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Reviewed: 02/16/03 | Updated: 02/16/03

This, my freind, is a must.

First let me start by saying that I have been awaiting this title since, ohh say... early November, not as long as some, but pretty darn long. That said, my opinion may be a bit buyist, but you will get the just of it. Here it goes.

These. are. amazing. For an RTS that is, but still, they are superb. tanks don't go around trees, oh no no no, they roll through them, you hear the splintering of the wood as the crush them. Car alarms go off as the automobiles are crushed by an incoming Chinese Overlord division. These simple things are what makes a great game, the only thing graphics-wise you can complain about is the requirerments it takes to run then full blast.

Balance is always a key factor in RTS games, you can have one super side. Generals does a nice job in balancing everything out, what the GLA lacks in tank power it makes up for in mobility and not needing power. China has massive ground forces, but they are often slow and bulky. The USA has a so-so superweapon, but rules the sky. Dozens of other little checks and balances can be named.

Single Player
This is where the game lacks a bit. While having 3 full campaigns, they just simply don't grab you like some of the other RTS games out there do. Plot is almost non-existent, but a nice relief is that almost none of the missions simply say ''Go and obliterate the enemy base, use these tanks'' some say ''Protect the retreating convoy'' or ''Rescue the downed pilots from the terrorists.'' So while the campaigns are still very enjoyable, if you are looking for a story driven plot, just stick to multi-player.

Hmm... well all of the menus are nice and all, but just average, also of note is that unlike Red Alert 2 the install screens do not introduce you to the story (nor is there any FMV in the entire game).

Other Junk
Well, all of the sides have their own distinct music. USA has bold militaristic marches. China, while having only one song, has a distinctly orient themed song with a bit of march. The GLA has songs that are sneaky and sometimes get a bit somber.

Well, I hope that gave you some basic info on the Game. I think personally and as expressed by my reveiw that this game is worthy of a buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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