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    FAQ by Balor

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    ||||||||||Command & Conquer: Generals FAQ||||||||||
    Version 0.30 (second release version with fixed spelling)
    Author: Robert Lucard
    E-mail Address: ubergamer@pompom.nu
    ------------- Table of contents ---------------
    |                                             |
    | Information about this FAQ and me:          |
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    |[A 1] What this FAQ covers                   |
    |[A 2] Some information about me and this FAQ |
    |                                             |
    | Game Related Information:                   |
    |[B 1] Some basic information about the story |
    |[B 2] System Requirements to run the game    |
    |[B 3] The Sides Available in the game        |
    |[B 4] Some basic information about the story |
    |[B 5] A list of units available in the game  |
    |[B 6] USA one-mission Walktrough             |
    |                                             |
    | [C 1] Thanks to section                     |
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    | Legal Section:                              |
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    |[D 1] Legal information                      |
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    ---------------THE FAQ---------------
    [A 1] What this FAQ covers
    This FAQ covers a detailed description of all USA units in C&C: Generals,
    it also covers a detailed guide on how to complete the first mission in the C&C: Generals USA campaign the easiest way.
    Also some additional information about the game.
    [A 2] Some information about me and this FAQ
    My name is Robert Lucard I am from Sweden in Europe and this is my first FAQ I decided to write one because
    I like C&C: Generals so much and I always wanted to try to write a FAQ for a game, any game that I enjoyed.
    I first planned for this to be a full FAQ covering everything in C&C: Generals from a full Walktrough to
    tactics on how to play the game effective and a full list of all units and structures available in the game and much more,
    but as there where already so many other good C&C: Generals FAQs already available on Gamefaqs and I had so little time
    I decided that it would be best to put the FAQ on ice maybe I will maybe continue on it later or  maybe not.
    But I know at last that I plan to write another FAQ about some game at a later time when I have more free time
    available in my life.
    I would be happy if at last a few people would read my FAQ I know then that I have done some good
    for the C&C: Generals gaming community and for Gamefaqs.
    If you have a question about my FAQ or about C&C: Generals feel free to e-mail me at ubergamer@pompom.nu
    or if you want to provide me with feedback.
    I do not guarantee that any of the information or tactics that I provide will work or have the same effect in multi player.
    This FAQ is strongly for the single player campaign in C&C: Generals!
    There may also be some information about the multi player available in C&C: Generals in this FAQ.
    [B 1] Some basic information about the story
    I was trying for quit a while to come up with some good information about the story in C&C: Generals
    but I just couldn't come up with anything good to write so I did copy this section from CDietsch FAQ (hope you don't mind)
    it clearly says in his FAQ that he took the following information from the official C&C: Generals manual.
    Security Council Sub-Committee (Resolution 1379) on Global Liberation Army
    Report to Security Council: Situation Report (SIT REP) on GLA Activities.
    Distribution CLASSIFIED
    Hotan, China
    For several months, observers have expressed concern over the activities of
    the Global Liberation Army (GLA). A loose federation of freedom fighters and
    terrorists, the GLA has established several strongholds in the republics of
    Central Asia. By distributing forces and leadership across the borders of
    these developing nations, the GLA has thwarted efforts to engage in meaningful
    dialogue. Last year, this group without borders crossed into Western China and
    began building popular support for an independant state in this remote region.
    GLA funding continues to grow from unknown sources, and its leadership remains
    a mystery.
    For the Beijing government, this incursion along its western border could not
    have come at a worse time. The reforms in China's "Modern Way" program have
    produced new civil liberties and excellent growth in Chinese exports,
    particularly in light manufacturing and agricultural products. Beijing has
    repeatedly stated that these changes are here to stay, a position that
    does not sit well with the GLA.
    Last week, the GLA struck a military depot at Yechung, stole thousands of
    rounds of munitions, and destroyed a nuclear power plant. Dangerous levels of
    radiation have been detected over 100 kilometers downwind. The Chinese
    government is furious and has refused to allow observers to mediate
    discussions with the GLA. Several divisions of the Red Army have established
    positions in the province along major roadways and rivers.
