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"RTS doesn't get any better than this"

C&C Generals is the latest in the Command&Conquer series that has undergone gone changes. In the end it makes $50 worthwhile.

Gameplay: 10

What can be better than to command squads of infantry, tanks, and aircraft? That's what this game is about. The important points are maintaining a base with sufficient resources to keep your war machine rolling. Missions range from the usual wipe the enemy from the map to provide cover for retreating allies and it even includes a touch of counter-terrorism. With simple clicks of a mouse you can construct factories, you can order infantry to garrison buildings, you can have tanks lay siege to an enemy base. Easy to Command, hard to conquer. It's all about balance. Armored units are vulnerable to missile based weaponry, infantry to bullets, aircraft to SAM's and so on. The attacking force must be balanced to counter what enemy has. And sometimes they have something up their sleeve which leads to super weapons. The game is divided into 3 sides: USA, China, and the GLA (terrorist organization). Each have not only their own unique units but weapons as well. China has the always feared nuke while the GLA have bio-chemical weapons and the US has a powerful beam from a satellite. Add in multiplayer features and you got a game that will take time from you.

Graphics: 10

Generals makes the move from 2D to 3D, to some it's a blessing to others it's irony. The game features the best of graphics on the PC to date, everything about the game looks right. Infantry fly up in the air after being blown, damage shows visually as a vehicle takes damage, terrain and buildings filled with much detail, and of course explosions add more to the game. I did not give it a 10 here because the game is not easy to run, especially on low end machines. The game requires demanding system requirements that will butcher the FPS on anything less than the requirements (Pentium III 800mhz, 128 RAM, 32mb video card.) In the end though it's worth it.

Sound: 9

The music in the game gets you going, but to me they do not compare to other music in the C&C series, but it's good nonetheless. The sound effects are real great too. The sound of infantry dying by anthrax, the blast of tanks, the sound of rushing water from blown dams are all done nicely.

Presentation: 10

It all starts in 1 of 3 unique boxes. The game ships with a cover featuring one of the games sides. The game starts with a politically interesting clip. Then moves on to the main screen that shows off the games engine by having tanks blow apart at the terrorists in a town center. The interface is simple yet cool, nothing in your face so that it doesn't take away your attention from where is should be.

Replayability: 10

3 sides, 7 missions each which adds to 21 levels will take some doing. Multiplayer adds more hours to what is a great game. Add in different difficulty levels and a map editor and you got yourself a keeper.

Overall: 9

This game is such a big step from past C&C games, it's not worth missing out. Plenty of units, missions, enough gameplay to last a while makes this a must have. Even for veterans the game may give them a good run in the Hard or Brutal setting.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/15/03, Updated 02/15/03

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