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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kirbyroks

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               FAQ/Walkthrough for Command & Conquer: Generals.
               Last updated 06/12/05          Version: 1.0
               Project started: 12/??/04      Project completed: 06/12/05
               Total development hours: 55+   File size: 103.1 kilobytes (0.100 MB)
               Written by: Josiah Herrington  Status: Complete
               This FAQ is of course copyright (c) 2004 Josiah Herrington
    Contents                           [TOP]                       ~~|  [W0.1]  |~~
    Table of Contents.........................[TOP] Use the above box to keep the
    1:  Intro.................................[010] Search code for your current
    2:  Legal stuff/Updates...................[020] Location in so you can jump
    3:  Overview..............................[030] right back to where you were
    4:  Frequently Asked Questions............[040] in the walkthrough without
    5:  Factions..............................[050] having to search! I always
    6:  Playing the game......................[060] make sections start and end
    7:  Walkthrough...........................[070] at save spots to make it
          USA mission 1......................[W0.1] easy for you to follow the
          USA mission 2......................[W0.2] walkthrough knowing you
          USA mission 3......................[W0.3] can't play strait through.
          USA mission 4......................[W0.4]
          USA mission 5......................[W0.5] You can access any area in
          USA mission 6......................[W0.6] the table of contents by
          USA mission 7......................[W0.7] Pressing CTRL+F and copy
          GLA mission 1......................[W0.8] and pasting the code into
          GLA mission 2......................[W0.9] the find box and it will
          GLA mission 3......................[W1.0] take you right to it!
          GLA mission 4......................[W1.1]
          GLA mission 5......................[W1.2]
          GLA mission 6......................[W1.3]
          GLA mission 7......................[W1.4]
          China Mission 1....................[W1.5]
          China Mission 2....................[W1.6]
          China Mission 3....................[W1.7]
          China Mission 4....................[W1.8]
          China Mission 5....................[W1.9]
          China Mission 6....................[W2.0]
          China Mission 7....................[W2.1]
          Training Mission...................[W2.2]
    8:  Unit List.............................[080]
    9:  Building List.........................[090]
    10: Upgrade List..........................[100]
    11: Multiplayer Strategies................[110]
    12: Single Player Strategies..............[120]
    13: Credits...............................[130]
    14: Contact Information...................[140]
    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY ON THIS GOOD EARTH...................[3.14159]
                                     1:  Intro
    Tis a walkthrough for the awesome game that is C&C Generals! Enjoy!
    I had a great deal fun writing this walkthrough and I hope you find it useful!
    Have fun and good hunting!
                                  2: Legal stuff/Updates
    This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2004 Josiah Herrington. 
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    You may not sell this FAQ or distribute it. Otherwise you may 
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    I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this 
                                    3: Overview
    Command and Conquer Generals is a real time strategy game for the PC. The game
    requires a relitively decent computer and has some of the best gameplay, IMO,
    of any PC RTS games to date. You can play as one of three factions, the USA,
    China, or the Global Liberation Army(GLA). Each faction has it's own strengths
    and weaknesses, and each are better for certain situations.
                             4: Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Which faction is the best?
    A: There is no best faction. Different factions are bettor for different people
       depending on the persons style. I would, however, reccomend the USA for
       begining players. The USA tends to be based on fewer, powerful units rather
       than a whole bunch of weaker units like the GLA. It's less to keep track up
       and easier for a beginner.
    Q: What is the best unit in the game?
    A: In my personal opinion, it is the Nuclear Missile. Yeah, I know, Building,
       not unit. It still rules!
    Q: I just can't seem to win! I keep getting overwhelmed! Are there any cheats?
    A: Well you could alter memory locations like I have done in the past, you can
       Download mods and modify them to give you Paladin Tanks for $1 that are
       created in 1 second. Other than that, no, you will have to take it like a
    Q: What are some good ways to aquire cash?
    A: The USA has a building, Supply Drop Zone, that gives $2000 every 2 minutes.
       Get enough of these and you won't be able to spend mony faster than you
       get it! The GLA can build a black market which provides $20 every 5 or so
       seconds, and China can build Hackers at the Barracks which get 5 - 10 bucks
       every 3 - 5 seconds depending on how upgradded they are.
                                    5: Factions
    The USA:
    The USA is the technological powerhouse here. All of the USA's units are more
    technologically advanced, doing greater damage, having heavier armor, the
    ability to shoot missiles out of the air with auto targeting lasers, jet
    fighters and bombers, ETC Their units generally cost more, but are much more
    effective and deadly. They have air superiorority and tend to be a lot more
    powerful than the other units, but the units are much more expensive. All of
    the USA's technology is clean meaning no radiation or toxins.
    The Global Liberation Army (GLA):
    The GLA are terrorists. They don't have a nationality or government and most of
    their units are basically trucks thrown together with a machine gun on the
    back, or old scrapped tanks that they have hammered together. They have no
    planes and cannot fight in the air. Their infantry is vastly inverior in one
    on one combat to all the other infantry and their missile infantry is also much
    weaker, but they are also much cheaper! They like to use biological weapons
    such as putting toxins in bomb trucks. They also have a variety of suicide
    bombers and such.
    China is generally the midpoint betweenthe GLA and the USA. They have some
    really powerful and expensive units such as the Overlord Tank, but their
    infantry leaves much to be desired. They have a single plane which can't
    compare to American planes, but is better than what the GLA have. Their super
    weapon is the Nuclear Missile which is possibly the best weapon for taking out
    grouped armies.
                                 6:  Playing the game
    The overall gameplay is simple, you click on units, click where you want them
    to go/fight, and right click to deselect them. Each unit has a variety of
    special icons that represent skills it has. You can find this on the lower
    center portion of the user interface when they are selected. You can assign
    units to hotkeys by pressing control and then the number you wish to assign
    them, from 1 to 0, and then you can simply press that number and select them
                                   7:  Walkthrough
    Here you will find the walkthrough for the Single Player mode of the game.
    keep in mind that nothing here is set in stone. As this is a real time strategy
    game, situations change quickly and are not always the same in differnt games.
    Don't be afraid to think for yourself because if you just follow my walkthrough
    and something happens that I didn't cover you will die!
        USA Mission 1
    Location: Baghdad
    Operation Final Justice:
    Mission Objectives:
    Destroy All Enemy Forces.
    Okay, from the begining, after the cutscene, devide your tanks into two squads
    hotkeyed to numbers 1 and 2. (Hotkey a squad by selecting the units you want to
    place in the squad, holding down ctrl, and pressing the number you want to
    assign them. You can then select those unit(s) by pressing the number you
    assigned them.) Now take the top squad up and the bottom one down and attack
    the GLA tanks in front of you from both sides. Select both Squad one and Squad
    two and invest in combat drones. They will repair your tank and can also attack
    with a machine gun. Set your nearby hummers to squad three. Buy drones for them
    also. Now Send your hummers into the city. A cutscene will trigger and your
    mission objectives will change.
    Mission Objectives:
    Destroy the Enemy Scud Storm.
    Take your hummers north to the prisoners are being held and take out the guards
    to free your men. Pring up your promotion menu by clicking on the three stars
    that will be flashing on the right hand side of the HUD and choose the Paladin
    Tank upgrade. Now Create 6 Paladin Tanks and 20 Missile Defenders at your base
    and send them to join your forces. Send the Pilots back and put one in each
    Paladin Tank and put 5 Missile Defenders in each Humvee after assigning the
    Missile Defenders to squad 4. Now assign the Paladin Tanks to Squd 5.
    Take the Humvees South-West and get the UN Supply crates and have them head up
    to take out the GLA Technicals. Now take your Humvees a little Northeast until
    you see the garrisoned buildings and some Chinooks filled with Rangers will
    come and you should tell them to each do a combat drop on one of the buildings
    to kill all the troops inside. Take your Paladin tanks up the opposite way that
    you took your Humvees and bring your Crusaders up both sides. Now, Use your
    Chinooks to transport your 4 Humvees into the middle area and take out all the
    enemies there. BEWARE OF THE PILLARS! If you shoot them they will fall and
    crush anything under them. Including your Humvees! Once the palace is clear use
    your Chinooks to transport your hummers back. Now you can beat the GLA the hard
    way or the easy way. The hard way is to go in the front door with your army and
    take out the Scud Storm. The easy way is to fill your Chinooks with Rangers and
    send them to the Northeast corner making sure to circle very far around the GLA
    land. Once you are there come up to the scud storm from the northeast and drop
    the rangers near it. Have the Rangers kill the Rebels near the Scud storms and
    then destroy the scud storm from a distace back as it will leak anthrax once it
    is destroyed.
    Mission Complete!
        USA Mission 2
    Location: Al Hanad, Yemen
    Operation Trasure Hunt:
    Mission Objectives:
    Rescue Captured Pilots.
    Okay, at the start set Colonel Burton's Squad number to 0 and go to your
    barracks and research Capture Building and create Four Rangers. Open your
    Promotion Window and select the Paladin Tank and Emergency Repair Upgrades.
    Have the four Rangers capture the oil derricks to the north for an instant
    $2000 + $40 every 1 second money bonus! Create 4 Hummers and four Missile
    Defenders. In each of the Hummers place three Missile Defenders and give the
    Hummers Combat Drones. Now create four more Rangers and place two in each
    Hummer. Research Flashbang Grenades now and gat a Construction Dozer and make
    a Patriot Missile System at the Northeast end of your camp near where Colonel
    Burton started. Now take Colonel Burton near the two nearby groups of GLA
    Technicals and have him enter a building near them to kill them. He is
    cloaked while not shooting so he can get right next to them. Now set you
    Hummers to Squad 1 and take them just Southwest of the group of two Scorpion
    Tanks and one Rocket Buggy but still too far away from them to be attacked.
