* the fun a bit
    as you do not get to discover it on your own.
    First and foremost, you must be at least level 30 in any job to acquire the
    1.  First off, talk to either of the NPC's in Warehouse A in Port San d'Oria.
    2.  Then speak to Novalmauge in the Bostaunieux Prison in the basement of
    Chateaux Doraguille. *NOTE* Novalmauge is a guard so he will be patrolling the
    hallways. Keep looking.
    3.  Afterward, return and speak to Morjean in the Cathedral to actually start
    the quest. (He's very studious, find him by the bookshelf)
    4.  Your next task will be to go to the Shakrami Mines in the Windurst region.
    5.  When inside the Shamkrami maze, take caution. Although you may be tougher
    than the mobs, they tend to link and aggro you. What you are trying to locate
    are "Excavation Point"'s near bones.
    6.  When you actually locate one, use a pickaxe on the spot to retrieve a
    wyvern egg.
    7.  Return with your egg to Morjean in the Cathedral and tell him of your
    8.  You will be then asked to go to the Meriphataud Mountains and find the ???
    point on the south face at the far east section of Doragora's Spine.
    9.  Once there, you must trade the egg to this spot. *at this point the plot
    will thicken*
    10. You must then return to San d'Oria and talk to Rahal back in Chateaux
    11. At which point, you must now go to Ghelsba Outpost, and find the Hut at
    around (F-10).
    13. You and your party will be put face to face with the evil dragon.
    14. Upon defeat of the dragon, you will be bestowed the Dragoon Job and be
    given a choice of names for your new wyvern.
    16. Now all you gotta do is run your butt back to your Mog house and be
    magically transformed!!
    ** NOTE **
    It has been brought to my attention by many emails that I had overlooked
    You must be allowed entry to Chateaux Doraguille via Mission 6 to do the
    Chateaux portion of the Dragoon Job Quest.
    I did not catch this since I had already completed Mission 6 at the time I had
    done the Dragoon Job Quest.
    Thank you to everyone who caught it and emailed me...repeatedly. ^^
    7) But Lance, you didn't tell us what type of group would be strong enough to
    take this dragon on.
    A: Good point. No matter what anyone says, chances are, a full party of level
    30 players will get annihilated. What you want to do is find a *group* of at
    least level 40+ players to take this dragon on. Unless, of course, your
    Japanese is decent, you can ask a high level (preferably 60+) player to kill it
    for you. At which point you wont have to do much, just kind of sit back and
    watch ^^.
    8) So we can't actually name the Wyvern ourselves?
    A: No, you will be given a list of names to choose from.
    9) Well, can you at least tell us the names?
    A: Here are some of the names.
    Rygor <-- Almost a Trogdor! The Burninator!
    Raiden <-- Ray-den? Rye-den?
    10) That's it?
    A: Well there is an NPC that will allow you to choose from an even larger list
    of "different" names for a fee of 9,800 Gil.
    If you travel to the city of Norg, you will find an NPC named Fouvia. Fouvia
    will give you this list of names to choose from:
    11) So what does the wyvern do during battle?
    A: Well it auto attacks the monster just like you do; only your wyvern does 1/2
    of your damage per attack. Which really isnt too shabby when you see it in
    action. You certainly become incredibly strong right from the start.
    12) Does the wyvern get bigger over time?
    A: No, your wyvern will NEVER grow in size, but, in strength, she will become a
    force to be reckoned with right from the beginning.
    13) Can my wyvern breathe fire like a dragon?
    A: Yes!! ^^ She also has various other attacks like Hydro, Gust, Lightning,
    etc. She's quite diverse and capable. There is nothing like watching your
    wyvern toast an enemy to death with it's flames to help remove daily stress. ^^
    14) Well how do I use those special attacks?
    A: Well basically, just like you, your wyvern will do its own special attacks
    when you do your own weapon skill attacks.
    15) So what are some of the skills that a Dragoon acquires during his lifetime?
    A: Glad you asked. Here is a quick breakdown...