    While the United States continues to provide orbital reconnaissance to the
    Security Council, it has failed to contribute troops to the peacekeeping
    efforts in the region. The Council's refusal to support United States counter-
    terrorist initiatives in the Middle East in recent years has not been
    forgotten. USA military forces have remained in port and on base, venturing
    out only to secure its coastline.
    Scattered intelligence reports arriving from Europe and Asia indicate that the
    GLA has established and funded sleeper cells to further spread its sphere of
    influence. If China succeeds in forcing out the GLA, it is difficult to
    predict where the group will resurface. The United States would be the logical
    choice to buttress Chinese efforts to contain the GLA, but the United States
    continues to maintain its non-involvement in the conflict that eventually the GLA
    will cross paths with USA forces in Asia or elsewhere in the world.
    The sub-committee recommends to the Security Council that it continue to
    maintain an open channel with the GLA, to establish a clear set of boundaries
    for Chinese activity, and to communicate the need for the USA participation in
    peacekeeping initiatives before the Council loses its influence on the
    [B 2] System Requirements to run the game
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Windows NT and Windows 95 NOT supported)
    800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
    128 MB Ram
    8x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
    1.8 GB free hard drive space plus space for saved games (additional space required for Windows
    swap-file DirectX 8.1 installation)
    32 MB video card using Nvidia Geforce 2, Ati Radeon 7500 AGP video card, or more
    recent chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    DirectX 8.1 compatible 16-bit sound card
    Keyboard and mouse.
    1.8 GHz or faster Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor, with 256 MB or more RAM and Nvidia Geforce 3
    or faster graphic card that can handle Direct3D
    [B 3] Some information about C&C: Generals
    There are 3 ways to play C&C: Generals it is the same as with most RTS games
    a single player campaign with story driven missions and multiplayer against other players
    available on Westwood Online a match making service to get started with your game it is similar to,
    to Battle.net and Ensemble Studios online and basically works the same way you can host a game or join a game
    you can play against 8 players or play in team with some of them against another team,
    you can also play alone against a friend or just someone random.
    Then there is also skirmish which is singleplayer without a campaign you just start a random game against the computer.
    There is one campaign for each side in C&C: Generals a USA campaign, a China campaign and a GLA campaign,
    each campaign is 7 missions long and take around 1-5 days or more to complete depending on how much you play.
    -- Some other important information about C&C: Generals to help you understand how the game is played --
    C&C: Generals basically works the same way as any other RTS game such as Warcraft III,
    there is a money bar and a power bar both of those are very important to be able to play the game
    you need money to build things and power to power your buildings.
    More information regarding the power bar:
    You need power to power your buildings if your buildings are not powered they will not function
    in other words they will not be able to produce units or if the building is a defensive structure
    it's defenses will be off defensive structures are for example the Patriot Missile (USA),
    but there are many more defensive structures each side have there own unique structures
    Each building requires some power for example the Patriot Missile requires 3 in power and the USA power plant,
    for example produces 5 power and 10 power if upgraded, you can always build new power plants as long as
    you have money you will need to build new power plants to power any new buildings you make
    or if you are low on power or if your current power plants are destroyed.
    The GLA do not require power plants.
    Only China and USA have power plants they both have different power plants
    China have Nuclear Reactor and USA have Cold Fusion Reactor.
    More information regarding the money bar:
    The Money bar shows how much money you currently have,
    money is very important it is required to purchase buildings, units and upgrades
    and basically everything else in the game that cost money.
    You get money by collecting supplies each side have there own unique vehicle to collect money
    you collect supplies at certain locations there is only a limited number of money in those supplies,
    however the GLA and USA each have there own building that collect supplies automatically
    they will automatically produce there own unique number of cash automatically
    which means that you don't have to find any location to collect the money at,
    the building will instead produce money for you.
    the GLA have a Black market which produces 20$ automatically every few second and the USA have a building called
    Supply drop zone a plane will come and drop supplies at this building every 2 minute
    do not worry if the plane that dropped the supplies is destroyed a new one will come anyway,
    I do not know exactly how much money the plane will drop each time (looking for info on this).
