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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Zophar / Hyliath

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 03/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Command and Conquer: Generals
    ***ASCII art coming soon!!!***
    [Game = Command and Conquer: Generals]
    [System = PC]
    [Version = 0.3]
    [Created = February 16, 2003]
    [Author = Lord Zophar w/ assistance from Hyliath]
    [Contact = Slasher962@aol.com]
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ANOTHER MAJOR NOTE ABOUT COPYRIGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This guide IS
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    I.  Introduction
    II.  What's New
    III.  Controls
    IV.  Unit/Building/Commander Powers List
    V.  Walkthrough
         A.  Training campaign
         B.  China campaign
         C.  GLA campaign
         D.  USA campaign
    VI.  Skirmish Games
    VII.  Online Play
    VIII. Strategies
    IX.  Codes/Secrets
    X.  Patches
    XI. FAQs
    XII.  Miscellaneous
    XIII.  Credits/Thanks
    I. Introduction
    Welcome to my guide for Command and Conquer: Generals!  This is a fabulous new
    game released by EA, that while it may be a graphics hog, it is really a high
    quality game.  I bought this game the day it came out and after playing it for
    a few days I decided I wanted to write a guide to help people that are having
    trouble with the game.  I will also address many common questions as well as
    give strategies to help "newbies" in this guide.  All I ask is that you don't
    steal my guide or flame me in any way.  You may disagree with something, but if
    you have any problems or questions, please do no hesitate to contact me at
    Slasher962@aol.com!  To use this guide more easily, simply press ctrl+f in your
    browser and then type in the section you want to go to and hit find.  These are
    special code words used only twice in my guide so that you will be take to the
    section you want!  Well, now onto the guide I guess!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~II. What's
    v. 0.1: I started the guide and all did a little in every section, including
    walkthroughs for the tutorial missions.  Albeit, not needed, but have to make
    my guide comprehensive.
    v. 0.2: I added the unit list part, added online play and skirmish part, also
    got some faqs in
    v. 0.3:Have a new helper named Hyliath who has contributed the China
    walkthrough, he is new to guide writing so I figured we could work together in
    conjunction with finishing this guide (I don't have enough time to do it alone
    anyway!)  Also made several fixes.
    Alright, for now I will list only a few simple ones, but later I will list all
    the shortcuts for your convenience!
    Left Mouse - Select unit(s)/designate move
    Right Mouse - Deselect currently selected item
    Mouse Wheel+ - Zoom in to battlefield
    Mouse Wheel- - Zoom out from battle field
    A+Left Mouse - Attack move
    Ctrl+Left Mouse - Force attack
    Esc - Bring up in game menu
    IV.  Unit/Building/Commander Powers List
    USA Units
    Construction Dozer
    Cost: 1000
    Purpose: Builder
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Command Center
    Cost: 225
    Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition, Clear Garrisoned Structures
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Barracks
    Missile Defender
    Cost: 300
    Purpose: Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Barracks
    Cost: 600
    Purpose: Scout, Anti-Infantry
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Barracks, Generals Ability
    Colonel Burton
    Cost: 1500
    Purpose: Scout, Base Infiltration
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Barracks, Structure Upgrade
    Cost: The loss of a veteran unit
    Purpose: Veterancy Transfer
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Death of a vehicle with Veteran Status
    Cost: 600
    Purpose: Clears Toxin, Healer
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: War Factory
    Cost: 700
    Purpose: Transport, Quick Hit Attacks
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: War Factory
    Crusader Tank
    Cost: 900
    Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: War Factory
    Paladin Tank
    Cost: 1100
    Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: War Factory, Generals Ability
    Tomahawk Missile Launcher
    Cost: 1200
    Purpose: Siege
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: War Factory, Structure Upgrade
    Cost: 1000
    Purpose: Supply Collector, Transport
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Supply Center
    Cost: 1400
    Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Air Field
    Cost: 1500
    Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Air Field
    Aurora Bomber
    Cost: 2500
    Purpose: Base Assault
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Air Field, Structure Upgrade
    Stealth Fighter (Generals Ability)
    Cost: 1600
    Purpose: Base Assault
    Bio: coming soon
    Requires: Air Field, Generals Ability
    USA Upgrades
    USA Generals Abilities and Super Power
    China Units
    China Uprades
    China Generals Abilities and Super Power
    GLA Units
    GLA Upgrades
    GLA Generals Abilities and Super Power
    Not much for now, but more will come, I promise!
    | A.  Training campaign |
    ***Mission 1***
    Location: Mazar Free Fire Zone
    Operation: Silent Dawn
         -GLA controls a Chemical Weapon Plant
         -Destroy the Chemical Weapons Plant
         -Eliminate the threat
    Pre-Game Movie: Your forces attempt to give you air support, but they are met
    by some Stinger Sites.  Fortunately, they are able to clear a LC for you and a
    plane comes and drops of five Rangers for you.
