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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kylohk

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    Command and Conquer: Generals Single Player Mission Guide by Alasdair Lo
    System: PC, CD-ROM
    E-mail: kylohk@netvigator.com
    Date: 21 September, 2005
    Version 1.0 
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    3. The Sides Participating in This Conflict
    4. The Units Available for the Sides
    5. American Campaign
    6. Global Liberation Army Campaign
    7. Chinese Campaign
    8. Conclusion
    Appendix I. Feedback Information
    1. Introduction
    I know that it really feels weird, but it seems that I am covering the 
    Command and Conquer: Generals series of games from expansion to the 
    original version. Having written a guide for Command and Conquer: Generals 
    Zero Hour, it's time to do something that is "behind schedule" for maybe 
    2 years and compile the guide for the Single Player Missions of the original 
    version of the Command and Conquer: Generals. There are 21 single player 
    missions in total, 7 for each faction. It's just a pity. It seems that 
    the actual number of missions in the Command and Conquer Universe first 
    increased steadily from Command and Conquer and reached a peak at Command 
    and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. For the first games in the C&C Universe, 
    including the side story Red Alert, you get to select the mission you want 
    to play by clicking on the desired conflict zone on the map. In Tiberian 
    Sun, you will be told the Mission Objective by EVA or Cabal when you move 
    your mouse over the target area.
    Things seemed to be going downhill when Red Alert 2 came out. Each side, 
    the Allies and Soviets, get only 12 missions each, and you don't get to 
    choose the conflict zone. Each mission no longer has any sub-branches, 
    and you are forced to play what is given unto you. Now that Command and 
    Conquer: Generals is out, the total number of single player missions has 
    been reduced from 24 to 21. It seems that EA only takes focus on multiplayer, 
    so it's a shame, really. Anyway, it's time for me to complete this in-depth 
    guide specializing on single player missions of Command and Conquer: 
    Generals. (I don't bother with online strategies in this point of time, 
    so single player missions will be dealt with only. This is also why this 
    guide is in-depth, but a general one with a dot.)
    Unlike the Expansion Pack of this game, the original Single Player Missions 
    are not that related to each other, although there are several weak links 
    between the missions themselves. However, I assure you that the outcome 
    of the final GLA mission has got to be related to the start of the American 
    Campaign in the Zero Hour Expansion. So, to make the game more "story-like", 
    consider playing the American Campaign, then the Chinese one, and finally 
    the GLA one. I will be using the Hard difficulty in this guide.
    3. The Sides Participating in This Conflict
    If I remembered correctly from a PC magazine article back in 2003, EA is 
    producing this game since they were inspired by what happened on September 
    11, 2001. It's a war against terrorism! The United States is ALWAYS RIGHT 
    according to popular opinion inside that country, and many people think 
    that United States are wrong in the invasion of Iraq and so on. But in 
    computer games, the division between good and evil is always distinct, 
    so we have 2 good sides and 1 bad side in this game.
    USA: (The Boring old Blue Team)
    Apparently, the Blue Team is supposed to be the good guys in the Command 
    and Conquer series, this time, it is no exception. It is also the team 
    with the most boring and conventional attack methods. (For example, 
    remember the Allie Forces, anyone?) The United States of America is 
    definitely the side with the most high tech units. This is just a mirror 
    of reality nowadays. Many units can make use of many technologies to boost 
    their attack ability. The air power of the United States is something to 
    be reckoned with, as they have 4 different air units, suited for various 
    tasks! In fact, a lot of units in reality appeared in the US arsenal.
    GLA: (The Greedy Green Team. They finally have a GREEN Team for a change, 
    Green is my favorite color, heh heh heh.)
    Since Tiberian Sun, there was only the battle between the Blue Team (of 
    Gold Team in the days of the Global Defense Initiative) and the Red Team, 
    and now, after a long wait, with 3 sides available, the producers of the 
    game have given GLA the Green color! The Global Liberation Army is a 
    multi-national terrorist organization based in Kazakhstan (They need not 
    obtain any financial backing from any official government in the world). 
    They are practically the most cunning and most resourceful side in the 
    game. 3 of their units can upgrade their own weapons by picking up the 
    scraps of the enemies they have defeated. Using the Palace and the Black 
    Market, they can acquire many important upgrades and funds, which come 
    from the darkest corners of the globe. Of course, these terrorists have 
    a lot of nasty tricks up their sleeves, as you can see later.
    China: (The Ready-on-the-move Red Team. That's where I live, heh heh heh.)
    It has been a tradition of the Command and Conquer series that the Red 
    Team is the evil team of the game, (For example, Brotherhood of Nod, Soviets) 
    and the Red Team just loves to use superior numbers and brute force to 
    attack their enemies. But this time, they are the good guys! The People's 
    Republic of China is certainly becoming more and more powerful these days. 
    With a population of about 1.3 billion, China certainly has a very large 
    army. (I was flamed heavily for forgetting to add that decimal place before!) 
    In fact, many of China's units become more powerful, when used in large 
    groups! The good thing is, certain Chinese units can be produced en masse 
    in a blink of an eye, and can literally like, squash an elephant with a 
    horde of ants! This is what happened in the Korean War. Chinese soldiers 
    endlessly charged at the enemy machine guns, and eventually, the enemy 
    gunners cannot take the stress of seeing endless troops coming, in spite 
    of happily shooting many away. They surrender, of course!
    4. The Units Available for the Sides
    Command and Conquer series always feature a wide range of units for both 
    sides. The units of the older games always have been rather weird, ranging 
    from flame tanks, cyborgs to large mechanized walking devices. However, 
    the units of Command and Conquer: Generals are much more conventional and 
    realistic. Some of which even goes through our worst fears as to what 
    terrorists will use on innocent civilians if they get what they want. This 
    is particularly true for the arsenal of the Global Liberation Army.
    The United States of America is the world's most high tech army. They can 
    make use a lot of strategy to win, and that's why it takes the most skill 
    to master. Tee hee hee... Anyway, a lot of America's units are heavily armored 
    or fast yet expensive, making them the most suitable for "search and destroy 
    Bullet Based Anti Infantry Units
    Ranger             Cost: $225       Requires: Barracks
    Pathfinder        Cost: $600       Requires: Barracks + Level 3 General 
    Colonel Burton    Cost: $1500     Requires: Barracks + Strategy Center
    Humvee             Cost: $500       Requires: War Factory
    All of these units use guns, and are very effective against infantry. If 
    you have the money, pay $1000 so that the Rangers can use Flash Bang Grenades 
    against infantry, they are very effective in dispersing Angry Mobs. 
    Pathfinders are simply snipers, and only snipers. So, obviously, they kill 
    all infantry units in one shot, so does Col. Burton, but he is a hero unit, 
    so he can stab infantry to death with his knife, and also plant charges 
    on enemy structures. Humvees are ideal scouting units, the Humvee can be 
    loaded full of infantry, and they can fire at outside units!
    Cost: $225
    Flashbang Upgrade: $1000
    The US Ranger is the most expensive of the lot, however, they are the only 
    rifle infantry in this game who can use 2 weapons, the Assault Rifle and 
    the Flashbang Grenades. The Flashbang Grenades are particularly effective 
    in clearing large structures and dealing with angry mobs.
    For a Rifle Infantry that has 2 functions, it is definitely worth paying 
    $225 for this as it costs $112.5 for each function. Another good thing 
    is that a flash bang upgrade is definitely cheap and should be researched 
    as soon as possible.
    Cost: $600
    The US Pathfinder is like a "stealth nun with a sniper rifle" (actually, 
    it is some kind of camouflage suit for those jungle operations.). His 
    ability to garrison buildings without detection really helps to kill large 
    numbers of enemy infantry from a long range!
    The Pathfinder costs $600, and that is all you need to take out a large 
    hoard of infantry! In fact the kill ratio is about 1 to 20 or even higher 
    when used properly. So, well, it is an excellent value for money!
    Colonel Burton
    Cost: $1500
    The United States do not have to rely on that arrogant Tanya Adams anymore. 
    Instead, we have Colonel Burton, the man with the most tricks up his sleeve. 
    Colonel Burton's rifle can make a quick work of enemy armor and infantry 
    units. His knife, can kill enemy infantry without being seen. His Demo 
    Charges can be activated by a timer or by remote. Burton can climb over 
    steep hills into the enemy base!
    To use the Knife Attack:
    Click the Knife Attack button and then click the enemy infantry unit you 
    want to use it on.
    To use the Timed Demo Charge:
    Click on the Timed Demo Charge button and then click on the building you 
    intend to use it on. Colonel Burton will then go over to the building, 
    and tinker with his bomb for a while before the bomb is placed. The timer 
    is set to 20 seconds, plenty of time for you to get away.
    To use the Remote Demo Charge:
    The same steps apply for Remote Demo Charge, only that you can detonate 
    them at will. To detonate the charge, click the Detonate Charges button, 
    and beep! BOOM!
    For a unit that practically has everything,(a Swiss army man in fact), 
    paying $1500 is certainly worth it, as it is just like a destruction starter 
    kit all hauled up in one person.
    Cost: $700
    TOW Missile Upgrade: $1000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    The standard troop transport of the US is here. Equipped with Gun-Ports, 
    infantry units inside can fire at the enemy. The Humvee can also be equipped 
    with a TOW Missile to attack armored targets. There is a catch though, 
    if the Humvee is destroyed, the infantry inside will all die! Just a pity 
    it does not come packaged with missile defenders.
    Missile Based Anti Tank Units
    Missile Defender    Cost: $300     Requires: Barracks
    Tomahawk Missile     Cost: $1200    Requires: War Factory + Strategy 
    Raptor*               Cost: $1400    Requires: Airfield
    Stealth Fighter*     Cost: $1600    Requires: Airfield + Level 1 General 
    Comanche*             Cost: $1500    Requires: Airfield
    * = Air Units
    All of these units make use of missiles to attack their targets. The Missile 
    Defender is America's "Man-with-a-missile". He can use his laser sights 
    to improve his rate of fire against enemy vehicles and aircraft. The 
    Tomahawk Missile Launcher is a long range ballistic unit, its missile NEVER 
    misses its targets, unless the target is an infantry unit due to its 
    guidance system. The Raptor fires 4 missiles, the Stealth Fighter Fires 
    2 while the Comanche fires 4, and reloads in the air, while continuing 
    to pummel their target with its 20mm cannon. The Stealth Fighter and Raptor 
    can be upgraded with Laser Guided Missiles to increase their attack power 
    by $25. Note that the missiles of all of these 3 units can be easily stopped 
    by Paladin Tanks.
    Missile Defender
    Cost: $300
    The US Missile Defender is just a person with armed with a high tech Rocket 
    Launcher. They laser sights improve their rate of fire, and that's about 
    To use the Laser Missile:
    Click the Laser Missile Button, and then click on your target. The Missile 
    Defender will focus on the target with a laser, and then, wow wow wow wow 
    wow! They fire their rockets in an insane speed, similar to the speed of 
    Tank Hunters with their hoard effects. I found out about this when I head 
    some Tank Hunters fight some Missile Defenders head to head. (In case you 
    wondered how I fight missile defenders with tank hunters who use the laser 
    missiles, I was playing against the computer, and it obviously cheated.)
    Tomahawk Missile
    Cost: $1200
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    USA's Long Range ballistic is here. The Tomahawk Missile has a very long 
    range, and its missile has a tendency to lock onto the enemy, so it seldom 
    misses. However, air defenses can easily stop the missile, so build at 
    least 2 or 3 for a better effect.
    For an accurate long range ballistic unit, the Tomahawk Missile is just 
    evenly priced. As it is the USA army's one and only one long range unit, 
    you better rely on them. Still, it's a good value for money.
    Cost: $1400
    Laser Missile Upgrade: $1500
    The US Raptor fires 4 missiles each to their targets, and can be used to 
    guard the air. Their attack power can be increased by 25% by the Laser 
    Missiles. For an aircraft like the Raptor, I really cannot comment on its 
    price, as it is just the tradition for C&C programmers to charge between 
    $1200 and $1500 for jet planes.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    In the early 1980s the USAF began the Advance Tactical Fighter programme, 
    incorporating stealth technology and supercruise (supersonic cruise 
    without afterburning), as a replacement for the F-15C Eagle. A 
    Lockheed/General Dynamics/ Boeing YF-22A prototype first flew on 26 
    September 1990, and won the development contract over the Northrop YF-23A 
    in 1991. The first EMD F-22A flew on 7 September 1997, and EMD aircraft 
    have since demonstrated supercruise at more than Mach 1.5 and 
    thrust-vectoring at high AoA. Cold War requirements for 750 aircraft have 
    been reduced to 339 F-22As, with the first planned to enter service in 
    The Raptor design trades off stealth with agility, to produce a genuine 
    fighter, as opposed to a low-observable bomb deliver like the F-117A. The 
    thrust/weight ratio of 1.2 and triplex digital FBW controls gave good 
    maneuverability, but 'first look, first shot, first kill' capability means 
    opponents will rarely detect the F-22 before they have been targeted and 
    hit by BVR AAMs. The Raptors has three internal weapons bays, with two 
    Sidewinder AAMs stored outboard of the intake ducts, and up to six AIM-120 
    radar-guided AMRAAMs or two GBU-32 JDAM 1000 PGMs in a ventral bay. Other 
    stealth features include antennas located in leading or trailing edges 
    of wings and fins, and internal sensors, including the AN/APG-77 AESA radar. 
    Highly integrated avionics with a Common Integrate Processor (CIP) will 
    provide a next-generation operation environment.
    Specifications of the F-22A Raptor
    Powerplant: two 156kN (35000 lb st) Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 thrust 
    vectoring afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 18.92m (62ft 1 in); height 5.02m (16ft 5 in); wing span 
    13.56m (44ft 6 in)
    Weights (estimated): empty 14,385 kg (31,670 lb); MTOW 27,216 kg (60,000 
    Performance: max level speed (in supercruise) Mach 1.58, at 9,150m 
    (30,000ft) (with afterburning) Mach 1.7, at sea level 1,482 km/h (921 mph); 
    service ceiling 15,240m (50,000 ft)
    Armament: one M61A2 20mm gun with 480 rds; two AIM-0 AAMs and up to six 
    AIM-120 AMRAAMs or two JDAM 1000 PGMs in internal bays; four underwing 
    stores stations, each cleared for a 2,268kg (5000lb) payload
    Stealth Fighter
    Cost: $1600
    Laser Missile Upgrade: $1500
    The Stealth Fighter is like the Raptor, only that it can remain undetected 
    until the moment before it fires, so it is good against enemy base defenses. 
    Sigh... I was expecting the Stealth Fighter to be even more powerful than 
    the Raptor, but in fact, it is only effective against base defenses, as 
    it is stealthy.
    Supplementary Information (Reference: Jane's)
    Popularly known as the 'Stealth Fighter', the F-117A Nighthawk is a 
    precision attack aircraft designed to be nearly invisible to radar. 
    Development began in the 1970s with the 'Have Blue' design study, and the 
    first FSD prototype flew on 18 June 1981. Five FSD F-117s were built, 
    followed by 54 production standard F-117As. Constructed primarily of 
    aluminium, the F-117A's fuselage comprises flat panel 'facets' mounted 
    on the aircraft's subframe, their purpose being to reflect radar energy 
    away from the transmitter, eliminating a viable 'return'. All surfaces 
    are coated with various RAMs, and all doors and panels have serrated edges 
    to further minimize radar reflection. Grid Covers on the intakes and the 
    use of narrow-slot 'platypus' exhausts surrounded by heat-absorbing tiles 
    reduce the IR signature.
    Ahead of the flat plane five piece cockpit glazing is a FLIR sensor, 
    recessed in a mesh covered housing. In the forward starboard underfuselage 
    is a retractable IR sensor and laser designator, used with the two LGBs 
    carried in the internal weapons bay. This modest weapons load is testimony 
    to the accuracy of the Stealth Fighter F-117As flew just 2% of combat 
    sorties during the Gulf War, but accounted for 40% of the strategic targets 
    Unfortunately, poor tactics contributed to the first Stealth Fighter loss, 
    when an F-117A was shot down by a radar-guided missile over Kosovo in 1999. 
    Current USAF plans include navigation and targeting system upgrades, with 
    service to continue beyond 2015. 
    Specifications of the Stealth Fighter
    Powerplant: two 48.0 kN (10,900lb st) Gneral Electric F404-GE-F1D2 
    non-afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 20.08m (65ft 11in); height 3.78m (12ft 5in); wing span 
    13.20m (43ft 4in)
    Weights: empty (estimated) 13,381kg (29,500lb); MTOW 23,814kg (52,500lb) 
    Performance: max level speed 1,040km/h (646 mph); mission radius 
    (unrefuelled with 2,268kg (5,000 lb) weapon load) 1,056km (656 miles)
    Armament: up to 2,268kg (5,000lb) of GBU-10 Paveway II/GBU-27 PAveway III 
    Cost: $1500
    Rocket Pod Upgrade: $1000
    The Comanche helicopter attacks with their 4 missiles, and their 20mm 
    cannon. When it runs out of ammo, it reloads very quickly, and can continue 
    to annoy the enemy until they use their anti-aircraft units. Its rocket 
    pods can flatten a large area of enemies.
    To use your Rocket Pods:
    Click the Rocket Pods button and then click on the area you would like 
    to use it on. This ability requires a short recharge time.