    Information regarding Unit Veterancy:
    Units can gain veterancy status there are 3 levels of veterancy,
    when a unit gains another level in veterancy the unit will get better in every aspect in..
    range, rate of fire and everything else units can also gain the ability to auto-heal.
    The levels of veterancy available in C&C: Generals are Veteran, Elite and Heroic.
    Unit veterancy is very important as it will give you a major advantage in the battlefield
    tanks can also gain level in veterancy by having a pilot in it,
    look below in the Unit section of this FAQ for more information about what the pilot does
    and how you can gain pilots.
    As I plan for this to be the only version of my C&C: Generals FAQ ever I won't include more information.
    But if I ever change my mind and decide to continue working on this FAQ I will include a lot more information here.
    For now I just wanted to finish this FAQ and include everything that I wanted in it.
    [B 4] The Sides Available in the game
    There are 3 sides available in C&C: Generals the GLA (Global Liberation Army) which is made up
    it is supposed to be a terrorist organization based all over the Arab world,
    then there is the USA and China.
    Below is a description of all three available sides in C&C: Generals.
    United States
    Roused from its isolation by the GLA's bio-terrorist efforts,
    the US quickly puts its traditional tools to work - metal and might.
    Hardly the rigid, out-of-touch communist behemoth of yesteryear, the new China is as sleek as a bullet train,
    yes as brash and bustling as MTV.
    Global Liberation Army
    While technically not a nation, the GLA might as well be one - it's a tight-knit, cell based political organization
    tied together by a shady agenda.
    [A 5] A list of USA units available in the game
    --USA units only--
    [Infantry units]
    [Non-Combat USA units]
    [Aircraft units]
    [Tanks and Vehicles]
    Cost: 225
    Upgrades available: Flashbangs, Capture building, Advanced training
    Special abilities: Machine gun mode (set as default mode for the US Ranger), Flashbangs, Capture building
    Requirements to build: Baracks
    The Ranger is the US basic attack infantry unit strong vs infantry and weak vs light vehicles.
    --Information about the US Ranger--
    The US Ranger infantry unit is best used for small offensive attacks in vulnerable locations in the enemies base
    or as a defense unit the US Ranger unit is also great to garrison inside civilian structures for defense purposes
    it is also good in offensive attacks inside the enemy base.
    Missile Defender
    Cost: 300
    Upgrades available: Advanced training
    Special abilities: Laser Missile Attack (improves Missile Defender missile rate of fire)
    Requirements to build: Barracks
    The US Missile Defender is a unit equipped with a missile firing weapon strong vs tanks, aircraft and weak vs infantry.
    --Information about the US Missile Defender--
    The US Missile Defender is a strong front line defender and also good in medium numbers as a offensive unit
    to clear out enemy bases of tanks, a few of those guys at the front line are a deadly opponent vs tanks
    as long as they are escorted by other units (tanks can kill infantry by driving over them)
    and if you want a cheap tank defense or anti-air defense this unit works great for that too
    they also rock as a combo with a few Patriot Missiles.
    Cost: 600
    Upgrades: Advanced training
    Special abilities: None
    Requirements: Barracks, General's Promotion point
    The Pathfinder is a sniper unit only available to the US side in C&C: Generals strong vs infantry
    and weak vs light vehicles and scouts.
    --Information about the Pathfinder--
    The Pathfinder is great against all basic infantry units that are available to all three sides in C&C: Generals,
    this unit has a decent rate of fire, he is also camouflaged while not moving or shooting which means that enemy infantry
    units won't be able to detect him (he can still be detected by the GLA unit Radar van and by many defensive structures)
    as far as I know Kina don't have any units that can detect camouflaged units
    but many of there defensive buildings still can of course,
    Use the Pathfinder while clearing out hostile areas and locations of enemy infantry using the Pathfinder
    against any kind of vehicles will prove fatal as the Pathfinder
    won't be able to damage any vehicles or tanks barely anything,
    but the Pathfinder is a deadly unit vs all infantry as he can pick off most infantry units with his sniper rifle
    before they are even able to reach him or hurt him so he is best used against those units
    you should keep him far away from heat of battle and instead garrison him inside a building
    or have him take out enemy infantry patrolling.
