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    Beastmaster FAQ by Lord Alchemy

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 02/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster Job guide. v 1.7
    created by Justin Biller a.k.a. Lord Alchemy
               AIM: Armchairathelete
    No ASCII Art for my title, since I dont have the will power or time to create
    one, so if anyone is interested, they can make one and email it to me.  Credit
    will be given with whatever name you wish, just include it in the email.
        1.2-Author information and version update information
        1.4-FFXI term list
        1.6-Basic Beastmaster info
        1.7-Beastmasters in Parties
        1.8-Role of the Beastmaster
        1.9-Why the Beastmaster is the best solo job	
    2.0-Beastmaster in-depth guide
        2.2-How to unlock the Beastmaster job
        2.4-Starting Stats for Races
        2.6-Beastmaster skills
        2.8-Beastmaster Macro assistance
        2.9-Leveling Assistance
    3.0-Job, Sub job, race, equipment and AF armor information
        3.2-Race information
        3.4-Sub job decision
        3.5-Equipment Assistance
        3.6-Stat Calculator
        3.8-Artifact Armor
    4.0-Copy right information
    1.0 Introduction and version update information
     1.2) Author Information
    Ello there and welcome to my Beastmaster guide for Final Fantasy XI!  My name
    is Lord Alchemy, and I have contributed a few game reviews (including one for
    FFXI).  I can be found on the Fenrir server, character name Moriros.  I have
    played a few jobs, and I started as a Monk, subbed Thief, and played a little
    bit of the mage classes.  I ended up leaning towards the Beastmaster job since
    it was rather unique.  I never saw too many Beastmasters in the game, so I
    thought I would check it out.
    \-version 1.6 to 1.7-/
    *Added section 1.7-Beastmasters in Parties
    *Added http://www.wogaming.com to the list of websites that can use my faq
    \-version 1.5 to 1.6-/
    *Added section 1.9-Why the Beastmaster is the best solo job
    *Fixed a few errors
    *Added http://www.cheatchannel.com to list of websites that can use my faq
    *Added http://www.cheatbook.de to list of websites that can use my faq
    \-version 1.4 to 1.5-/
    *Added more info to the leveling assistance
    *Added http://faqs.ign.com/ to list of websites allowed to use this guide
    *Fixxed more Errors found in the faq
    *Altered opinion on BST in a party slightly (located in section 1.6)
    *Altered info in section 1.8
    \-version 1.3 to 1.4-/
    *Added Info regarding combat skills in section 2.6
    *Added Info to clarify exp with a pet in group.  Found in section 1.8
    *Added section 3.5, Equipment Assistance
    *Added a small bit of info to 2.4-Starting Stats for Races
    *Changed some more subjob info
    \-version 1.2 to 1.3-/
    *Ironed out some errors in the faq
    *Added Leveling Assistance to the faq
    *Added http://dlh.net to list of websites that can use my FAQ
    *Added a little to the sub job area
    \-version 1.1 to 1.2-/
    *Added more in-depth subjob information (ALOT more in-depth)
    *Added Plee for ASCII Title
    \-version 1 to 1.1-/
    *Added www.neoseeker.com to websites that can use this guide
    *Added to subjob Information
    *Added to Artifact Armor info
    *Added contribution info for anyone interested
    1.4) FFXI term list
    DRK-Dark Knight
    RDM-Red Mage
    WHM-White Mage
    BLM-Black Mage
    BST-Beast Tamer
    AH-Auction House
    AF armor-Artifact armor
    RSE-Race Specific Equipment
    JSE-Job Specific Equipment
    HP-Home Point
    WS-Weapon skills
    Renkei- Weapon skill chains
    DPS-Damage Per Second
    (If anyone has any other terms that would help people, you can email them
    to me)
    1.6) Basic Beastmaster info
    Beastmasters are the experts of solo playing.  You can group, but I will get to
    that later. You can solo though, at pretty much any level.  The main ability
    that allows BSTs to do this is the charm ability.  This puts a monster under
    the BSTs control, and will fight for the BST aslong as it remains charmed.
    Charmed pets will eventually turn on their master, but the more charisma you
    have, the longer the monster stays your pet, and the easier it is to charm
    monsters.  At higher levels it is wise to not try to charm anything past
    "Even match" (found out by checking) because tough mobs, if charmed at all,
    tend to turn on their master rather quickly.  Also its important to know that
    pets that become uncharmed, do not give EXP when killed.