    Now move in Colonel Burton near them and have him enter a Building and target
    the Rocket Buggy. While they are shooting at the building have your Hummers
    move in and take them out. Now Stay back from the Angry Mob and have a Chinook
    and some rangers perform a combat drop on the building near the Stinger Site.
    Once they are in the building have them target the Stinger Site and take it
    out. Once it is gone your Rangers should make short work of the angry mob now
    that they have Flashbangs. Now take your Hummers and Colonel Burton up
    Northeast stopping the Hummers near the Enemy and having Colonel Burton
    continue past the two technicals to the far Northeast and into the building.
    Have him kill the two technicals and the Angry Mob should start to charge the
    building but they won't get anywhere near it as he will mow them down. Now have
    Colonel Burton enter the building near the two GLA Technicals and the Rocket
    Buggy. Target the Rocket Buggy, Then the two Technicals, then the Stinger Site
    intil the men in it are dead, then the GLA Rebels, then finish off the Stinger
    Site. Now have him Exit the Building and enter the tower to the Northwest. Have
    him target the Tank first and then the angry Mobs should come running after the
    tank is dead. Again, His assault Rifle will annihilate them. Now take him
    Northwest up the street and have him enter the house two southeast from the end
    and take out the Mob and then the Technicals and Rebels. Now rescue the Pilot
    by entering his camp. Now you find that the last pilot is in another area to
    the east. Open your Promotion Window and select the Pathfinder Upgrade. Now
    create 8 Pathfinders and 8 Missile Defenders at your Barracks. Put these in
    Chinooks and drop them in the very south part of the base to the East after you
    move your Humvees and Tanks to the foot of the trail that leads to the base.
    Once you drop them in have the Missile Defenders garrison the rounded building
    to the south and drop the pathfinders at the north end of the camp 5 seconds
    later. The pathfinders will take out the Infantry and your missile defenders
    will take care of anything else. Once the majority of the Enemy Troops are
    gone, send your Humvees in to clear out the rest. As soon as you free the
    Pilot, put him in a Humvee and Park it in the Center of the Base, preping for
    defense. the GLA attack force will come there and your tanks at the foot of
    the trail should take out most or all of them. If any get past, waste them with
    your troops when they enter the base, if not, great! Once they are dead, take
    your Humvees and send them west to your base to end the mission with victory!
        USA Mission 3
    Location: Northern Kazakhstan
    Operation Guardian Angel:
    Mission Objective:
    Ensure the Escape of 100 U.S. forces.
    First off, research Rocket Pods at your Airfield and have some Comanches in the
    queue after that. Send your Current Comanches to the western end of the large
    gorge running across the map. U.S. Forces will enter there shortly tailed by
    GLA forces. You must Neutralize all the GLA forces when that happens, which is
    much easier with Rocket Pods. The first wave will come quickly and is the
    hardest wave. Send your Tanks down before they can get there and when they do
    neutralize them as best you can with your four Comanches and the tanks. Now you
    should have rocket pods by now and some more Comanches so send them down.
    Upgrade Control Rods on one of your Reactors and use your Construction Dozer to
    create a Patriot Missile System at the foot of the trail leading to your base
    to help with killing the GLA. Open your Promotion Window and select the
    Pathfinder, Emergency Repair, and A-10 Strike Upgrades. Create about 3
    Pathfinders and send them down to the foot of the trail leading yo your base.
    You should have your Airfield constantly pumping out Comanches. The second wave
    should come quickly so have your Comanches waiting along with your tanks and
    other defences. Wait until you can see where most of the GLA are going to be
    and fire your Rocket Pods there. Remember you can change the location of where
    the Rocket Pods fire by pressing the Rocket Pods button again and selecting a
    new target area. The Rocket Pods should Annihilate most of them and you can mop
    up the rest with your Comanches and Tanks. Now quickly Create a new Patriot
    Missile System in the small alcove on the other side of the gorge and move
    your Dozer back to behind the first one when you are done. Place a Pathfinder
    near each Patriot Missile System and join any stray Comanches you have waiting
    at your Base with your main group. Wait for the Next wave and dispose of them
    the same way you did the last wave. After the first of the U.S. Troops reach
    the far end, call in an A-10 missile Strike on the entrance if you saved most
    of the survivors. Once you go over 100, a GLA assault force will try to storm
    your base. The A-10 strike should take out many of them, and when you combine
    that with your Rocket Pods you should take out most of them as they enter. Now
    Pick off the Quad Cannons that are still alive before they can so much Damage
    to your Comanche force and then kill the few GLA Troops who may still be alive.
    Now taste sweet, sweet victory!
        USA Mission 4
    Location: Kazakhstan Coast
    Operation: Stormbringer
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA Stinger Sites.
    Okay, from the start there is some good news and there is some bad news. The
    bad news is that you have no base, no defences, no buildings, and are
    immediatly thrust into battle. The good news is that you outnumber and outgun
    the GLA by a factor of a lot. As soon as you beat up the GLA forces that are
    on the beach, assign your units to squads. Make your Tomahawk Missiles be Squad
    1, your tanks as squad 2, and your Rangers as squad 3. Now, you should not
    engage the GLA defences, as they are heavily dug in. Instead, use your Tomahawk
    Missile Systems to pulverize all of the bunkers and Stinger Sites into rubble.
    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT engage the GLA at this time. They will decimate your
    troops. Instead simply do what you need to to hit all of the stinger sites with
    your Tomahawk Missiles. Once the Stinger sites are gone some bombers will come
    in and annihilate all GLA in that area.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA Command Base
    Now you will get some dozers, so fire them up and create a base as fast as
    possible. Open your Promotion Window and select the upgrades Pathfinder, A-10
    Strike, Stealth Fighter, and Paladin Tank. Pump out several Pathfinders and
    several Missile Defenders to garrison the buildings to the east with. Put two
    Pathfinders and eight Missile Defenders in the rounded barracks type building
    to the northeast of where your base should be, and place the same in the large
    tower on the east side of your base. Now, once you are well bunkered in, take
    your Tomahawk Missiles to the northeast and take out the green tower by the
    small supply piles. once you have taken it out and it has fallen, move in and
    start shelling the GLA base with your Tomahawk Missiles. The defenses won't be
    able to hit you, though they might hit your drones. With this setup, any
    infantry that come to hit your Tomahawks will be sniped and any vehicles will
    be missiled! First take out the GLA Arms Dealer to stop the flow of Scorpion
    Tanks, Technicals, and Quad Cannons. Then shell the large tower and it will
    fall and crush the buildings and units to the east of it. Now shell the Stinger
    Sites and the rest of the GLA. Now they are basically helpless so go in there
    with Paladin Tanks and wipe the floor with them! Take out what little of a base
    they have left and then work your your way south, taking out base defenses as
    you go. Stealth fighters are not advised here, but Tomahawk missiles guarded by
    tanks are. Use your Stealth Fighters to clear the GLA bunkers and tunnels out.
    Congrats! Mission Sucess!
        USA Mission 5
    Location: Kazakhstan DMZ
    Operation: Blue Eagle
    Mission Objectives: Prevent the GLA from constructing their river base.
    Critical mission notes: When you destroy the last of the GLA buildings on the
    other side a tidal wave will sweep down the river and annihilate any troops or
    buildings near it. Before killing the last of the GLA, fortify yourself well
    and then kill the last GLA building to trigger the tidal wave.
    Okay, From the start open your Promotion Window and select the Paladin,
    Pathfinder, and A-10 Strike 1 & 2 upgrades. send all your Rangers to the
    hospital to the south and research Capture Building as they are headed there.
    Build a Strategy Center, activate the strategy of your choice,I went with
    bombardment, and then build an airfield. By now your Rangers should have the
    Building. Send them Northwest and take the UN supply crate. Create two
    pathfinders. There is a crossroads to the West, your side, of the bridge.
