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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GamingHyena

    Version: 1.2.5 | Updated: 04/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GamingHyena's Command and Conquer Generals Complete Mission Walkthrough v1.2.5
    	This guide will go through all the missions.  This walkthrough was built playing 
    on Brutal AI because it's the only AI level on which you might need some help.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Copyright Information
    2.	Chinese Missions
    3.	GLA Missions
    4.	U.S. Missions
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    Chinese Missions:
    Mission 1:
    The Dragon Awakes
    Beijing, China
    	The Chinese military is on parade to show the world our strength.  Make sure 
    nothing happens to the parade.
    -Destroy the Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility
    	The pre-mission video shows rows of soldiers marching down the streets of 
    Beijing.  Suddenly, a car races through the crowd and explodes, killing several soldiers.  
    GLA forces show up and attack the remaining Chinese forces.  Just as the Chinese are 
    gaining the upper hand, the GLA detonate a nuclear bomb, killing everyone in the area.
    	You are left in command of a few troops left near the base.  Destroy the car 
    bombs that race towards your base.  For some reason, you must direct your troops to fire 
    at the cars manually.  You will face another wave of car bombs and a couple of 
    Technicals and Rebels will show up as well.  Flame tanks are ideal for dispatching this 
    force, but make sure to have a protective screen of infantry in case the car bombs get too 
    close.  Near the bridge several Battlemaster tanks should show up, and their guns should 
    be enough to take out the Tunnel Network guarding the bridge.  Occupy the surrounding 
    civilian buildings to pick off the infantry.
    	Once you cross the bridge, it should trigger a video showing a wing of Migs 
    taking out the GLA force on the hill.  Going up the path on the right will cause you to run 
    into more GLA forces.  Therefore, you should be sneaky and attack from the left.  There 
    is a small path to the left of the bridge that leads right up to the bunker.  Have your tanks 
    destroy the bunker to end the mission.
    	There is an oil derrick near the bridge you can capture should things go horribly 
    wrong and you should need some cash.  Although frankly that's almost impossible on 
    this mission, its up to you to decide. 
    Mission 2:
    Hong Kong Crisis
    Hong Kong, China
    	Our operatives have recently uncovered a GLA terrorist cell in Hong Kong.  They 
    have taken over the nearby convention center and are using it as their main base of 
    operations.  Destroy the terror cell to eliminate the threat.
    -Destroy Convention Center
    -Destroy attached Parking Garages
    -Destroy the Toxin Tractor Production Facility
    	The pre-mission video shows a massive Chinese force crossing the bridge into 
    Hong Kong.  Ah, you finally get to command a real army.  The Chinese march across the 
    bridge, blissfully unaware that the GLA has planted a bomb on the side of the bridge.  
    The bomb explodes, sending almost all the Chinese into the river.  Fortunately, all the 
    crappy units were placed at the head of the column and survive the explosion…
    	Your first task will be to set up a base of your own.  The nearby park will provide 
    plenty of room for you to deploy.  Once you have build up your base, send your infantry 
    to occupy the building near the bridge leading to convention center.  Eventually, infantry 
    will show up by train.  Send them to reinforce your bridge force and build 2 Gattling 
    Cannons to cover the bridge.  Also, you will get a warning that GLA Toxin Tractors have 
    been detected.  Send a force of tanks up there to deal with the Toxin Tractors and destroy 
    or capture the Arms Dealer that builds them.  While you're up there, you might as well 
    capture the oil refinery next to it to reduce the cost of vehicles.  
    	In the meantime, use either flame tanks or the hoards of free infantry you keep 
    getting from the train station to secure the other two bridges.  The GLA will send a 
    constant stream of infantry from these two bridges.  Have you men act as cover while you 
    build 2 Gattling Cannons at each of the other two bridges.  Two Gattling Cannons should 
    be more than enough to stop the infantry and occasional car bombs the GLA throws at 
    you, but you still need to cut them off at their source.
    	Fortunately for you, help soon arrives in the form of a disgruntled ferry worker 
    who will be more than happy to help you retake the convention center.  Although I 
    initially feared he was a GLA agent who would sink any units I put on his ferry (I mean, 
    he just kind of shows up out of nowhere), after using his boat a couple of times he seems 
    on the level.  If you choose to use him, he will deposit you right on the docks – and into 
    the arms of the GLA force guarding the docks.
    	No, a much better bet is to build a force of 3 Gattling Tanks and 3 Fire Dragons. 
    Since you'll be taking on quite a few units, its better to proceed under the guns of the 
    Gattling Cannons guarding the bridges.  Have the fire dragons destroy the buildings while 
    the Gattling Tanks take on the infantry and light vehicles.  Target the Parking Garages 
    and Arms Dealer first, as they produce the highly annoying Car Bombs and Technicals.  
    Remember that you don't have to kill every unit on the map, just toast the Garages and 
    Convention center and be done with it.  
    	Given all the anti-infantry forces of the GLA, your troops will have a hard time 
    staying alive in the fighting.  If you wish to use troops in combat, there is a hospital 
    to the north on the hill that you can capture to give them a fighting chance.
    Mission 3:
    A Flood of Violence
    Three Gorges Dam…Hubei Province, China
    	The GLA is attempting to seize control of the damn in order to undermine our 
    security in the region.  Make sure this does not happen.
    -Destroy the dam
    -Destroy the GLA base
    	The pre-mission video shows China in trouble.  GLA forces storm the nearby 
    Chinese base and kill the defenders.  With the base lost, Black Lotus decides fall back to 
    the dam itself.
    	Although Black Lotus recommends destroying the dam to halt the GLA, I 
    recommend against it.  The GLA will take care of this job for you, and you need to spend 
    that time protecting yourself and creating your infrastructure.  Your first priority should 
    be building your base.  GLA units attack from the south of your base, so protect the 
    bunker and occupy the nearby civilian tower.  The GLA on the other side of the river will 
    begin attacking the dam.  One way or another, somebody will eventually blow a hole in 
    the dam.
    	When this happens, a flood of water washes away several villages along with a 
    few GLA buildings.  Now the region is without power and thousands downstream will 
    undoubtedly be killed from the flood.  Great plan, Black Lotus!  Another unfortunate side 
    effect of the flood is that the water is draining out of the lake separating you from the 
    GLA base.  
    	Your new focus should be the walkway that's slowly being uncovered by the 
    water.  You have about 5 minutes to put together a defense, so use your time wisely.  The 
    best defense I've found is 2 Gattling Cannons combined with 2 Bunkers full of rocket 
    infantry and Red Guard.  This should be enough to shut down any force the GLA sends 
    against you.  Also, build 2 airports and have your Migs use the guard command on the 
    mainland next to the bridge to strafe any GLA forces that might mass to attack.  The 
    Black Napalm upgrade will make the Migs ground attack stronger, so get it as quickly as 
    your can. Also, to the west of your base are an Oil Refinery, Construction Dozer, and Oil 
    Derrick.  These are all very useful in the upcoming battles.
    	Gradually, build up your presence on the other side of the bridge.  You will learn 
    the GLA has killed everyone in town.  If you are running low on money, make use of the 
    Supply Dock on the GLA side near the bridge.  Keep moving the Migs up closer and 
    closer to the GLA base (south of the town).  It's a good idea to build a War Factory in the 
    middle of the town to repair your armor and speed units to the front (remember to build 
    defenses around it and make use of the mine upgrade).  Save up your units and attack as a 
    group instead of feeding them into the battle.  This can be a very frustrating level if you 
    don't, since the GLA's seemingly endless supply of resources guarantees they will 
    constantly churn out troops that will chop up your force one by one.  
    	  Eventually you will overwhelm the outer defenses of the GLA base.  Make sure 
    and take out the Stinger Site so that your Migs will have free reign over the base.  Take 
    out the structures to end the mission.
    	This mission can require quite a lot of resources.  After the dam breaks, there are 
    no more GLA on your side of the river.  There is a Supply Dock south of your base.  You 
    can build a Supply Depot nearby without worrying about GLA attacks.
    Mission 4:
    Broken Alliances
    Tanggula Mountains, China
    	The GLA have constructed a bio toxin factory in the mountains.  If the toxin 
    reaches the nearby river, then thousands could die.  Our best option is to firebomb the 
    facility.  Use your commando group to secure the area while we call in a Mig strike
    -Destroy 4 Stinger Sites
    -Have Black Lotus capture the War Factory
    	The pre-mission video shows two Migs on their way to destroy the factory.  A 
    Stinger Site blows one Mig apart, while another is shot down and impacts into a nearby 
    	When the mission begins, you have 10 infantry and Black Lotus.  Purchase the 
    veteran Red Guard upgrade and crank out 5 Red Guard.  Also, build 5 hackers and have 
    them Hack the Internet.  This gives you $5/second in cash, and best of all the longer they 
    do it the more money you get per second!  The Red Guard you built combined with the 
    forces already given to you should be enough to easily overpower the Stinger Site.  Now, 
    reinforcements should drop in.  Use Black Lotus to capture the nearby Oil Derrick to 
    increase your cash flow.  Dispatch any infantry or Technicals that get too curious and 
    proceed to your next target.  There is a Rocket Buggy nearby that should be killed before 
    you tackle the 2 Stinger Sites.  