    Col Burton (aka Colonel Burton)
    Cost: 1500
    Upgrades: Advanced training
    Special abilities: Knife Attack, Timed Demo Charge, Remote Demo Charge, Detonate Charges
    Requirements: Barracks, Strategy Center
    Col Burton is a special infantry unit he is not needed in any of the missions
    and all the missions can be done without him but I would still consider him a special "hero unit"
    as he has many special abilities strong vs infantry and weak vs scout.
    --Information about Col Burton--
    Col Burton is very effective in clearing out patrolling enemy infantry or simply enemy infantry
    he has many special abilities which I have listed above I will list them here anyway
    Knife Attack which is a silent attack used to take out enemy infantry
    I have not found this one very useful he can also use Timed Demo Charge which he can plant on enemy vehicles or buildings
    it detonates after a few seconds there is also Remote Demo Charge which is the same as Timed Demo Charge
    but you chose yourself when to detonate this one by using the Detonate Charges ability,
    Use Col Burton in taking out enemy infantry he is very useful in the first few missions of the game
    where he is available later I have found other units to be more useful
    as Col Burton is vulnerable to enemy defenses and enemy tanks and vehicles.
    Non-Combat USA units:
    Construction Dozer
    Cost: 1000
    Upgrades: None
    Special abilities: Builds all USA structures and repairs buildings
    Requirements: Command Center
    The Construction Dozer is used by the US to repair buildings and to construct buildings it is a mobile vehicle.
    --Information about Construction Dozer--
    Keep this unit away from hostile enemy units as it has no offensive abilities in other words
    it can't defend itself very well
    just keep it away from the heat of battle and it will be fine for maximum effectives make at last 2 of those
    if you can afford it to quickly build and repair buildings.
    Cost: Is automatically built when planes and certain vehicles are produced when those vehicles are destroyed
    the pilot will eject if he can and you can then put him in another vehicles
    to make the vehicle he is inserted into receive a higher rank which will improve it's effectives in combat.
    Upgrades: None, as far as I know.
    Special abilities: Can enter vehicles to make the vehicle he enters have a higher veterancy level.
    Requirements: Is Automatically built and equipped into certain vehicles when they are built.
    Cost: 1200
    Upgrades: None.
    Special abilities: Recourse collector for the US, Combat Drop.
    Requirements: Supply Center
    The Chinook can collect supplies and it can be used to perform Combat Drops.
    --Information about Chinook--
    The Chinook is only available to the US it can collect supplies it collects 600$ at a time
    it can also be used to perform Combat Drops with Rangers which can be used to storm civilian buildings
    garrisoned by enemy troops from the air
    (when you have selected the civilian building you want to storm
    all the troops you have in the Chinook will swing down on ropes onto the roof of the building and
    within seconds you will have control of the building.
    The Chinook is probably one of the most important units for the USA in C&C: Generals
    as it is the only unit the USA can build that can collect rescours
    (you can still get rescours by having a Supply Drop Zone)
    but it takes much longer to get rescours and the Chinook is the default way to get rescours for the USA,
    and the Chinook ability Combat Drop can be quit useful in many of the campaign levels in C&C: Generals
    as you can storm buildings without taking many losses while trying to attack a civilian building
    garrisoned with enemy units
    without storming it from the air it will take almost a endless amount of Rangers to eliminate the building.
    NOTE: You can still use Combat Drop to make drops with Rangers into empty civilian buildings.
    USA Aircraft units:
    Cost: 1400
    Upgrades: Advanced training, Laser Missiles.
    Special abilities: None.
    Requirements: Airfield
    The Raptor is good for unit assault and scouting (best bet is to just use satellites if you have it)
    Strong vs tanks, aircraft and light vehicles weak vs missile-armed infantry and anti-air defenses.
