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"General, we have a winner."

Ahh, Command & Conquer. Just mention the name and everyone will remember the grand-daddy of RTS games released in 1995. Since then, Westwood has been hard at work to keep up with the benchmark of quality RTS games - Starcraft and the ''Age of'' series, in particular.

The makers of the latter two RTS series has also joined the fray by releasing two games in recent times - Warcraft3 and Age of Mythology respectively. So, how does EA's latest effort - Generals, stack up against the competition? Here's a quick look.

Gameplay - 7/10
The gameplay of Generals does excel in its own way, however in order for that to happen EA had to strip the C&C series of some of its traditions. Firstly, the menu is no longer to the right of the screen, instead it's now rooted to the bottom, Warcraft3 and Age of Myth style. Apart from that, credits resources are also no longer ''scattered'' around the map like Tiberium or Ore, instead it now exists in the form of Cargo supplies, and are brought back to the base in exchange for cash. The game features a wide variety of units and upgrades, and the fact that each side (America, China and GLA) does not show that much advantage over one another makes it more interesting.

Graphics - 10/10
No question here. The textures of the terrain, graphics and structure models have been perfectly executed by the design crew. The graphics in this game have set a whole new standard for the C&C series. However, this calls on for a VERY powerful system - as the minimum requirement of 1GHz processor suggests. The game speed also suffers from a few problems because of this.

Sound - 8/10
Rock music has been integrated into the game to make up a worthy soundtrack which blends perfectly into the game's atmosphere. Explosions and voice acting have also been well prepared to make sure the sound department deserves some credit.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) - 6/10
Relatively easy for a C&C game, even on Brutal difficulty. However, you won't be spending much time playing skirmish games offline because of the multiplayer option provided.

Multiplayer - 9/10
EA provides an online channels, enabling to host or join games from other players all over the world. If you have a broadband connection, you'll could be at this game for hours. You can also link up via LAN to enjoy a game with a friend. Try to use various strategies and battle plans to confuse the opponent.

Lasting Value - 9/10
With three single player campaigns and a well-organized storyline, plus more medals to earn in the skirmish mode, Generals will keep you hooked. As I mentioned before, the multiplayer modes also offer great replayability.

Overall Bottom Line - 9/10
If you're a fan of the series you might want to pick this up unless you're expecting something revolutionary. Also, make sure you have a powerful PC.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/15/03, Updated 02/15/03

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