    Guide: Head left with all your troops and target the Technical there.  This
    will cause two things: you will be reinforced by Humvees and sometimes the
    Technical will take out the troops too.  If it does not, just finish them off. 
    After that, load your men into a Humvee and attack the troops around the
    Barracks.  Once you touch this building, as well as any other buildings in the
    start area, they become yours to use.  After you have done this, kill the
    remaining GLA forces near your newly acquired building.  This will prompt air
    support via some wonderful Comanches, after which you should move into the base
    eliminating the rest of the enemy troops (they only have infantry, so don't
    worry) and capturing the buidlings.  If you want to make things easier, you can
    always run some of the GLA troops over.
    New Objective: Use your Construction Dozer to build a War Factory
    This part begins the construction of a base and units.  Build it between the
    Supply Center and the Command Center.  Once it is done, you will see a short
    movie.  Now, click on it and build as many Crusader tanks as you can.  After
    you do that, click somewhere for the Rally Point (left click on the ground with
    the building selected).  You can also build some more Rangers to put in the
    Humvees if you want or to accompany you, but they are really not needed. 
    During your build time, the enemy will send a few units, but nothing that can
    cause any real damage if you use all your troops on them at the same time. 
    Once they are all done, select them all and your other forces and start heading
    toward the enemy base.  I recommend using "attack move" (pressing the letter A
    and then click somewhere).  Along the way, you will want to build Battle Drones
    on the tanks so that they can be repaired.  Simply select a tank and you will
    see the option to build it.  Not far along the way, you will find some Pilots. 
    These are very valuable as they allow killed units to maintain Veteran Status. 
    You should load these guys in your tanks to beef up their rank.  Continue on to
    the enemy base.  Before getting there, you must go through a town.  Before the
    town is a stinger site.  Eliminate it and you will get air support to kill the
    tanks.  Now continue on to the enemy base.
    New Objective:  Destroy the GLA's Bio-War Factory
    Going through the town you will get some reinforcements via the air drop (they
    are Missile Defenders.  Some of the enemy may hide in buildings, but with your
    superior force, it will not be a problem.  Once you get to their base, you
    should have little trouble, but make sure you actually click on the enemy
    buildings and kill them all the way because the units usually don't auto-attack
    buildings (this is so that you can capture).  When you really get up into the
    guts of the base, you will get an air drop of some more infantry and Comanches
    will come and destroy the factory.  Once the factory is gone, you will be
    | B.  China campaign     |
    ***The China Campaign is sole work of Hyliath***
    The chinese campaign -first campaign of the game- is quite easy, except for the
    last mission.
    China power rely on big units and number : the mother china provide you with as
    many units as you can imagine ! My favorite units, as you'll see in this
    walkthrough, are the overlord and the mig. With those two, you can achieve
    anything, any time.
    Mission 1 : Beijing - The Dragon Awakes
    Difficulty : Extremly easy
    Intro : Chinese military parade is attacked by GLA's bomb cars and Rocket
    buggies. Heavy casualties for the chineses
    As the mission starts, you are given a fully built chinese base, 3 dragon tanks
    and many red guards. Your goal is to destroy a nuclear warhead depot in the
    north-west part of the map.
    Take the "Red guard experience" upgrade as your general promotion upgrade, and
    start producing massive red guards and some (5-10) tank hunters. In the same
    time, start production of 2 dragon tanks and 2 battlemaster tanks. Do not
    bother about the ressources since you've plenty of them.
    In fact, the unit production is mainly for fun since you've already a lot of
    Exit your base with on of your tank, and then get back inside : a bomb car will
    come and destroy one the bunker of you base.
    After the explosion, gather all your troops and exit the base. Do not worry
    about defending your base. Head for the bridge and destroy the small defenses
    Cross the bridge, and after the cut-scene, get the reinforcements (4
    battlemasters) and go north where the GLA units came from. Follow the pass,
    kealing GLA units as they come to stop you. Use your Dragon Tanks massively as
    they are deadly against infantery and Technicals (the two GLA units you'll
    meet). If you move well, you shouldn't loose a single unit during your way to
    the top of the hill. You also should get promotion quite soon. Use your
    promotion point to get the other upgrade, and use it if necessary.