    Job abilities:
    Level 1 : Call Wyvern - This is the Dragoon's 2 hour ability. It basically
    calls your wyvern to fight by your side.
    Level 5 : Ancient Circle - This will increase your party's members defense
    against dragon type monsters.
    Level 10: Jump - This is the first "Jump" style attack that you will receive.
    Great opener for battles and even from pulling from around a wall. ^^
    Level 35: High Jump - This is the second "Jump" style attack that you will
    receive, nothing special about it from what I?ve seen other than added damage.
    Level 50: Super Jump - This is the third and final "Jump" style attack that you
    will receive. You basically jump off the screen for approx 3-5 seconds while
    your wyvern continues to fight. During this time, any "hate" that had been
    built up towards you, is now gone.
    Job characteristics:
    Level 10: Physical Attack up - This is a passive skill that you acquire that
    will increase your physical attack strength.
    Level 25: Dragon Killer - Another passive skill that allows you to do more
    damage when fighting dragon type enemies.
    Level 30: Attack Accuracy up - Just like the passive skill at level 10, this
    one is a bonus to accuracy.
    16) What is the preferred weapon for a Dragoon?
    A: A good way to get an idea is to go to an auction house and look for high
    level weapons that are tagged for DRG (the abbreviation for Dragoon). You will
    find that it is the Lance (Pole arm). This is a good indicator that you should
    stick with this weapon from the get-go. It is a 2 handed weapon and it does
    great damage. Also, most pole arm's combat delays are identical, so you
    definitely get a "feel" for the rhythm of your attacks in battle.
    17) What is a good sub job for the Dragoon class?
    A: Oh boy, this is the question that's been kicked around forever. And, it's
    really a twofold response.
    First off, you should know this from the get-go. Your sub job will affect both
    you and your wyvern!
    For instance, if you have, say, THF, as a sub job to your Dragoon. Then not
    only will you get the bonus to evade and DEX that get passed up, but, your
    wyvern will do "offensive" breath attacks during your weapon skill attacks. In
    contrast, if you have, say, WHM, as a sub job to your Dragoon. Then not only
    will you be able to cast a few spells here and there, but, your wyvern will do
    a "healing" breath during your weapon skill attacks.
    It is really pointless to argue about what job is better than the other because
    every sub job will contribute to the Dragoon in one way or another. For some
    combinations the benefits may be ASTOUNDING, for others, just ... different.
    I am only going to delve into the "preferred" (and I use this term loosely)
    combination for now. Now I say preferred because lets have this in our minds
    without any misconception.
    Now, that takes care of the twofold, but, I had said threefold and here is the
    2nd part.
    A Dragoon is a Damage Dealer, plain and simple. I'm not here to argue about
    which damage dealers are better than others, that falls outside the scope of
    this FAQ.
    Therefore, the preferred sub job for the Dragoon is the Samurai sub job due to
    the fact that it can gain insane amounts of TP and even store it. But, I have
    to add that the Samurai sub job is practically useless until your Dragoon is at
    level 60.
    Why you ask? Quite simple really. With the ability to gain TP quickly, Store it
    and use at your convenience...repeatedly...during the course of a single battle
    if you prefer; you can easily become damage incarnate. Especially at higher
    weapon levels when such skills as Penta Thrust are acquired (level 49). Imagine
    dealing, literally, thousands of points of damage with little time spacing in
    between weapon skills during a battle, then using "Super Jump" to shed the hate
    that you might build up....I bet you got that evil smile on your face right
    about now ^^.
    This does NOT mean that other sub jobs are BAD, I'm only saying that THIS is
    the BEST combination for a High Damage Output Dragoon when you hit the level 60
    mark. This is precisely what the Dragon Knight symbolizes, annihilation of all
    who stand in it's way!
    18) Why is it useless until Dragoon is level 60?
    A: This is due to the fact that your sub job can only be 1/2 of your main job's
    level (i.e. Dragoon60/Samurai30). And the Samurai gains its essential ability
    within this job/sub job combination at level 30.
