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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by strife03

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    +Command and Conquer Generals    +
    V 1.0
    Table of Contents
    I   The Game *My opinions*
     II The Different Factions
    A.	America 
    1.	Hero Unit
    2.	Infantry
    3.	Armored Units
    4.	Structures
    5.	Super Weapon
    6.	General Points
    7.	Strategies
    B.	China
    1.	Hero Unit
    2.	Infantry
    3.	Armored Units
    4.	Structures
    5.	Super Weapons
    6.	General Points
    7.	Strategies
    C.	GLA
    1.	Hero Unit
    2.	Infantry
    3.	Armored Units
    4.	Structures
    5.	Super Weapons
    6.	General Points
    7.	Strategies
     III   Credits
    | I. The Game *My opinions*                                                      
    One thing should be noted before I start my rant, I wrote this guide 
    because none were available at gamefaqs, I?m hoping that with this guide 
    being published, more people will write some faq, *hopefully better than 
    This game, while it somewhat strays from some of the former C&C games, 
    is a great game. It has all the elements of a classic. Anyone who would 
    say otherwise is nuts. Ive seen a lot of complaining on the message 
    boards about how ?Westwood dropped the ball?. Heres how I see it, and I 
    may be wrong, the c&c community had long criticized westwood for not 
    being innovative. When they finally do, they are blamed of ruining the 
    series. People are afraid of things being different its that simple. I 
    myself never liked the old c&c story lines though, just the game itself.  
    Anyway back on topic, this game, while does have a story line, is not a 
    extremely compelling one. Still I believe it is enough. In the end why 
    do people replay a game over and over, skirmish after skirmish, online 
    day after day? Ill tell you one thing, its not the story line. It?s the 
    game play, and how fun the game is. Generals is a extremely addictive 
    and fun game to play, with stunning graphics. The only thing that EA 
    skimped on in the graphics department was the soldiers. But if you think 
    about it makes sense why they would. This game already pushes many 
    peoples computers to the max, in fact many of the people who want to 
    play the game cant because it is already to graphically strenuous. Now 
    take into account the number of troops you can easily mass produce. If 
    they were to add as much detail into them as they did everthing else, no 
    one on earths computer would be able to run it.  Anyway, play the game, 
    don?t just go with the crowd, make up your own mind if you like it or 
    not. On with the guide. 
    Keyboard Shortcuts
    | III. Controls                                                                                 
    wheel (mouse)
    Zooms screen in and out for close-ups
    Hotkey for taking in-game screenshots
    Hold down for force-attack mode 
    View last radar event
    Instruct selected units to guard
    Select command center
    Select previous unit
    Select next unit
    Select next dozer/worker
    Select previous dozer/worker
    Select all offensive units on map
    Stop selected units
    Scatter selected units
    Select matching units on screen
    Select matching units on map
    Chat with allies
    Chat with everyone
    Options menu
    Jump to Command Center
    Ctrl + <F1-F8>
    Set Camera Bookmark
    Jump to camera bookmark
    Toggle control panel on/off
    Ctrl + Number Key
    Define the selected units as a group
    Number Key
    Select previously defined group
    Db Tap Number Key
    Jump to previously defined group of units
    Alt + Number Key
    View (but do not select) previously defined 
    group of units
    Shift + Left 
    Add a unit to a selected group
    Ctrl + C
    Selected units cheer
    Hold down to set waypoint paths for units 
    Ctrl + Q
    Checks your frame-rates
    | III. Sides                                                                                    
    Roused from its isolationism by the GLAs bioterrorist efforts, the U.S. 
    quickly puts its traditional tools to work ? metal and might.  Its been 
    more than 20 years since the us was involved in substantial armed 
    conflict abroad, and some pundits wonder if the slumbering giant will 
    fall in its attempt to root out the new enemy, the Global Liberation 
    Army. But there is little choice. The U.S. is gearing up to police the 
    globe once again ? and with the GLA as its enemy, that policing effort 
    will require just as much courage and might as lethal high-tech 
    American Hero Unit
     - Colonel Burton -  Colonel Burton costs 1500 to build, and you can 
    only build one of him at a time.  He is camouflaged, but reveals himself 
    when shooting or planting a bomb. He is good vs infantry and weak vs 
    scouts. Burton is probably my second favorite hero. 
    American Infantry Units
     -Ranger ? The ranger costs 225. If you buy several upgrades for the 
    barracks you can give all your Rangers flash bangs, and the ability to 
    capture buildings. Flashbangs work very well against other infantry, and 
    fantastic against mobs. And of course capturing buildings is very 
    important. The ranger is also the unit that you get with Para drops, 
    which can be gained through general skill points.  Also using your basic 
    resource gatherer, a Chinook, you can transport troops and do combat 
    drops directly into enemy buildings to take them over.