    Now, to get to the party info.  BSTs do great damage per second (DPS) with a
    pet, but there is a big problem (mainly for the BST), you get a 30% exp cut
    from having a pet!  This generally means that you will prefer going solo unless
    you choose not to charm a pet, thus killing your DPS and making you somewhat
    useless in the party, depending on your sub job.
    1.7.)Beastmasters in Parties
    With a pet, Beastmasters do amazing Damage Per Second.  But the problem is they
    take a hit in the exp department no matter what.  But even if the Beastmaster
    doesn't want to charm a pet, they still make decent tanks.  Not the best, but
    not horrible by any means.
    They can wear great armor, so their defense should be high enough so they
    dont take major damage.  With a WAR sub, they will have even better defense,
    but WAR is pretty much needed to tank.  The only real trouble is keeping hate.
    BSTs dont create that much hate with their damage, since they only use 1
    handed axes, but provoke can keep the mobs on them.
    A real bonus from a BST tank though are the "-- Killer" job traits.  Assuming
    your party is going after anything that is effected by any of the BSTs traits,
    there is a chance that the mob will not be able to attack the BST.  It'll
    look something like this....
    "So and so was intimidated by Whats his face".
    This pretty much acts like a shield block and negates all the damage since the
    mob can't attack.
    1.8) Role of the Beastmaster
    The role of a BST, is to kill stuff.  This can either be done alone or in a
    group.  Alone, the main role of a BST is to tame monsters, and have them fight
    for him/her. Other then that, what else they do is determined by their sub job.
    Most of the BST skills are related to melee and charming monsters.
    Now, to clarify how the BST effects exp in a group.  If the BST charms anything
    below Tough, the only exp affected is the BSTs, and its still the basic 30% cut
    that BSTs should be used to.  But if a BST charms a Tough or higher, the pet
    acts as a member of the party, and since its at a higher lvl, it cuts the
    whole parties exp.
    1.9.) Why the Beastmaster is the best solo job
    Charm has been somewhat proven to be based on CHR.  So why wouldnt a BRD/BST or
    WHM/BST be just as good at soloing as a BST since they have CHR on par with a
    BST?  Well try assisting your pet in melee combat with a BRD or WHM.  You can't
    buff your pet with songs or spells, so really the only thing you can do is
    melee attack, debuff the enemy, and use your pet skills.  Not only do you get
    your pet skills alot later with BST as a sub, but your melee damage is going to
    suck.  Not to mention, if you get the hate, you wont be able to take many hits,
    since BRDs and WHMs don't have armor on par with a BST.
    Anyother job doesnt seem to have the CHR to charm effectively even with a BST
    sub, so no one can really argue that the BST is the best solo job out there.
    2.0) Beastmaster in-depth guide
    2.2) How to unlock the Beastmaster job
    Quest Giver: Dietmund
    Location: Lower Jeuno (G-11)
    Dietmund is located at top door near the entrance of Lower Jeuno. He comes out
    of the door when it is opened. To do the quest, wait till it is night. (18:00 -
    4:00).  Go to the edge of the cliff at Qufim at F-8.  There is a path leading
    down to the item.  Once at bottom, a Kraken can be seen, but sometimes it isn't
    even there!  If it is, either try to get a group to take it down or sneak past
    it using various WHM spells, such as Sneak, Invisibility and Deoderize.  Go
    back and talk to Dietmund and then talk to Brutus near the chocobo stables in
    Upper Jueno.  After all that, the job of the Beastmaster is given.
    2.4) Starting Stats for Races
         Hume Elvaan Tarutaru Galka Mithra
    HP    30    32      26     35    30
    MP    0     0       0      0     0
    STR   6     7       5      7     6
    DEX   7     7       7      7     9
    VIT   6     7       6      8     6
    AGI   5     4       6      5     6
    INT   6     5       8      6     6
    MND   6     7       6      6     6
    CHR   8     8       8      7     7
    The starting stat bonus that you get is actually
    HP: +2
    MP: +0
    STR: +0
    DEX: +1
    VIT: +0
    AGI: -1
    INT: +0
    MND: +0
    CHR: +2
    Determining the starting stats for a BST is just adding that to the starting
    stats of any race.
    2.6) Beastmaster skills
    Job Abilities:
    Level: 1
    Recycle Period: 2 hours
    Description: Increases tame duration, and makes the pet stronger.