    19) So what is a good sub job to use until then?
    A: This is also a twofold answer, due to the fact that essentially comes down
    to "well what do you want to be able to do?"
    If you want to be able to do more damage, then by all means, use WAR as your
    sub job until level 60. THF is also a fantastic alternative if you feel that
    DEX is more important to you and that you want to be able to have such things
    as Treasure Hunter at your disposal.
    Both are good in their own right, both are very respectable. It really comes
    down to a matter of preference for this. One is *NOT* better than the other.
    20) So what about getting WHM/PLD/RDM/DRK/ETC/ETC/ETC for a sub job?
    A: If you REALLY want to see the differences, there is a great job/sub job FAQ
    at www.gamefaqs.com written by: wwwcom654 / Crow that gives a breakdown of not
    only Dragoon but also all the other jobs available in Final Fantasy XI. I
    highly recommended checking it out. A lot of work has gone into it and I would
    not dare take away from that.
    I do not plan to cover it here simply for the reason that I have stated
    earlier. The Dragoon is a damage dealer template, and I intend to focus on
    that, unless I get a ton of email asking me to focus on other sub jobs. ^^
    21) Do Dragoons make good tanks?
    A: No. Dragoons are damage dealers, not takers. Do *NOT* kid yourself.
    22) What if I sub WAR/THF, couldn't I tank then? Or evade?! That would make me
    a tank then right Lance?!?
    A: Well obviously with or without WAR or THF as your sub, you are going to take
    damage and survive, but, you will never be able to "tank" a monster like a
    Paladin, a Ninja or a Warrior class can. Also, although you can get away with a
    bit of "Provoke"ing at lower levels, you'll see that it's really a bad idea at
    the higher levels when monsters keep the hate due to your "Provoke"s and hard
    hitting damage output.
    To make a long story short, chances are, if a Dragoon thinks he can tank, he
    will find him/herself visiting the crystal quite often.
    23) Yeah, but, a Dragoon with provoke can't be a bad thing right Lance? I mean,
    in an emergency, it's better for you to have the aggro than the mage.
    A: Honestly, I do understand what your mindsets are and although you have good
    intentions in mind, you are using the wrong class to utilize those.
    With the damage output the Dragoon has (which builds up enough hate on it's
    own); when you throw a "Provoke" into the mix, the monster WILL NOT let you go!
    I have tested this and barely survived because the other members of the group
    simply could not build up enough hate to get it off me. (*NOTE* I even tried
    this by disengaging the enemy and just letting others whup on the monster)
    Also, I'm seeing all too often that groups actually request that the Dragoon be
    part of the "Provoke" group.
    Please do not do this, you are basically asking the Dragoon to do something
    they can *NOT* handle. It WILL get the Dragoon killed eventually. It is
    considered very rude and will make you look incompetent for not knowing how to
    utilize your group's abilities.
    The ONLY time, I could see a Dragoon using "Provoke" is when all the party
    members are trying to zone because of a tough monster. They are near death and
    the Dragoon has much more HP than them. At that point, *maybe* I can understand
    the Dragoon trying to "Provoke" the monster *while running to zone himself*.
    24) When we get our sub job ability at level 18, what do you recommend we
    utilize as our sub job?
    A: I really hate answering questions like this, because it will be purely my
    opinion. Not everyone will agree which might cause flaming to ensue.
    What I would do *personally*, *IF* I were to start a dragoon right this moment
    1) Start as a Warrior from level 1-18.
    2) Upon obtaining my sub job at level 18, I would immediately change my main
    job to THF and sub my WAR for it.  Hence, THF/WAR.
    3) Upon reaching level 30 with my THF/WAR, I would do the Dragoon quest and get
    a few high level friends to help me kill it, or, if you want to do it in true
    Dragon Knight style, get a level 70 Dragoon to kill the Dragon for you ^^.
    4) Immediately change jobs to DRG/THF.
    5) Play your template until you are Dragoon60/Thief30.
