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"This Game is extremely Impressive"

GAMEPLAY (10/10)

This game has the best game play I have ever experienced. You’re instantly thrown into a lush world filled with NPC's and other players all interacting just like yourself. There are town main sectors of game play, when you’re out of cities fighting battles, and when you’re in cities mainly trading or working in a guild. First, when you’re out of cities in the wilderness animals can attack you, you may travel in a party of up to 6 people where you all fight the same enemy/enemies and divided the experience points accordingly. The menu you that is presented to you is very extensive. The first time you look at it you will most definitely be overwhelmed at the possibilities, yet just looking at the screen you see nothing, unless you would like to leave open that particular window. Even with all these windows acting like ''links'' when you click them, it is still an extremely easy system to navigate and you will quickly grasp it. Attacking an enemy is as easy as three mouse clicks or hitting the enter bar on your keyboard then proceeding towards the enemy using the number keys on the right of the keyboard. That is primarily the basics of out of city game play. However I shall elaborate more on this later throughout the review. Now the second aspect of game play, inner city play. This is generally more relaxed game play and much more social. In the cities you can trade, and go to the auction, or open your personal bazaar. The cities are where you sell your merchandise gathered from the wilderness and join guilds. Different cities have different guild specialties, you will learn more on this in an FAQ or from your personal experience playing the game. However the game play is certainly the greatest I have ever played, it is also an extremely large and interactive game. For example, there are three main cities, each fighting in a world for domination. In the near future, if you are an elf wandering in Hume territory you may end up being attacked by other Humes. This is where the war type action enters the game play, however this is not happening yet but will do, and will then provide even a more detailed and enhanced game play.

GRAPHICS (10/10)

For an MMORPG and with such a large area to explore I am simply blown away by the graphics. When the two largest video game producers merge, they create a masterpiece and SquareEnix has demolished any competition in the market. Even slight details that you could easily manage without are just enhanced creating a more in depth game playing experience. The landscape looks amazing and the perspectives are accurately catalogued no matter what angle your character is standing. The most noticeable graphic's feature I noticed would be the revolution of daytime. There is day, and then there is night. Each with a dusk and a dawn. Night time is very different than day, for example your vision is decreased and you can not always make out what animals or items are around you. The as the sun arises you slowly begin to see again. This is simply incredible and totally enhances the game playing experience. Again graphics are extremely good, but you may not notice them as much as the game play and the thrills that has to offer.

There are some flaws as far as controls are concerned. For example you can not always see where your mouse cursor is and you may need it to scroll over an enemy to attack it, although you can press enter instead, this only engages the character closest to your proximity. Another problem is the position of the keys used for movement. You must use the number pad on the far right of the keyboard, now normally I would use my right hand, but I then need my right hand to use the mouse. Well that seems simple enough, just move the keyboard to the left and let you arms rest on the right side of the keyboard. Well you still need the entire keyboard to type different commands, and you need the ''esc'' key to cancel things, although you can simply right click.

The sound and music in this game are extremely well done, as with almost all Final Fantasy games. It seems like an orchestra is constantly playing and even though classical type of music may not be your particular cup of tea, it somehow seems to set the mood accordingly and again, enhances the Final Fantasy 11 experience. There are not as many sound effects as such, compared to games such as Morrowind, for example you don’t hear the creaks of doors opening or the thud of iron boots as you walk past a warrior with heavy armor. Instead you hear mellow tunes and Celtic beats that seem very appropriate for the game. An other additional feature I particularly enjoy, would be different themes of music for different regions around the city, also they have a catchy tune to ripen your attention when a battle ensues.

Too purchase or not to purchase that is the question. Well in this case the original purchase price is not the only thing you must take into consideration. There is a monthly fee that must be paid every month, excluding first month. Also if you have more than one character you have to pay an additional fee for each extra character. However this game is by far worth it. There is just so much to do in the game that the possibilities seem endless and one could easily rake in over 150 hours of game play. I believe that this is a break-through in MMORPG, I have never seen anything like this before, and do not expect to see anything else like this for quite some time. I give big thumbs up to the developers of this game and it is sure worth it. I hope to see you online sometimes, and have lots of fun playing this incredible game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/05/03

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