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"A Great Real Time Strategy With Very Few Flaws"

Recently, there has been a lot of classic real time strategy games being released. Age of Mythology and Warcraft III really set new standards for a new generation of strategy games. In my opinion, I don't think Command and Conquer: Generals surpasses them, but it definitely doesn't fall short. It is right on par with these other two great real time strategy games, making this year, a very good year for real time strategy game fans. Command and Conquer has been a long, great series and this might be one of the best if not the best. This time around, things are more realistic, including the story. The sound and graphics take the Command and Conquer series to a new level. The factions are U.S.A., China, and the GLA, each with different units, technologies and strategies. Command your troops to Conquer the foe!

Command and Conquer has always been a hit series and this time is no different. Its a real time strategy game where you must build your base and army and conquer the opposition. In the campaigns, you will be put under different scenarios and have different goals. The units in this game or more realistic than before. Helicopters, jets, bombers, artillery, tanks, infantry, and other units will help you in annihilating your enemy. Use strategy and make sure your base is well defended from enemy attacks and you should pull through.

The story in Command and Conquer: Generals is more realistic and quite possibly. However I doubt it will truly happen, it is a possible scenario. I am going to try to do this without spoiling much. There is the United States of America, the Chinese, and the Global Liberation Army (GLA). The Global Liberation army is like a terrorist group. They are trying to undo the evil of the imperial countries. You can play in campaigns as well as skirmish and online as these factions. Progress the story by finishing the levels.

The sound is excellent. The units have great sounds of acknowlegement and sound effects. The explosions and other sound effects sound good also. The music picks up with action and sets the mood well. The music is a light rock that will pick up with action to hard rock.

The game is now put into a 3D world with great looking graphics. This game has a high demand and you will need a decent computer to handle it. If you have everything on low, the game won't look that great, but will look okay, however if you have it on high, it looks really good. There is nothing more pleasing to see a squadron of bombers do a airstrike on a convoy of tanks, followed up with some helicopters, armored vehicles and infantry.

First the obvious one. The game has high requirements, which a lot of people will have problems with. I recommend you upgrading. Next is a subtle, minor one... I don't like how the path finding is on units. They always find their way, but sometimes they go incredibly slow and stretch out the large army into a large line of units.

I can imagine everyone playing this for a long time. You can play skirmishes, the campaign, online, etc. You will not get bored of playing this, just like a majority of other real time strategy games.

This game was good. I am really impressed with it. I recommend it highly. Its very pleasing and it is amongst the must get real time strategy games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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