    	Now you face your biggest threat yet.  A Toxin Tractor guards the final Stinger 
    Site.  It can single-handedly spell doom for your entire force.  The safest option is to use 
    Cluster Mines on the bridge, then send in some infantryman.  The Toxin Tractor will 
    more towards the infantry and will (hopefully) be destroyed by the mines.  Another, 
    riskier plan is to use Black Lotus to incapacitate the Tractor.  The only problem with this 
    is that she will then be spotted and fired up by the Stinger Site, and she will probably be 
    killed before she finished her job.  Plan C is a full on infantry assault.  Sure, most of them 
    will die, but it's better than killing off Black Lotus (you need her later on in the mission).
    	Don't forget about your hackers.  After the video is displayed, they will quit 
    hacking and stand around doing nothing.  Get their lazy butts back to work – cash is too 
    important in this mission to pass up.  Have Black Lotus capture the War Factory and 
    build a couple of tanks.  Tanks aren't affected much by toxin and are excellent for killing 
    the Toxin Tractors.  Move them into the center of town and have Black Lotus capture the 
    Oil Derrick.  Your infantry should occupy nearby buildings for protection.  	
    	Once the town is secured, its time to strike.  Cluster Mine the entrance to the GLA 
    base and send in some tanks.  Have your soldiers occupy the tower.  You will be able to 
    take care of the troops guarding the entrance, and the mines should hamper GLA 
    reinforcements.  Have Black Lotus cash hack the GLA Supply Stash to cut down on their 
    unit production.  Clear out the GLA troops who have occupied civilian buildings near the 
    Stinger Site, then go after the Tunnel Network.  Once these two obstacles are out of your 
    way, hit the Stinger Site itself.  Destroying the final Site triggers a video showing a wing 
    of Migs attacking the toxin factory.  The factory goes up in a burst of flame (although 
    toxins are clearly shown leaking out near the river), ending the mission.
    Mission 5:
    Scorched Earth
    Balykahy, Kyrgystan
    	GLA scum have taken over the city of Balykahy, Comrade.  Our U.S. ally has 
    agreed to provide air support while we liberate the city.
    -Destroy the 3 GLA camps
    -Destroy the main GLA base
    	The pre-mission video shows a U.S. B-52 Bomber on its way to deliver an air 
    strike.  Apparently uninterested in the lives of the people they are supposed to be saving, 
    the B-52 obliterates an entire city block of civilian buildings and GLA units.  So much 
    for a surgical strike.  But hey, we got a few Technicals and some Rebels, so I guess it was 
    worth it…
    	The mission opens by giving you control of a large Chinese base on the docks of 
    the city.  Build another Supply Truck, as well as a War Factory and Barracks.  Also, build 
    another Gattling Cannon on the northern part of your base.  For whatever reason, the 
    GLA desperately wants to send a Technical to explore your base, and the extra Gattling 
    Cannon will make sure that never happens.  Also, destroying the Arms Dealer north of 
    your base will help slow down the stream of Technicals.  Cash can be tight the first 
    couple of minutes in the game, and to ensure a stead supply station some Hackers in the 
    back of your base and have them hack the Internet.  
    	Your first objective is in the Oil Derricks and Oil Refinery in the southwest corner 
    of the map.  You should proceed slowly and always bring Troop Crawlers with you, since 
    the GLA has littered the area with Demo Traps.  They always come in groups of three, 
    and are powerful enough to even bring down an Overlord that gets too close, to stay 
    cautious.  The Troop Crawler radar pulse will make the traps visible, as will the 
    Propaganda Towers on the Overlords later on when you can afford them.  There will be a 
    lot of house to house fighting in this mission.  Flame Dragons are good for this, since 
    they can clear out infantry instantly from an occupied building.  Also, there will be a lot 
    of Stinger Sites around.  Your best bet is to take these out ASAP so your Migs fly cover.  
    About midway to the Oil Refinery you should find a poorly guarded GLA Supply Stash.  
    Depending on your situation, you can either capture the building immediately, or have 
    Black Lotus cash hack the building repeatedly.  If you do capture the Stash, you can build 
    Workers, and thus start building GLA buildings.  Eventually, you will make it to the Oil 
    Refinery.  Build a War Factory and Barracks nearby to help reinforce the area.  Another 
    Airfield wouldn't hurt either.  Now you need to turn north.  
    	In the meantime, you also have a GLA camp sitting almost directly north of your 
    base.  Your wing of Migs in your main base should be guarding the area, striking targets 
    of opportunity.  To win the mission, you must destroy every GLA building on the map, 
    so forget about the occupied structures for the moment unless they are firing missiles at 
    your planes.  I always recommend upgrading the Artillery Strike as well, since it is ideal 
    for helping to take down Stinger Sites.  You should be able to destroy the northern GLA 
    camp through a combination of Migs, Carpet Bombing, and Artillery Strikes.  Since you 
    might not be able to see, and thus target, specific structures, have your Migs Air Guard an 
    area (unless there are Stinger Sites in the area).  Another good way of highlighting an 
    area is to drop Cluster Mines on it.  You should be able to see the area for a couple of 
    seconds before the plane comes.  
    	Now lets turn our attention back to your forces in the southwest corner of the 
    map.  Slowly move your way up the map, clearing out GLA forces along the way.  
    Another handy unit to have is Gattling Tanks, since the GLA will start to send suicide 
    bombers down as you approach their base.  They seem to come out of the Tunnel 
    Network, and destroying the structure will put a stop to them.  You won't be facing much 
    armor at this point, mainly Demo Traps and infantry.  As a word of caution about sending   
    Migs over to strike the main GLA base from your main base: there are two Stinger Sites 
    in the middle of the map that will bring down your planes as they go to and from their 
    target.  Send some units to the middle to destroy these sites before striking the main base 
    from there.  Remember to concentrate your fire on GLA created buildings, and use air 
    power whenever possible to destroy structures since the GLA has so many mines littered 
    around the map.  
    	As the game indicates, there is another Supply Dock north of your base.  The 
    problem is that once you have the resources to get it, you won't need more cash.  There is 
    also the inherent danger of moving your Dozer over there with all the Demo Traps 
    around.  It's best just to leave it alone for this mission.  
    Mission 6:
    Dead in their Tracks
    Bishkek, Aldastan Subcapital
    	The GLA have captured the trainyards at Bishkek and are rapidly reinforcing the 
    city.  You must use Black Lotus to destroy the bridge to halt this.
    -Use Black Lotus to destroy bridge
    	The pre-mission video pans over the city, as the mission is described.  A train 
    roars out of a tunnel and stops at the train station, dropping of GLA Rebels.
    	This mission defines the words cash poor.  You are cheerfully informed that GLA 
    supplies can be hacked for cash, but it doesn't seem to notice that the Supply Stashes are 
    right next to the mission objective on the other side of the map!  Immediately move your 
    Hackers into the center of your base and begin hacking the Internet.  Now, build the 
    Chaingun upgrade and a Gattling Tank.  Move Black Lotus and the Gattling Tank east 
    and pick up the crate, then go across the bridge to pick up the 2 crates on the riverbank.  
    Some infantry might come after you, but the Gattling Tank should be able to kill them.  
    Use your newfound cash to build another Gattling Tank, some infantry, and a 
    Battlemaster tank.  There is a nearby Stinger Site that will impair your ability to reinforce 
    later in the mission.  Take the time to destroy it now.  Be aware there are several Demo 
    Traps around, so use a Troop Crawler to find them and destroy them.  Also, a Technical 
    nearby will try and run over your troops.  Use your tanks to destroy it.  Once the Site is 
    out of commission, capture the nearby Arms Dealer.  Building a Radar Van and the 
    sensor upgrade will help you spot areas of the map near the bridge and get an idea of the 
    	The GLA will constantly be bringing in troops via the train, which only makes 
    your already difficult task even harder.  Fortunately, you can intercept the train when it 
    stops at the little train stop on the eastern side of the map.  Use your armor to destroy the 
    train (target the first car), then have your infantry occupy a nearby building to mop up 
    any survivors.  Don't forget there is a U.N. crate at the train depot.
    	Leave your infantry and a Gattling Cannon to guard against future trains and have 
    Black Lotus capture the GLA Supply Stashes up north.  The bridge is in sight!  
    Unfortunately, for a super spy Black Lotus seems to be unable to climb the small ravine 
    that separates her from the bridge.  It looks like we'll be taking the long way around.
    	To cross that relatively short distance between your position and the bridge, you 
    will need quite a bit of backup.  Your best bet is a direct attack.  Under NO circumstances 
    send any units across the middle bridges, as this will trigger angry mobs to come out of 
    the stadium and attack you.  Send a Dragon Tank across the northern bridge and clear out 
    the three occupied buildings (you will have to force fire on the building directly north of 
    the park).  Alarms will sound, and the GLA will send several units to attack your tank.  It 
    will die in the process, but such is the price of progress.  Wait a few seconds until the 
    GLA units have gone back to their positions, then move 4-6 Battlemaster tanks across the 
    bridge.  Also, send some infantry to occupy the structures on the other side of the bridge.  