    Again, as long as the cost of an aircraft falls between the $1000-$1500 
    range, it is a fair value for money. As this is just tradition.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    The futuristic RAH-66 Comanche won the US Army competition in the early 
    1980s for a reconnaissance/attack/air combat helicopter replacement for 
    thousands of AH-1, OH-6, OH-58 and UH-1s. The prototype first flew on 4 
    January 1986, but funding cuts have slowed development, with current plans 
    calling for testing of only the two existing prototypes through 2004. The 
    first of 13 preproduction aircraft (the third Comanche) is not due to fly 
    until April 2004. (This will not happen, as the US has cancelled the 
    Comanche project.)
    Composites make up a large proportion of the Comanche's airframe, with 
    a five-blade main rotor and eight-blade fan-in-fin rotor. The Comanche 
    is the first 'stealth' helicopter, designed to have a radar cross-section 
    smaller than that of a Hellfire missile. Frontal RCS is reportedly 360 
    times smaller than the AH-64 Apache, with one-quarter the IR emissions 
    and one-sixth the forward noise signature. Each cockpit, with pilot in 
    front, has four large MFDs to display FLIR/TV data, a moving map, and 
    tactical situations. Night operations are aided by navigation and 
    targeting FLIRs and a laser designator, housed in a nose-mounted sensor 
    turret. Missile launch in adverse weather will be enhanced by a version 
    of the Apache Longbow radar. Comanche avionics have been designed for 
    compatibility with the F-22A Raptor fighter.
    Behind the retractable main landing gear, a pair of side-opening weapons 
    bays can each house three Hellfire ATGMs or six Stinger AAMs. Immediately 
    above these bays, optional stub-wings can carry a further four Hellfires 
    or eight Stingers.
    Specifications of the Comanche
    Powerplant: two 1,165 kW (1,563 shp) LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshafts
    Dimensions: length 13.20m (43ft 3in); height over tailplane 3.37m (11ft); 
    width 2.04m (6ft 8in); main rotor diameter 12.19m (40ft)
    Weights: empty 4,06kg (8,951lb); MTOW 7,896 kg (17,408lb)
    Performance (at 1,220m (4,000ft)): max level (dash) speed 319km/h (198mph); 
    endurance 2h 30min
    Armament: one GE/GIAT three-barrel 20mm undernose cannon with 320-500 rds; 
    up to 2,296kg (5,062lb) of 10 hellfire ATGMs, 14 Stinger AAMs and two 1,741l 
    (383gal) auxiliary fuel tanks
    Support Unit
    Ambulance       Cost: $600       Requires: War Factory
    Unless you upgrade them with various drones, the Hospital does not have 
    any direct offensive capabilities against ground units. The Ambulance 
    heals troops and vehicles near it, and sprays foam to decontaminate areas 
    with toxins and radiation.
    Cost: $600
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    All the Ambulance does is to spray detoxifying foam, that clears radiation 
    and chemical toxins. That's it. It is not equipped to kill. What's the 
    point of having a unit that can ONLY heal infantry units? And you charge 
    it more than a Humvee? Sure, it can clear toxic foam, but what's the point, 
    after all, the radiation or chemicals will fade away after a while.
    Battle Tanks
    Crusader Tank    Cost: $900     Requires: War Factory
    Paladin Tank     Cost: $1100    Requires: War Factory + Level 1 General 
    Both of these tanks use the same type of cannon, with the Paladin Tank 
    having slightly heavier armor. The Paladin Tank also has a defense laser 
    to stop missile attacks. That's all I can say about these tanks.
    Crusader Tank
    Cost: $900
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    The Crusader Tank of the US is the most high tech Tank in the game. Being 
    a US unit, it can have drones installed above it. Unfortunately, the drones 
    can be easily shot down by enemy defenses. However, their armor can be 
    upgraded by composite armor. So, it is quite good actually.
    To upgrade your tank with drones:
    Simply click the drone you want to be installed on the tank and then you 
    can wait. Note that you cannot have more than 1 drone installed at once.
    The Crusader has a slightly heavier armor than the Battlemaster Tank and 
    costs $100 more. That's not so worth it. Besides, those drones are far 
    too vulnerable and can be easily shot down. It's not a good value for money 
    actually, if you charge that much for a main battle tank.
    Paladin Tank
    Cost: $1100
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    The Paladin is a tank with heavier armor. It can use a laser to stop incoming 
    missiles, regardless of how big they are. They can upgrade their armor 
    with composite armor, as usual. Their high price really is a draw back. 
    But still, their ability to stop missiles is decent.
    These tanks are not much stronger than Crusader Tanks, and have the same 
    attack power, only with the extra ability to use a laser to zap incoming 
    missiles and infantry. That's it. Still, EA should not charge that much 
    for a tank like this.
    Ultimate Attack Unit
    Aurora Bomber    Cost: $2500    Requires: Airfield + Strategy Center
    The Aurora Bomber is the USA's supersonic aircraft. It flies so fast on 
    its bombing run, that no one can aim or hit it! After it drops its payload, 
    it slows down considerably, and becomes as weak as a paper aeroplane, and 
    only then can it be shot down. You should reserve these to destroy the 
    enemies' superweapons, as they are just so expensive.
    Aurora Bomber
    Cost: $2500
    The Aurora Bomber is a super-sonic aircraft, and can easily evade 
    anti-aircraft defenses until it delivers its bomb. Only then it slows down. 
    Enough said.
    For a plane that is invincible during its bombing run, and as frail as 
    a paper aeroplane during its return, $2500 is a reasonable price. After 
    all, if EA were to charge it less, many people will complain that the USA 
    is being far too unbalanced. As they are so difficult to replace, only 
    use these planes when you have a superweapon to destroy.
    The Global Liberation Army has a lot of Soviet-era weapons in their hands, 
    and basically, they are light and fast. These guys have the ability to 
    make the best with what they have got in their hands, as just so many of 
    their units can scavenge the spoils of their defeated vehicles. The GLA 
    is an expert on stealth, and has a lot of units that can strike unseen 
    without the enemy knowing! How's that, you high tech nations?
    Bullet Based Infantry and Assault Transports
    Rebel          Cost: $150    Requires: Battacks
    Angry Mob     Cost: $800    Requires: Barracks + Palace
    Jarmen Kell   Cost: $1500  Requires: Barracks + Palace
    Technical     Cost: $500    Requires: Arms Dealer
    The first 3 types of units all attack with their rifles and guns. They 
    are all effective against enemy infantry. The Rebels can now be upgraded 
    to place booby traps on neutral structures and vehicles, so if anyone tries 
    to commandeer those structures, BOOM! Angry Mobs can have up to 10 Mobsters, 
    when a mobster dies, a new one will "respawn" in a short period of time! 
    They can be upgraded to use AK-47 Assault Rifles, and hence be a highly 
    destructive force against both infantry and tanks. Jarmen Kell is GLA's 
    sniper, and can kill drivers inside vehicles intermittently. The final 
    unit is a converted truck with a mounted machine gun. This gun can be 
    upgraded by picking up the scraps of the defeated enemy vehicles. The 
    Technical holds 5 people, and the good news is, that when it's destroyed, 
    the passengers will jump out and not get destroyed.
    Cost: $150
    Camouflage Upgrade: $2000
    Booby Trap Upgrade: $1000
    The GLA Rebel is all the terrorist organization can offer, and fires a 
    regular rifle. That's it. The camouflage and Armor Piercing Bullet upgrade 
    gives them some help, though.
    To use a booby trap:
    To use a Booby Trap, click the button, and then click on the building that 
    you intend to place the trap on. It's like a mine. Anyone who gets too 
    close will be blown up. Of course, Construction Dozers and Workers can 
    remove them without them exploding.
    The Rebel is like the Ranger, it has 2 functions, a normal assault one 
    and a special one. Besides, they can be camouflaged, and the Booby Trap 
    upgrade is also cheap. However, the Booby Trap is not as effective, as 
    you can only place them on buildings. So, it is a good value for money.
    Angry Mob
    Cost: $800
    Arm the Mob: $1000
    GLA Angry Mobs may be one of the comic relieves in the game. A mob first 
    attacks with simple rifles, and later can be armed with AK-47s. They are 
    effective against any unit that do not have anti-infantry weapons. When 
    a member of a mob is killed, a new one respawns by "mitotic cell division". 
    However, beware of the following, as they can kill you in a second or 2, 
    flashbangs, flame, toxic substances.
    An Angry Mob has 10 Mobsters, that makes it $80 per mobster! This is 
    basically an effective way to train units, as you only required to press 
    a button once to send 10 people out. The Arm the Mob upgrade is very cheap. 
    So, always upgrade them before sending your Mobs in!
    Jarmen Kell
    Cost: $1500
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2000
    This mercenary is just a sniper with the capability to periodically kill 
    the drivers inside the vehicles. That's it. Unfortunately, he cannot do 
    it more frequently, otherwise, it's not worth coughing up $1500. But still, 
    Jarmen Kell is excellent in, destroying fire bases. You will see what I 
    To kill drivers inside vehicles:
    Click the sniper attack button and then click on the vehicle you intend 
    to get rid of. Then a single shot will be fired, and the vehicle will lose 
    its side.
    For a person who can only snipe a vehicle once in a while, $1500 really 
    is a ludicrously high amount. But that's all GLA have in their hero's 
    department. Sigh... Life is cruel.
    Infiltration Units
    Hijacker        Cost: $400      Requires: Barracks + Level 3 General 
    Radar Van       Cost: $500      Requires: Arms Dealer
    The Hijacker is a stealth thief who can steal enemy vehicles. The Radar 
    Van provides Radar for the GLA, and can be upgrade to use the Radar Scan 
    every 30 seconds, this can be used to spy on the enemy units, and detect 
    enemy stealth infiltrators.
    Cost: $400
    The Hijacker steals vehicles from the enemies, that's all, however, they 
    can easily be detected, and can be killed very quickly, so it's not worth 
    Although a hijacker is cheap, you probably need to build lots of them in 
    order to be able to steal one vehicle. So, it's really not worth the money 
    or that General Point. However, Prince Kassad starts with Hijackers at 
    the start, and as he has no tanks, then this unit is vital to him!
    Radar Van
    Cost: $800
    Radar Scan Upgrade: $1000
    Not only that the Radar Van provides Radar, it can use the Radar Scan to 
    spy on enemies. So, you can virtually abuse the radar scan by building 
    these little vans in quantity! Unfortunately they have no weapons 
    themselves and cannot be used in attacks.
    Take note that you can use your Radar Scan once for every Radar Van you 
    have. As they are just soooo cheap, feel free to abuse the Radar Scan by 
    building 30 Radar Vans. Then you can have 1 Radar Scan per second!
    Rocket Based Units
    RPG Trooper    Cost: $300      Requires: Barracks
    Rocket Buggy   Cost: $900      Requires: Arms Dealer + Palace
    The RPG Trooper is GLA's Rocket Soldier, enough said. The Rocket Buggy 
    is the GLA's long range attack unit. It can fire up to 12 rockets at the 
    enemy per volley. As the Rocket Buggy has very light armor, you should 
    use them to hit and run to prevent the enemy from catching up. Both of 
    these units can be upgraded with the Armor Piercing Rockets from the Black 
    Market. This increases their attack power by 25%.
    RPG Trooper
    Cost: $300
    Armor Piercing Rockets upgrade: $2000
    The RPG Trooper is just like the missile defender, but without the laser 
    sight. However, they can be given free of charge whenever you build a tunnel 
    network. So it is a little bit more worth it. They can use Armor Piercing 
    Rockets later on.
    The RPG Trooper costs $300, and their attack power can be upgraded. This 
    makes them a good value for money.
    Rocket Buggy
    Cost: $900
    Armor Piercing Rocket Upgrade: $2000
    Buggy Ammo Upgrade: $1000
    The Rocket Buggy is there to buzz around like flies and annoy you. They 
    fire 6 or 12 rockets at a time, before having to reload. That's their problem. 
    If they were to fire continuously, then they can be a real threat. When 
    you use such units, make sure you keep your distance, as it has practically 
    no armor.
    The Rocket Buggy is built to hit and run. With so many rockets coming at 
    once, advancing tank hoards can easily be weakened, provided that your 
    Buggies retreat fast enough, or if the enemy decides not to use any Paladin 
    Tanks, Avengers or ECM Tanks.
    Salvaging Units
    Technical        Cost: $500       Requires: Arms Dealer
    Scorpion Tank   Cost: $600       Requires: Arms Dealer
    Quad Cannon      Cost: $700       Requires: Arms Dealer
    Toxin Tractor    Cost: $600       Requires: Arms Dealer
    Marauder Tank    Cost: $800       Requires: Arms Dealer + Level 1 General 
    All of these units are capable of scavenging their kills to upgrade their 
    weapons. The Technical is a fast troop transport that can hold 5 units. 
    Its machine gun can be upgraded to fire rockets. The Scorpion Tank is the 
    GLA's Main Battle Tank, and can be upgraded to fire 2 Rockets at the enemy 
    at once. The Quad Cannon is GLA's anti-air unit featuring 4 heavy machine 
    guns. The Toxin Tractor is GLA's chemical attack unit, it can clear 
    garrisoned buildings and poison infantry units with its toxin sprayer. 
    Finally, the Marauder Tank is a more advanced battle tank with the GLA. 
    It can be upgraded to have, 2 cannons! Much like the Mammoth Tank in Red 
    Cost: $500
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2000
    GLA Technical Trucks again carry 5 infantry units. Only that it has no 
    gun ports. Its armor is just so weak. Although it can perform salvage runs 
    on defeated armored units, and can make use of Armor Piercing Bullets, 
    it really cannot help them much.
    Technicals are like Humvees in many aspects, but they can upgrade their 
    guns by salvaging. But still, it is only a fair value for money.
    Scorpion Tank
    Cost: $600
    Scorpion Rocket Upgrade: $1000
    Toxin Shells Upgrade: $1000
    Armor Piercing Rocket Upgrade: $1000
    The Scorpion Tank is the light tank of the GLA. Being the light tank, it 
    has rather light armor. As they are built to hit and run, the Scorpion 
    Tank is not so suited to direct, full scale battles, that are the bane 
    of the C&C series. The Scorpion Rocket Upgrade gives them a slight balance 
    though. This is particularly true when I tested one of these tanks against 
    a battlemaster or crusader. Even with the rocket, the scorpion will lose 
    on one to one combat. So, build 50+ of these.
    It is obvious really, that for such a cheap price, you can already purchase 
    such a vehicle with decent stopping power. Be sure to upgrade them ASAP 
    with those Rockets, as they can make a large difference.
    Quad Cannon
    Cost: $700
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2000
    The GLA Quad Cannon is like a technical in many aspects, but it carries 
    4 heavy machines guns, instead of one. It can use the scraps of defeated 
    vehicles to upgrade its own guns, which is a good sign. It can acquire 
    armor piercing bullets for an additional 25% damage, making it better for 
    the task at hand.
    This is the price that an anti-air, anti infantry unit should be sold. 
    Enough said. Good quality, good value.
    Toxin Tractor
    Cost: $600
    Anthrax Beta Upgrade: $2500
    That's right, GLA really likes to make use of Chemical Weapons. The toxin 
    tractor sprays a continuous stream of toxins that can render large infantry 
    divisions into green 'n' blue salamander men in no time. It can also 
    contaminate large areas of land when standing. It is resistant to rockets, 
    making it effective in its task of clearing garrisoned buildings. It can 
    be 25% more disgusting with the Anthrax Beta upgrade installed.
    To Contaminate an area:
    Click the Contaminate button and then click on the area you intend to spread 
    your chemicals. "Run through the sprinkler!"
    These tractors are so effective against infantry that, if used properly, 
    can achieve a 1 to 30 kill ratio or even higher. So, excellent quality, 
    excellent value!
    Marauder Tank
    Cost: $800
    Toxin Shell Upgrade: $800
    "What can I say? I'm a taker." The Marauder Tank is the third in the line 
    of salvaging units as far as the GLA is concerned. The Marauder Tank is 
    cheap, has decent armor, and can eventually upgrade to 2 cannons! That's 
    is definitely cool. So, always use a General point to be able to build 
    this unit.
    For a salvaging unit, charging a Marauder for $800 only really rocks! That's 
    all I can say.
    High Explosive Units
    Terrorist       Cost: $200      Requires: Barracks
    Bomb Truck      Cost: $1000     Requires: Arms Dealer + Palace
    SCUD Launcher   Cost: $1200    Requires: Arms Dealer + Palace + Level 1 
    General Ability
    What can a Terrorist Organization do without terrorists? The Terrorists 
    in GLA aren't like those in Rainbow Six, in fact, they are mainly suicide 
    bombers. The Terrorists can also commandeer cars to make their attacks 
    much more faster and powerful. The Bomb Truck can be upgraded to hold a 
    Bio Bomb and a High Explosive Bomb in its load space, doubling its power. 
    It can also disguise itself as a vehicle or car to surprise the enemy more. 
    However, base defenses are not a bit fooled by its disguise, and will unmask 
    it and open fire on it. The SCUD Launcher is the GLA's more powerful siege 
    unit. It can be armed with an Anthrax Warhead that can infect and poison 
    enemy units, as well as a High Explosive Warhead, which can cause huge 
    amount of damage to anything within its blast radius. As a rule of a thumb, 
    always consider having half of your SCUD Launcher fire Anthrax Warheads, 
    while the other half fires High Explosive Warheads for the best effect. 