    South of that crossroads is a building. Place the snipers in that so they can
    cover the bridge. Divide your Crusaders into two equal Squads and pt them on
    either side of your end of the bridge.  Now create 10 Missile Defenders and
    place them in the building nearest the bridge, just Southeast of the end on
    your side. Research Laser Guided Missiles and create four Raptors. Now use
    your A-10 strike in conjunction with your Command Center's radar and take out
    the stinger site closest to you. Now move your Raptors in and take out the
    Tunnel Networks. Next, move your crusaders into battle, creating four Paladin
    tanks to replace them if they get damaged. Once the GLA are mostly
    exterminated, use your Pathfinders to clear out the Stinger Sites so your tanks
    can knock them out unmolested by missiles. Take out everything but the GLA
    Command Center and position a sniper nearby it to take out the workers it
    spawns. Not only will this deplete the GLA's supplies for the next phase of the
    battle, but it will get you valuable points! Mmmm, valuable points! You will
    want to sell your Supply Center near your base and construct a new onenear the
    Supply Dock in the GLA's former land. Mine ALL of the resources from it before
    continuing. Instead of taking out the GLA Base, capture it. The unit's it has
    can be most valuable. Before you capture it make sure that none of your units
    are near the river, on the bridge, or still garrisoned inside buildings near
    the river. *COUGH Your Missile Defenders COUGH* Move all of your troops to the
    former GLA land to prepare for an assault. Most important of these are the ever
    awesome Pathfinders. They are critical here. Once you have take all the money
    from the supply dock, buld three Patriot Missile systems between your new base
    where the GLA used to be, and the upper left corner of the map. Put one or two
    Pathfinders by each one. Get your Missile Defenders there and make them into a
    squad, and load any surviving Rangers into a Chinook. Once you are dug in, and
    save about $15,000 for reenforcement purposes, capture the GLA base and either
    sell it or create a GLA worker and use him to build stinger stites or other
    GLA tech. Mainly the GLA Scud Storm Tech is available if you capture their
    Command Center. That will be a life saver. Develop the GLA buildings and create
    a stinger site. Almost more important is the ability to create Black Markets
    which will provide income. Now, as you are facing your new foes I want you to
    have the following ready as an attack force:
    - 3 Hummers with Battle Drones, each holding 3 Missile Defenders and 2 Snipers
    - 1 Chinook filled with 8 Rangers
    - 2 - 4 Comanches
    Now, send the Chinook North to the Oil Derricks and unload the Rangers which
    will Flashbang the Stinger site and take it down. Now use the Comanches to
    take out the nearby Tunnel Networks. Once they are down drive your Hummers
    up by the Oil Derrics. Fire your A - 10s at the Scud Storm and slowly advance
    your Hummers on the GLA base. The Snipers inside will take out the men in the
    Stinger site if you target it, and will rapidly take out the loads of infantry
    the GLA will have. If you start to get overwhelmed fall back and readvance from
    a better position. Focus on tanks first, after stinger sites, and once the
    stinger sites have had their occupants sniped out of them, bring in your
    Comanches to quickly put an end to the stinger sites while your Hummers are
    taking out any infantry or vehicles that move. Once you are relitively clear,
    take out the Scud Storm. Now by this time my Scud Storm was charged, so I hit
    the lower town with it. If yours isn't then hold your ground. as nothing will
    be able to approach, and don't attack save to take out any nearby Arms Dealers.
    All the infantry they can send at you can't get close. Not even with a hundred
    men could they get near you. Once your Scud Storm is charged, fire it at their
    town and that should annihilate most of everything. Once the anthrax clears,
    take your men and take out the last pockets of GLA resistance. They should be
    little to no trouble. Beware though, NEVER send troops tstrait up to the GLA
    base. ONLY take the long way by the Oil Derricks. The GLA have planted bombs
    all around that will decimate an army should you attempt to go through the
    center. The only way to go through the center is to have it headed by snipers
    who can see the bombs and have the tanks shoot the bombs from afar.
    Mission Sucess!
        USA Mission 6
    Location: Southeastern Kazakhstan
    Operation: Desperate Union
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA to the Northeast.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the Chinese Command Center.
    Good news! You have a Partical Cannon, Fuel Air Bomb, AND Colonel Burton!
    Sweet! ANyways, create a barracks and a Supply Center and choose the Pathfinder
    and A-10 Strike 1, 2, & 3 Upgrades. Pump out a couple Pathfinders and create a
    War Factory. Create a Strategy Center and then a Tomahawk Missile System. Use
    that to take out the 10 o' clock tower in the circle of towers across the
    bridge. That will take out the sniper and will also cause a domino effect with
    the towers and crush the GLA troops just south of it. Move in with Colonel
    Burton and use the tactic of sneaking up with your invisibility and then
    getting in a building to take out all nearby resistance. Do that up to the
    tower near the GLA stinger site and the Chinese War Factory. Don't worry, the
    stinger site can never hit you. Locate the Nuklear Missile and send in both
    your A-10 strike 3 and your Fuel Air Bomb to take it out. Now use a pair of
    Tomahawk Missile Systems to take out the Chinese defences while you guard the
    Tomahawks with Tanks. Take out Chinese Airfields and power stations with your
    A-10 strikes and Fuel Air Bombs whenever possible and useful. Head right
    through the Chinese town taking out defenses with the Tomahawks and guarding
    with tanks and snipers. Have Colonel Burton in there doing his thing on the
    GLA up north also. You should soon wipe out the Chinese. Once you get in and
    make the Chinese helpless destroy the power stations to the east to
    incapacitate all the GAttling Cannons they have. From there basically just
    finish them off and kill the remaining Chinese buildings. By this time you
    should have taken out theGLA defenses to the east of your base and gotten
    Colonel Burton into the GLA camp. By this time much of the GLA camp should be
    in ruins. Finish off the GLA command Center and it's mission complete!
        USA Mission 7
    Location: Akmola, Kazakhstan
    Operation: Last Call
    Mission Objectives: Destroy all GLA forces and structures.
    From the Start create a Patriot Missile System to defend your base and send
    Rangers down to capture the Chinese buildings. Open your Promotion Window and
    choose the Paladin, Pathfinder, Fuel Air Bomb, and A-10 Strike 1, 2, & 3
    upgrades. Save the last upgrade point for now. Build a War Factory, A Strategy
    Center, and research Capture Building. Use your Fuel Air Bomb and A-10 Strike
    on the GLA Scud Storm ASAP. Once their Scud Storm is gone simply fortify your
    position with Patriot Missile Systems and Gattling Cannons while creating
    Paladin Tanks and a good Air Force and, most importantly, two Nuklear Missiles.
    Once you have the nukes, your A-10s, and your Fuel Air Bomb, any attempt they
    make at a super weapon will be annihilated long before they can use it and your
    perimeter defenses will keep back anything they can throw at you. This is
    actually one of the easiest of all the battles to win. Use Aurora Bombers to
    take out stinger sites and other defenses once you breach the wall, and be
    sure to invade their land after you nuke out the wall and nearby buildings.
    Make your invasion force the following:
    - 2 Overlord Tanks with Gattling Cannons
    - 1 Overlord Tank  with Speaker Tower
    - 2 Overlord Tanks with Bunkers containing 5 Snipers.
    - 20+ Red Guard for use as fodder for the Demo Traps.
    That should allow you to pretty much just march into the base and do what you
    want. Use a sniper to locate demo traps as the sniper can see cloaked units and
    have your Overlords shoot them from afar. The GLA will come from one of three
    ways when attacking you.
    - The top part of the map, over the hill.
    - The top road, then curve towards the middle
    - The bottom road.
    Have gattling turrets and Patriot Missile Systems there to bar their passage
    and build up your forces for attack.
    {   MISSION COMPLETE!    }
    }     USA CAMPAIGN       {
    {       COMPLETE!        }
        GLA Mission 1
    Location: Ashymkent DMZ
    Operation: Black Rain
    Mission Objectives: Destroy The Chinese Base
    This mission starts with your forces attacking a Chinese outpost. By the time
    you gain controll there will be basically nothing left of the Chinese forces.
    Continue the fight and kill the rest. The place all your units in squads based
    on type and send your technicals southeast to take out the Red Guards.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy The Dam.
    Take your Scorpions to the east and your bomb trucks and have your scorpions
    engage the tanks while your bomb trucks drive in and blow them up. Then rush
    your technicals in to collect the goodies they left behind! Now basically
    amass a huge army to assault the Chineese with! Make it consist of:
    - at least 10 Technicals
    - At least 4 Scorpions
    - At least 10 RPG troopers
    - At least 7 Technicals
    - At least 7 Scorpions
    - At least 10 RPG troopers.
    Once you are ready, proceed north. Wipe out the few units guarding the town
    with your Technicals while your Scorpions head up the west side and take out
    the tank. Then advance on and have your tanks take out the bunkers and other
    tanks and have your Technicals sweep in to take the parts. Now you will see
    that their base is up ahead, you can wipe it out if you choose, but you should
    instead head went and you will find a secret road that leads strait to the dam!
    And the best part is that it only hae one tank on it! Send your Technicals in
    and have them kill the tank and then the infantry and proceed to the infantry
    by the dam and take them out. Fire on the dam to break it and complete the
    Mission complete! That will show the oppressors!
        GLA Mission 2
    Location: Villages outside Almaty, Kasakhstan.
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Collect $40,000 in stolen supplies.
    First Objective: Collect $20,000 by stealing the UN supply crates.
    Okay, basically here you have to collect $40,000. Now this won't be quite as
    easy as it sounds, because you will also have to be spending money to get more
    units to take the supplies! From the start create 3 Tchnicals and a few
    Scorpion Tanks. Send the Two technicals you already have to whereever the first
    convoy comes in and take the supplies after they leave. Remember to kill the
    Hummers to make them drop supplies but NOT the trucks. If you destroy the
    trucks you will get only one supply crate insteadof the many you will get if
    you tail them to their destination. Use the Scorpion Tanks to guard your base
    while your Technicals zoom around in groups of 3 - 6 raiding the villages. Do
    this until you have $20,000.
    Second Objective: Collect $30,000 by taking crates from the US planes.
    Now you will have to shoot down the US planes in order to take the supplies!
    This isn't much different from the first part except that now the supplies
    come by air. Don't shoot down the planes, let them drop the supplies and then
    drive in with technicals and take them before the villagers can. Then slay the
    villagers. Be sure to build up an army now. Preferably containing Marauder
    Final Objective: Collect $40,000 by raiding the US base to the north.
    This is fairly simple because you DON'T have to fight the americans! If you
    wish you can just sit back and keep collecting supplies! Once you get $40,000
    your mission is a sucess, and you don't have to fight the americans to do that!
    Awesome, huh? So do just that@ Stake out all the villages and level them,
    collect the air dropped supplies and you will reach $40,000 in no time! EASY!
