Review by poison the brain

Reviewed: 11/11/03

One of the best MMORPGs, period.

One of the best selling series of all time goes online. Whether you love it or hate it Final Fantasy has stomped the competition over the years and Final Fantasy XI is yet another example of true RPG greatness.

Gameplay 9/10 - The gameplay is what sets this game apart from every other MMORPG on the market. There is so much to do in Final Fantasy XI (maybe even too much) it's mind boggling. I'm going to list just a few of the activities out of the hundreds this game has to offer. Mm, where to begin? Crafting is a skill used in many MMORPGs today. I've played my fair share of MMORPGS; Everquest, Anarchy Online, Ragnarok, Etc. Yet, nothing has caught my eye quite like this one. You can be a fisherman, blacksmith, goldsmith, carpenter, cook, leatherworker, boneworker, or a alchemist. Yes, there aren't as many choices as some other MMORPGs out there, but, in Final Fantasy XI they're extremely complex, unlike other MMORPGs which have tons of activities that eventually just get tedious and boring. Now, let's talk about the job system. This took me almost a full week before I understood it all. The job system is so complex it's unbelievable. You can choose from all your classic Final Fantasy job classes and then some. You have warrior, monk, red mage, black mage, white mage, and thief to start with. Later, once you hit level 30, you can go on a quest to achieve one of the advanced classes. The advanced classes are as followed; dragoon, ninja, beastmaster, bard, dark knight, paladin, ranger, and summoners. Also, when you hit level 18 you can quest to receive a sub job. The combat system in the game is just about the same as any other MMORPG out there, with a few exceptions. Final Fantasy has it's own unique interface that sets it apart from all other MMORPGs, but that's about it. There are also quests you can embark on to earn money, weapons, armor, and many other items.

Graphics 10/10 - Beautiful. The graphics are simply amazing. The character models are gorgeous and very detailed. I was most impressed by the weather effects.

Sound 8/10 - The sound effects are pretty good. Your basic *swhing* and *rargh* sounds for battle. The sounds of your surroundings will blow you away. The the thunder has startled me a few times ^^

Control 7/10 - The controls were meant for the PS2 so, of course they aren't all that great. You have your basic keyboard settings and controller support, nothing special. The one thing that ticks me off is the camera angles. One minute I'll be in plain view of my character, the next I'll be looking at the side of a mountain with the camera zoomed all the way in. It's confusing but you'll get the hang of it. With that said, the controls are still pretty smooth.

Music 10/10 - This is actually what I like best about this Final Fantasy XI. I actually went out and purchased the soundtrack already. The battle music is as catchy as ever and most of the areas I've been to have had very enjoyable and memorable music.

Overall 9/10 - If you love Final Fantasy, MMORPGs, or both, I would highly recommend you going out and purchasing Final Fantasy XI. Like I said earlier I've played just about every MMORPG that is out on the market and none of them, NONE, can even begin to draw me in like Final Fantasy XI did. The only reason keeping me from a perfect 10 is the freakin controls! One of the best selling series of all time goes online. Other than that Final Fantasy XI is perfect in every aspect. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy this masterpiece!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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