    Level: 1
    Recycle Period: 15 Seconds
    Description: Tame an enemy to do your bidding.
    Ability:Attack Target
    Level: 1
    Recycle Period: 10 Seconds
    Description: Commands the pet to attack your target.
    Ability:Pet Scan
    Level: 10
    Recycle Period: 30 Seconds
    Description: Checks to see if the target is tamable.
    Level: 10
    Recycle Period: 10 Seconds
    Description: Commands the pet to stop attacking and return to you.
    Level: 12
    Recycle Period: 3 Minutes
    Description: Recovers your pet's HP, but requires an item.
    Level: 15
    Recycle Period: 10 Seconds
    Description: Commands the pet to stay.
    Ability:Special Attack
    Level: 25
    Recycle Period: 2 Minutes
    Description: Commands the pet to use it's special attack.
    Level: 30
    Recycle Period: 10 Minutes
    Description: Makes the target easier to tame.
    Level: 35
    Recycle Period: 10 Seconds
    Description: Sets your pet free.
    Job Traits:
    Trait:Insect Killer
    Description:Increases damage to insects.
    Trait:Resist Charm
    Description: Increased resistance to charming.
    Trait:Bird Killer
    Description: Increases damage to birds.
    Trait:Amorph Killer
    Description: Increased damage versus morphing type monsters.
    Trait:Resist Charm
    Description: Increases resistance to charm.
    Trait:Lizard Killer
    Description: Increases damage to reptiles.
    Trait:Aquan Killer
    Description: Increases damage to aqueous monsters
    Trait:Plant Killer
    Description: Increases damage to plants.
    Another skill that Beastmasters have, that isn't really a trait or ability,
    is the Wide Scan option in the map area.  It allows you to see mobs that are
    within your scan range.
    Now, lets look at how some of the BSTs combat skills rank up against other jobs
    Evade is above average but not by much
    Shield is below average but not by much
    Parry is above average but not by much
    At lower lvls, your combat skills wont be drastically different then say for
    example, a WAR, but at later lvls, you will notice a larger difference.
    2.8) Beastmaster Macro assistance
    Creating macros for a Beastmaster are VERY helpful, since it will become tire-
    some constantly selecting Pet abilities from the menu.  Lets get started.
    For a pet ability, use
    /pet "Ability Name" <pet>
    for job abilities, use
    /ja "Job Ability Name" <me> or <t>
    the <me> or <t> depends on what the skill is used, for example,
    for heal, use <me> but for calm, use <t>
    for weapons skills, use
    /ws "Name of the Weapon Skill" <t>
    for good renkei ws macros, do something like
    /p USING "NAME OF WEAPON SKILL" IN 3! <call1>
    /wait 3
    /ws "Name of the Weapon Skill" <t>
    Now, if you end up subbing a job with magic, you can use magic macros
    /ma "Name of Magic" <me> or <t>
    again, the <me> or <t> depends on the type of magic, curative or destructive.
    for other macro assistance, see the macro faq.
    2.9) Leveling Assistance
    For a Beastmaster, you probably will do alot of solo playing, so it can be kind
    of hard to make a cookie cutter leveling guide.  The main thing that changes
    how you will be leveling is what sub job your sporting, because it will have
    different effects on your skills and how you can solo.  There are basically
    two ways of leveling your Beastmaster while soloing
    1.) Charm a mob, and attack other pets at the same as your mob.
    This allows for less downtime, since you and your pet will be doing damage.
    But you will have to put up with an annoying exp decrease, but it isn't that
    bad.  This is generally the easiest and safest way to level, aslong as your pet
    stays charmed.  Thats not a big problem if you have high charisma though.
    A good way to do this is to charm a Decent Challenge, and then you can exp
    chain up to 3 evens, as long as they don't link and you can find them fast
    2.) Charming a mob, and having your pet solo a mob thats slightly stronger, and
    debuffing the strong mob with magic so that your pet can get in alot of damage
    before it dies.
    This way of leveling is alot riskier.  Not only do you have to make sure your
    pet dies, but you have to make sure your pet atleast did enough damage to allow
    you to finish off the mob.  The easiest and safest way of doing this is to
    charm an Even Match and have it attack a Tough.  Then use spells or skills to
    give your pet any kind of advantage.  Hopefully your pet will get the mob down
    to HP low enough for you to finish off the mob with few problems.  This gener-
    ally means more down time, but you get higher exp from the kills.