        GLA Mission 3
    Location: Astana City, Kasakhstan.
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Collect $40,000 in by destroying, and looting, civilian
    When the mission first starts you will have three small Angry Mobs. Basically
    you need to go on a rampage here and destroy all the city buildings to get the
    supplies they drop! Do so! Be sure to build up your town also! Open your
    Promotion Window and get Cash Bounty one and two as well as Scud Launcher.
    Be sure not to destroy the nearby cars as they will become car-bombs if you put
    a terrorist in them! Build yourself a palace and research the Arm the Mob
    upgrade. Continue burning and looting the city unless you run out of buildings
    to loot. In that case you should create some Scud Launchers and Quad Cannons
    and march North on the Chinese base, using your Scud Launchers to take out base
    defenses and your Quad Cannons and Angry Mobs to kill any troops that threaten
    your Scuds. Your Angry Mobs are killer against infantry AND tanks except the
    fire tanks, so abuse this! Remember, your Goal is to collect $40,000, not to
    take out the enemies! Avoid direct combat when at all possible and simply
    collect supplies and level buildings. You should be through this easy mission
    in a snap!
    GLA Mission 4
    Location: Adana, Turkey
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the American Airbase.
    As soon as the mission starts, build an Arms Dealer and a Barracks to the north
    of your base. Once you have your Baracks construct several stinger sites around
    your base to protect against the American air attacks. As soon as you have your
    Arms Dealer create a Radar Van and some Quad Cannons. You are heavily fortified
    by the terrain and nothing on the ground can get to you without you knowing it,
    so really all you have to worry about are US air attacks. Create enough stinger
    sites and you will be invincible. Take about five Quad Cannons and some infanty
    such as Terrorists down to the American base. Stay out of reach of the Missiles
    from the Patriot Missile Systems and send your suicide solders to take them out
    quickly. Be sure to send down a Worker with your troops to build a Tunnel thing
    so you can quickly bring troops down there from your base. Start making suicide
    solders and sending them through the tunnel to hit the American missile systems
    without losing vehicles. Remember that Terrorists are effective fighting clumps
    of enemy infantry and use them accordingly. At all times Quad Cannons should be
    the backbone of your army asthe enemy only deploys aircraft and infantry at you
    for the entire mission. Be on guard foe the fuel air bomb though. That thing is
    mighty powerful and will dish out lots of damage. Once the Patriot Missiles are
    down, Charge through and annihilate the town! Victory is yours! Oh and Isn't my
    section beautiful? Look at the way all the lines lines up perfectly over there!
    THERE! ----------------------------------------------------------------------->
       GLA Mission 5
    Location: Western Shore of the Aral Sea, Kasakhstan.
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Capture 4 bunkers and destroy all American Defenders.
    Okay, from the start, create a Palace and open your Promotion Window and choose
    the Cash Boutny 1 & 2, Hijackers, and Marauder Tank upgrades. Build a Barracks
    and several Marauder Tanks. Take your time here to build up your forces, build
    base defenses, and establish your bosition north around the Supply Dock so you
    can harvest those resources. Build some Terrorists and put them in cars and put
    them in reserve. Build a couple Black Markets to provide free supplies. Create
    Jarmen Kell and send him with your Marauder Tanks East across the bridge having
    Jarmen Kell kill all the infantry. Then position your Marauders southwest of
    the large mantion that is Southeast of the two bunkers and put Jarmen Kell in
    the mantion. The US will send hundreds of infantry down that way, but not one
    will make it thanks to Jarmen's sniper rifle. The will pour thousands of
    dollars down the drain that way and accomplish nothing which will weaken them
    overall and make their ability to attack you much weaker! Keep hanging back
    just stockpiling resources and sendinf bomb trucks in to hit their defenses.
    Be sure to disguise them if at all possible and always arm them with high
    explosive and bio-bombs. Wear them down by constant bombings but never make a
    full scale assault...yet! Once you are in control of the area to the East of
    your base, send in Jarmen Kell and some Rebels to Snipe out and capture an
    American Dozer. Once you do that quickly tell it to build an american Command
    Center in your land. Then try to make it escape. Even if the Dozer doesn't make
    it you can still build the Command Center with your own Workers. Now, build up
    American Tech! Build power Stations, Patriot Missiles, a Srategy Center, 
    and, most importantly, Supply Drop Zones. Augment your defenses with US Tech
    and create a US Air force. Take out their Power Stations. You will lose planes
    here but that is okay. Continue bombing until their power is down and they no
    longer have reasonable base defenses and then brink Tanks in from the South
    along with Humvees and Technicals. Continue your arial bombardment while
    sweeping across their land. Use choppers to find and take out the solders and
    Humvees to the north. Mission Sucess!
        GLA Mission 6
    Location: Somewhere near Lenger, Kasakhstan.
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA traitors and their Chinese allies.
    YAY! NUKES! From the start you are given three nuke trucks. These trucks are
    like your bomb trucks only, when detonated, they unleash a nuclear blast that
    devistates anything near it. Open your Promotion Window and choose Hijacker,
    Scud Launcher, and Cash Bounty 1 & 2. There will be a timer going that counts
    down to the arrival of Chinese troops. Monitor this timer. You start with a
    large army. Move it all to your base and then put all units but the suicide
    units into squad one. move them all forwards to the base. Trail your nukes
    behind them once they have cleared the path. Detonate ONE AND ONLY ONE nuke
    near the base entrance to take out all the units and such there. Wait for the
    toxin to clear and move your entire army in and flood over the town wiping out
    all that you see. It is unlikly that you will be able to wipe out the entire
    town right now, but possible. If you manage to do that then skip to the next
    section. Even if you don't wipe out the whole town you will to major damage.
    Now take the Quad Cannons, Technicals, and Scorpions that you should have been
    creating while your troops were away and send them in to the weakened town.
    If you can destroy all the GLA before the timer runs out you won' have to worry
    about fighting the chinese army that enters. If the chinese do enter just take
    what little raggedy band makes it to your town alive with some RPG troopers and
    Rebels. Your defenses on the side where they enter (Southwest) will see to it
    that few make it to your town alive, if any. Mission complete! VICTORRRRYYYY!
        GLA Mission 7
    Location: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Southern Kasakhstan.
    Operation: ---
    Mission Objectives: Capture the ground control building.
    Mission Objectives: Capture the Rocket Launch Gantry.
    Okay, immediatly open your Promotion Window and Choose the following:
    - Anthrax Bonb
    - Technical Training
    - Hijacker
    - Scud Launcher
    - Cash Bounty 1
    - Cash Bounty 2
    - Marauder Tank
    - Anthrax Bonb
    - Technical Training
    - Hijacker
    - Scud Launcher
    - Cash Bounty 1
    - Cash Bounty 2
    - Cash Bounty 3
    Depending on your preference. I went with the third Cash Bounty Level. Now,
    create a barracks ASAP and then an Arms Dealer. Continue on with a Palace and
    then build a Scud Storm and a Black Market once you build up enough cash. This
    it all, of course, after you have built a couple stinger sites to protect you.
    Once you have all this start building an invasion force. as you probably know
    from the US strategy, the US forces are to your east. Beware that once you
    build the Scud Storm the Chinese and the Americans will instantly get a
    Nuclear Missile and Partical Cannon, respectively but they won't use them until
    you do. Okay, now create an army consisting of the following:
    - 12 Technicals
    - 5 Hijackers
    - 15 Rebels
    - 10 Terrorists
    - 2 Toxin Tractors
    - Either 3 Quad Cannons or 4 more Technicals.
    - Capture Building Upgrade
    Load the infantry into the Technicals and head towards the Americans. Keep in
    mind here that it is better to kill the troops and assimilate the base rather
    than killing the troops and destroying the base. Send two Terrorists at each
    of the two Patriot Missiles before they get in range of them and then drive it
    to mop up the Rangers. Use your hijackers to capture the Paladin Tanks and
    Tomahawk Missiles and then use those to destroy the nearby Strategy Center.
    Move your tanks up close so they can't be hit by the Strategy Center's cannon
    if they used Bombardment. Use your Rebels to capture the Command Center and
    then the military buildings like the War Factory and Airfield. Once you have
    those, capture the Supply Drop Zone(s) and Power Stations. Now capture the
    Barracks and then send your Toxin Tractors and have them squirt on the
    building that is garrisoned by American Troops to kill them all instantly.
    Destroy the Partical Cannon. Now you control the American Base and all of it's
    Technology. Start building American Troops and use the Radar to locat the
    Chinese base. Once you locate the base, hit it with your Scud Storm and an
    American Partical Cannon that you will build. Now make an army of Crusader
    Tanks and Randers in Humvees and advance North. Use Aurora Bombers to take
    out the Bunkers and Patriot Missile to the North and send in your Humvees
    with Rebels and Rangers to Capture the Building! Victory is ours now! We
    are the bomb! Literally! Now watch the final cutscene and see the tragedy you
    have brought about. You jerk! Didn't your mother ever tell you it wasn't polite
    to send three anthrax laden nuclear warheads into a highly populated City and
    detonate them? *Storms off*
    {   MISSION COMPLETE!    }
    }     GLA CAMPAIGN       {
    {       COMPLETE!        }
        China Mission 1
    Location: Chinese Military Parade, Beijing
    Operation: The Dragon Awakes
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the nuclear warhead storage facility.