    6) At this point you can probably solo the Samurai Job Quest without breaking a
    7) Change jobs to SAM/WAR until your Samurai is level 35.
    8) Switch to DRG/SAM. And god help those that dare stand in your way; for you
    will be leaving legions of corpses in your wake.
    Of course this is *ONLY* opinion and should be treated as such. There are ways
    to do this otherwise, such as subbing Monk or switching around WAR and THF.
    It doesn't really matter since your ultimate goal is the same. Just go with
    what you feel is more FUN for you. This is not a numbers game and we aren't
    here to one-up one another. I don't know about the majority of the player
    base's intentions, but, I'm just here for the fun of it. ^^
    25) Hey Lance, what do you recommend as good hunting spots? Could you also
    break them down into levels so we could follow them more easily?
    A: There are great spots to hunt and gain experience at all over Vana'diel.
    This is the pattern I followed while leveling and I found it to be relatively
    Between levels 1-12 I highly recommend that you solo. The experience is more
    worthwhile this way. You'll grow stronger and you'll do it faster.
    Levels 1-10 - I found the South Gustaberg (Bastok region) FAR easier to hunt
    and level at than any other areas near San d'Oria or Windurst. Particularly
    Vomp Hill after you are strong enough to fight Goblins alone. Pretty simple
    just keep running around the hill in a large circle and kill, maim, destroy!
    Levels 10-12 - Konschtat Highlands and Northern regions of La Theine Plateau
    are fantastic. Do not be afraid to take on Akbaba's labeled "even match". Just
    make sure you are at full health before you do though. Anything stronger will
    lay you to waste easily. Don't get cocky!
    This is the point where you will find it is getting more and more necessary and
    desirable for you to group with other players. You will kill faster, more
    reliably and hopefully make a few new great friends. (I know I did ^^)
    Levels 13-19(20) - Although it is very crowded now, it was not always so.
    Valkurm Dunes is a great place to hunt and gain experience. Also perfect for
    getting all the Sub job Quest items that you will need. Drop rates on Ghouls
    are much higher in this area (if you can find them ^^)
    Levels 19(20)-25 - Pack your bags, we are heading to Jeuno!! Qufim Island will
    be your bread and butter for the next few levels. You'll get to experience this
    deadly wasteland in all it's .... glory. Be warned! Once the sun goes down in
    this region, you will be given many reasons to be afraid.
    Levels 25-30+ - Kazham Island and the surrounding jungle is a beautiful and at
    the same time deadly place to continue your quest. Once you hit the level 30
    mark there will be a multitude of other places for you to contine your
    I don't want to hold anyones hand all the way to 70. Final Fantasy has and
    always will be a wonderful world that you have to experience and discover on
    your own. Hopefull I've given you enough to help you get off to a strong start.
    26) What races are good for the Dragoon Job?
    A: All races can make perfectly respectable dragoons. Some races will have
    certain advantages/disadvantages over the other, but, all in all it's hard to
    "screw up" or be "gimp" based on race.
    27) Does gender make a difference?
    A: Certainly not, though, I have a strong liking personally for female
    Dragoons. Come meet me at the tavern sometime... *wink wink* *nudge nudge*.
    28) What attributes (VIT, AGI, etc.) do you feel are the most important for the
    Dragoon? Could you also prioritize them for us so we know what is utmost in
    A: Accuracy. That is what it boils down to. If I had to put attributes in
    order, I would recommend your primary focuses like so:
    Accuracy > Dexterity > Attack > Strength
    This is the order in which you should be focusing your stat increasing jewelry
    Also bear in mind this formula; 2 of any base attribute (STR, DEX) is equal to
    1 of (attack, accuracy) respectively.
    29) Is there any jewelry you can recommend for us? Something that enhances
    those attributes.
    A: I personally use the Spike necklace and Beetle +1 earrings at the moment. I
    have noticed higher level Dragoons using Coral Gorgets, Coral Earrings or
    Assualt Earrings (assault earring is a great item but you can only posess 1 due
    to the fact that it is rated as a RARE item).