    Note that the SCUD Missile can be stopped by anti air defenses and other 
    laser units like the Paladin Tank.
    Cost: $200
    The GLA can use suicide bombers to destroy incoming enemy tanks. The 
    Terrorist can also make use of civilian cars to increase their speed. 
    However, attentive players can easily stop them. So, I suggest you train 
    them in quantity, which wastes money.
    To become a car bomber:
    Just select your Terrorist, and move your mouse cursor over a civilan 
    vehicle until a Red "Enter" arrow appears. Then click. The Terrorist will 
    then get into the car and you can use it to blow things up!
    There is no need to say anything about it. The Terrorist is annoying, and 
    you only have to pay $200! Excellent value indeed!
    Bomb Truck
    Cost: $1000
    Biobombs: $500
    High Explosive Bomb: $500
    The Demolition Trucks are now replaced with Bomb Trucks. A Bomb Truck can 
    be customized to carry Bio-Bombs and High-Explosive Bombs to upgrade their 
    effects. They can also be disguised as an enemy unit to fool them. However, 
    enemy base defenses are not tricked by them though. Anyway, it is a force 
    to be reckoned with, if you want to clear enemy base defenses in a flash. 
    Another mean trick is to perform a Sneak Attack on your enemies' base, 
    and then unload your Bomb Trucks on them!
    To upgrade your Bomb Truck:
    Click on the button corresponding to the upgrade you would like to use. 
    You will know when it is ready when you hear "BioBomb loaded" and so on.
    To disguise as a vehicle:
    Click the Disguise as Vehicle button, and click on the unit you would like 
    to disguise it as. You can always disguise your Bomb Truck as something 
    weak, like a technical, and the opponent WILL be shocked when he finds 
    out how a Technical can explode like that.
    I think the Bio Bomb is always worth your money, as it costs only $1000 
    and has so many explosives packed in. However, relentless upgrading of 
    the Bomb Trucks can cause your money meter to go down very quickly! So 
    keep an eye on the amount of money you have!
    China is gradually becoming stronger and stronger these days. In fact, 
    China has the world's largest army. As China has such an enormous population, 
    they can rely on overwhelming numbers to defeat their enemies. In fact, 
    a lot of units can receive increased rate of fire and other bonuses when 
    used in large groups. So, I guess they are encouraging you to mass units 
    when playing as China.
    Nationalistic Infantry Units
    Red Guard        Cost: $300 for 2         Requires: Barracks
    Tank Hunter      Cost: $300 for 1         Requires: Barracks
    The Red Guard is China's Rifle Infantry, and you can get 2 at a time by 
    paying $300 in the Barracks. The Tank Hunter is China's Rocket Soldier, 
    he can also make use of TNT to blow up enemy buildings and vehicles. Both 
    of these infantry units have the hoard effect. When they are in groups 
    of 5 or more, red stars will appear beneath the infantry unit. Then, each 
    unit will have a 25% increased rate of fire. When upgraded with the 
    Nationalism Upgrade, these units will have an additional gold ring around 
    the red star, and they will have a 50% increased rate of fire. If you are 
    playing as General "Anvil" Shin Fai, the Patriotism upgrade can be used, 
    this causes an additional white star to appear beneath the Red Star, and 
    each unit receives a 75% increase in rate of fire! Enjoy.
    Red Guard
    Cost: $300 for 2
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    The Chinese Red Guard is certainly the best rifle infantry of the 3 sides. 
    Although they cost 300 in the barracks, every time, 2 Red Guards will emerge 
    instead of one. Therefore, it is possible to queue 18 Red Guards at once 
    in the Barracks. Red Guards can also be produced en masse by building a 
    troop crawler, which comes with 8 of them! However, the most important 
    feature is the horde effect. Red Guards tend to fire about 25% faster if 
    there are 5 of them together. They fire another 25% faster with the 
    nationalism upgrade.
    Although the average price of a red guard is $150, you can produce them 
    en-masse, as one button yields 2 Red Guard. But compared to the other 2 
    rifle infantry, it is only a fair value for money.
    Tank Hunter
    Cost: $300
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    The Tank Hunter has the horde effect, nationalism and a TNT attack! Apart 
    from this, they now can be deployed in 2s by means of building listening 
    outposts. This gives them all the protection they need. In my opinion, 
    the TNT attack is effective against tanks like the Scorpion or Paladin, 
    as they can kill your infantry very quickly if they stand still in one 
    spot. (By means of Scorpion Rocket and Lasers.) DO NOT USE THE TNT ATTACK 
    when there is a better alternative though.
    Tank Hunters now play the roles of Crazy Ivans as well. When your Tank 
    Hunter is cornered by a tank (particularly scorpion or paladins), feel 
    free to use his TNT attack on the tank. A TNT charge will be placed on 
    the vehicle, and will detonate in 10 seconds, most likely destroying it. 
    I have managed to pull it off several times. The TNT Attack can be used 
    against enemy buildings as well. It is even better than the Terrorists, 
    as you may be able to re-use this attack again and again.
    To use the TNT Attack:
    If you really want to use the TNT attack against, say a Paladin tank or 
    Scorpion Tank, click on the TNT Attack button, and click on your desired 
    target. The Tank Hunter will go to the vehicle and plant the explosive. 
    Note that this is a contact attack. That is, it will work as soon as your 
    Tank Hunter come in contact with the tank, or vice versa. So even if the 
    enemy tank manages to squish your Tank Hunter, it will be not before the 
    charge is placed.
    The Tank Hunter also costs $300, but comes with the ability to automatically 
    fire faster at ANY type of enemy due to the Hoard Effect when in groups 
    of 5 or more, compared to the Missile Defender, which can only manually 
    fire faster at vehicles. The Nationalism upgrade makes them even faster, 
    and is good for fighting tanks! Of course, if the enemy uses tanks like 
    Paladins and Scorpions, there is always the TNT Attack to take them out 
    before they kill you.
    Electronic Specialists
    Hacker         Cost: $625          Requires: Barracks + Propaganda Center  
    Black Lotus   Cost: $1500         Requires: Barracks + Propaganda Center
    China's computer users have been increasing exponentially in the 1990s. 
    In fact, the PLA has trained new operatives that make use of IT to do damage 
    to the enemy. The Hacker can disable enemy buildings by using their wireless 
    laptop connection to send a computer virus into the building from a range, 
    and also hack the internet to raise funds for the Chinese Army. The Hacker 
    has as new cyber-cafe, I mean Internet Center to hack quicker, bringing 
    more cash to China. Black Lotus is China's elite secret agent. She can 
    hack into their buildings, and capture them for China's use, and she does 
    that much faster than the Red Guards! Apart from this, she can steal money 
    from enemy supply centers. She can also disable enemy vehicles from a range, 
    and that may be able to help turn the tide of a battle, particularly if 
    a single Overlord Tank is rolling towards your base.
    Cost: $625
    The spies of Red Alert 2 have been replaced by Hackers. Hackers have an 
    ability to disable enemy buildings with a powerful computer virus. This 
    is true even for enemy buildings that do not require power to run! So, 
    if you can transport a group of Hackers past enemy defenses, you can easily 
    cause a lot of chaos in the enemy base!
    To Hack the Internet:
    Click the Hack Internet button and the Hacker will start stealing money 
    at the rate of $5 per beep. It takes a few seconds to connect to the Internet, 
    For an infinite supply gatherer as well as a person who can disable 
    buildings from a range, paying $625 is definitely more worth it as you 
    can train these guys in quantity for your use, and they are not completely 
    Black Lotus
    Cost: $1500
    China's secret agent has no self defenses, but she can capture buildings 
    faster than other Red Guards, as she does not need to recharge. She also 
    can steal money from enemy supply centers, $1000 at a time. She can disable 
    enemy vehicles too, but make sure you are up against one at a time. The 
    bottom line is, if you can sneak Black Lotus past enemy defenses, you can 
    capture a lot of their buildings before they can even react. Hmm... I recently 
    bought an HP laptop computer, and it's got wireless abilities! Since I 
    am taking the Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic 
    Engineering in Imperial College London, I probably will learn how to 
    program stuff that disables any building I target. (They have to be 
    retrofitted first, of course!) Ha ha!
    To Cash Hack:
    To steal money from enemy supply centers, click the Cash Hack button and 
    then click the target you intend to steal money from. Black Lotus can steal 
    money from a range, and can gain veterancy by doing so.
    Although Black Lotus cannot defend herself well, those abilities really 
    are perfect power tools to use against the enemy, particularly if you sneak 
    in from an obscure corner. The cash hack lands you more and more money, 
    as that is how you let her gain veterancy.
    800 Dollar Tank Units
    Battlemaster Tank     Cost: $800    Requires: War Factory
    Dragon Tank            Cost: $800    Requires: War Factory
    Gattling Tank          Cost: $800    Requires: War Factory
    All of these tanks have one thing in common, they cost $800 apiece in the 
    War factory. I wonder why they would charge $800 for so many of China's 
    units. I guess it is because 8 is a lucky number in China. Tee hee hee... 
    The Battlemaster Tank is China's Main Battle Tank. They can also take 
    advantage of the Hoard Effect to fire faster when in groups of 5 or more. 
    In fact, they are the only tanks in the game that can take advantage of 
    this bonus. They can be upgraded with various nuclear abilities to improve 
    their attack power and speed by 25%. The Dragon Tank is another powerful 
    all purpose assault unit of China. It is basically a flame tank, and it 
    can be ordered to create a 180 degree wall of fire using the Fire Wall 
    command, and this has significant improvement in damage when compared to 
    its standard flame attack. It can spray a blue flame and cause 25% more 
    damage with the Black Napalm Upgrade. Always use these against buildings, 
    and you will see them fall in no time! The Gattling Tank is China's 
    anti-infantry, anti-air unit. Its guns can spin faster and faster, dealing 
    more damage as time passes. Again, it can deal 25% more damage using the 
    Chain Gun Upgrade. 
    Battlemaster Tank
    Cost: $800
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    Uranium Shells Upgrade: $2500
    Nuclear Tank Upgrade: $2000
    China's Battlemaster Tank is slightly cheaper than the Crusader Tank, 
    therefore, with a slightly weaker armor than them. However, their benefits 
    are better than the Crusader. For one, they can make use of the Horde Effect 
    to fire faster and can go even faster with nationalism inspired; secondly, 
    their speed and attack power can be increased by 25% with the Uranium Shells 
    and Nuclear Tank upgrade from the Nuclear Missile Silo. So that makes them 
    more powerful.
    Battlemasters ARE to be built in quantity, as they fire much faster when 
    doing so. This square $800 is very good when all of their potential benefits 
    are concerned. Although many of China's units may look expensive, they 
    will pay off eventually, as there are lot of features to be explored.
    Dragon Tank
    Cost: $800
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    The Dragon Tank is China's flame tank, its flame has a large sweeping effect, 
    that can render both infantry and vehicles into charcoal in no time. It 
    can make use of Black Napalm to spew a blue flame, which causes 25% more 
    damage. Like the toxin tractor, it is effective in clearing occupied 
    civilian buildings, as they are resistant to rockets. 
    To Build a Fire Wall:
    Click on the Fire Wall Button, and click on the area you intend to sweep 
    out your flames. "The Dragon awakes!" You can only gain veterancy with 
    this attack if the enemy is in contact with your flame jet when they are 
    These Dragon Tanks are so effective against infantry that, if used properly, 
    can achieve a 1 to 30 kill ratio or even higher. So, excellent quality, 
    excellent value! They cost $200 more than the Toxin Tractor as they have 
    better armor and attack power than those converted farming vehicles.
    Gattling Tank
    Cost: $800
    Chain Gun Upgrade: $1500
    The Chinese Gatling Tank fires very fast already, but will fire faster 
    and faster, when you hear the driver say, "Spin them up!". They can fire 
    25% faster, causing 25% more damage at once. The Gattling Tanks have better 
    armor, and can defeat a Quad Cannon in one to one combat.
    ECM Tank*
    Cost: $800
    The electromagnetic countermeasures tank fires a beam that can disable 
    enemy vehicles, and disrupt rocket and missile attacks, making them miss 
    their target. It can really be a lifesaver if your enemy uses so many rocket 
    units, as the ECM Tank's magnetic field causes more than 80% of the rockets 
    to miss.
    Paying $800 to stop those annoying Rocket Buggy rockets, Raptor missiles, 
    Tomahawk Missiles, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Stealth Fighter missiles, 
    Comanche hellfire missiles or to disable tanks ain't to shabby either.
    Happy Meal Transports
    Troop Crawler         Cost: $1400   Requires: War Factory
    Listening Outpost*   Cost: $800    Requires: War Factory
    That's right, kids. McChina is pleased to bring you their Happy Meals! 
    Firstly, we have the Troop O'Crawler Deluxe, and it comes with 8 real life 
    Red Guard as toys. Secondly, we have the Listening McOutpost, and it comes 
    with 2 live Tank Hunters! All meals have a stealth detector for free to 
    come with them! That's right, you are happy, we are happy! McChina, I'm 
    loving it!
    Troop Crawler
    Cost: $1400
    Cost of bundled Red Guards: $1200
    Actual Price = Cost - Cost of bundled Red Guards = $1200
    The Troop Crawler is the most expensive of the troop transports, at $1400, 
    but there is a reason behind, it is because it comes with 8 Red Guard! 
    So, it actually costs $200! The Troop Crawler is also equipped with Stealth 
    Detection. So, which means, we have a decent stealth detector that can 
    be produced en-masse! So, really, "They can't hide from me."
    The Chinese Troop Crawler may be inflexible, but it comes packaged with 
    Red Guard, and holds just as much as the Battle Bus, so it is a good way 
    to train large numbers of infantry en masse.
    The method of difference applies. You will be pleased that the Troop Crawler 
    itself costs only $200! This is one of the ways you can train Red Guards 
    en masse. An excellent value for money indeed!
    Double Big Guns
    Inferno Cannon      Cost: $900      Requires: War Factory + Propaganda 
    Nuke Cannon          Cost: $1600     Requires: War Factory + Propaganda 
    Center + Level 1 General Ability
    China does not make use of any missile related ballistic units, instead, 
    they have Artillery! The Inferno Cannon is a flame based artillery. Like 
    many other Chinese Units, they are most effective in large groups, as when 
    6 Inferno Cannons fire their cannon at a target, you can be assured that 
    a Firestorm will be made, incinerating the target and any other units near 
    it. Use Black Napalm for more powerful effects! The Nuke Cannon is China's 
    Nuclear Based Artillery. It lobs tactical Nuclear Shells over long 
    distances, and has a substantial range improvement over the Inferno Cannon. 
    The neutron shell is another fun thing to use if you want to steal the 
    enemy's units instead of destroying them. It can also clear garrisoned 
    buildings that normal building clearers cannot clear out, like Palaces 
    and Internet Centers. Have fun. Always keep these units in the rear at 
    all times, or you will lose these quick.
    Inferno Cannon
    Cost: $900
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    China does not make use of any rockets or missiles, instead, they make 
    use of Artillery! The Inferno Cannon flies napalm shells over long range. 
    As it is a shell, it cannot be stopped by anything. The impact damage is 
    collateral, as the units will continue to take damage from the flames. 
    It is most effective, when used in large groups, as a lovely little bonfire 
    will be made, incinerating anything in its path.
    The Inferno cannon has the same price as the Rocket Buggy, but attacks 
    in a slightly different manner. The shell has a considerable area effect, 
    so if you fire at a large hoard of incoming infantry, it can be guaranteed 
    that at least some of them will be hit, and will eventually burn to death. 
    Again, build these in quantity to make use of the Firestorm! Again, a good 
    value for money.
    Nuke Cannon
    Cost: $1600
    Yes, the ultimate Artillery is here. The Nuke Cannon fires nuclear shells 
    over long distances, and causes a little nuclear explosion, that can 
    destroy several tanks at once! The thing that gives it an extra point over 
    the Scud Launcher is that the shells cannot be stopped in mid-air
    What can I say? This unit is just so powerful and explosive, and then it 
    fires shells that cannot be stopped by any defenses. As it is just as 
    powerful or even more powerful than the SCUD Launcher, and the shell can 
    be stopped. Charging $1600 for one is just reasonable.
    The Swiss Army Tank
    Overlord Tank         Cost: $2000       Requires: War Factory + Propaganda 
    It's a good thing that you do not need a General ability to build these 
    powerful tanks. The Overlord Tank is very lethal indeed. It can also squish 
    enemy vehicles. Its twin cannons are just the beginning of its story. After 
    all, a Bunker, Speaker Tower or Gattling Cannon can be mounted on its back, 
    making it a decent all rounded tank. If you see these coming to your base, 
    you would have to kill them very quickly, as bullets, missiles and even 
    bombs tend to bounce off them, and their guns really kill!
    Overlord Tank
    Cost: $2000
    Uranium Shell Upgrade: $2500
    Nuclear Tank Upgrade: $2000
    Overlord Bunker: $400
    Overlord Propaganda Tower: $500
    Overlord Gattling Cannon: $1200
    The Overlord Tank is the ultimate example of China's brute force. Although 
    very expensive at $2000, it has super heavy armor, and very powerful cannons. 