    --Information about Raptor--
    The Raptor is best to be used against tanks and vehicles it also works fine on enemy units
    if you need to take out a small amount of them, the Raptor should not be used against buildings
    or enemy bases because it is weak against anti-air units and defenses
    and it won't damage those much what will most likely happen is that
    you will lose your plane if you try to make bombing runs with those planes,
    use them wisely on locations with none or little anti-air defenses
    you could use those to take out tanks or vehicles near your base or any enemies that are on there way to your base,
    Stealth Fighters are much better suited for bombing runs as they are stealthed when they are flying
    which makes them stronger against anti-air defenses they are however not good against tanks and vehicles
    so use Raptors against those.
    Aurora Bomber
    Cost: 2500
    Upgrades: Advanced training.
    Special abilities: Super-Sonic attack activated by default.
    Requirements: Airfield and Strategy Center
    The Aurora Bomber is very good against buildings which makes it great for bombing runs on enemy bases,
    Strong vs buildings and weak vs fighters and anti-air units.
    --Information about Aurora Bomber--
    The Aurora Bomber is basically the best bomber plane in C&C: Generals as it always delivers a hit
    because it has a special ability activated by default called Super-Sonic attack.
    The Super-Sonic attack makes the Aurora Bomber immune to enemy fire.
    After you have used the Super-Sonic attack Aurora Bomber speed is reduced by 50%
    Super-Sonic attack is activated when you attack something after the strike speed is reduced by 50%
    This makes the Aurora Bomber great for bombing runs on enemy bases but you should not go too far into the enemy base
    with the Aurora Bomber as it is really weak against anti-air units and when it has made it's attack
    the speed of the plane is reduced by 50% so if you go too far into the enemy base and they have a lot of anti-air units
    what will most likely happen is that you will get shoot down, because of the low risk of getting out of the enemy
    base in time.
    But for bombing front line enemy defenses the Aurora Bomber is the best there is plan your attack carefully!
    Cost: 1500
    Upgrades: Advanced training, Rocket Pods.
    Special abilities: Fire Rockets (requires upgrade Rocket Pods.)
    Requirements: Airfield
    The Commanche is the best helicopter in C&C: Generals it is also the only offensive helicopter in C&C: Generals,
    Strong vs tanks, light vehicles, infantry and weak vs missile-armed infantry, anti air defenses.
    --Information about Commanche--
    The Commanche is one of the most deadly enemies of infantry in C&C: Generals,
    it can kill infantry in seconds, it is even strong against missile-armed infantry
    but if you see any missile-armed infantry you should keep them away from your Commanche helicopters
    because the Commanche helicopter is not only strong against missile-armed infantry, missile-armed infantry
    is much stronger against Commanche helicopters so do not use Commanche helicopters against them unless
    it is your only choice or if it is a emergency, what will happen if you use Commance helicopters against missile-armed
    infantry is that you will lose many more helicopters then the amount of enemy missile-armed infantry you kill
    so it is not a good idea to use them against missile-armed infantry.
    After the Commanche helicopter has gained the Rocket pods upgrade
    it is quit deadly against buildings too if you activate the missile attack (Fire Rockets)
    But to use it effective you need to  have several Commanche helicopters
    you can destroy most buildings in a few seconds if you have enough helicopters that is
    as the Commance helicopter doesn't have a unlimited amount of missiles,
    each helicopter can hold 4 missiles after a while after the missiles have been used
    your helicopter will get new missiles and can then once again by effective against buildings,
    But the Fire Rockets ability is not only good against buildings it is great against any kind of units
    tanks, vehicles, infantry use it against anything that comes in your way,
    but as the Commance helicopter is very weak against anti air defenses and missile-armed infantry
    you need to remember to keep them far away from those!
    Stealth Fighter
    Cost: 1600
    Upgrades: Advanced training, Laser Missiles.
    Special abilities: Stealthed by default.
    Requirements: Airfield, General's Promotion point
    The Stealth Fighter is Stealthed by default while moving after it has bombed it's target it losses it's stealth ability.
    Strong vs enemy base defenses and weak vs enemy fighters.
    --Information about Stealth Fighter--
    The Stealth Fighter is stealthed while moving which makes it great against enemy base defenses,
    this also decrease the chance of it getting hit by enemies it has a weakness trough and that is,
    enemy fighters you should only use the Stealth Fighter against enemy base defenses and some enemy units possibly.
    keep in mind however that the Stealth Fighter losses it's stealth ability after it has bombed it's target
    so it might be a good idea not to go too far into the enemy base if it has many anti-air defenses.