     -Missile Defender- The missile defender costs  300. He uses special 
    laser guided attacks to launch missiles at a quicker rate then other 
    similar units from different countries. These guys are great vs armored 
    units but not so great vs infantry.  
     -Pathfinder- Costs 600.  He is basically your sniper, he is camouflaged 
    wile not moving or shooting. He can pick of units at great ranges, a 
    couple of these guys will keep your base safe from infantry, but they 
    will get slaughtered by anything else. These guys however are an 
    invaluable tool, and can be used to detect stealth units. They do, 
    though, require the use of a general promotion point to be used. 
    -Pilot -These units are un-trainable for a reason. Once a titanium 
    vehicle is destroyed the Pilot escapes into the battlefield. He can then 
    transfer to another friendly ally and make that unit a veteran.
    American Mechanical Units
    -Construction Dozer -  The dozer costs 1000. This is the backbone of the 
    USA's forces. Primarily used in the construction of the USA's structures 
    it can also repair structures and clear mines.
    -Ambulance ? Costs 500 - This vehicle is used to heal units and clean up 
    toxic radiation, be sure to have a few of these guys if you are facing 
    the GLA.
    -Crusader ? Costs 900 ? The crusader is your basic American tank. It is 
    strong vs buildings and vehicles but weak vs air and rocket soldiers.  
    These guys can buy one of two upgrades once the unit is built. Each tank 
    can either build a battle drone 300 or a  scout drone for 100. Scout 
    drones extend the range of your tanks view and spots hidden enemies, and 
    the battle drones shoot bullets against enemy units, and repair their 
    parent unit.
    -Paladin ? Cost 1100. This cool looking tank uses a laser to destroy 
    incoming missiles and near by infantry. Its main weapon is awesome for 
    taking out buildings and other vehicles. The paladins main weakness is 
    vs air units. These guys can hold their own with almost any enemy. Like 
    crusaders they can also be upgraded to receive battle drones or scout 
    drones. Paladins require the use of a general point to be able to 
    produce them.
    Humvees ? Cost 700 -  These armored vehicles are great for mowing down 
    infantry, and can carry up to 5 passengers. They also have the same 2 
    upgrades as paladins and crusaders, plus with a upgrade from the war 
    factory they also sport a tow missile.
    -Tomahawk ? 1200 ? These are the American artillery. And they are quite 
    good, a bunch of these guys behind some paladin tanks makes quite a 
    force to be reckoned with. These too require a general point to use. 
    Raptors ? Cost 1400 ? This sleek fighter jet can engage air or ground 
    units and carrys 4 missiles. 
    Comanche ? Costs 1500 ? Fires missiles and a gattling cannon. The 
    Comanche automatically rearms missiles in the air.  
    Aurora Bomber ? cost 2500 ? The Auroras super sonic attack makes it 
    immune to enemy fire. After the strick is made the bomber reduces spead 
    by 50 percent and is vonurable to enemy fire. This bad boy literally 
    always delivers. 
    Stealth Fighter ? costs 1600 ? Stealth while moving, this bomber 
    requires a generals promotion. 
    Chinook ? Your basic resource gatherer for the American side, can also 
    be used to perform combat drops in conjunction with GI?s, and can 
    transport any infantry unit.
    American Structures
    -Command Center ? Cost 2000
    This is the heart of the USA base. You can build a Bulldozer in this 
    building, which on its own can construct other buildings on the map, 
    this is the only place you can build these units. This building is the 
    also the place from which you will order carpet bombings and Para troop 
    drops, A-10 Strikes, and spy sat reveals (Like Yuri?s psychic reveal). 
    If you lose your command center and all your dozers your screwed. 
    Cold Fusion Reactor ? Cost 1000
    -This is the American variation of the nuclear power plants. Actually 
    much safer, if it explodes there is no radiation or explosion that kills 
    your troops. China and America need power plants to power their 
    structures and defensive systems, without them your vulnerable to 
    attack. The Cold fusion reactor has an upgrade called control rods that 
    double that reactors power output for 800 dollars.   
    Barracks ? Cost 600
    The barracks is where you train infantry to work for you. Unlike other 
    c&c games, you can only queue up as much as you have money for, and only 
    9 units at a time per barracks. These structures are essential, and also 
    provide upgrades for your units.
    -	Flash bang Grenades ? Allows all your rangers from 
    now on to use flash bang grenades
    -	Capture ? Gives your Rangers the opportunity to 
    capture buildings. 