    It is fully customizable to have a gattling cannon, speaker tower or a 
    bunker mounted on its turret. That's not all, it can crush tanks, and it 
    can be upgraded to Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank at the Nuclear Missile 
    To upgrade your Overlord with a peripheral:
    Simply click on the type of upgrade you want to give to the Overlord. Note 
    that this peripheral is permanent, so always think twice before deciding.
    It is only natural that EA decided to charge this extremely powerful and 
    all rounded unit $2000. Otherwise, many C&C fans will gripe to EA for this. 
    But still, by simple experiment, I found that the Overlord has a very high 
    kill ratio against all other weaker tanks. So, it is really worth it.
    China's Airforce
    MiG                    Cost: $1200        Requires: Airfield
    Although China's airforce lacks variety with one main fighter in Command 
    and Conquer: Generals, they ain't too shabby either. The MiG is another 
    fire based fighter, and each carries 2 Napalm Missiles, its armor can be 
    upgraded, and when 4 MiGs unleash their missiles at a target at once, a 
    lovely Firestorm will again be created, barbecuing anything around. Hmm... 
    Needs some nice barbecue sauce. Of course, the Black Napalm Upgrade works 
    wonders for them too.
    Cost: $1200
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    MiG Armor Upgrade: $1000
    The Chinese MiGs have 2 napalm missiles, but they are more powerful, as 
    they have the tendency to generate firestorms, if all 8 missiles hit their 
    target. The Chinese MiGs are cheaper than Raptors, and both their armor 
    and attack power can be upgraded.
    For an aircraft like the MiG, I really cannot comment on its price, as 
    it is just the tradition for C&C programmers to charge between $1200 and 
    $1500 for jet planes.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    The USSR's MFI (multifunctional front-line fighter) program began in 1983, 
    to develop a fighter to replace both the MiG-29 and Su-27 in Frontal 
    Aviation service and compete with the Eurofighter, Rafale and F-22. The 
    end of the Cold War detailed much-needed funds, but development continued 
    slowly, with the MiG 1.44 demonstrator/airworthy prototype completed in 
    1991 (after selevtion over a competing design from Yakolev). 
    Flight-cleared engines were not available, however, and by the late 1990s 
    the Western Press were suggesting the 1.44 was a mock up or a fake. But 
    the 1.44 finally made its first (18 minute) flight on 29 February 2000.
    The 1.44 is a twin fin delta-canard design, with large movable foreplanes 
    and widely-space twin tailfins. It has some stealth features, including 
    sharply-raked straight-edged engine intakes, but a production aircraft 
    could employ Kehdysh Research Centre's 'plasma cloud" stealth system, 
    which reputedly reduces BCS by dissipating electromagnetic waves. Earlier 
    plans included thrust-vectoring power plants, but the prototype 1.44 
    mounts two Staurn/Lyullka AL-41F engines with ceramic-coated interior 
    nozzle petals. Other features include supercruise (sustained supersonic 
    flights without afterburners), a wide use of composite materials, and a 
    large internal fuel capacity. The original NO-14 weapon system has 
    apparently been cancelled, and the future of the MiG 1.42 planned 
    production version in uncertain.
    Estimated Specifications of the MiG 1.44
    Powerplant: two 175mN (39,350 lb st) Saturn/Lyulka AL-41F afterburning 
    Dimensions: length 22.83m (74ft 10in); height 5.72m (18ft 9in); wing span 
    17.36m (55ft 10in)
    Weights: normal take-off 30,000kg (68,138lb); MTOW 35,000kg (77,161lb)
    Performance: max level speed at high altitude (2,500 km/h (1,553 mph)); 
    max level speed in suprecruise Mach 1.6-1.8 (1,700 km/h (1,058 mph)); 
    service ceiling 20,000m (65,620 ft)
    Armament: one GSh-30-1.30mm cannon, internal weapon bay and possibly two 
    or more underwing hardpoints for AAMs, ASMs and bombs
    5. American Campaign
    The United States is starting to hunt down the GLA in the Middle East in 
    their efforts to rid the world of terrorism. Many missions involve search 
    and destroy missions that are representative of the United States' effort. 
    The first mission starts in Iraq, and in the capital too!
    *****MISSION 1: BAGHDAD, IRAQ*****
    It seems that Lieutenant Eva will serve as your Communications Officer 
    in the battles against the Global Liberation Army. Intel has revealed that 
    the GLA has access to lethal biological weapons and the USA has traced 
    the weapons to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Surely Saddam Hussein won't 
    be funding those hoodlums. Your mission is to destroy their biological 
    superweapon, the Scud Storm, located to the north of the city.
    The opening of this mission starts with a formation of 3 Raptor fighter 
    jets flying towards the urban area of Baghdad. One Raptor is shot down 
    by Stinger missiles soon after it has passed your base. Meanwhile, a USA 
    tank formation is heading towards a battle against GLA Scorpion Tanks. 
    The GLA tanks stood no chance against the superior weaponry of the Americans. 
    As soon as the first tank division is destroyed, a second tank division 
    is on its way to assist the first. Fortunately, a large squadron of Raptors 
    flew over and destroyed them all. The camera then zooms over to the urban 
    area of Baghdad. It's Day 3 of the Siege of Baghdad. Now you can play
    As soon as you gain control of the situation, equip all the Crusader Tanks 
    with Battle Drones. This can help them repair. Not long after the drones 
    are up and running, 4 more Scorpion Tanks will engage you. Take them all 
    down. Meanwhile, you will be notified that bioweapons are in the area. 
    So you must proceed with extra caution. I don't like the looks of this! 
    You can always consider loading the Humvees you have with Missile Defenders, 
    but tanks should be all you need to complete the mission, since the Battle 
    Drones have lots of machine guns to mow down infantry units.
    You should let the Battle Drones completely repair the Crusader Tanks 
    before moving east to the city center. You should also use the General 
    Point to invest in Spy Drones. These things are stealthy and can 
    continuously reveal a certain amount of land around them, enabling you 
    to know what to expect from the enemy in advance. Advance to the town when 
    you are ready. This is when you are told that a weapon launch is detected.
    The camera then zooms into the GLA base to the north of Baghdad. It seems 
    that the Scud Storm is functional. There are a total of 9 Scud Missiles 
    being launched. They are targeting the city centre. It's the market place. 
    Lots of innocent civilians are killed, along with several GLA Rebels who 
    happen to be hanging too close! You are told to watch out for the clouds, 
    since they could be anthrax. Wait for the green chemicals to clear before 
    moving into the city, or you may suffer gruesome damage.
    You should go southwest to avoid the chemicals, and you will come to 4 
    oil derricks. They can be captured for cash. Send 4 Rangers in, upgrade 
    them with the Capture Building ability and let them capture them. Then 
    you should have more money than you need by then. From the Oil Derricks, 
    head north, you would have bypassed most of the GLA forces in the center 
    of town, and you would be leaving the town center in no time. There is 
    nothing but some Technicals, and a heavily damaged Scorpion Tank in the 
    way. There are also 2 garrisoned buildings. To clean them out, you are 
    provided with 2 Chinooks filled with Rangers. Order the Chinooks to Combat 
    Drop the 2 buildings to clean them out. Then the northern perimeter will 
    be breached. At this point, a large army of Technicals will make their 
    way to engage your tanks. Take these guys out fast!
    After the nuisance is eliminated, go northeast, you will eventually reach 
    the GLA's doorstep. The base entrance is heavily guarded. There is a 
    battalion of 8 Scorpion Tanks. Your troops will request air support. Big 
    Bird is on the way! It's a B-52 Stratofortress! It's there to drop a Fuel 
    Air Bomb on the tanks. The entrance is cleared! Then your tanks can rush 
    in. Start taking down the base. This is just too easy, since many structures 
    have barrels around them, and detonating the barrels will certainly destroy 
    the buildings they circle. Soon, you will come up to the Scud Storm. Destroy 
    it. Even if you are slow, the support from the Raptors will help a lot. 
    Once the Scud Storm is destroyed along with the hole, the mission will 
    be complete. Baghdad secured.
    *****MISSION 2: AL HANAD, YEMEN*****
    The US Intelligence has tracked GLA terror cell leaders to the city of 
    Al Hanad in Yemen. They believe that those leaders are behind the biowar 
    attack in Baghdad in the previous operation. The USA's Comanche helicopters 
    are now scouring the city in search of those criminals. However, things 
    are not going so well as 3 of the Comanches are down and their pilots are 
    captured. Your mission objective is to rescue those pilots.
    In the opening scene, we have 3 Comanche helicopters in hot pursuit of 
    some GLA Technicals suspected of transporting those high level GLA leaders. 
    They managed to destroy the first Technical in the convoy when one of them 
    was shot down by 2 Stinger Missiles launched from 2 GLA troopers hiding 
    among the buildings. The next Comanche managed to destroy a second 
    Technical before being shot down by Stinger Troops. There is still one 
    Comanche left in this squad. This chopper tried to get at the last Technical, 
    but lost him in the alley. The Comanche is then shot down. The pilot bails 
    out, and is immediately picked up by a GLA patrol. He is being held prisoner, 
    and you are to save him before he gets executed or worse.
    It seems that all base facilities are prebuilt for you. The only thing 
    left to take care of are the defenses. Surround the base with Patriot 
    Missile launchers. Make sure each missile battery is placed at the end 
    of a street, then the enemy will be forced to squeeze through slowly. Before 
    fortifying the area near the Oil Derricks to the northwest, have your troops 
    destroy the Oil Tanks. Then build the missile batteries to guard them.
    With the base secured, capture the Oil Derricks and start planning your 
    assault. Note that you have Colonel Burton by your side in this mission. 
    He is the USA's elite commando, and he is able to take on both vehicles 
    and buildings, although Technicals are still a threat. Start cranking out 
    Crusader Tanks and upgrade the Rangers to fire flashbang grenades. Now, 
    let us send Burton in for a little stealthy recon run.
    Move into the building directly next to the 2 Technicals to the east of 
    the base and let Burton take them both out. Your next target are the 2 
    Scorpion Tanks and Rocket Buggy to the northeast. Sneak into the building 
    to their left and blast them to pieces. Burton should be able to be promoted 
    to Veteran Status by now. After this sneaky strike, go southeast into the 
    white house by the Technical down there and take it out along with the 
    Angry Mob. All this leaves are 2 Stinger Sites and a GLA garrisoned building 
    to the northwest. Sneak into buildings nearby to destroy them.
    You can walk up to the pilot and free him now. Send him back to base. Once 
    the pilot is freed, the map will be enlarged, and land will be revealed 
    to the north. Move Burton to the northwest, to the 3 Technicals there. 
    Move into the brown building to the northwest to take care of them, as 
    well as the garrisoned tower. We now have the next street to cover. There 
    is an Angry Mob patrolling the street. Garrison a building by the street 
    to take them all out. Burton is certainly heroic.
    You are definitely approaching the Pilot now. While you are taking care 
    of the mob, the Scorpion Tank, the 2 Technicals and the Rocket Buggy will 
    come and get you too. Get rid of the 2 Technicals and the other 2 vehicles 
    will be a small fry. Clear the tanks, Rebels and another Angry Mob in the 
    streets near the second Pilot. Use all those buildings as cover. This way, 
    Burton will not take damage at all before you move to save the pilot.
    Once the pilot is in your hands, land to the east will be revealed. 2 
    Technicals will give chase to the pilot. So you must make Col. Burton take 
    them out our you risk failing the mission. The final Pilot is trapped inside 
    the GLA base to the southeast. You need an assault force to get in. I suggest 
    you use 2 General Points to invest in Paladin Tanks and Pathfinders. Build 
    around 8 Paladin Tanks and train 3 Pathfinders. Move them to the entrance.
    Make sure that you have a Chinook on standby outside the base. Send the 
    troops into the base and destroy it. Once the Pilot is free, load him into 
    the Chinook. This is because as soon as the pilot is yours, there will 
    be GLA reinforcements going after him. When he is inside the Chopper, they 
    can do nothing to him. Just send him back to base and you win.
    A division of the US Army has been ambushed by the GLA in the Hindu Kush 
    mountains. They have lost the battle and are retreating. You are to take 
    command of a small Comanche base near Salom to cover the retreat.
    The mission begins with a heavily damaged US battalion retreating slowly 
    along the mountain valley. They are under hot pursuit by the GLA, and are 
    all taken down since they are outnumbered and are too slow to get away. 
    Those GLA troops will certainly pay for this!
    We now direct attention to your own Comanche base. Start cranking out 4 
    Comanches to supplement the 4 you already have and upgrade them with Rocket 
    Pods. Meanwhile, send Construction Dozers to defend the western and eastern 
    entrances to the Comanche base. Send the Comanches out to the mountain 
    valley and wait for the retreating forces to pass through. At the same 
    time, use a Chinook to send a Ranger to the southeast corner of the map. 
    Capture the 2 Oil Derricks.
    The first wave of retreating troops will appear. Behind them are Technicals 
    (Veteran) and Scorpion Tanks. Your initial 4 should take them out with 
    no problems, although you will lose several retreating US units at the 
    rear. You should be able to save over 20 US units in the first wave. The 
    second wave of troops will come soon. Your 4 extra Comanches should also 
    be ready. Send them out and give them a team designation of 2 while the 
    initial 4 are given a designation of 1. When the Technicals and Scorpions 
    arrive, you can order Team 1 to shower Rocket Pods onto the northern part 
    of the valley while the other team rains Rockets down on the southern part. 
    Then nothing can really escape from the bombardment.
    It seems that some units will break off pursuit and hit your base. Let 
    your base defenses take care of them. Meanwhile, another wave of Technicals 
    will chase the US troops. Be quick! You should have saved at least 45 US 
    Troops if you are careless. The next wave should arrive soon. Crank out 
    4 more Comanches. This new wave of GLA pursuers will charge will Rocket 
    Buggies like the previous one. There are also 2 Battalions for you to 
    destroy. Fortunately there should be sufficient time for the Rocket Pods 
    to be reloaded between battalions. The total number of troops saved should 
    reach 70 now. Just 30 more to go.
    The next wave is on its way. Designate the new team of Comanches to number 
    3, place them behind Teams 1 and 2. They are to deal with any units that 
    manage to get past Teams 1 and 2. This time, the GLA will start using Quad 
    Cannons against your choppers. Fortunately, there are only 2 of them. After 
    that, some Scorpion Tanks will attempt to get into your base. Take them 
    out with your Comanches, and let the base defenses deal with the rest.
    The number of troops saved should exceed 100 now. The GLA will start to 
    make you pay with a final battalion. Leading the pack are 8 Rocket Buggies 
    that attempt to attack from the east side. Fortunately, the 12 Comanches 
    should be enough to hold them off. Then comes the large division of Scorpion 
    Tanks, Technicals and Quad Cannons from the south. The Rocket Pods should 
    flatten the majority of them while the base defenses finish off the 
    survivors. That's it. You are victorious.
    Despite the USA's losses in Hindu Kush, America is still committed to 
    getting rid of the Global Liberation Army. A major GLA training camp has 
    been discovered in a coast along the Caspian Sea. Your mission is to destroy 
    it completely. The battle is already underway.
    The mission starts with warships bombarding the coast of the Caspian Sea. 
    Hovercrafts bring in more and more Rangers to invade the GLA. The Rangers 
    are having a rough time against Scorpion Tanks, and Comanches are sent 
    in to help them. In fact, the situation is as dire as the opening battle 
    of D-Day in Saving Private Ryan!
    The good thing is that by the time control is transferred to you, most 
    units would have been destroyed, apart from a Technical or two. Destroy 
    them as well, and your focus will be directed to 4 Stinger Sites to the 
    north. You have to clear out those Stinger Sites before reinforcements 
    are sent in. Now, your job is to clear out the entire beachhead. Send the 
    4 Tomahawk Missile Launchers around the beach to destroy all the bunkers. 
    While you are doing so, send Crusader Tanks to protect them from car bombers. 
    You may also want to eliminate all units in the town before heading to 
    the GLA training outpost to the west.
    Destroy the 4 Stinger Sites, and Boeing B-52s will start to appear and 
    bomb the base into oblivion. When everything is destroyed, Construction 
    Dozers will arrive and you can start building your base. While you doing 
    this, destroy any GLA survivors. Also watch out for Terrorists coming from 
    the west. They seem to come out of nowhere, and hence the Rangers should 
    hang around there to stop them. You should also place defenses on the 
    eastern front of the base, as that is where most of the attacks come from. 
    Have the 4 Tomahawks on guard mode so they fire at anyone who gets near. 
    The enemy uses Technical rushes a lot, and they are running straight to 
    the fire with their recklessness.
    If you place Patriot Missiles at the bottom of the eastern ridge, you will 
    find that the some of the GLA Structures above will be within range of 
    them. You can then target them and destroy a small part of the GLA training 
    base before you have even begun raising an army! As for the General Points, 
    consider investing in a Level 1 A-10 Strike, Paladin Tanks, Pathfinders 
    and Spy Drones. These are all you need to keep an eye on the GLA.