    Those planes are also best in big groups as they do not do much damage but a big group of those is a deadly opponent,
    against enemy base defenses the Stealth Fighter also work good against enemy tanks that are not moving
    they do good damage and they can quickly get away if it is not too far into the enemy base.
    Regarding speed the Stealth Fighter is not the fastest but it is not very slow either,
    in other words if you want a good bomber that is cheaper then the Aurora bomber - this is the one.
    Tanks and Vehicles:
    Cost: 600
    Upgrades: Battle Drone, Scout Drone.
    Special abilities: Heals Soldiers, Cleans up radiation and toxins.
    Requirements: War Factory
    The Ambulance can clean up radiation and toxins which I really haven't found that useful
    as radiation and toxins will automatically be gone in a minute or so but the healing ability it has has can be useful.'
    --Information about the Ambulance--
    Use the Ambulance to clean up radiation after you have been hit by a nuclear missile for example,
    as units are very vulnerable against radiation you may want to get it away as quickly as possible,
    or just wait a minute or so and it will be gone by itself, healing units in the heat of battle could also be useful
    I don't use the Ambulance much through, but it also has a Battle drone and a Scout drone
    so the Ambulance can be really useful for scouting it can also transport units.
    Crusader Tank
    Cost: 900
    Upgrades: Battle Drone, Scout Drone. Advanced training.
    Special abilities: None, but you can upgrade it so that it can use Drones for added sight or defense.
    Requirements: War Factory
    The only American tank that do not require a General's Promotion point.
    this tank is fast, and strong and it can also use drones for repairs or for added sight very useful,
    Strong vs vehicles, buildings and weak vs aircraft and missile armed infantry.
    --Information about the the Crusader Tank--
    Use this tank for either base assault as it is strong against buildings and vehicles
    or against vehicles attacking your base if you need some extra defense.
    It is weak against missile armed infantry so if the enemy has many of those you should not send in the tanks alone
    into the enemy base, kill the enemy missile infantry first or have some vehicles or units tag along on the assault.
    Those tanks are also pretty cheap which is good but you need many of those to penetrate the enemy defense
    if the enemy have many defensive structures such as the USA Patriot Missile or the GLA Stringer Site
    I would first use Tomahawk Missiles to take out the most deadly enemy base defenses
    then send in tanks against what is left because Crusader tanks usually don't stand a chance against Stinger Sites.
    If used right the Crusader Tank is a very good unit that is really useful in most things.
    Cost: 700
    Upgrades: Battle Drone, Scout Drone. Advanced training, TOW Missile.
    Special abilities: Can transport units.
    Requirements: War Factory
    The Humvee is good against infantry it can also transport friendly infantry it is also really fast
    so if you need to transport units somewhere the Humvee is good for that.
    Strong vs infantry weak vs tanks.
    --Information about the Humvee--
    The Humvee is great against infantry you can put 5 soldiers into it
    and they will also fire on enemy units from the windows of the vehicle.
    You can also use the Humvee for scouting as it is really fast and can quickly get away from enemy units if needed
    it also has Drones both Battle Drone and Scout Drone get one of those depending on what you plan to use the
    vehicle for the Scout Drone for scouting and the Battle Drone against infantry.
    If you upgrade it you can get TOW Missiles,
    the TOW Missile can fire on air targets or on ground targets such as tanks,
    it will make the Humvee stronger against tanks as the TOW Missile is a anti-tank weapon.
    As the Humvee is really strong against infantry you can always use it to clear out enemy bases of infantry
    just remember to keep it away from any defensive structures or enemy tanks as it is weak against those.
    Paladin Tank
    Cost: 1100
    Upgrades: Battle Drone, Scout Drone.
    Special abilities: Can be default auto-target enemy missiles with a slow laser.
    Requirements: War Factory, General's Promotion point
    Good against enemy tanks, stronger then the Crusader tank and a bit more expensive.