    Okay, From the start, construct three Battlemaster Tanks, one Construction
    Dozer, and six Tank Hunters. Car Bombs will approach and take out your two
    bunkers, so rebuild them if you cannot take out the Car Bombs in time. Open
    your promotion window and select the elite training for the Red Guard. Once
    your Tanks are complete, send your Battlemaster and Dragon tanks South, and
    take out the two Technicals. Use your tanks to take out the Tunnel Network
    and secure the bridge. This is the only place the GLA can cross so secure it
    with bunkers.
    The method I would reccommend of locking down the GLA's passage across the
    bridge is to set all three of your Dragon tanks to do the Fire Wall move on
    your side of the bridge. Then behind them, construct two bunkers and fill them
    with Tank Hunters. Be sure to have one or two Dragon Tanks on Standby in the
    event that a group of GLA tanks breaks through the Fire Wall and takes out one
    or more of your Dragon Tanks.
    Create between 5 and 10 Battlemaster Tanks to use as an invasion force. Once
    they are ready to move across the bridge, move your Dragon tanks out of the
    way and allow your Battlemasters to cross before reactivating the Fire Wall.
    If you need some quick cash in this part, you can sell off most of your Power
    Stations. You have 8 Power Stations and you only need one. That's good for a
    couple Battlemasters!
    Once you start moving your units towards the enemy base, a convoy of GLA will
    be seen moving towards you. A convenient air strike will take them all out, as
    well as burning the forest off. Once you regain control, move your tanks
    through the burnt out area. Pause them before you reach the enemy, and move up
    your Dragon tanks from the bridge. Move your Dragons ahead of your Battlemaster
    tanks and advance. Have the Dragons set up a Fire Wall, which will annihilate
    all the infantry, and have your Battlemaster tanks annihilate the Technicals
    and few Scorpion tanks.
    Once they are gone, move up once more to be attacked by infantry as well as
    several technicals and a few Scorpion Tanks. Set up another fire wall to kill
    off all the Infantry, and use your BAttlemasters to take out the vehicles.
    Once they are gone, move on the last GLA defense, a tunnel network. It will go
    down quickly. After that's done, take out the nuclear storage facility and you
    will have completed the mission! YAY!
    China Mission 2
    Location: Hong Kong, China
    Operation: Hong Kong Crisis
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the Convention Center and attached parking
                        structures to stop the terrorist threat.
    Okay, from the start, build a Command Center and a Nuclear Reactor. When
    that's done, build a Supply Center and a Barracks. Lastly, build a War Factory
    and some base defenses with the focus being on Bunkers filled with Tank Hunters
    rather than being carried away with the new Gattling Turret. Only build one of
    those. Make sure to build the Supply Center near the supply source.
    Open your Promotion window and select Artillery Barrage 1 and Emergency Repair
    one from the list. Set your defenses up to the Northeast, as thats where the
    anamy is, as you will see from your Radar once you get it.
    When you are dug in and ready to attack, send some units to the Southeast and
    you will find a ferry, whose Captain is willing to help you by giving your men
    a lift over. You have to send your men into the ferry, and then click the
    "ferry" button to make the ferry sail from one dock to the other. You will want
    to send loads of Dragon and BAttlemaster tanks over. Use your Dragon tanks to
    take out buildings and Infantrly, while your Battlemasters shoot down suicide
    cars. You will want to wait until you have about 6 Dragon tanks and 3 Battle-
    master Tanks. If you wish, you can bring some Red Guard down and attempt to
    capture some GLA buildings, though it won't do you a whole lot of good.
    Once you have your strike force there, march them in, Dragons in front, Red
    Guard in the rear, and Battlemasters just behind the Dragons. Have your Dragons
    take out the infantry and Technicals, then the buildings that spawn them, then
    simply level all teh buildings in the middle. Once they have all been leveled,
    you are the winner!
    This strategy is easy, and a sure-fire win, but it takes a lot of time. First,
    from the start you should have build your Supply Center a tiny bit Southeast
    of the supply dock. Build a Bunker just East of the Supply Center, and fill it
    with Tank Hunters. This will negate all the attacks by the Toxin Tractors. Next
    you should, down by the ferry, just where the road curves 90 degrees to the
    Northwest, build some Gattling Cannons. Two will do nicely. These will mow down
    all infantry and suicide cars that try to attack your town. With this setup you
    can hold them off indefinatly. Now what you will do is use your artillery
    barrage 1 on the enemy buildings on the island until they are all dead. It does
    take a long time, but it's a deffinate winning strategy.
    China Mission 3
    Location: Three Gorges Dam, Hubei Provence, China
    Operation: A Flood of Violence
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the Dam.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA Base.
    From the begining, instruct your Construction dozer to set up a Command Center.
    While that is being done, open your promotion window and choose Artilery
    Barrage 1 and 2, and Cluster Mines. Deploy the Cluster Mines on the island in
    the middle of the river, that they will have to drive across to get to you. Now
    have your Dozer construct a Nuclear Reactor and a Supply Center, after whoch
    comes a Barracks and a War Factory, which are in turn followed by standard base
    You have exactly four minutes to prepare yourself before the GLA are able to
    cross the river, so you will be able to get off a second Cluster Mine set if
    you hurry. You should have two Bunkers filled with Tank hunters, and upgraded
    with mines, and one Cattling Cannon. Additionally, put one Battlemaster and
    one Gattling Tank on each side of the bridge. Four minutes after the mission
    start, the GLA will send over about 6 Scorpion tanks and about 30 Rebels. The
    first several tanks will all perish when driving over the mines, and many of
    the Rebels will also. If you are feeling bold, you can attempt to take out the
    strike forcce with an artillery barrage, You will need to lead them more than
    you might think.
    Poised like this you can pretty much hold them off for ever. That is a good
    thing, because it allows you to strike at your leasure, and pick your battles.
    MIGs will serve you very well here, so create at least swo Air Fields fill of
    them and keep them constantly attacking. Always deploy your mines, and drive
    them further and firther back, without even sending one tank over the bridge
    by way of your air superiority. Heck, you could go for three or even four Air
    Fields full of MIGs! You have both the time, resources, and defensive position
    to both facilitate, and encourage, this tactic.
    By the time the mission was over, I had eight Air Fields and fully 32 migs,
    constantly bombarding the entire town area by using guard, and basically, noone
    got through. Once I was comfortable that I would utterly crush the GLA without
    them even having a hope, I sent all 32 to guard the GLA base, which results in
    them attacking, flying back to reload, attacking again, and repeating.
    Once the GLA buildings are all destroyed, you win the mission.
    China Mission 4
    Location: Tanggula Mountains, China
    Operation: Broken Alliances
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA's stinger sites.
    When the mission starts you should oppen up your promotion window and select
    the Cash Hack 1 & 2 and the Cluster Mines abilities. Immediatly deploy the mine
    plane to drop the mines into the canyon that is the only way into your base.
    That will offer you some immediate security.
    Now select your barracks and spend every cent you have to make 8 hackers. These
    are your only really good source of cash so make sure you have some and keep
    some. Without them you WILL lose! Now just sit back with your hackers gaining
    money. As soon as you get money you should be spending it. Spend it like this:
    Red Guard
    Red Guard
    That way your money intake will increase at an exponential rate and you will
    gain a nice army as well! Remember to deploy mines whenever you can! Once you
    have a sizable army - about 20 Red Guard - march for the first stinger site.
    Taking it down won't be a problem, and when you do you will recieve some more
    troops! Yay! Make sure your Hackers are all hacking for money.
    Have Black Lotus capture the nearby Oil Derrick. Now head Northeast towards the
    next visible location. You will be ambushed halfqay there by three or four guys
    They aren't a threat but watch the terrorist. If he suicide bombs your group
    you could lose a lot of men.
    Once you reach the Stinger Sites take them down. They won't be a problem. Once
    you attack, though, a Rocket Buggy will move in from the Northeast to distract
    you while a small attack force with a terrorist moves in from the Northwest.
    Take out the Terrorist with a volley and then the Rocket Buggy. Proceed to take
    out all the rest of the resistance. You will get another troop drop.
    Move Northwest, across the bridge, towards the next Stinger Site. You will be
    told that you should use Black Lotus to take out the Toxin Tractor's power
    while your units destroy it. No duh! You will also be notified that there is a
    War Factory of yours nearby that was captured. Have Black Lotus Disable
    the Toxin Tractor at the same time as your infantry moves in to attack. As soon
    as the Toxin Tractor is disabled you should evac Black Lotus ASAP. Use your
    infantry to mop up the field.
    You will enjoy another troop drop. Take your troops and head west to capture
    the War Factory with Black Lotus. You will encounter minimal resistance en
    route so don't worry too much. Make sure to deploy some mines just to the East
    of the War Factory, in the choke point, to make sure that the troops that will
    attack you after you capture it die before reaching you. you will get another
    troop drop.
    You should have quite a bit of money now so create five Gattling Tanks and, if
    you can afford it, research Chain Guns. Also create at least one Dragon Tank.
    If you have extra money you should buy more Gattling tanks or Dragon tanks.
    Move your tanks Northeast from the War Factory and take out the resistance on
    the way to the supply dock. Use your Dragon Tank(s) to take out the infantry
    garrisoned inside the building. Move your tanks Northeast and take out the GLA
    base. Be sure to use Cash Hack 2 on the Supply Stash before you destroy it.
    Now move on the last pocket if resistance with Dragon Tanks. Take out the
    Stinger site and the Migs will come in and nuke the rest ending the mission.
    China Mission 5
    Location: Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan
    Operation: Scorched Earth
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the three GLA camps and the main GLA Base.
