"The game is addictive, it is pretty, and it plays extremely well."


Command & Conquer was one of the series that I liked since the beginning, not as much as Blizzard's, but the C&Cs were always good games.

Now everything has changed (ok, not everything) since Red Alert 2, C&C was getting really good, it had something, a light hearted attitude of not taking anything seriously that made it so fun (and the .ini files, which let you edit it, were quite fun, too) and now, Generals not only takes this same light hearted attitude, but it also takes many of Blizzard's ideas, to make Generals the best C&C by far.


First of all, the graphics have been greatly enhanced, it looks as good as most FPSs and it has tons of units on screen. The explosions look good, if not a bit unrealistic (but come on, who cares). Fantastic graphics gives a whole new dimension to the C&C rts games. Vehicles and buildings are rendered and animated in amazing detail, soldiers being so small don't get the same treatment though. If you've played any of the previous C&C games you'll be right at home with the controls. Most of the weapons pack a satisfying punch to them - laying waste to a base with a nuke or a chemical SCUD attack is great fun unless you're on the receiving end.

The sound is fair, I still like better Blizzard's kind of game where most units have many responses and most of the times they are hilarious, but I guess that is just an added bonus, the sound sounds war-like and most things sound okay.


Gameplay has been greatly improved, instead of buildings that appeared by magic in the battlefield, now a constructor builds the building, it is now more difficult to win by using only tanks or only units, because the game has been balanced a lot, even though the heroes are still very powerful and can take a base by themselves if handled right. The super weapons have been weakened a bit, but still they are super-powerful, killing anything that lives in the area of effect, and seriously damaging any buildings. The only problem is that you can build as many super weapons as you want, and the 3 races have more super weapons than just the nuclear missiles kind, so sometimes there's a rain from heaven of tons of missiles with a nuclear strike or something.

As a general you receive promotions, the best thing this game has, in my opinion, and you can buy (or get) some new advantages, as having the normal soldiers become veterans or as building a new tank, this gives many more options and strategies, very cool indeed.

It is different from the rest of the c&c series. It adds new dimensions to strategy gameplay - like camera zoom and rotating the new units and story make gameplay more interesting. The GLA is more imaginative than real. It is hard to find flaws in this game. At first the game did seem to have something different about it, but as soon as you get into the game....its pretty much the same as all the rest.

The Multiplayer option is quite well organised.Perhaps one of the most breathtaking strategy games I have ever experienced.The graphics in this game add realism to gameplay.It is better than C&C Renegade which was simply a waste.


The game is fun and will keep you entertained and the campaign is good (but you'll spend more time in custom maps than in campaign, much more time), definitely must buy. I thought that this game was a blast. The online stuff is fun, especially all the different maps. The only problem that I had with the game was the fact that you were so limited in what you could build. If you were US, you had the advantage with the airpower, the Chinese had the advantage with the tanks, and the GLA had the advantage with the sneak attacks. I would've preferred a wider range of missions, instead of mostly search-and-destroy. It would've also been fun to have more to do with naval operations, but I understand that was in the expansion pack. Overall this is a fun game, probably not one to buy at a new price, but one you could buy cheaply. It is a fun game, overall.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/18/06

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