    Supply Depot - Cost 2000 
    This is the building where your resources are taken after being gathered 
    by your Chinooks. And of course it is also the building where the 
    Chinooks are produced.  
    War Factory ? Cost 2000
    This is where all your ground units, besides infantry, is produced. In 
    comparison to other c and c games, the war factory in Generals is 
    expensive, so guard it well.  You may purchase upgrades for your tanks 
    with the war factory.
    -   Tow Missile ? This is added to the humvee and 
    helps them mow down the compition.
    Strategy Center ? Cost 2500 
    With this strategy center you can use purchase various upgrades, and 
    implement 1 of three strategies. The hold the line strategy increases 
    your defense, the Search and destroy strategy increases units range, and 
    the bombardment increases their power. I addition to affecting your 
    troops depending on which one you choose, the actual command center will 
    get various bonus, too. Now for the upgrades:
    -	Advanced Training ? Allows all USA units to gain 
    veterency at twice their normal pace.
    -	Drone Armor ? Increases Drones armor by 25 
    -	Composite Armor - increases the armor protection 
    of Crusader Tanks and Paladin Tanks by 25%.
    Supply Drop Zone ? 2500 
    These order supply drops in every 2 minutes, giving you a handsome cash 
    bounty for each drop. These things really help out. Buy a lot of them 
    and you will dominate. 
    Airport - Cost 1000
    These allow the US to build air units, re arm them, and repair them. 
    -	Rocket pack ? Make your Comanche?s even more 
    powerful then they already are!
    -	Laser missiles ? These upgrade the power of your 
    raptors and Aurora fighters. 
    Patriot Missile ? Cost 1000
    These are the defenses of the USA, they defend against both Ground and 
    Air units rather well. They are very effective against Armored units.  
    America?s Super Weapon
    Particle Cannon Uplink - Cost 5000 
    This is the most powerful weapon the USA has apart from the fuel air 
    bomb of course. When fired a beam will come down from the sky hitting 
    the target area selected, this beam can also be moved once placed by 
    rapidly clicking other spots of the map. Its expensive but worth it. 
    Just make sure you have enough power. 
    American General Point Structure
    1 Star General
    -Paladin Tank 
    Allows the commander to construct and use the powerful Paladin Tank
    -Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 
    This upgrade allows the player to drop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 
    anywhere on the map. The UAV's stay in that spot permanently and are 
    cloaked. They reveal part of the map for the player and can detect 
    cloaked units. Their relative fast recharge time makes them ideal for 
    scouting enemy positions quickly and efficiently..
    -Stealth Bomber 
    Gives the ability to build the US Stealth Bomber at the airfield.
    2 Star General
    Enables the training of the Pathfinder stealth sniper at the barracks.
    -A10 Strike 
    This upgrade calls in air to ground support from the US A10 Warthog 
    aircraft. One, two, or three A10's will fly in depending on the class of 
    the upgrade. 
    -Emergency Repair 
    Repairs tanks in the selected area. There are three different variants, 
    each increasing the time of repair. 
    Rangers will parachute out of transports anywhere on the map with this 
    upgrade. There are three levels of the paradrop, they drop 5, 10, and 20 
    Rangers in a single session respectively.
    5 Star General 
    -Fuel Air Bomb 
    Brings in the devastating Fuel Air Bomb that engulfs everything in a 
    fireball of explosive goodness.
    American Strategies
    - If you see a bunch of tanks massed up in one area drop paratroopers on 
    top of the tanks in the center, your paratroopers will die but the tanks 
    will all fire on the center tanks, and end up killing their own units in 
    the process.  I?ve taken out as many as 10 opposing enemy tanks this way 
    with one para drop.
    - If you are facing the GLA use your snipers to pick off the rocket 
    troopers in their stingers, leaving them useless. Its also good to have 
    a sniper on the outskirts of their base to take out Jamar if he shows 
    his ugly Vail covered face. 
    - Use your Chinooks in combination with your Rangers to perform combat 
    drops to take over enemy bases
    - Use way points with your fighters to patrol the air and knock down 
    enemy fighters
    - If you put a sniper and 4 rocket guys in a humvees you have a quick 
    mobile tank destroying, troop snipering, stealth detecting vehicle. Nice 
    combo :-D
    -When you activate your Super Weapon once its location has been set you 
    can move it around by clicking other places on the map and thus doing 
    more damage.
    - If your facing the computer, they almost always go after humvees 
    first, you can use them as decoys or lures. 
    - Snipers are your friend, use them vs Mobs
    - Rangers with flashbangs have awesome range, use them vs all infantry 
    and mobs.