    Move the Tomahawks to the eastern cliff below the GLA base and start firing 
    at anything within range. Meanwhile, build a small division of Paladin 
    Tanks (around 8 or so) and train some Pathfinders if you wish. You should 
    be able to destroy the enemy's Arms Dealer with the Tomahawks before you 
    even begin! Send your troops north of your base. There is a secret entrance 
    to the base that is poorly guarded. Destroy the Tunnel Network and catch 
    them by surprise from the northwest! If you are concerned about the Rocket 
    Buggies, consider destroying them with Stealth Fighters.
    It is time to run through the base and sweep and clear. Hey, what's going 
    on? The mission is not completed yet. Why is that? It is because there 
    is still a small GLA outpost to the southeast. These stragglers can be 
    hunted down without mercy. You are Victorious.
    United Nations diplomats have agreed to meet with GLA leaders in Kabara 
    City. The President believes that the GLA cannot be trusted and you are 
    placed on standby security alert. The question is, will you be able to 
    protect the United Nations diplomat, or will that envoy be killed? I have 
    a bad feeling about this. If security is maintained, there should be no 
    need for a special mission like this, right?
    The satellite imaging is being focused on the limousine carrying the UN 
    diplomat which is escorted by 2 Humvees. Those Humvees have the UN 
    designation imprinted on them. They arrive at the town square. Blue Eagle 
    has arrived. Secure all sectors. Just then, 2 car bombers blow up the 2 
    Humvee escorts, and a team of 3 Technicals and a Rocket Buggy move in and 
    open fire on the limo! As a result, the car is destroyed, and the envoy 
    is killed! Those bastards! US forces now drop it to engage the assassins. 
    A Technical is blown up by a Raptor jet. A Humvee ambushes the 3 and destroys 
    the Rocket Buggies. Try as they might, the 2 Technicals cannot escape from 
    the Crusader Tanks and are surrounded. They are told to drop their weapons 
    and exit their vehicles. But these guys believe in victory in death! They 
    try to escape and are blown to pieces.
    We now direct your attention to the USA base. You will find that the GLA 
    is building a base across the river, and you are to destroy it. Act quickly. 
    Immediately invest in Pathfinders, a Level 1 Paradrop and a Level 2 A-10 
    Strike. Use the Spy Satellite ability from the Command Center to reveal 
    the land around the GLA Command Center. You will find a large group of 
    vehicles guarding it. Once revealed, the vehicles will head off for your 
    base. Move your own Crusader Tanks to the bridge to hold them off. Drop 
    the paratroops by Command Center being built. You will find a Stinger Site 
    to the right. Use the Rangers to take care of it. Let the Worker finish 
    construction of the Command Center. He will then work on a Barracks. Stop 
    him from building the Barracks and guard the Command Center. This way, 
    no more Workers can come out to assist in construction of the base!
    Now, you can build your base at your own leisure. Build an Airfield with 
    a Strategy Center. Use the Bombardment Strategy. Build a squadron of 
    Raptors. At the same time, build a force of Crusader Tanks and Pathfinders 
    and move them across the bridge. Destroy the GLA forces but leave the 
    Command Center intact. Fortify the area around the Command Center and build 
    a second US base. Don't do anything with the GLA Command Center. You are 
    to capture it when the area is fortified.
    When you have captured the GLA Command Center, there will be a scene. 2 
    Rocket Buggies will say I saw them and head to a hydroelectric dam upstream. 
    They fire on the dam causing it to break. As a result, a flash flood sweeps 
    through the valley and the bridge connecting the 2 sides of the river are 
    destroyed. That's it, the 2 bases are cut off now. Train some Workers and 
    start building towards the GLA Scud Storm. You must hurry, since the enemy 
    will also build their own SCUD Storm. The attacks will intensify. Build 
    more Comanches to withstand the Terrorists charging from the northwest. 
    Place a Pathfinder in the palm forest there to help even further.
    You will be pleased to know that the GLA Black Market is available as a 
    construction option. This structure generates unlimited funds for you! 
    To Build a Scud Storm, you need an Arms Dealer and a Palace. The enemy 
    Scud Storm is located in the far north of the map. Use a Spy Satellite 
    to reveal it. To destroy it, send the 4 Raptors to the far east edge of 
    the map, and make them go up to the northern corner. Fly to the Scud Storm 
    from there and fire the missiles. At the same time, send in the A-10 Strike. 
    This should be able to finish the Scud Storm off. It is recommended that 
    you coordinate 2 strikes so that they hit almost at the same time, then 
    the Worker nearby will not have time to fix the weapon.
    I heavily recommend that you save before attempting this. This is because 
    it's very hard to time to right. You may have to target the Worker as well 
    during the A-10 Strike. This combined attack should leave very little HP 
    left on the Scud Storm, and a subsequent paradrop should be able to finish 
    it off. Now, let's complete construction of the Scud Storm and fight in 
    an even basis.
    I guess that you should be running low on supplies now. There are 2 Oil 
    Derricks to the far north. Kick out the GLA, and secure the area with 
    Crusaders and Pathfinders. Capture the Oil Derricks. Then you can have 
    even more cash. Meanwhile, let's build 4 more Black Markets for a more 
    significant cash boost. When you have enough dough, it's time to build 
    our Crusaders with their Tomahawk Missile Launchers.
    Send the Crusaders and Tomahawks to the Oil Derricks, and move them west 
    and destroy the Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks outside the base. At 
    this point, your Scud Storm should more or less be ready. Look around the 
    base. There is this area where a Black Market, and Arms Dealer and 2 Supply 
    Stashes are grouped together. Target them all. The Scuds should destroy 
    them all, leaving the base wide open for your vehicles' attack from the 
    east. Destroy everything, including Tunnel Networks. Any Terrorists 
    attempting to stop you can be stopped by the use of Battle Drones.
    Don't try to exit the base from the southern exits, since there are Demo 
    Traps there. Note that you do not need to destroy the Demo Traps to win 
    this mission. That's it for this extremely tedious mission!
    A rouge Chinese general and his followers has joined with the GLA in their 
    mountain stronghold. They are heavily dug in and are relying on fortified 
    tunnels. You must move in and destroy them immediately. Hey, rogue Chinese 
    general? I guess that particular General must be belonging to one of the 
    Chinese ethnic groups that are Muslim, and are the types that support the 
    independence of Xinjiang from China. (No way, Jose! According to recent 
    figures, Han ethnic Chinese presence in Xinjiang has exceeded 50%!)
    The mission begins with a fierce battle between the US and GLA forces in 
    a mountain pass. In the heat of battle, a couple of SCUD Launchers arrive 
    to help the GLA. One of them launches a Scud and it lands right in the 
    middle of the US battalion! Lots of Anthrax Beta begin to spill out and 
    hurt the troops. Just as things are getting desperate, a new weapon is 
    available to help the US forces. It's the particle cannon! The beam slices 
    through the Scud Launchers and defeats the GLA for now.
    We now come to the base. Hey! The Particle Cannon has disappear. So it's 
    back to basics. You start with 4 General Points. Invest in a Level 3 A-10 
    Strike and Pathfinders. This time, the Fuel Air Bomb is already available 
    for use. There are 3 spots to defend. They include the bridge to the south, 
    the narrow pass to the north, and the additional supply dock to the south. 
    Build Patriot Missile Batteries facing east. Support each set of Patriot 
    Missiles with Pathfinders. You can tech up and use Bombardment as before.
    It seems that the American infinite supply gatherer, the Supply Drop Zone 
    is available for use. Make sure you build at least 2 of them to keep the 
    money flowing. You may also build a Particle Cannon, this is the United 
    States' superweapon, and has a 4 minute recharging time. When your base 
    is fully operational. It's time to turn our attention to Col. Burton. Send 
    Colonel Burton to the north and then east. Send him up to the ridge above. 
    There is a Stinger Site. Have Burton destroy it from a high ground. He 
    should be able to become a Veteran just by doing that. Afterwards, go east 
    to the Arms Dealer. You have sneaked into the base unnoticed! Destroy the 
    Arms Dealer with a Timed Demo Charge to become Elite.
    Look to the right. Hey, there are 2 Toxin Tractors, a Scud Launcher and 
    2 Quad Cannons parked in the base. These units are extremely anti-Burton. 
    Send a B-52 to blow them up with a Fuel Air Bomb. Don't worry about the 
    Overlord Tanks. They don't have Gattling Cannons on them and hence they 
    are harmless. Start planting explosives on GLA buildings. While you are 
    doing your sabotaging, you will be informed that the Rogue Chinese General 
    has appeared in this region. His actions are unsupportive and he has brought 
    his Nuclear Missile Launcher with him! Fortunately, you have your own 
    bombardment tools in the form of Fuel Air Bombs and A-10 Strikes, and the 
    Particle Cannon is going to be up and running soon!
    You will have to be prepared for an influx of Red Guards and Gattling Cannon 
    from the southern edge of the map. They are coming from the edge of the 
    screen. That's not fair! Fortunately, the Pathfinder should be able to 
    take care of them all, while the Patriot Missiles destroy the Gattling 
    Tank. Colonel Burton, meanwhile, can single handedly destroy the entire 
    GLA base to the north. Now, let's have a look at the Chinese base.
    The Nuclear Silo has already been revealed for you. Just send both the 
    Fuel Air Bomb and A-10 Strike to it and it should be destroyed. Even if 
    they launch the missile, it will be targeting the Particle Cannon, so keep 
    the Particle Cannon away from the other structures. South of the base is 
    a Supply Stash and 2 Nuclear Reactors. More things to blow up for Colonel 
    Burton! Continue to the south, sneak past the bunker and Toxin Tractors, 
    and you will be in the Chinese base. There is a line of 4 Nuclear Reactors. 
    They are to be wiped out by the Particle Cannon. Start from the north, 
    and if you are fast enough, the beam will have enough energy to reach the 
    Barracks to the south. That's 5 in a blow!
    What you just did turned off the power to the Chinese base. Chinese defenses 
    are completely down. Go over to the Airfield and destroy any MiGs that 
    are parked. Go over to the Command Center and destroy any Construction 
    Dozers that come out to prevent reconstruction. To win, destroy the Command 
    Center. But I bet you would want to destroy everything using Colonel Burton, 
    or I should say Colonel Destructo! Have fun blowing things up and then 
    destroy the Command Center. Victory is yours!
    The US Forces have surrounded the GLA capital of Akmola, Kazakhstan. The 
    GLA has biological weapons and we know they will use them. The Chinese 
    government has pledged full support for the assault. We must destroy the 
    GLA without fail, and the world is watching us. But still, once they are 
    besieged, it's only a matter of time until they run out of food and have 
    to surrender. This is true if you have sealed any possible escape routes.
    This mission begins with an intelligence trooper named Cole taking pictures 
    of the insides of the GLA main base. Looks like the whole GLA is lining 
    for us today. Some Scud Launchers get ready to enter the base. This is 
    when Cole gives out their positions for the Stealth Fighters to blow up. 
    This is also when the Stinger Troopers standing on the base walls discover 
    Cole and his men. They run away. Command is getting nervous that Cole will 
    not make it. But they can relax once Cole says that they had a close call 
    but are ok. They return to base for your command.
    We come back to your base to the east of the battlefield. Send the Humvee 
    and a Pathfinder to scout the areas to the west. There are 3 spots for 
    you to defend in this level. They include the northern pass, the central 
    pass and the southern road. They should be clearly indicated by the 
    mountains. You must station a Pathfinder at the northern pass. This is 
    because some time later, Workers will come over and attempt to construct 
    a tunnel network there. The snipers stop them from even trying.
    You are already a 5 Star General. You should invest in Paladin Tanks, 
    Pathfinders, Spy Drones, a Level 3 A-10 Strike and a Fuel Air Bomb. Build 
    an extra Chinook to collect money faster and start building your base and 
    fortifying those positions I mentioned earlier. A pathfinder should be 
    present at each point to mow down infantry units. At the same time, place 
    a Spy Drone in the southwestern corner of the battlefield. You will find 
    a Scud Storm being built. Immediately send in an A-10 Strike to take it 
    out. Then the GLA won't be able to fire Scuds at you for long!
    I found out that the southern entrance requires the most attention since 
    it's the widest. Have lots of Paladin Tanks and Tomahawk Missiles guard 
    it. Add some Comanches for backup. Also build a front line War Factory 
    and Barracks if you need to. Your main goal is to secure your base and 
    start besieging the enemy in their little city of theirs. Start cranking 
    a Particle Cannon too. Meanwhile, you can send Rangers into the abandoned 
    Chinese base to the southeast and convert it to your use. Notable units 
    include the Overlord Tank and Inferno Cannon. Of course, money is never 
    enough! Train Hackers a plenty to supplement your cash lines.
    The next thing to do is to weaken the enemies' frontal defense. Send in 
    A-10 Strikes and Fuel Air Bombs to destroy all the garrisoned parts of 
    their little Great Wall. When they are gone, start working on the garrisoned 
    buildings and Stinger Sites at the back. When they are cleared, send in 
    a small team of Comanches to play mop up. Now that Quad Cannons may be 
    used, but they won't be deployed quickly to be effective. Use Spy Drones 
    to reveal any Demo Traps to clear the way of your combined army later.
    Once the frontal outpost is destroyed, GLA is basically done for. Use your 
    Nuclear Missile and/or Particle Cannon, and target this small base to the 
    southeast. This combined attack should wipe out most, if not all of the 
    resistance, and leave the door wide open for your Comanches to fly in 
    unopposed to destroy the last of the GLA higher-ups. Jubilation sweeps 
    the world as the USA defeats the GLA, and lots of aircraft fly in formation 
    in the sky. Congratulations. You have won the final victory.
    6. Global Liberation Army Campaign
    In some remote area of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan, 
    a new force is starting to be concentrated. This new force attracts the 
    poor, the neglected and freedom fighters all around the world, and strives 
    to liberate the world using means of terror. This organization is known 
    as the Global Liberation Army. This campaign focuses on how they rise up 
    and show the world the meaning of true terror.
    Accept the counsel of your compatriot Kamrah Khan. We have lost many 
    soldiers from the Eastern Dragon. But as a result, the enemy has spread 
    their defenses too thin. They have left important economic and civilian 
    targets unguarded. This will be our first objective in our war against 
    the global oppressors. Let us rise. You can lead us to our final victory. 
    The GLA really is a fraternity. They have the usual cliched remarks about 
    Global Liberation, but this is their calling, right?
    It's time for Operation Black Rain. You see GLA car bombers and Bomb Trucks 
    on their way to a Chinese base. The time has come. The cause is just, and 
    our soldiers tag ready. We will fall upon our foes like lightning from 
    the cloudless sky. They shall flee before our righteous anger, and their 
    armies, will come to ruin. While the Technical distracts the Chinese Red 
    Guards guarding the small outpost, the Car Bombers destroy the 2 entrance 
    bunkers, while the Bomb Trucks rampage in to destroy the Nuclear Reactors. 
    Chaos ensues as more of your men come in to help dismantle this base.
    You now can play. First, move all Technicals to the path to the south of 
    the base entrance. There will be a Chinese platoon coming from the southeast. 
    Use the machine guns to mow them all down. Now, you can have fun dismantling 
    the Nuclear Reactors, the War Factory and the Barracks. Let the Scorpion 
    Tanks have some of the fun at the same time, since this is for veterancy. 
    No more resistance will attempt to stop you.
    Once the outpost is completely destroyed, your forces will leave and move 
    south to your own hidden base. You will hear the troops brag on the way. 
    "Hah! That will teach the Chinese." "I killed three." "Vengence is sweet." 
    "I killed four!" "Telescorp, move to the mountain hideout and prepare for 
    counterattack! The Chinese are scouring the hills for our hidden base." 
    Attention is then turned to the dam to the east.
    The Chinese are dug in around the hydroelectric dam. Destroying the dam 
    will free the villagers from Chinese tyranny. The Chinese have laid claim 
    to this simple village and are spreading their vile propaganda to the simple 
    fishermen. There are rumors of a secret Arms Dealer in this region. Locating 
    it will allow you to buy weapons for the cause. So the goal is clear, destroy 
    the Chinese to make them pay for their arrogance. Everything is rather 
    set up. Just build a Tunnel Network at each entrance to the base.
    Send all the vehicles you started with to the southeast. A lone Technical 
    should then be sent to the west, to the Arms Dealer. You can then upgrade 
    your Scorpion Tanks with Scorpion Rockets. Leave the Bomb Trucks for now. 
    You will come to 4 Red Guards. Kill them. To the east, along the river 
    is a large concentration of Battlemaster Tanks. Don't bother with them, 
    and head north, into the village. Destroy the Speaker Tower and Rebels 
    will pour out of the village buildings. Send them back where they came 
    from and they can hold off any Chinese troops attempting to reinforce the 
    city. Send your vehicle division to the northwest.
    There is a poorly guarded Supply Center. Behind it are lots of cash crates. 
    Let's make a steal. There is a secret path to the dam on the other side 
    of the western ridge. Sneak into the path and destroy any Chinese forces 
    in the way. You will come to the hydroelectric dam now. Let's open fire. 
    The dam starts to crack up, and a large flash flood pours into the valley, 
    destroying all those tanks hanging by the river I told you to ignore earlier. 
    So, this is the fate of our enemies, ruin, and death! Behold, doom has 
    come to our enemies! Like a tide we shall sweep over them, and drown them 
    in their own greed and evil!
