"The worst thing is, people will think this is better than EQ"

Flat out, this is bad game. From the 1st moment you take out the CD, its going to be bad. The installation is the worst job you could hope to do. It takes around 2 hours to install, with a 30 minute patch right out of the gate.

Character Creation/Server Management 0/10
Well, most people are not going to be making more then one character, unless you want to drop more money. This is just a stupid idea, could have been changed but it exists just to show the Square Enix need to stay out of the MMORPG genre. Oh and you want to play with your friend that is on the Aridshshdakalopidudu or some other japanese babble named server? Well that for some reason is also not incorparated into this game. Square is going to pick your server for you, so there.

Graphics 8/10 I guess these are good graphics. People are actually ripping EQ now for having crappy graphics and this having superior japanesed theme graphics. Well this game is going to feel real crappy looking when EQ 2 comes out in all its beauty. Honestly, ripping a game that is 6 years old.

Gameplay 5/10 Your standard hunt and kill situations. Nothing groundbreaking.

Characters This is what makes and breaks a MMORPG. And sadly Sqaure Enix has tried to put some regular FF type character classes in. Plus you can change them on the fly. This kills the whole Multiplayer aspect of the game, because everyone can do everything. I played EQ for 3 years and the last 3 months just got boring because I had done mostly everything, created every character. In EQ you had to contribute your class skills to groups alot, they were unique to your class, Well not here, you can switch your Job, and be everything on one character. This limits the oppritunity too force quests , weapons, items upon individuals. If you want to do a quest for a job you are not, just switch too it!

Overall 2/10 This is not really a MMORPG, and in no way will this accumulate the level of EQ, simply because its forced japanese rpg elements into an American genre. The people giving this good ratings are people that love there Ps2 dearly, loving all the japanese games that are simply stupid for the most part. On pc, this game will die in march, when EQ 2 launches with around 200,000 suscribers playing a game made right. I have a dream, and that dream is to realize why most gamers hate American games, and come to love Japanese games. So you can play your FF XI on PC, while I play some Rainbow Six 3 on XB live, oh and by the way watch out for my review for Final Fantasy X-2, because I am going to logically pick apart its design flaws. Mission based is really not something they should have dont to it............

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/07/03

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