    -Your strategy center has a fairly powerful cannon attached to it if you 
    declare the bombardment strategy. 
    Hardly the ridged, out of touch communist behemoth of yester year, the 
    new china is as sleek as a bullet train, yet as brash and bustling as 
    MTV. While run by a council system in the old style of the Politburo, 
    the ruling elite in china is hardly a bunch of suited gray hairs. 
    Rather, a slick, national minded digirati has turned the country into a 
    political and economic superpower ? with a military arm that heavy 
    handedly amasses hordes of manpower, while deftly manipulating the 
    tactical tool of propaganda. But its versatility as a culture is little 
    match for its latest foe ? The Global Liberation Army. 
    Chinese Hero Unit
    -Black Lotus ? Cost 1500  
     is the hero unit of the Chinese armed forces. She is cloaked when not 
    using her abilities but vulnerable when she executes one of her three 
    attacks. She can hack into buildings and capture them from a distance, 
    she can hack into enemy Supply Depots and steal credits from them, and 
    lastly she can hack into vehicles and disable them for a short time. Of 
    the three her units in this game she is definitely my least favorite, 
    but would be useful if used the right way.  
    Chinese Infantry
    -Red Guard  - Cost 300
    units are the basic foot soldier of the Chinese army. Two are trained 
    per one unit bought which means the Red Guard can be raised quickly to 
    overwhelm opponents. These guys are nasty foes to run across, as if you 
    get more then 5 in a group they get a horde bonus. A horde bonus 
    increases the units fire rate, and if you are producing two per one you 
    buy?well you do the math.  
    - Tank Hunter ? Cost 300
    This infantry unit is armed with a rocket launcher that tears through 
    enemy vehicles but is less effective against infantry. As an alternate 
    attack, this unit can strap dynamite to enemies to create a powerful 
    explosion. A good group of these guys and some red guard will help out a 
    lot. Stick them in bunkers with a gating cannon by them and you have a 
    great defense. 
    -Hackers ? Cost 623
    These guys are some of my favorites, they have two abilities. The first 
    one, I use less, is to hack into a building and shut down its power, 
    therefore disabling it for a time. The second is a cash hack. When 
    deployed they sit down and hack the net, consistently stealing money 
    from bank accounts. At the lowest level they get you 5 dollars every 
    other second, when they are elite they get you 10 every other turn. Get 
    a bunch of these guys protect them well and you will be rich. 
    Chinese Armored Units
    -Bulldozer ?Cost 1000
    The backbone of the Chinese swarm, these guys are the ones who build all 
    your structures and repair them.
    -Supply Truck ? Cost 600
    While cheaper than the Chinook, they are also more vunerable, as they 
    are ground units. Lightly armored but efficient, these guys should be 
    guarded as they are your main resource gather, and a major source of 
    -Troop Crawler - Cost 1400
    While they don?t have any weapons they do come with 8 red guards inside, 
    and detect cloaked units. They provide for a quick transport for 
    infantry too.  
    -Dragon Tank ? Cost 800
    So hot a unit it burns (bad pun intended). Great against infantry and 
    buildings, and pretty good vs other tanks. This is one awesome unit, 
    plus it looks cool. And if you purchase the black napalm upgrade on your 
    war factory it increases the dragon tanks power by 25 percent, and makes 
    it fire blue fire instead or orange. YAY. As an alternate attack, it can 
    lay down an arc of fire upon the ground to engulf any and all enemies in 
    it's path
    -Overlord ? Cost 2000
    Yikes. That should be a good enough description. Oh what you want more 
    :( fine. The overlord tank is a massive unit with heavy armor and very 
    very scary power. This twin barrel tank can be upgraded with one of 
    three improvements. A battle bunker, a gattling cannon or a propaganda 
    tower. In addition to these upgrades you can upgrade all of your 
    overloads speed and power by buying improvements on your nuclear silo. 
    Plus these tanks are so big they can run over other tanks, and crush 
    them much like everyone else?s tanks can run over infantry.  So back to 
    my original statement. Yikes. 
    -The Battle Master  - Cost 800
    The standard tank in the Chinese arsenal. It is very useful against 
    enemy armor and structures but near useless against infantry. When 5 or 
    more are in a group they all get a horde bonus (see Red Guard).  Plus 
    you may purchase upgrades for them by upgrading your nuclear silos. 
    -Gattling Cannon ? Cost 800
    Another great tank, provides good air defense and mows through infantry. 
    However can be easily swatted by other tanks. Buy an upgrade on your war 
    factory to make these guys more powerful and you?re in business. 