    Okaym, as soon as you have control open your promotion window and select the
    Artillery Barrage 1 & 2 along with the Nuke Cannon and Cluster Mines. Now make
    four Migs. Have a Dozer make another Power Station as your power is already
    borderline low.
    Create two more Supply Trucks and a Barracks. Create enough Tank Hunters at the
    Barracks to fill your Bunkers. Once you have that done you're ready to go on
    the offensive. Create a War Factory and then a Propaganda Center. Be sure to
    take out any Rocket Buggies that are shelling you from out of range. Your Migs
    are good at this. Camp here using your Dozers to repair your defenses & deploy
    mines along the other side of the river to your North. Deploy them Just South-
    West from the Arms Dealer.
    Create a Nuke Cannon and place it on the North shore. Start shelling the enemy
    across the river until such time as all the resistance within range is utterly
    annihilated. In the meantime save up and create 5 Overlord Tanks. Upgrade one
    with a Speaker Tower and the rest with Gattling Cannons.
    Your Migs should constantly be attacking further and further North. Remember
    that when all four attack together they create a firestorm which is very
    damaging. Continue with this until you have annihilated all enemies to the
    North. Now we will focus on the West and then the NorthWest. Just repeat this
    Strategy for each pocket of Resistance until they are all gone.
    China Mission 6
    Location: Bishkek, Aldastan Subcapital
    Operation: Dead In Their Tracks
    Mission Objectives: Get Black Lotus to the middle of the Train Bridge.
    Fisr odd you should open your Promotion Window and select the Veterain Training
    upgrade for your Red Guard. Now immediately set your hackers to hacking as this
    is pretty much your only money supply right at the start. Also, send a Red Guard
    to the East to collect the supply crate.
    Now this mission can be pathetically easy if you have time. If you have a lot
    of time you should set your hackers hacking, create 8 Dragon Tanks, and set 4
    on each of the routes into your base and have all 4 do a firestorm in a partial
    semi-circle on each side. All you will be attacked by is infanty and they can't
    get close enough to do any damage. Then simply go away and watch a movie, eat a
    meal, make out with your girlfriend, wash your dog, clean your house, write a
    program in C++, (use another computer. C&C Generals won't run while minimized.)
    or even sleep! After so long, your hackers will rack up thousands, if not
    hundreds of thousands, of dollars in currency. You won't have to worry about
    any different enemies if you don't venture out of your base. Then once you have
    ammased a large fortune, churn out Red Guard, Red Guard, and more Red Guard.
    Have your War Factory churning out Troop Crawlers and store red guard in them
    Once you have an overwhelming force, move them out VIA the West exit of your
    base and move them North. Garrison the occasional building to "occupy" the
    territory and keep it on your radar. When you get to the Stadium, Angry Mobs
    will pour out. your Red Guard should annihilate them near instantly. Note that
    the cutscene showing the angry mobs pouring out will cause your Dragon Tanks to
    stop Firestorming, so you may want to resume them. Once you have annihilated
    the Angry Mobs, raze the stadium to the ground. Take out any enemy resitance
    in the area and move north. Clear out any enemies and garrson buildings to
    take out tanks. Light vehicles will be overwhelmed by sheer firepower. Once
    you reach the Depot, wipe out all resistance and garrison the surrounding
    buildings. Now send your 4 dragon tanks from the West Exit and Black Lotus North
    and join your troops with them. Now Move East and take out all resistance. Wait
    until a train passes and send Black Lotus out into the middle of the Bridge to
    complete the mission. Watch the fireworks and enjoy.
    Alternitavely, if you don't have a lot of time, you do the same thing, but you
    will have to only get troops in troop crawlers, and be more careful in your
    attacks. It might take two, or even three, attacks on your part to overcome
    them, but shouldn't be difficult.
    YAY! You win!
    China Mission 7
    Location: Dushanbe, Aldastan capital
    Operation: Nuclear Winter
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the GLA.
    As soon as the mission starts, grab your troops and wipe out any remaining enemy
    forces in the area. As soon as you wipe them out, open your Promotion Window and
    select the three Artillery strikes and the Nuke Cannon upgrades.
    Now you know how to develop a town by now so build yours up with emphesis on the
    War Factory, Propaganda Center, Nuclear Missile path. Ignore the airfield for
    now. You don't need one right away. Build Speaker Towers on your Overlords or
    build tha actual towers and put cattling cannons on the Overlords.
    Now, once you get a base established, wipe out the meager resistance to the
    East. Develop a Base there. Keep developing until you have at least three
    functional War Factories and three Functional Nuklear Missiles. Spread your town
    apart because they have and will use a Scud Storm. Take it out ASAP with a nuke
    followed by a Lvl 3 Artillery Strike. Now the idea here is to kill them using
    Overlord Tanks. The layout of their base forces your units to be bogged down
    and slow while they wind through the maze of death. Overlords are slow anyway
    but more than compensate in armor. These things just take a beating and keep
    charging forward. You should have a Speaker Tower on 1 out of 2 of them and a
    Gattling Cannon on the other half. This will pretty much render all infantry
    useless and will also constantly heal your Overlords at a very quick rate.
    Charge north into their territory (don't forget to keep developing more of an
    army of Overlords) and punch a hole right through them. Even if you miss them,
    don't stop to clear the area of hostiles. Punch a hole through them like a
    knife through butter. If you get all the way into the heart of their base and
    die, it is better than if you annihilated the outskirts but died before reaching
    the heart. You should attack with at least 6 of them. Make Suicide Trucks a
    number one priority, make Terrorists your second priority, and then scuds. They
    are the only things that are a threat. Your Gattling Cannons will take down at
    least 90% of the infantry without being told and the Stinger sites' effect on
    your tanks is laughable. The objective is to destroy the GLA, but you only need
    to kill all non-militant buildings to complete the mission. If the first wave of
    Overlords fail, you suck as a general, badly, or you just had some bad luck. We
    all do from time to time. If the first wave falls, send in a second that you
    will have in development as the first is fighting. Better yet, if you complete
    the second before the first is done, send them as reenforcements. You will
    expedite the process if the first wave wins, and you may save them if they start
    to lose! Yes, it really is that easy! The hardest part is getting your base set
    and secure. If you can do that, you are pretty much set!
    {   MISSION COMPLETE!    }
    }    CHINA CAMPAIGN      {
    {       COMPLETE!        }
                                    8:  Units
    Non-Combatant:                                                                |
     Construction Dozer                                                           |
     The Construction Dozer is the backbone of the USA army. From it all comes and|
     without it thou art indeed screwed!                                          |
     Chinook                                                                      |
     The Chinook gathers resources for the USA and also can transport troops great|
     distances very quickly! When filled with rangers it can perform Combat Drops |
     to wipe out all troops in enemy buildings and capture the building.          |
     Pilot:                                                                       |
     The pilot comes from vehicles that had gained EXP strips but were destroyed. |
     The pilot can enter any vehicle to give it his EXP!                          |
    Infantry:                                                                     |
      Ranger                                                                      |
      The Ranger is the USA's standard Infantry unit. The Ranger can Capture      |
      Buildings when you upgrade that tech and also can switch between assault    |
      rifle and flash bang grenades once you have researched that.                |
      Missile Defender                                                            |
      The Missile Defender is the USA's Missile armed infantry. It is best used   |
      against tanks, though can shoot down airplanes and shoppers that get nearby.|
      The Missile Defender has a special Laser Guided Missile that can be used    |
      against ground units and allows the Missile Defender(s) to rapid fire       |
      missiles which tear apart vehicles very quickly.                            |
      Pathfinder                                                                  |
      The Pathfinder is a sniper. It is the best anti-Infantry unit the USA has.  |
      Any infantry unit that comes into it's range will immediately be hit with a |
      1HKO shot. It even can reveal hidden units which allows it to slay those    |
      cloaked GLA units.                                                          |
      Colonel Burton                                                              |
      Colonel Burton is the peak of USA infantry. Armed with a high power assault |
      rifle, timed and remote detonated C4 charges, and a combat knife, as well as|
      cloaked, Colonel Burton is fully capable of taking entire towns by himself  |
      if you are good.                                                            |
     Raptor                                                                       |
     The Raptor is the USAs fast fighter plane. Good for taking out tanks you find|
     halfway across the map headed for your town. It's Missiles can be upgraded to|
     be more powerful and is also can be told to patrol an area and attack any    |
     ground or air units that come near.                                          |
     Aurora Bomber                                                                |
     This is the USA's high powered bomber. When fully upgraded it can take out   |
     most buildings in one hit. Add that to its ability to be invulnerable while  |
     moving, makes it a very handy unit for getting past defenses and hitting a   |
     target. The only problem lies in getting back out; this units speed cuts in  |
     half once it fires it's weapons making it very vulnerable after.             |
     Stealth Fighter                                                              |
     A good cloaked unit that is good for hitting Anti Air units because they     |
     won't see you coming. It shares the attack power upgrade with the Raptor and |
     as a fairly balanced unit.                                                   |
     Comanche                                                                     |
     The USA's attack chopper is best used against tanks and vehicles. Featuring a|
     machine gun and air to ground missiles, as well as the upgrade "Rocket Pods" |
     which allows it to fire a massive barrage of missiles at a target area make  |
     it one of the most deadly anti ground units.                                 |
    Vehicles:                                                                     |