    If anyone else has some good tips they would like to share, feel free to drop
    me a line, and I will put it into this faq.
    3.0) Job, Sub job, and race information
    3.2) Race information
    For a Beastmaster, charisma is the most important stat, since it governs how
    easily you charm mobs, and how long they stayed charmed for.  Because of this,
    Galkas and Mithras make the worst solo playing Beastmaster.  They are
    playable, just not the best since they have poor charisma.  Humes, Elvaans, and
    Taru Tarus make the best since they have the highest charisma.  So, Im going to
    focus on those three classes.
    They make very well rounded BSTs, because if you end up subbing WHM, they make
    good use of the mage skills, but also make decent warriors.  Very well rounded
    and they make a nice choice for BST.
    They make better melee BSTs, but if they sub WHM, they have poor MP.  They have
    higher HP, and STR then humes, making them better for melee damage and tanking.
    They have lower MP though, so they can really make much use of WHM spells.
    Taru Taru:
    They make for some decent BSTs, since they have alot more MP the either of the
    other two races, but they make poor warriors.  Because of this, they will
    spend more time in the back casting suppost magic, assuming their sub is WHM.
    Now, the other two races do not make poor Beastmasters, but they have to equip
    more items that add to charisma, since they don't have much of their own.
    Galkas have the most HP, so they can tank nicely, and Mithra have more dex
    and agility, so they hit and dodge a good amount.  But I would prefer one of
    the other races since they have higher charisma.
    3.4) Sub job decision
    Since you need to be level 30 to even acquire the BST job, you should make
    good use of your sub job.  So, I will take the time to go down the list.
    Also, since version update 1.1 to 1.2, I have added a list of all the spells/
    abilities you can have as that sub job.  For now, the cap for your sub is lvl
    37, since the max for main is lvl 75.  Also, the lvls shown are what lvl as a
    BST (main job) you will get the abilities/traits/magic.
    Sub jobs:
    Warrior makes a good sub job if you plan to party as a BST, since BST have a
    good amount of defense, and you can pull.  Playing solo though, it doesn't add
    much.  You can provoke mobs off of your pets, you will be stronger and do
    better damage then usual, and you will also get Double Attack, which is rather
    nice to have.
    Job abilities:
    Provoke: lvl 10
    Berserk: lvl 30
    Defender:lvl 50
    War Cry: lvl 70
    Job Traits:
    Defense Up: lvl 20
    Resist Virus: lvl 30
    Double Attack: lvl 50
    Attack Up: lvl 60
    Resist Virus: lvl 70
    This Combo isn't that bad.  Since you can send a pet in first then follow up
    with a sneak attack. This combo will tend to be on the rich side, since they
    get all the treasure since they solo, and the treasure they get is amplified
    by the thief skills.  This also is a decent choice if you plan to party as a
    BST, since you can use sneak and trick attack.
    Job abilities:
    Steal: lvl 10
    Sneak Attack: lvl 30
    Flee: lvl 50
    Trick Attack: lvl 50
    Pick Pocket: lvl 70
    Job Traits:
    Gil Steal: lvl 10
    Evasion Up: lvl 20
    Treasure Hunter: lvl 30
    Resist Gravity: lvl 40
    Evasion Up: lvl 60
    Monk makes an ok sub, but not very benefical.  It adds a good amount of HP,
    which is helpful for solo, but the hand-to-hand skills are completely useless.
    Counter is nice, but everything else is wasted.  The only pluss is the nice
    HP boost.
    Job abilities:
    Boost: lvl 10
    Dodge: lvl 30
    Focus: lvl 50
    Chakra: lvl 70
    Job Traits:
    Martial Arts: lvl 1
    Counter: lvl 20
    Hp Boost: lvl 30
    Martial Arts: lvl 50
    Hp Boost: lvl 70
    Poor sub job.  Low MP, very few nuking magic, and no skills or stat boosts that
    really help you as a BST.  The various "- Spike" spells are kinda nice to have
    since most of the time, if you engage an enemy at the same time as your pet,
    your the one who is going to be tanking since pets don't hold hate to well.
    This might not be too bad for early levels, but it isn't the best for early
    levels either.  Best pick something else.