    Our intelligence sources have learnt that United Nations trucks and planes 
    are delivering aid supplies to the villages outside Almaty, the capital 
    of Kazakhstan. On behalf of the oppressed nations of the world, we are 
    to intercept those deliveries and take control of those supplies to finance 
    our most righteous cause. Aid supplies? In Kazakhstan? Are you kidding 
    me? With so many former USSR launch facilities and being the largest former 
    Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazakhstan should not be that poor!
    The music sounds like a mix of middle eastern and wild western style! We 
    see a long container truck moving into a village outside Almaty escorted 
    by 2 UN Humvees. However, they have no idea that they are being followed 
    by a small detachment of GLA Scorpion Tanks and Rebels. They are entering 
    the village, and the sheep are heading for their handouts. Once the supplies 
    are dropped, and the villagers are ready to pick them, the GLA forces strike! 
    They make their presence known by blowing up a group of oil barrels. The 
    Rebels massacre all the villagers and proceed to retrieve the supplies 
    which are considered to be rightfully theirs!
    We now focus your attention to your own base. Use your General Abilities 
    to invest in Marauder Tanks, and start cranking up a War Factory and the 
    mentioned tanks. You must be fast. Immediately send Rebels in Technicals 
    to hold a building by the 5 way junction in the central village. The first 
    UN convoy will come from the south. Try to destroy the Humvees and the 
    truck and get the money before the civilians can take them. You can always 
    kill any civilians in the way!
    The next convoy comes from the northwest. It will pass through the 5 way 
    junction. Take them down and steal. Don't be surprised if a Technical is 
    destroyed here. Send Workers and Marauder Tanks into the village and build 
    Tunnel Networks at that junction, by the petrol station to the west and 
    the junction to the east of the big lake. These 3 are the strategic locations 
    you need to control. Garrison nearby buildings with the RPG Troopers.
    The third convoy comes from the northeast, and will go down to the 
    southeastern village. It is very difficult to get to them in time. Just 
    focus on creating checkpoints in various roads for now. Another will come 
    from the northwest. Don't bother getting them now. When the Tunnel Networks 
    are finished in those 3 areas, anything that comes from anywhere can be 
    intercepted and the loot can be stolen! Just make sure there are retrievers.
    Once you have collected $20000 in loot, the Americans will start to become 
    more careful. They will now drop supplies by plane. So, you will need an 
    effective anti-air weapon to bring down their precious planes and salvage 
    whatever that will be left. You will get to use the famous Quad Cannon. 
    Make sure that you build 2 sets of 4 and have one set guard the buildings 
    north of the 5 way junction while the other guards the area by the lake. 
    Then no planes can pass. Have fun stealing from the dead passengers! It's 
    the world where the dogs eat the dogs! (quoting Les Miserables)
    Once you have collected $30000 in your little war booty, you will be given 
    another objective. You are to collect up to $40000 by raiding the US base 
    to the north. It's really not necessary. The supply planes will continue 
    to come and be shot down by your Quad Cannons. Meanwhile, you can always 
    destroy all the civilian buildings and loot their supplies from their homes! 
    This is really an underhanded tactic, but it will do for now.
    We have found allies in Astana. They are civilians who are ready to rage 
    against the Chinese and American aggressors. We can use this army of the 
    street to harass the enemy. While Astana burns, our brethren can loot the 
    city for resupply purposes. So, first poor villagers living outside Almaty, 
    and now street looting? And it seems that the loot is not taken in a wild 
    moment of rage, and it's for the good cause. Well I never!
    It's night time at Astana. The police are heading to the scene of the riot 
    near the old government building. Some looters are moving toward the bank 
    district. A large crowd is moving towards the center of the city. And so 
    in come the Angry Mob. They destroy a police car, and then proceed to wreck 
    havoc on a commercial building. They are using submachine guns and Molotov 
    Cocktails in their rage. The police have a riot on their hands there. They 
    are calling in the riot squad. The Angry Mob then proceeds to have fun 
    elsewhere, splitting up in 3 directions. Now, it's much harder!
    We come to our base at the northwestern part of the city, where the Angry 
    Mobs have come back to rest. Use the General Points to invest in Marauder 
    Tanks and a Level 2 Cash Bounty so that you earn money for any enemy unit 
    killed. Start leveling the civilian buildings around you to collect money 
    to build up your base. You should build up to the Palace. Build some Marauder 
    Tanks to guard against intruders. Arming the Mob with AK-47s will increase 
    their destructive power, so go on, have fun, destroying buildings along 
    the road as you get to the bridge to the west.
    Send the Angry Mob across the bridge. 2 Paladin Tanks will attempt to stop 
    you, but they are just assault rifle fodder for your mob. Go north. So, 
    you are reaching the airport of Astana. It seems that there are 3 Humvees 
    patrolling the area. Destroy them and lay claim to your Cash Bounty. Go 
    and destroy the airport building itself and the US forces will be forced 
    to runaway. Don't worry about the Rangers. They don't have flashbangs.
    Cross the bridge to the east. There are 2 Troop Crawlers with a total of 
    16 Red Guards. It will cause losses in the Angry Mob but don't let that 
    stop you. You should still beat them by numbers. Across the bridge is a 
    garrisoned building. Take it down and get the cash. There is a Dragon Tank 
    here too. Take it out quickly before you are all fried. Destroy the other 
    small buildings here and cash in. Then go southeast into the Chinese base.
    You should have over $30000 now, just ten thousand more and you will reach 
    your goal. Destroy the Bunker and the Red Guards inside to lay claim to 
    another bounty. You should find the War Factory next. It seems to be pumping 
    out an endless supply of Troop Crawlers. This means lots of cash to be 
    claimed when you destroy them one by one. You can now just leave your Angry 
    Mob in front of the War Factory and destroy everything that comes out. 
    Then you should get the money required in no time and win!
    The arrogance of America cannot go unanswered. We must show our devotion 
    to freedom's war and keep Turkey from their imperialist grasp. May our 
    aim be true, as we knock their "superior" air force from the sky. The thing 
    is, GLA are not alone in this one! In the real world, lots of people are 
    fed up with the arrogance of America. It's just that most people won't 
    bother to raise an army and oppose the US in countries where they are 
    interested in. (Or risk facing sanctions from the UN!)
    The mission starts with the above view of the Incirlik air base in Adana, 
    Turkey. 2 Raptor jets have just landed. After refueling and reloading, 
    they take off and fly towards their target. They are targeting a small 
    group of 4 Technicals. They know they are being followed by the Raptors, 
    and drive on as fast as possible to cover. The Technicals manage to escape 
    the first barrage of missiles by driving under a bridge, but more missiles 
    are waiting for them as they exit. The group is completely destroyed. One 
    of the GLA Rebels rebuked the US forces as cowards, and told them to fight 
    on the ground, like men! Yeah right.
    We come to your base in the northeastern corner of the map. You must build 
    quickly to stem the tide of airstrikes coming from the west. Build a 
    Barracks and an Arms Dealer, and line the western cliff with Stinger Sites. 
    Some Workers should go south to the junction down there and fortify it 
    as well, since that's where most ground assaults come from. Radar is not 
    provided by the Command Center. You will have to spend money building a 
    Radar Van. Keep it in a safe place so you will know what is going on.
    You start with 4 General Points. Use them to invest in Marauder Tanks, 
    Scud Launchers and a Level 2 Cash Bounty. It will also be wise to build 
    around 5 Quad Cannons and station them in the mountain path to the west 
    of the one leading to your base. This should slow the Raptors down some. 
    Airstrikes should begin soon. You must be prepared to lose Quad Cannons. 
    But still, the money gained from shooting down Raptors ($140 per Raptor 
    destroyed) should help you build more to replace the ones lost.
    Another good thing is that Quad Cannons and Marauder Tanks are salvaging 
    units. They can make themselves more powerful by picking up leftovers from 
    destroyed enemy vehicles. When you have successfully held back the air 
    attacks, it's time to scout. Send in Jarmen Kell. Have him cross the bridge 
    to the west of the mountain path guarded by Quad Cannons. You will come 
    to another Supply Dock, and there are US Rangers and Missile Defenders 
    guarding it. This well seasoned sniper should be able to take them all 
    out. If any vehicles are nearby, you can command him to take out the driver. 
    This leaves that vehicle open to Grand Theft Auto!
    Meanwhile, the US may start using Fuel Air Bombs, but sometimes, it's like 
    a hybrid of Fuel Air Bombs and Carpet Bombing. They usually target your 
    frontal defenses, so be ready to build replacement Quad Cannons. A good 
    idea will be to build an Arms Dealer near the frontal defenses, so new 
    Quad Cannons can be built in a jiffy to replace the ones blown up. Send 
    Jarmen Kell to the southwest. There is an Oil Derrick, and also a Chinese 
    Spy Outpost. You can destroy the outpost later if you like.
    The American Base is to the north. It's not very heavily guarded. Only 
    Patriot Missiles and they are not placed very close to each other. You 
    can try to sneak a Worker to the east of the village outside the base and 
    build a Tunnel Network. This will help in getting your assault forces in 
    quickly. So, now, build a division of 8 Marauder Tanks and 2 Scud Launchers. 
    When they are ready, send them into the US base via the Tunnel Network 
    you have built. How you destroy the US base is up to you. The worst thing 
    that could happen is that the US Air Force decides to drop a Fuel Air Bomb 
    onto your attacking forces, thus delaying you assault.
    *****MISSION 5: ARAL SEA*****
    Reports from the Aral Sea are not good. The Americans have taken control 
    of our toxin storage facilities. We stand to lose a critical weapon in 
    our war of global liberation. Therefore, we must retake those storage 
    bunkers. This time, we are fighting in a lake kind of place called the 
    Aral Sea. This lake is shared by Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. So it's quite 
    a cross border battle, this really is. You will be interested to know what 
    our critical weapon is. I really am curious too!
    The mission starts in the heat of a battle between GLA and American forces 
    over a toxin storage bunker. The GLA are initially doing well, since they 
    are massacring all those Americans who are defending it. While the GLA 
    are distracted, Colonel Burton, the hero of the Americans run towards the 
    bunker. He quickly plants a Remote Demo Charge on the Bunker, and instruct 
    all of his forces to flee. At this point, the GLA unit thinks that they 
    have won. They laugh about how the cowards run, and that even their hero 
    runs from them. They are about to secure the bunker when they notice that 
    the Americans have set a bomb! Boom! The toxin leaks everywhere, killing 
    the GLA troops. The GLA commander mutters how those cowardly dogs cannot 
    even lose with honor. We will show them! That's right.
    We now come to your base in the southwest corner of the map. Immediately 
    build a Barracks and a Palace. Also send the Rocket Buggy and his two 
    Technical friends to the east, across the bridge to scout. Take out the 
    Humvees, Crusader Tank and infantry units guarding the area. Meanwhile, 
    back at home, build more Scorpions, Quad Cannons and upgrade the former 
    with Scorpion Rockets. Use them to hold back the enemy advance. Continue 
    to the east. There are 2 loaded Bunkers. Have your Toxin Tractors ready 
    to clear them out. Once your Palace is built, you can send in Jarmen Kell 
    to garrison one of them, while your Rocket Troops take the other.
    You have basically secured the southern entrance to the American base. 
    Now, let's go and take care of our own base's defense. American scouts 
    would have discovered you. Continue building Scorpion Tanks and Quad 
    Cannons. Also start working on Black Markets. They generate more cash. 
    Also use your 4 General Points on Scud Launchers and a Level 3 Cash Bounty. 
    Then you will have more money than enough to go round. You will notice 
    that the US would have started building a Particle Cannon. Since you are 
    so close to their base, you can reach in and destroy it with ease.
    You can start by building an Arms Dealer near the 2 Bunkers by the bridge 
    you have taken over. Pump out Scud Launchers. Move them up the bridge 
    escorted by Quad Cannons. You should be able to destroy the frontal defenses 
    there along with a Barracks before the Particle Cannon is fired. It seems 
    that they will target your forward outpost first. So, it's not much of 
    a threat anyway. Keep blasting open an opening in the south. You are getting 
    closer and closer to the Particle Cannon. It is being guarded by a Strategy 
    Center on Bombardment Mode. Fortunately, those things have a minimum range. 
    Get up close and destroy it. You can then destroy the Particle Cannon, 
    although they may get to fire it one more time.
    Now, it's a matter of time until the USA base is completely destroyed. 
    Once no one is standing in the way, send in Rebels and capture any 4 toxin 
    storage bunkers, and the mission will be complete.
    A GLA splinter group has abandoned our cause, and joined the Dragon to 
    fight against us. This betrayal must be answered with righteous anger. 
    Attack their convoys and sever their supply lines. Then crush the traitors 
    and their Chinese masters. I guess some factions of the GLA are feeling 
    very unconfident that the GLA is going to lose, and hence are trying to 
    defect to the good side. But traitors deserve to die!
    The scene starts with a Chinese convoy sending supplies and reinforcements 
    to the GLA splinter group. You will be told that these defectors have made 
    a deal with the Chinese to destroy the GLA. They also have retrieved their 
    nukes to use against us! You are to ambush the convoy and show the world 
    what happens to traitors, wipe them out. Actually, the ambush scene is 
    being done for you. The instant all the Chinese are killed, the 3 convoy 
    trucks carrying the Nukes will be yours.
    We now direct your attention to your own base. This is supposed to be a 
    base building mission, but you can beat it in less than a minute! First, 
    send the 3 convoy trucks into the base. Arrange them in a triangle so they 
    surround the Command Center, and are close to the other 3 production 
    structures. Meanwhile, invest in a level 3 Ambush. Detonate the 3 Convoy 
    Trucks simultaneously. You should more or less destroy at least 3 of the 
    4 buildings, leaving the holes behind while the 4th building is heavily 
    damaged. Immediately call in the Ambush. For some strange reason, the 
    Rebels are immune to radiation. Have them finish off the holes and the 
    heavily damaged structure. Then, you hear the cheer and the mission will 
    be complete! It's as easy as that!
    This is the battle we have dreaded, and prayed for, my brother. We must 
    take control of the Cosmodrome from the Chinese and Americans. The missiles 
    there will serve a deadly feast against our enemies, and start the true 
    liberation of the world! This is our destiny! I wonder how will this 
    liberation of the world will take place after the first biological missile 
    is launched at a busy city. I guess the GLA will build and launch more 
    missiles at different parts of the world until they submit, eh?
    In the opening scene, we get to see the insides of the Baikonur cosmodrome. 
    There is a rocket being shipped via railway to the launch site. According 
    to the PA system, a rocket is about to the launched into space. At the 
    gantry, there are lots of engineers working on things like the rocket fuels 
    and the provisions. You hear a transmission from Jarmen Kell. That is the 
    essay that we will carry on our message. They have prepared it for launch. 
    We must strike swiftly if we are to capture it. Today we will meet our 
    destiny! Our destiny my foot. Your forces have just entered.
    We now direct attention to your Command Center in the southwest of the 
    map. Start building up your base. Soon, the Nuclear Missile and Particle 
    Cannon will begin their countdowns. You will be shown the Ground Control 
    Facility and the Launchpad. You have to capture both so that you can install 
    the chemical warhead and control the rocket. Move a worker east to the 
    railroads. Build Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks there. This is a choke 
    point from which the US forces attack. You have an entire field to build 
    your base, so you can spread out the buildings more. At the same time, 
    there is an oil derrick to the bottom left for you to tap for profit.
    When you have built the Palace, use your General Points to invest in 
    Hijackers and Level 3 Cash Bounty. Train some Hijackers and send them north 
    to the railroad. The Chinese will be attacking with Overlord Tanks later 
    from this choke point. Stealing some will not be a problem if they are 
    distracted. After you have the Overlord, that corner can be considered 
    to be secure! After all, the Chinese often do not build enough units to 
    deal with their own medicine.
    The Americans will start by bombarding your frontal position near the 
    railroads with Aurora bombers, so keep some Quad Cannons there. Once the 
    bombs are dropped, the Bombers become vulnerable and can be shot down for 
    $500 apiece! Start building Rocket Buggies and upgrade them up to the max. 
    You are to begin a sneak attack on the US base. When you have crossed the 
    choke point, the timers of the 2 superweapons would have started to work. 
    The Particle Cannon is to fire 8 minutes later while the Nuke will come 
    after 2 minutes! But focus on the US base first.
    Your first attack is destined to fail. So, build a backup team in that 
    frontal position. The Paladins and Tomahawks who took your small team out 
    are going to get into your trap and be destroyed. When they are done, send 
    the backup team into the base. Meanwhile, the Nuke should be fired at the 
    train depot to the north of your initial base. There may be casualties, 
    and a squad of Troop Crawlers carrying Red Guards will come to fight.
    Send your new squad of Quad Cannons over to the airfield and stop any planes 
    from taking off. Train some Rebels and load them into a Technical. Send 
    them into the US base. Send them over to the Strategy Center and capture 
    it. Capture the Cold Fusion Reactors, Supply Drop Zone and War Factory. 
    Then basically the US cannot really fight back. Continue acquiring the 
    other buildings, including the Particle Cannon. It's for YOUR use and they 
    still do not have the chance to use it.
    It is now time to build a Scud Storm. While the 2 Superweapons are prepping, 
    upgrade your Radar Vans to use the Radar Scan and start searching for the 
    Nuclear Missile. It's somewhere along the railway lines to the northwest. 
    You will have to let the Chinese nuke you once before you can fight back. 