     Medic truck                                                                  |
     The Medic Truck is one of the most useful units against the GLA and China, It|
     will clean up all the radiation and anthrax that they leave behind and can   |
     heal nearby allied troops! What a deal!                                      |
     Paladin Tank                                                                 |
     The Paladin tank is, in my opinion, the best tank in the game. Yes, even     |
     better than the overlord. While the overlord may be individually superior to |
     the Paladin, when grouped the Paladins are all but invulnerable to infantry, |
     missiles, scuds, etc.                                                        |
     Crusader Tank                                                                |
     This is the USAs other tank. It is cheaper, but doesn't pack the awesome     |
     laser on top. In my opinion, it is much better to go for Paladins. This tank |
     is also a bit weaker in shot power and HP.                                   |
     Tomahawk Missile System                                                      |
     This is the USA's artillery. The Tomahawk Missile System fires a smart       |
     missile that homes in on any enemy and does a lot of damage to them. In      |
     addition to that, the missile will avoid hitting if it will damage friendly  |
     troops! Cool!                                                                |
     Hummer                                                                       |
     One of the best units in the game! Not by itself though. By itself it is     |
     relatively weak. However, if you get about 5 of them and put 2 Pathfinders   |
     and 3 Missile Defenders in each one they become invincible to all infantry   |
     and a deadly force against other ground and air vehicles!                    |
    Non combatants:                                                               |
     Worker                                                                       |
     The GLA worker is the basic GLA unit. The worker can build buildings and     |
     collect supplies.                                                            |
    Infantry:                                                                     |
     Rebel                                                                        |
     The Rebel is the GLA's basic infantry unit. Armed with an AK-47 it is the    |
     weakest basic infantry unit of all. It is, however, very cheap and quick to  |
     produce and is capable of invisibility!                                      |
     RPG Trooper                                                                  |
     The RPG Trooper is the GLA's anti-tank and  anti-aircraft infantry. It shoots|
     a weaker, but still damaging rocket at enemy units.                          |
     Terrorist                                                                    |
     The Terrorist is a fearsome suicide unit. This solder will run like a madman |
     up to whatever it's target is and detonate with extreme power. Very effective|
     against buildings or grouped units.                                          |
     Angry Mob                                                                    |
     This is a group of about 10 people with very low individual HP, but the unit |
     cannot die till all members of it are dead, and if even one survives, the mob|
     will rebuild itself. They are armed with pistols and Molotov cocktails, but  |
     can be upgraded with AK-47s!                                                 |
     Hijacker                                                                     |
     This is possibly the GLA's best unit! Get this unit to ANY enemy vehicle and |
     it is yours! Great for stealing an enemy bulldoze to develop their tech!     |
     Jarmen Kell                                                                  |
     The GLA's ultimate infantry unit, Jarmen Kell can snipe enemy vehicles and   |
     render them vulnerable to capture by any solder who step into them. He can   |
     also snipe enemy infantry and is cloaked! What a deal!                       |
    Aircraft:                                                                     |
    The GLA possess no aircraft! OH NOES!                                         |
    Vehicles:                                                                     |
     Scorpion                                                                     |
     The Scorpion is the GLA's basic tank, it can be outfitted with a rocket      |
     upgrade later, but overall is very weak. It's strength lies in numbers, not  |
     individual power. You get these numbers from the cheap, $600 per tank cost.  |
     Technical                                                                    |
     This unit is a truck with a machine gun on the top. It is weak and lacks     |
     armor, but is quick and great for running down infantry!                     |
     Radar Van                                                                    |
     This is the GLA's source of radar. It can be upgraded with radar scan.       |
     Quad Cannon                                                                  |
     This is the GLA's AA vehicle. It fires a rapid hail of bullets that quickly  |
     demolishes any aircraft or infantry!                                         |
     Toxin Truck                                                                  |
     This is the GLA's main Anti-Infantry unit. It can spray units out of a       |
     garrisoned building and can spew toxins all over a wide area. It does,       |
     however, lack armor.                                                         |
     Rocket Buggy                                                                 |
     A very weak and light vehicle that can fire a barrage of weak rockets for a  |
     lot of damage! IT has a very long range, so take it out soon.                |
     Marauder                                                                     |
     This is the GLA's best tank. It can roll over the ruins of other tanks and   |
     vehicles use their guns! How sweet is that?!                                 |
     Bomb Truck                                                                   |
     This truck is a suicide vehicle with massive destructive power. It can be    |
     upgraded with a high explosive bomb to do more damage, and a toxin upgrade to|
     make it spew toxins when it dies and can cloak to look like any enemy vehicle|
     In the entire game, provided you can see said enemy vehicle.                 |
     Scud Launcher                                                                |
     This is the GLA's long range anti-base vehicle. It fires anthrax laden scuds |
     great distances and can soon pulverize just about anything.                  |
    Non-Combatants:                                                               |
     Construction Dozer                                                           |
     This is the core unit of the Chinese. It can build buildings, repair them,   |
     clear mines, and other useful things!                                        |
     Supply Truck                                                                 |
     This is the Chinese's supply gathering unit. Unit has no combat ability.     |
    Infantry:                                                                     |
     Red guard                                                                    |
     This is china's basic infantry unit. This unit come in pairs; two for $300.  |
     Getting two at a time makes them cost only $150 apiece which makes them the  |
     best infantry unit in terms of power and cost.                               |
     Tank Hunter                                                                  |
     This is China's anti-air and anti-vehicle trooper. I can fire a damaging     |
     rocket at enemy units, but is weak to other infantry. It can receive a       |
     hoar bonus when you get a large hoard of them together. This is signified    |
     by little red stars under their feet.                                        |
     Hacker                                                                       |
     China's best infantry! The hacker can make anywhere from $5 to $10 every five|
     seconds, making it one of the best moneymaking units in large groups!        |
     Black Lotus                                                                  |
     The Black Lotus is China's elite infantry unit. Black Lotus can shut down    |
     enemy vehicles for a short time and even steal supplies from a supply center!|
    Aircraft:                                                                     |
     MIG                                                                          |
     The MIG is China's only air unit. It does moderate damage to most vehicles   |
     and infantry and can create a firestorm with two or more meaning that it can |
     decimate infantry! The MIG can be upgraded to have 25% more armor.           |
    Vehicles:                                                                     |
     Battle Master                                                                |
     The battle master is China's basic tank. It can receive a hoard bonus when   |
     grouped together with other battle masters.                                  |
     Troop Crawler                                                                |
     The Troop Crawler is an unarmed transport vehicle that comes with 8 Red Guard|
     on creation. It can discover enemy stealth units using it's roofmounted radar|
     system.                                                                      |
     Dragon                                                                       |
     The Dragon tank is China's anti-infantry tank. This tank will spew flames    |
     everywhere with the firestorm command, or it can target individual enemies.  |
     The Dragon is weak to enemy tanks, but it can damage them! It can be upgraded|
     to do 25% more damage by upgrading Black Napalm.                             |
     Gattling Tank                                                                |
     The Gattling Tank's primary roll is as an anti-aircraft weapon, but is also  |
     awesome as and anti-infantry weapon also! It can be upgraded to do 25% more  |
     damage by researching Chain Guns.                                            |
     Inferno Cannon                                                               |
     The Inferno Cannon is China's weaker long range anti-base artillery. It can  |
     create a firestorm in large groups but isn't very powerful.                  |
     Overlord Tank                                                                |
     The Overlord is the ultimate tank unit! It has two barrels, each which do    |
     more damage than a Paladin tank's shot, and can be upgraded to have either a |
     Gattling Cannon, Bunker, or Speaker Tower on the top! With 5 Overlords and   |
     the proper upgrades, one could overrun a city! It's speed and damage can be  |
     upgraded by 25% at the Missile Silo.                                         |
     Nuke Cannon                                                                  |
     The ultimate anti base artillery is here! The Nuke Cannon lobs small nukes   |
     great distances and can level most buildings in a few hits! Just make sure   |
     you don't accidentally train this bad boy on your own troops!                |
                                   9:  Building list
    I had to root around a LONG time (well about an hour) in the game files to find
    these so you had better darn well like it!
