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"=/ DIssapointing"

I really do not know where to begin. One part of me wants to love this game, the other part wants to hate it. I have always liked Westwood as a company. C&C, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1/2, Yuri's Revenge, Emperor:Battle For Dune. Those were all great games. Yuri's Revenge showed us all what an expansion pack SHOULD BE like. Even Renegade was not all bad. on.


Eh. The biggest complaint people have is the infantry. They all look truly ugly for all 3 sides. I keep stopping myself from building infantry because they look..just bad. Other units look way better, and are actually really nicely textured. Another bad thing is the buildings. Civilian or your own, they look bad. Low res textures, low poly count. See, If the whole game was low would make more sense. But mixing really low poly infantry and buildings with high poly tanks and other vehicles, it just makes the bad models stand out so much more.


Nothing special. Some of the sounds are actually from RA2, and maybe even from some earlier games, I am not sure. Music is..bad when compared to some RA2 music. Even though RA2 music was not THAT good. All units have unique things to say when clicked on. Some are mildly ammusing, others are just plain stupid. Mixed bag.


No walls. Very small choices of base defenses. No naval units. No more sidebar which I preffered. No mission Cutscenes. Practically no real story. I don't know...RA2 was so good in those parts..why did they take them out? Well ok, the gameplay can be fun. Some units and superweapons are plain awesome (Nuke, A-10 Strike, Artilerry, etc) and the Generals level up system is just briliant. I wish more RTS games did that. But for all the good parts, the bad parts outweigh them. Lack of skirmish maps. You can use the editor, but hey, I bought the game expecting something, I shouldn't be forced to make it myself. VERY VERY bad multiplayer. I could not even connect on cable or 56k. The registration system was messed up.


A huge opportunity that EA blew. The concept for the game is awesome, year 2020, units that we might actually see in the next few years. The generals level up system is very nice, and the graphics (aside from the infantry) are awesome. But EA went and ruined this game by removing many elements to (I assume) save them some money, but it ruined the game. My opinion...not worth buying. Stick to RA2. I got bored of Generals on my 3rd day of playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/17/03, Updated 02/17/03

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