    Job Abilities:
    Sign of Spirit: lvl 30
    Job Traits:
    Magic Attack Up: lvl 20
    Clear Mind: lvl 30
    Conserve MP: lvl 40
    Magic Attack Up: lvl 60
    Stone I: lvl 1
    Posion: lvl 6
    Water I: lvl 8
    Blind: lvl 8
    Bind: lvl 14
    Aero: lvl 18
    Fire Spikes: lvl 20
    Bio I: lvl 20
    Drain I: lvl 24
    Fire I: lvl 26
    Stonega I: lvl 30
    Shock: lvl 32
    Blizzard I: lvl 34
    Warp: lvl 34
    Rasp: lvl 36
    Wateraga I: lvl 38
    Ice Spike: lvl 40
    Sleep: lvl 40
    Choke: lvl 40
    Thunder I: lvl 42
    Frost: lvl 44
    Areoga I: lvl 46
    Posionaga I: lvl 48
    Osmoses I: 50
    Burn: lvl 50
    Tractor: lvl 50
    Stone II: lvl 52
    Drown: lvl 54
    Firaga I: lvl 56
    Water II: lvl 60
    Thunder Spike: lvl 60
    Blizzardaga: lvl 64
    Aero II: lvl 68
    Bio II: lvl 70
    Thunderaga I: lvl 72
    Most BSTs will agree, this is the best sub job you can have as a BST.
    Being able to use curative magic is the main thing for this sub.
    Youll have less down time per kill meaning faster exp.
    Job Abilities:
    Divine Seal: lvl 30
    Job Traits:
    Magic defense Up: lvl 20
    Clear Mind: lvl 40
    Auto Regen: lvl 50
    Magic Defense Up: lvl 60
    Cure: lvl 1
    Dia: lvl 6
    Paralyze: lvl 8
    Banish: lvl 10
    Poisona: lvl 12
    Protect: lvl 14
    Protectra: lvl 14
    Barsleepra: lvl 14
    Parana: lvl 18
    Barwatera: lvl 18
    Aqua veil: lvl 20
    Barpoisona: lvl 20
    Cure II: lvl 22
    Barparalyze: lvl 24
    Slow: lvl 26
    Barwind: lvl 26
    Blina: lvl 28
    Banishga: lvl 30
    Silence: lvl 30
    Deodorize: lvl 30
    Curaga: lvl 32
    Shell I: lvl 34
    Shellra: lvl 34
    Barfira: lvl 34
    Silena: lvl 38
    Sneak: lvl 40
    Cure III: lvl 21
    Barice: lvl 42
    Barberserka: lvl 46
    Raise: lvl 50
    Invisible: lvl 50
    Barthunder: lvl 50
    Protect II: lvl 54
    Protectra II: lvl 54
    Stone Skine: lvl 56
    Cursena: lvl 58
    Banish II: lvl 60
    Curaga II: lvl 62
    Life I: lvl 66
    Viruna: lvl 68
    Dia II: lvl 72
    Teleport to Hora: lvl 72
    Teleport to Demu: lvl 72
    Teleport to Mea: lvl 72
    Shell II: lvl 74
    Shellga II: lvl 74
    Not too bad a sub, but not the best either.  You get the En-spells, which add
    elemental damage to your weapons, you get fewer curative spells, and you get
    some more buff/debuffing spells.  The stat boosts aren't anything special.
    Job Abilities:
    Convert: lvl 1
    Job Traits:
    Resist Petrify: lvl 10
    Fast Cast: lvl 30
    Magic Attack Up: lvl 40
    Magic Defense Up: lvl 50
    Resist Petrify: lvl 60
    Dia: lvl 1
    Cure: lvl 6
    Stone I: lvl 8
    Posion I: lvl 10
    Earth Defense: lvl 10
    Paralyze: lvl 12
    Protect: lvl 14
    Barsleep: lvl 14
    Blind: lvl 16
    Water I: lvl 18
    Barwater: lvl 18
    Bio I: lvl 20
    Barpoison: lvl 20
    Bind: lvl 22
    Aquaveil: lvl 24
    Barparalysis: lvl 24
    Slow : lvl 26
    Barwind: lvl 26
    Cure II: lvl 28
    Aero I: lvl 28
    Diaga I: lvl 30
    Deodorize: lvl 30
    Enthunder: lvl 32
    Shell I: lvl 34
    Barfire: lvl 34
    Enstone: lvl 36
    Darkness Defense: lvl 36
    Fire I: lvl 38
    Sneak: lvl 40
    Wind Weapon: lvl 40
    Barice: lvl 42
    Regen: lvl 42
    Enice: lvl 44
    Barbersek: lvl 46
    Blizzard I: lvl 48
    Enfire: lvl 48
    Sleep: lvl 50
    Barthunder: lvl 50
    Invisible: lvl 50
    Cure III: lvl 52
    Protect II: lvl 54
    Enwater: lvl 54
    Thunder I: lvl 58
    Dia II: lvl 62
    Dispel: lvl 64
    Phalanx: lvl 66
    Stone Skin: lvl 68
    Stone II: lvl 70
    Bio II: lvl 72
    Shell II: lvl 74
    Ew, nothing special here.  You already have wide scan, the bow skills are
    useless, but scavenger is rather nice.  The stat boosts aren't very helpful
    Sharpshooter: lvl 1
    Scanvenger: lvl 20
    Camouflage: lvl 40
    Continuous Shot: lvl 60
    Job Traits:
    Precaution: lvl 10
    Accuracy Boost: lvl 20
    Rapid Shot: lvl 30
    Resist Poison: lvl 40
    Accuracy Boost: lvl 60
    This actually isn't too bad a choice for a sub job.  It adds ALOT of
    charisma, but the songs are kind of gimped, since you can't equip an
    instrument.  Not to bad of a choice though.
