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Reviewed: 07/06/03 | Updated: 07/06/03

The most amazing MMORPG I've ever SEEN!!!

Wow. This is what I call a MMORPG. This game has so many good aspects that I don't even know where to I'll start with the gameplay!

GAMEPLAY (10/10)

The gameplay, like any MMORPG, is quite extensive. There is so much to do, and FFXI is no exception. First you have to take a pick between 5 races. Hume (Human), Galka (Male only. Bear-like), Mithra (Catgirls. Female only), Taru Taru (midget-like fairy creatures), and Elvaan (Elf). And it doesn't stop there. You get to choose from many different faces and hairstyles! And to add to it, it will be hard to find an exact copy of your character because different armors, weapons, and accessories make your character look more and more different. And that's not all! You then get to choose not one, but two classes! One class will be your main class, and the other will be your secondary class (you'll have the skills, but not as effective). Later on, you'll be able to go on job quests to get the second level classes. This can be compared to Final Fantasy Tactics in a way. In fact, most of the classes you can choose from can be found in FFT such as Warrior, Black Mage, White mage, Monk, bard, ninja, samurai, thief, and so on. And you're still not done yet. You get to choose a guild! A guild is like a career so you can make items and sell them for money or use yourself. Some guilds are alchemist (potion making), cook (food, obviously), and many many more. Choose the guild that would benefit your character the most, or just what you think would be most fun. Now you've just created your character! Now it gets better. You get to choose which land you want to star off in! There are 3 kingdoms to choose from so each kingdom has different surroundings and enemies. Now its time to go traveling. During your travels and leveling up, you can form parties with other players. Up to 6 people can be in a party at once. Being with parties is essential, and it makes the game more fun. You can try to solo the whole time but it wont be near as good. And now on to more in-depth details...

GRAPHICS (10/10)

The graphics are amazing, especially for a MMORPG! I've never seen anything like it. The characters, the surroundings, the towns, the magic (ooh baby...), and the summoned monsters all look so great! I've never seen anything like this! Its amazing!


Now the controls are easy to master, but the one problem that prevents this from getting a perfect 10 is the camera. The camera may get on your nerves many times, but it can easily be fixed. Other than that, the controls are no problem at all.


The Sound and Music are very crisp and easy to hear. They are also very enjoyable. The sound of this game is very realistic. The crashing swords, the punches, the lighting spells, even footsteps. Everything sounds great. The music is even better. Unlike other MMORPGs, the music actually changes depending on your situation. There's a battle theme when you engage in combat and there are several kinds depending on your surrounding environment. The music itself may not be catchy, but its great how they fit in with your situation.


There are a lot of special interesting things about FFXI and I want to share them with you. In FFXI, you get your very own Moghouse. A Moghouse is a private place just for you. No one else can get in. In this moghouse you have your own Moogle, which can act as a bank, give you information, and several other things. You can grow plants in your house to use for herbs or other things. You can even decorate it to your liking! Maybe sometime in the future other people can visit your Moghouse.

Bosses. Yes that's right. Bosses. Unlike most MMORPGs, this game actually has bosses. Bosses are huge, powerful monsters that only appear one at a time in this MMORPG. Unlike normal RPGs, they'll come back when they're dead after a while for other players to fight. The music also plays a role here because there is a theme for normal battles and boss battles so you can tell what is a normal monster and what is a boss. And there is also the ultimate boss of the game...but you'll have to figure out who that is for yourself. Most bosses are found during quests.

Emotions are included in this game! While talking to other players, you can use emotions, such as smile, laugh, frown, get angry, and my personal favorite, panic (i.e. running around flinging your arms around like crazy). This really adds to the fun of this game and there are many to choose from. This will add greatly to the development of your character...and its always fun to use panic. Always...


YES!!!! BUY BUY BUY! Well the game hasn't been released in the USA at the moment, but you can import if you want it now. The PC version will be out Q4 2003 and the PS2 version in Q1 2004. Perhaps you can beta test it before it comes out. Still, buy this game!!!

With all that said, good luck and have fun!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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