    -Inferno Cannon ? Cost  900
    These babies are one of the two artillery units of the Red Army. They 
    rain down long range destruction upon any enemy infantry or lightly 
    armed vehicles that get in their way. Can also reign terror on a base. 
    They also use napalm so if you purchase the upgrade they can be made 
    more powerful (see flame tank).
    -Nuke Cannon  -  Cost 160
    Once again yikes. The other artillery unit of the Chinese. These guys 
    have the longest range of any unit and guess what they fire. Yep you got 
    it, small nuclear warheads. Guard a couple of these guys and attack and 
    you can rain nuclear death down on a base. Ahhh happy days. 
    - MIG - Cost 1200
    The Mig is the tactical aircraft in the Chinese air guard. Migs can 
    engage enemy aircraft in the air and also can bomb enemy ground targets 
    with fire engulfing inferno bombs. When used in groups their attack 
    creates a fire storm that deals additional damage to the enemy unit or 
    Chinese Structures
    All Chinese structures may be surrounded by mines for a cost of 800. 
    Great for slowing down or stopping a blitz. 
    -The Command Center ? Cost 2000
    The nexus of the entire base infrastructure. This structure provides the 
    ability to build bulldozers and all special abilities unlocked through 
    experience are accessed through this building. A radar upgrade can be 
    built from the start to provide mini-map battlefield intelligence.
    -Nuclear Reactor ? Cost
    This building provides the power for all the base's structures. Without 
    sufficient power, building operations will slow down, base defenses will 
    stop working, and special weapons will stop charging. To increase 
    output, the reactors can be overcharged to increase thier power by 50%, 
    however, while overcharged the health of the reactor slowly drains.
    -Barracks ? Cost 600
    The only other building besides the nuclear reactor that can be built 
    from the start, this building is responsible for training China's 
    legions of troops. From the barracks you can purchase upgrades:
           - Capture Building - allows your red guard to capture 
    -Supply depot ? Cost 1500
    Where supplies are brought for credits. This structure also produces the 
    supply trucks which transport the resources to the depots themselves 
    -War Factory ? Cost 2000
    War Factories are the buildings that produce China's light and armored 
    vehicles. They should be protected because of their invaluable 
    assistance to the war effort, combined with their relatively light 
    armor. One tank can be built at a time per war factory, with up to 9 
    queued up into production at a time.  Also you may buy various upgrades 
    on these buildings:
    -	Chain Guns - Gives all chain gun weapons a 25% 
    damage increase.
    -	Black Napalm - Gives all fire weapons a 25% damage 
    -Air Field ? Cost 1000
    Buying the air field allows you to produce the chineese air unit, the 
    MIG. As well as upgrades for it. 
    -	MIG Armor - Gives all Migs 25% boost in health.
    -Propaganda Center- Cost 2500
    This structure allows the building of advanced vehicles and infantry and 
    structures. In addition to that you may purchase various upgrades too:
    -	Nationalism - Gives the Horde Bonus to Red Guard, 
    Tank Hunters, and Battle Masters an increase of 
    25%. Horde Bonus is when a unit is given a faster 
    rate of fire while in a large group of units.
    -	Subliminal Messages - Provides a 25% increase in 
    the healing power of Propaganda Towers. 
    - Propaganda Towers ? Cost 500
    Heals all friendly units in the immediate surrounding area. Good to 
    splash a few around the interior of your base. It's China's version of a 
    -Gattling Cannon ? Cost 1200
    The gattling cannon is a powerful multi-purpose defensive building. It's 
    extreme range means that it can pick off enemy aircraft and infantry 
    from a distance. Light vehicles can be easily destroyed with it, 
    however, it is not very efficient in dealing with enemy armor. These 
    structures can also detect cloaked units.
    - Battle Bunker ? Cost 400
    These in expensive structures can house up to 5 infantry units, when 
    packed full of rocket infantry, they will annihilate incoming tanks, and 
    are quite effective against air assaults too. 
    China?s Super Weapon
    -Nuclear Silo ? Cost 5000
    This structure is where the Chinese arm and launch their ever-so-
    impressive nuclear missiles.  Note: To launch a nuke you must also have 
    -	Uranium Shells - Provides Battle Masters and 
    Overlords a 25% increase in damage. 
    -	Nuclear Tanks - Gives Overlords and Battle Masters 
    a 25% boost in speed. Upon destruction, also 
    leaves nuclear fallout in the area. 
    Chinese Generals Points
    1 Star General  
    -Artillery Training ? Builds Battle Masters and Nuke Cannons as veterans 
    -Nuke Cannon ? Allows you to use Nuke Cannons
    -Red Guard Training ? Builds Red Guard as veterans
    3 Star General 
    -Artillery Barrage 
    Drops artillery rockets in a selected area. There are three different 
    variants, each increasing the damage done.