    They should be enough to clear out the nearby GLA units that come to attack you.  Given 
    the cramped streets of Bishkek, rocket infantry are particularly effective in killing the 
    GLA tanks.  Use the large park as a staging area for your units until you are ready to 
    attack.  When you are ready, have your troops occupy the building closest to the Stinger 
    Sites.  Your troops will kill the rocket infantry inside, allowing your other units to join in.  
    Don't forget your primary mission, which is to get Black Lotus to the bridge.  Everything 
    else is secondary.  Move your units near the bridge to destroy the Radar Van and second 
    Stinger Site, and send Black Lotus in (she should be relatively safe since she is a cloaked 
    unit.)  This triggers a video in which she plants a bomb, and waits for the train.  Just as 
    the train crosses the bridge, she blows the bridge, sending the train into the river below.
    Jamie Whyte has an easier solution to get Black Lotus on the bridge...
    "hi, on the China mission 6 where you have to use the black lotus to blow the bridge up you can 
    simply have her run around the edge of the map to the two supply stashes and then from there click 
    on the railway bridge.  she'll run over the road bridge below the railway bridge past two tanks, past 
    the [Stinger Sites] that will not kill her in time and onto the railway bridge all on her own... 
    mission complete, no units created or lost.... takes 2 minutes"
    Mission 7:
    Nuclear Winter
    Dushanbe, Aldastan Capital City
    	Our hour of victory is at hand.  We have found the GLA's main base of 
    operations.  To ensure our foes are crushed, the Premier has authorized the use of nuclear 
    -Destroy the GLA base
    	The pre-mission video shows a column of Chinese advancing through a ravine.  
    Jarmen Kell, the GLA crack sniper, watches from the mountain ridge.  A shot rings out, 
    and the lead Chinese soldier falls.  The Chinese have walked into an ambush (again).  As 
    SCUD missiles rain down on the column, Chinese Migs roar out of the sky, destroying 
    the SCUD Launchers.  
    	You start the mission thrown right into the middle of things.  There are still plenty 
    of GLA on the ridge, and your troops are suffering heavy casualties.  Click on your 
    Overlord tanks and have them build Propaganda Towers as soon as you can.  This will 
    allow them to heal themselves and nearby units, letting you preserve as many troops as 
    you can.  Have one of your Construction Dozers build a Command Center in the ravine, 
    and another start to build a power plant.  While you wait for those to build, you have a 
    base to wreck.  Move your forces east up the hill until you encounter 2 Tunnel Networks.  
    Use your Overlords to destroy the base defenses, and the Gattling Cannons to eliminate 
    the infantry.  Destroy all the buildings, but NOT the Supply Stash.  Build a Barracks and 
    capture the Stash (but feel free to cash hack it before).  You can now use the Workers to 
    build GLA structures, which can be quite useful later.  
    	Bring up your Dozers and begin building your base.  The computer will notify 
    you that there are few supplies at your base, so you need to find more.  The SCUD Storm 
    countdown should also begin.  It is VERY important that your cash never exceed 5,000 
    credits.  If it does, the GLA will launch SCUD Storms every 5 minutes.  As long as you 
    never have more than 5,000 credits, they won't use it.  Although this means you can't 
    build a Nuclear Missile silo, the tradeoff will be worth it.  
    Your army should move down the hill into the city and secure the Oil Derrick, 
    while you build a Bunker and Gattling Cannon for defense.  Also, building a line of 
    Tunnel Networks with your Workers will help reinforce your positions when they are 
    attacked (you can also use the free rocket troopers to go in the Bunkers).  The GLA will 
    attack in waves depending on where you are in the city.  When you reach the city center, 
    the GLA will send mostly tanks and infantry to get you.  A little farther up, you will have 
    to deal with Jarmen Kell.  He is usually hanging out in the tower near the GLA base 
    northwest of the town center.  An artillery strike is the best way to put him out of 
    commission (you usually don't have to worry about him again after you kill him).  
    The next wave a little farther up consists of Rocket Buggies and infantry.  These 
    usually show up as you get close to the Oil Derricks and crates in the northeast, or the 
    GLA outpost in the northwest.  The Rocket Buggies will cause you no end of trouble if 
    you don't deal with them quickly.  Unfortunately, "quickly" isn't in the Chinese 
    vocabulary, and your vehicles will get chewed up rather quickly as they lumber towards 
    the buggies to get close enough to fire.  You have several options to deal with them, none 
    of them perfect.  You can send a wing of Migs to guard the area, but there is a good 
    chance they will be shot down by the Stinger Sites in the mountains (unless you artillery 
    Strike the Sites).  You can build an Arms Dealer and crank out your own Rocket Buggies.  
    Rocket Buggies aren't cheap, but they are fast and can deal with the threat effectively.  
    Finally, you can try and hit them with your own artillery, though you will have to place 
    them behind your own defenses, which limits their range.  If you go the artillery route, I 
    recommend the Nuclear Cannon.  It has a superior range, and its large splash damage will 
    take out nearby units plus leave nuclear fallout for the GLA to wade through.  
    	Since you are working with the 5,000 credit cap, it's easy to run out of money.  In 
    town, there is an Oil Derrick and a Supply Dock in the west you can use.  Make sure and 
    set up some air cover first, since the GLA loves to send Quad Cannons down from the 
    mountains to destroy your outpost when you move your Construction Dozer in the area.  
    Plus, you can get several crates near the two oil derricks in the northeast.  Two Tunnel 
    Networks guard the crates, and the GLA doesn't take kindly to your units strolling 
    through the area.  Your best bet lies with either sending a Technical or Rocket Buggy in 
    to get them, since they are the only two units you can use that have the speed to get them.  
    	The last wave shows up when you reach the mountains.  The GLA begins to send 
    SCUD Launchers to bombard your position.  Fortunately for you, they usually only send 
    one SCUD Launcher at a time.  Jarmen Kell will be your best friend for this part of the 
    level, since he can snipe the drivers of SCUD Launchers.  Better still, it creates a traffic 
    jam of dead units at the base of the hill, and the GLA must maneuver around these 
    Launchers to get to you.  Also, a line of Stinger Sites and Gattling Cannons will 
    (hopefully) destroy any SCUDs the Launchers manage to fire off and any units that get 
    past the traffic jam.  With the GLA mired at the base of the hill, you finally get the 
    breathing space you need to prepare you attack on the hill.  
    	You best bet for attacking the GLA base is to attack the northwest entrance.  
    Build a group of 4-5 Angry Mobs backed by Overlords with the Tower upgrades.  The 
    mobs will tear up any base defenses you encounter and the Overlords will tackle any 
    armor that shows up and heal the mobs.  Start by destroying the GLA camp at the base of 
    the hill and work your way up.  If you destroy the Stinger Sites on the ridges, you can 
    move your air cover up to support you.  Nuke Cannons are ideal for taking out the 
    isolated base defenses that cover the approaches to the base.  The GLA has probably 
    wasted most of their money on SCUD Launchers by now, so there should be little 
    resistance.  Remember to build a Tunnel Network on the hill to speed reinforcements.  
    Your primary target once you breach the base is the SCUD Storm.  Once it is destroyed, 
    then you have little to fear from the GLA.  Turn west and demolish the base.  The GLA 
    will probably try a last ditch stand with a few infantry.  Sweep them out of the way and 
    continue.  When the last building is demolished, the mission is won.  
    	The final scene is of your units parading down the streets of Dushanbe.  The 
    survivors of the city cheer as you get the military parade you so rightly deserve.  While 
    your tanks roll by, two of your nuke cannons fire into the air as a salute to your greatness.  
    What are they thinking?  Although the video doesn't show where the shells landed, from 
    their general range you can guess that substantial portions of the city are now covered in 
    nuclear fallout.  Way to go, China!
    Fleaball offers his own take on this mission:
    "I've got a suggestion for the last Chinese mission, #7. If you're 
    content to sit back and let things take a while, this is the method to 
    go with. I did everything you suggested as to establishing a firm base, 
    and then did things differently. I had several Overlords with 
    Towers and a bunch of howitzers (can't remember the game name) guarding 
    the downhill approach to the base, backed up by two airfields of MIGS 
    doing supporting cover fire. If you keep the GLA Stash and some of the 
    workers, you can build any of their units, including [whatever building 
    it is] that spontaneously generates cash.
    So, just sit back and watch the GLA get pummeled while you fill out 
    tech trees and build extra units. For every Overlord and whatever 
    guarding my approach, I made an extra. These surplus units I parked 
    from buildings, and then let myself make $5000. Sure, I got hit with 
    Scuds, but I had enough units to stay secure and rebuild. And then I 
    to NUKE! :)
    Once the $5k had rolled in, I made Black Lotus, and sent her out and up 
    the left side of the map. I moved her in just enough to see the tunnels 
    and Stinger outposts, and the called in artillery/EMP/Nuke so that she 
    could sneak by. You can go all the way around and up to the top center 
    of the map this way, and either take over or destroy the Scud Storm 
    launcher. After that, it's mop up. A group of Overlords w/both Nuke 
    powerups are practically invincible.
