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"A decent first start."

Final Fantasy is a decent first attempt at an on-line RPG while not groundbreaking fans of the series may enjoy it because it does something no other MMORPG has done so far it lets you be in environment you’ve already come to love and share it with your friends, but as you will see there is some things that it doesn’t do well. It wears many different hats some it does well others are too complex to be useful to the masses. In its current state it is functional but flawed to the point it may frustrate a good deal of people. I don’t wholeheartedly suggest trying Final Fantasy in its current incarnation, but the plus side is because it’s a MMORPG they have built in the ability to tweak the game somewhat and the feedback that’s being provided could be used to make changes that are very positive. If you enjoy Final Fantasy games give this one a try and see what you think but if your looking for the “next big thing in on-line gaming” you will be very disappointed.

Graphics 10/10

One of the best looking games around today. They have put a lot of work into visual quality and it shows. There is a lot of detail on the objects and the adjustable foreground background lets you tweak it to your personal preference.

Sound 7/10

The sound when you 1st hear them are impressive but as with any MMORPG it quickly gets old and very repetitive, but you have to expect that because it just isn’t feasible to put in 10,000 hrs of music into a game. They do seem to be themed to the different area’s you are in for the most part and are initially catchy. All and all in this category I think they did an impressive job but I’m not comfortable with a higher score only because it does get grating sometimes.

Controls 4/10

The controls at first are impossibly hard because the game was designed to be used on the PS2 everything is setup for the controller. Any experience you’ve had with controls in pretty much any other on-line RPG can be thrown out the window, be ready for a learning curve. Once you do finally get used to the controls some things do seem like it is a decent layout but it would be nice if you could customize the controls a little more.

Gameplay 6/10

While there are a few really neat features to this game that deserve mentioning, most of the game is rather bland. There is a really nice conquest feature that provides the player with a personal feel to the way the whole world in controlled by allowing them to actually make a difference by there actions. There are a fair number of quests and missions. Missions further the “personal” story of the character it a lot like playing a Final Fantasy game on a console but have thousands of others playing the same game with you. While quests are mostly a diversion. You can do most questions and mission at any time >although you may have to level up to get to the things you need to complete them.< There are several “flawed” items in the game one of the biggest is combat. Its similar to most MMORPG’s in that you target a creature and go at it but there the similarities end, The game was really designed to be played with a party, and the force this with a specialized system to use this system you have to perfectly time your attacks with other players attacks to get extra damage, the more the game progress’s the more important this becomes. While I find this feature neat it does make things a little to hard because any little thing can break the chains. Another main flaw is there are major class disparities there are some class’s that for the most part just aren’t currently useful while the novelty factor of them may attract some, most people will shy away from them. Partying can be difficult especially at first it gets a little easier to party as you level up but it still can be difficult, while this partially isn’t a problem that the game itself created its worth mentioning. This game has been out for awhile in Japan and there can be a language barrier because of this they do try to include some translation features but they don’t work very well.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/07/03

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