    -Cash Hack 
    Steals money from a selected enemy Supply Depot. There are three 
    different variants, each increasing the amount of money stolen. 
    -Emergency Repair 
    Repairs tanks in the selected area. There are three different variants, 
    each increasing the time and speed of repair. 
    -Cluster Mines 
    Calls in a plane to drop mines in a specific area.
    5 Star General
    -EMP Bomb 
    Drops an EMP bomb on a selected enemy. Disables all buildings and 
    vehicles in a large radius around the epicenter.
    Chinese Strategies
    -The more MIGs you hit a target with the bigger the firestorm it creates
    -If your attacking with anything that can receive horde bonus, make sure 
    you have enough of that unit to receive the bonus, also be sure to get 
    -A good base defense is alternating battle bunkers and gattling cannons 
    on the outskirts of your base, and filling the bunkers with tank 
    -Use other tanks to hold the front lines and nuke cannons to lob in 
    nukes and anhilate the enemy
    -Build Overlords in groups, I find that 5 of them, 2 gattling cannon, 2 
    bunker filled Rocket hunter, and 1 with a propaganda tower makes an 
    pretty impressive force. 
    -Another base defense I just thought of, all though haven?t tried yet 
    is, using flame tanks to create a flame wall around you base, having 
    gattling cannons to defend the air, and then nuke cannons also to lob 
    nukes over the flames and hit rushing tanks. 
    -Hackers and lots of them, use them and they will make you rich but be 
    sure to guard them well and spread them out so they wont be target of an 
    anthrax bomb, scud storm, or fuel air bomb.
    Global Liberation Army
    While technically, not a nation, the GLA might as well be one-its?s a 
    tight knit- cell based political organization tied together by a shady 
    agenda that calls for the global disruption through constant military 
    provocation ? whether the target is China, the US, or even NATO members. 
    Like traditional political terror groups, the GLA fights the new war, 
    any way it can. Although typically targeting government and military 
    facilities, the GLA is not above targeting innocent civilians and public 
    structures, whether it be by blowing up dams or performing acts of bio 
    terror, sabotage at public events. However, it?s the groups guerilla 
    tactics that make it an especially slippery foe to get a grip on. 
    Global Liberation Army Hero Unit
    -Jarmen Kell - Cost: 1500 
    This is the GLA hero unit. It is a form of sniper to be exact and we all 
    know snipers can inflict havoc to even a large group of infantry, but 
    that isn?t all this unit can offer. It is completely capable of shooting 
    armour piercing bullets at vehicles thus killing the vehicles driver. 
    This will render the unit neutral yours for the taken if you get a 
    driver in it before anyone else. All sides can lay claim to the neutral 
    unit. It should also be noted that the AP Bullets upgrade increases his 
    power more. He is by far my favorite Hero Unit in this game.
    Global Liberation Army Infantry Units
    -Worker ? Cost 200
    The worker has several functions, he is your main building unit, 
    resource gather, trap setter and mine clearer. The traps he sets are 
    called demolition traps, and cannot be seen by your enemy.  
    -Rebel ? Cost 200
    The basic infantry unit of the GLA, while good vs infantry, very in 
    effective vs armored vehicles.  The Rebel, with upgraded structures, can 
    be camouflaged, capable of taking over structures, and with use of the 
    rebel ambush can appear out of no where. Upgrading your black market 
    will give these guys more powerful Armor Piercing bullets
    -RPG Trooper ? Carries an over the shoulder bazooka, which is very 
    effective against armored units, but doesn?t work very well on infantry. 
    They are the basic GLA adaptation of the Tank Hunters.
    -Angry Mob ? Cost 800
    This group of people is deadly, especially when you upgrade the palace 
    so they have ak47s. The mob is a group of citizens that go hostile. They 
    can easily take out buildings, and demolish tanks, they use Molotov 
    cocktails, rocks, and if the palace is upgraded, ak47s. Yikes. But with 
    the cost of 800 they are as expensive as many tanks.  Watch out for 
    Toxic Tractors, Gattling weapons, and snipers when you have these guys, 
    Other than that, they are a bunch of scary @$$ MoFo?s. 
    -Terrorist ? Cost 200 
    The terrorist is a kamikazes warrior, who straps himself up with C4 and 
    rushes his target. Great for taking out anything but air units, but be 
    careful because he doesn?t have much health. You can also use him to 
    strap a civilian up with c4 and leave a little surprise for however 
    finds said civilian. 
