Review by GoldGolem634

Reviewed: 07/21/04

Greatest park building game. Ever

wow. where do i start? when i heard about this game i was very skeptical about it being very good, mostly because i've played sim themepark. i picked up this game at target for twenty dollars and came home and installed it into my computer. thats when i saw the realism of the dinosaurs. anyway, lets start the review.

Graphics: 10/10
The dinosaurs look so real. the most impressive one in my opinion is tyrannosaurus. it looks just like the one on jurassic park 3. it is obvious that bluetounge (the creaters of this game) paid great attention to every detail. the people look very terrified as they are being slowly ripped apart by a velociraptor. the blood looks real too. then there are the dinosaur fights.... wow. you can create the famous tyrannosaurus versus spinnosaurus fight that occured in jurassic park 3.

Sound: 10/10
the roars of the dinosaurs are exactly like the movies. the screams of the visitors as they are killed by a hungry carnivore are hilarious (in a very dark kind of way). the people laugh when they see herbivores playing and gasp in awe when they see the large carnivores. the guns sound real and so do the honks of the car's horn.

Gameplay: 10/10
Some may say that simulation games dont have much gameplay but there is more to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis then meets the eye. you can do more than build the park. You can fly a helicopter. You can rescue (or leave for dead) visitors. You can pit many dinosaurs against each other. (Like tyrannosaurs and triceratops) you can drive a safari car, and run over dinosaurs with it. ;) you sometimes have to sedate and revive dinosaurs, but other times you have to put the out of their misery. when driving the car or riding in a hot air ballon, you can take pictures which sometimes are made into postcards and give you money. what else would you want in a park?!?

I would put in a story but there isnt one really.

replayability: 10/10
In this game, the A.I. is extremely smart. if you dont believe it, go to the ps2's version's message board and look at the studies.

Rent, or buy:
Im not sure if you can rent computer games, but id recommend buying it if you enjoy dinosaurs, jurassic park or sim park builders.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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