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"T-Rex Eats The Competition"

This game like all games are based on the book and the blockbuster movies. In Op Genesis you play as the park manager and "god". You build a park and then open it to get visitors there and try and make them happy by building buildings to make them happy and keep the dinosaurs happy by giving them food, friends, water and give them there shots and so on and so on.

The Gameplay is awesome you can control vehicles, cameras, life of you tourists "wink, wink". When you aren't taking care of you tourists you can go to you dig site and gain DNA to keep you tourists happy by making more interesting dinosaurs. There is 3 gameplay modes, Campaign, Island B, and Scenario missions. Campaign is you build you park get DNA, more amenities for your tourists and have to take care of you park and get a quarterly report from your superiors on how you park is doing, Oh and did I forget making Money! Island B is where you build an island of your liking and get to pick which dinosaurs go on the island. You just watch and gain some control of you dinosaurs and watch them eat each other and so on. Unfortunately this can only be unlocked by completing Campaign. Scenarios in this game are just things that you would encounter in your park its really helpful. You have to save the president of some society's, take pictures and all kinds of missions that help to prepare.

The graphics are excellent and looks like your actually on and island full of dinosaurs and people. Sounds like the graphics are excellent the dinosaurs roars and groans can be heard from half way across the park and sounds like the movies.

To really gain 100% on this game you must finish you park with a 5 star rating and everyone happy including you peers. Finish the Scenarios, and gain every dinosaur and of course unlock island B. This game will take around 1-5 days to complete or so depends on you. Every single park will not be the same so you can replay it over and over again and get a different result.

Overall this game is really solid games and has no real flaws and this game is definitely the $40 plus it is on the console games as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/18/05

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