    Destroy the depot, and enjoy your first victory.
    Mission 2 : Hong-Kong - The Hong-Kong Crisis
    Difficulty : Extremly easy
    Intro : Chinese forces are decimated while crossing the HK brigde.
    This mission is as easy as the first one (ie : it's impossible to loose !). The
    only difference is that you'll have to built up your base.
    Start with a command center and a Nuclear reactor. Then build a supply deppot,
    barracks and War Factory.
    The defense of your base should be minimum and will rely on civil building :
    take 3 red guards and 2 tank hunter and put them into the moderm looking
    building north from your base. Take the rest of your begining troops (similar
    groop) to the pub looking civil building south from your base. As soon as you
    have barracks, train new tank hunters and gather them in those buildings and
    the closes buildings. Using those civil building, you shouldn't need any
    Your General promotion upgrades should be : Red Guard training and Artillery
    barrage. Use the Artillery barrage as soon as you've got it to dammage the
    Convention Center.
    Build a second supply truck, and get the UN funds near the supply stack.
    Your mission is to destroy the Convention center and therefore you should start
    producing massive Dragon tanks and battlemasters. Also get the capture building
    upgrade for your red guards.
    The good point of being chinese is that the population is high : you'll receive
    reinforcement very often, coming from the train station. They are red guards,
    this is the reason why I suggest having the red guard training.
    A new threat will appear : toxic tractors. They are deadly for your infantery
    but do nothing to your tanks. Therefore, wait them in the main street, next to
    the modern looking building, with 2/3 battlemasters.
    Once you have 3 battlemasters and 2 Dragon tanks, move them to the tractor
    producing factory. Be careful : do not shoot on the bunker or thr tankers
    because the toxic waste in it will damage everything nereby for a very long
    time, including your tanks. Use you artillery if ready, and have a red guard
    capture the refiney once the area is secured.
    Be careful of bomb cars and suiciders that will probably try to destroy the
    refinery and the units guarding them. Guarnison infantery in nearby civil
    buildings to prevent this.
    North from the refinery, you'll find and hospital. Capture it also and your
    infantery will auto-heal.
    Your attack force on the command center will consist in : 6 Dragon tanks (for
    the building itself), 2 Gatling Tanks (to wipe out infantery) and 4
    battlemasters tanks (to destroy all form of opposition). Of course, you can
    probably succeed with less forces, and you can wait until you'll have 10 of
    each kind... it's up to you :)
    Anyway, your attack need no subtility : have the dragon tank attack the CC and
    have the other fire at will on the incoming units. Use massive artillery
    barrage to quicken the operation.
    Mission 3 : Three Gorges Dam - A flood of Violence
    Difficulty : Very Easy
    Intro : GLA destroy a chinese base. Chinese forces are forced to evacuate, lead
    by black lotus.
    Your first mission objective is to destroy the Dam. You can achieve this in a
    few second right after the beginning of the mission, but you should wait at
    least for your command center to be built.
    Juste at the left of your base, you'll find a second dozer, and two building
    for capture. Get the second to build the nuclear reactor.
    GLA force may attack you from the south but with the bunker and the civic
    building you'll have no problem securing your base.
    Once the dam is destroyed, GLA forces won't attack you from the south anymore,
    but they'll soon cross the river fron the north.
    Your construction should then be : supply depots, barracks (capture upgrade
    asap), War factory. Produce a second supply truck.
    All this should be done before the water level is too low. During this, you
    might have suffered a small attack from the south, lead by the remaining GLA
    forces on this side of the river.
    Capture the derrick and the refinery and start producing battlemasters and tank
    As soon as the river becomes crossable for your, get on the small Island with a
    dozer and build a bunker there, and a gatling canon if you've got time.
    Garnison the building and the bunker with all the tank hunters and Red guards
    you have (red guards in bunker and Tank hunters in building). Have your
    battlemasters and one of you dragon tank to get close to the bunker.
    The first GLA rush may be a bit hard, but if you've garnison you infatnery in
    time, it should be no problem.
    You now have some time to finish your base : go south with a dozer and you'll
    find a second supply source. Build a supply depot nearby.
    Build an air field and begin the mig production but without stopping tank and
    infantery production for base defense.
    Use you mig to explore and destroy any lonely unit you'll spot. Use your
    artillery barrage (level 2) to make maximum damage to the GLA base.
