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"Final Fantasy XI..The Next big thing in MMORPG Gameing!"

Final Fantasy XI, Squares newest installment to the great thing that is known as Final Fantasy. First off Id like to say, so far this game has BLOWN my mind! Its incredible, from character advancement. To the multiple missions and quests that you can do. It truly is a game, that if you can get into it will blow you away! In my review I will go thro and touch on some of the pros, and even the cons of this game. So lets get started.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)

What can I say, its final fantasy! With this being said you are bound to find a great game! The game is absolutely incredible..the gameplay is solid. Much like every other MMOPRPG the game play is extensive. Meaning you can, and if your willing to WILL find a lot of things to do! Say you wanna be a crafter, you can be just that! You wanna just be a fisher? Heck you can even do that. The job classes in the game are awesome. They rage from dragoons, to white mages, to even the classic black mage. The list is almost endless I think they did a incredible job, of bringing back every class. That has been apart of the final fantasy series. All the job classes, most of them. Are from squares Game Final Fantasy Tactics. What about partys some might ask? Well partying in this game is great. Later on in the game it truly becomes essential, to party up. Heck the other day I saw 20 Japanese players fighting a behemoth! Was really incredible!

GRAPHICS (10/10)

Graphics..I give them a perfect 10! Everything is well done. From the weather effects, to the character designs just everything is SO Breathe taking! Granted if you don't have a card that can handle the game, you wont think so much of it yourself. Take my word on it tho, it truly is incredible looking. In my opinion anyway.


Controls..well the controls are alright. They're fairly well done. The only complaint many people would have, is having to manage the camera. Which at times can, and will become a pain. As it doesn't lock onto your character hence you'll have to reset it a lot. Other then the camera, I think the controls are fairly well done. For a company that has done mostly console games there entire existence.


Wow, I mean wow. This game takes all the great points from every final fantasy and throws them all into one box. What could you expect tho, its Square! They have a great way of making a game sound incredible! I have been at this game since the release, and I have yet to turn the sound down. Or even turn it off, to me it has a sound that you could never get tired of.


To buy or not to buy? BUY BUY BUY! If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, or so much more Square then BUY! You will not be let down. If your a fan of MMPORPGs BUY BUY BUY! This game to me will not disappoint anyone who fare these types of games. From interacting with people to everything else. You truly cant go wrong.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/03/03

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