    It varies from one Dragoon's taste to the other. Jewelry is a gray area. It's
    really more up to the player to decide what he/she wants.
    Some jewelry might offer higher accuracy or bonus to STR. I tend to fall more
    towards accuracy so i will take +Accuracy or +DEX over +Attack or +STR any day.
    Choose the one that best suits your playing style.
    As far as a list of some "cooler" jewelry....Peacock charm, Coral earring,
    Assault earring, Sniper rings (or sniper +1 if you can find/afford them).
    I am personally using a Spike Necklace and Beetle +1 earrings until I can save
    or hunt for the better stuff.
    30) What can you tell us about this Artifact (AF) armor we've been hearing
    A: Well here are all the pieces, descriptions and level requirements for each
    Drachen Brais (lower body)
    Def: 27 HP+15
    Enhances "Ancient Circle" effect
    Increases wyvern HP by 10%
    Level 52 DRG
    Drachen Greaves (feet)
    Def:10 HP+12 AGI+3
    Enhances "Jump" effect
    Level 54 DRG
    Drachen Finger Gauntlets (hands)
    Def: 15 HP+11 DEX+3 Parrying Skill+10
    Enhances wyvern accuracy
    Level 56 DRG
    Drachen Mail
    Def: 38 HP+15 VIT+4
    Adds "Regen" effect to wyvern
    Level 58 DRG
    Drachen Helm
    Def: 16 HP+12 MND+5
    Wyvern uses breaths more effectively
    Level 60 DRG
    31) Why is it some ugly purple color?
    A: Ok, this is where I draw the line. It is *NOT* "some ugly purple color"!!!
    Anyone who has played Final Fantasy 2 (US)/Final Fantasy 4 (J) should NOT ask
    this question.
    During the course of the story within that game, we were introduced to a
    Dragoon called Kain. Although he didn't speak much, he was a proud and powerful
    knight with extraoridinary jumping attacks.
    The armor he wore was..none other than the Dragoon Artifact armor.
    32) How is the armor obtained?
    A: The armor is obtained by doing a series of quests (AF1, AF2, coffers and
    The AF armor (including AF weapon) is comprised of 3 AF quests and 3 coffer
    I will explain what the coffers are as we go through the quests together.
    Before I begin this portion of the FAQ, I want to make it clear that I
    personally have not done the quest and this section is entirely the
    contribution of one of my Dragoon buddies who has.
    Hence I will return to this section once I personally do the AF armor to see if
    anything needs to be added. Without further ado...
    Dragoon AF1
    Item: Peregrine, Level 42 Lance, DMG: 61 DELAY: 492 DEX+1 VIT+1
    This quest is triggered by going to the the NPC Miaux in North San d'Oria.
    You will then need to travel to East Altepa to the (???) point. (I do not have
    the exact location, this will be added when I get it)
    Upon touching the ??? point a boss fight will ensue with an Antican!
    Once the Antica is defeated, touch the ??? point again.
    Then you must return to Miaux and you will be given your first AF item.
    To complete this portion of the AF, you require a party of level 45 players or
    bring 2 level 60 friends or 1 level 70 friend. ^^
    Dragoon AF2
    Item: Drachen Brais (see AF components for details of item)
    This quest can only be triggered upon completion of AF1.
    You will need to travel to Port San d'Oria and speak to Cerulean in Warehouse A.
    At this point you will need to obtain a "Gold Hairpin" item (Auction House) and
    trade itback to Cerulean.
    Once the hairpin is surrendered to him, *you must wait 24 hours of real life
    time* and talk to him again.
    After speaking to him again, you will need to travel back to Miaux in North San
    d'Oria to get a "key item".
    You will then need to trek to Hume city of Bastok, where you will need to
    locate the NPC Ardea just outside the Goldsmith Guild in the Bastok Market area.
    Then, you must hoof it back to West Ronfuare and go to the tower directly to
    the West of San d'Oria once you come out and speak with the NPC named Esca.