    -Hijacker- Cost 400
    The hijacker is camouflaged while not moving and can, as his name 
    implies hijack any enemy vehicle and use it for his own purpose. A 
    really good unit actually, but he also requires the use of a general 
    Global Liberation Army Armored Units
    -Technical- Cost 500
    Basically a pickup truck with a 50 cal. machine gun rigged in the bed. 
    Because of their speed, they make an excellent choice for scouting the 
    battlefield. It can also scavenge for parts from destroyed tanks and 
    upgrade itself on the battlefield. They can also be used to transport 
    troops. If you throw a general point into the veteran technical ability, 
    then all your technical are built 
    as veterans. Upgrading your black market will give these guys more 
    powerful Armor Piercing bullets.
    -Rocket Buggy - Cost 800
     It's a Rocket Launcher on wheels! Very fast mobility making it a good 
    scouting unit, and for hit n run tactics, etc. It's armor is light, so 
    very vulnerable to heavy fire power. Good against buildings. In addition 
    to its speed the Rocket buggy also has a better range than many other 
    units. Also if you upgrade your Black market your buggy  gets more 
    powerful rockets, and 25 more ammo per barrage. 
    -Toxic Tractor ? Cost 600
    The Toxic Tractor sprays a green toxic chemical that easily deals with 
    infantry and does a decent deal of damage to tanks. But its not good vs 
    buildings. Also if you upgrade your palace you can give them a 25 
    percent more powerful version of this toxin. Its blue YAY! Er um sorry 
    got wrapped up in the excitement. 
    -Scorpion Tank ? Cost 600
    This is the basic GLA tank, and its cheap cheap cheap at that! They are 
    also one of the few tanks that are good against infantry. These guys 
    aren?t that strong to start off but there are many extra bonus you can 
    give them through upgrading various structures. For example: You can 
    upgrade your war factory to equip all your Scorpion tanks with an extra 
    rocket. You can upgrade your palace to give them toxic shells, and then 
    upgrade all toxins also to a more powerful formula by upgrading your 
    black market. With the improvements, if you get a group of these guys 
    they are quite impressive. 
    -Quad Cannon ? Cost 700
    Basically a pickup rigged up with a gattling cannon. Quick and a good 
    air defense it can also upgrade its weapons up to three times, making it 
    a truly versatile tank.  These guys are good to have around your other 
    tanks fro air defense. 
    -Marauder Tank - GLA's most powerful tank, though not as powerful as 
    China and USA's standard tank this tank can still give a good pouch to 
    other tanks. This unit can also pick up pieces of scrap from the ground 
    to upgrades it's weapons and Armour. When upgraded it gives other tanks 
    a run for their money, and is quite an impressive tank, and once again? 
    cheap YAY!!!!  This unit requires a generals promotion to use. 
    -Scud Launcher ? Costs 1200
    This is the GLA version of artillery. It launches 1 missile at a time, 
    that is equipped with your choice of Anthrax or Explosives 
    *interchangeable after every shot*. Be careful though, they may have 
    great range, but they have terrible armor. Keep them well guarded with 
    some scorpion and marauder tanks. It should also be noted that this unit 
    requires a generals promotion. 
    -Bomb Truck ? Cost 1200
    Bomb truck is a kamakazi unit, used to cause mass destruction on 
    whatever it hits. A plus to this is that you can choose to equip it with 
    either chemicals or explosives, and it can be disguised as any other 
    vehicle (Civilian or Enemy). 
    Radar Van ? Cost 500 
    This is what gives you your radar, and with an upgraded black market, 
    you can do radar reveals on spots on the map, recharge time on those is 
    only 30 seconds! The Radar van can also detect stealth units. 
    Global Liberation Army Structures
    Note: No power plants are necessary for the GLA
    -Command Center ? Cost 2000
    The place that makes things happen, the command center supplies you with 
    workers, who gather resources and bring them to your supply depot. These 
    workers also build your buildings, so without a command centre, you 
    can?t construct buildings. 
    -Barracks ? Cost 500
    This is where your infantry, mobs an heroes are produced. You may also 
    purchase upgrades on your barracks:
    -	Capture Building ? Trains  your Rebels how to 
    capture buildings
    -Arms Dealer ? Cost 2000
    This is where you produce all your tanks and tractors. Once again you 
    may also purchase upgrades for this building.
    -	Scorpion Rocket ? Equips all your scorpion tanks 
    with an extra rocket
    -Supply Stash ? Cost 1500
    This is where the supplies are taken too, also can produce workers. This 
    building is essential as it provides a cashflow to fund your war effort. 
    No upgrades here but protect it. 