    Try to have a view on the GLA base, even if it costs you a mig or two. Once
    it's done, call artillery to destroy strategic buildings and/or stringer site.
    My personnal strategy is to have 3/4 air fields and massive migs with black
    napalm upgrade. Once the stingers site (there is only one, at the south or the
    base : send 8 migs altogether on it and it's history) are down, the migs can
    burn the whole GLA base in no time.
    GLA will probably attempt a massive counter attack, but if your defenses are
    those described before, you should be fine. Use the migs to help when the
    scorpions come.
    Finish the base with the migs.
    Mission 4 : Tanggula mountains - Broken alliances
    Difficulty : Very Easy
    Intro : two chinese migs are smashed in a stupid and lonely attempt to destroy
    the bio-toxin facility.
    The first part of your mission will consist in the destruction of 5 stinger
    sites that prevent you from air bombing the facility. You can only produce
    Take the red guard training upgrade.
    Produce 2/3 hackers in order to have money even without supplies (have them
    steal money from the net). The produce red guard and tank hunters.
    With all the units you've got attack the first stinger site.  Once it has been
    destroyed, you should receive reinforcement by para-drop. Have black lotus
    capture the derrick.
    Number is the key of victory here : do not care of losses, juste focus on
    producing over and over. Cross the river, get the War factory and start
    training of many Dragon Tank (my personnal favorite). Get the black napalm
    upgrade for them.
    Keep on moving and destroy all stingers sites.
    Mission 5 : Balykchy - Scorched Earth
    Difficulty : Very Easy
    Intro : with their traditionnal subtility, USA use carpet bombing on a town
    hold by GLA
    An other easy mission begins. You must build up a base and your main ennemy
    will be space !
    The base defenses given to you are ok but too close according to me, expecially
    in the north of your base. I suggest rebuilding a new line 5 cases farer from
    the base, and then sell the old defenses.
    Of course, you'll meanwhile have to build your barracks and War Factory,
    closely followed by the Propaganda center. Since the south part of the base is
    less in danger, you should build there. Keep the place to build a second air
    You have plenty of money, so do not save it ! Build fast, and train migs, and
    Overlords (all of them with speaker tower) ASAP. Have the black napalm upgrade,
    and start harrassing the closest stingers sites.
    Also produce 5 hackers, hide them somewhere in your base, and steal money from
    the net.
    Once you have 6 overlords equiped with speaker towers, folow the lower border
    of the map to the lower left corner where you'll find 1 refinery and 2
    derricks. The Overlords are able to spot the many mines that the GLA have layed
    all over the map. Even if they don't, their surprizing armor allow them to
    "ignore" those kind of attacks... and since they repair each other all the
    time, you'll have no problem.
    Keep on producing Overlords and build your second and then your third air
    field. Make sure you use your carpet bombing and your artilley strike as soon
    as they are available. Make raid with your migs to folow those strike and
    ensure the complete destruction of the target.
    Attack what remains with your 6-10 Overlods, and watch a new victory.
    Mission 6 : Bishkek - Deads in their tracks
    Difficulty : Very Easy
    Intro : a train brings heavy reinforcements to the GLA in the region
    This mission can be done very quickly and easily but can also become a
    You start with a short base and few troops and ressources.
    Quickly hide your 3 hackers deep in your base and make them steal money on the
    net. Take the red guard training upgrade and start producing red guards, some
    tank hunters and Dragon tanks (with black napalm of course).
    Near your base, on the right, you'll find UN supplies. There are also two other
    cases when folowing the river to the right, close from the first bridge. Send
    Black Lotus to get them since she's invisible.
    When you have something like 15-20 soldiers and 4/5 tanks, gather everyone and
    head to the north. Your goal is to "make noise" while Black Lotus makes her way
    to the bridge. Follow the river, and move often.
    When the anry mobs starts attacking, produce 2 gatling tanks to defend your
    base from them.
    The two stingers site guarding the bridge are not really a threat : they can
    see Black Lotus, but they won't arm her a lot and she's quick enough to reach
    the bridge, even under their fire.
    Mission 7 : Dushanbe - Nuclear Winter
    Difficulty : Medium
    Intro : a chinese troop colum is ambushed by scuds launchers.
    The mission starts in the middle of the fight against the GLA ambushers. Gather
    your troops and climb the hill while destroying the remaining GLA forces. Build
    Speaker towers on the two Overlords you've got.