    Once the Nuke is destroyed, the battle is basically won. It's now a matter 
    of the final assault on the Chinese base to control the gantry. Now that 
    you have the US base, start taking the ground control center.
    There is no need to deal with the Chinese base, so it seems. However, the 
    MiGs guarding the launchpad are an annoyance. Use the Scud Storm to destroy 
    the Chinese airfield and they have no home to return to. Then, drop an 
    Anthrax bomb into the pit to clear out all the tanks down there. Then all 
    you have to do is to break through some weak defenses left behind, and 
    the launchpad will be captured, allowing you to win.
    You see the chemical warhead being loaded into a rocket, and it is targeting 
    a big city far away. The civilians run in fear, but cannot hide from the 
    green chemicals. Lots of deaths occur. The GLA has made their statement 
    to the world. Hence the global liberation begins.
    7. Chinese Campaign
    China being the third largest country in the world is in no short of desolate 
    places. There are vast deserts to the west, and those places may be so 
    remote that nasty organizations will take cover there. It is true in the 
    real world that certain separatists may choose to hide there. In this game, 
    the nasty organization is the Global Liberation Army. Fortunately, 
    security is being improved in the west, and those pro Xinjiang independence 
    people cannot work that well now! Let's go and expel some nasty immigrants!
    *****MISSION 1: BEIJING, CHINA*****
    An intelligence officer by the name of Lin Zhang is assigned to give you 
    information on the missions you are about to enter. Today, as our Chinese 
    army parades in the capital square (Tiananmen Square), your troops will 
    provide security for the glorious display of our military strength. 
    Providing security means protecting the perimeter and to prevent any 
    undesirables to interfere with the event. The thing is, if a mission is 
    assigned to such scenarios, something must have gone wrong!
    It is the capital of Beijing, and lots of vehicles and Red Guards are 
    marching along Tiananmen Lu. (Tiananmen Road) For some strange reason, 
    the large portrait of the late Chairman Mao Zedong is not there. Judging 
    by the signs placed near the road, the Chinese are celebrating new year. 
    But I never heard of parades during the new year. I also don't know that 
    civilians are allowed to stand that close to the parading troops. Meanwhile, 
    down a alley, a car bomber is heading to the parade, and blows up the Inferno 
    Cannons parading. This is when the marching Chinese realize that they are 
    under attack. They fight back, and while they are about to defeat the small 
    ambushers, a container truck drives slowly to Tiananmen Square. The 
    contents of the truck are detonated. It's a tactical nuke! The ambush is 
    just a diversion! Most of the troops are killed, and Tiananmen Square is 
    smashed! This also means that parts of the Forbidden City is heavily damaged! 
    The GLA will pay for destroying one of my country's monuments!
    We now direct your attention to your main base. Move your 3 Dragon Tanks 
    out of the base. You will find Car Bombers approaching, but don't bother 
    stopping them. They are after your Bunkers. Even if you stop those Car 
    Bombers by the means of mining the Bunkers, those 2 will still be destroyed 
    when the 2 Technicals open fire on them! Have your Dragon Tanks burn the 
    Technicals. Then move southwest to the junction. There are a couple more 
    Technicals, some Rebels and a Tunnel Network here. But they are no match 
    for your flames. Hose them down! In the heat of this skirmish, a group 
    of 5 Battlemaster Tanks will come to support you. Horde effect is on!
    Send your Dragon Tanks to the southeast, near the Forbidden City (You have 
    got the orientation of the Tiananmen and the Forbidden City wrong, EA!). 
    There are more surviving tanks hiding there. Take them all with you and 
    go across the bridge. You will be the notified that a fire strike is on 
    the way. The 4 MiGs deployed will open fire on that small battalion of 
    GLA tanks, technicals and rebels and blast them to pieces. That's not all. 
    The combined firepower results in a firestorm in that part of the forest. 
    You can now move across the bridge.
    You come to a junction. Turn left for a shortcut to the weapon bunker, 
    and turn right for the hard way. This guide assumes you turn right. After 
    all, there will be more enemies to kill, and that makes it more fun. The 
    first group of enemies you find are up the slope. There are some Technicals 
    and a Scorpion Tank, and are just small fry. Destroy them and continue 
    moving up the hill. You now come to some Technicals, Rebels and a garrisoned 
    tent. Send one Dragon Tank up there. This thing is so effective that it 
    can destroy all of them single-handedly and still has breathing space.
    You then come to a Scorpion Tank, Technical and some foolhardy Rebels 
    guarding a Tunnel Network. Destroy. Then comes the final group guarding 
    the Nuclear Bunker. Destroy them all. If you play your cards right, you 
    can suffer zero losses here. Once final task remains, destroy the Nuclear 
    Bunker to prevent any further attacks on our people. Just go and destroy 
    it and enjoy the fireworks! Kaboom! That's it for the first Chinese level.
    *****MISSION 2: HONG KONG, CHINA*****
    An active GLA cell has been unmasked in Hong Kong. It is suspected that 
    the terrorists are targeting the buildings in the commercial center. The 
    cell must be crushed and its members eradicated. Strike hard, and without 
    mercy. Hooray! Finally. It's about time that the producers in the Command 
    and Conquer universe take note of this oriental pearl, which is also my 
    hometown! Chinese forces are to move in again to kick the GLA out. But 
    what's this? The terrorists are using the Convention Center as a base? 
    Come on, the Convention Center is only used for business conferences and 
    large exhibitions! There is no place for you to station GLA soldiers there. 
    Besides, the PLA is always posted in Hong Kong. Better let them do it.
    The opening scene shows the long suspension bridge in Hong Kong known as 
    the Tsing Ma Bridge. Chinese forces are crossing the bridge to Hong Kong 
    Island. Hey! You got the geography of Hong Kong completely wrong, EA! The 
    Tsing Ma Bridge is supposed to link the islands of Ma Wan with Tsing Yi. 
    It forms an important link between the airport and the urban center. The 
    closest harbor crossing to the Convention Center is the Cross-Harbor Tunnel! 
    So, those troops should have crossed in a tunnel. While they are crossing, 
    the troops don't seem to notice the time bomb placed under the bridge. 
    The bomb explodes and the bridge collapses. Almost all of the Chinese forces 
    are knocked into the water, and only the ones in the front survive!
    That's one famous landmark in Hong Kong destroyed. You start with 2 
    Construction Dozers, a Battlemaster and a handful of soldiers. You are 
    shown the Convention Center. It seems the GLA is using the New Wing of 
    the Convention and Exhibition Center. It seems that the terrorists are 
    stationed there. You must destroy the center and the attached parking 
    structures to stop the terrorist threat. EA has forgotten another minor 
    detail. The Golden Bauhinia Square should be outside the Convention Center.
    You now start with your base construction. You are building in the west 
    of the map, and you are starting on the Wanchai Sports Ground. All spectator 
    stands have been removed for your convenience. Build the Supply Center, 
    Barracks and War Factory and enable the Radar in the Command Center. Build 
    Gattling Cannons along the road to the northeast of the Wanchai Sports 
    Ground. That's all you need to repel all the GLA attacks coming from the 
    Convention Center. Meanwhile, it's time to do some upgrading in the War 
    Factory. Research Black Napalm and Chain Guns. Then both Dragon Tanks and 
    Gattling Tanks will be 25% more powerful. You will be relying on those 
    two units the most in this mission.
    There is one simple way to hold off the GLA attacks from the Convention 
    Center. See the two narrow roads that go southeast over the water by the 
    New World Renaissance Hotel? (That's the name of that large building. It 
    exists there on the waterfront.) Those are the only 2 ways out of the 
    artificial island of the New Wing of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition 
    Center. Just place some Dragon Tanks there and set up firewalls, or simply 
    station Gattling Tanks there. Anything that comes too close will be either 
    fried or shot to pieces by the machine guns. So, they will be held at bay, 
    and you can explore the rest of this part of the Hong Kong Island. (You 
    are now in the Wanchai District)
    3 events will occur. Firstly, trains will arrive every now and then, 
    bringing in more Red Guards for you to use. If you have used a General 
    Point in Red Guard Training, all Red Guards will be promoted to Veteran 
    status upon arrival. This is another flaw of EA's game geography. There 
    are no old fashioned ground level rail lines serving Hong Kong island. 
    The only railway lines in Hong Kong that are like that are the Suburban 
    Lines like the Tung Chung Line (Hong Kong/Central to Tung Chung), Airport 
    Express (Hong Kong/Central to Airport) and the East Rail (Tsim Sha Tsui 
    East to Lowu). If the Red Guards want to arrive by train, they might as 
    well take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong's metro system), and 
    come out of exit A1 of Wanchai station! (I know this very well since I 
    take the MTR very often.)
    Another thing that will occur is the Star Ferry docked at the ferry pier 
    near your base. The ferry operator complains that those terrorists are 
    ruining his business. He offers to take your troops for a ride to the 
    Convention Center to take them by surprise. This Ferry can take up to 10 
    units at once. Now, EA has got the information about Hong Kong correct 
    here. There is a Star Ferry Pier near the Convention Center. BUT, and this 
    is in capital letters, STAR FERRIES DO NOT CARRY VEHICLES!
    The third event is that Toxin Tractors will start pouring out of a Chemical 
    Factory to the northeast. EA has got it wrong again. This is a commercial 
    district, not an industrial one. Wanchai has got lots of commercial 
    buildings, no matter how worn down, but the chemical industry is not that 
    prevalent. Anyway, just send a couple of Dragon Tanks to burn that factory 
    down to the ground, ok? One Dragon Tank has enough power to destroy 2 to 
    3 Toxin Tractors and come back with some breathing space.
    Now, it's time to turn our attention to the Convention Center itself. Move 
    the Dragon Tanks and Gattling Cannons closer and closer to the Convention 
    Center, step by step. Then the active area of the GLA will be drastically 
    reduced. Then the Convention Center is within range of the Dragon Tank, 
    start spraying it and the attached parking structures with the Firewall 
    to burn it down completely. EA, look what you made me do! You made me destroy 
    one of Hong Kong's famous landmarks! You'll pay for this! Just kidding! 
    The terrorist threat is finished. Good job.
    NOTE: All the rants about EA are not to be taken seriously. It's just that 
    me and my friends in Hong Kong find this mission extremely laughable, since 
    EA basically messed up a lot of things about Hong Kong. Oh, and to tell 
    you the truth, this is my most favorite mission of the whole game.
    We have a most critical situation. Another GLA cell has infested the area 
    surrounding the Three Gorges Dam. Enemy reinforcements now threaten our 
    valiant troops, including our agent, codenamed Black Lotus. Use any means 
    necessary to halt this GLA advance and annihilate their soldiers. We have 
    started to move west in Mission 3. We now come to another famous landmark 
    in China. This time, it is measured in engineering and architectural terms. 
    It's the famous Three Gorges Dam, built to minimize flooding in the Chang 
    Jiang River and to supply the residents there with hydroelectricity.
    Lin Zhong is quite right about the critical situation. The opening scene 
    features the Chinese forces fighting a losing battle to defend their little 
    outpost against the GLA forces. Black Lotus foresaw their defeat. "It's 
    too late, the base is lost. All forces retreat to the dam. I have a plan." 
    The survivors of this battle follow Black Lotus upstream to the north. 
    "We must destroy the dam. Flooding off the valley is the only way to stop 
    the GLA now. Hurry before their forces escape."
    We now come to your single Construction Dozer. First, garrison all infantry 
    into that small tower by the ridge. Then order the Dragon Tank to start 
    working on burning the dam down. Start building a Command Center. Meanwhile, 
    move Black Lotus to the west. There is an additional Construction Dozer, 
    an Oil Derrick and an Oil Refinery for Lotus to capture. Use this new 
    Construction Dozer to build a Nuclear Reactor. The dam should collapse 
    shortly. A large flash flood ensues, ripping the valley apart. The GLA 
    forces still downstream are washed away by the flood, and your base is 
    temporarily cut off from the eastern shore. GLA tanks are amassing there.
    There is a stretch of river where the water level is dropping. When the 
    water drops enough, the enemy will be able to cross, so you must defend 
    that river crossing as quickly as possible. Build some Bunkers and load 
    them full of Tank Hunters in front of that crossing. Add some Gattling 
    Cannons too. Upgrade to Chain Guns for maximum effect. Then you will be 
    ready when the GLA Scorpion Tanks start pouring in. Also work on the War 
    Factory and Airfield too, of course.
    You can send Black Lotus to scout the south. There is an additional Supply 
    Depot that was used by the previous base before it was destroyed. It holds 
    $30000. You should have ample time to defend your side of your river and 
    build whatever you like before the water level has dropped low enough for 
    the GLA tanks to cross over to you. The Scorpion Tanks in this level will 
    eventually be rigged with Scorpion Rockets. Fortunately, the narrow river 
    crossing serves as an excellent choke point to slow them all down. Build 
    up an effective squadron of MiGs, maybe 2 teams of 4.
    Send Black Lotus across the river to scout the place out. She will not 
    be seen. You will come to a village. There are no civilians, since the 
    GLA have killed them all. However, there are lots of garrisoned buildings 
    for the MiGs to burn down. Continue south. You come to the GLA supply pile. 
    Lin Zhong tells you that if you can cut them off from their supplies, the 
    GLA will not be able to continue the fight. Let's not bother with that. 
    Go south and you will enter the base. This entrance is undefended, so Black 
    Lotus cannot be seen at all.
    Use the General Points to acquire the Cluster Mines and a Level 2 Artillery 
    Barrage. Drop mines to the north of the Command Center to reveal the Stinger 
    Site. Use the Artillery to destroy the Stinger Site. These two attacks 
    will attract the attention of the GLA forces, and they will all leave the 
    base to get at you. While the base is unattended, have Black Lotus cash 
    Hack the Supply Stash until the GLA have no more money. Then they really 
    cannot fight back as well since they can't produce the endless stream of 
    Scorpion Tanks with those Scorpion Rockets installed.
    When you are done or bored, just capture the Supply Stash, or just downright 
    destroy it. Then, follow up with a strategy of saturation bombing by the 
    2 squads of MiGs. Eliminate any Scorpion Tanks and Rebels you find first. 
    It will be fun to watch them burn to crisp, everyone of them. Just leave 
    the Command Center to prevent a final strike. When most troops are destroyed, 
    destroy the Command Center with your MiGs. You don't have to destroy it 
    completely. Even if a GLA Hole is left behind, you will be declared the 
    winner of this encounter.
    Agents report that our insidious enemies have constructed a bio-toxin 
    factory in the Tanggula Mountains. You are advised to deploy a commando 
    team led by our fearless operative Black Lotus. Once the strike team has 
    located the factory, the firestorm from our jet fighters will answer the 
    GLA's futile threats. I told you before. The more west you go, the more 
    desolate is the country. There are so many mountains that undesirables 
    can always do what they want, and now we are crawling into the nest.
    The mission begins with a small squadron of MiGs flying towards the 
    Bio-Toxin facility in hopes to destroy it. The problem is that the MiGs 
    are shot down very quickly by the Stinger Sites that are protecting the 
    facility. The captain was so close. His MiG crashed on the cliff right 
    in front of the Bio Toxin Facility. I guess someone forgot to install 
    ejector seats in this place. You now come to your little outpost. Black 
    Lotus is there already. You will be told that the facility is to the north 
    and guarded by Stinger Sites. The facility must not be destroyed by 
    conventional means. Otherwise, the toxin will spill into the Chang Jiang 
    killing thousands. We must use the biostrike weapon from the MiGs to burn 
    out any trace of the toxic chemicals.
    At this moment, a group of Tank Hunters and Red Guards will be paradropped 
    to your assistance. Garrison them all into that small tower to the right. 
    This will hold the enemy off while you train Hackers. Also invest in Cluster 
    Mines. Mine the area around the first Stinger Site. When the Hackers come 
    out, have them hack the Internet to steal money. Since they are initially 
    stealing money $5 by $5, no one will notice that their money is missing! 
    You should be able to train 8 Hackers with the money you have. Keep training 
    until you have at least 15 of them raking in the cash.
    After that, move your soldiers to the east, and destroy the Stinger Site. 
    There should not be much of a problem. After that, have Black Lotus capture 
    the Oil Derrick for even more cash. More infantry units will be paradropped 
    for your disposal once the first Stinger Site is destroy. Head north. There 
    is a group of Rebels and Terrorists guarding the 2 Stinger Sites before 
    the bridge. Use your large horde of Chinese to destroy them all. Also bow 
    up the Rocket Buggy. That's cannon fodder. The Stinger Sites can then be 
    taken out with ease and you will receive even more reinforcements.
    Get close to the bridge, just enough to reveal the Toxin Tractor there. 
    Once you see it, drop mines around it. Then attempt to cross the bridge. 
    You will be told that Toxin Tractors are armed with bioweapons. Black Lotus 
    can disable this vehicle while the Tank Hunters destroy it. However, let's 
    not bother. This Tractor will move after the instruction, and be blown 
    up by the mines. Destroy the Stinger Site behind the Toxin Tractor. The 
    village is separated from your path by a burning barricade. Fortunately, 
    the Tank Hunters can shoot over the barricade and destroy that Toxin Tractor 
    on patrol in advance.