    You will then need to go through Eldieme Necropolis to reach Battalia Island.
    Located the ??? point and touch it.
    A fight with a Tiger Boss will ensue.
    Upon defeat of the Tiger Boss touch the ??? again.
    Return and speak to Cerulean once more to obtain your AF2 item.
    That was a pretty short quest wasn't it? /me hides.
    Before I begin this portion I want everyone who does not know that coffers are
    similar to treasure chests. Similar in the sense that a key is obtained (coffer
    key NOT treasure chest key) and is used on the respective coffer chest.
    That being said we can continue.
    The next 3 portions of the AF quests are completed with coffers.
    Coffer #1 (Quicksand Caves)
    Item: Drachen greaves (see AF components for details of item)
    This quest is triggered by going to visit the NPC Guslam in Upper Jeuno. Guslam
    can be located within the Shield Shop.
    What you will need to do is travel to Quicksand Caves and locate the coffer
    The coffer key is dropped off the enemies (Helm Beetles & Anticans)
    Remember, coffer key, not chest key.
    Use your coffer key on the coffer. Voila!
    Coffer #2 (Boyahda Tree/Dark Spark)
    Item: Drachen Finger Guantlets
    Travel to the Boyahda Tree and locate the coffer within.
    The monsters that drop the coffer key are Crawlers, Spiders, Goobbue and
    Upon opening the coffer, you will obtain a "key item".
    Return to Guslam with the key item and speak to the NPC.
    What you will do now is travel to Zvahl Bailey's and walk in until you see the
    Touch the torch and a Dark Spark will appear!!
    Kill the Dark Spark and touch the torch again.
    At this point you must return to Port Jeuno and located the point labeled ???
    and touch it.
    The ghost will give you the AF item.
    Coffer #3 (Ifrit's Cauldron)
    To Be Added at a later date. Incomplete Information on hand currently.
    Dragoon AF3
    To Be Added at a later date. Incomplete Information on hand currently.
    33) Can you also tell us about Dragoon JSE (Job Specific Equipment) a bit?
    A: The JSE is what we would call "endgame" armor. The usage requirements are
    high (level-wise) and the stats are outstanding. Here is a list of the 5 parts.
    It is important to note that JSE can only be obtained by crafting or buy
    purchasing it from a crafter via AH or one on one trade/sale.
    Dragon Mask
    Def: 23 HP+10
    Breath damage taken -4%
    Level 68 DRG
    Dragon Mail
    Def: 47 HP+12
    Breath damage taken -9%
    Level 70 DRG
    Dragon Finger Guantlets
    Def: 15 HP+8
    Breath damage taken -4%
    Level 68 DRG
    Dragon Greaves
    Def: 13 HP+9
    Breath damage taken -4%
    Level 68 DRG
    Dragon Cuisses
    Def: 31 HP+11
    Breath damage taken -4%
    Level 69 DRG
    34) Ok what about endgame weaponry? What is the ultimate lance?
    A: Well i've asked this quite a few times myself, but, you need not look any
    further than the Colossal Lance in the Auction House as to what your endgame
    weapon should be...here are it's stats and I think it speaks for itself.
    Colossal Lance, DMG: 88 DELAY: 492 HP+25 STR+3 VIT+5 Level 70 DRG
    Although it is now closer to completion, this FAQ is still evolving.
    I hope it clears up some confusion surrounding the job and I will be adding
    more information as I obtain it.
    If anyone would like to contribute to this FAQ, please feel free to email me at
    the address I have listed at the top.
