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"So much to do in this little MMORPG!"

What a great accomplishment for Square-Enix, I will never get tired of this game and I will tell you why.

Oh wow, the graphic texture is so nice no matter what resolution that i'm in. It is so nice to be able to customize your own character to make him/her look how you want. Also if I feel that the game is running choppy, I could turn off some of the features in-game. That's convienant! The game looks even great if I set the texture compression to high and adjust it to work on a computer that barely meet the requirements. It still looks wonderful!

Music & Sound:8
Ok, I could understand how hard it is to make a MMORPG's soundtrack without making the track seem repeatative and old after awhile of listening to it. But apparently Final Fantasy XI's soundtrack doesn't feel old at all, I still enjoy listening to it after 14 hours of gameplay.
The only thing I really didn't like is the lack of sound effects that was used in this game, I could hear music... well mostly music, barely any sound effects except from attack sounds.

The controls are pretty hard to get use to in the beginning for me, especially since I used one of the customizations that they offered. But after I got use to it, the game went pretty smooth.

This part is BIG, bigger than big.. It's great! There are so much to do from fishing, gardening, questing, and chocobo racing. The leveling isn't so bad either, I got plenty of skills that I earn through leveling up my weapon and class. If I ever got sick of playing on a certain class, I could always change it to something else anytime at my Mog House with NO CHARGE. Now if I want to play something else besides Final Fantasy XI, I could always pay 1 extra dollar to play Tetra Master, which takes a long time to master but really easy to learn.

Despite the large amount of hard drive space and system requirements that is needed, I think it's well worth it.
Certainly you'll put more time and effort into the game that it will make you forget the entire installation and requirement process.

Absolutely! just 2 hours of this game got me hooked and I couldn't stop playing, except time off for school work and regular work. But soon I found myself never wanting to return to the real world ever again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/31/03

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