    You should end up with something like : 2 overlords, 3 Battlemasters, 3 gatling
    tanks, 2 Dragon tanks, 2 inferno canons and 3 tank hunters. Gather ry one
    behind the overlords and let them repair a bit.
    In the valley, 2 dozers will appear. Build a command center and a nuclear
    reactor. Since you'll play all the mission under the threat of a SCUD storm,
    try to build with space between your building...
    When you have a command center, get the radar and choose your general upgrade :
    my personnal choice will go on Artillery barrage (level 3) and Money stealing.
    Since you'll get promoted to level 5 during the mission, you should spend all
    During the building, you've probably been attacked by tanks and buggies. Handle
    them using overlords for the tanks and inferno canons for the buggies. Move to
    the right and you'll find a small GLA base. Destroy it using your artillery and
    your infernos but keep the supply stash 'alive' to steal money from it, and
    later to capture it.
    Meanwhile, your base should be on its way (barracks, building capture upgrade)
    mostly on the hill this time.
    Try to capture the GLA barracks and Arms dealer, but not the supply stash wich
    you should steal twice before capturing.
    Once the the small base will be destroyed, you'll be warned that a SCUD storm
    may fall open you. This is where the difficult part begins...
    Build you supply depot near the GLA supply stash and build your war factory and
    Propaganda center.
    Start producing hackers. Move your troops north from the previous GLA base and
    hold the town, something left from the oil derrick. Keep an eye on the
    countdown timer of the SCUD storm.
    Deploy your hackers far away from each other and have them steal money on the
    net. Get the speaker tower upgrade in the Propaganda center, and build
    overlords. Those tanks should be your key units since they are able to survive
    to a SCUD storm !
    Get at least one air field with one mig and scout with him, as often as
    necessary, even if you loose it.
    The SCUD storm building is really well protected. It's located in the upper
    part of the map, somewhere near the center. There are a lot of stingers sites
    around it so your migs won't ever do it !
    I recommend saving often, because of the SCUD storm. The way you'll handle the
    first SCUD attack will determine your ability to win or loose the whole
    When the countdown is at 1 minute, you should spread your troops : leave only
    the two overlords in the town, and move your other troops. Make sure you hide
    one dozer and one GLA builder, in case your command center becomes the target.
    When the countdown is at 0:00. Save one more time and wait for the message
    "SCUD missiles detected". At that point, move all your troops for their
    position, and hope that that will make them evade the SCUD. If not, reload, and
    try again. If the SCUD hits a building, it's up to you to determine if it's too
    critical or not. Keep in mind that the computer search for a big troop or
    building concentration... if it can't find one, it can hold its SCUD storm very
    long. In that case save often, and maintain your efforts.
    After the first SCUD storm, you'll have to fend off an heavy assault from the
    GLA, coming from the main street of the town (the NW-SE oriented street). Your
    2 overlords (or more) should be the key of the defense, but they'll need
    supports from Gatling tanks or gatling towers to get read of the infantery. You
    can also consider the idea of building a Speaker tower to help your defending
    troops, even if the overlords have their own speakers. If you handle that
    assault quickly without any casualties, the computer will almost stop its
    attacks !
    Finish your base building, make one or two black markets as they provide good
    help to your money gathering. Have a nuclear center.
    With 4 overlords, you can stop any attacks. Those tanks are really amazing !
    Have the speed upgrade and the damage upgrade for them from the nuclear center,
    and they'll become really unstopable.
    Use your migs to seek and destroy the SCUD launchers that GLA will send to you
    (but do not worry too much : I've seen an overlord hit by 5 SCUD and still
    working !).
    Move your Overlords forward in the main street to the minaret tower where
    you'll make your new defense. A little north from it, you'll see a big civic
    building looking like a palace, and on the empty space before it a small tower.
    A GLA sniper is garnisoned in it... 2 migs will destroy this threat and your
    overlords can move on.
    Move slowly as GLA send you massive forces and you may be surounded faster than
    you've thought...
    Destroy the GLA subbase next to the mountains, and establish your new defense
    in the mountain path (beware of your right side because there is a second
    Capture the derricks and collect the UN supplies. Also build supply depots next
    to the new supplies found.
    Try to spot the SCUD storm building, and when you do launch a nuclear missile +
    artillery on it and it should be destroyed. I did this mission more than once
    and the computer never rebuilt its SCUD storm.
    Now, destroy the remaining GLA forces and enjoy your first campaign victory.
    | C.  GLA campaign |
    ***Mission 1***
    Coming soon!!!
    | D.  USA campaign |
    ***Mission 1***
    Coming soon!!!