    Continue west and engage the GLA forces. You come to a War Factory. Capture 
    it with Black Lotus. Now you can build Chinese vehicles. Build the usual 
    pairs of Dragon Tanks and Gattling Tanks. Assume control of the town. There 
    is another Oil Derrick for you to take. Note that all the forces will come 
    from the slope to the north. So, erect a Firewall there to keep the GLA 
    at bay for now. Slowly move up the slope, and send another Dragon Tank 
    to the east of the village to take out the GLA that are garrisoned there. 
    Also destroy the Toxin Tractors you find.
    Now, move the twin Dragon Tanks into the base, and use the Firewalls to 
    sweep everything that you find. The 2 Gattling Tanks are there to stop 
    anything that is lucky to run through the flames. The base should be leveled 
    in a blaze. Now, all that leaves is the Final Stinger Site across the bridge. 
    Cross the bridge and torch the garrisoned tower. Move along the main road. 
    Some Rebels will attempt to garrison the buildings, but you can burn them 
    out in no time. Run up to the Tunnel Network and destroy it. The same goes 
    for the final Stinger Site protecting the Bio Toxin Factory.
    Now, the MiGs will arrive, and open fire on the factory. The factory takes 
    direct hit! It explodes, and the toxins are still spilled. Anyway, delivery 
    is free today only! Hahahaha!
    A major GLA cell has taken hold of Balykchy, and driven the citizens from 
    the city. Our American friends have agreed to help us in our quest to rid 
    world of the GLA. Destroy the city, and crush the GLA like insects. Finally, 
    we have advanced outside China. The Global Liberation Army really is 
    considerate this time. Instead of slaughtering all the locals, they just 
    kick them out. Anyway, the GLA are placed in scattered positions around 
    the city, and you are to destroy each outpost one by one.
    The mission starts with an American Boeing B-52H Stratofortress flying 
    over the city of Balykchy. The pilot is taking orders from the Chinese 
    here. The Chinese commander asks the pilot to proceed to the target, and 
    drop its payload. The pilot has spotted the GLA on the radar. He tells 
    the Chinese to cover their ears, since it will hit loud down there. The 
    bombardment begins, although no bombs are visible, damage is certainly 
    done. This is because all the GLA troops are being blown to pieces whenever 
    the bomber passes above them!
    We now come to your base to the south of the city. It is pretty much fortified, 
    although you can build more Gattling Cannons around some gaps, and Bunkers 
    in other places. Start building up the base infrastructure. As you are 
    defending your base against the Terrorists and Marauder Tanks, invest in 
    Cluster Mines, a Level 2 Artillery Barrage and the Nuke Cannon. Send an 
    Artillery Strike to the Arms Dealer and Stinger Site to the northwest. 
    The strike should be able to destroy both buildings.
    After that, build a squadron of MiGs and use them to destroy the Arms Dealer 
    directly to the north, across the river. Start training Hackers now. Your 
    first target is the outpost to the far north. Drop Carpet Bombs and an 
    Artillery Barrage to destroy it completely. There are now 3 targets 
    remaining. Let the Hackers hack money from the Internet to fund your 
    activities now. You should build 4 Overlord Tanks and 2 Nuke Cannons. Also 
    send Black Lotus out to scout for your tanks, so that you can find the 
    Demo Traps. Send this battalion northwest to the outpost there.
    The outpost should fall very quickly. Make sure you keep the Nuke Cannons 
    to the rear since they are very vulnerable to attacks. After this base, 
    there will be 2 targets remaining. Start going southeast. There is a Supply 
    Stash there. You can use Black Lotus to cash hack their money until they 
    have none left, although I doubt you need that much cash! The outpost is 
    just south of the railroad track. Be careful of the Demo Traps down there. 
    There are some Oil Derricks to the far south, but I doubt you need to capture 
    those. Just destroy the outpost and get it over with.
    There is now only 1 target remaining, and it is to the northwest. This 
    is the main base, with the Command Center and all. To get to the base, 
    follow the railroad tracks. You will find it guarded by many Bunkers. Use 
    the Nuke Cannons to take the Bunkers out from the distance. The Barracks 
    to the west continuously pumps out terrorists. Destroy it to stem the flow. 
    Now, I don't care how you destroy the rest of the enemies, since their 
    defeat is inevitable at this point. Happy demolishing!
    Disturbing news, a GLA Cell has commandeered one of our people's railroad 
    lines to move its troops. It is gathering a large force in Bishkek, the 
    subcapital of Aldastan. (I have no idea what they are talking about, really, 
    since the capital of Kyrgystan is Bishkek) Only your decisive counterattack 
    can crush the GLA's latest offensive. That's right, this is another mission 
    involving our operative Black Lotus. You are to destroy a section of the 
    railroad to stop the GLA from moving their troops into Bishkek.
    The mission starts with a shot of a GLA controlled train moving into Bishkek. 
    It crosses a railroad bridge, and stops at the Bishkek central station. 
    There, the Rebels start pouring out of the train to assist their brethren. 
    We now come to the attention of your base. Black Lotus is provided already. 
    You are provided with 3 Hackers to generate income. Have them start hacking 
    the internet now. There is a quick way of stemming the arrival of 
    reinforcements. Build a Dragon Tank, and send it to the east, to the 
    railroad. Position the tank to the right and have it set up a Firewall. 
    Then any train carriages will not make it past the flames.
    Now, let's start to explore the are to the far east. Build more Dragon 
    Tanks, and upgrade with Black Napalm. There is an Arms Dealer surrounded 
    by Demo Traps. Have Black Lotus reveal the traps and let the Dragon Tanks 
    destroy them. There is also a Stinger Site to the north for you to burn. 
    Once all threats are gone, hack and capture the Arms Dealer. You now have 
    access to GLA's Radar Scan Technique, enabling you to reveal a small part 
    of the map each 30 seconds.
    Head north and you will come to the train station. There is a UN supply 
    crate there. Further to the north are some GLA Supply Stashes. You can 
    have Black Lotus continuously Cash Hacking the Stashes if you wish. Now, 
    go south and west across the bridge. At this point, Angry Mobs will start 
    coming out of the soccer stadium to the west. Send the Dragon Tanks there 
    to the stadium, and try to avoid any Scorpion Tanks on patrol. The Firewall 
    is very effective in destroying the stadium. There are 8 pieces of stadium 
    to destroy. When they are all down, no more Angry Mobs will come out to 
    bother you. These guys are just so annoying!
    When the stadium is destroyed, move a Dragon Tank to the north to the parking 
    lot. Destroy all the cars there. This is because some of them hold car 
    bombers. You may cause a Radar Van and 2 Quad cannons to come after you, 
    but fortunately the Dragon Tank can take them out single-handedly and be 
    promoted to Veteran Status. Send the Dragon Tank back to the south of the 
    stadium, and let Black Lotus join them. See the roundabout to the northeast? 
    There are lots of GLA Scorpion Tanks and Marauder Tanks on patrol. Use 
    Black Lotus to disable the vehicles while the Dragon Tanks destroy them 
    without fear of any retaliation.
    It is important to take the Scorpion Tanks one at a time, since they are 
    patrolling in groups of 3 and 4. Luring a tank away from the crowd is 
    especially effective against these enemies. Once all tanks are cleared, 
    move north. It seems that once you approach the buildings to the north 
    of the roundabout, the alarm will be raised, and GLA units will come after 
    you. You can cancel their alarm by retreating to the south. Start working 
    on the garrisoned GLA buildings.
    Once all the GLA units who respond to the alarm are destroyed, you can 
    simply send Black Lotus to the bridge, without bothering with all those 
    Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks. Black Lotus will go in the middle of 
    the bridge and drop her explosive charges. Now, all we need is a train. 
    The next train approaches. The bomb goes off just as the train gets onto 
    the bridge. The bridge collapses and the passengers are drowned. Yay!
    The moment of ultimate victory is near. The GLA cell masterminding all 
    Asia-Pacific operations has been located in this region. You are authorized 
    to unleash our nuclear arsenal, and reduce our foes to dust. China's future 
    is balanced in your hands. Finally, you are allowed to unleash your nukes 
    on the GLA. There is a big problem though. The usage of nuclear weapons 
    is heavily regulated by unwritten rules in the United Nations. Would 
    anti-war hippies and members of CND complain about all this?
    It's the start of the final Chinese mission, named Nuclear Winter. Chinese 
    forces are advancing along a mountain valley. All seems uneventful, until 
    you find that GLA's commando mercenary Jarmen Kell is watching you over 
    a cliff. He quickly shoots the lead Chinese Red Guard dead. At this point, 
    the Chinese infantry decide to take cover. But that is when the Scud 
    Launchers strike. They launch Anthrax Warheads to you, and lots of your 
    troops are poisoned. A battle ensues, and some MiGs fly over to help you 
    destroy the Scuds. You now take control. Kill them all.
    Send your forces up the slope and to the southeast. There is a GLA outpost 
    there. It is guarded by Rocket Buggies, Scorpion Tanks and Marauder Tanks. 
    Keep the 2 Inferno Cannons to the rear, and the Overlord Tanks to the front. 
    In the heat of this battle, losses are to be expected. So, you may want 
    to keep the Dragon Tanks out of this for the meantime. Destroy everything 
    the GLA has except for their Supply Center. Not long after you have 
    destroyed the base, you will find that a Scud Storm has been built.
    Build your base, and keep your balance below $5000. Otherwise, the Scuds 
    will fire when they are ready. Move your Overlord Tanks to the opening 
    to the north and guard it. This is the only way into your base. Resources 
    are limited here, and there are only 4 Supply Piles. You must quickly build 
    your way to the Propaganda Center and start training Hackers to supplement 
    your income. When there are enough hackers, enlist the help of Black Lotus. 
    You will need her to sneak into the GLA base to stop the Scud Storm. But 
    first, send Black Lotus to the GLA Supply Stash and steal money until there 
    is no more left. (That Stash is not connected to the other money supply 
    in the main GLA base, for some strange reason.)
    Send Black Lotus, to the northwest, across the town. That way, she will 
    avoid Jarmen Kell, who is hiding in a tower in the market place near the 
    center of the city. You will come to a small GLA outpost. It is guarded 
    by 3 Tunnel Networks. At this point, you should use your 7 General Points 
    to invest in an Emergency Repair, Level 3 Artillery Barrage, Cluster Mines, 
    EMP Bomb and the Nuke Cannon. Send an Artillery Barrage to destroy the 
    westernmost Tunnel Network. The other 2 are to be destroyed by means of 
    airstrikes. Just be careful of the chemical factory.
    Oh, never mind about the Chemical Factroy. I am sure that the second 
    Artillery Barrage will destroy it. Make sure Black Lotus is to the far 
    west. The Anthrax Beta will leak all over the GLA outpost, stemming attacks 
    from there for a long time. Once the blue Anthrax mist has settled, have 
    Black Lotus capture the Arms Dealer. Try to defend it if you please. Use 
    MiGs to help you. As you can see, your efforts are futile. But still, the 
    firestorm from your MiGs will most likely destroy the GLA Barracks as well. 
    This renders the GLA outpost useless, and their attacks will be slowed 
    down by a lot. Now, send Black Lotus to the north, up the mountains. Use 
    MiGs to destroy any Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks you find.
    As the Tunnel Networks and Stinger Sites are cleared, send Black Lotus 
    deeper and deeper into the GLA base. You will get close to the Scud Storm. 
    When all the defenses around it are destroyed, have Black Lotus capture 
    it. Then, you can use the Scud Storm against the GLA base before selling 
    it for the cash. (It's unlikely you can keep it until the next launch.) 
    After that, send Black Lotus back to the GLA outpost to the south. Start 
    leeching money of the GLA by the means of the Cash Hack. Eventually, the 
    GLA will be starved of supplies, and cannot attack as rapidly.
    You may want to send squads of Overlord Tanks to hold the area. Place them 
    at the 2 openings in the northern ridges. Now, the GLA is effectively 
    contained at the northern half of the map. Send Black Lotus into the base 
    again. Now, it's a matter of saturation bombing. Use Black Lotus to reveal 
    any potential targets for the MiGs and send them in, destroying buildings 
    one by one. Build a Nuclear Missile Silo and take advantage of the Artillery 
    Barrage. Once every major GLA building is destroyed, the final mission 
    will be complete, and the Chinese will have a mighty military parade in 
    the city of Dushanbe. The Nuke Cannons will fire at the sky to rejoice!
    8. Conclusion
    After a 2 year hiatus, I can finally complete what I wanted to do. That 
    is to write a guide telling people how to deal with the single player 
    missions. It seems that on all Message Boards of Real Time Strategy Games 
    that I have visited, people seem to care only about Multiplayer. This is 
    one trend in computer games that I tend to dislike. At least people seem 
    to care more about the single player missions in games like Rainbow Six, 
    since they are so hard to beat, it's going to take ages to beat that game 
    suffering zero losses. So, there may be some hope after all. This guide 
    is to be posted on GameFAQs and only GameFAQs, so I won't let any other 
    site post this. Of course, it is copyright 2005 by Alasdair Lo.
    Appendix I: Feedback Information [A1]
    Since the publishing of the original version of my Command and Conquer: 
    Generals Side Comparison Guide, I have decided that I must make some new 
    rules for those people who want to give me a feedback about my guides. 
    All future strategy guides will have this section. If the following rules 
    are not observed, I will just consider your e-mail to be spam mail or flame 
    mail, and I will delete it without reading it, and will blacklist your 
    e-mail address.
    For publishing permission:
    I used to allow people to publish my guides on their websites as long as 
    they ask for permission. However, I will now ignore all the requests for 
    this guide to be posted on other websites due to the fact that I am updating 
    it consistently, and only Gamefaqs can receive the most updated version 
    of this guide. Besides, having only one site host my work can help in 
    creating efficiency, as there will be many stray versions of my guide in 
    the internet and stuff, and it will make things very difficult to the 
    readers. Although I do not have a lawyer to sue anyone if they do it without 
    my permission, I expect everyone to have self discipline about these 
    Concerning the submission of your own tips:
    I am always ready to accept tips from readers in order to add more flavor 
    to my guide. However, you must read my guide thoroughly first, and make 
    sure that your tip has not been listed in my guide. Otherwise, it would 
    be a waste of your time or my time.
    Feedback Concerning Mistakes: (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, LISTEN 
    As I am a human, and we are all humans, we all make mistakes. Nobody is 
    perfect. If I had made any mistakes in my guide, feel free to e-mail me. 
    But however, you must follow these rules. I have typed out some bad examples 
    with each rule, and they are from some of the e-mail I received by people 
    who are dissatisfied by my original Command and Conquer: Generals side 
    comparison guide.
    You must:
    Be polite, as I will take these feedback letters as seriously as formal 
    letters, and you should specify the version number of my guide, then I 
    can check my guide out. However, it need not be as formal as business letters, 
    after all it is only a game. You should also present yourself clearly, 
    I won't even think about anything that I cannot understand at the first 
    glance, as I am a busy person.
    For example, "I enjoyed reading your guide, but disagreed with you on some 
    points." From a person called Alex Shikh or "I agree with you that China 
    is the strongest factions, but it is not much stronger than the other 2." 
    From Ives Gobau And so on.
    You must not:
    Say any foul language and offend me. 
    For example, "Your guide was ********, full of lies and biased opinions." 
    From K Truin. You are not going to make me listen by saying rude words 
    to me, you will only give me the impression that you are either uneducated 
    or have low EQ.
    Conduct any surveys about how good my guide is and give it to me, as I 
    could not care less about your so-called surveys. 
    For example, "I have conducted a survey about your guide and over 90% said 
    that it was a trashy tabloid." From Frozak.
    Start a petition to have my guide removed. 
    Before, I was worried about this annoying "Petition: FAQ Removal" board 
    made by a certain person called GamerEX. That is, "I would like to start 
    the petition to have kylohk's Command and Conquer: Generals Side Comparison 
    Guide as it is based on opinions and fluff." When I was asked by IGN to 
    publish my Side Comparison Guide on their site, I told the sender about 
    my worries, and he assured me that I can stick with my own ways and need 
    not listen to angry letter up. So, that's what, if you make any rash moves 
    like organizing petitions, I really won't bother to negotiate with you.
    Finally, you must not say anything I consider to be racist. 
    For example, "You mentioned that you live in China that is obvious, 
    considering your bias towards this side, etc..." "I am afraid that your living 
    in China has blinded your judgment so much." From someone I could not 
    remember his name. So, what are you trying to say, say that us Chinese 
    are all idiots? Besides, the word bias is used to describe unfair 
    comparisons due to neglecting some facts. As I have put all facts into 
    account, I really cannot have made any bias towards any sides.
    From all the 50 or so letters complaint I received, I decided to listen 
    to less than 5 of them. Why? As only 5 of them could follow the rules stated 
    above. So, you MUST take those points into consideration, or else, don't 
    expect me to listen to you.
    Game Help:
    If you have read my guide and did not understand something, feel free to 
    ask, but please do not do this too often, as my e-mail account has other 
    You may have wondered why I put this section up. This is a new 
    "Anti-disturbance" ordinance I set up for my own use, in order to minimize 
    all those annoying and insulting things I receive. In fact, during 
    September alone, I received at least a hundred of mail concerning my Side 
    Comparison Guide, and I am now to make sure this will never ever happen 
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Lo Kai Yan Alasdair, kylohk. (Kai Yan Lo From Hong Kong)

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