    Also, I suggest using artillery on the gas plant on the west side of 
    the map. That way the gas spreads around and does damage to the GLA. You 
    can then followup with either units or nukeage."
    GLA Missions:
    Mission 1:
    Operation:  Back Rain
    Shykent DMZ
    	Although the Chinese forces have hurt us badly, their occupation has spread them 
    too thin.  Now is the time to avenge our fallen brothers.
    -Destroy Chinese outpost
    -Destroy the dam
    	The pre-mission video shows a GLA attack on a Chinese outpost.  Caught off 
    guard, the Chinese offer little resistance as the GLA rips through their buildings.
    	You are placed in charge with cleaning up the Chinese base.  Red Guard soldiers 
    arrive from the south to try and drive you off, but the truck bomb with bio bomb upgrade 
    takes care of them quickly.  Don't forget to equip your vehicles with the parts from 
    destroyed enemy units.  They upgrade your firepower and can help compensate from the 
    GLA's overall armor weakness.  Once the outpost is destroyed, a video shows your 
    forces heading back to base.  The Chinese are scouring the area looking for you, so 
    expect to defend your base.
    	This mission is much easier if you use the Arms Dealer, but first you must find 
    him.  Send a Technical or another fast unit to the southwest of your base.  You should see 
    a little path in the mountains leading to the Arms Dealer.  Take his advice and get the 
    Scorpion Rocket upgrade, as it will make taking out enemy Battlemaster tanks easier.  
    You should also send a Worker over there and have him build a Tunnel Network to send 
    your units up to the front lines quickly. 
    	Although a minor issue in this mission, you should still pay attention to defense.  
    Fortunately, it's nothing you can't handle, but it's best to put your scorpions backed with 
    Technicals on the northern entrance to your base.  They will easily take care of the troops 
    the Chinese send against you, freeing the rest of your army to attack.  Send a Technical to 
    the east and you should see four Red Guard soldiers.  Dispatch them and you should see a 
    large group of Chinese tanks.  Have one of your Truck Bombs disguise itself as a 
    Battlemaster and purchase the High Explosive upgrade.  Chinese troops will see it as a 
    friendly, but their base defenses will not be fooled.  Luckily, that will not be an issue this 
    mission.  North of this base is the village.  Destroy the Propaganda Tower in the center to 
    cause some of the inhabitants to join your side.  Occupy a nearby civilian structure and 
    have a Worker build a Tunnel Network in the center of the village.  You can now 
    reinforce yourself if necessary.  Chinese tanks and nearby troops will come to attack, so 
    use the rocket infantry provided by the Tunnel Network to take them out.
    	Once the area is relatively clear of troops, send a disguised Truck Bomb north of 
    the village and you should find a secret path in the hills that leads directly to the dam.  
    There are a few troops guarding the pass, but they won't pay attention to your Truck 
    Bomb.  Drive it up to the dam and blow it up.  The resulting flood will kill most of the 
    Chinese in the area.  The small fishing village is destroyed as well, but that is the price 
    one must pay for progress.
    Near the village is a bridge.  If you cross the bridge and head southeast to the corner of 
    the map, you will find eight veteran Technicals waiting for you.  It isn't necessary to get 
    them to win, but they are there should you need them.  
    On the north east corner of the map are some lightly guarded U.N. crates full of money.  
    Also, directly north of your base is a Chinese Supply Depot with several U.N. crates 
    nearby.  Again, they are nice but not necessary.
    Mission 2:
    Aid Supplies Drop Zone
    Villages outside Almaty, Kazakhstan
    	Those U.N. pigs have tried to bribe the starving villagers with their packages of 
    aid.  Why let all those supplies go to waste on faceless peasants when they could fuel our 
    glorious struggle?  Collect the U.N. aid and destroy anything that stands in your way.
    -Collect 20,000 credits by attacking U.N. convoys.
    -Collect 30,000 credits by shooting down U.N. supply planes
    -Collect 40,000 credits by raiding the U.S. base
    	The pre-mission video shows the U.N. convoy stopping and giving out supplies to 
    the peasants.  After the convoy leaves, the GLA moves in and slaughters the villagers.
    	You will need your own armor to take out the U.N. convoys, so your first priority 
    should be to build an Arms Dealer.  Marauders are good for dealing with the Humvees 
    that guard the convoy, while Technicals should be used to get any infantry that come 
    your way.  Also, you should build a Tunnel Network on the road just outside your base, 
    since U.N. convoys use that road and can be easily taken out.  Almost every convoy has 
    to travel through the major crossroads in town, so you should fortify those buildings with 
    Rebels and rocket infantry.  Better yet, plop a Tunnel Network right on the crossroads 
    and you practically guarantee taking out the convoy with minimal losses.
    	The U.N. will send convoy after convoy to be butchered by your troops.  You 
    must be careful to grab the crates as quickly as possible, since the villagers will steal the 
    supplies for themselves.  If this happens, simply blow up a few nearby buildings to 
    recover the lost cash.  After you collect your 20k in supplies, the U.N. will get wise and 
    start sending in infantry.  Send in your Technicals to deal with them, but be advised they 
    will occupy civilian buildings if attacked.
    	After you deal with them, the U.N. should start sending in supply planes.  Rocket 
    infantry are naturally good at bringing them down, but soon you should receive 
    reinforcements in the form of Quad Cannons.  2 Quad Cannons is the minimum to bring 
    down a plane, but sending along another one or some rocket infantry will assure a kill.  
    Small groups of Quad Cannons should be placed along the planes' routes (they use the 
    same routes).  Also, bring along a few Scorpions and Technicals for protection and to 
    quickly pick up the supplies.
    	After you bring down a few planes, U.S. forces will show up.  Although they 
    consist mainly of Humvees and infantry, they will tear up your isolated Quad Cannons.  
    Try building at least one Tunnel Network per small village to protect the Quad Cannons 
    and to quickly send reinforcements through.
    	By this time you should be at the 30,000 credit mark, and the U.S. will begin 
    sending in tanks backed up with lots of infantry.  Each enemy vehicle can be killed for 
    cash, so you can choose to make your last 10,000 by attacking the U.S. base to the 
    northwest, picking off the U.S. forces, or simply continuing to hunt down supply planes.
    Mission 3:
    Chinese-occupied capital of Kazakhstan
    Astana City, Kazakhstan
    	With our help, the citizens of Astana City have thrown off the yokes of Chinese 
    oppression and are rioting in the streets.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to collect 
    more supplies at our enemy's expense.  Burn the city to the ground and show what our 
    army of the streets can do.  This is one of the most fun GLA missions in the game.
    -Collect 40,000 credits in supplies
    	The pre-mission video shows Astana City in the throws of a riot.  Police cars race 
    to the scene only to be confronted by an angry mob.  The police are unable to contain the 
    crowd as they run through the streets, torching buildings and cars.  
    	Take your angry mobs and level the nearby buildings.  This will give you the 
    money and space you need to start up your base.  Build your structures where the 
    buildings stood to get them as close to the action as possible.  There is a hospital to the 
    east that should be captured as soon as possible to allow your troops to heal. 
    	In the meantime, build Jarmen Kell and another group of 3 angry mobs and have 
    them guard your base.  The Chinese and Americans will try and attack your base, so 
    leaving this mob here with Jarmen Kell should protect you from any tanks they send.  In 
    the meantime, you can take out the nearby buildings and grab the cash.
    	Continue up north, razing buildings along the way.  Eventually you should see a 
    bridge leading west and a couple of American tanks crossing them.  They pose little 
    threat to your mob and should be taken out easily.  Continue up the path and you'll 
    stumble upon an American held airfield.  Take out any vehicles you see and torch 
    occupied control tower.  With the Americans out of the way, take the bridge east near the 
    airport control tower.  
    	Across the bridge is the Chinese base.  Attacking it will cause the Chinese to send 
    loads of troops to attack you.  Destroying them will prevent China from bothering your 
    second mob as it pillages the city, plus killing Chinese soldiers gives you money through 
    the bounties.  With so many targets, it should be easy to get the 40,000 you need to end 
    the mission.
    Mission 4:
    Incirlik Air Base
    Adana, Turkey
    	The U.S. is attempting to expand their hold over Turkey by building a base at 
    Incirlik.  If we can destroy this base, we will show the world that America is vulnerable.  
    Overall, this is one of the toughest GLA missions.
    -Destroy U.S. air base
    	The pre-mission video shows American Raptors on a routine patrol.  Spotting 
    some GLA Technicals, they open fire, but miss as the Technicals go under a bridge.  
    Unable to outrun the Raptors, four Technicals are destroyed.
    	Your first priority should be air defense.  Build a Barracks and Arms Dealer and 
    begin churning out rocket infantry and Quad Cannons.  Also, rocket infantry and Stinger 
    Sites should be placed around your base to deter air attacks.  The U.S. will also attack 
    with tanks and Humvees, so be prepared to defend the entrance to your base as well.  