    -Palace ? Cost 2500
    This is GLA's "Technology" building. It is required if you want to 
    upgrade your units. You can also garrison 5 infantry inside the building 
    for added protection. Makes for a better armored more expensive battle 
    bunker, and you can build as many of these as you want. The upgrades to 
    the palace are:
    -	Camouflage - Rebels are hiding from enemy sight 
    when not shooting or moving.
    -	Toxin Shells - Scorpion and Marauder shells carry 
    a small amount of Anthrax Toxin
    -	Anthrax Beta - 25% damage bonus to all toxin 
    -	Arm the Mob - Arm all Angry Mobs with AK-47s.
    -Black Market ? Cost 2500
    Once built, you will get a steady flow of credits and be able to 
    purchase the technology for units that goes along with this building:
    -	AP Bullets - 25% damage bonus to Rebel, Technical, 
    Quad Cannon and Jarmen Kell.
    -	Junk Repair - All vehicles auto-repair.
    -	Radar Scan - Radar van can scan the map to search 
    for enemy forces.
    -	AP Rockets - 25% damage bonus to all rocket 
    -	Buggy Ammo - 25% rocket buggy ammo.
    -Stinger Site ? Cost 950
    One of your base defenses as the GLA. Good for defense against incoming 
    aircraft, and tanks. Guard these against snipers, as they will render 
    them useless by picking off the rocket soldiers inside it. 
    -Demo Trap ? Cost 400
    The demo trap is an invisible bomb that waits for enemy units to walk 
    over it. It can be spotted by some units but still a useful defense 
    -Underground Tunnel ? Cost 850
    One of the most useful structures in the game. It can hold up to 8 units 
    at a time, They can enter from any one hole and leave from another hole 
    anywhere on the map a second later. It is the ultimate transport. And it 
    is mounted with a defensive gun to defend vs infantry. 
    Global Liberation Army?s Super Weapon
    Scud Storm ? Cost 5000
    This is the GLA?s Superweapon. One major advantage to the GLA is that 
    they don?t have to supply power for anything even this, so you wont risk 
    running low on power by building one. These things devastate a target 
    area with 8 Scud missiles packed with toxins. While not pinpoint 
    accuracy, they will destroy just about anything you point them at. 
    Global Liberation Army?s General Points
    1 Star General
    Allows construction of the medium class Marauder Tank.
    -SCUD Launcher 
    Allows construction of the SCUD missile platform.
    -Technical Training 
    Trains all Technicals built as veterans.
    3 Star General
    -Cash Bounty 
    Gives the player resources upon the destruction of enemy forces. Three 
    tiers give the player more money per kill. 
    -Emergency Repair 
    Repairs tanks in the selected area. There are three different variants, 
    each increasing the time of repair. 
    Enables the training of the Hijacker at the Barracks.
    -Rebel Ambush 
    Gives a commander the ability to unleash a given number of Rebels 
    instantly anywhere on the map. Each of the three levels allows for a 
    different number of Rebels to be brought in.
    5 Star General
    -Anthrax Bomb 
    Drops an Anthrax bomb on a selected enemy. Is lethal to all infantry 
    immediately and quickly damages tanks down to the point of destruction.
    Global Liberation Army Strategies
    - Mobs armed with AK47?s can easily destroy an entire base all on their 
    own if they are several of them
    -Build your palace at your front lines and fortify it with rocket guys, 
    then put a underground tunnel right by it
    -Place an underground tunnel at your barracks, your war factory, and 
    your front lines, and use it to instantly transport troops to battle and 
    overwhelm them with a constant supply of troops.
    -If you upgrade a scorpion with the missile, give them toxins, then make 
    the toxins more powerfull (all through structure upgrades) your 
    scorpions will be a force to be reckoned with
    -Don?t overlook the Toxic Tractors secondary ability, ground 
    -Use hit and run tactics with your buggies as often as possible to keep 
    your opponent on their feet and un concentrated on building up a massive 
    -Use Jamar to pick off as many enemy vehicles as you can
    -The major advantage of scuds is that they don?t take any extra power, 
    so if you have the cash build multiple scud storms
    -Remember that demolition trucks can really pack a punch, as can a 
    technical filled with terrorists. 
    III Credits
    1.	EA Pacific for making this great game
    2.	Gamefaqs for having a great site
    3.	http://www.planetcnc.com/generals/ for the generals ability chart 
    info, that I used :-D
    4.	Myself Jamie Lee Goehring for writing this faq
    5.	My dog  for not calling me crazy when I talk to him and he talks 
    6.	And the GGTF (Global Gnome Task Force) For helping me stop the 
    underwear dwarves from stealing my underwear?..ahhhh I CANT TAKE 
    Have a nice day :-D

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