    [B 6] USA Walktrough of the first mission.
    --USA walktrough--
    |Mission 1|
    - The GLA has SCUD Storm
    - They are based in Baghdad
    - Eliminate the enemy threat
    This is the first mission of the USA campaign, this one is a pretty easy mission you start with 12 Crusader tanks
    and several Humvee vehicles.
    You should easy be able to Eliminate the 4 tanks guarding the entrance to the town of Baghdad
    with your 12 Crusader tanks,
    A short clip will be played when you enter the town
    where the GLA launches a SCUD Storm into there own town which kills many people.
    After the clip has been played you will receive a new mission objective
    | New Mission objective: |
    |                        |
    | Destroy the SCUD Storm |
    The SCUD Storm facility is located directly above your main base at the mountains to the north.
    Inside the enemy town near the small island in the middle of the town there are 2 civilian buildings full of enemies
    now is a good time to practice combat drop with the Chinook helicopters
    make 1 Chinook helicopter (have at last one in your main base collecting rescours
    you don't need that much rescours on this map as it is a very easy one)
    Move the helicopter near the two enemy buildings and use combat drop you will see your units swing down with ropes
    on the rooftop of the building you have selected and take it over they will then destroy the tank near the building,
    You will also get help from a second helicopter that will automatically take over the other building.
    You have to fill the helicopter with Rangers before you can use combat drop as Chinook helicopters are empty
    when they are first made.
    Your target now is the big civilian building that looks like a Palace in the middle of the town.
    You will see 4 tanks guarding the building and several rebels the building is surrounded by 4 religious
    minaret towers (Arabs use them as church clocks to signal to people when it is time to pray)
    Combat drop doesn't work good here because if you combat drop units into the Palace
    Your units won't be able to reach the tanks at the west minaret towers but they will be able to reach you!
    If you use combat drop at the Palace and shoot the barrels near the minaret towers
    they will eliminate all the rebels near the Palace and almost destroy 2 of the tanks near the palace
    but this will also destroy the bridge going north from the Palace so you will have to go around the Island
    to get to the other side.
    Now you should look for several POW Pilots at the east side of the town inside a prison building
    guarded by several GLA rebels,
    You should free those men and put them into tanks to have the tanks receive veteran status
    a easy way to free the pilots is to use just one tank free them by driving over the enemy units guarding the prison
    Or if you want to experiment more with Chinook helicopters you can combat drop units into one of the
    nearby buildings to make them kill the units guarding the POW Pilots.
    After you have rescued the Pilots you need to destroy the SCUD Storm this will be easiest done by
    moving all your tanks north towards the SCUD Storm you will face some resistance around..
    6 GLA Technical enemy vehicles and 4 Marauder GLA tanks those will be no match for your tanks
    If you for some reason need more tanks just make a few more at your main base,
    As you approach the enemy base you will see 2 GLA Tunnel Networks and several enemy tanks!
    Just as it is starting to get hard a friendly bomber shows up and wipes out the tanks and the Tunnel Networks.
    Your way to the SCUD Storm is pretty much free now you can blow up the barrels near the enemy buildings
    to make them explode, now destroy the SCUD Storm.
    Congratulations on completing the first mission in the USA C&C: Generals campaign.
    [C 1] Thanks to Section
    I would like to thank the people at Westwood (now known as EA Pacific) for making such a great game!
    And thanks to CJay for his his good job on making Gamefaqs into such a good site and to all the people on Gamefaqs.
    [D 1] Legal information
    I got this legal section from CDietsch (Chris Dietsch) FAQ I hope you don't mind
    as I don't see how I can possibly come up with my own legal section I don't know much about copyright laws.
    If you (Chris Dietsch) don't like me using your legal section just contact me at ubergamer@pompom.nu
    and I will remove this section from my FAQ.
    This unofficial Command & Conquer:Generals guide is copyright 2003 Robert Lucard.
    All rights reserved.
    All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part
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    This Guide is written by Robert Lucard, who holds all copyright for this
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    You may download the file  through a web browser into a single computer for
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    not remove any copyrights.
    If you would like to host my guide on your site, simply ask. The list of sites
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