    	You will either win or lose the mission in the first 10 minutes.  The U.S. uses 
    every aircraft they have to pummel your base, while strike forces move up to attack.  The 
    best air defense is a spread out line of rocket infantry, backed with a few Stinger Sites 
    and Tunnel Networks.  Leave a few Workers in the area to repair the Sites from air 
    attacks.  The idea is to not concentrate your forces in any one area, since the U.S. also 
    uses Fuel-Air Strikes.  Upgrade your vehicles using the parts enemy units leave behind, 
    and keep couple of Tunnel Networks nearby to hide in for air strikes.  You don't really 
    have a good way to repair your vehicles, and 2nd chevron veterans and higher 
    automatically heal.
    	You'll also be strapped for cash.  Upgrade the bounty you get for killing enemy 
    units, since this will provide most of your income during the first few minutes.  Building 
    a second Supply Stash is a good idea, since the U.S. will target your Supply Stash and if 
    you lose it your may not recover.  Remember that the U.S. does not have infinite 
    resources, and if you can take down enough aircraft (especially Auroras), then they can't 
    replace them.
    	Eventually, you'll want to build up a small force and go over the bridge.  Build a 
    Supply Stash near the Supply Dock and protect it with Stinger Sites.  Also, if you go 
    under the ravine and head north, there is an oil derrick you should occupy.  Another oil 
    derrick exists southwest of the second Supply Dock, and if you continue west of that 
    derrick you will find a Chinese outpost you can occupy.  This spot also makes an ideal 
    spot to attack the base with Rocket Buggies or SCUD Launchers.  By this point the air 
    attacks should be slacking off, but the U.S. also builds a number of Comanches.  Quad 
    Cannons will rip up the Comanches, and Rocket Buggies or SCUD Launchers can hit the 
    base defenses.  You should then be able to overpower their defenses and storm the base.  
    Jesse Hamilton offers the following tip for quickly defeating the U.S. base: (not a direct quote)
    	Use your Rebel Ambush on the lower left hand corner of the American base above the 
    Chinese outpost.  You will not be exposed to enemy gunfire and will be able to capture the 
    nearby buildings.  You can sell them for cash and use the money to build units within the U.S. 
    base by recapturing the buildings.
    Mission 5:
    Toxic Waste Containment and Storage Facility
    Western Shore of Aral Sea, Kazakhstan
    	Those Americans running dogs have captured our toxin facility.  Without it, our 
    global struggle will be in jeopardy.  You must recapture the facility and teach those 
    Americans a lesson they'll never forget.
    -Capture 4 chemical bunkers
    -Destroy all American forces in the area
    	The pre-mission video shows the Americans capturing the facility.  U.S. forces 
    place explosives on a chemical bunker and run away.  As the GLA moves in to take 
    possession of the bunker, it blows up covering them in anthrax.
    	This mission is relatively simple compared to your previous mission.  You start 
    with a well-established base and little danger for the moment.  Take this opportunity to 
    explore southeast until you see a bridge.  Have your Worker build a Tunnel Network and 
    Stinger Site.  This should be enough to hold of the small strike teams the U.S. sends 
    across.  Also, keep a Quad Cannon and Radar Van handy to eliminate any Pathfinders 
    that start killing off the soldiers in the Stinger Site.  
    	With your southern flank secure, it's time to head up north.  Occupy the buildings 
    in the town north of your base, and secure your position with Tunnel Networks and 
    Stinger Sites.  Rocket Buggies are good at destroying the occupied bunkers near the 
    northern bridge, while Jarmen Kell can clean out the soldiers that run out.  
    By this point, the U.S. will probably be warming up their Particle Cannon.  
    However, they foolishly built it near their Strategy Center, which you can see when it 
    switches strategies.  Use your General's Promotion to create 8 Rebels around the Strategy 
    Center, and capture the Cannon and nearby buildings.  At the very least, you should be 
    able to prevent the U.S. from firing the cannon.  
    	In the meantime, have your Rocket Buggies attack the bunkers on the other side 
    of the river.  Watch out for U.S. troops and armor in the base.  They can be easily taken 
    out if you managed to capture the airfield, but then you must clear out the Patriot missile 
    batteries.  Once you have the area under control, go ahead and capture the 4 bunkers.
    Capturing the bunkers will cause all U.S. forces to attack.  Although its doubtful 
    they will overwhelm you, having the troops come down from the north and cross the 
    bridge in the south at the same time can cause you some trouble.  Make sure to have 
    enough troops on hand to deal with the mix or armor and rocket troops the U.S. uses to 
    attack.  Fortunately, this is all they have.  Once you take them out, you can demolish the 
    rest of their base with ease.  Remember that toxin tractors are great at clearing out 
    occupied buildings, including bunkers.
    Mission 6:
    Splinter Cell Controlled Region
    Somewhere near Lenger, Kazakhstan
    	Some spineless GLA traitors have joined the Chinese forces.  To prove their 
    loyalty, they have turned and attacked us.  We cannot let this stand.  Use the nukes 
    provided by their Chinese masters against them.
    -Eliminate all traitorous GLA forces
    	The pre-mission video shows the convoy of trucks loaded with nuclear weapons 
    rolling down a road.  The GLA ambushes the convoy, killing the guards and taking the 
    nuclear weapons for their own use.
    	Although you start the mission with several troops and defensive structures, they 
    are spread all over the map.  Worse yet, Chinese reinforcements are coming in a few 
    minutes.  Take the opportunity to build two Stinger Sites near the southwest corner of the 
    map, where the nuclear bomb trucks are.  Also, fill the ravine with Demo Traps.  Since 
    the Chinese come in a large bunch, it only takes a few mines to clear them all out.  If 
    you'll replace the traps after the Chinese reinforcements arrive, then you won't have to 
    worry about them for the rest of the game.
    You'd better strengthen your front lines as well.  Once the rebel GLA forces 
    discover your position (you will be notified when this happens), then you will be 
    constantly attacked from the north and from the ravine that loops west (where your 
    fortifications and ambush troops are).  Load up a Technical with a Worker, 2 Rebels, and 
    2 rocket infantry.  Send the Technical up the northwest side of the map until your find the 
    abandoned refinery complex at the very upper northwest corner of the map.  Capture the 
    oil derricks and build a Stinger Site and Tunnel Network for protection.  You can also 
    build an Arms Dealer and Barracks behind the refinery.
    	Reinforce the line north of your base with more Stinger Sites and armor.  The 
    rebel GLA forces frequently attack from this direction, and can cause you a lot of 
    headaches if you do not properly defend yourself.  A few Workers sprinkled along the 
    lines will keep your defensive structures up and running.  Keep a few units in the middle 
    of your base as well, in case GLA units break through your front lines.	
    	Eventually, the GLA will get their SCUD Storm up, so you'll only have a couple 
    of minutes until it strikes.  The best way to deal with it is to send an Anthrax Bomb near 
    the SCUD Storm.  Since the computer cheats, it will scatter its units away from the strike.  
    You can then send in a Rebel Ambush north of the SCUD Storm and either capture it or 
    destroy it.  The GLA will try to send units up to take out your Rebels, but the anthrax 
    clouds left behind by the strike should keep them away from you.  
    	The easiest way to win this mission is to concentrate your attention to the north.  
    Build 2 Stinger Sites and a Tunnel Network near the eastern entrance to the refinery, and 
    station a few SCUD Launchers around there.  The GLA often uses the ravine just below 
    that entrance as a staging area to attack your outpost, and if you can attack them with the 
    Launchers, they'll charge up the hill into your Singer Sites.  Build a couple of Angry 
    Mobs (3 or 4 should be enough) and send them east up the hill to attack the vehicles and 
    Tunnel Complexes in the rebel base.  Continue your rampage west and knock out the 
    Arms Dealer and Barracks.  Although not necessary, feel free to bring up the nuke trucks 
    to take out any concentrations of rebel forces.   By destroying the heart of their base, 
    you'll win the mission.
    In about the center of the map is a ravine that forms a ring around a central hill.  
    On that hill are some enemy infantry, 2 Tunnel Complexes, and a Supply Stash.  If you 
    have having trouble with lots of GLA rebel units, you can take them if you want to 
    reduce their cash flow.
    	Calvin Scott II includes the following tip, which I have checked out:  
    "I beat this in 3 mins on Brutal Difficulty. If you use the general stars to get the ambush 
    rebel to the max, then take the nuke trucks up to the main base alone (They will never get 
    attacked if they go alone.) Use the nukes to destroy most of the 4 main buildings there 
    then after a min or so, activate the ambush rebels and finish off the main 
    buildings and you win."
    Sure, it's easy and one of the most obvious ways to beat the level, but who wants to do 
    things the easy way?  Apparently not me, that's who.
    Mission 7:
    Soviet Era Rocket Facility
    Baikonur Cosmodrome, Southern Kazakhstan
    	This is the hour of our destiny.  Today we will show the world our true power.  