    Finally, if you wish to use information from here or reproduce it in some form,
    please give the credit where it's due. And let me know, I would love to see
    where this information has traveled to. ^^
    Again, I welcome all creative criticism or requests for additions, just email
    me. Address is at the top of the FAQ. If you decide to email me about stuff
    unrelated to the Dragoon Job, please understand if you do not get a prompt
    Until next time...may the winds of fortune be at your back.... - Lance
    = revision history
    November 27, 2003 - .01 released
    * initial release
    November 28, 2003 - .02 released
    * basically reformatted some portions of the document
    * spelling/grammar fixed
    * rewording of some portions which were found to be confusing (don't look at me)
    November 29, 2003 - .03 released
    * answered a few more questions ^^
    December 1, 2003 - .04 released
    * more typos fixed, added new questions
    * added information on where to hunt
    * inspirational music section added (stuff that I listen to when playing or
    writing the FAQ)
    December 6, 2003 - .05 released
    * added Dragoon AF components and details
    * added Dragoon JSE components and details
    * added planned future updates
    * added extended Wyvern name list
    * added jewelry information
    * added stat related concentration
    * added endgame weaponry
    * changes to Dragoon Job Quest details
    January 1, 2004 - .06 released
    * cleaned up the FAQ a bit
    * added Wyvern related questions
    = planned future updates
    * once I personally do the AF quest, the AF portion of the FAQ will be
    revisited and re-written.
    * I receive many emails regarding fame being required for certain things (i.e.
    needing fame to rename your wyvern). Until I can confirm this first-hand, I
    will leave the entries "as-is". If I don't visit them down the road, then it
    means the FAQ entry is 100% accurate. Until that time ALL material should be
    considered to have a possible margin of error.
    ** note ** no further updates planned.
    = credits
    * Official Dragoon description in question #1 taken from the U.S. Final Fantasy
    XI Manual.
    * Diarmid of the ffvault.ign.com Dragoon forums for providing the http link for
    the extended names list.
    * Credit to miara for providing the actual list of Dragoon names.
    * Although no text was borrowed, portions of Dragoon Job/Sub job combination
    were referenced for the sake of all possible job/sub job combinations for this
    job class from "The FFXI Job/Sub job Combinations Guide/FAQ" authored by
    wwwcom654 / Crow which can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    * Answer to question #7, few of the Wyvern names were used from a post by
    -Yarr- on the ffvault.ign.com message boards for the Dragoon job.
    = appreciation
    Extra special KUPO! to everyone in the link shell ((R.I.P.)theAnniversary and
    Exodus) on the Ragnarok server. (in alphabetical) Ikari, Magus, Makani (i miss
    you), Nuikoa (/slap), Sabrael (dude, you suck :), Shante, Vertoria (#1 on my
    personal *sigh* list), who have helped me in numerous ways (usually just
    keeping me sane is work enough ^^) since day 1. ^^
    EXTRA KUPOPOPOOOOO! To Square/Squaresoft/and now Enix - You've captured our
    hearts, our imagination time and time again. Your stories, characters and
    haunting melodies forever stay in our hearts and minds. I simply can't find a
    word strong enough. Thank you. So much.
    KUPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOOOOOOOO~~~!! To Ikari of the Ragnarok server. Words are not
    enough to show my appreciation. Without you this FAQ would not exist.
    = inspirational music
    * Orbital, Photek, Squarepusher, Autechre, Aphex Twin, AK1200, Future
    Engineers, DJ Krush, Juno Reactor, Air, Zero 7, Prodigy, Underworld, Chicane,
    The Crystal Method, Future Sound of London, Leftfield, Daft Punk, Sasha, Amon
    Tobin, BT, Cibo Matta, Gus Gus, Empirion, Fluke, DJ Rap, Dieselboy, Plaid,
    Lamb, Floex, David Wallace
    * Helmet, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Green Day, The Cure, Primus, Tool,
    System of A Down, Danzig, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, Rage Against the
    Machine, Anthrax, Iron Maiden
    * Cypress Hill, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy,
    N.W.A., RUN DMC, DMX, Wu-Tang Clan
    * Nobuo Uematsu
    = legal
    * PlayOnline, POL, FFXI, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XI:
    Rise of the Zilart are reserved trademarks of Square Enix Co. Ltd. (c)
    2001-2003, all rights reserved.
    * Trogdor comment!! Much love to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad.
    http://www.homestarrunner.com - If you don't already know, you are missing out.

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