    Job Ability:
    NONE! yeah... no job abilties earned with this combo >.<
    Job Traits:
    Resist Silence: lvl 10
    Resist Silence: lvl 50
    Minne: lvl 1
    Minuet: lvl 6
    Pian: lvl 10
    Requiem: lvl 14
    Pastoral of Herb: lvl 18
    Madrigal: lvl 22
    The Mamba: lvl 26
    Pian II: lvl 30
    Requiem II: lvl 34
    Operetta: lvl 38
    Minne II: lvl 42
    Mental Etude: lvl 48
    Lullaby: lvl 54
    Quick Etude: lvl 56
    Matchless: lvl 58
    Fine Etude: lvl 60
    Prelude: lvl 62
    Dexterous Etude: lvl 64
    Obado: lvl 66
    Strength Etude: lvl 68
    Pian III: lvl 70
    Light Carol: lvl 72
    Requiem III: lvl 74
    Dark Knight:
    Nothing special here, good melee stat boosts, but nothing else.  The traits and
    abilities don't add anything very benefical, and neither is the BLM, since not
    only do you have to deal with lower MP from sub, but DRKs dont have very much
    to begin with.
    Job Abilities:
    Arcane Circle: lvl 10
    Last Resort: lvl 30
    Weapon Bash: lvl 40
    Darkness: lvl 60
    Job Traits:
    Attack Up: lvl 20
    Resist Paralysis: lvl 40
    Arcana Killer: lvl 50
    Attack Up: lvl 60
    Stone I: lvl 10
    Posion I: lvl 12
    Drain I: lvl 20
    Water I: lvl 22
    Bio: lvl 30
    Aero I: lvl 34
    Bind: lvl 40
    Osmoses I: lvl 40
    Fire I: lvl 43
    Poisonga: lvl 52
    Blizzard I: lvl 58
    Sleep: lvl 60
    Abosorb MND: lvl 62
    Tractor: lvl 64
    Absorb CHR: lvl 66
    Thunder I: lvl 70
    Absorb VIT: lvl 70
    Absorb AGI: lvl 74
    Defense up traits, and other melee job abilties and traits just make you a
    gimp tank, and the half level white magic isnt that helpful since you will
    have poor MP with PLD as a sub.  Nothing that boosts your main abilities.
    Job Abilities:
    Holy Circle: lvl 10
    Shield Bash: lvl 30
    Sentinel: lvl 60
    Protect: lvl 70
    Job Traits:
    Undead Killer: lvl 10
    Defense Up: lvl 20
    Resist sleep: lvl 40
    Defense Up: lvl 60
    Cure I: lvl 10
    Banish I: lvl 14
    Protect I: lvl 20
    Cure II: lvl 34
    Shell I: lvl 40
    Cure III: lvl 60
    Protect II: lvl 60
    Banish: lvl 68
    Ninjitsu is always helpful, but very expensive.  Dual Wield doesn't help too
    much since you wouldn't be able to equip a shield if you had two weapons.
    Again, not to great of a choice.
    Job Abilities:
    Again... no job abilties gained from this subjob. >.<
    Job Traits:
    Stealth: lvl 10
    Resist Bind: lvl 10
    Dual Wield: lvl 10
    Nice boost to TP gain, but if you play solo, you wont be doing many renkeis
    anyways.  Otherwise, nothing special.