    You must take possession of the Cosmodrome so that we may deliver our justice to the 
    -Capture the ground control building
    -Capture the launch pad
    	The pre-mission video shows the missile being sent by train to the launch pad.  
    An overhead views shows the facility is prepared for launch.  A voice over explains that 
    although security is tight, you must not fail.
    	Your surroundings consist of a city to your north, surrounded by a river.  Three 
    bridges link the city to the U.S. and Chinese bases.  Your first order of business should be 
    to capture the oil derrick to the southwest of your base.  Also, there is a very annoying 
    train that goes through your base, killing any unit it touches.  The best way to get rid of it 
    is to but one mine on the tracks and wait for the train to pass.  Money will be tight for a 
    while, so watch every penny you spend and build the Black Market as soon as possible.  
    There are three bridges leading out of the city.  The Americans will attack from 
    the southernmost bridge.  They rely heavily on air attacks, so you'll want to concentrate 
    your Stinger Sites and rocket infantry.  You'll have to continually replace them, but you 
    can offset the cost with bounties since aircraft are so expensive.  The Chinese attack from 
    the northernmost bridge with land units.  Two Stinger Sites and two Tunnel Networks 
    will slow them down, but you will have to reinforce it with units if you want to hold the 
    position.  Rocket buggies placed on the riverbank will take out the armor, but Jarmen 
    Kell is critical to take out the hoards of infantry the Chinese send.  
    	Eventually, you'll want to build up a small strike force of Rocket Buggies and 
    Jarmen Kell and attack the Chinese Bunkers up north.  Jarmen will be critical to take out 
    the infantry in the Bunkers and the occupied buildings.   Build a line of Tunnel Networks 
    up north so that you can continually reinforce your units.  If you can make it up the 
    second hill, you can easily destroy or capture the Chinese base.  Bring along some Quad 
    Cannons and SCUD Launchers to take out the Migs and units around the launch site.  
    Take them out and capture the launch site.  By now, the U.S. must be down to their last 
    few dollars.  Set up your Launchers on the edge of their base and fire on their Particle 
    Cannon.  Once that's out of the way, get rid of the occupied building near the Control 
    Center.  Once its gone, there is nothing to stop your from occupying the Control Center 
    and ending the mission.
    	The final video shows the rocket being prepped from launch.  The next scene 
    shows an unnamed large metropolis.  Out of the sky, the warhead splits into three parts.  
    Each piece of the warhead explodes, sending three large green chemical mushroom 
    clouds into the air.  The streets are bathed in green smoke.  I have to wonder why the 
    GLA didn't put nukes on the missile instead of chemical weapons.  I mean, if you're 
    going to the trouble to capture a Cosmodrome, then why not go for the gold?  Oh well…
    Bart-Jan Gort offers this (rather elaborate) tip for beating the mission:
    "	In the last GLA mission, get the rebel ambush to level 3. Get the anthrax bomb, 
    the camouflage upgrade and the capture building upgrade. The anthrax bomb also kills tanks. 
    Drop the anthrax bomb southwest of the strategy center. Wait e few seconds. Launch a rebel 
    ambush next to the strategy center and start walking away from the anthrax bomb (they will be 
    invisible now, so the strat center wont fire his cannon). When your rebels appear, the USA will 
    send their tanks to [destroy] your rebels. The anthrax bomb will kill the tanks, but your 
    rebels are far away from the bomb so they will survive. 
    	When the anthrax is gone, you can capture the strategy center. When you have it, 
    there are no defenses you have to be afraid of. Now capture some power plants and capture 
    the particle cannon. When you wait with this until 1-2 mins before the particle cannon fires, 
    you will be able to fire the cannon almost immediately when you have captured it. Fire it on 
    the missile silo in the northwest corner. 
    	You can try to keep the base, or if you cant hold it out long enough with the rebels, 
    sell every building you capture. Now fire a scud storm on the damaged nuclear silo or launch 
    another ambush near it and kill it (the Chinese are to well defended to capture it). You can also 
    walk the surviving rebels away so they will become invisible again. Now you can walk a rebel to each 
    building and capture them all at once so the Chinese can't kill them fast enough. Sell the buildings 
    and move in with your main force. "
    U.S. Missions:
    Mission 1:  
    Operation: Final Justice
    Baghdad, Iraq
    	The troops are assembled on the outskirts of Baghdad.  We know the GLA has 
    SCUD launchers and are prepared to use them.  Liberate the city and destroy the SCUD 
    launchers.  This mission will give you the basics on US units.
    -Liberate Baghdad
    -Destroy SCUD Storm
    	The pre-mission video shows Iraqi – err – GLA forces shooting down a US 
    Raptor, only to be decimated by American air and armor.  (Let's hope the real thing will 
    be that easy).
    The first thing you'll want to do is to upgrade all your vehicles to get Battle 
    Drones.  Battle drones are one of the most useful upgrades in the game, and not only heal 
    your units but provide them some anti-infantry capability.  There will be another line of 
    Scorpions at the gates of Baghdad.  Destroy them but don't go in the city just yet.  Send 
    in one Humvee and a video will be triggered.  The GLA Scud Storm buries part of 
    Baghdad in green clouds of anthrax.  Anthrax will damage vehicles and kill infantry 
    outright, so it's best to wait for it to dissipate before moving on.  
    	In the meantime, go to the General's Experience Menu and pick the Spy Drone upgrade.  
    Go back to your base and round up the infantry that are just standing around.  The GLA 
    doesn't attack your base this mission, so they are useless there.  Either send your Spy 
    Drone or use your Spy Satellite to highlight the oil derricks to the southwest of the 
    anthrax clouds.  Load them into nearby Humvees and send one to the oil derricks.  They 
    will occupy the derricks (giving you more money) when you research the Capture 
    Building upgrade at the Barracks.  Also, above the derricks are some U.N. crates filled 
    with money.  Get them if you want, but they aren't necessary to win the mission.
    Move your Humvee a little farther up and you should see some enemy occupied 
    civilian buildings.  Two choppers with rangers should show up and clear them out.  Send 
    the main body of your force up over the bridge and clear out the palace area.  Be careful 
    of the towers surround the bridges; if they fall, they can kill several of your units.  Send 
    another Humvee full of troops to liberate the pilots to the northeast of the palace.  Above 
    the palace are two more occupied buildings, and two helicopters full of infantry show up.  
    Combat Drop the helicopters, and the rangers will clear out those buildings as well.  
    Immediately send the bulk of your armor up to reinforce those buildings, as GLA tanks at 
    the top of the hill start attacking the rangers.  
    	Once the tanks are cleared out, send your army up the hill.  Again, send one 
    Humvee west and you should see a line of Scorpions.  A bomber will show up and use a 
    Fuel Air Bomb to destroy the Scorpions.  Once they're gone, send you armor up and clear 
    out the GLA base.  Be careful of the Stinger Site near the SCUD Storm, as its missiles 
    will tear through your armor.  
    	Although clearing Baghdad might make you feel important, the only real 
    objective needed to end the mission is to destroy the SCUD Storm.  For those of you who 
    are slightly more daring, build some Chinooks and load them up with armor and troops.  
    Then unload them in the grove of trees next to the SCUD launcher.  From there, you can 
    either capture (once the SCUD Storm has counted down) or destroy the SCUD Storm and end 
    the mission quickly.
    Mission 2:
    Operation: Treasure Hunt
    Al Hanad, Yemen
    	While on the trail of some GLA leaders, three Comanche helicopters were 
    brought down.  Your job is to rescue the pilots.
    -Rescue the 3 captured pilots
    	In a scene reminiscent of Black Hawk down, the pre-mission video shows the 
    helicopters succumbing to enemy SAMs.  Although the last two helicopters should have 
    been more careful when they saw their buddy go down in flames, its up to you to pull 
    their chestnuts out of the fire.
    	However, you need to protect your base before you can go rescue anyone.  Build 
    some more Patriot sites on the north and west perimeter of your base, and station a 
    Humvee up north.  Research Capture Building and take the oil derricks above your base 
    (Remember only Rangers can capture buildings).  You should also build a War Factory to 
    repair your Construction Dozer and to build vehicles.  Now that you're properly 
    defended, send your forces west and capture the hospital.  Your infantry will 
    automatically heal themselves, which will definitely come in handy later on in the 
    mission.  The pilot (represented as a red dot on the map) is guarded by an angry mob, so 
    send some Rangers and Colonel Burton to occupy the civilian building across the street.  
    Clear out the Stinger Site nearby and the enemy occupied building next to it.  
    By now you should be at or near your third star, which allows you to build 
    Pathfinders.  Pathfinders are one of the best American units of the game.  They can kill 
    infantry in one shot, and are stealth units to boot.  As soon as you can, build some and 
    send them with your forces.  Get the pilot back to your base.  Although you can have him 
    pilot your units (automatically making them full veterans), its best to leave them back at 
    your base for reasons you'll see later.  
