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"Good game...nothing magical though"

Final or hate it you most likely have heard about it before. Now I have played many online games before but I think its best to compare this with Star Wars Galaxies seeing as how i'm currently paying and playing them both right now.

Graphics- 10/10

Excellent graphics which by now I would hope most games include. Even if your computer isn't that great you can still get some nice smooth graphical detail. I really enjoy seeing spells in action though cause they add a very cool effect when casted. Nice shadows even add more to the realism of the game.

Game play- 8/10

The gameplay is awesome, easily allowing you to choose your profession without the hastle of skill points like in swg. Basically you can fight with a combat class like warrior or monk, be a healer or spell caster with red, black and white mages or even level up your smithing skills.

Controls- 2/10

Now if this is your first online game then you wont notice this but for someone who has played other online games the controls are nothing short of horrible. Camera angles are a killer, not allowing you to swing the camera in battle adds even more frustration and even accessing the menu is annoying see as how you cant have anything selected for it to even open. Swg had an awesome auto-run feature which this game does as well but its as though they decided to make it harder so you cant directly move right and left yet its more of a wavy affect and if you turn left or right a little to lightly it cancels the autorun...even the chat log is horrible seeing as how combat attacks, talking and /tells are all in one window...

Combat- 8/10

Nothing magical or new, pretty much the same combat system used in most online games. If your a warrior you select an enemy click the fun unravel then so on, and if your a mage you click what spell to do. Not much real strategy to it at all just the knowledge of what abilities and spells you can cast really.

Sound- 10/10

The sound is very nice, I am most impressed with the combat sounds. Grunts from your character as he/she swings his weapon or casts a spell is very nice and defiantly makes the fights more enjoyable. Town music and such are also very nice, slightly cheery tunes add to the thrill of walking around town.

Leveling- 7/10

Leveling is basically what you've come to expect, you kill monsters you craft stuff etc and you gain levels. The reason for why this isn't a 10 is because when you die you actually LOSE combat exp and when the most exp your getting per creature is around 20-30 losing 10% of your exp aint gonna help

Healing Ability- 6/10

Buy a white mage..pretty simple stuff. But say your not a white mage or you cant afford that +600g potion...what do you do? well press /heal and you get to see your character kneel for minutes as the exciting healing takes place! now this may seem good when your max health is lower then 60 but once you get stronger healing yourself with /heal is gonna take a looong time. In swg you could just regenerate yourself, be a medic or use a camp (given you had the necessary skills)

Replay factor- 10/10

Online game...obviously your expected it to play it more then once. Seeing as how getting money is very hard (which personally I don't think is bad) it makes you have to play more to earn your armor, weapons tools etc. Thankfully you dont have to worry about not playing for hours upon hours a day where as you can probably get a few hours in a day and still have a little excitement.

Story- 10/10

Without giving it away i'll just make it simple...3 kingdoms are about to go to war you choose a kingdom then take it from there.

Recommend: If you feel that you just have to have this game or just dont want any other online games get this. This game is in all honestly nothing magical, nothing new theres nothing in here thats never been seen or done before just a classic online game dealing in leveling making friends, you know the usual.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/06/03

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