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"Beautiful Graphics, Great Job System, and There's a Story?"

I bought this game with the idea that I could play it in conjunction with Final Fantasy X-2, around the same time I'd also gotten Mario Kart. Unfortunately for the past month, those two games have simply been collecting dust. Is this game that great? Possibly. . .

Graphics- 9/10

It's a Square-Enix game, and just as with past Final Fantasy's this game is absolutely stunning. Animations are fluid; lag is rare (amazing considering how little bandwidth the game actually takes) and runs perfectly fine on 56K--so long as you have 8-10 hours on your hands for the initial patch download. It has quite a few configuration options so that you can keep your CPU sane while playing the game. Very nice indeed.

Gameplay- 10/10

I couldn't imagine giving this game a lower score as I have not stopped playing it in my free time. And the same goes with my ''friends'' with whom I play online. If I had one gripe it would be with the games manner of moving the plot along, but even when I'm unable to find a party to do a certain mission at any given time, there's always the option to do anything else.

I've read some complaints about Soloing being impossible. Yes, it is impossible if you plan it poorly. If you fight difficult monsters the resting time will drive you crazy, if you don't die during battle. But if you keep it easy, you can tear through them while gaining experience faster than you'd imagine. But why solo in an MMORPG? This game was designed specifically for team fighting, and that is where it excels.

Controls- 10/10

Yes, 10/10. If you use the mouse, you're insane. But with the keyboard setup it moves beautifully. I'm perplexed as to how anyone could really enjoy the depth of this game using a controller, when auto following, auto running (without losing stamina) targeting, and chatting is so easy with the keyboard controls. And the macro function makes battles a breeze. It may take a while to learn it, but this is a deep PC game. That learning curve (not very steep) is well worth the time spent.

Story- 5/10

I have not finished the story in the game, and unlike other Final Fantasy's I really don't care if I do. It's not exciting, rather confusing, and only there to open up other aspects of the game. It's the weakest aspect of the game. On the other hand, it's really not the point of the game, I suppose. The point is to socialize, fight, and have fun, and the game has succeeded on all fronts.

Final Score- 9/10

This is just a great game overall. It’s not for everyone. Player Killers will certainly get no enjoyment out of it and nor will people who have absolutely no social skills or sense of politeness as they will successfully lose any ability to party whatsoever as word does spread of obnoxious people. It’s also not for the casual gamer, but the casual gamer rarely ever plays MMORPGs. With that said, it’s definitely for the hardcore: those who love these games and those who love Final Fantasy. But the skeptical may ask--

Is it a Final Fantasy?

Yes! Old school style! With a large selection of Jobs to choose from and even ones to work at getting (with apologies to the lazy bums who don't want to work at getting them) and a sub job system that makes exploring every tiny aspect of the game even more desirable. And we can't forget the usual assortment of all things Final Fantasy, i.e. the Chocobo, Cactuar, Summons, etc.

Even Cid's in the game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/30/03

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