    Skirmish Games
    This game include you versus a number of computer opponents.  You can set up
    teams or ffas, or whatever you would like.
    The screen when you click skirmish game looks like this:
    | Your nickname(Default computer name)   |   Color      |    Army  |  Team #
    (None-4)  |
    |     open                               |    ???       |   Random |     None  
    etc... for a total of 8 available slots
    Your can set each function in the ones below your name to make computer armies
    ranging from Normal, Hard, to Brutal, as well as their color, army, and team
    (if any).  Once you have done this, select a map in the top right and you can
    click on the circles on the map to designate your start spot.  Each subsequent
    click you make will assign each existing computer a spot as well.  You can also
    edit the game speed and other options in the bottom left of the screen.  Once
    everything it to your like, just begin the game and play!
    Online Play
    Steps to play online:
    1)Establish a connection to you ISP
    2)Open the C&C: Generals application
    3)Go to options and make sure your online IP address it selected in the IP
    address area
    4)Click the button to play online under the main menu
    5)Create and account and hit "create account"
    6)Wait for appropriate patches to dl, and you can connect and play!
    7)Go to custom games and look for a game you like and hit "join game" (at
    bottom) or create your own with "create game"
    China Overlord Strategy:
    First, build 5 Overlords.  After that, give two the Chain Gun upgrade, two the
    Bunker upgrade, and one needs the speaker tower upgrade.  Now, fill the two
    with Bunkers with Tank Hunters (this handles the AA).  Now upgrade the
    Overlords at the Nuclear Missile building if you want, and you are ready to
    dominate almost anything!
    Avoid getting super powered:
    If you want to avoid your computer enemy from nuking you, or using any other
    $5000 building special, then make sure you yourself never get more than $5000
    and they will never nuke you.  This has worke from what people have
    said and what I have tested.
    Play as Russia:
     If you open the command console and type ''Russia:Yuri_Relived'' you get units
    that have the same names as those from older cnc games.  Unfortunately no new
    Contributed By: Teamshibi, Source: Unknown
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~X.  Patches
    ***Ordered from most recent to oldest***
    * Fixed a system-specific login problem
    * Fixed some connection problems in larger games (3v3+)
    * Fixed NAT issues with multiple players behind the same NAT
    * Improved the online chat lobby lag
    * Fixed the ping indicator in the chat lobby
    * Added some more lobbies to spread out the load
    * Fixed the accuracy of the games info displayed in the chat lobby
    XI. FAQs
    Q:  What are the minimum specifications for this game/will my computer run this
    A:  Since playing it with the minimum is practically not possible, I will list
    the recommended ones too:
    OS: Windows Xp/ME/2000/98
    CPU 800Mhz P3 or AMD Athlon Processor
    RAM:  128 MB
    CD/DVD-Rom Speed: 8x
    HD Space:  1.8 GB space
    Video: 32 MB AGP video card using the Nvidia GeForce2, ATI Radeon 7500, or
    recent chipset, DriectX8.1 compatible
    Sound:  DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    Input:  Keyboard, Mouse
    1.8 Ghz or faster Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor; 256 MB or more RAM;
    Nvidia Gforce3 or more recent Direct3D capable video card.
    ***If you do not have a good video card, don't even bother with this game.
    Q:  Can you use way points in this game?
    A: Yes, you can issue way points in this game by holding alt+clicking
    where you want to go.
    Q:  What are the three super powers for each race?
    A: China = Nuke, GLA = SCUD Storm, USA = Particle Cannon.
    Q: Why can't I create a name to play online?
    A: The game uses accounts based off of the GameSpy Servers.  If you have a
    GameSpy account, type that name and password for the create new account part
    and it will work.  If you don't have a GameSpy account and you do this, then
    the name you picked is already taken by someone else: try a different name!
    XII.  Miscellaneous
    Contact me: Slasher962@aol.com
    There are three different boxes you could get when you buy the game:
    -The GLA box with a terrorist on the front
    -The USA box
    -The China box
    XIII.  Credits/Thanks
    Thanks to EA for making a fun game, even though the net coding isn't to solid
    yet and the game is a bit graphic hoggish.
    Thanks to CjayC for posting this guide on gamefaqs.com, where would he be
    without his supporters?
    Thanks to the people on the message board who answer questions and say stuff
    that I can use in my guide.\
    Copyright Lord Zophar & Hyliath, 2003

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