    Job Abilities:
    Demon Circle: lvl 10
    Heart Eye: lvl 30
    Silent Concentration: lvl 60
    Job Traits:
    Resist Blind: lvl 10
    Store TP: lvl 20
    Ewwwwwwwww.  Bad choice.  This job generally makes a bad subjob, because its
    main strength is summoning the Wyrven, but if its your sub, you won't be able
    too.  No reason at all to sub Dragoon.
    Job Abilities:
    Enchant Circle: lvl 10
    Jump: lvl 20
    High Jump: lvl 70
    Job Traits:
    Attack Up: lvl 20
    Dragon Killer: lvl 50
    Hirate Up: lvl 60
    Uh, you won't be getting anything good from this.  You will have a good amount
    of MP, but it won't do you any good with half level summons and no spells to
    cast.  Not only will the half level summons suck, but they make it so you cant
    charm, since you can only have one pet >.<
    Job Abilities:
    Attack: lvl 1
    Call: lvl 1
    Release: lvl 1
    Those are all pet abilties I might add that correspond to your summon.
    Job Traits:
    MP Max Up: lvl 20
    Resist Slow: lvl 40
    Auto Refresh: lvl 50
    All summons are gained via quests (the summons that have been seen in past FF
    games) or via scrolls (elementals) and are all lvl 1.  So Im just going to
    go down the list.
    The elemental summons are just based on magic elements, i.e. Water Element.
    3.5) Equipment Assistance
    Beastmasters, seeing as they solo alot, can wear heavy armor.  This allows them
    to have a decent amount of defense so they can tank for their pets if they are
    solo playing, and they can take some decent hits as a tank if they are in a
    party.  There are some types of armor they can't wear, like some mage specific
    or MNK/NIN/SAM (stuff like martial slacks that only those three can wear) that
    a BST can't wear, and at higher levels the armor starts to be more Job specific
    so they can't wear that kind.  But you won't be short of any defense.
    Here I'll just list the weapons a BST can equip and how they rank.
    (ranking system is 1=Great 2=Decent 3=Basic 4=Below Average)
    Looking at the Weapon stats of a BST, Axe is the best kind of weapon for a BST,
    but in a party, you might want to use Scythe if you don't plan to tank incase
    the party needs a higher damager dealer.  Generally is best to stick with Axe
    though since Axe does decent damage, has decent delay, and allows you to equip
    a shield.
    3.6) Stat Calculator
    This URL leads to a decent stat calculator that will give you stats based on
    race, job, and sub job.  Just keep in mind that it doesnt take into consider-
    ation any job traits that boost HP or MP.
    3.8) Artifact Armor
    Artifact Armor, commonly referred to as AF armor, is job specific armor with
    really nice boosts to skills and stats for that job.  To see what AF armor
    looks like, take this URL.
    Now, time for some stats and how to unlock it.
    Condition to Undertake: Beastmaster of at least Lv 40
    Location/Map: Upper Jeuno / Chocobo Stable
    AF Name and Type:Barbaroy Axe / 1H Axe
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 40, Damage 32, Delay 288, STR+2, CHR+2
    Contents of the Quest: *
    Tips: Get a bell from the Treasure Chest in the middle floors of Delkfutt's
    The key is dropped by Giants.
    Get the key, and report Brutus and complete the quest.
    If you are LV40, you can go alone.
    Condition to Undertake: To have completed the quest of (BST/AF1).
    Beastmaster of LV50 at least.
    Location/Map: Upper Jeuno / Chocobo Stable
    AF Name and Type:Beast Gaiter / Feet
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 52, Def 10, HP +11, AGI +3, "take care of
    pet" effect up, tame +2
    Contents of the Quest: *
    Tips: Inverstigate around Underground Pool of the underground of Fei'yin.
    Investigate the pond of F-5 in the underground and an NM Dabotz' s Ghost
    appears. Kill it and investigate the pond again. An event takes place.
    Go back to the Chocobo Stable of Upper Jeuno.
    Go to the Castle Oztroja and open the Treasure Chest.
    Trade the torque of beasts ("collar of animal") that you get from the Chest
    to the monkey Tebhi and in front of Mashoseki of the Castle Oztroja.
    Report it to Brutus and complete the quest.
    Condition to Undertake: To have completed the quest of (BST/AF2).
