Review by Aizen_x44

"Final Fantasy 11 is like a watered down version of WoW, NOT for single player mode."

To be fair I am writing this review many years after its release, however I feel like finally writing about my experience with the game. I was so excited when FF11 was finally released, I brought it on the day it came out. Loaded it up, and gladly paid the monthly fee required to play the game. Keep in mind that back then, World Of Warcraft (WoW) did no exist and FF11 was the most advanced MMORPG of its kind. The graphics are excellent, the ability to customize your own character is excellent as well. In a nut shell this FF has no storyline, MMORPGs don't ever really have storylines, instead they have task and missions that must be preformed. The fun of the game isn't in a compelling story (like in previous FF's) but rather in meeting friends online and traveling together as a band of warriors, completing task.

It takes forever to gain high levels and get good items. The game requires a LOT of repetitive turn based battles with very little interaction, skill or strategy involved. Some people enjoy that type of thing and others like myself find it boring. All MMORPGs are this way, however I find the battle system to be more repetitive in FF11 than other games of it's genre, and so that is why I gave it low marks of 6/10 and did not play the game for very long. I did enjoy the accomplishment of gaining levels and getting good items, but there's not a whole lot to do other than that. Because of the way the game is built, new players will find it nearly impossible to partner up with more experienced players. Everyone just wants to leech onto the players with the highest levels and the higher the level, the more arrogant the player. The online player base is overall pigheaded and everyone is really out for themselves, which leads one to wander around the online world map completing a lot of solo missions and whatnot. To it's credit I will say there's TONS and TONS of stuff to do, the missions and world map are expansive and will provide many many many hours of activities, so there's almost no way to run out of content any time soon.

In the end, the experience wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped and in general kind of showed me the limitations in MMORPGs of it's time as a genre. I think the main weakness of game is that it's too repetitive and not enough actual gameplay skill is involved. The strength of past FFs is that gameplay has always featured active battle systems and deep storyline, neither of which is in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/23/11

Game Release: Final Fantasy XI (US, 10/28/03)

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