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"You came, you Commanded, you Conquered"

I've always been a fan of the whole CnC universe. From Red Alert, to Tiberium Sun, I love them. When I heard about Generals, i was skeptical. ''Realistic Combat? Set in the present? No Tanya?!'' But as i saw more pictures, and read more previews, i started to love it. It has awesome gameplay, the graphics (If you have a good computer) are very nice, and it's, well, fun to play.

Story 7/10
Yes, i scored low on this category, because there is no story really. There’s no Yuri, or aliens, or anything of that sort. Its what you'd expect from a modern war game. ''There is a terrorist. You must kill him through a series of campaigns.'' There are a total of 3 sides. USA, Chine, and the GLA (Or Global Liberation Army.) You play for a total of 22 missions divided between the 3 sides. While the campaign is fun, it lacks something. Doesn't matter though, for what it lacks in Story and campaigns, it makes up for in skirmishes.

Graphics 10/10
Whoa. Vets from CnC will be amazed by the graphics. Instead of fake looking units and environments, you have now very realistic tanks, infantry, buildings etc. The attention to detail is amazing. Blow up a pick-up truck with a guy in the pack and the guy fly out of the back, do a few flips, scream, and land 2 feet away from my tank, ''10 points! I think we have a winner!'' Drive a hummer across some sand and you'll see your tire marks. Blow up a building and watch the pieces go flying. Drop some napalm...and well, RUN! I do have minor gripes though. Some textures are grainy and annoying. One minute they're very good, the next not. Also, to see some of these great graphics, make sure you have a top-of-the line computer. My computer, a Dell, 1.8 GHz, 64MB Graphic card, 256 ram and 40 gigs, lags even when the graphics are on low. Be warned.

Sound/Music 8/10
Sounds and music are pretty good. Some sounds fit right in (The scream of that guy flying out of the truck like I mentioned), while others seem out of place, or annoying. Luckily, the unit acknowledgements aren't too repetitive, so you don’t get annoyed by that. Machine gun fire sounds pretty good, as well as explosions.

Music is not a big deal in this game. Most of the time, your in the heat of battle, and the music is drowned out. When you do hear it, it sets the mood of the level you are playing well enough. I was hoping for some Red Alert music (Like Hell's march) but have found no avail.

Gameplay 9/10
Ahh yes, gameplay. The part that makes or breaks a game. As fun as the game mechanics are, I need to go over a few things for the vets. 1. No more side bar where you can build any unit, any time. You need to manually click the building where that unit is coming from. 2. No more engineers, instead EVERY infantry unit can, at some point, capture a building. 3. Resources are like Gold Mines in Warcraft. You send a unit to gather from a fixed spot. The unfortunate thing is, if you take off the CnC part, the game wouldn’t be any different. It isn't CnC, its a new game with the CnC name. Damn you EA.

But lets get what they did right. Battles are very fun, fast-paced and frantic. A few units even have upgrades right on them, so you can upgrade few tanks with an upgrade, instead of all of them. Also, compared to other CnCs, this has a very low Unit-count. Meaning that tank you rushed the player with may be the same tank you deliver the final blow. Also, Air-to-Air combat is very fun.

Replay 8/10
Single player doesn't last too long, but its still fun to do a 2nd time. What will keep you buys are skirmishes and online play. All in all, it'll last you about 3 months without online play.

Yay or nay?
Yay. Well, if you have a good computer, defiantly! But if it's even a little average, I’d stay away. Also, die-hard CnC fans might be turned away by its, well, non-CnC like gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/15/03, Updated 02/15/03

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