    Cold Fusion Reactor
      Build Cost...............800
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............800
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........+5, +10 with upgrade
      Refund Value.............400
    Command Center
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............45.0
      Max Health...............5000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............1000
    Strategy Center
      Build Cost...............2500
      Build Time...............60.0
      Max Health...............1500
      Experience Value.........250
      Energy Modifier..........-2
      Refund Value.............1750
      Build Cost...............600
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............600
    Supply Drop Zone
      Build Cost...............2500
      Build Time...............45
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-4
      Refund Value.............1750
    Supply Center
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............2000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............400
    Detention Camp
      Build Cost...............1000
      Build Time...............30
      Max Health...............2000
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............500
    Patriot Battery
      Build Cost...............1000
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-3
      Refund Value.............500
    Particle Cannon Uplink
      Build Cost...............5000
      Build Time...............60
      Max Health...............4000
      Experience Value.........400
      Energy Modifier..........-10
      Refund Value.............2500
    War Factory
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............15
      Max Health...............2000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............1000
      Build Cost...............1000
      Build Time...............30
      Max Health...............1500
      Experience Value.........150
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............500
    = G L A  =
    Supply Stash
      Build Cost...............1500
      Build Time...............15
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............650
      Build Cost...............4000
      Build Time...............45
      Max Health...............3000
      Experience Value.........300
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............2000
      Build Cost...............500
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............500
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............500
    Black Market
      Build Cost...............2500
      Build Time...............45
      Max Health...............500
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............1750
    Stinger Site
      Build Cost...............900
      Build Time...............25
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............450
    Scud Storm
      Build Cost...............5000
      Build Time...............60
      Max Health...............4000
      Experience Value.........400
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............2500
    Tunnel Network
      Build Cost...............800
      Build Time...............20
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............100
    Arms Dealer
      Build Cost...............500
      Build Time...............15
      Max Health...............100
      Experience Value.........50
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............250
    Command Center
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............45.0 (seconds)
      Max Health...............5000
      Experience Value.........200
      Refund Value.............1000
    Demo Trap
      Build Cost...............400
      Build Time...............5
      Max Health...............100
      Experience Value.........50
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............200
    = China  =
    Power Plant
      Build Cost...............1000
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............1500
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........10, 15 with overcharge
      Refund Value.............500
      Build Cost...............1000
      Build Time...............30
      Max Health...............1500
      Experience Value.........150
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............500
      Build Cost...............500
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........100
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............250
    Propaganda Center
      Build Cost...............5000
      Build Time...............60
      Max Health...............4000
      Experience Value.........400
      Energy Modifier..........-10
      Refund Value.............2500
    Supply Center
      Build Cost...............1500
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............2000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............450
    Speaker Tower
      Build Cost...............500
      Build Time...............10
      Max Health...............300
      Experience Value.........50
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............250
      Build Cost...............500
      Build Time...............2
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........50
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............250
    Nuclear Missile
      Build Cost...............5000
      Build Time...............60
      Max Health...............4000
      Experience Value.........400
      Energy Modifier..........-10
      Refund Value.............2500
    Gattling Cannon
      Build Cost...............1200
      Build Time...............25
      Max Health...............1000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-3
      Refund Value.............600
    Command Center
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............45.0 (seconds)
      Max Health...............5000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........0
      Refund Value.............1000
    War Factory
      Build Cost...............2000
      Build Time...............15
      Max Health...............2000
      Experience Value.........200
      Energy Modifier..........-1
      Refund Value.............1000
                                   10:  Upgrade list
     Rocket Pods
     Rocket Pods is an upgrade that gives the Commanche a "Rocket Pod" attack. This
     attack will spew out many rockets onto a target location damaging on an area
     of effect type system.
     Laser Missiles
     This upgrade affects the missiles on Raptors and Stealth Fighters making them
     twenty five percent more damaging!
     TOW Missile
     This upgrade adds a TOW missile to the top of the Hummer that can be used
     against buildings, tanks, infantry, and aricraft.
     Flash Bang Grenade 
     This upgrade grants the USA's Ranger unit to fire Flash Bang Grenades and
     enemy infantry. Flashbangs do not affect vehicles.
     Capture Building
     This upgrade allows Rangers to capture enemy buildings.
     Control Rods
     This upgrade causes the upgraded power station to produce 10 power instead of
     Composite Armor
     This upgrade grants the Paladin and Crusader tanks twenty-five percent more
     armor which translates basically to them having the same armor, but 25% more
     Advanced Training
     This upgrade causes all of the USA's units to get 200% experience.
     Drone Armor
     This upgrade grants an extra 25% HP to combat drones.
     This upgrade allows Rebels to capture enemy buildings.
     AP Bullets
     Anti-Personel Bullets cause all all gattling weapons to do 25% more damage.
     AP Rockets
     AP Rockets cause all rocket weapons to do 25% extra damage.
     Junk Repair
     this upgrade grants all GLA vehicles the ability to auto-repair!
     Buggy Ammo
     This upgrade grants the Rocket Buggy 25% more ammo per salvo!
     Radar Van Scan
     This upgrade allows the radar van to scan a target area to reveal the terrain.
     Scorpion Rocket
     This upgrade grants the Scorpion Tank a powerful rocket attack!
     Arm The Mob
     This upgrade gives the people in Angsty Mobs AK-47s instead ot handguns.
     This upgrade causes all Rebels to be invisible except when shooting.
     Toxin Shells
     This upgrade causes the Scorpion and Marauder Tanks to carry a small amount
     of anthrax in their shells which is released on impact.
     Anthrax Beta
     This causes all GLA biological weapons to be 25% more effective.
     Capture Building
     This upgrade allows Red Guard to capture enemy buildings.
     Chain Guns
     This upgrade grants an additional 25% damage to all gattling weapons.
     Aircraft Armor
     This upgrade grants an additional 25% armor to MIGs.
     Black Napalm
     This upgrade grants an additional 25% damage to all flame weapons.
     Subliminal Messaging
     Grants an additional 25% to all Speaker Tower bonuses.
     Uranium Shells
     This Upgrade grants the Battlemaster and Overlord Tanks an additional 25%
     Nuclear Tanks
     This upgrade grants Battlemaster and Overlord tanks an additional 25% speed
     This upgrade causes the selected Nuklear reactor to produce 15 power instead
     of 10, but the reactor is slowly damaged.
     This upgrade surrounds the upgraded building in landmines! YAY!
                              11: Multi-Player Strategy
    Don't expect these to work more than twice at most. Human players are much
    better than a computer about not doing the same stupid thing over and over
    and will find a way to make you cry if you attempt to use the same strategy
    over and over again.
    Bait & Switch
    Your opponent knows what is good against what. If they see a whole bunch of
    helecopters attacking they aren't going to start making tanks. They will
    usually start churning out something that will counter that such as planes.
    One good strategy is what I call the Bait & Switch. This is where you send
    a force of about 20, say, Rangers or so to attack. This induces the enemy to
    make mainly anti-light ground units such as Dragon Tanks or Overlords. Then you
    send your Rangers in to get slaughtered except five that you are ordering which
    will slowly and poorly escape in such a manner that you are always just outside
    of their reach but just within it. That way they will follow you and attempt to
    slay you. This is when you bring in your squad of Choppers after luring them
    away from the defenses to cut off their retreat and annihilate them!
    Retreat to meet
    This strategy is remarkably simple and cheap to implement. So you have the
    armies of China and the GLA on your back and you have just started the map
    and don't think you can take them? Create a light, fast unit such as the Hummer
    or Technical and then enter one faction's land. Then lure them to their opponont
    land. Then the two factions will start killing each other off for you leaving
    you free to sneak in behind the scenes and take out power, defense, and radar
    Retreat to bait & switch! ^_~
    A nice combination of the above two strats, this one is where you lure two
    sides such as the Chinese army and GLA together and while they are battling
    in the middle with their terrorists and tanks, you bring in a squad of Raptors
    or Comanches which are strong against both of them and mop the field with both
    sides! This is harder to pull off but definatly pays when you can as both sides
    can send a GIGANTIC army at each other of like 20 tanks from the GLA and many
    tanks from the Chinese which will be battling and your squad of 10 Raptors will
    clear the field of all of them resulting in huge amounts of wasted money on
    both sides for a minimal personal cost!
    ...there is always gile...
    As the old addage goes: "When might and tactics fail, there is always gile and
    trickery." If you cannot overwhelm your foes with superior tactics or strategy,
    trick them into lowering their guard, or attacking someone else. Anything you
    can do to delay or avert your demise is what you should do!
                             12: Single-Player Strategies
    I've found that these strategies work WONDERS on the computer! It's dumb as a
    rock! It will fall for these strategies over and over and over again!
    Bait & Switch
    Your opponent knows what is good against what. If they see a whole bunch of
    helecopters attacking they aren't going to start making tanks. They will
    usually start churning out something that will counter that such as planes.
    One good strategy is what I call the Bait & Switch. This is where you send
    a force of about 20, say, Rangers or so to attack. This induces the enemy to
    make mainly anti-light ground units such as Dragon Tanks or Overlords. Then you
    send your Rangers in to get slaughtered except five that you are ordering which
    will slowly and poorly escape in such a manner that you are always just outside
    of their reach but just within it. That way they will follow you and attempt to
    slay you. This is when you bring in your squad of Choppers after luring them
    away from the defenses to cut off their retreat and annihilate them!
    Retreat to meet
    This strategy is remarkably simple and cheap to implement. So you have the
    armies of China and the GLA on your back and you have just started the map
    and don't think you can take them? Create a light, fast unit such as the Hummer
    or Technical and then enter one faction's land. Then lure them to their opponont
    land. Then the two factions will start killing each other off for you leaving
    you free to steak in behind the scenes and take out power, defense, and radar
    Retreat to bait & switch! ^_~
    A nice combination of the above two strats, this one is where you lure two
    sides such as the Chinese army and GLA together and while they are battling
    in the middle with their terrorists and tanks, you bring in a squad of Raptors
    or Comanches which are strong against both of them and mop the field with both
    sides! This is harder to pull off but definatly pays when you can as both sides
    can send a GIGANTIC army at each other of like 20 tanks from the GLA and many
    tanks from the Chinese which will be battling and your squad of 10 Raptors will
    clear the field of all of them resulting in huge amounts of wasted money on
    both sides for a minimal personal cost!
    More coming Soon
                                    13: Credits
    CJayC for the excellent gaming site.
    My best and closest friends Josh and Emily whom I love deeply.
    EA Games for this awesome game!
                               14: Contact Information
    If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:
    Kirbyroks @ gmail . com
    Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
    by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have several
    guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
    going to be answered.
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    Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much! 
       \^^^/                                            \^^^/
    \m/(-_-)\m/ Peace and love and happiness to all! \m/(-_-)\m/
       ( . )        [Hugs]----<(^_^)>----[Hugs]         ( . )
       _/ \_ (>^_^)> <(^_^<)           (>^_^)> <(^_^<)  _/ \_
    ************************END OF FILE********************************************

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