    	Now move on to your next pilot.  The best way to do this is to build some 
    Pathfinders, load them into Humvees, and send them with a group of armor directly to the 
    pilot.  Attack Move is your best friend here, and will avoid your units getting picked off 
    without your constant micromanaging.  Get the pilot back to your base ASAP.
    The final pilot is being held to the east in a large GLA held base.  A frontal 
    assault is very expensive in terms of men and tanks, and you'll need those units to help 
    hold the line when the last pilot gets rescued.  Load up a Chinook with 2 Pathfinders and 
    5 Missile Defenders (leaving one spot open), and send it southeast of the enemy base.  
    The GLA base is fenced in, but there is a small area on the plateau outside the fenced 
    area you can land safely.  
    	A Technical should get nosy and bust through the gate to get to 
    your forces.  Your Missile Defenders should easily take out the Technical, which has 
    foolishly made you a backdoor into the base.  Occupy the bunker and destroy the Arms 
    Dealer to prevent the GLA from reinforcing.  Once its gone, have the Pathfinders shoot 
    the guys in the Stinger Site.  Without the guys, the Site is defenseless, and should fall 
    easily to the Missile Defenders.  Occupy the bunker nearest the gate and your forces will 
    dispatch the troops at the entrance.  With everyone gone, just move a Pathfinder up to 
    take out the remaining guards.  With the pilot freed, have everyone pile into the Chinook 
    and head back to base.  GLA forces will try and swarm your base, but your armor should 
    hold them off long enough for the Chinook to reach your base.  With all the pilots in your 
    base, the mission ends.
    	Weirdly enough, Washington only cares that the pilots are freed, not that they 
    survive.  I once tried a disastrous air assault to free the second pilot, which ended up 
    killing him in the process.  Although the counter still said 2 pilots remaining, I picked up 
    the last pilot, brought him back to base, and ended the mission.  
    Mission 3:
    Operation:  Guardian Angel
    Northern Kazakhstan
    	American forces are in full retreat as the GLA moves in for the kill.  You must 
    provide these forces cover while they withdraw.  This is one of the most fun U.S. 
    missions in the game.
    -Save 100 US units
    	Although protecting the convoys is your main objective, you will need to pay 
    attention to base defense first.  Some of the GLA forces will break off and attack your 
    base, and without proper defenses they can cause serious trouble.  The best way to do 
    both is to build Patriot Missile sites near the beginning of the western entrance of your 
    base near the canyon.  Also, having a line of sites going across the canyon will create an 
    upside down L shaped line of Patriot sites.  On this line you should put your helicopters 
    and tanks.  This will provide both cover for US forces and protect your base.  On the 
    eastern entrance to your base, build 2 Patriot sites to take out any GLA stragglers that get 
    past your main force.  
    	In order to create such elaborate defenses, you will need lots of cash.  Send a 
    Construction Dozer and a Ranger in a Chinook to the southern part of the map.  Have the 
    Ranger capture the oil derricks and have the Dozer create a second Supply Depot near the 
    Supply Dock.  Also, power plants can be constructed in this southern area without fear of 
    	After your defenses are set up, just sit back and watch the fireworks.  Continue to 
    build more Comanches to reinforce the line and replace any that get destroyed (later GLA 
    hoards sport AA guns, so make sure to target them first.  After saving 100 units, the GLA 
    will make one final push to destroy your base.  Survive, and the mission ends.
    Mission 4:
    Operation:  Stormbringer
    Kazakhstan Coast
    	A major GLA training camp has been discovered.  Seek out and destroy all GLA 
    units in the area.
    -Destroy 4 Stinger Sites
    -Destroy GLA base on the hill
    	The pre-mission video features an impressive landing against a fortified enemy.  
    Perhaps the idea was to surprise the GLA, though they have fortified the beach.  
    Although the US takes some losses, it ends up with a foothold on the beach.
    	Clear out the few GLA stragglers on the beach to trigger your new objective.  You 
    must take out the 4 Stinger Sites so the US can bring in our bombers.  The 4 sites are 
    directly north of your position.  Use the Tomahawk Launchers to take out the bunkers, 
    then move a tank slowly up the hill until you can see the Stinger Sites.  Take out the Sites 
    with the Tomahawks and you'll switch to a video showing bombers carpet bomb the area.  
    Scratch one terrorist training camp.
    	Construction units show up, but don't build a base just yet.  There is a small group 
    of GLA camped out in tents above the Dozers.  This is a good spot to set up shop.  Use 
    your Tomahawks and tanks to take out the camp.  For now, the defense of your base 
    should be your top priority.  The buildings at the beginning of the town make a good 
    defensive perimeter, so use the Rangers on the beach to occupy the nearby buildings.  
    Reinforce the buildings by ringing them with Patriot batteries.  The GLA will attack from 
    all the eastern approaches, so make sure to leave some tanks in reserve in case any break 
    through.  Slowly build up your base and hunker down until your defenses are up.   
    Your best General Promotions for this level are the Spy Drone, Pathfinder, and 
    Paradrop, and the A10 Missile Strike.  All of these will be helpful in clearing out the 
    GLA on the hill.
    	When you feel you can easily fend off the GLA attacks, its time to build your 
    strike force.  A good strategy is to build 2 Humvees and fill them with three Missile 
    Defenders, one Pathfinder, and one Ranger each.  Now build 2 Crusaders and one 
    Ambulance.  Also, move your Tomahawks to the north of your base.  If you look at the 
    GLA's hill base, you will see one approach next to your base defended by only one 
    Tunnel Network.  Order an A10 Strike on the Network, then send in your tanks and 
    Humvees to mop it up.  Don't forget to clear out any rocket infantry that survived the 
    strike.  You should find yourself directly above the GLA base.  Occupy the large building 
    and the bunker in the base.  The primary targets here should be the Arms Dealer and the 
    Stinger Sites.  Your Pathfinders can kill the men in the Stinger Sites while your Missile 
    Defenders take the Site out.  With that out of the way, feel free to either destroy or 
    capture the Arms Dealer.  Destroy the Command Center and send up a Construction 
    Dozer to build a Barracks and War Factory on the plateau.  Send a Pathfinder down to 
    take out the infantry, and the Tomahawks can clear out any remaining vehicles and 
    defensive structures.  Remember that should you want to build GLA structures, you 
    should capture either the Command Center or Supply Stash.
    By this point, the mission is pretty much in the bag.  Without their main base the 
    GLA cannot reinforce, so all that's left is to cross the bridge and clear out the remaining 
    Stinger Sites and Tunnel Network.
    	Unfortunately, this mission uses up a lot of credits, so it's important to watch your 
    pennies.  There are two oil derricks in the southwest portion of the map, directly below 
    the GLA hill base.  Although they look tempting, it's more expensive to hold that 
    position and protect the derricks than you can hope to recover from them.  
    However, if you need a quick 2000 credits, you can Paradrop rangers near the 
    derricks and have them capture them.  Just keep in mind that the GLA will most likely 
    begin attacking the derricks and send a strike force down to destroy them.  It's much 
    easier to just clear out the hill base and end the mission.  
    Mission 5:
    Operation: Blue Eagle
    Kazakhstan DMZ
    	The U.N. has brokered a temporary cease-fire while diplomats hold meetings with 
    GLA leaders.  Although the U.N. seems to think peace is near, we don't trust the GLA.  
    Your job is to protect the U.N. delegates from harm.
    -Destroy GLA base before it can get operational
    -Destroy main GLA base
    	Well, as you may have already guessed, things went horribly awry.  The pre-
    mission video shows the U.S. hunting down the strike force that killed the U.N. diplomat.  
    They even throw in a cool Matrix moment by panning around the explosion.  With the 
    GLA surrounded, the U.S. forces demand they surrender.  But the same group that uses 
    suicide bombers and anthrax doesn't go down easily, and they go out in a hail of gunfire.
    	This mission can either be incredibly hard or incredibly easy, depending on when 
    you destroy the GLA base.  Good General's Promotions for this level are the Spy Drone, 
    A10 Strike (upgraded), and Pathfinders.  Build a Pathfinder and send it with your tanks 
    and Comanches towards the GLA base.  Across the bridge are two Tunnel Networks and 
    a bunch of vehicles.  The Comanches and the A10 Strike, backed up with your tanks, will 
    make short work of the defenders.  When you get to the GLA base being built, have the 
    Pathfinder kill the men in the Stinger Site and move in.  DO NOT DESTROY THE 
    COMMAND CENTER.  This is vital.  Leave it alone – you'll see why in a second.
    	Build a second Construction Dozer and move it to your forces across the river.  
    Start building a second base over there (build a line of Patriots on the northern perimeter 
    of your new base).  On the other side of your river (where your original base is), capture 
    the Hospital and build a Strategy Center, Detention Camp, and Airfield.  When you feel 
    you are ready, move your forces away from the bridge and destroy the Command Center.
    	Destroying the Command Center will trigger a video showing the GLA blowing 
    up a dam upstream.  The ensuing tidal wave wipes out the village and the bridge.  Your 
    forces on the other side are now cut off from your main base, and the main GLA base is 
    to the north (aren't you glad you built the Patriots now?)