    Beastmaster of LV50 at least.
    Location/Map: Lower Jeuno
    AF Name and Type:Beast Trouser / Legs
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 60, Def 30, HP +15, CHR +4, "killer" stat up,
     tame +6
    Contents of the Quest: *
    Tips: You're told to bring a whistle and so trade a mahogany lumber to a
    child in the Chocobo House in Upper Jeuno and get a whistle.
    Go to the Eldieme Mound. Investigate the coffin. NM monsters of a dog and
    two tigers appear.
    Recommended PT configutration: 12 members of LV58 at least.
    Condition to Undertake: To have cleared the AF1 quest. Beastmaster of LV50 at
    Location/Map: Upper Jeuno / Protective Equipment Shop
    AF Name and Type:Beast Gloves / Hands
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 54, Def 12, HP +11, DEX +3, evade +5,
    tame +3
    Contents of the Quest: Somewhere in the world, there told to be The Arm Guard
    which was specially manufactured by Bolghertz and a craftsman whose maitrise
    was one in a hundred years...
    Tips: Search for Treasure Coffer at the Crawler's Nest.
    The key is dropped by 'Rumble Crawler' and 'Wespe'.
    Rumble Crawler is found at G-9, the place with the shape of donut. (There are
    some in other places.)
    The location of Treasure Coffer which has been found currently:
    - The small ROOM of G-9 in the place with the shape of donut.
    - The turning point at F-9.
    - The corner in the small ROOM of G-8.
    Talk to Guslam at the Protective Equipment Shop in Upper Jeuno and talk to the
    mithra (Yin Pocanakhu) at Tenshodo. Investigate? ? ? In front of the tax-free
    shop and an event takes place. And make a contract with Bolghertz.
    Then you are told to bring 'Flame of Darkness' ("flame of darkness") from the
    Castle Zvahl.
    Go straight the crossroad of the Castle Zvahl Baileys, and at the furthest
    place where demons flock together and there is the Torch.
    Investigate it and an NM 'Dark Spark' appears. Kill it and get the flame of
    darkness ("flame of darkness").
    Bring it to Port Jeuno and investigate? ? ? In front of the tax-free shop and
    get the Arm Guard.
    Recommended PT configutration: 2 members of LV55 at least. (for the key). 6
    members at least for the latter part.
    Condition to Undertake: To have received the offer of 'The Lost Manitou Arm
    Guard of Bolghertz' or completed it.
    Location/Map: *
    AF Name and Type:Beast Helmet / Head
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 56, Def 22, HP +15, INT +5, "calm pet" effect
    up, tame +4
    Contents of the Quest: *
    Tips: The key is dropped by 'Fallen Officer' & 'Bhuta'.
    The location of Treasure Coffer which has been confirmed so far:
    - Slightly after going through the 2nd Anti-Manitou Gate and the broken stairs
    to go back rightward.
    - After going trough the 2nd Anti-Manirou Gate, turn left and go strait and
    the hollow ON the leftward in the beetle area.
    - The frog area (H-8) ON the rightward.
    - In front of the incinerator
    - After going trough the 3nd Anti-Manirou Gate and turn left and go straight
    to the end.
    Recommended PT configutration: 4 members of LV55 at least. (Indispensable for
    both of the key and the coffer)
    Condition to Undertake: Treasure Coffer of ??? the ?.
    AF Name and Type:Beast Jack / Body
    Equipment Characteristics: Lv 58, Def 44, HP +20, VIT +3, "take care of pet"
    stat up - poison recovery improves etc, tame +5
    Contents of the Quest: *
    Tips: The keys are dropped by 'Darksteel Quadav', 'Ancient Quadav' and
    'Sapphire Quadav'.Coffer is found at each small ROOM of M-6 to N-7,
    K-7, K-8, and L-6.
    Recommended PT configutration: 6 members of LV58 at least. (for the key)
    4.0) Copyright Information
    Copyrighted to Justin Biller, if you wish to use this faq on any other website,
    please give me an email at diablo_sonsoflight@yahoo.com and DO NOT change any-
    thing in the faq.  Websites that are allowed to use this faq at the moment are
    If you wish to help contribute to this faq, just give me an email, and what
    name you would like to use for contribution recognition.
    *=Unknown, un-needed.  If it is unknown, it should be somewhat obvious, but if
    it is, drop me a line if you do know it and help me out with this faq ^.^

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