    	Build some Pathfinders to take out any suicide bombers or other infantry the GLA 
    might throw your way.  Your Patriots should be able to take out any armor.  Now you can 
    begin worrying about an offensive.  A frontal assault can be very expensive, since the 
    GLA holds the high ground and has mined the main entrances to the base.
    In the far eastern part of the map is a lone Tunnel Network.  Take it out and you 
    have a clear shot to the oil derricks up north.  Load up a Humvee with some Rangers and 
    occupy the derricks and the oil refinery.  The GLA will probably start the SCUD Storm 
    countdown by now, so it should be your next target.  Send your Pathfinder up and have 
    him shoot at the Stinger Sites surrounding the SCUD Storm, while the Comanches go in 
    and clean up.  Stinger Sties are a good place to use your A10 Strike.  From here you can 
    destroy the SCUD Storm, but why not capture it instead?  Continue clearing out the 
    structures to your west, while your air units take out the defenders on the hills.  Once you 
    crack the base, you shouldn't expect any more serious opposition.
    Bart-Jan Gort describes the following technique for taking out the enemy base:
    "Walk with C. Burton to the GLA buildings going over the north mountains 
    (he can climb over mountains so he wont have to take the main route and be detected). Plant bombs, 
    no one will fire at you. Now walk south and bomb the [SCUD Storm]. An [A-10 Strike] will kill the 
    command center in no time. "
    Russell Silva offers a slightly different take on the mission:
    "A quick Pathfinder drop, aided by the two Comanches
    you start with, can quickly cripple the GLA if
    micro-managed properly.  Use your Pathfinders to take
    out Stinger Sites and Rocket Troopers, and your
    Comanches to take out buildings and vehicles.  Do be
    careful, as soon as you attack the GLA will
    counterattack across the bridge, but stopping them is
    trivial.  Use Marines with the Capture upgrade to
    capture the GLA supply stash, leave the GLA Command
    Center untouched, and destroy everything else.  Use
    the GLA Supply Stash to build workers and notice that
    you can now build anything GLA--including Black
    Markets and Scud Storms!  Tech up to Black Markets and
    build as many as you can on the left side of the
    river, add Scud Storms if you like.  After that, you
    can do whatever you like--with lots of Black Markets,
    you have an unlimited supply of cash."
    Mission 6:
    Operation: Desperate Union
    Southern Kazakhstan
    	A rogue Chinese general has teamed up with the GLA and has reinforced their 
    base.  The Chinese state this general's actions are not supported by their government, and 
    have authorized us to take him out.
    -Destroy Chinese Command Center
    -Destroy Chinese Missile Silo
    -Destroy GLA forces to the east
    	The pre-mission video shows off the awesome power of the Particle Cannon.  
    Although its blast radius is small, it will devastate anything the beam touches.  You can 
    even move it around to hit different targets.
    As always, defense is your first priority.  Start up your base and send your 
    Crusaders and Col. Burton to the north.  Destroy the car bomb waiting in the trees.  Send 
    a Dozer over to build 2 Patriot batteries, and send up a Pathfinder when you have the 
    chance.  The other place to reinforce is the bridge.  Build another Patriot battery near the 
    bridge and send over a Pathfinder.  You will rarely be attacked, and this should be 
    enough to hold off any half-hearted attacks they throw at you.
    	Your next priority will be to get more supplies.  Send a small force of a Crusader 
    with the Rangers down to secure the supply dock, then send a Dozer down to build the 
    Supply Depot.  Build 2 Patriot batteries at the bottom of the screen, where the road 
    begins.  Although they may seem useless now, they will be very important later.  In the 
    meantime, you should also be using your A10 Strikes to neutralize any Stinger Sites you 
    	The Chinese forces are more dangerous than the GLA, so concentrate your units 
    to the south.  A combination of Crusaders and Tomahawks, backed up with a Pathfinder 
    or two, will allow you to clear out the Tunnel Networks and occupied buildings without 
    having to waste you A10 Strikes on them.  Eventually, you will spot the Command 
    Center and Nuclear Missile Silo.  At this point, Chinese reinforcements will come out of 
    the north (in the little canyon near where you built your Patriot batteries) and to the south 
    (on the road in the town).  Your defenses should hold them off long enough for you to 
    send some units to assist them.  In the meantime, the Nuclear Missile will be counting 
    down.  Lucky for you, the Chinese foolishly left 4 nuclear reactors in a line right next to 
    each other.  Use your Particle Cannon to take them all out, which should pull the plug on 
    the countdown.  If that doesn't work, you may have to quickly destroy or capture the silo 
    to prevent the Chinese from launching the nuke.  With the immediate threat removed, 
    destroy/capture the Command Center to complete the Chinese objectives.
    	Now on to the GLA base.  If you have been taking out the Stinger Sites around 
    the map, this should be a piece of cake.  Drop a Fuel Air Bomb or an A10 Strike on the 
    two Overlords near the GLA Command Center, and clear out the nearby vehicles.  The 
    area should be safe for you to Paradrop Rangers and send in armor via Chinooks.  The 
    Black Market, Command Center, and Palace are your primary targets.  Destroy them, and 
    the mission ends.  
    Mission 7:
    Operation: Last Call
    Akmola, Kazakhstan
    	This is it – the GLA's last stand.  You must secure the capital and destroy all 
    GLA forces in the area.  Be warned that they have biological weapons no reason not to 
    use them.  
    	The pre-mission video focuses on a group of Rangers assigned to laser-designate 
    some SCUD Launchers being brought into the city.  After the Launchers go up in flames, 
    the team narrowly escapes a barrage of missiles on their position.
    	For the final mission, this one is relatively easy.  Send a few Rangers south and 
    you'll see an abandoned Chinese base.  Capture the structures and start to mine the 
    supply pile.  Move your forces west and you will see a mountain range with two passes 
    through it.  Build some Patriot sites around the entrances of the passes and station 
    Pathfinders nearby to pick off infantry.  Two Patriots per mountain pass should provide 
    enough protection for you.  You should also begin attacking the wall with A10 Strikes 
    and Fuel Bombs.  Target the archways since these are always crammed full of infantry.  
    	While you are building up your base, make sure to build a couple of Supply Drop 
    Zones.  You'll need a lot of cash to beat this mission and will quickly tap out the supplies 
    at your base.  On the Chinese side, begin building Overlords and a Nuke Silo.
    	In the meantime, the SCUD Storm will probably start counting down.  You have 8 
    minutes until it launches, and with luck this will be enough time to stop it.  Concentrate 
    your attacks on Stinger Sites, particularly near the SCUD Storm.  Once they are cleared 
    out, you can Paradrop Rangers behind the SCUD Storm and try to capture it.  As a last 
    resort, four Aurora bombers and an A10 attack will take care of a SCUD Storm, but it 
    will cost you about 10000 credits to do so.  
    	Without the threat of the SCUD Storm, you can either take your time and smash 
    the GLA at your leisure, or go ahead and end it sooner.  Make good use of your Spy 
    Drones, as the GLA has laced the city with mines.  Also, if you need cash there are 
    several oil derricks in the northern part of the city.  Once you destroy the initial defenses, 
    there is nothing stopping you from easily taking the rest of the city.  Most of the unit 
    producing structures are towards the front of the city, so taking them out will break the 
    back of the GLA army.  Overlords backed with Tomahawks will clear out occupied 
    buildings with ease, and should present little difficulty.
    	The final video shows a crowd of Americans cheering as the President addresses 
    the crowd.  The shot pans up to show the U.S. flag, which is promptly covered up by 
    Mission Complete screen.  
    Andrew Merryman offers the following advice when dealing with the wall in front of the capital:
    "In the last U.S. mission, you refer to the GLA wall garrisoned with infantry and say to take 
    it out with fuel bombs and a10 strikes. There is an easier and much quicker way to clear the 
    buildings. Just research flashbang and send a couple rangers to flashband the indivdual sections 
    of the wall. this is a lot cheaper and less expensive. Also, along with the two patriot missle 
    defense system, it would be a good idea to reinforce the missles and snipers with a couple of tanks, 
    in case they attack with scorpions and/or marauders."
    Bart-Jan Gort strikes again with a similar method of clearing the level:
    "Research the capture building first, then the flash bangs. Capture the base. A flash bang 
    instantly kills all units in a building. The 3 rangers are enough to clear the entire bridge. 
    Max the [A-10 Strike] and launch it on the scud storm after the game started 30 secs. 1 or 2 
    planes will survive the defense. Now you can kill the SCUD when it's still being [built]. Now 
    you don’t have to worry about the scud and the bridge."
    Josh Fennema prefers the direct route when dealing with the pesky GLA:
    "Build 1 or 2 Overlords with bunkers and fill them with pathfinders.  In mission 7, you will 
    empty the wall of defenders so quickly that you'll probably miss it.  I took out the GLA with 
    6 overlords - 2 with towers, 2 with rocket infantry filled bunkers and 2 with pathfinder filled 
    bunkers.  The pathfinders not only empty the wall sections, but also empty stinger sites while 
    the overlords pummel them."

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